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1999, TV Show

Episode Detail: Sworn to Secrecy: The Balkans Tinderbox - Nation to Nation

A history of the Balkans and the volatile situations that have plagued the Balkan States. Charlton Heston narrates.

Episodes: Nation to Nation (148)

1/23/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: The Battle of Britain
1/22/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Israeli Intelligence
1/21/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Secret Weapons of the Third Reich
1/20/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: The French Resistance
1/19/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Korea: Stalin's Secret Air War
1/16/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: WWI: Germany's Secret Gambles
1/15/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh's Revolution
1/14/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: The Gulf War: Iraq's Secrets
1/13/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Rommel's Enigma
1/12/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: The Balkans Tinderbox
1/8/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Stalin's Spies
1/7/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Nazi Gold
1/7/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Korea: Behind the Bamboo Curtain
1/5/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: The Ultra Enigma
1/2/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Shadows of the Six-Day War
1/1/2004: Sworn to Secrecy: Cold War: The Strangelove Factor
12/31/2003: Sworn to Secrecy: The Invasion of Panama
12/30/2003: Sworn to Secrecy: Mao's Secrets
12/29/2003: Sworn to Secrecy: German Intelligence in World War II
7/22/2003: Military Blunders: Mussolini's Invasion of Greece; Fall of Crete
7/21/2003: Military Blunders: Stalin's Purges; The Coup Against Gorbachev
7/16/2003: Military Blunders: The Sinking of the Lusitania; The Treaty of Versailles
7/15/2003: Military Blunders: Maginot Line; The 'Impregnable' Gazala Line
7/14/2003: Military Blunders: Hitler's Flying Blunders; Death at Stalingrad
7/9/2003: Military Blunders: Battle of the Bulge; The Bombing of Monte Cassino
7/8/2003: Military Blunders: Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait; Desert One
7/7/2003: Military Blunders: The Pilot Who Bombed London; The Last Flight of the Lady Be Good
7/3/2003: Guns of the World: Guns of Beretta
7/2/2003: Military Blunders: The Bomb Plot to Kill Hitler; Mutiny in the Trenches
7/1/2003: Military Blunders: Japan's Mistakes at Midway; Failure of the Kamikaze
6/30/2003: Military Blunders: Sinking of the Graff Spree; Sinking of Force Z
4/24/2003: Clash of Warriors: Dowding vs. Goering
4/24/2003: Clash of Warriors: Halsey vs. Kurita
4/23/2003: Clash of Warriors: Von Paulus vs. Chuikov
4/22/2003: Clash of Warriors: Giap vs. Westmoreland
4/21/2003: Clash of Warriors: Dayan vs. Amer
4/18/2003: Clash of Warriors: Manstein vs. Vatutin
4/17/2003: Clash of Warriors: Vandegrift vs. Hyakutake
4/16/2003: Clash of Warriors: Allenby vs. Von Sanders
4/15/2003: Clash of Warriors: Zhukov vs. Bock
4/14/2003: Clash of Warriors: MacArthur vs. Yamashita
4/11/2003: Clash of Warriors: Patton vs. Von Kluge
4/10/2003: Clash of Warriors: Harris vs. Kammhuber
4/9/2003: Clash of Warriors: Buckner vs. Ushijima
4/8/2003: Clash of Warriors: Petain vs. Falkenhayn
4/7/2003: Clash of Warriors: Rommel vs. Montgomery
4/4/2003: Clash of Warriors: Stilwell vs. Honda
4/3/2003: Clash of Warriors: Haig vs. Ludendorff
4/2/2003: Clash of Warriors: Saddam vs. Schwarzkopf
4/1/2003: Clash of Warriors: Hindenberg vs. Grand Duke Nicholas
3/31/2003: Clash of Warriors: Eisenhower vs. Von Rundstedt
7/25/2002: Guns of the World: Guns of the British Military
7/22/2002: Air Combat: Top Secret: Spy Planes
7/19/2002: Guns of the World: European Revolvers
7/18/2002: Guns of the World: Guns of the Russian Military
7/12/2002: Guns of the World: Japanese Guns of WWII
7/11/2002: Guns of the World: Guns of Israel
7/8/2002: Air Combat: The X-Planes
7/6/2002: Guns of the World: Guns of the Orient
7/4/2002: Guns of the World: German Small Arms of WWII
10/24/2001: Mission Berlin
10/11/2001: Death of the Wolfpacks
10/5/2001: Death Tide at Tarawa
10/4/2001: Death from Above
10/3/2001: Scorpions in a Bottle
10/1/2001: Bloody Hills of Peleliu
8/28/2001: World at War: Distant War
8/27/2001: World at War: A New Germany
8/24/2001: World at War: Genocide
8/23/2001: World at War: Pincers
8/22/2001: World at War: Occupation
8/21/2001: World at War: Morning
8/20/2001: World at War: Inside the Reich
8/17/2001: World at War: Home Fires
8/16/2001: World at War: It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow
8/15/2001: World at War: Tough Old Gut
8/14/2001: World at War: Whirlwind
8/13/2001: World at War: Red Star
8/10/2001: World at War: Wolf Pack
8/9/2001: World at War: Stalingrad
8/8/2001: World at War: Desert
8/7/2001: World at War: On Our Way
8/6/2001: World at War: Banzai
8/3/2001: The World at War: Barbarossa
8/2/2001: The World at War: Alone
8/1/2001: World at War: France Falls
1/24/2001: Battle Line: Bombing of Germany; Bombing of Japan
9/29/2000: V-J Day: The Day That Changed the World
9/28/2000: Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial
9/27/2000: Tank Battles: D-Day to Victory
9/26/2000: Shock Troops
9/25/2000: Road to Infamy: The Countdown Years
9/22/2000: The Rain of Steel
9/21/2000: Okinawa: The Final Battle
9/20/2000: Showdown at Leyte Gulf
9/19/2000: Korea: The Forgotten War
9/18/2000: Korean: The Forgotten War
9/15/2000: Massacre at Malmedy
9/14/2000: Cossacks in the Sky
9/13/2000: Iwo Jima: Hell's Volcano
9/12/2000: Imperial Sunset at Saipan
9/11/2000: Eye on History: D-Day
9/8/2000: Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871
9/7/2000: The Spanish Armada: Britannia Rules the Waves
9/6/2000: Caesar's Gallic Wars
9/5/2000: The Fall of Athens
9/4/2000: The Greek-Persian Wars
5/26/2000: Air Combat: The Ace Factor
5/25/2000: Air Combat: In Pursuit of Space
5/24/2000: Air Combat: Vietnam: Combat from the Cockpit
5/23/2000: Air Combat: Airborne
5/22/2000: Air Combat: The Fighters
5/19/2000: Air Combat: Air Strike
5/18/2000: Air Combat: Paratroopers
5/17/2000: Air Combat: MiGs vs America
5/16/2000: Air Combat: WWII---Pacific
5/15/2000: Air Combat: Combat Crew
5/12/2000: Air Combat: Pilots of Desert Storm
5/11/2000: Air Combat: Vietnam Choppers
5/10/2000: Air Combat: The Bombers
5/9/2000: Air Combat: The War Aces
5/8/2000: Air Combat: WWII: Europe
5/5/2000: Air Combat: The Chopper War
5/4/2000: Air Combat: The Carriers
5/3/2000: Air Combat: The Race to Rule the Skies
5/2/2000: Air Combat: Pilots of Fortune
5/1/2000: Air Combat: Legends of Air Combat
3/28/2000: Battle Line: Invasion of Norway; Battle of Britain
3/27/2000: Battle Line: Poland; Dunkirk
3/24/2000: Battle Line: Okinawa; Poland
3/23/2000: Battle Line: Iwo Jima; The Fall of Berlin
3/22/2000: Battle Line: The Bombing of Germany; The Bombing of Japan
3/21/2000: Battle Line: Arnhem; Bridgehead at the Rhine
3/20/2000: Battle Line: Battle of the Bulge; Burma
3/17/2000: Battle Line: Battle of the Gothic Line; Battle of Paris
3/16/2000: Battle Line: Peleliu Island; Liberation of the Philippines
3/15/2000: Battle Line: Omaha Beach; Breakout from Normandy
3/14/2000: Battle Line: Monte Cassino; Invasion of Southern France
3/13/2000: Battle Line: Guadalcanal; Anzio
3/10/2000: Battle Line: Battle of the Atlantic; Sicily
3/9/2000: Battle Line: Tarawa; Stalingrad
3/8/2000: Battle Line: Ploesti; Operation Torch
3/7/2000: Battle Line: Malta; Dieppe
3/6/2000: Battle Line: Midway; El Alamein
3/3/2000: Battle Line: Fall of the Philippines; Crete
3/2/2000: Battle Line: The Fall of Singapore; Tobruk
3/1/2000: Battle Line: Commerce Raiders; Pearl Harbor
8/15/1999: Military Blunders: Disaster in the Dardanelles; The Raid on Dieppe

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