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Sister Wives episodes

Jun 10, 2012: Brown Boys Do Vegas
Jun 03, 2012: 4 Wives, 4 Valentines
Jun 03, 2012: Infertility & Nesting
May 27, 2012: You Asked, Browns Answer
May 27, 2012: Brutal Honesty
May 20, 2012: Polygamist Date Nights
May 13, 2012: Sister Wives Separated
Nov 27, 2011: Sisters' Special Delivery
Nov 27, 2011: Sisters' Special Delivery - Part 1
Nov 27, 2011: Sisters' Special Delivery - Part 2
Nov 20, 2011: Kody Climbs Into the Ring
Nov 20, 2011: Sister Wives on the Strip
Nov 13, 2011: College-Bound Browns
Nov 06, 2011: Another Wife
Oct 23, 2011: July 4th Rebellion
Oct 16, 2011: The Wives' Diet Woes
Oct 16, 2011: Defending Polygamy
Oct 09, 2011: The 4 Lives of Kody Brown
Oct 02, 2011: 4 Houses, 4 Relationships
Oct 02, 2011: Teen Sex Talk
Sep 25, 2011: The Announcement
Jun 05, 2011: Sister Wives in the City of Sin
May 22, 2011: Gambling on the Future
May 15, 2011: No Place For Home
May 08, 2011: Sister Wives in Holiday Crisis
May 08, 2011: The Brown Family Decision
Apr 17, 2011: Polygamist Party
Apr 10, 2011: Wife #3 Hits Sin City
Apr 03, 2011: Carving Into Polygamy
Mar 27, 2011: The Price of Polygamy
Mar 20, 2011: Free Range Browns
Mar 13, 2011: Browns Out of Hiding
Mar 13, 2011: Browns Out of Hiding
Nov 28, 2010: Sister Wives Honeymoon Special
Oct 31, 2010: Sister Wives Special
Oct 17, 2010: Four Wives and Counting...
Oct 17, 2010: A Fourth Wife to Be
Oct 10, 2010: 1st Wife's 20th Anniversary
Oct 10, 2010: Third Wife in Labor
Oct 03, 2010: Wives on the Move
Oct 03, 2010: Courting a Fourth Wife
Sep 26, 2010: Meet Kody & the Wives

Tell All Season 5, Episode 9

The Browns answer questions about their lives and relationships from Tamron Hall. read more

Every Brown Revealed Season 5, Episode 8

The family compile photos and videos that demonstrate the strength of their relationships. read more

From Monogamy to Polygamy Season 5, Episode 7

A Christian couple in Missouri tell the Browns about their decision to become polygamists and how it has affected their lives. read more

Four Wives in Two RVs Season 5, Episode 6

The Browns take a road trip for Spring Break on Route 66 to Missouri to visit a non-Mormon polygamist clan, but cramped quarters in two RVs create tension among the traveling companions. read more

Growing Up Polygamist Season 5, Episode 5

Updates from the Brown teens on how they deal with dating, college and their lives as polygamists. Also: Janelle hits a plateau on her weight-loss journey. read more

Vegas Surprise Season 5, Episode 4

A surprise party for Kody with a Las Vegas theme is planned by the family to show gratitude for their patriarch, but some members of the clan have a hard time keeping it under wraps. read more

The Big Decision Season 5, Episode 3

Meri goes to Utah to reunite with a childhood friend. Meanwhile, Janelle's weight-loss journey continues; and the Browns' attempt to secure investors for their jewelry business could be doomed due to one wife's mistake. read more

Polygamists in a Shark Tank Season 5, Episode 2

A plan to hire employees for their jewelry business has the Browns searching for investors. Meanwhile, Robyn considers having another baby; and Meri mulls going back to school. read more

Meri Drops a Bomb Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 premiere, the Browns meet with a potential investor for their jewelry line; Christine's daughter Mykelti brings a boyfriend home; and Meri's revelation could ruin her relationship with another sister wife. read more

Sister Wives Tell All 2 Season 4, Episode 20

Tamron Hall interviews Kody, Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn, who discuss the challenges of parenthood, living in Las Vegas and premarital sex. Later, six of the Brown teens talk about college, dating and their views of plural marriage. read more

The Commitment Celebration Season 4, Episode 19

The commitment celebration is in two days, but the dresses aren't ready and the decorating isn't finished. Meanwhile, the Brown teens plan a touching surprise for their parents. read more

Celebration Countdown Season 4, Episode 18

A dress rehearsal goes awry when the Browns are getting ready for their commitment celebration, and Kody and his wives wonder if all their hard work and planning will pay off. read more

Tragedy in the Family Season 4, Episode 17

Another family tragedy, the second in two months, interrupts the Browns' efforts to plan a party for their commitment celebration. read more

Browns in Crisis Season 4, Episode 16

Truely becomes seriously ill and requires immediate hospitalization, which puts Mariah's farewell party on the back burner. read more

While the Wives Are Away... Season 4, Episode 15

The wives take a road trip to San Francisco, where they work on their relationships by shopping for dresses for their commitment celebration. Meanwhile, Kody stays at home with all 17 kids. read more

Polygamist Flash Mob Season 4, Episode 14

The Browns throw a party to celebrate Mariah and Aspyn's graduation from high school, but Meri has a hard time thinking about Mariah leaving for college. Meanwhile, a fortune teller sees a fifth wife in Kody's future. read more

Boys Night Out Season 4, Episode 13

Kody's reunion with an old friend includes wrestling and jumping off a building. Meanwhile, Meri worries about being an empty nester as Mariah's graduation approaches. read more

Mother-in-Law Invasion Season 4, Episode 12

On Mother's Day, Kody is visited by all nine of his. Meanwhile, the wives discuss college costs. read more

Sister Wives Tell All Season 4, Episode 11

Kody, Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn discuss their lives and relationships with Tamron Hall. read more

Polygamist Marriage Therapy Season 4, Episode 10

Kody and his four wives confront their relationship issues at a couples retreat, which includes a meditation session that helps them get to the bottom of their internal conflicts. read more

Sister Wives on the Ropes Season 4, Episode 9

Mariah's college plans could be affected by Meri and Kody's financial news. Meanwhile, the Browns have a tense debate with a group of anti-polygamists that includes Christine's estranged aunt. read more

A Wife Decides Season 4, Episode 8

The Browns burn Kody's bag that he once used to go from house to house. Meanwhile, Janelle hits a plateau in her effort to lose weight; and Kody and Meri make a decision on Robyn's surrogacy offer. read more

FAQ Season 4, Episode 7

The Browns answer viewer questions on a range of topics, including what the teens think of the family dress code and which mom is the most strict. read more

Robyn's Secret Season 4, Episode 6

The Browns' time capsule is buried to mark their move into their new homes, and later they hold their first church service. Meanwhile, Robyn reveals a shocking secret from her past. read more

Christmas Surprise Season 4, Episode 5

The Browns celebrate Christmas a week later to give everyone time to move into the new houses. Meanwhile, Kody challenges his wives to a contest; and Robyn has a special gift for Kody. read more

Odd Wife Out Season 4, Episode 4

The new homes are almost finished, but the biggest remaining hurdle is the closing on the mortgages before the families can move in. read more

Big Boy Panties! Season 4, Episode 3

Snags in the building process could ruin the Browns' dream of being in all four houses by Christmas. Meanwhile, Aspyn and Mariah discuss college plans; and one wife may have had enough of the family business. read more

Four Lives of Kody's Wives Season 4, Episode 2

Janelle tries to lose weight; Robyn struggles to keep the family business running smoothly; Meri tries to mend her relationship with her only child, Mariah; Christine rethinks her career. read more

Picking Up the Pieces Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, the Browns check out their four adjacent homes for the first time. Meanwhile, the family business' struggles create tension among the wives; and Robyn asks Meri about her surrogacy offer. read more

Hard to Say Goodbye Season 3, Episode 19

The Browns get ready to party to celebrate Logan's high-school graduation. Meanwhile, Kody and the wives hope to be in their new homes before Christmas. read more

Sister Wives

Tamron Hall talks to the Browns about the latest season of "Sister Wives" and how they live as a family despite being separated into four different homes. read more

Polygamist Pilgrimage Into the Past Season 3, Episode 18

The wives take a road trip to honor the historical significance of Nauvoo, Ill., but the journey is nearly undone by bad tempers and souring relationships. read more

Confronting Failure Season 3, Episode 17

The wives' financial worries spur them to try to start a Web business, while Christine takes another stab at her real-estate exam. read more

Mourning the Loss Season 3, Episode 16

The wives lobby for their most coveted features for their houses, but some are more economical than others. Meanwhile, a pet's illness doesn't leave the family with many good options. read more

Polygamist Cults Season 3, Episode 15

The Brown teens do volunteer work for a group that helps people who are in dangerous polygamist situations. read more

More Sister Wives! Season 3, Episode 14

The Browns go on vacation with another polygamist family at the beach. read more

Kody Begs for an Answer Season 3, Episode 13

Kody and the wives attend parent-teacher conferences; Logan graduates from college; Meri feels pressured to have another child. read more

Polygamist Debt Threat Season 3, Episode 12

The Browns try to solidify their family bonds by investing in property where they can build four homes on one cul-de-sac, but one wife's bad credit history could ruin the deal. read more

Leaving the Nest Season 3, Episode 11

Logan decides on a college to attend as his high-school graduation approaches, while Kody and his wives are one step closer to bringing the family together again. read more

Sister Wives Tell All

Natalie Morales talks to Kody and his wives about polygamy, their life in Las Vegas and their book, "Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage." Also: interviews with five of the oldest Brown children. read more

Brown Family Confessions Season 3, Episode 10

The Browns' teenage children join their parents for a question-and-answer session with viewers about plural marriage. read more

Meri's Baby Decision Season 3, Episode 9

Kody and Meri head to Mexico for a romantic getaway, but things turn serious when the subject of Robyn's offer of surrogacy is discussed. read more

No Place Like Home Season 3, Episode 8

Logan, Mariah, Madison and Hunter go to Utah to visit family, friends and their former home. read more

Brown Boys Do Vegas Season 3, Episode 7

Kody's three brothers visit Las Vegas, where they ride motorcycles, visit a biker bar and shoot guns. read more

4 Wives, 4 Valentines Season 3, Episode 6

Kody attends a father-daughter dance for Valentine's Day at his young children's school. read more

Infertility & Nesting Season 3, Episode 5

Janelle wants to open a gym; Meri talks about her fertility problems; the family look into separate mortgages in a bid to acquire adjacent homes. read more

You Asked, Browns Answer Season 3, Episode 4

The Browns answer viewer questions on a range of topics, including contraception, gay children and Kody's favorite and disliked traits of his wives. read more

Brutal Honesty Season 3, Episode 3

While preparing for Kody's birthday, Christine bluntly opens up to Robyn about her problems since the latter joined the family as the fourth wife. read more

Polygamist Date Nights Season 3, Episode 2

The pressure is on Kody to make all four Date Nights interesting—and romantic—whether he and his wives are enjoying winter sports, playing paintball or spending an evening at home. read more

Sister Wives Separated Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 begins with the Browns' first Christmas in Las Vegas, though the wives are living in separate rental properties. Kody has to find a Christmas tree while hunting for a home where they can all live together. read more

Sisters' Special Delivery Season 2, Episode 23

Robyn's first contractions generate a range of emotions about a new baby from the rest of the Browns, and not all of them are positive. read more

Sisters' Special Delivery - Part 1

Part 1 of 2. Robyn's first contractions generate a range of emotions about a new baby from the rest of the Browns, and not all of them are positive. read more

Sisters' Special Delivery - Part 2

Conclusion. Robyn's first contractions generate a range of emotions about a new baby from the rest of the Browns, and not all of them are positive. read more

Kody Climbs Into the Ring Season 2, Episode 22

Kody has a guys' night out on the Las Vegas strip, where he dusts off his wrestling skills against a mixed-martial-arts fighter and fields questions about his marital arrangement. Meanwhile, the wives set up Robyn's nursery. read more

Sister Wives on the Strip Season 2, Episode 21

The wives get makeovers and spend a night on the Las Vegas strip while Kody babysits, but the entertainment options in Sin City present a moral dilemma. read more

College-Bound Browns Season 2, Episode 20

The Browns are invited by a religion professor in Boston to speak to her students, so the older children come along to look at colleges. read more

Another Wife Season 2, Episode 19

Questions about courting another wife and jealousy are fielded by the Browns when a couple from their church pay a visit. read more

July 4th Rebellion Season 2, Episode 18

The Brown family goes camping on the Fourth of July. Also: Christine's daughter, Ysabel, and Robyn's daughter, Breanna, move into Meri's house temporarily. read more

The Wives' Diet Woes Season 2, Episode 17

The wives open up about their attempts to lose weight, and later, they head to the gym for a body-fat analysis. read more

Defending Polygamy Season 2, Episode 16

The Browns return to Kody's hometown for the first time as open polygamists, and he's not sure how his childhood friends will receive them. Later, Robyn and Kody reveal the baby's name. read more

The 4 Lives of Kody Brown Season 2, Episode 15

Kody is followed for four days as he moves each day to the house of a different wife, and he opens up about how his life has changed since the move to Las Vegas. Also: the gender of Kody and Robyn's baby is announced. read more

4 Houses, 4 Relationships Season 2, Episode 14

Robyn has a pregnancy scare and rushes to her midwife to find out what's wrong. Meanwhile, the other wives decide to make over one room in each of their houses. read more

Teen Sex Talk Season 2, Episode 13

The older kids make new friends in Las Vegas; Kody, Christine and Janelle try working in real estate. read more

The Announcement Season 2, Episode 12

Robyn finally announces her pregnancy to the family. Meanwhile, the Browns continue to adjust to their new lives in Las Vegas. read more

Sister Wives in the City of Sin Season 2, Episode 11

The Browns arrive in Las Vegas and search for a home where they'll be able to rebuild their lives. Also: One of the wives has some exciting news to announce. read more

Gambling on the Future Season 2, Episode 10

Kody and the wives prepare for their move to Las Vegas by telling the children and packing up their homes. Later, plans turn into panic after the media gets hold of the news. read more

No Place For Home Season 2, Episode 9

Kody searches for a new home in Las Vegas with Meri and Robyn, but upon arrival, they learn that there are no polygamist houses available. Meanwhile, back in Utah, the rest of the clan plans a surprise birthday party for Meri. read more

Sister Wives in Holiday Crisis Season 2, Episode 8

The women have mixed emotions while celebrating their last Christmas in Utah, and mounting tension from the police investigation leads to big changes in the family dynamic. read more

The Brown Family Decision Season 2, Episode 7

The Browns celebrate Christmas by heading to a snowbound cabin in the mountains, escaping the pressure of the ongoing police investigation at home. Later, the family make a big announcement. read more

Polygamist Party Season 2, Episode 6

The Browns invite their monogamous friends over for dinner for the first time. Also: Meri goes to the doctor for a cancer screening. read more

Wife #3 Hits Sin City Season 2, Episode 5

Christine and her kids get some alone time with Kody when they take a vacation to Las Vegas. Back at home, Meri takes the rest of the family out for a night of bowling. read more

Carving Into Polygamy Season 2, Episode 4

The Browns celebrate Halloween. They come up with 21 different costumes and carve 24 pumpkins. Then, 16 trick-or-treaters hit the neighborhood. read more

The Price of Polygamy Season 2, Episode 3

Kody and Janelle get some one-on-one time during a private camping trip. Meanwhile, Robyn starts to worry about being a burden on the family financially. read more

Free Range Browns Season 2, Episode 2

The Browns visit Kody's family in Wyoming, hoping to find some tranquility in the wake of the police investigation involving the family. read more

Browns Out of Hiding Season 2, Episode 1

The Browns head to New York to appear on national television for the first time as open polygamists in the Season 2 opener. Back at home, the kids attend their first day of public school. read more

Browns Out of Hiding

Part 2 of 2. The Browns head to New York to appear on national television for the first time as open polygamists. read more

Sister Wives Honeymoon Special Season 1, Episode 9

Kody and Robyn go away on their honeymoon, while the other wives stay at home and watch Robyn's kids. read more

Sister Wives Special Season 1, Episode 8

Natalie Morales sits down with Kody Brown and his four wives for a candid discussion about their polygamist lifestyle and the family's future. read more

Four Wives and Counting... Season 1, Episode 7

Kody weds Robyn in a unique polygamist ceremony and the Brown family embark on a new chapter in their lives. read more

A Fourth Wife to Be Season 1, Episode 6

The three wives help Kody's fiancée, Robyn, prepare for the wedding as the big day nears. Also: Kody plans a special trip to celebrate Janelle's birthday. read more

1st Wife's 20th Anniversary Season 1, Episode 5

Kody and his first wife, Meri, celebrate their 20th anniversary. Also, the three wives present Kody's fiancée, Robyn, with a friendship ring. read more

Third Wife in Labor Season 1, Episode 4

Kody's pregnant wife, Christine, is a week overdue, so they go to the hospital and decide whether they will induce labor. Meanwhile, Kody's fiancée, Robyn, helps out with the kids at home. read more

Wives on the Move Season 1, Episode 3

Kody plans a birthday party for his new fiancé, Robyn, and moves her closer to the Brown family home. Meanwhile, first wife Meri struggles with feelings of jealousy. read more

Courting a Fourth Wife Season 1, Episode 2

Kody courts his potential fourth wife, while his other wives express their true feelings about bringing a new woman into the family. Also: Christine prepares for the arrival of her baby. read more

Meet Kody & the Wives Season 1, Episode 1

The series premiere introduces Utah polygamist Kody Brown and his three wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine, as they consider a new addition to their already-large family. read more

Sister Wives Episode: "Sister Wives"

Episode Synopsis: Tamron Hall talks to the Browns about the latest season of "Sister Wives" and how they live as a family despite being separated into four different homes.
Original Air Date: Dec 30, 2012
Guest Cast Tamron Hall

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Premiered: September 26, 2010, on TLC
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: An unscripted series documenting daily life for a polygamous family Utah.



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