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16 & Pregnant episodes

Where Are They Now?

Updates on past cast members and their little ones. read more

Season 5 Unseen Moments

Additional footage from Season 5. read more

Life After Labor 6

Updates on the Season 5 cast. read more

Savannah Season 5, Episode 12

A mother tries to parent alongside her ex. read more

Courtney Season 5, Episode 11

A Christian girl struggles with abstinence. read more


A Christian girl struggles with abstinence; a mother tries to parent alongside her ex. read more

Jordan Season 5, Episode 10

A pregnant couple struggle to find a stable home. read more

Savon Season 5, Episode 9

A pregnant teen meets someone new after being dumped by the father of her unborn child. read more


A homeless pregnant teen struggles to find a stable home; a mother tries to parent alongside her ex. read more

Jazmin Season 5, Episode 8

A Midwestern teen loses her parent's trust when she breaks their house rules. read more

Aleah Season 5, Episode 7

A reformed teen must juggle responsibilities as a parent. read more

Karley Season 5, Episode 6

A well-behaved girl is expecting twins. read more

Summer Season 5, Episode 5

A Southern girl tries to repair her relationship with her mom. read more

Arianna Season 5, Episode 4

An artsy girl attempts to forgive the father of her child. read more

Millina Season 5, Episode 3

A girl with a troubled past gets pregnant while her mom is in jail. read more

Autumn Season 5, Episode 2

A stoner boyfriend must straighten up before becoming a father. read more

Maddy Season 5, Episode 1

An all-American girl gets pregnant from a one-night stand in the Season 5 premiere. read more

Where Are They Now?

Updates on past cast members and their little ones. read more

Life After Labor (Season 4) Season 4, Episode 13

The cast from Season 4 share the stage and update Dr. Drew Pinsky on the challenges and triumphs they've faced since becoming teen moms. read more

Kristina Season 4, Episode 12

A pregnant teen from Texas shares her story. read more

Devon Season 4, Episode 11

A Virginia high schooler follows in her older sister's path of becoming a teen mom. read more

Sabrina Season 4, Episode 10

A teen moves from California to Tennessee after she becomes pregnant. read more

Sarah Season 4, Episode 9

A pregnant teen is caught in the middle of a feud between her mom and her boyfriend. read more

Hope Season 4, Episode 8

A party girl changes her ways for her daughter. read more

Myranda Season 4, Episode 7

A teen from Texas prepares for motherhood. read more

Jordan Season 4, Episode 6

A young interracial couple prepare for parenthood while dealing with their own parents' disapproval. read more

Alex Season 4, Episode 5

An aspiring dancer with an unreliable boyfriend considers adoption for her unborn baby. read more

Lindsey Season 4, Episode 4

Following an aspiring cage fighter who strives to be an independent mom. read more

Briana Season 4, Episode 3

An expecting teen has doubts about whether motherhood was the best choice. read more

Katie Season 4, Episode 2

An ambitious teen puts her college dreams on hold to raise her baby. read more

Mackenzie Season 4, Episode 1

A pregnant cheerleader struggles with her boyfriend to get serious about parenthood in the Season 4 premiere. read more

Adoption Special

Adoption stories from "Teen Mom" and "16 & Pregnant" are discussed by Dr. Drew Pinsky. read more

Life After Labor (Season 3) Season 3, Episode 13

Dr. Drew Pinsky interviews the teen moms, their boyfriends and their parents in the Season 3 finale. read more

Allie Season 3, Episode 12

A pregnant teen moves in with her boyfriend's dysfunctional family, but the unstable environment has her questioning whether it's the right place to raise a child. read more

Where Are They Now? Season 3, Episode 11

Updates on past cast members and their little ones. read more

Unseen Moments (Season 3) Season 3, Episode 10

Outtakes from season 3 with Dr. Drew. read more

Taylor Season 3, Episode 9

A pregnant teen's mom pushes for adoption, but she is considering keeping the baby. read more

Kianna Season 3, Episode 8

Kianna considers adoption for her unborn child, but neither her parents nor her boyfriend support her decision. read more

Izabella Season 3, Episode 7

A teen who hid her pregnancy for eight months finally tells her friends, and their reactions make her rethink her friendships. Later, her boyfriend betrays her family's trust. read more

Kayla Season 3, Episode 6

A pregnant teen struggles with anorexia after she starts gaining baby weight. read more

Cleondra Season 3, Episode 5

A promising student gets pregnant and considers moving out of her parents' house and moving in with her boyfriend. read more

Danielle Season 3, Episode 4

A second-generation teen mom struggles to prove she can do things differently than her own mother did. read more

Jamie Season 3, Episode 3

A straight-A student gets pregnant and tries to mold her irresponsible boyfriend into the doting father she never had. read more

Jennifer Season 3, Episode 2

A teen is expecting twins and her parents refuse to speak to her boyfriend, forcing her to make a difficult decision. read more

Jordan Season 3, Episode 1

A pregnant teen is caught in the middle of a battle between her boyfriend and her sister, who fight for her attention, in the Season 3 opener. read more

Where Are They Now? Season 2, Episode 23

Updates on past cast members and their little ones. read more

Ashley Season 2, Episode 21

Ashley hopes that her aunt and uncle will adopt her baby, but she later has doubts about whether she'll be happy with her decision. read more

Unseen Moments (Season 2) Season 2, Episode 20

Outtakes from the reality series. read more

Megan Season 2, Episode 19

A teen plans to raise her baby in her parents' basement, and she has no idea how she'll earn a living after graduating high school. read more

Kayla Season 2, Episode 18

A spoiled teen gets a harsh wake-up call after finding out she's pregnant. read more

Christinna Season 2, Episode 17

A young couple must put their college plans on hold after finding out they're having a baby. read more

Aubrey Season 2, Episode 16

A teen newlywed works to get her GED while dealing with the pressures of motherhood and marriage. read more

Markai Season 2, Episode 15

A pregnant teen struggles to finish her senior year of high school, while dealing with her boyfriend's infidelity and her disapproving mother. read more

Emily Season 2, Episode 14

An all-American teen gets pregnant and is forced to move an hour away from her boyfriend and start over in a new school and new town. read more

Felicia Season 2, Episode 13

Felicia hopes to be the first in her family to graduate high school, but when her boyfriend stops supporting her and their baby, she may be forced to drop out. read more

Brooke Season 2, Episode 12

A tomboy struggles to balance her life as a pregnant teen and a newlywed as she and her new husband move in together. read more

Kailyn Season 2, Episode 10

In the Season 2 finale, a pregnant teen moves in with her boyfriend's family after her own mother abandons her, and feeling lost, she reaches out to her estranged father in an attempt to figure out where she belongs. read more

Lizzie Season 2, Episode 9

A young musician drops out of school after finding out she's pregnant. Later, she's devastated to learn that her boyfriend hasn't always been faithful. read more

Leah Season 2, Episode 8

In West Virginia, a high-school cheerleader is expecting twins with a boy she's been dating for only a month. read more

Nicole Season 2, Episode 7

A young couple become parents, but not everyone in the family is supportive. read more

Samantha Season 2, Episode 6

An outgoing "good girl" follows in her mother's footsteps and becomes a teen mom. read more

Lori Season 2, Episode 5

A pregnant teen considers giving her baby up for adoption. read more

Chelsea Season 2, Episode 4

Chelsea, a popular high-school senior, hopes her life will go back to normal after she gives birth. read more

Valerie Season 2, Episode 3

An adopted teen wants to give her baby the family she never had, but there are challenges, including a perilous labor and a boyfriend who denies he's the father. read more

Nikkole Season 2, Episode 2

A pregnant teen's pals try to persuade her to drop her disrespectful boyfriend. read more

Jenelle Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 opener, a pregnant teen from North Carolina learns her long-distance boyfriend wants no part in raising their child. read more

Never Before Seen Season 1, Episode 8

Previously unseen footage from Season 1 is featured. read more

Life After Labor (Season 1) Season 1, Episode 7

Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts this forum on teen pregnancy. Included: updates on the young moms featured on the series. read more

Catelynn Season 1, Episode 6

In the Season 1 finale, a pregnant teen from Michigan considers adoption without the support of her parents. read more

Whitney Season 1, Episode 5

A Georgia teen and her mother are both expecting, and their home is quickly getting too crowded. read more

Ebony Season 1, Episode 4

A teen in the ROTC must put her dreams of enlisting in the Air Force on hold when she learns she's pregnant. read more

Amber Season 1, Episode 3

A self-proclaimed party girl with a baby on the way moves in with her boyfriend during their senior year of high school. read more

Farrah Season 1, Episode 2

A popular cheerleader withdraws from her friends after finding out she's pregnant. read more

Maci Season 1, Episode 1

A pregnant teen from Chattanooga copes with her lazy fiancé in the opener of the unscripted series that follows six young women who are expecting. read more

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Premiered: June 11, 2009, on MTV
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Premise: An unscripted series following young women who are expecting, and the challenges they will face as young parents.


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