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Hot in Cleveland episodes

Dec 17, 2014: Cold In Cleveland: The Christmas Episode
Dec 10, 2014: Out of Our Minds
Dec 03, 2014: Tazed and Confused
Nov 26, 2014: Naked and Afraid
Nov 19, 2014: Bossy Cups
Nov 12, 2014: Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
Nov 05, 2014: Comfort and Joy
Sep 10, 2014: The Bachelors
Sep 03, 2014: Don Elka
Aug 27, 2014: Win Win
Aug 20, 2014: Mystery Date: Oscar Edition
Aug 13, 2014: The Italian Job
Aug 06, 2014: Strange Bedfellows
Jul 30, 2014: The Animated Episode
Jul 23, 2014: Straight Outta Cleveland
Jul 16, 2014: Auction Heroes
Jul 09, 2014: Playmates
Jul 02, 2014: Murder House
Jul 02, 2014: People Feeding People
Jun 25, 2014: I Just Met the Man I'm Going to Marry
Jun 18, 2014: Undercover Lovers
Jun 11, 2014: Bucket: We're Going to New York
Jun 04, 2014: Bad George Clooney
May 14, 2014: Brokeback Elka
May 07, 2014: The One With George Clooney
Apr 30, 2014: Rusty Banks Rides Again
Apr 23, 2014: Elka Takes a Lover
Apr 16, 2014: The Undead
Apr 09, 2014: Dr. Who?
Apr 02, 2014: Surprise!
Mar 26, 2014: Stayin' Alive
Dec 01, 2013: Hot in Cleveland
Sep 04, 2013: The Man That Got Away
Sep 04, 2013: Love Is All Around
Aug 28, 2013: All My Exes
Aug 21, 2013: Corpse Bride
Aug 14, 2013: Cleveland Indians
Aug 07, 2013: Look Who's Hot Now
Jul 31, 2013: The Fixer
Jul 24, 2013: No Glove, No Love
Jul 17, 2013: Pony Up
Jul 10, 2013: The Proposal
Jul 03, 2013: Insider Episode: It's Alive!
Jun 26, 2013: Canoga Falls
Jun 19, 2013: It's Alive!
Mar 31, 2013: Hot in Cleveland
Feb 13, 2013: What Now, My Love?
Feb 06, 2013: Fast and Furious
Jan 30, 2013: The Anger Games
Jan 23, 2013: The Conversation
Jan 20, 2013: Hot in Cleveland Sneak Peek
Jan 16, 2013: Extras
Jan 09, 2013: Hot in Cleveland
Jan 09, 2013: Hot in Cleveland
Jan 09, 2013: Magic Diet Candy
Jan 02, 2013: Cleveland Fantasy Con
Dec 26, 2012: A Box Full of Puppies
Dec 19, 2012: GILFS
Dec 12, 2012: Method Man
Dec 05, 2012: A Midwinter Night's Sex Comedy
Nov 28, 2012: That Changes Everything
Nov 21, 2012: Hot in Cleveland
Nov 14, 2012: Hot in Cleveland
Jun 19, 2012: Hot in Cleveland
Jun 06, 2012: Blow Outs
May 30, 2012: What's Behind the Door?
May 23, 2012: Hot in Cleveland
May 16, 2012: Storage Wars
May 09, 2012: Some Like It Hot
May 02, 2012: The Gateway Friend
Apr 25, 2012: Bye George, I Think He's Got It!
Apr 18, 2012: Cruel Shoes
Apr 11, 2012: Claus, Tails & High-Pitched Males: Birthdates 3
Mar 28, 2012: Everything Goes Better With Vampires
Mar 21, 2012: Rubber Ball
Mar 14, 2012: Hot & Heavy
Mar 07, 2012: Tangled Web
Feb 15, 2012: Lost Loves
Feb 08, 2012: I'm With the Band
Feb 01, 2012: Life With Lucci
Jan 25, 2012: Love Is Blind
Jan 18, 2012: God and Football
Jan 11, 2012: Two Girls and a Rhino
Jan 04, 2012: How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?
Dec 28, 2011: One Thing Or A Mother
Dec 21, 2011: Happy Fat
Dec 14, 2011: Funeral Crashers
Dec 07, 2011: Beards
Nov 30, 2011: Elka's Choice
Aug 31, 2011: Elka's Big Day
Aug 24, 2011: Bridezelka
Aug 17, 2011: Indecent Proposals
Aug 10, 2011: Too Hot for TV
Aug 03, 2011: Arch Enemies
Jul 27, 2011: The Emmy Show
Jul 20, 2011: Dancing Queens
Jul 13, 2011: Love Thy Neighbor
Jul 06, 2011: Battle of the Bands
Jun 29, 2011: Unseparated at Birthdates
Jun 22, 2011: How I Met My Mother
Jun 15, 2011: Where's Elka?
Mar 23, 2011: Law & Elka
Mar 16, 2011: Elka's Snowbird
Mar 09, 2011: LeBron Is Le Gone
Mar 02, 2011: Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks & Joy's Fix
Feb 23, 2011: I Love Lucci Part 2
Feb 16, 2011: I Love Lucci Part 1
Feb 09, 2011: Sisterhood of the Traveling SPANX
Feb 02, 2011: Hot for the Lawyer
Jan 26, 2011: Bad Bromance
Jan 19, 2011: Free Elka
Dec 12, 2010: Behind the Hotness
Aug 18, 2010: Tornado
Aug 11, 2010: Good Luck Faking the Goiter
Aug 04, 2010: The Play's the Thing
Jul 28, 2010: It's Not That Complicated
Jul 21, 2010: Meet the Parents
Jul 14, 2010: Good Neighbors
Jul 07, 2010: The Sex That Got Away
Jun 30, 2010: Birthdates
Jun 23, 2010: Who's Your Mama?
Jun 16, 2010: Pilot

Cold In Cleveland: The Christmas Episode Season 6, Episode 7

The ladies celebrate the holidays as only they can. read more

Out of Our Minds Season 6, Episode 6

Melanie and Jack try to spice things up in their relationship; Victoria promotes a new vodka brand; Joy's new hairstyle backfires upon meeting Owen's office crush. Meanwhile, Elka and Mayor Deacon have a scandalous affair. read more

Tazed and Confused Season 6, Episode 5

Victoria prepares for her detective role on a ride-along with Joy and Bob; Elka and Melanie face off against Agnes and Mona in a game competition at Stormi's. read more

Naked and Afraid Season 6, Episode 4

Elka throws a party to sway the vote of a rival politician; Melanie investigates a neighbor she thinks may have seen her naked. read more

Bossy Cups Season 6, Episode 3

Joy helps Victoria make lifestyle videos for her website while Melanie tries to install shelves without Frankie's help. Elsewhere, Elka stirs up romance with Jim. read more

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles Season 6, Episode 2

The ladies head to meet the creator of Victoria's new TV show in L.A.; Elka tries to convince him to move the production to Cleveland. read more

Comfort and Joy Season 6, Episode 1

The season six opener finds Joy contemplating whether to marry Mitch, Simon, or Bob; Victoria struggles with her new CGI movie; Elka tries to bring film jobs to Cleveland. read more

The Bachelors Season 5, Episode 24

As tradition dictates, the ladies celebrate their birthdays with blind dates they set up for one another. This time, more than one date results in a proposal. read more

Don Elka Season 5, Episode 23

As Joy becomes increasingly happy with Mitch, Simon returns to her life. Elsewhere, Elka becomes carried away with newfound power. read more

Win Win Season 5, Episode 22

Tensions run high as Victoria is nominated for an Academy Award, Elka's City Council election approaches, and Melanie's mother pays a visit. read more

Mystery Date: Oscar Edition Season 5, Episode 21

Melanie and Joy compete to be Victoria's plus one at the Oscars. read more

The Italian Job Season 5, Episode 20

Melanie feels jilted when the ladies go to her co-host for advice; Victoria meets J.J.'s family. read more

Strange Bedfellows Season 5, Episode 19

Sparks fly between Victoria and J.J. and Melanie and Donald while Elka debates Councilman Powell. read more

The Animated Episode Season 5, Episode 18

An animated episode following the ladies through questionable beauty treatments, zombies, and an alternate Cleveland wherein LeBron James never left. read more

Straight Outta Cleveland Season 5, Episode 17

Joy and Mitch debate their compatibility with each other while Victoria gets a visit from the son she has a tendency to forget. read more

Auction Heroes Season 5, Episode 16

A handsome dating coach gets in the way of Joy's confession to Mitch; Victoria is infatuated with a Cleveland screenwriter. read more

Playmates Season 5, Episode 15

The women are shocked to learn that Elka has not only written a play about them, but has portrayed them in a surprising way while casting the part of herself to the beautiful Claudia. read more

Murder House Season 5, Episode 14

The ladies get stuck in the house with unwanted guests as a super storm rages outside; Elka believes she is being haunted by a vengeful spirit. read more

People Feeding People Season 5, Episode 13

Elka pursues an endorsement for City Council from Ross Barkley and convinces Melanie to go on a date with him. Elsewhere, Joy hides her feelings for Mitch as he pines the loss of Melanie. read more

I Just Met the Man I'm Going to Marry Season 5, Episode 12

The women take a trip to L.A. to watch Victoria announce the Oscar nominations; a statistics expert offers Elka campaign advice; Victoria battles anxiety; Joy meets a man who has husband potential. read more

Undercover Lovers Season 5, Episode 11

Joy and Bob go undercover as a couple; Elka is at odds with a political rival. read more

Bucket: We're Going to New York Season 5, Episode 10

Victoria decides to tell Maddie a long-held secret; Melanie, Joy and Elka vow to live out their bucket lists. read more

Bad George Clooney Season 5, Episode 9

The ladies see a pet therapist when their dog exhibits signs of depression. Once there, the therapist is quick to place the blame on them. read more

Brokeback Elka Season 5, Episode 8

Melanie uses an illness to get tickets to a sold-out concert; Victoria becomes suspicious of an online acquaintance. read more

The One With George Clooney Season 5, Episode 7

The women try to adopt a dog, but a shelter volunteer gets in the way; Elka's relationships with Mamie and Roy take a surprising turn. read more

Rusty Banks Rides Again Season 5, Episode 6

Victoria lobbies for an Oscar nomination; Melanie deals with a teen idol; Elka reunites with Roy. read more

Elka Takes a Lover Season 5, Episode 5

Emmy makes a surprising announcement on the eve of Victoria's film premiere; Elka takes a younger lover. read more

The Undead Season 5, Episode 4

Elka throws a fake funeral for Victoria; among the guests is her nemesis Susan Lucci. Elsewhere, Simon and Joy face a kink in their relationship. read more

Dr. Who? Season 5, Episode 3

Simon meets his son and grandson for the first time and helps Joy enroll Wilbur at a prestigious school; Melanie and Elka search for the perfect doctor. read more

Surprise! Season 5, Episode 2

Melanie shocks Alec with the news that she's pregnant; an FBI agent keeps an eye on the women in the wake of Emmet's disappearance; Joy learns that men now find her irresistible. read more

Stayin' Alive Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 premiere, Elka tells Victoria about a hideout where Emmet may have gone after escaping from prison, but they find out it's a popular place with criminals. read more

Hot in Cleveland

A preview of Season 5 features reactions to Melanie's big news. Also: a look at "Kirstie," which stars Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman and Michael Richards, and premieres Dec. 4. read more

The Man That Got Away Season 4, Episode 23

In the Season 4 finale, the wedding day for Victoria and an imprisoned Emmet finally arrives, an occasion that brings Joy face-to-face with her son's father for the first time in more than three decades. read more

Love Is All Around Season 4, Episode 22

Elka and Mamie's bowling team gets back together. Meanwhile, Joy dates a professor; Victoria goes out with a director; and Melanie has a fling with a surgeon. Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper and Cloris Leachman guest star. read more

All My Exes Season 4, Episode 21

Victoria contacts her ex-husbands to assess their relationships when she's stuck in the hospital on the day of her bachelorette party. Meanwhile, Joy and Melanie are obsessed with a man in a coma; and Elka and Mamie bring a little bit of Las Vegas to Cleveland. read more

Corpse Bride Season 4, Episode 20

Elka and Mamie write jokes for a roast at the senior center; Victoria tests a new product for the Mrs. Ladypants line; Joy deals with strange family matters; Melanie gets an engagement ring in an unexpected fashion. read more

Cleveland Indians Season 4, Episode 19

Joy hosts a traditional Indian dinner party after lying to a pediatrician; Victoria hires a wedding planner; Elka auditions for a play. read more

Look Who's Hot Now

Season 4 bloopers and memorable moments are recalled during a taping of the show when the women are surprised by a special guest. read more

The Fixer Season 4, Episode 18

Victoria hires a shady lawyer to help Emmet; Melanie meets a new man and has an encounter with a former fling; Joy and Elka become competitors in film class. read more

No Glove, No Love Season 4, Episode 17

Wilbur's first birthday prompts the women to come up with a memorable celebration; Melanie and Alec wonder what it would be like to have a family together. read more

Pony Up Season 4, Episode 16

Victoria gets a spokesmodel gig but accidentally pledges a large donation on TV. Meanwhile, Joy works with a private investigator, and reunites with Sean the firefighter. read more

The Proposal Season 4, Episode 15

Emmet, who's been married four times, asks the women to help make his wedding proposal to Victoria a special one, since it would be her sixth walk down the aisle. read more

Insider Episode: It's Alive!

A behind-the-scenes look at the season-premiere episode, in which Elka and Mamie's illegal business activities are revealed. read more

Canoga Falls Season 4, Episode 14

Victoria goes home for a visit after being tricked by her sister, but is surprised to find their mother in a disturbing state. Meanwhile, Joy and Melanie get nostalgic for the 1970s; and Elka has advice for Victoria's mother. read more

It's Alive! Season 4, Episode 13

Elka's illegal activities could put her life in danger and present a major dilemma for Joy, Victoria and Melanie when they try to help her out of a sticky situation. read more

Hot in Cleveland

Clips of Betty White's memorable lines on "Hot in Cleveland." Also: a preview of the reality series "Forever Young," which begins April 3. read more

What Now, My Love? Season 4, Episode 12

Victoria's movie wraps up filming, but it leaves her wondering if she and Emmet have a future. Meanwhile, Melanie ponders her relationship with Alec; and Joy discovers a new mystery about Elka during her internship. read more

Fast and Furious Season 4, Episode 11

Joy is suspicious of a yogi at a spa retreat; Mamie accuses Elka of controlling behavior; Melanie suffers side effects from fasting; Victoria learns the true meaning of friendship. read more

The Anger Games Season 4, Episode 10

Elka becomes Victoria's agent; Melanie sets Joy up on a date with her boyfriend's friend; the women's monthly game night is dominated by gossip and secrets. read more

The Conversation Season 4, Episode 9

Victoria ponders Emmet's past when a woman he used to know resurfaces; Melanie and Elka have an unwanted guest; Joy falls for a doctor who may not be as perfect as he seems. read more

Hot in Cleveland Sneak Peek

Previews of upcoming episodes of "Hot in Cleveland" and "Happily Divorced." read more

Extras Season 4, Episode 8

Joy gets a job as an extra in Victoria's movie and meets a new love interest; Melanie's plans for a romantic evening go awry; Elka and Mamie aren't good role models for Wilbur. read more

Hot in Cleveland

A preview of an upcoming episode. read more

Hot in Cleveland

A preview of the new season. read more

Magic Diet Candy Season 4, Episode 7

Wilbur's christening brings Joy's new family members together for the first time, but Owen is encouraged to pretend to be someone else. Meanwhile, Elka displays her artistic side by altering a church fresco; and Melanie is fed up with Victoria's obsession with her boyfriend and costar, Emmet. read more

Cleveland Fantasy Con Season 4, Episode 6

Melanie finds herself tangled up in a love triangle at the office; Joy's firefighter fantasy may be ruined by something she learns about Sean; Victoria's relationship with a movie star makes her feel insecure; Elka and Mamie have a brush with the law. read more

A Box Full of Puppies Season 4, Episode 5

Mamie gets flirting lessons from Elka on a trip to the vet; Victoria discusses second chances in life in an interview with her daughter; Joy is smitten with an animal-loving firefighter. read more

GILFS Season 4, Episode 4

Victoria fakes a romance with a costar to make headlines; Joy gets conned by Elka and Mamie into helping their new business venture; Melanie wonders if Alec knows how she feels about him. read more

Method Man Season 4, Episode 3

Joy struggles to fit in at college, but Elka finds her niche with the cool crowd. Meanwhile, Victoria tries to suss out a costar's intentions; and Melanie stumbles into a slippery situation. read more

A Midwinter Night's Sex Comedy Season 4, Episode 2

Melanie is put in an awkward situation with a coworker by her boss; Joy worries about fitting in at college; Victoria is unnerved by her director's request to change her appearance; Elka keeps a secret. read more

That Changes Everything Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, the ladies learn the identity of the baby who was left on their doorstep. Meanwhile, Melanie gets a job offer from a public-relations firm; and Elka tries to regain the upper hand with Pierre. read more

Hot in Cleveland

A preview of Season 4, which begins Nov. 28, features appearances by guest stars Eddie Cibrian, Georgia Engel, Heather Locklear and Regis Philbin. read more

Hot in Cleveland

Bloopers and outtakes from the series. read more

Hot in Cleveland

A review of Season 3 of "Hot in Cleveland." Also: a preview of the second season of "Retired at 35," which premieres June 26. read more

Blow Outs Season 3, Episode 23

In the third-season finale, Joy and Victoria want to know the secret behind Melanie's hairdo, which creates tension between the ladies and rival stylists at Elka's favorite salon. read more

What's Behind the Door? Season 3, Episode 22

Victoria's plans to bring her canceled soap opera, "Edge of Tomorrow," back to life in the digital age hinges on the series creator's approval and participation from the actor who played Honor St. Raven's ex-husband. read more

Hot in Cleveland

A preview of the series' final two episodes of Season 3, including clips of guest stars Cybill Shepherd and Regis Philbin, and Betty White's finale-night surprise. read more

Storage Wars Season 3, Episode 21

An abandoned storage unit up for bid contains an important historical artifact that calls for Artie Firestone's expertise. Meanwhile, Joy befriends a truck driver and learns how to operate a CB. read more

Some Like It Hot

The cast and crew look back at the favorite moments and best bloopers from the third season. read more

The Gateway Friend Season 3, Episode 20

The ladies need to get a friend visiting from Los Angeles back together with her boyfriend—a popular Beverly Hills dermatologist—if they hope to ever have another appointment with him. read more

Bye George, I Think He's Got It! Season 3, Episode 19

Elka's twin sister returns for a visit; Joy accepts a proposal from her terminally ill boyfriend; a billionaire wants a makeover from Melanie and Victoria to make him attractive to women. read more

Cruel Shoes Season 3, Episode 18

Victoria tries designing shoes and uses Melanie and Joy as runway models, but Elka is more anxious to see the latest in tracksuits. Meanwhile, Joy dates a man who lives life to the fullest. read more

Claus, Tails & High-Pitched Males: Birthdates 3 Season 3, Episode 17

On another round of "birthdates," Elka thinks her date is Santa Claus; Victoria is reunited with Capt. Lebeau; Melanie goes out with a guy with a high-pitched voice; and Joy is a man's first date since leaving the priesthood. read more

Everything Goes Better With Vampires Season 3, Episode 16

Melanie dates a professor who makes her feel dumb; Victoria wants to get rid of the housekeeper; Elka's frustrated by her writing partner; Joy goes out with a guy she thinks is Rick Springfield. read more

Rubber Ball Season 3, Episode 15

Melanie, Joy and Victoria want to join a renowned country club, but Elka's history with the club president could hinder their plans. read more

Hot & Heavy Season 3, Episode 14

Eyeing an opportunity to win a Newsie Award, Victoria dons a fat suit at Overeaters Anonymous, and Elka comes along to claim she lost 600 pounds. Meanwhile, Joy dates a man who's not exactly her type; and Melanie meets a new guy in an unusual place. read more

Tangled Web Season 3, Episode 13

The ladies seek refuge at a lake house after Victoria loses a poisonous spider that belongs to her ex-husband; Melanie's potential new beau turns out to be Joy's former fiancé. read more

Lost Loves Season 3, Episode 12

Valentine's Day inspires the women to look for their lost loves, including the man who jilted Joy at the altar. read more

I'm With the Band Season 3, Episode 11

Victoria takes a trip down memory lane when her old flame Johnny Revere comes to Cleveland to record a song for charity. Meanwhile, Elka wants a lock of a singer's hair for a good cause; Joy wonders what life is like as a rock star; and Melanie chases a musical idol. read more

Life With Lucci Season 3, Episode 10

Victoria's enemy Susan Lucci comes looking for support after the cancellation of "All My Children," but Victoria warns her friends that the soap star is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, Elka talks hoops with Baron Davis of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. read more

Love Is Blind Season 3, Episode 9

Victoria's daughter, Emmy, arrives for a visit with the news that she and Melanie's son, Will, are engaged. Meanwhile, Joy's blind boyfriend thinks she's 26; and Elka has a ball prank calling the New York Yankee's third baseman. read more

God and Football Season 3, Episode 8

Melanie scores a date with the Browns' kicker when she takes Elka to the team's locker room on her 90th birthday. Meanwhile, Joy and Elka get surprising news on the medical front; and a brush with death convinces Victoria of Elka's divinity. read more

Two Girls and a Rhino Season 3, Episode 7

Joy and Elka camp out at the zoo to help save an endangered species of rhinoceros. Meanwhile, Melanie dates a senator; and Victoria goes out with a janitor. read more

How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway? Season 3, Episode 6

While waiting in line for the bathroom at a Cleveland sporting event, Elka hears the story of how Melanie, Joy and Victoria met in Los Angeles in the 1980s. read more

One Thing Or A Mother Season 3, Episode 5

The ladies host a dinner party to solve their dating dilemmas, which include Roy's mother's hatred of Elka; Victoria's hand-model boyfriend; Melanie's boyfriend's resemblance to Winnie the Pooh; and Joy's beau's indeterminate age. read more

Happy Fat Season 3, Episode 4

The ladies treat their neighbors to makeovers, while Elka adjusts to dating a younger man (John Mahoney). read more

Funeral Crashers Season 3, Episode 3

Elka teaches the ladies how to go funeral crashing to find the dress lost by Melanie's dry cleaner; Elka has a reunion with a man (John Mahoney) from her past. read more

Beards Season 3, Episode 2

Victoria brings Joy, Melanie and Elka along for the ride when she's a guest speaker on a gay cruise, where Melanie has a surprise reunion with her estranged sister (Laura San Giacomo), and Victoria and Joy's lesbian facade could come crashing down when they meet the ship's handsome captain. read more

Elka's Choice Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 premiere, Elka faces a choice of three suitors: her fiancé, Fred (Buck Henry); her ex-boyfriend Max (Carl Reiner); and Bobby (Don Rickles), the husband she thought was dead. Meanwhile, Victoria gets some mileage out of her marriage to Joy in a TV appearance. read more

Elka's Big Day Season 2, Episode 21

In the Season 2 finale, Melanie, Joy and Victoria wake up to a house in disarray, full of dozing frat boys and a roaming iguana, with no recollection of Elka's bachelorette party the night before. Oh, and the bride-to-be is nowhere to be found. read more

Bridezelka Season 2, Episode 20

Elka and Fred (Buck Henry) plan a low-key wedding ceremony with a reverend (Cedric the Entertainer), but the bride-to-be turns into a monster after the women urge her to go all out. Meanwhile, Victoria tries out a new product from Mrs. Ladypants. read more

Indecent Proposals Season 2, Episode 19

Melanie's column about casual sex sends the women in search of Mr. Right Now, which results in a proposal for Elka from an old friend (Buck Henry) and a potentially life-threatening encounter for Victoria's former rock-star boyfriend (Huey Lewis). read more

Too Hot for TV

A look at memorable clips from the show's second season. read more

Arch Enemies Season 2, Episode 18

Victoria and Joy try to give Victoria's practical-joke-playing coanchor at the TV station a taste of his own medicine. Meanwhile, Melanie's new boyfriend has a foot fetish. read more

The Emmy Show Season 2, Episode 17

A visit from Victoria's daughter, Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt), prompts Victoria to ask Elka—and her Irish accent—for help in dissuading Emmy from writing a revealing autobiography about her childhood. Meanwhile, Melanie and Joy share a secret admirer. read more

Dancing Queens Season 2, Episode 16

The women hope dancing will help them lose weight, but first must find gay men to accompany them; Elka resumes a feud with an old rival (Doris Roberts). read more

Love Thy Neighbor Season 2, Episode 15

Melanie asks Rick (Wayne Knight) for help when she thinks Joy may be using drugs. Meanwhile, Elka gives Victoria tips on portraying an older character for a musical version of "Driving Miss Daisy." read more

Battle of the Bands Season 2, Episode 14

For a Woman's Day column, Melanie forms a group to compete in a Battle of the Bands contest, an idea embraced by Joy, who, with encouragement from Rick (Wayne Knight), pursues her childhood dream of becoming a rock star. read more

Unseparated at Birthdates Season 2, Episode 13

The ladies play matchmaker for each other for hit-and-miss date nights that include Melanie getting a holier-than-thou type; and Elka hiding her intelligence from a wealthy bachelor. read more

How I Met My Mother Season 2, Episode 12

Joy gets a surprise visit from the son she gave up for adoption. Meanwhile, Victoria may have an unexpected guest of her own when she learns that her pen pal---from prison---is coming to Cleveland. read more

Where's Elka? Season 2, Episode 11

The women hunt for a fugitive Elka in Amish country, where Victoria grows uncharacteristically comfortable. Meanwhile, allegations of an affair with the governor could get Joy deported. read more

Law & Elka Season 2, Episode 10

Elka finally goes on trial, but she'll have to rely on someone other than her lawyer to stay out of jail. Meanwhile, Joy does a favor for the First Lady of Ohio (Amy Sedaris) that makes the wrong kind of headlines. read more

Elka's Snowbird Season 2, Episode 9

Elka tries to persuade Max (Carl Reiner) to spend the winter in Cleveland instead of going to Florida. Meanwhile, Victoria falls for a man (Gregory Harrison) she meets during a TV interview; and Melanie recruits Joy to help her serve meals at a senior-citizen center. read more

LeBron Is Le Gone Season 2, Episode 8

Joy pins her green-card hopes on getting engaged to a homeless man (Jon Lovitz). Meanwhile, Melanie dates a basketball coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers who's still reeling from LeBron James' departure; and Victoria lands a job on a local news program. read more

Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks & Joy's Fix Season 2, Episode 7

Joy meets a man in her therapist's office, and then swipes his file to find out more about him. Meanwhile, Elka trains a rescue dog, and Victoria wonders if she can give her career a boost with a sex tape---with Melanie. read more

I Love Lucci Part 2 Season 2, Episode 6

Conclusion. Victoria resumes her "All My Children" role despite her involvement in an injury to soap star Susan Lucci. Meanwhile, Melanie agrees to sell her California house on her own terms; Joy wants revenge on a duplicitous actor; and Elka's movie-star quest ends in surprising fashion. read more

I Love Lucci Part 1 Season 2, Episode 5

Part 1 of 2. For the first time since moving to Cleveland, the women return to Los Angeles for Victoria's appearance on "All My Children" with her chief rival, soap star Susan Lucci. Meanwhile, Melanie mulls selling her California house; Joy's new beau has a dark side; and Elka is on a mission to meet her favorite movie star. read more

Sisterhood of the Traveling SPANX Season 2, Episode 4

A brand of undergarments has mysterious effects on the ladies' lives when Melanie pursues a doctor (Jack Wagner); Victoria's audition ends in an altercation with Melanie Griffith; Joy finds a younger man; and Elka roots for the Indians' Grady Sizemore. read more

Hot for the Lawyer Season 2, Episode 3

Melanie, Joy and Victoria are smitten with Elka's lawyer, who's angling for an insanity plea for a hearing before a judge (Sherri Shepherd), but his client loses interest after learning that Max (Carl Reiner) is getting married. read more

Bad Bromance Season 2, Episode 2

Melanie's in for a surprise when she meets Pete's mother (Bonnie Franklin) and brother (John Schneider). Meanwhile, Joy's immigration scam with Rick hits a snag; Victoria looks for a sugar daddy; and Elka celebrates her freedom in her own inimitable way. read more

Free Elka Season 2, Episode 1

In the second-season premiere, Elka is behind bars with an ornery cellmate (Mary Tyler Moore) while her friends try to find the money to bail her out, but their quest is made more difficult when Victoria is hit by a financial crisis and Joy gets in trouble with the INS. read more

Behind the Hotness

Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick look back at the best moments, bloopers and guest stars of the first season of the sitcom "Hot in Cleveland." Also: a preview of Season 2, which premieres in January 2011. read more

Tornado Season 1, Episode 10

In the first-season finale, threats of a tornado cause the ladies to seek shelter in Elka's secret room in the cellar, but they're nearly blown away by what they find. read more

Good Luck Faking the Goiter Season 1, Episode 9

Melanie comes to regret her nosy nature when her son (Joe Jonas) pays a visit; Elka helps Victoria campaign for sympathy votes after she's nominated for an Emmy. read more

The Play's the Thing Season 1, Episode 8

Victoria lends her acting expertise to a high school's production of "Romeo and Juliet"; Melanie's new romance causes a rift with Joy; Elka crashes funerals. read more

It's Not That Complicated Season 1, Episode 7

The arrival of Melanie's ex-husband elicits strong opinions from Joy and Victoria; Elka's love life becomes an embarrassment of riches. read more

Meet the Parents Season 1, Episode 6

The past becomes present when Melanie's mother (Shirley Knight) and Victoria's father (Hal Linden) pick the same weekend for a visit, while Joy is less than thrilled to see her mother (Juliet Mills). read more

Good Neighbors Season 1, Episode 5

A neighbor (Wayne Knight) gets the wrong idea about Melanie when she throws a party; Elka gets a makeover for her senior prom with Max (Carl Reiner); a commercial job creates a moral dilemma for Victoria. read more

The Sex That Got Away Season 1, Episode 4

During an event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Victoria reconnects with a former rock-star boyfriend (Huey Lewis), while Melanie gets a bit overzealous with her music idol (Amy Yasbeck). read more

Birthdates Season 1, Episode 3

Elka finds a lot to like about her blind date (Carl Reiner), though the other ladies aren't so lucky with their respective suitors. read more

Who's Your Mama? Season 1, Episode 2

Joy's fling with a younger man dredges up a secret from her past; Melanie coaxes Elka to dive back into the dating pool; Victoria's new shopping habits come with fringe benefits. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

In the premiere of this comedy, three women (Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick) from L.A. on their way to Paris make an emergency landing in Cleveland. They decide to stick around and rent a house with an elderly caretaker (Betty White). read more

Hot in Cleveland Episode: "Look Who's Hot Now"

Episode Synopsis: Season 4 bloopers and memorable moments are recalled during a taping of the show when the women are surprised by a special guest.
Original Air Date: Aug 7, 2013
Guest Cast Kirstie Alley

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Premiered: June 16, 2010, on TV Land
Rating: TV-PG
User Rating: (300 ratings)
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Premise: Three L.A. women move to Ohio after their Paris-bound plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland, where they meet the elderly caretaker of the house they decide to rent.



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