The Challenge Episodes

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The Challenge episodes

Jun 26, 2014: A Walk in the Clouds
Jun 26, 2014: Free Agents Reunion
Jun 19, 2014: The $350,000 Pyramid
Jun 12, 2014: Talk to the Hand
Jun 12, 2014: ChallengeMania: SuperFan Edition
Jun 05, 2014: Best Friends for Never
May 29, 2014: Strike a Pose, There's Something to It
May 29, 2014: Super Fan Special
May 22, 2014: Pride Before The Wall
May 15, 2014: Not So Trivial Pursuits
May 15, 2014: Aftershow 2506
May 08, 2014: Stripes
May 08, 2014: The Best of the Worst
May 01, 2014: Inadequate
Apr 24, 2014: You Be Illin'
Apr 17, 2014: Love in the Fast Lane
Apr 10, 2014: Live Free or Die
Sep 25, 2013: Reunion
Sep 25, 2013: The Island of Misfit Challengers
Sep 18, 2013: Final Destination
Sep 18, 2013: The S#!@ They Should Have Shown
Sep 11, 2013: True Colors
Sep 11, 2013: Aftershow 2410
Sep 04, 2013: Diemnesia
Aug 28, 2013: Thrilla in Camila
Aug 21, 2013: Crossing Jordan
Aug 14, 2013: Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Served
Aug 07, 2013: What the Phuket?!
Jul 31, 2013: Mortuusequusphobia
Jul 24, 2013: The Dark Knight Rises
Jul 17, 2013: New Girl
Jul 10, 2013: Rumble in the Jungle
Jun 26, 2013: ChallengeMania: The Road to Rivals II
Dec 19, 2012: Reunion
Dec 19, 2012: Operation: Desert Scorn
Dec 12, 2012: I Like to Move it, Move it
Dec 05, 2012: A Woman Scorned
Nov 28, 2012: The Chronicles of Nanyia
Nov 14, 2012: Honey, I'm Homeless
Nov 07, 2012: I Do Not Like You Sam I Am
Oct 24, 2012: Going Insane
Oct 17, 2012: N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C
Oct 10, 2012: The Dark Knight
Oct 03, 2012: What Happens in Vegas...
Sep 26, 2012: The Perks of Being a Rookie
Sep 19, 2012: 'Tis the Season
Apr 04, 2012: Reunion
Mar 28, 2012: I Will Always Love You
Mar 28, 2012: The S#!@ They Should Have Shown
Mar 21, 2012: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Mar 14, 2012: On the Wings of Love
Mar 07, 2012: Love and Marriage
Feb 29, 2012: Tainted Love
Feb 22, 2012: Crazy in Love
Feb 15, 2012: Love the Way You Lie
Feb 08, 2012: Where Did Our Love Go?
Feb 01, 2012: What's Love Got to Do with It?
Jan 25, 2012: Love Is a Battlefield
Jan 11, 2012: Launch Special: The Pregame
Sep 07, 2011: The S#!@ They Should Have Shown
Aug 31, 2011: Reunion
Aug 24, 2011: At the End of the World
Aug 17, 2011: The Storm Before the Storm
Aug 10, 2011: Cry for Me, Argentina!
Aug 03, 2011: Blood on the Dance Floor
Jul 27, 2011: Blowup
Jul 20, 2011: Ill-Communication
Jul 13, 2011: D-DAY
Jul 06, 2011: Underdog Day Afternoon
Jun 29, 2011: Through the Looking Glass
Jun 22, 2011: Welcome to the Jungle
Dec 22, 2010: The S#!@ They Should Have Shown
Dec 15, 2010: Reunion
Dec 15, 2010: Czechmate
Dec 08, 2010: Always a Bridesmaid...
Dec 01, 2010: Back with a Vengeance
Nov 17, 2010: Hell Hath No Fury
Nov 10, 2010: Where the Red Team Blows
Nov 03, 2010: Couching Tyger, Hidden Danimal
Oct 27, 2010: Swat the Hell?
Oct 20, 2010: Karma's a Bitch
Oct 13, 2010: Newbie Doobie Doo
Oct 06, 2010: Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Jun 16, 2010: Reunion
Jun 09, 2010: Well Done, Meat
Jun 02, 2010: All U Can Eat Stakes
May 29, 2010: Spoiled Rotten Meat
May 19, 2010: Trimming the Fat
May 12, 2010: Checkmeat!
May 05, 2010: Road Kill
Apr 28, 2010: Meats 'n Potatoes
Apr 21, 2010: Sloppy Ho's
Apr 14, 2010: Meating of the Minds
Apr 07, 2010: Nice to Meat You
Apr 01, 2010: Meet the Meat

A Walk in the Clouds Season 25, Episode 12

The final six competitors race up an active volcano. read more

Free Agents Reunion

Bananas schools Jordan; Laurel and Cara Maria try to mend their friendship. read more

The $350,000 Pyramid Season 25, Episode 11

The eight remaining contestants travel to Chile for an elimination challenge. read more

Talk to the Hand Season 25, Episode 10

A difficult voting decision is faced. read more

ChallengeMania: SuperFan Edition

Fans look back on memorable moments from the series. read more

Best Friends for Never Season 25, Episode 9

A friendship ends; a competitor sustains an unexpected injury. read more

Strike a Pose, There's Something to It Season 25, Episode 8

A hookup causes drama; a romance is threatened. read more

Super Fan Special

Fans look back on memorable moments from the series. read more

Pride Before The Wall Season 25, Episode 7

A rivalry comes to a head. read more

Not So Trivial Pursuits Season 25, Episode 6

A trivia test is conducted; tensions rise between veterans and a rookie. read more

Aftershow 2506

Strange eating habits are discussed by Bananas and Swift. read more

Stripes Season 25, Episode 5

A rope-swinging challenge sends two veterans into eliminations. read more

The Best of the Worst

Eliminated competitors return to provide updates and predictions. read more

Inadequate Season 25, Episode 4

An egotistical attitude creates tension in the house. read more

You Be Illin' Season 25, Episode 3

A fake wedding between two cast members is celebrated. read more

Love in the Fast Lane Season 25, Episode 2

Unexpected hookups follow a night of celebration. read more

Live Free or Die Season 25, Episode 1

New rules are presented as the competitors arrive in South America in the Season 25 premiere. read more

Reunion Season 24, Episode 14

Past competitors reunite. read more

The Island of Misfit Challengers Season 24, Episode 13

Physical and mental obstacles present challenges to the teams. read more

Final Destination Season 24, Episode 12

The final six teams prepare for the last elimination challenge. read more

The S#!@ They Should Have Shown

Additional footage from the series. Included: cast interviews. read more

True Colors Season 24, Episode 11

Diem unravels when she realizes she has been manipulated. read more

Aftershow 2410

The final female elimination is discussed. read more

Diemnesia Season 24, Episode 10

Tensions mount among Johnny, Wes and CT. read more

Thrilla in Camila Season 24, Episode 9

Motives are questioned after an alliance is broken. read more

Crossing Jordan Season 24, Episode 8

Frank loses his cool with Jordan; an unexpected hookup occurs. read more

Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Served Season 24, Episode 7

True feelings are revealed by the competitors, which leads to backstabbing and trust issues. read more

What the Phuket?! Season 24, Episode 6

A challenger gets homesick and takes his frustration out on everyone around him. read more

Mortuusequusphobia Season 24, Episode 5

A dangerous elimination event is faced by the contestants. read more

The Dark Knight Rises Season 24, Episode 4

A fight breaks out after one of the competitors is mocked. read more

New Girl Season 24, Episode 3

The contestants are tied up during a challenge; a hookup doesn't go as planned. read more

Rumble in the Jungle Season 24, Episode 2

A fight breaks out in a pool after the contestants arrive in Thailand in the Season 24 premiere. read more

ChallengeMania: The Road to Rivals II Season 24, Episode 1

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Kenny Santucci take a look back at memorable moments from the series and preview the upcoming season. read more

Reunion Season 23, Episode 13

The cast discuss the final challenge. Also: additional footage from the series. read more

Operation: Desert Scorn Season 23, Episode 12

Three teams compete in the final challenge. read more

I Like to Move it, Move it Season 23, Episode 11

The final four teams travel to Namibia, a country in southwestern Africa. read more

A Woman Scorned Season 23, Episode 10

The teams take desperate measures. read more

The Chronicles of Nanyia Season 23, Episode 9

Two teams face off in a diving competition. read more

Honey, I'm Homeless Season 23, Episode 8

Team members compete in an eating challenge. read more

I Do Not Like You Sam I Am Season 23, Episode 7

Frank and Zach berate Sam for her poor performance in a challenge; a surprising romance takes shape. read more

Going Insane Season 23, Episode 6

Tensions mount between Frank and Alton. Later, Alton asks to be sent into the arena. read more

N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C Season 23, Episode 5

A trivia competition is held; a team sends members of its alliance into elimination. read more

The Dark Knight Season 23, Episode 4

Ryan launches a psychological attack on Nany. read more

What Happens in Vegas... Season 23, Episode 3

Two new couplings threaten to break apart a team and ruin an alliance. read more

The Perks of Being a Rookie Season 23, Episode 2

Exes Danny and Melinda struggle to work together while shedding light on Knight and Jemmye's similarly fractured relationship. Also: major alliances are revealed. read more

'Tis the Season Season 23, Episode 1

Cast members from seven memorable seasons of "The Real World" reunite in Bodrum, Turkey, and begin competing for a $250,000 grand prize in the Season 23 opener. Players include Melinda Stolp and Danny Jamieson (Austin); Trishelle Cannatella and Alton Williams (Las Vegas); Sarah Rice and Chet Cannon (Brooklyn); Ryan Knight and Jemmye Carroll (New Orleans); Frank Sweeney and Sam McGinn (San Diego); Trey Weatherholtz and Laura Waller (St. Thomas). read more

Reunion Season 22, Episode 12

The "Battle of the Exes" cast reunite to dish about their stay in the Dominican Republic. read more

I Will Always Love You Season 22, Episode 11

In Iceland, the Top 3 teams embark on a rigorous, long-distance race for the $300,000 grand prize in the Season 22 finale. read more

The S#!@ They Should Have Shown

Outtakes and previously unseen footage from the "Battle of the Exes." read more

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Season 22, Episode 10

The final three teams are revealed after a grueling battle in the Dome. The players then travel to Iceland, where the final challenge will be held. read more

On the Wings of Love Season 22, Episode 9

The Top 4 teams are revealed before the penultimate challenge, where the players nearly get blown away while fighting for a spot in the finals. read more

Love and Marriage Season 22, Episode 8

The exes compete in a wedding-theme challenge. Then, things take a dark turn when a racially charged incident occurs, threatening to tear one team apart. read more

Tainted Love Season 22, Episode 7

Paula and Ty take their flirtation to the next level, creating tension with his teammate, Emily. Also: CT and Diem tear each other down; Rachel and Aneesa struggle with trust issues. read more

Crazy in Love Season 22, Episode 6

A jealous Camila goes on a drunken rampage; the relationship between Paula and Ty heats up; Abram and Cara Maria continue to struggle with their undefined relationship. read more

Love the Way You Lie Season 22, Episode 5

CT and Diem try to repair their fractured relationship; old tensions between Rachel and Johnny resurface; everyone lets loose with a wild animal-theme party. read more

Where Did Our Love Go? Season 22, Episode 4

Injuries sideline two teams; Abram feels insecure over his rocky relationship with Cara Maria; Dunbar and Paula try to work on their issues. read more

What's Love Got to Do with It? Season 22, Episode 3

Unrequited love is in the air as Wes pines after Mandi; a drunken action by one player has devastating consequences. read more

Love Is a Battlefield Season 22, Episode 2

Season 22 opens as 26 players arrive in the Dominican Republic and learn they'll be paired up with their exes to compete for their share of a $300,000 grand prize. read more

Launch Special: The Pregame Season 22, Episode 1

"Challenge" veteran Kenny Santucci hosts this preview of "Battle of the Exes," where former lovers will be teamed up to compete for their share of a $300,000 grand prize. read more

The S#!@ They Should Have Shown

Outtakes and previously unseen footage for the 21st season. read more

Reunion Season 21, Episode 11

The "Rivals" cast reunites and dishes about what went down on the 21st season. read more

At the End of the World Season 21, Episode 10

The six remaining teams race for $300,000 in the final challenge, a grueling multi-day event, as the 21st season comes to a close. read more

The Storm Before the Storm Season 21, Episode 9

Johnny and Tyler face CT and Adam in the final and most grueling men's Jungle. Later, Wes and Cara Maria come to blows; and food poisoning threatens some of the players the night before the final challenge. read more

Cry for Me, Argentina! Season 21, Episode 8

The players arrive in Argentina, and some start crack under pressure as the final challenge approaches; Laurel defends Cara Maria after Wes and Paula drive her to tears. read more

Blood on the Dance Floor Season 21, Episode 7

One alliance begins to crumble after a brawl between Jenn and Cara Maria. Later, a surprise twist changes the game. read more

Blowup Season 21, Episode 6

Evan considers throwing a challenge as part of the guys' plan to get rid of CT. Meanwhile, CT finds himself in the middle of a love triangle with Mandi and Laurel. read more

Ill-Communication Season 21, Episode 5

Things get heated between teammates Jasmine and Jonna, and a blowout between the girls changes the game. Meanwhile, Adam pursues Jenn. read more

D-DAY Season 21, Episode 4

The guys plot to send CT home, while Laurel and Mandi vie for his attention. Also: Kenny worries that he's lost his competitive edge. read more

Underdog Day Afternoon Season 21, Episode 3

A strong team struggles on the girls' elimination day. Meanwhile, the guys hatch a plan to get rid of CT. read more

Through the Looking Glass Season 21, Episode 2

The men's first elimination day arrives. Also: Jonna and Camilla get into a fight, but it's Jasmine who takes things to the next level. read more

Welcome to the Jungle Season 21, Episode 1

In the Season 21 opener, 28 "Challenge" alums arrive in Costa Rica and learn they'll be teamed up with their biggest rivals. It doesn't take long for old tensions to resurface, and a fight on the second night sends one player home early. read more

Reunion Season 20, Episode 11

The "Cutthroat" cast reunites to dish about their stay in the Czech Republic. read more

Czechmate Season 20, Episode 10

Two popular players head to the last Gulag in the finale. Then, the remaining competitors race for the grand prize in a grueling final challenge that sends two players to the hospital. read more

Always a Bridesmaid... Season 20, Episode 9

Johnny and CT face off in the Gulag; Sarah and Laurel hatch another plan to get rid of Cara Maria. read more

Back with a Vengeance Season 20, Episode 8

Laurel and Sarah consider throwing a challenge so they can get rid of their weakest player. Meanwhile, the game starts to take its toll on Brad and Tori's relationship. read more

Hell Hath No Fury Season 20, Episode 7

A terrifying challenge takes place 100 feet in the air. Later, things get personal when the teams decide who to send to the Gulag. read more

Where the Red Team Blows Season 20, Episode 6

Infighting on the Red Team threatens to tear it apart; Camila makes the mistake of revealing her secret vote. read more

Couching Tyger, Hidden Danimal Season 20, Episode 5

A "Surf's Up" challenge is featured. read more

Swat the Hell? Season 20, Episode 4

The Red Team worries that one of their members is forming an alliance with the enemy. Meanwhile, members of the Blue Team are willing to sacrifice friendships for cash. read more

Karma's a Bitch Season 20, Episode 3

Katie gets a black eye during a Bedhead challenge, while Johnny gets one in a bar brawl in Prague. read more

Newbie Doobie Doo Season 20, Episode 2

A Brain Busters challenge puts Abram's leadership to the test; Chet must choose between his loyalty to his team and his new crush; the Gulag threatens two budding romances. read more

Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Season 20, Episode 1

The season kicks off with 30 fan favorites heading to Prague, where they're divided into three player-selected teams. After each challenge, the losing teams must send a girl and a guy to the Gulag battle arena to determine who remains in the competition. read more

Reunion Season 19, Episode 12

The cast reunites to dish about their stay in British Columbia. read more

Well Done, Meat Season 19, Episode 11

The finalists race to claim the $300,000 grand prize in the series finale. read more

All U Can Eat Stakes Season 19, Episode 10

The penultimate challenge has the remaining players fiercely fighting for a guaranteed spot in the final. Later, a shocking twist determines which two teams will face off in the last Exile. read more

Spoiled Rotten Meat Season 19, Episode 9

With Wes gone, Evelyn must rethink her strategy to stay in the game. read more

Trimming the Fat Season 19, Episode 8

There's a major power shift that shakes things up and sends two unlikely teams into Exile. Also: Ev confronts Wes about his relationship with Theresa. read more

Checkmeat! Season 19, Episode 7

Wes betrays two members of his own alliance in an effort to protect himself from Exile. read more

Road Kill Season 19, Episode 6

The competition forces two best friends to turn on each other. Later, the Exile threatens to end a budding romance. read more

Meats 'n Potatoes Season 19, Episode 5

Wes and Evelyn recruit another member of Kenny's inner circle to their side. Also: a player gets injured during the "King of the Hill" challenge. read more

Sloppy Ho's Season 19, Episode 4

There's a secret mole in the house who flies under the radar, making one alliance stronger. read more

Meating of the Minds Season 19, Episode 3

Competition heats up between two dominant alliances. Later, close allies face each other in the exile round. read more

Nice to Meat You Season 19, Episode 2

The series premieres as 13 "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" alums are paired up with 13 rookies and begin competing for $300,000 in Vancouver. read more

Meet the Meat Season 19, Episode 1

An introduction to the "Fresh Meat II" players. read more

The Challenge Episode: "The S#!@ They Should Have Shown"

Episode Synopsis: Outtakes and previously unseen footage from the "Battle of the Exes."
Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2012

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