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Zeke and Luther episodes

There's No Business Like Bro Business, Part 2 Season 3, Episode 26

Conclusion. The guys visit Hollywood where Zeke is offered an acting job and Luther is discovered by a music producer. read more

There's No Business Like Bro Business, Part 1 Season 3, Episode 25

Part 1 of 2. Zeke and Luther visit Hollywood after they submit a video of themselves into a contest sponsored by a TV show. read more

Accidental Hero Season 3, Episode 24

Zeke rescues a baby, but he lets Luther take the credit. read more

Kojo Loses His Mojo Season 3, Episode 23

Zeke and Kojo compete in a crosstown skate race. Meanwhile, Luther accidentally breaks a chandelier while house-sitting. read more

Inside Luther's Brain Season 3, Episode 22

Zeke and Luther try to improve their grades so they won't lose their skateboarding sponsorship. read more

Skate or Swim Season 3, Episode 21

Zeke and Luther discover a skateboarding prodigy and try to become his managers. read more

Skate Video Awards Season 3, Episode 20

Zeke and Luther enter a skate-video contest and are entrusted with a corporate credit card to produce their video, but they get carried away and quickly max out the card by buying expensive props and building elaborate sets. read more

The Gingernator Season 3, Episode 19

Zeke uses a behavior-modification chip to transform Ginger's personality so she will stop playing pranks on him. read more

Bro'd Trip Season 3, Episode 18

Zeke and Luther compete in an international skateboarding tournament and Zeke faces the reigning champion. read more

Lie Hard Season 3, Episode 17

Zeke and Luther lie about their families and are then adopted by foster parents from another country. read more

Bro, Where's Our Car? Season 3, Episode 16

Zeke and Luther are given a new company car and plan to use it to impress a couple of girls, but things quickly go awry. read more

Skate Troopers Season 3, Episode 15

Zeke and Luther land roles on their favorite TV series "Skate Troopers" and quickly get into a heated battle with one of the show's stars. read more

Ice Heist Baby Season 3, Episode 14

Zeke and Luther try to stop a greedy merchant from selling bags of ice at exorbitant prices during a heat wave. read more

Trucky Cheese Season 3, Episode 13

Zeke and Luther try to sell cheese smoothies from a food truck to repay Carl after they wreck his new scooter. read more

DJ PJ Season 3, Episode 12

Luther becomes a rap star after he sleepwalks onto a stage and begins rapping. read more

Skater Girl Island Season 3, Episode 11

Zeke and Luther search for the perfect skater girl for their sponsor, but a neighborhood bully tries to get them to choose his unskilled sister. read more

Zeke and Lu's New Crew Season 3, Episode 10

Zeke and Luther attract an entourage after shooting a commercial. read more

Zeke, Luther and Kojo Strike Gold Season 3, Episode 9

Zeke and Luther get detention for failing to turn in a history project, but their new vice principal offers to wipe their record clean if they search for gold. read more

Head of Skate Season 3, Episode 8

Zeke runs for mayor when he learns that the current mayor intends to tear down the gang's favorite hangout. read more

Luther Turns 4 Season 3, Episode 7

Luther celebrates his fourth leap-year birthday and signs up to play sports against kids half his age. read more

Sibling Rivalries Season 3, Episode 6

Zeke and Luther are selected to appear on a reality series, so they hold auditions for new siblings to replace Ginger and Roy. read more

Daredevils! Season 3, Episode 5

Zeke and Luther help their daredevil idol prepare for a major stunt, but things don't go as planned because of an injury. read more

Hyp-Bro-Tized Season 3, Episode 4

Luther gains confidence to talk to girls after seeing a hypnotherapist. read more

Two Guys, a Car, and a Wild Bear Season 3, Episode 3

Zeke and Luther inadvertently attract a bear when they use grease to make their own fuel for their new car. read more

The Usual Suspects Season 3, Episode 2

Zeke goes missing, and Luther launches a manhunt to find him. read more

Zeke's Last Ride Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season premiere, Zeke fears he may never skate again after he crashes while attempting an epic stunt. read more

Bro-Ho-Ho Season 2, Episode 25

Zeke and Luther get jobs as a mall Santa and his elf. Meanwhile, Ginger unknowingly hires the real Santa Claus as a gift wrapper. read more

Goin' Zoomin' Season 2, Episode 24

Two skating companies offer to sponsor the guys and they must decide which one to pick. Meanwhile, Kojo trains Ozzie for a strong-man competition. read more

Sludge! Season 2, Episode 23

Kojo falls for Zeke's cousin when she visits, but she refuses to see him after Zeke tells her about Kojo's reputation. read more

Ball of Trash Season 2, Episode 22

Zeke and Luther try to get rid of a giant ball of trash they have accumulated over the years, but it ends up in the ocean, so they have to join a clean-up crew to dispose of the mess. read more

Seoul Bros Season 2, Episode 21

Zeke and Luther travel to Korea to appear in a commercial as part of an effort to impress a famous skateboarding manager. read more

The Bro List Season 2, Episode 20

The guys search for pro skateboarder Tony Hawk after Luther reveals that his family is moving out of town. Meeting their idol is the last item on their "bro list" that they want to accomplish together. read more

Robo-Luth Season 2, Episode 19

Luther gets a robotic knee that gives him superhuman strength and allows him to break Zeke's jumping records. read more

Little Bro, Big Trouble Season 2, Episode 18

Luther tries to be a role model for his little brother, but his sibling isn't impressed with him. read more

Super Shredder Season 2, Episode 17

Zeke and Luther meet pro wrestler Rey Mysterio and try to persuade an amateur skateboarder to turn pro. read more

Local Heroes Season 2, Episode 16

Zeke and Luther get jobs at a local game store and mistakenly believe the shop is being robbed. read more

Board in Class Season 2, Episode 15

Zeke and Luther enroll in Carl's shop class, but Carl has difficulty teaching after Luther's Nana turns down his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Ginger creates her own brand of cereal. read more

Rocket Men Season 2, Episode 14

Zeke and Luther attempt a skateboarding stunt with a rocket to power them. Meanwhile, Ginger tries to get back a prized hat she sold to Ozzie. read more

Treasure Season 2, Episode 13

Zeke and Luther search for a treasure trove of missing money. read more

Luther Waffles: Skate Cop Season 2, Episode 12

Luther becomes a junior deputy with the police and works on a case in which Zeke is the prime suspect, accused of draining Deputy Dingle's pool. read more

Crouching Zeke, Dancing Luther Season 2, Episode 11

Zeke recruits the mailman to help him train for a new trick. Meanwhile, Luther takes ballroom-dancing lessons. read more

Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom Season 2, Episode 10

Zeke and Luther become summer interns at a skateboard-test lab, but they soon realize that their boss has an ulterior motive for hiring them. read more

Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom, Part 1

Part 1 of 2. Zeke and Luther become summer interns at a skateboard-test lab, but they soon realize that their boss has an ulterior motive for hiring them. read more

Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom, Part 2

Conclusion. Zeke and Luther become summer interns at a skateboard-test lab, but they soon realize that their boss has an ulterior motive for hiring them. read more

One Strange Night Season 2, Episode 9

Zeke and Luther throw a snow-cone party. Neighborhood kid Kirby Cheddar gets lost during the event, and the guys must find him. read more

Kojo's BFF Season 2, Episode 8

Kojo recruits a professional skater to team with him against Zeke and Luther in a skateboarding competition. read more

Plunk Hunting Season 2, Episode 7

Zeke and Luther attempt to retrieve Nana's wig from neighborhood bullies who stole it from her front yard. read more

Double Crush Season 2, Episode 6

Zeke and Luther fall for the same girl, so Kojo plays matchmaker to determine which one the girl likes best. read more

Old Nasty Season 2, Episode 5

Ginger takes up skateboarding to impress a boy at the skate park. read more

Luther Unleashed Season 2, Episode 4

Luther promises to let Zeke knock him out during a boxing match so Zeke can impress his older brother. Meanwhile, Kojo sings in front of an audience for the first time to show off for a girl. read more

Airheads Season 2, Episode 3

The guys form an air band with some friends but Zeke gets fired when it's determined his performance isn't up to par. Meanwhile, Ginger tries to win all 12 Blue Ribbon categories at a county fair. read more

Tall Stack of Waffles Season 2, Episode 2

Luther learns from a doctor that he's going to be over 7 feet tall, so he gives up skateboarding. read more

Zeke Jumps the Shark Season 2, Episode 1

The second season begins with Zeke planning to jump over a real shark. But as the time for the stunt draws closer, he begins to lose his nerve. read more

Skate Squad Season 1, Episode 21

Zeke and Luther form a skate team at school to get out of gym class, and a neighboring school challenges their squad to a relay race. read more

A Very Hairy Problem Season 1, Episode 20

Zeke lands a role as a gorilla double in a movie and then tries to get the gorilla back to the reserve from which it was taken. read more

Law and Boarder Season 1, Episode 19

Ginger persuades the homeowners' association to regulate skateboarding after Zeke and Luther crash into her potato-wedge stand. read more

I, Skatebot Season 1, Episode 18

A local businessman creates a skater-hating robot to keep skateboarders away from his business, but the robot gets out of control. read more

Adventure Boy Season 1, Episode 17

Zeke tries to win Olivia's affection when a TV star comes to town to visit her. Meanwhile, Luther volunteers to take care of a friend's dog. read more

Crash Dummies Season 1, Episode 16

The boys enter a video contest that requires them to invent a new skate trick. Meanwhile, Ginger plans a surprise birthday party for herself. read more

Rollerdorks Season 1, Episode 15

A turf war breaks out between a group of roller skaters and the guys' skateboarding buddies over the use of a skate park. The situation becomes more cloudy when Luther falls for a pretty roller skater. read more

Not My Sister's Keeper Season 1, Episode 14

Zeke is put in charge of watching his little sister when their parents go out of town, but he chooses to compete in a contest rather than babysit. When his sister disappears, Zeke must find her. read more

Soul Bucket Season 1, Episode 13

Luther tells his grandmother that he is in a rock band, and she invites them to perform at her birthday party. Meanwhile, Ginger searches for a new best friend. read more

Luther Leads Season 1, Episode 12

The boys celebrate the 10th anniversary of learning to skateboard by throwing a party; Ginger tries to take over Don's Donuts. read more

Road Trip Season 1, Episode 11

The boys visit Tony Hawk's childhood home and get an autographed souvenir; Ginger tries to play a prank on Zeke. read more

Haunted Board Season 1, Episode 10

The guys buy a skateboard with supernatural powers and it takes them on a trip to find its original owner. read more

Summer School Season 1, Episode 9

Zeke challenges his summer-school teacher to a skateboarding contest. read more

The Big Red Stacking Machine Season 1, Episode 8

Luther develops a talent for cup stacking and is invited to go on tour. Meanwhile, Zeke attempts to break a skateboarding record. read more

Luck Be a Rodent Tonight Season 1, Episode 7

The guys make a skateboarding video to post on the Internet, but Luther's pet rat eats their only copy. read more

Skate Camp Season 1, Episode 6

The guys open a skateboarding camp to encourage kids to take up the sport and Ozzie enrolls, but he shows a noticeable lack of enthusiasm. read more

Cape Fear Season 1, Episode 5

Zeke asks Olivia to design a signature look for him, but unfortunately it involves wearing a cape. Meanwhile, Ozzie imitates Luther's fashion style. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 4

Zeke and Luther attempt outrageous stunts to secure a skateboarding sponsorship; Zeke becomes attracted to his new neighbor from England. read more

Crash and Learn Season 1, Episode 3

The guys accidentally destroy a neighbor's treasured lawn ornaments and must decide whether or not to confess since Kojo is blamed for the damage. read more

Donut Jockey Season 1, Episode 2

The guys deliver donuts to make money for skateboard repairs, and one of Zeke's customers develops a serious crush on him. read more

Bros Go Pro Season 1, Episode 1

Two best friends attempt to become world-renowned skateboarders. In the opener, the guys are hired for their first professional skateboarding job, in which they must perform a jump at the grand opening of a mattress store. read more

Tunnel of Terror

Zeke and Luther skate through a large drainage pipe called the Tunnel of Terror. read more

Zeke and Luther Episode: "Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom, Part 1"

Episode Synopsis: Part 1 of 2. Zeke and Luther become summer interns at a skateboard-test lab, but they soon realize that their boss has an ulterior motive for hiring them.
Original Air Date: Jun 21, 2010
Guest Cast French Stewart: Garm Garoosh

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Premiered: June 15, 2009, on DisneyXD
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: Two best friends attempt to become world-renown skateboarders by mastering tricks, entering competitions and defeating a rival with a coveted sponsorship.


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