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1995, TV Show

Episode Detail: Fidel Castro: El Comandante - Biography Extra

A profile of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro looks at his rise to power, his Cold War-era relations with the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and his achievements in health care and education. Included: the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Mariel boat lift of 1980.

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1/16/2001: Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World
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1/13/2001: Picture Perfect: The Pomp and Vision of Mathew Brady
1/12/2001: Women Warriors: The Making of a Marine
1/11/2001: The Hunt for Jack the Ripper
1/11/2001: Jack the Ripper: Phantom of Death
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1/8/2001: Sworn to Secrecy: Mao's Secrets
1/8/2001: Mao Tse-tung: China's Peasant Emperor
1/6/2001: Ultimate Weapon: The H-Bomb
1/6/2001: J. Robert Oppenheimer: Father of the Atomic Bomb
1/5/2001: The True Story of the Untouchables
1/5/2001: Eliot Ness: The Untouchable
1/4/2001: Spy Web: Mossad
1/3/2001: Secrets of World War II: What Really Happened to Rommel?
1/3/2001: Erwin Rommel: The Last Knight
1/2/2001: Daredevils and Thrill Seekers
1/2/2001: Evel Knievel: Hell on Wheels
1/1/2001: Charles I
1/1/2001: Oliver Cromwell
9/28/2000: Murder in a College Town
9/28/2000: Ted Bundy: The Mind of a Killer
9/27/2000: Behind the Blue Wall
9/27/2000: Frank Serpico: Honor Bound
9/26/2000: Physical Fitness: Quest for Muscle
9/26/2000: Charles Atlas: Modern Day Hercules
9/25/2000: Prescription for Murder
9/25/2000: Jack Kevorkian: Doctor Death
9/23/2000: Modern Marvels: Baseball Parks
9/23/2000: The Babe
9/22/2000: Cold Case Files
9/22/2000: Bob Crane: A Double Life
9/21/2000: Hannibal the Great and the Punic Wars
9/21/2000: Hannibal: The General's General
9/20/2000: Dancing, Drugs and Murder
9/20/2000: Steve Rubell: Lord of the Disco
9/19/2000: The Underboss
9/19/2000: Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano: Giving Up the Mob
9/18/2000: Attack at Waco
9/18/2000: David Koresh: Preacher of Fire
9/16/2000: Street Racing: The Need for Speed
9/16/2000: Richard Petty: King of the Road
9/15/2000: Adolf Eichmann: Hitler's Master of Death
9/15/2000: Simon Wiesenthal: The Man Who Hunted Nazis
9/14/2000: Modern Marvels: The Tool Bench: Power Tools
9/14/2000: Tim Allen: The Prince of Tools
9/13/2000: In the Line of Fire: The Protectors
9/13/2000: Madeleine K. Albright
9/12/2000: The Real Dracula
9/12/2000: Bela Lugosi: Hollywood's Dark Prince
9/11/2000: Anti-Gay Hate Crime
9/11/2000: Andrew Cunanan: Murder on the Run
9/9/2000: The Electric Light
9/9/2000: Thomas A. Edison: Father of Invention
9/8/2000: Observatories: Stonehenge to Space Telescopes
9/6/2000: Hitler and the Occult
9/6/2000: Adolf Hitler
9/5/2000: Foot Soldier: The Napoleonic Soldier
9/5/2000: Napoleon Bonaparte: The Glory of France
9/4/2000: The Telephone
9/4/2000: Alexander Graham Bell: Voice of Invention
9/2/2000: Col. Robert McCormick: Chicago Press Baron
9/1/2000: City Confidential: San Francisco, Betrayal by the Bay
9/1/2000: Larry Flynt: Fighting Dirty
5/27/2000: Justinian: The Last of the Romans
5/27/2000: Constantine: The Christian Emperor
5/27/2000: Hadrian: Emperor of the Golden Age
5/27/2000: Nero: The Power and the Madness
5/27/2000: Augustus: First of the Emperors
5/27/2000: Julius Caesar: Master of the Roman World
5/25/2000: Jack Anderson and the Howard Hughes Double
5/25/2000: The Mysterious Howard Hughes
5/23/2000: The Plot to Overthrow FDR
5/23/2000: Franklin D. Roosevelt
5/22/2000: The Real West: The Battle of the Alamo
5/22/2000: Davy Crockett: American Frontier Legend
5/20/2000: Mercury 13: The Secret Astronauts
5/20/2000: John Glenn: The All-American Astronaut
5/19/2000: Bounty Hunters: Relentless Pursuers
5/19/2000: Allan Pinkerton: The Original Private Eye
5/18/2000: MiGs vs America
5/16/2000: Lincoln: The Untold Stories
5/16/2000: Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union
5/15/2000: Lincoln: The Untold Stories
5/15/2000: Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union
5/13/2000: Exorcising the Devil
5/13/2000: Satan: Prince of Darkness
5/10/2000: Vikings in North America
5/10/2000: Leif Ericson: Voyages of a Viking
5/9/2000: Modern Marvels: Observatories---Stonehenge to Space Telescopes
5/9/2000: Galileo: In Pursuit of the Universe
5/6/2000: Modern Marvels: Scuba and Deep Sea Fishing
5/6/2000: Jacques Cousteau: Bold Man and the Sea
5/4/2000: Modern Marvels: The Computer
5/4/2000: Bill Gates: Sultan of Software
5/3/2000: Human Tragedy: The Faces of Kosovo
5/3/2000: Slobodan Milosevic: Serbian Strongman
5/1/2000: The Forbidden City: Dynasty and Destiny
5/1/2000: Chiang Kai-Shek: The Battle for China
3/26/2000: Captives
3/20/2000: The New Explorers: Polluting the Fountain of Youth
3/20/2000: Ponce de Leon: The First Conquistador
2/28/2000: Ships of Slaves: The Middle Passage
2/28/2000: Cinque: Freedom Fighter
2/26/2000: Noah and the Flood
2/26/2000: Noah & the Ark: Voyage to a New Beginning
2/25/2000: The Secret Letters of Churchill and Mussolini
2/25/2000: Winston Churchill
2/24/2000: The Cuban Missile Crisis
2/24/2000: Fidel Castro: El Comandante
2/23/2000: Cruel and Unusual
2/23/2000: Gary Gilmore: A Fight to Die
2/22/2000: Captured Light
2/22/2000: Alexander Gardner: War Photographer
2/19/2000: Desert Storm's Deadly Weapons
2/18/2000: Naked News: The Anchor
2/18/2000: Mike Wallace: TV's Grand Inquisitor
2/17/2000: Andrew Carnegie: Prince of Steel
2/16/2000: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Mobster
2/16/2000: Meyer Lansky: Mob Tycoon
2/15/2000: Sacred Places
2/15/2000: Dalai Lama: The Soul of Tibet
2/14/2000: Outlaws
2/14/2000: The Earp Brothers: Lawmen of the West
2/12/2000: The Klondike Gold Rush
2/12/2000: Molly Brown: An American Original
2/10/2000: The Real West: Wild, Wild Women
2/10/2000: Buffalo Bill: Showman of the West
2/9/2000: Deep Sea Exploration: Challenging the Abyss
2/9/2000: The Extraordinary Journeys of Jules Verne
2/8/2000: America's Castles: Mexico's White House
2/8/2000: Pancho Villa: The Outlaw Hero
2/7/2000: The New Explorers: Bringing UFOs Down to Earth
2/7/2000: Leonard Nimoy: Spock and Beyond
2/5/2000: UFOs: The First Encounters
2/5/2000: Gene Roddenberry: Star Trek and Beyond
2/3/2000: Naked News: Talk Radio
2/3/2000: Rush Limbaugh: Always Right
2/1/2000: Freedom's Road: Slavery and the Opposition
2/1/2000: Nelson Mandela: Journey to Freedom
11/7/1999: The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison
3/23/1998: David Berkowitz: Son of Sam
1/4/1998: Mikhail Gorbachev: A Man Who Changed the World
6/1/1995: The Most Decorated: First Air Calvary in Vietnam
5/22/1995: Sherlock Holmes: The Great Detective
Edward R. Murrow: Voice of America
The Coors: A Family Brew
Empires of Industry: Brewed in America
Woodrow Wilson: Reluctant Warrior
Madam President
John McCain: American Maverick
Joseph Kennedy Sr.: Father of an American Dynasty
Casanova: World's Greatest Lover
Sexual Attraction
Lucky Luciano: Chairman of the Mob
George III: Mad or Maligned
Paul Revere: The Midnight Rider
Benedict Arnold:Triumph and Treason
John Paul Jones: Captain of the High Seas
Benjamin Franklin: Citizen of the World
Patrick Henry: Voice of Liberty
Anne Frank: The Life of a Young Girl
Anne Frank: The Missing Pages
The John Lennon Assassination
Lewis & Clark: Explorers of the New Frontier
Claus von Bulow: A Reasonable Doubt
Von Bulow: A Wealth of Evidence
Stalking the Stalkers
First Lady on the Front Line
Admiral 'Bull' Halsey: Naval Warrior

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