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2010, TV Show

Shake It Up episodes

Remember Me Season 3, Episode 26

CeCe gets amnesia due to a mishap at a charity fashion show and can't remember anything about herself or her friendship with Rocky. read more

Haunt It Up Season 3, Episode 25

Rocky and CeCe try to act more mature on Halloween by knitting and watching tear-jerking movies, but soon realize they are missing out on all the fun. Meanwhile, Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to a scare-off in a house that is supposedly haunted. read more

Loyal It Up Season 3, Episode 24

Gary Wilde returns and announces he is hosting a new dance show, and he wants CeCe, Rocky and Tinka to join the program. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn panic when they learn that their favorite snack has been discontinued. read more

Stress It Up Season 3, Episode 23

CeCe tries to stop talking for a week to preserve her voice when she is picked to sing a song she wrote. Meanwhile, Rocky decides to add a sport to her already busy schedule so it will look good on college applications. read more

My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up Season 3, Episode 22

Rocky and CeCe plan a joint sweet 16 birthday party, but their moms can't agree on any of their daughters' ideas. read more

Oui Oui It Up Season 3, Episode 21

CeCe plans a Paris vacation and arranges a house swap with a French family, but the house turns out to be a pig farm that is 500 miles from Paris. Back in Chicago, Ty falls for a Parisian girl staying in CeCe's apartment. read more

Future It Up Season 3, Episode 20

Twenty-two years in the future Rocky and CeCe attend their 20th high-school reunion, and are asked to dance together one last time. read more

Psych It Up Season 3, Episode 19

Rocky pretends to be psychic to prove a point to CeCe, but all the kids at school believe she can actually see into the future. read more

Opposites Attract It Up Season 3, Episode 18

CeCe and James discover that they like each other, and they each get friends to help them seem more appealing to one another. Meanwhile, Rocky is assigned to teach in Flynn's class. read more

Brain It Up Season 3, Episode 17

Rocky is dropped from her honors classes for failing an assessment test, while CeCe is accepted into honors after accidentally acing the same quiz. Meanwhile, Deuce encourages Flynn to give up his safety blanket. read more

In the Bag It Up Season 3, Episode 16

Rocky, CeCe and Tinka split the cost of renting a designer purse, but the bag soon becomes more trouble than it's worth. Meanwhile, Deuce's plans to win a bowling tournament with his dad are put in jeopardy by a mother-daughter team. read more

Love and War It Up Season 3, Episode 15

Rocky wants to date Logan, but the rift between CeCe and Logan threatens her plans. Meanwhile, Flynn and Deuce invite Tinka to be the lead singer in their air-guitar band. read more

Switch It Up Season 3, Episode 14

CeCe and Flynn accidentally switch bodies via a curse, which means that Flynn will have to dance for CeCe on the show and that CeCe will need to play the tuba for Flynn's marching-band audition. read more

Forward and Back It Up Season 3, Episode 13

Rocky saves Phil's life, and he then offers her a job dancing on "Shake It Up Chicago." Meanwhile, Deuce gets an influx of tourists at Crusty's due to a misprint in a tour guide that states it is the location where the great Chicago fire began. read more

I Do It Up Season 3, Episode 12

Logan tries to discuss his relationship with Rocky, but Ty interferes. Meanwhile, Georgia's wedding is threatened when Flynn sees something unexpected. read more

Clean It Up Season 3, Episode 11

CeCe accidentally stains Georgia's wedding dress with tanning lotion. Meanwhile, Rocky teaches Logan how to slow dance. read more

My Fair Librarian It Up Season 3, Episode 10

CeCe and Rocky help Miss Burke win over Mr. Zigfeld. Meanwhile, Flynn builds a soapbox car. read more

Ty It Up Season 3, Episode 9

CeCe and Rocky must auditon to remain on the show. read more

Quit It Up Season 3, Episode 8

CeCe gets a humiliating job dancing at the mall, but she resolves to prove that she's not a quitter. Meanwhile, the girls hear a big update about the fate of their show. read more

Oh Brother It Up Season 3, Episode 7

CeCe clashes with her manager at her new job. Meanwhile, Georgia arranges a birthday dinner for Jeremy, who has his son attend and meet everyone. read more

Home Alone It Up Season 3, Episode 6

Flynn disappears while Rocky is supposed to be watching him. read more

Merry Merry It Up Season 3, Episode 5

CeCe is taken on a dream journey to the past, present and future by the Ghost of Christmas Dance. read more

Lock It Up Season 3, Episode 4

Rocky volunteers at a hospital and gets quarantined in a patient's room with Flynn. Meanwhile, CeCe asks Louis out on a date. read more

Spirit It Up Season 3, Episode 3

Rocky and CeCe join the spirit squad; Flynn meets a new neighbor. read more

Funk It Up Season 3, Episode 2

CeCe realizes she is too focused on dancing after hearing an inspiring speech at a bar mitzvah. Meanwhile, Deuce draws a mustache on Ty's face with a permanent marker. read more

Fire It Up Season 3, Episode 1

The third season begins with the studio catching on fire. read more

Made in Japan Season 2, Episode 28

The girls go to Japan to participate in a dance video game after winning a contest. read more

Embarrass It Up Season 2, Episode 27

CeCe experiences an embarrassing moment that is made worse when she learns it was caught on camera. Later, Rocky endures her own distressing situation during a news interview. read more

Surprise It Up Season 2, Episode 26

CeCe thinks that Rocky is planning a surprise party for her birthday. Meanwhile, Deuce's twin visits him; and Ty can't shake the hiccups. read more

Slumber It Up Season 2, Episode 25

CeCe hosts a slumber party; Flynn and Deuce discover a map to Al Capone's secret vault. read more

Boot It Up Season 2, Episode 24

Rocky and CeCe attend a summer dance camp, but they soon realize it isn't what they signed up for. Meanwhile, Deuce and Dina bring summer camp to Flynn when he is unable to go due to a hurt arm. read more

Rock and Roll It Up Season 2, Episode 23

Gary's grandmother dances on the show and recalls her days of appearing on a 1950s dance program. read more

Reality Check It Up Season 2, Episode 22

CeCe and Rocky are shocked by claims made about them on a national TV show. read more

Wrestle It Up Season 2, Episode 21

CeCe and Rocky sneak onto a movie set to see celebrities; Ty helps Deuce win back Dina. read more

Protest It Up Season 2, Episode 20

Rocky and CeCe try to overturn a school ruling that requires students to wear uniforms. Meanwhile, Gunther and Tinka take up new hobbies since they no longer have to be concerned about school clothes. read more

Tunnel It Up Season 2, Episode 19

CeCe and Rocky try to tape a dance special and attend a school dance on the same night. Meanwhile, Deuce is forced to bring Flynn to the dance. read more

Whodunit Up Season 2, Episode 18

A phantom menace tries to close down the show, but CeCe and Rocky work to unmask the culprit before any damage is done. read more

Weird It Up Season 2, Episode 17

Rocky and CeCe appear on a Japanese game show where Flynn is a contestant. Meanwhile, Ty falls for a girl who only speaks Spanish. read more

Parent Trap It Up Season 2, Episode 16

Rocky and CeCe believe CeCe's dad is going to repropose to her mom, so they create a perfect proposal moment. read more

Judge It Up Season 2, Episode 15

Rocky and CeCe take Gunther and Tinka to court after they aren't paid for their performance at a birthday party. Meanwhile, Flynn learns to ride a bike. read more

Egg It Up Season 2, Episode 14

Rocky and CeCe are paired for a school science project, but Rocky thinks CeCe lacks enthusiasm so she looks for a new partner. Meanwhile, Gunther takes over for Ty as Flynn's babysitter. read more

Copy Kat It Up Season 2, Episode 13

An overeager fan copies CeCe's appearance and plots to take her place on the show. Meanwhile, Flynn acts as Ty's agent when they meet with a famous music producer. read more

Split It Up Season 2, Episode 12

CeCe and Gunther are selected to dance on a local morning show, which makes Rocky and Tinka jealous. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn help Ty improve his rap skills. read more

Apply It Up Season 2, Episode 11

CeCe and Rocky are accepted into the prestigious Chicago Fine Arts Academy, but only CeCe is offered a scholarship. Meanwhile, Flynn and Henry believe that an asteroid is heading toward Earth. read more

Jingle It Up Season 2, Episode 10

CeCe shops for her mom's Christmas gift but ends up buying a present for herself instead. Meanwhile, Rocky tries to make a boy's holiday wish come true; and Deuce reluctantly invites Dina to join his family for some Christmas caroling. read more

Camp It Up Season 2, Episode 9

CeCe and Rocky host a dance camp for kids. Meanwhile, Ty and Tinka play head-to-head in a table-tennis tournament. Also: "Make Your Mark" winners AKsquared perform. read more

Auction It Up Season 2, Episode 8

CeCe and Rocky organize a fund-raiser to help save their former dance teacher's studio. Meanwhile, Deuce and Ty enter a competition to win a new phone. read more

Double Pegasus It Up Season 2, Episode 7

CeCe meets her idol, an innovative choreographer, but is surprised to find he's living a less than glamorous life. Meanwhile, Deuce is entrusted with the keys to the cash register at work, but the added responsibility becomes too much for him. read more

Review It Up Season 2, Episode 6

CeCe and Rocky try to convince an entertainment blogger (Ben Savage), who wrote a critical review of their show, that they deserve a glowing notice. Meanwhile, Deuce and Dina get some bad advice on how to celebrate their first anniversary. read more

Doctor It Up Season 2, Episode 5

Rocky's dad returns home and wants her to leave the show. Meanwhile, Ty announces that he wants to pursue a career as a rapper; and Deuce and Flynn get caught in a fortune-telling machine. read more

Beam It Up Season 2, Episode 4

Rocky and CeCe attend a Halloween dance. Meanwhile, Flynn believes a new neighbor is an alien. read more

Shake It Up, Up & Away Season 2, Episode 3

The second season begins with CeCe and Rocky attending an audition for a reality show. Meanwhile, Deuce and Ty try to get jobs at a pizza parlor. read more

Three's a Crowd It Up Season 2, Episode 2

Rocky, CeCe and Tinka vie for the attention of a cute male dancer. Meanwhile, Flynn tries to subvert Henry's role as a substitute teacher; and Deuce and Dina start a friendly business rivalry. read more

Shrink It Up Season 2, Episode 1

CeCe and Rocky seek advice from a therapist about their relationship. Meanwhile, Flynn gets a job at a toy company with Ty as his assistant. read more

Throw It Up Season 1, Episode 21

Rocky and CeCe host the show when Gary gets sick and perform in the spotlight dance. read more

Break It Up Season 1, Episode 20

CeCe, Rocky and their friends head to a lake for a summer vacation, but Rocky injures her foot and is hospitalized, putting her dancing career in jeopardy. read more

Twist It Up Season 1, Episode 19

CeCe and Rocky help plan a birthday party for Deuce's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Flynn battles an evil robot. read more

Model It Up Season 1, Episode 18

Rocky is offered a modeling contract in New York, but she is reluctant to leave her family and friends. read more

Vatalihootsit It Up Season 1, Episode 17

CeCe and Rocky reluctantly give up concert tickets to celebrate Vatalihootsit Day with Gunther and Tinka, not knowing the holiday is to celebrate your worst enemies. Meanwhile, Ty takes Flynn on a commercial audition. read more

Sweat It Up Season 1, Episode 16

CeCe fakes a leg injury to skip gym class and Rocky lies to some honor-society students, but their deceitful ways catch up with them. Meanwhile, Flynn, Duce and Ty attempt to dog sit and find the experience to be more than they can handle. read more

Reunion It Up Season 1, Episode 15

CeCe and Rocky perform with two of the show's legendary original dancers for a 15th anniversary special. Meanwhile, Flynn plans a funeral for his late goldfish. read more

Hot Mess It Up Season 1, Episode 14

CeCe and Rocky host a Webcast and offer advice to teens, but their dating tips to a fellow student lead to his heart getting broken. Meanwhile, Ty, Flynn and Deuce host an Internet show called "Zombie Talk." read more

Glitz It Up Season 1, Episode 13

CeCe and Rocky mentor young pageant contestants and help them choreograph their routines. Meanwhile, Deuce tries to win the approval of a girl's overprotective dad so he can go out with her. read more

Heat It Up Season 1, Episode 12

Rocky and her family move in with CeCe after the heat goes out in Rocky's apartment, but the tight quarters soon become too much for everyone. Meanwhile, Ty and Flynn create a man cave to get away from the craziness. read more

Show It Up Season 1, Episode 11

CeCe and Rocky compete in their school's talent show and aim to overthrow the reigning cheerleader champs. Meanwhile, Flynn helps Deuce prepare to emcee the talent show. read more

Match It Up Season 1, Episode 10

CeCe plays matchmaker for Deuce, but her plan backfires when he gets back together with his gold-digger girlfriend. Meanwhile, Flynn helps Henry earn a scout camping badge. read more

Wild It Up Season 1, Episode 9

Rocky tries to change her goody-goody image and winds up in the principal's office facing suspension. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn attempt to catch a mouse in CeCe's apartment. read more

Hook It Up Season 1, Episode 8

CeCe and Rocky try to work their way up from background dancers to feature performers but fear they may lose their jobs when they learn two people are going to be fired. Meanwhile, Ty mentors Flynn so Flynn will become more like him. read more

Party It Up Season 1, Episode 7

Gary invites CeCe and Rocky to a party, but after they get there they learn he only wants them to be waitresses for the event. read more

Age It Up Season 1, Episode 6

CeCe and Rocky get to dance with a teen pop star and inadvertently reveal a little-known secret about him to their fans. Meanwhile, Ty tries to help Gunther become more hip. read more

Kick It Up Season 1, Episode 5

CeCe fears she is losing her friendship with Rocky when Rocky makes some new friends and discovers a new hobby. Meanwhile, Flynn gets a buddy to join his karate class to help fend off bullies. Kent Boyd is featured in a spotlight dance. read more

Give It Up Season 1, Episode 3

CeCe and Rocky compete in an all-day dance marathon to raise money for a senior center. But their energy is depleted even before they begin to dance because they were up all night with Flynn, who consumed too many sugary energy drinks. read more

Meatball It Up Season 1, Episode 2

CeCe and Rocky overdraw their checking account and are unable to pay a lunch bill, so they try to get a free meal by participating in a challenge to eat a 10-pound meatball served on a large plate of spaghetti. read more

Start It Up Season 1, Episode 1

Best friends dream of becoming background dancers on a teen dance show in Chicago. In the opener, CeCe and Rocky audition for the show, but CeCe comes down with stage fright. read more

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Premise: Best friends become background dancers on a teen dance show in Chicago and deal with backstage antics, rivals and newfound popularity at school.



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