Pawn Stars Episodes

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Pawn Stars episodes

Jul 24, 2014: Pawn Apocalypse
Jul 24, 2014: Colts and Vikings
Jul 17, 2014: Put Up Your Nukes
Jul 17, 2014: Chumdae
Jul 10, 2014: Press One for Chum
Jul 10, 2014: Mr. Cool
Jul 10, 2014: Fireworks and Freedom
Jul 03, 2014: Pinball Punch
Jun 26, 2014: Get in the Ring
Jun 26, 2014: Rick, Rock, and Roll
Jun 19, 2014: Spacing Out
Jun 19, 2014: In the Doghouse
Jun 12, 2014: Chumlee's Last Laugh
Jun 12, 2014: Who's Your Dali?
Jun 05, 2014: Dam Good Time
Jun 05, 2014: Daddy's Girl
May 29, 2014: Pawn U
May 29, 2014: Reeling and Dealing
May 22, 2014: Everybody Do the Dinosaur
May 22, 2014: Breaking the Bank
May 15, 2014: Tickets to Ride
May 15, 2014: New Old Man
May 08, 2014: Spruce Goose
May 08, 2014: All In
May 01, 2014: Tag Team
May 01, 2014: Fiesta Loco
Apr 24, 2014: Road Test
Apr 24, 2014: Ponies and Phonies
Apr 17, 2014: Sleeping Giant
Apr 17, 2014: Saddle Up
Apr 10, 2014: Chum's Revenge
Apr 10, 2014: Traffic Jammed
Apr 03, 2014: Tee'd Off
Apr 03, 2014: April Fooled
Mar 27, 2014: Choo Choo Chum
Mar 27, 2014: Brew Master
Mar 20, 2014: Shamrocked
Mar 20, 2014: Head Games
Mar 13, 2014: Bang Bang
Mar 13, 2014: You Snooze, You Lose
Mar 06, 2014: McKinley Family Jewels
Mar 06, 2014: Field Trip
Feb 27, 2014: Magic Bus
Feb 27, 2014: Purple Haze
Feb 20, 2014: Chords, Swords and Rewards
Feb 20, 2014: Rock Bottom
Feb 13, 2014: The Great Pawnbino
Feb 13, 2014: Rough and Tumble
Feb 06, 2014: Extreme Pawnover
Feb 06, 2014: Rescue 9-1-Chum
Jan 30, 2014: Sunday Funday
Jan 30, 2014: Smurf and Turf
Jan 23, 2014: Silent Stars and Rebel Cars
Jan 23, 2014: Anytime, Any Mace
Jan 16, 2014: I'll Be Doggone
Jan 16, 2014: Can't Buy Me Love
Jan 09, 2014: Truly Trivial
Jan 09, 2014: Whodunit?
Jan 02, 2014: You Say You Wanna Revolution
Jan 02, 2014: Finding Fonzie
Dec 26, 2013: Lost in Spacelander
Dec 26, 2013: Put Your Hands Up
Dec 19, 2013: Another Christmas Story
Dec 12, 2013: The Amazing Chumlee
Dec 12, 2013: Woah Pilgrim
Dec 05, 2013: Gnarly Harley
Dec 05, 2013: Bad to the Bone
Nov 21, 2013: Open and Shut Case
Nov 21, 2013: Rebel, Rebel
Nov 14, 2013: The Bachelor
Nov 14, 2013: Cold Hard Cash
Nov 07, 2013: The Merchant of Vegas
Nov 07, 2013: Winchester, Lose or Draw
Oct 31, 2013: Chum of All Fears
Oct 31, 2013: Brush With Greatness
Oct 24, 2013: Comfortably Chum
Oct 24, 2013: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service
Oct 17, 2013: The Enigma
Oct 17, 2013: Say It, Don't Spray It
Oct 10, 2013: The Bald and the Beautiful
Oct 10, 2013: Everyday I'm Shufflin'
Aug 29, 2013: You're Out
Aug 22, 2013: Goldfish and Silver
Aug 22, 2013: On a Mission to Pawn
Aug 15, 2013: London Pawning
Aug 15, 2013: Secret Agent Man
Aug 08, 2013: Corey's Big Splurge
Aug 08, 2013: The Chum-Sake
Aug 01, 2013: Chum-parazzi
Aug 01, 2013: Colt to the Touch
Jul 18, 2013: Rage Against That Machine
Jul 18, 2013: World Series of Pawn
Jul 11, 2013: Fool's Gold
Jul 11, 2013: A Hard Day's Pawn
Jun 27, 2013: The Pawntridge Family
Jun 27, 2013: Sticks and Stones
Jun 20, 2013: Free Agent
Jun 20, 2013: King of Pain
Jun 13, 2013: Dog Day Afternoon
Jun 13, 2013: Ready to Rumble
Jun 06, 2013: Unprankable
Jun 06, 2013: One Way Ticket
May 30, 2013: Grumpy Old Man
May 30, 2013: Rick 'n' Roll
Mar 11, 2013: Hello, Goodbye
Mar 11, 2013: Close, But No Cigar
Mar 04, 2013: Corey, I Am Your Father
Mar 04, 2013: Book 'Em Rick
Feb 25, 2013: Shekel and Hyde
Feb 25, 2013: Beam Me Up
Feb 18, 2013: Grand Theft Corey
Feb 18, 2013: Lunch Larceny
Feb 11, 2013: Just Shoe It
Feb 11, 2013: Room and Hoard
Feb 04, 2013: Off the Hook
Feb 04, 2013: Comic Con
Jan 28, 2013: Hair Force One
Jan 28, 2013: Million Dali Baby
Jan 21, 2013: Spare the Rodman
Jan 21, 2013: Funny Money
Jan 14, 2013: I Herd That
Jan 14, 2013: Little Pawn Shop of Horrors
Dec 17, 2012: Santa Chum
Dec 17, 2012: It's a Wonderful Pawn
Dec 10, 2012: Take the Money and Run
Dec 10, 2012: Silent but Chumlee
Dec 03, 2012: Wouldn't It Be Ice?
Dec 03, 2012: Putt, Putt, Pawn
Nov 26, 2012: The Offer
Nov 26, 2012: Sweet Pawn of Mine
Nov 19, 2012: The Last Samurai
Nov 19, 2012: On Guard
Nov 13, 2012: Man. Make. Fire.
Nov 13, 2012: Lord of the Ring
Nov 12, 2012: Stick to Your Guns
Nov 12, 2012: Three Pawn Night
Nov 05, 2012: Sturgis and Acquisitions
Nov 05, 2012: What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?
Sep 03, 2012: Thirty Something
Sep 03, 2012: Fork It Over
Aug 27, 2012: Some Like It Not
Aug 27, 2012: Say It Ain't So
Aug 20, 2012: Cool as Ike
Aug 20, 2012: Free Willie
Aug 13, 2012: Bullitt Proof
Jul 09, 2012: Kick the Can
Jul 09, 2012: Jet Setters
Jul 02, 2012: Stuff It
Jul 02, 2012: Hot and Colt
Jun 25, 2012: Stalled Deals
Jun 25, 2012: Love Me Spender
Jun 20, 2012: Car 57 Where Are You?
Jun 18, 2012: Pin It to Win It
Jun 18, 2012: That Sinking Feeling
Jun 11, 2012: Dirty Sox
Jun 11, 2012: Like a Rock
Jun 04, 2012: Silver Linings
May 28, 2012: Family Feud
May 28, 2012: Three Hour Tour
May 21, 2012: What the Truck
May 21, 2012: Bossy Pants
Apr 23, 2012: Trigger Happy
Apr 23, 2012: Chum-p Change
Apr 16, 2012: To the Moon
Apr 16, 2012: Wild Thing
Apr 09, 2012: Corey's Big Burn
Apr 09, 2012: Guilty as Charged
Mar 05, 2012: Zoodoo
Mar 05, 2012: Pawn With the Wind
Feb 27, 2012: Ring Around a Rockne
Feb 27, 2012: James Gang Rides Again
Feb 20, 2012: Guns Blazing
Feb 20, 2012: Pawnocchio
Feb 13, 2012: Huddle Up
Feb 13, 2012: Bear-ly There
Feb 06, 2012: Cash Is King
Feb 06, 2012: Air Mail
Jan 30, 2012: Hole in One
Jan 30, 2012: Yankee Panky
Jan 23, 2012: Les Is More
Jan 23, 2012: Over the Moon
Jan 16, 2012: Cash Cash Bang Bang
Jan 16, 2012: Crosby, Stills and Cash
Jan 09, 2012: Smells Like Pawn Spirit
Jan 09, 2012: Learning the Ropes
Jan 02, 2012: Help Wanted
Jan 02, 2012: Corey's Big Play
Dec 26, 2011: Apocalypse Wow
Dec 26, 2011: High Tops
Dec 19, 2011: Pony Up
Dec 19, 2011: $=MC2
Dec 12, 2011: Silence of the Lambo
Dec 12, 2011: Buyer Beware
Dec 05, 2011: Looney Dunes
Dec 05, 2011: Blaze of Glory
Nov 28, 2011: Patriot Games
Nov 28, 2011: Mile High Club
Oct 24, 2011: Rick or Treat
Sep 26, 2011: Poker Night
Sep 26, 2011: Security
Sep 19, 2011: Bugs Money
Sep 19, 2011: Teacher's Pet
Sep 12, 2011: Pirate's Booty
Sep 12, 2011: High Stakes
Sep 05, 2011: Pipe Dreams
Sep 05, 2011: The King's Bling
Aug 15, 2011: Out of Gas
Aug 15, 2011: The Wright Stuff
Aug 08, 2011: Weird Science
Aug 08, 2011: Silent and Deadly
Aug 01, 2011: Cannons and Klingons
Aug 01, 2011: Buffalo Bull
Jul 25, 2011: Off the Wall
Jul 25, 2011: Face the Music
Jul 18, 2011: Kings and McQueens
Jul 18, 2011: Making Cents
Jul 11, 2011: The Pick, The Pawn and the Polish
Jun 13, 2011: Honor Thy Father
Jun 13, 2011: Over the Top
Jun 06, 2011: Buy the Book
Jun 06, 2011: Late Night Chum
Jun 01, 2011: Sharpe Shooters
May 30, 2011: Broadsiding Lincoln
May 09, 2011: The Great Escape
May 09, 2011: Peacemaker
May 02, 2011: Necessary Roughness
May 02, 2011: Spidey Cents
Apr 25, 2011: Patton Pending
Apr 25, 2011: Pom Pom Pawn
Apr 18, 2011: Take a Seat
Apr 18, 2011: Not on My Watch
Apr 11, 2011: Missile Attack
Apr 11, 2011: Sub for Sale
Apr 04, 2011: Pablo Pawncasso
Apr 04, 2011: Evel Genius
Mar 28, 2011: Chummobile
Mar 28, 2011: Going Postal
Mar 21, 2011: Ah, Shoot!
Feb 21, 2011: Robosaurus
Feb 14, 2011: Wise Guys
Feb 14, 2011: Harrison for President
Feb 07, 2011: Striking a Chord
Feb 07, 2011: Pawn Illustrated
Jan 31, 2011: Put Up Your Dukes
Jan 31, 2011: Darth Pawn
Jan 24, 2011: Case Closed
Jan 24, 2011: Pedal to the Metal
Jan 17, 2011: Houdini's Handcuffs
Jan 17, 2011: Luck of the Draw
Dec 13, 2010: Packing Heat
Dec 06, 2010: Monkey Business
Nov 01, 2010: Honest Abe
Nov 01, 2010: Never Surrender
Oct 25, 2010: Bare Bones
Oct 25, 2010: Gone With the Schwinn
Oct 18, 2010: Chumdog Millionaire
Oct 18, 2010: Hello Nurse
Sep 20, 2010: Like a Rolling Chum
Sep 20, 2010: The Eagle Has Landed
Sep 13, 2010: Ready, Set, Pawn
Sep 13, 2010: Cornering the Colonel
Sep 06, 2010: Getting a Head
Sep 06, 2010: Double Trouble
Aug 16, 2010: Ace in the Hole
Aug 16, 2010: Peeping Pawn
Jul 12, 2010: Moon Walking
Jul 12, 2010: Phoning It In
Jul 05, 2010: Rough Riders
Jul 05, 2010: Message in a Bottle
Jun 28, 2010: Strike, Spare, BOOM
Jun 28, 2010: Chumlee's Dummies
Jun 21, 2010: Deals From Hell
Jun 21, 2010: Aw Shucks!
Jun 14, 2010: Gold Diggers
Jun 14, 2010: Whale of a Time
Jun 07, 2010: Top Secret
Jun 07, 2010: Trail Breaker
May 02, 2010: License to Pawn
Apr 25, 2010: The British are Coming
Apr 25, 2010: Zzzzzz
Apr 19, 2010: Hell Week
Apr 12, 2010: Bow Legged
Apr 05, 2010: Helmet Head
Apr 01, 2010: Bumpy Ride
Mar 08, 2010: Big Guns
Mar 08, 2010: Flight of the Chum
Mar 01, 2010: Fortune in Flames
Mar 01, 2010: Backroom Brawl
Feb 15, 2010: Off the Wagon
Feb 15, 2010: Spooning Paul Revere
Feb 08, 2010: Chopper Gamble
Feb 08, 2010: Pinball Wizards
Feb 01, 2010: Tattoos and Tantrums
Feb 01, 2010: Guns and Rangers
Jan 25, 2010: Pezzed Off
Jan 25, 2010: Shocking Chum
Jan 18, 2010: Wheels
Jan 18, 2010: Chum Goes AWOL
Dec 27, 2009: Rick's Bad Day
Dec 27, 2009: Bikes and Blades
Dec 21, 2009: A Christmas Special
Dec 21, 2009: Secret Santa
Dec 21, 2009: Pawn Shop Pinot
Dec 14, 2009: Steaks at Stake
Dec 14, 2009: Hot Air Buffoon
Dec 07, 2009: A Shot and A Shave
Dec 07, 2009: Old Man's Booty
Nov 30, 2009: Sharks and Cobras
Nov 30, 2009: Fired Up
Sep 27, 2009: Old Man's Gamble
Sep 20, 2009: Peaches and Pinups
Sep 13, 2009: Plane Crazy
Sep 06, 2009: John Hancock's Hancock
Aug 30, 2009: Rick's Big Bet
Aug 23, 2009: Rope a Dope
Aug 16, 2009: Time Machines
Aug 09, 2009: Brothels and Busses
Aug 02, 2009: Damn Yankees
Aug 02, 2009: Gangsters and Guitars
Jul 26, 2009: Knights in Fake Armor?
Jul 26, 2009: Sink or Sell
Jul 19, 2009: Confederate Conundrum
Jul 19, 2009: Boom or Bust

Pawn Apocalypse Season 8, Episode 81

A U.S. Navy foghorn; a pair of vintage Aerosmith tour shirts. read more

Colts and Vikings Season 8, Episode 80

A Colt Army Model 1860 revolver; a Viking coin. read more

Put Up Your Nukes Season 8, Episode 79

A rare mandolin; an alleged cover for a nuclear warhead. read more

Chumdae Season 8, Episode 78

A 1967 Shelby GT350; a Magnavox Odyssey 200 video-game console. read more

Press One for Chum Season 8, Episode 77

A Honus Wagner autograph; a first-edition copy of Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita." read more

Mr. Cool Season 8, Episode 76

A 1791 one-cent coin; a signed print of an Ansel Adams photograph. read more

Fireworks and Freedom Season 8, Episode 75

A Morse-code reader from World War II; a letter written by John Quincy Adams. read more

Pinball Punch Season 8, Episode 74

Two classic pinball machines; a carrier-pigeon capsule from World War II. read more

Get in the Ring Season 8, Episode 73

Rocky Marciano memorabilia; a glow-in-the-dark car. read more

Rick, Rock, and Roll Season 8, Episode 72

A meteorite; two first-edition copies of "A Christmas Carol." read more

Spacing Out Season 8, Episode 71

A wristwatch radio; a 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. read more

In the Doghouse Season 8, Episode 70

A coin featuring Roman emperor Caligula; hand-drawn maps from the Normandy invasion of World War II. read more

Chumlee's Last Laugh Season 8, Episode 69

A pocket watch engraved with Henry Ford II's signature; a massive "Dukes of Hazzard" toy collection. read more

Who's Your Dali? Season 8, Episode 68

A painting by Salvador Dali; a note signed by Edmund Hillary. read more

Dam Good Time Season 8, Episode 67

A cigar box that once belonged to JFK; a Civil War-era photograph of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. read more

Daddy's Girl Season 8, Episode 66

Street art by Keith Haring; a Civil War utility tool. read more

Pawn U Season 8, Episode 65

A 1953 Peter Pan animation; a first-edition copy of Mark Twain's "A Yankee in King Arthur's Court." read more

Reeling and Dealing Season 8, Episode 64

A Ronco pocket fisherman; a Babe Ruth signature glove. read more

Everybody Do the Dinosaur Season 8, Episode 63

A Henry rifle from the 1800s; a pair of dinosaur eggs. read more

Breaking the Bank Season 8, Episode 62

A rare Half Eagle coin; sneakers that were allegedly worn by Julius Erving. read more

Tickets to Ride Season 8, Episode 61

An Indian Peace Medal from the 1850s; a pair of tickets to the 1964 film "A Hard Day's Night." read more

New Old Man Season 8, Episode 60

A set of original Cabbage Patch Kids dolls; a Confederate children's schoolbook. read more

Spruce Goose Season 8, Episode 59

Celebrity paintings by Stephen Fishwick; a part from the Spruce Goose, a mammoth airplane conceived by Howard Hughes. read more

All In Season 8, Episode 58

A mysterious suicide ring; a device for cheating at poker. read more

Tag Team Season 8, Episode 57

A Bible that belonged to Mickey Mantle; a pen that was used by President Lyndon B. Johnson. read more

Fiesta Loco Season 8, Episode 56

A painting by Monet; an old firefighter station. read more

Road Test Season 8, Episode 55

A Richard Nixon paper dress; a guitar that belonged to bassist John Entwistle. read more

Ponies and Phonies Season 8, Episode 54

A rare Bible; an R2-D2 Pepsi machine. read more

Sleeping Giant Season 8, Episode 53

A 1969 Les Paul Professional guitar; a 1930s Rolls-Royce hood ornament. read more

Saddle Up Season 8, Episode 52

A Turbo Man action figure; a poster from Abraham Lincoln's 1864 reelection campaign. read more

Chum's Revenge Season 8, Episode 51

A 1956 Buick; a Neil Diamond jacket. read more

Traffic Jammed Season 8, Episode 50

Nozzles from the Queen Mary ocean liner; a letter recovered from the wreckage of United Flight 736. read more

Tee'd Off Season 8, Episode 49

A USGA Rules of Golf book from 1934; an organ owned by Steven Tyler. read more

April Fooled Season 8, Episode 48

A Civil War-era sword; mementos from the USS Chowanoc. read more

Choo Choo Chum Season 8, Episode 47

A Marlin rifle; a signed photograph of Howard Hughes. read more

Brew Master Season 8, Episode 46

A rare Polish medal; a brick from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. read more

Shamrocked Season 8, Episode 45

A 1965 Buick Riviera; a jacket from the first NFL Pro Bowl. read more

Head Games Season 8, Episode 44

A pair of Igorot spears; pendants from the first two Super Bowls. read more

Bang Bang Season 8, Episode 43

A WWII embalming kit; a pair of Reid knuckle-duster pistols. read more

You Snooze, You Lose Season 8, Episode 42

A German sword from the early 1600s; a set of 1933 baseball cards. read more

McKinley Family Jewels Season 8, Episode 41

A Felix the Cat sparkler toy; a tiara that belonged to the wife of President William McKinley. read more

Field Trip Season 8, Episode 40

A rare guitar; photos of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. read more

Magic Bus Season 8, Episode 39

A restored 1960s Volkswagen Samba bus; an egg sculpture by Sergio Bustamante. read more

Purple Haze Season 8, Episode 38

Viking swords; a Fender Stratocaster guitar that was played by Jimi Hendrix. read more

Chords, Swords and Rewards Season 8, Episode 37

A Freemason sword; a Gibson Master Museum guitar. read more

Rock Bottom Season 8, Episode 36

An off-road vehicle; a game-worn Bob Hayes jersey. read more

The Great Pawnbino Season 8, Episode 35

A personal check signed by Babe Ruth; Navy buttons that date back to the Civil War. read more

Rough and Tumble Season 8, Episode 34

Items signed by Dan Haggerty; a piece of a flag with a tie to Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. read more

Extreme Pawnover Season 8, Episode 33

A Ford Model A; vintage Pinocchio and Donald Duck toys. read more

Rescue 9-1-Chum Season 8, Episode 32

A vintage smoke-suit air pump; a silver certificate. read more

Sunday Funday Season 8, Episode 31

A football signed by Walter Payton; a program from the first Super Bowl. read more

Smurf and Turf Season 8, Episode 30

A 19th-century Fisk iron casket; a huge collection of Smurf memorabilia. read more

Silent Stars and Rebel Cars Season 8, Episode 29

A 1940 Buick that was allegedly owned by Fidel Castro; Charlie Chaplin's driver's license. read more

Anytime, Any Mace Season 8, Episode 28

A medieval mace; a set of cap guns from the 1950s. read more

I'll Be Doggone Season 8, Episode 27

A jet pack from the Gemini space program; a "Snoopy" comic book. read more

Can't Buy Me Love Season 8, Episode 26

A Beatles management contract; a high-altitude suit from the Cold War era. read more

Truly Trivial Season 8, Episode 25

An Al Hirschfeld lithograph; a motorcycle that was built for James Caan. read more

Whodunit? Season 8, Episode 24

A medallion once owned by Liberace; a pair of shoes signed by Michael Jordan. read more

You Say You Wanna Revolution Season 8, Episode 23

A set of gambling tokens from the Nevada State Prison; an edition of the Annual Register from 1776. read more

Finding Fonzie Season 8, Episode 22

A hybrid rocket engine; a poem handwritten by Marilyn Monroe. read more

Lost in Spacelander Season 8, Episode 21

A 1959 Bowden Spacelander bicycle; a lap desk made by Dr. Samuel Mudd. read more

Put Your Hands Up Season 8, Episode 20

A Lambretta scooter; a wanted poster for John Dillinger. read more

Another Christmas Story Season 8, Episode 19

A Lionel train set from the 1920s; an original puppet from Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Also: The guys enter a Christmas-card competition. read more

The Amazing Chumlee Season 8, Episode 18

A samurai sword from the 1500s; a rare copy of the comic book "Amazing Fantasy." read more

Woah Pilgrim Season 8, Episode 17

A card-playing book from 1866; the hat John Wayne wore in the film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." read more

Gnarly Harley Season 8, Episode 16

A customized 1951 Harley-Davidson; a crank organ from the early 1900s. read more

Bad to the Bone Season 8, Episode 15

A bone saw from the Civil War; a large piece of kunzite. read more

Open and Shut Case Season 8, Episode 14

A prototype combat vehicle; a briefcase that was owned by Charles Lindbergh. read more

Rebel, Rebel Season 8, Episode 13

A Bob's Big Boy statue; a letter written by George Washington. Also: Chumlee throws a housewarming party. read more

The Bachelor Season 8, Episode 12

Vintage casino chips; a rare copy of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." Also: The guys throw a bachelor party for Rick. read more

Cold Hard Cash Season 8, Episode 11

A Rolls-Royce that was owned by Johnny Cash; a coin from the Byzantine Empire. read more

The Merchant of Vegas Season 8, Episode 10

A Cushman scooter that was allegedly used by paratroopers during WWII. read more

Winchester, Lose or Draw Season 8, Episode 9

A Winchester rifle from the American Indian Wars; a slot machine from the 1940s. Also: The guys find a stray dog. read more

Chum of All Fears Season 8, Episode 8

A 1933 Plymouth; a 1977 electronic football game. read more

Brush With Greatness Season 8, Episode 7

A painting by Muhammad Ali; a Colt Dragoon pistol. read more

Comfortably Chum Season 8, Episode 6

Soviet army uniforms that date back to the Cold War. read more

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service Season 8, Episode 5

A 1961 Fender Stratocaster; a customized 2006 Dodge Magnum. read more

The Enigma Season 8, Episode 4

A WWII Enigma machine; a photo of gunfighter Doc Holliday. read more

Say It, Don't Spray It Season 8, Episode 3

A Gibson Super Jumbo guitar; a Buck Rogers tin rocket. read more

The Bald and the Beautiful Season 8, Episode 2

A Mercedes-Benz golf cart; a coat that was allegedly made for Elvis Presley. read more

Everyday I'm Shufflin' Season 8, Episode 1

A Shuffle Alley bowling machine; a movie prop from "The Godfather." read more

You're Out Season 7, Episode 24

A 1969 Camaro Z28 and a baseball score book from 1878 are featured. read more

Goldfish and Silver Season 7, Episode 22

A Honda Pilot ATV; a photo of the Rolling Stones. read more

On a Mission to Pawn Season 7, Episode 21

A replica of the Blues Mobile from the movie "The Blues Brothers"; a blueprint for an electric chair. read more

London Pawning Season 7, Episode 20

Rick takes a trip to England. Also: rare maps of Nevada and North America. read more

Secret Agent Man Season 7, Episode 19

A 2004 World Series ring; a toy Aston Martin from the 1960s. read more

Corey's Big Splurge Season 7, Episode 18

A replica of the proton pack from "Ghostbusters"; an original work by street artist Banksy. Also: Rick and Corey take a 1951 Chevy to auction. read more

The Chum-Sake Season 7, Episode 17

A sheet of test notes from the U.S. Mint; poleaxes. read more

Chum-parazzi Season 7, Episode 16

A poem written and signed by inventor Nikola Tesla; a pair of woolly chaps. read more

Colt to the Touch Season 7, Episode 15

A '51 Chevy; a Colt revolver; an Atari Centipede arcade game. read more

Rage Against That Machine Season 7, Episode 14

Rifles with rotating barrels; a pair of cleats worn by former MLB player Bucky Dent. Also: Chumlee breaks a coffee machine. read more

World Series of Pawn Season 7, Episode 13

A Los Angeles Dodgers World Series pennant signed by Frank Sinatra; a replica of the DeLorean from "Back to the Future." read more

Fool's Gold Season 7, Episode 12

A toilet seat from a space shuttle; a signed copy of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." read more

A Hard Day's Pawn Season 7, Episode 11

A collection of signed Beatles memorabilia; a guitar autographed by Paul McCartney. read more

The Pawntridge Family Season 7, Episode 10

A first-edition copy of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"; a collection of Metallica memorabilia. read more

Sticks and Stones Season 7, Episode 9

A letter allegedly signed by Napoleon; a collection of Las Vegas police badges from the 1940s; an antique pogo stick. read more

Free Agent Season 7, Episode 8

A D. Moore pistol from the Civil War; a signed picture of President Benjamin Harrison. read more

King of Pain Season 7, Episode 7

An oil painting by Jim Daly; a custom-built Harley-Davidson. read more

Dog Day Afternoon Season 7, Episode 6

A medical syringe from the Civil War; a sword that was used in the movie "Rio Grande." read more

Ready to Rumble Season 7, Episode 5

A Doxa pocket watch from the 1800s; punching bags that were owned by boxer Rocky Marciano. read more

Unprankable Season 7, Episode 4

A check signed by Aaron Burr; a 1960 Chevy Corvair. read more

One Way Ticket Season 7, Episode 3

A Confederate revolver; a record signed by members of the band KISS. read more

Grumpy Old Man Season 7, Episode 2

An F-16 flight suit; a recorded telephone conversation of President John F. Kennedy. read more

Rick 'n' Roll Season 7, Episode 1

A collection of tin toys from the early 1900s; a tonsillotome. Also: Rick performs with Roger Daltrey. read more

Hello, Goodbye Season 6, Episode 34

A pair of lithographs by Joan Miró and Marc Chagall; alternative artwork for a Beatles album. Also: Steve Carell visits. read more

Close, But No Cigar Season 6, Episode 33

A Colt Walker revolver; a cigar box that allegedly belonged to JFK; and an Olympic gold medal from 1988. read more

Corey, I Am Your Father Season 6, Episode 32

A Smith carbine from the Civil War; items from JFK's 1960 presidential campaign. read more

Book 'Em Rick Season 6, Episode 31

A book from the 15th century; a sitar; and an ID card that belonged to Evel Knievel. read more

Shekel and Hyde Season 6, Episode 30

An ancient coin; a pair of engraved Colt pistols from the 1860s. read more

Beam Me Up Season 6, Episode 29

A postcard signed by boxer Jack Johnson; props from the original "Star Trek" series. read more

Grand Theft Corey Season 6, Episode 28

A customized '32 Ford roadster; a Marilyn Manson doll; and a diploma from the 1912 Olympic Games. read more

Lunch Larceny Season 6, Episode 27

An 1838 Colt Paterson revolver; a letter written by Franklin D. Roosevelt. read more

Just Shoe It Season 6, Episode 26

A huge collection of Nike shoes; an Arnold and Son Longitude watch; and a collection of vintage handcuffs. read more

Room and Hoard Season 6, Episode 25

A gold video-game cartridge from 1990; a set of keys to Al Capone's jail cell. read more

Off the Hook Season 6, Episode 24

A collection of sketches from the 1954 Sam Sheppard trial; a baseball signed by the members of the 1962 MLB American League All-Star team. read more

Comic Con Season 6, Episode 23

A Japanese machine-gun camera; sketches that were allegedly drawn by Stan Lee; and a $1000 Federal Reserve note from 1918. read more

Hair Force One Season 6, Episode 22

A hovercraft; a trading card that allegedly contains a strand of George Washington's hair. Also: Chumlee visits a nutritionist. read more

Million Dali Baby Season 6, Episode 21

An atlas from 1862; a sculpture that was allegedly created by Salvador Dali; and a 1930s pinball machine. read more

Spare the Rodman Season 6, Episode 20

A collection of jerseys signed by Dennis Rodman; a jury questionnaire from the O.J. Simpson trial; and a 1950s BMC pedal tractor. read more

Funny Money Season 6, Episode 19

An original work by Pablo Picasso; a saddle that was used by John Wayne in a movie; and a scissor-katar knife from the 1800s. read more

I Herd That Season 6, Episode 18

A Sharps buffalo rifle from the 1870s; an aphorism signed by Mark Twain; and antique pickle castors. read more

Little Pawn Shop of Horrors Season 6, Episode 17

A 1925 Gibson banjo; a football signed by members of the 1967 Chicago Bears. Also: Chumlee is inspired to make a movie. read more

Santa Chum Season 6, Episode 16

An Italian movie poster for "Bullitt"; a collection of military documents signed by U.S. presidents. Also: Chumlee throws a Christmas party. read more

It's a Wonderful Pawn Season 6, Episode 15

A 1912 dinner menu from Alcatraz; a bomber jacket that was supposedly worn by a Word War II fighter pilot. Also: Chumlee organizes a Christmas party. read more

Take the Money and Run Season 6, Episode 14

A Kentucky long rifle; a map of California from the 1700s. read more

Silent but Chumlee Season 6, Episode 13

A Silent Scope arcade game; an original Salvador Dali painting; and a French suit of armor. read more

Wouldn't It Be Ice? Season 6, Episode 12

A Japanese knee mortar from World War II; a copy of Wayne Gretzky's signed NHL contract. read more

Putt, Putt, Pawn Season 6, Episode 11

A 1950s Pepsi machine; a first-edition copy of John Milton's "Paradise Lost." read more

The Offer Season 6, Episode 10

A 1956 Chevy; an antique magician's prop. read more

Sweet Pawn of Mine Season 6, Episode 9

Guitarist Slash's driver's license; a pair of slippers that were supposedly owned by Pope Leo XIII. read more

The Last Samurai Season 6, Episode 8

The guys have a sword appraised. Also: a piece of D-day memorabilia. read more

On Guard Season 6, Episode 7

A British Royal Guard uniform; a guitar made from a tortoise shell; and an antique barbecue. read more

Man. Make. Fire. Season 6, Episode 6

A 1949 Hudson Commodore; an ancient fire starter; and a fossilized mastodon tusk. read more

Lord of the Ring Season 6, Episode 5

Four antique pistols from the 1800s; a ring that was allegedly owned by a Catholic cardinal; and John Wayne's yearbook. read more

Stick to Your Guns Season 6, Episode 4

A flag cut from a World War I fighter plane; a gun that belonged to Old West lawman Fred Coates. read more

Three Pawn Night Season 6, Episode 3

A Babe Ruth baseball card; an artillery sword from the War of 1812; and a keyboard that was used by the band Three Dog Night. read more

Sturgis and Acquisitions Season 6, Episode 2

The guys travel to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, where they find a 1966 Honda CB160 motorcycle. read more

What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis? Season 6, Episode 1

A wooden airplane propeller from the 1940s; a collection of original blueprints from the USS Maine. Also: Chumlee is given a customized Harley-Davidson FXR for his 30th birthday. read more

Thirty Something Season 5, Episode 58

A set of statue molds; a police kit used to create criminal-suspect sketches. Also: The guys attempt to purchase a Harley-Davidson FXR. read more

Fork It Over Season 5, Episode 57

A fork from the wreckage of the Hindenburg; a high-caliber Winchester rifle; a 1958 Packard-Baker. read more

Some Like It Not Season 5, Episode 56

A 20-dollar bill from the infamous D.B. Cooper airplane-hijacking case; a Civil War sword; a collection of paintings by Tony Curtis. read more

Say It Ain't So Season 5, Episode 55

A book signed by "Shoeless" Joe Jackson; a Savage Navy pistol; a Moonman statue from the MTV Video Music Awards. read more

Cool as Ike Season 5, Episode 54

A memoir written and signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower; a Remington New Model pistol; a set of food bags made for Apollo 11. read more

Free Willie Season 5, Episode 53

A taxi built for the 1992 movie "Freejack"; a San Francisco Giants uniform owned by Willie Mays; a brass hand cannon. read more

Bullitt Proof Season 5, Episode 52

A 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback; an 1858 Smith and Wesson Model 1 pistol; a WWII telegraph set. read more

Kick the Can Season 5, Episode 51

A World Series ring from the 1995 Atlanta Braves; a Sho-Bud steel guitar; and an oilcan that was used to fuel a 19th-century lighthouse lamp. read more

Jet Setters Season 5, Episode 50

A Frank Wesson pistol; a 19th-century pocket watch; and a collection of Boeing aviation memorabilia. read more

Stuff It Season 5, Episode 49

A Smith and Wesson Model 320 revolving rifle; a collection of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comics; and a collection of custom taxidermy pieces. read more

Hot and Colt Season 5, Episode 48

A Colt Paterson revolver; a 1955 GMC truck; and an animation cel from the 1960s cartoon "Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales." read more

Stalled Deals Season 5, Episode 47

A 1918 Buick touring car; a tennis racket signed by Arthur Ashe; and a set of fake books that were used to smuggle guns out of Germany after WWII. read more

Love Me Spender Season 5, Episode 46

An Elvis Presley contract; a rare Winchester rifle; and a set of buttons that allegedly belonged to Marie Antoinette. read more

Car 57 Where Are You?

A 1957 Chevy 150; a 19th-century pistol ring; and an unused ticket from the 1966 Beatles concert at Shea Stadium. read more

Pin It to Win It Season 5, Episode 45

A mysterious rifle; a signed print by Leroy Neiman; and a collection of old sports pins. read more

That Sinking Feeling Season 5, Episode 44

A book signed by Charles Lindbergh; a medal commemorating the sinking of the Lusitania; and a 17th-century Dutch money scale. read more

Dirty Sox Season 5, Episode 43

Four original paintings by Andy Warhol; a baseball signed by members of the infamous 1919 Chicago Black Sox; and a pair of 10-carat-gold sunglasses. read more

Like a Rock Season 5, Episode 42

A 1955 Chevy pickup truck; a Smith and Wesson top-break revolver; and a 1950s admiral's telephone from a Navy ship. read more

Silver Linings Season 5, Episode 41

One hundred pounds of silver; a book handwritten in Cyrillic; and a collection of movie props from "Batman Forever." read more

Family Feud Season 5, Episode 40

A Winchester rifle from the Hatfield-McCoy feud; a painting of John Lennon by Denny Dent; and an inkwell that was once owned by William Andrews Clark. read more

Three Hour Tour Season 5, Episode 39

Rare one- and five-dollar bills from the 1800s; a Big-Bang Cannon toy; a memento given to the U.S. sailors who sank German submarine U-68. read more

What the Truck Season 5, Episode 38

A 1960s Mercedes Unimog truck; a sign that hung on the Berlin Wall; a collection of 1980s Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. read more

Bossy Pants Season 5, Episode 37

A panel from an SR-71 Blackbird airplane; a solid bronze 16th-century cannon; a vintage pair of Levi's jeans. read more

Trigger Happy Season 5, Episode 36

A rare three-trigger Stevens shotgun; a movie camera used by the U.S. military during WWII; and an Abraham Lincoln campaign token from the 1864 presidential election. read more

Chum-p Change Season 5, Episode 35

A collection of paper money from the Republic of Texas; and a pair of movie-poster printing plates for the 1943 film "The Outlaw." Also: The guys compete in a rifle-shooting competition. read more

To the Moon Season 5, Episode 34

A limousine formerly owned by Jackie Gleason; a football signed by the winners of Super Bowl I, including Vince Lombardi; a Mount Rushmore commemorative plaque made of pure silver. read more

Wild Thing Season 5, Episode 33

An AT-6 Texan fighter plane; a 1974 Volkswagen Thing; and a collection of Civil War-era cannonballs. read more

Corey's Big Burn Season 5, Episode 32

An exploding dye pack of 10-dollar bills; an original program from the first NFL championship game; a 1960s Schwinn tandem bike. read more

Guilty as Charged Season 5, Episode 31

A flintlock four-barrel handgun from the late 1700s and a book of misprinted Eisenhower postage stamps are featured. Also: Rick investigates after finding broken merchandise in the warehouse. read more

Zoodoo Season 5, Episode 30

An autographed collection of presidential memoirs; a toy spawned from the 1956 film "Forbidden Planet"; a zoo-related novelty item. read more

Pawn With the Wind Season 5, Episode 29

A $1 bill purportedly signed by Clark Gable; a rare 1800s double-barrel shotgun; memorabilia from Ulysses S. Grant's funeral. read more

Ring Around a Rockne Season 5, Episode 28

A ring allegedly owned by mobster Lucky Luciano; a letter signed by football luminary Knute Rockne; antique Cracker Jack toys. read more

James Gang Rides Again Season 5, Episode 27

Rare original photographs of outlaw Jesse James; a Leslie organ speaker from the 1950s; and a 1930s Boy Scouts of America first-aid kit. read more

Guns Blazing Season 5, Episode 26

A rare revolver; a tire signed by NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt; a classic Nintendo game from the 1980s. read more

Pawnocchio Season 5, Episode 25

Handcrafted Pinocchio dolls; a Cy Young baseball card from 1909; a harmonica purportedly played by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. read more

Huddle Up Season 5, Episode 24

A Miami Dolphins playbook from 1966; purported film footage of Franklin D. Roosevelt; a vintage 1920s cash register. read more

Bear-ly There Season 5, Episode 23

A rare 1870 pistol; a World War II gas mask; a life-size toy bear from the 1900s. read more

Cash Is King Season 5, Episode 22

Autographed memoirs from English nobility; a collection of toy army trucks from the 1950s; and a car tune-up kit. read more

Air Mail Season 5, Episode 21

A collection of 1970s minibikes; a 1900s baseball bat; and a piece of mail allegedly flown by Charles Lindbergh in the Spirit of St. Louis. read more

Hole in One Season 5, Episode 20

An 1830s musket purportedly made by inventor Eli Whitney; a golf ball once owned by Lyndon B. Johnson; a 1929 Chicago Cubs World Series press pin. read more

Yankee Panky Season 5, Episode 19

A rock poster from one of Jimi Hendrix's final performances; an autographed Paul Newman racing suit; a photo signed by baseball legends Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Harmon Killebrew. read more

Les Is More Season 5, Episode 18

A 1961 Les Paul SG guitar and a 1969 National Geographic magazine featuring the Apollo 11 moon landing are featured. Also: Rick welcomes a newbie to work the night shift. read more

Over the Moon Season 5, Episode 17

A heat shield from Apollo 11; a book written by J. Edgar Hoover and purportedly signed by him; and a World War II pilot's jacket. read more

Cash Cash Bang Bang Season 5, Episode 16

A rare Spider-Man comic book; a Colt Army Model 1860 revolver; a gold-mining certificate issued in 1876 to Mark Twain. read more

Crosby, Stills and Cash Season 5, Episode 15

A pair of WWII bomb fins and a Martin guitar signed by Crosby, Stills and Nash are featured. Also: The guys continue to search for a new night-shift employee. read more

Smells Like Pawn Spirit Season 5, Episode 14

A 1920s Charles Lindbergh doll; an antique poster of a sword-swallowing act; and a harmonica purportedly played by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. read more

Learning the Ropes Season 5, Episode 13

The first edition of Henry David Thoreau's "Walden" and a 19th-century rope gun are featured. Also: Interviews are conducted to find the shop's night-shift broker. read more

Help Wanted Season 5, Episode 12

A triple-barreled firearm; and a collection of antique children's piggy banks. read more

Corey's Big Play Season 5, Episode 11

A 1924 Dodge Brothers sedan; a 19th-century ball and chain inside a Wells Fargo strongbox; and a Terminator slot machine. read more

Apocalypse Wow Season 5, Episode 10

An Albrecht Durer print; two trike-style motorcycles; and a statue of advertising icon Spuds McKenzie. read more

High Tops Season 5, Episode 9

A 1968 Volkswagen Beetle convertible; Nikola Tesla's original AC motor; and a limited edition Nike shoe. read more

Pony Up Season 5, Episode 8

A 1960s U.S. Marine vehicle; a collection from former attorney general J. Howard McGrath; and an electronic horse-race analyzer. read more

$=MC2 Season 5, Episode 7

A limited-edition photograph of Albert Einstein; and a collection of Pentagon documents. Also: a tour of a World War II-era B-17 Bomber. read more

Silence of the Lambo Season 5, Episode 6

A 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago; a set of Saddam Hussein's fingerprints; and a sterling silver Tiffany Walkman originally owned by a member of the Who. read more

Buyer Beware Season 5, Episode 5

A 1940s steel mandolin; a signed Abraham Lincoln photograph; a parade cannon. read more

Looney Dunes Season 5, Episode 4

Dune buggies; 1930s Levi's jackets; and a collection of unpublished photos of Jimi Hendrix. read more

Blaze of Glory Season 5, Episode 3

A 1937 Oldsmobile; and an Olympic torch. read more

Patriot Games Season 5, Episode 2

A 2004 Super Bowl ring; a Civil War diary; a poster from the movie "Bullitt" signed by Steve McQueen, Robert Duvall, and Jacqueline Bisset. read more

Mile High Club Season 5, Episode 1

An L-39 Albatros fighter jet; a bat and glove signed by Babe Ruth; and a set of antique glass target balls from the 1800s. read more

Rick or Treat Season 4, Episode 52

A 19th-century vampire-killing kit; and equipment used for paranormal investigations. Also: a Halloween costume contest is held in the shop. read more

Poker Night Season 4, Episode 51

A 19th-century gambling set; and a Snoop Dogg doll. read more

Security Season 4, Episode 50

A Civil War drum; a Royal Riders motorcycle club uniform. read more

Bugs Money Season 4, Episode 49

A 1941 Indian motorcycle; a golf club owned by Dean Martin; and a Bugs Bunny poster autographed by Mel Blanc and animator Friz Freleng. read more

Teacher's Pet Season 4, Episode 48

A World War II bombsight; a 1930s stock ticker. read more

Pirate's Booty Season 4, Episode 47

A pirate-ship parade float; a World War II bomber jacket and flight-mission logs; and an antique carriage strong box. read more

High Stakes Season 4, Episode 46

An 1830s percussion pistol; a signed copy of Bram Stoker's "Dracula"; a 1973 Orange Bowl championship ring. read more

Pipe Dreams Season 4, Episode 45

Robert E. Lee's silver spoon and Ulysses S. Grant's meerschaum pipe; one of Secretariat's horseshoes; and a vintage metal detector. read more

The King's Bling Season 4, Episode 44

A necklace owned by Elvis Presley; a collection of over 200 vintage Matchbox cars; and a pair of World War I German Pickelhaube helmets. read more

Out of Gas Season 4, Episode 43

A 2000 Porsche Carrera engine from a junkyard; a 19th-century dueling pistol; and a hat once owned by Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant. read more

The Wright Stuff Season 4, Episode 42

An 1830s percussion musket from West Point; letters and pilot licenses signed by Orville Wright; and a 1930s slot machine. read more

Weird Science Season 4, Episode 41

A 19th-century Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon; a Wurlitzer jukebox; and an antique medical device. read more

Silent and Deadly Season 4, Episode 40

A piece of marble from Abraham Lincoln's tomb; an antique African sword; and a Charlie Chaplin wind-up doll. read more

Cannons and Klingons Season 4, Episode 39

A signal cannon from the 1980s television series "Magnum, P.I."; a lighter and photos from the 1950s atomic bomb program; and a collection of signed "Star Trek" memorabilia. read more

Buffalo Bull Season 4, Episode 38

Ronald Reagan's high-school yearbook; puppets and props from the original Buffalo Bill Wild West Show; and a vintage phone booth. read more

Off the Wall Season 4, Episode 37

A Civil War musket; a rare movie poster; and a 1950s atomic missile-themed pedal car. read more

Face the Music Season 4, Episode 36

A Gibson mandolin; one of John Wesley Hardin's business cards; and a 1950s Shopsmith woodworking machine. read more

Kings and McQueens Season 4, Episode 35

A 19th-century shotgun disguised as a cane; a 1940 motorcycle owned by Steve McQueen; and a book printed by Benjamin Franklin. read more

Making Cents Season 4, Episode 34

A script from "The Godfather" signed by Al Pacino; a 1950s coin-operated children's ride; and a vintage Excelsior accordion. read more

The Pick, The Pawn and the Polish Season 4, Episode 33

Rick asks "American Pickers" Mike and Frank to find a 1957 Chevy for the Old Man's 70th birthday, and, when one is found, they all meet Rick Dale of "American Restoration" to discuss the restoration and costs. read more

Honor Thy Father Season 4, Episode 32

A document signed by John Hancock; and a 1934 Rickenbacker "frying pan" guitar. read more

Over the Top Season 4, Episode 31

A World War I helmet; and a gun holster used on the television series "Gunsmoke." read more

Buy the Book Season 4, Episode 30

A 1932 Lincoln Roadster; a Civil War Confederate belt buckle; and a first edition of Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls." read more

Late Night Chum Season 4, Episode 29

A Civil War cavalry jacket; and a limited-edition book signed by Will Rogers. read more

Sharpe Shooters Season 4, Episode 28

A Gatling gun; a 1915 Model T Ford taxi; and a 1863 Sharps rifle. read more

Broadsiding Lincoln Season 4, Episode 27

A John Wilkes Booth "Wanted" poster; a fighter pilot's G-suit; and a 1930s Chicago police badge. read more

The Great Escape Season 4, Episode 26

A Harry Houdini straitjacket; a loudspeaker from Ebbets Field in Brooklyn; and a letter written and signed by Helen Keller. read more

Peacemaker Season 4, Episode 25

A 1890s Colt .45 Peacemaker; photos of a Japanese World War II plane shot down in Alaska; and Elvis Presley's medical records. read more

Necessary Roughness Season 4, Episode 24

D-Day invasion plans; a 1970s Stretch Serpent toy; and a 1940s leather football helmet. read more

Spidey Cents Season 4, Episode 23

Original "Spider-Man" artwork; a piece of a heat shield from Apollo 13; and a 1973 Husqvarna Enduro motorcycle. read more

Patton Pending Season 4, Episode 22

A photo album signed by Gen. George S. Patton; a pair of jockey boots autographed by Willie Shoemaker; and a Kevlar bulletproof vest. read more

Pom Pom Pawn Season 4, Episode 21

A naval blunderbuss from the 1600s; a 1978 GMC motor home sponsored by Coca Cola; and a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader's 1989 Super Bowl ring. read more

Take a Seat Season 4, Episode 20

A chair from the U.S. Senate; a signed photo from NASA's Gemini launch; a NASCAR driver's suit that once belonged to Ryan "The Rocket Man" Newman. read more

Not on My Watch Season 4, Episode 19

A Confederate Civil War knife; a 1936 Rolex formerly owned by Bernie Madoff; and a 1950s arcade bowling game. read more

Missile Attack Season 4, Episode 18

A 1986 Buick Regal; a Cold War-era missile-guidance system; and a 1960s Playboy Bunny outfit. read more

Sub for Sale Season 4, Episode 17

A one-man submarine; an officer's commission from the Revolutionary War; and a miniature Model T Ford with a working motor. read more

Pablo Pawncasso Season 4, Episode 16

An REO Flying Cloud hot rod; a Picasso etching; and miniature gold-plated pants awarded to Ohio State football players. read more

Evel Genius Season 4, Episode 15

An autographed photo of Babe Ruth; a collection of 400 glass eyeballs; and an Evel Knievel pinball machine from the 1970s. read more

Chummobile Season 4, Episode 14

A Batmobile; a letter signed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; and an antique writing desk. read more

Going Postal Season 4, Episode 13

A U.S. postage printing plate from 1862; a recording of a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made months before his assassination; and a recalled poster for the film "Return of the Jedi." read more

Ah, Shoot! Season 4, Episode 12

A long-lost photograph by Ansel Adams; a Jaguar XJ6; a 1942 Chicago Bears football autographed by the entire team. read more

Robosaurus Season 4, Episode 11

A fire-breathing Robosaurus; and an 1886 cast-iron Uncle Sam coin bank. Also: the shop's computer system crashes. read more

Wise Guys Season 4, Episode 10

A 1941 M3 Armored Scout Car; a check signed by mobster Carlo Gambino; and a 1987 Apple IIGS computer. read more

Harrison for President Season 4, Episode 9

Fabric thought to be associated with William Henry Harrison; a functional antique arcade claw machine; and a box of unopened, pre-embargo Cuban cigars. read more

Striking a Chord Season 4, Episode 8

An 18th-century book documenting the first laws of Congress; a handmade Gibson mandolin from the early 1900s; and a robot from the 1980s. read more

Pawn Illustrated Season 4, Episode 7

An 18th-century half-size musket; a World War II pilot's jacket; and issues from the first three years of Sports Illustrated magazine. read more

Put Up Your Dukes Season 4, Episode 6

A 450-year-old book once owned by Isaac Newton; an Army jacket from the Spanish-American War; and a collection of John Wayne memorabilia. read more

Darth Pawn Season 4, Episode 5

A 1763 Stradivarius violin; life-sized "Star Wars" figures; and a World War II octant navigation device. read more

Case Closed Season 4, Episode 4

A detective's case file from the Lindbergh-baby kidnapping; a 17th-century gun; and a 1974 Lotus Europa sports car. read more

Pedal to the Metal Season 4, Episode 3

A Jimi Hendrix handwritten poem; a chessboard made with wood from the Titanic; and a child's pedal car from the 1950s. read more

Houdini's Handcuffs Season 4, Episode 2

Handcuffs and leg shackles once owned by Harry Houdini; a Vince Lombardi Trophy from the 1999 Super Bowl; and a collection of 1940s comic buttons from Pep cereal. read more

Luck of the Draw Season 4, Episode 1

A collection of items that belonged to Wyatt Earp; a gold medal from the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles; and a pair of 19th-century pistols. read more

Packing Heat Season 3, Episode 29

A 1962 Cadillac Fleetwood limousine; a collection of Atlanta Braves World Series rings; and two vintage pistol lighters. read more

Monkey Business Season 3, Episode 28

A hat thought to have been worn by John Wayne; a supposed Rembrandt etching; and a 1950s clapping-chimp toy. read more

Honest Abe Season 3, Episode 27

An Abraham Lincoln campaign ribbon from 1860; a functional 19th-century dynamite detonator; and a pair of 1990 Air Jordan basketball sneakers. read more

Never Surrender Season 3, Episode 26

A letter signed by Winston Churchill; a relic from Saint Elizabeth Seton; and a gas-powered toy Hummer. read more

Bare Bones Season 3, Episode 25

A custom motorcycle frame; a collection of Mazon Creek fossils; and a blackjack table from the Stardust casino in Las Vegas. read more

Gone With the Schwinn Season 3, Episode 24

Personal tapes by Sammy Davis Jr.; a miniature cannon that could be from the 18th century; and a pair of Schwinn Phantom bicycles from the 1950s. read more

Chumdog Millionaire Season 3, Episode 23

A DeLorean sports car; and a letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also: Rick, Corey and Chumlee get a chance to appear on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." read more

Hello Nurse Season 3, Episode 22

A Kentucky long rifle from the Civil War; a rare G.I. Joe nurse doll; and a set of silver dishes taken from Hitler's mountain retreat, the Eagle's Nest. read more

Like a Rolling Chum Season 3, Episode 21

A hockey stick signed by members of the 1980 men's Olympic hockey team; an original 1970 vinyl record of Bob Dylan's "Self-Portrait." read more

The Eagle Has Landed Season 3, Episode 20

A 1973 Jeep CJ5; photographs and negatives from the final Apollo mission; an 1861 Double Eagle $20 gold piece. read more

Ready, Set, Pawn Season 3, Episode 19

A dragster racing car; a Japanese land-mine training kit from World War II; and a fully restored 1957 Dr Pepper vending machine. read more

Cornering the Colonel Season 3, Episode 18

An arcade punching-bag game; a suit belonging to Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders; and a Presidential commission document from Grover Cleveland. read more

Getting a Head Season 3, Episode 17

A 1969 Buick Skylark; a Civil War field desk that includes Confederate documents; and a shrunken human head from the Amazon. read more

Double Trouble Season 3, Episode 16

A custom set of 19th-century double-barrel firearms; an unopened bottle of 1921 Dom Perignon Champagne; and a collection of autographed talking Freddy Krueger dolls. read more

Ace in the Hole Season 3, Episode 15

Rare 1896 U.S. currency; an antique professional gambler's toolkit; and a 1950s Geiger counter. read more

Peeping Pawn Season 3, Episode 14

A rare 1776 Massachusetts penny made by Paul Revere; a World War II hand grenade; and a 1950s peep-show machine. read more

Moon Walking Season 3, Episode 13

A moon-mission flag autographed by the crew of Apollo 16; an 1861 Civil War Colt musket; and NFL pins from the first 20 Super Bowls. read more

Phoning It In Season 3, Episode 12

Personal letters from the Kennedy brothers; a Transformers toy collection; and vintage Mickey Mouse telephones. read more

Rough Riders Season 3, Episode 11

Items evaluated include a rare 1875 Remington pistol, a Civil War bugle, and a clock Richard Nixon presented to a world leader. read more

Message in a Bottle Season 3, Episode 10

Items evaluated include a whiskey flask from the Civil War, 19th-century dueling pistols, and the original contract for the Who's Woodstock performance. read more

Strike, Spare, BOOM Season 3, Episode 9

Items evaluated include a cannon that fires bowling balls, a rare World War II gas mask designed for a baby to wear, and an unused ticket to the 1965 Cassius Clay-Floyd Patterson boxing match in Las Vegas. read more

Chumlee's Dummies Season 3, Episode 8

Items evaluated include an Allied Forces World War II airplane, a munitions receipt from the War of 1812 signed by Andrew Jackson, and a pair of cowboy mannequins. read more

Deals From Hell Season 3, Episode 7

An old edition of Dante's "Inferno"; an antique serpent-shaped sword from the Philippines; and rights to a photo of Michael Jackson. read more

Aw Shucks! Season 3, Episode 6

A coin believed to be from George Washington's funeral; a hand-crank corn shucker from the 1900s; and an antique gaming wheel. read more

Gold Diggers Season 3, Episode 5

A gold bar believed to be from a 16th-century shipwreck; a celestial-navigation dome from a B-29 bomber; and a mint-condition collection of American League baseball field passes. read more

Whale of a Time Season 3, Episode 4

An engraved whale's tooth that could be from the 1800s; Civil War-era rifles; an edition of Playboy magazine's first issue. read more

Top Secret Season 3, Episode 3

Iwo Jima battle plans and maps; a 1967 Ford F100 truck; and an 1860 ore cart from a gold mine in Nevada. read more

Trail Breaker Season 3, Episode 2

A 1715 Spanish escudo gold coin; a 1967 Rokon Trailbreaker motorcycle; and a Muhammad Ali memorabilia collection. read more

License to Pawn Season 3, Episode 1

An 1862 Civil War postage stamp; a 1980 10th-anniversary edition Datsun 280ZX; a cast-member script of the 1964 film "Goldfinger." read more

The British are Coming Season 2, Episode 31

Included: a 1946 Seeburg jukebox; a 1775 Massachusetts war bond; and a 1965 Chevy Impala. read more

Zzzzzz Season 2, Episode 30

A Colt revolver; a coffee machine; presidential pins; and a spinning wheel. read more

Hell Week Season 2, Episode 29

Film footage of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; an antique cast-iron coffee grinder; and a lunch box from the 1960s TV series "The Rat Patrol." read more

Bow Legged Season 2, Episode 28

Included: a pirate peg leg; an archery bow; and a full-size, hand-carved wooden motorcycle. read more

Helmet Head Season 2, Episode 27

A 2006 NBA Championship ring; a 1964 Austin Healey; and a rare 19th-century diving helmet. read more

Bumpy Ride Season 2, Episode 26

Included: a Grammy award; a mini 1930s Coca-Cola cooler; and a rickshaw once used to transport tigers in Siegfried and Roy's stage show. read more

Big Guns Season 2, Episode 25

Included: a pair of Soviet nuclear-missile launch keys; a Gibson banjo ukulele from the 1920s; and two huge guns. read more

Flight of the Chum Season 2, Episode 24

Included: a vintage Schweizer glider; an autographed jersey of New York Yankee Lou Gehrig; and a rare casino chip. read more

Fortune in Flames Season 2, Episode 23

Included: a flame thrower; a gypsy fortune-teller machine; and a revolver from the 1800s. read more

Backroom Brawl Season 2, Episode 22

Included: a pocket-sized sundial that may be from the 16th century; a photo album of Jimmy Hoffa; and a shooting arcade game from the 1960s. read more

Off the Wagon Season 2, Episode 21

Included: a Belgium-made 1942 Sarolea motorcycle; a Civil War sword thought to have belonged to a Confederate officer; and a cast-iron printing press from the 1800s. read more

Spooning Paul Revere Season 2, Episode 20

Included: a silver spoon made by Paul Revere; a handmade cuckoo clock from the 1800s; and a vintage archery bow. read more

Chopper Gamble Season 2, Episode 19

Included: a helicopter; a lottery ticket signed by George Washington; and five Pete Rose baseball cards, in mint condition. read more

Pinball Wizards Season 2, Episode 18

Included: a 1973 pinball machine; a Segway; and a 1924 St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin. read more

Tattoos and Tantrums Season 2, Episode 17

Included: a saddle said to have been used by Kevin Costner in the film "Dances with Wolves"; a Winchester rifle from the 1800s; and a tattoo kit. read more

Guns and Rangers Season 2, Episode 16

A key that shoots bullets is considered. Also: a life-size Power Ranger; and a trophy that belonged to NASCAR's Jeff Gordon. read more

Pezzed Off Season 2, Episode 15

Included: a Pez collection; an 18th-century double-barrel gun; and a 1932 "S" Washington quarter. read more

Shocking Chum Season 2, Episode 14

A 17th-century Indian artifact---one of the most expensive items ever brought into the shop---is considered. Also: a 1948 portable electric shock-therapy machine; and a Yamaha Rhino. read more

Wheels Season 2, Episode 13

Included: a Indian mini-motorcycle from the 1970s; a ship's bell; and an antique roulette wheel. read more

Chum Goes AWOL Season 2, Episode 12

A speed boat that needs repairs is considered. Also: a 1901 Edison Phonograph; and sculptures cast in solid gold, but painted black. read more

Rick's Bad Day Season 2, Episode 11

Included: a theater playbill from the night of Lincoln's assassination; and a perpetual motion clock. read more

Bikes and Blades Season 2, Episode 10

A 1940 quarter master spyglass is considered. Also: a customized 1996 Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle; and World War II knives. read more

A Christmas Special Season 2, Episode 9

The men reminisce about past purchases while waiting to go out for a Christmas celebration. read more

Secret Santa Season 2, Episode 8

Included: Revolutionary War currency supposedly printed by Ben Franklin; and a battle ax that could be from the 15th century. read more

Pawn Shop Pinot Season 2, Episode 7

A 19th-century winemaker, which is tested; a 16th-century replica signal cannon; and a semi truck. read more

Steaks at Stake Season 2, Episode 6

A sales incentive is offered, and the competition begins. Among the items examined: a motorcycle, and 200-year-old buttons. read more

Hot Air Buffoon Season 2, Episode 5

A hot-air balloon is purchased; and a man brings in a 1960 Gibson Les Paul guitar. read more

A Shot and A Shave Season 2, Episode 4

Items evaluated include a patchwork quilt containing celebrity autographs, an 1845 musket and a barber's chair from "Sweeney Todd." read more

Old Man's Booty Season 2, Episode 3

A 17th-century chest is brought in, but can't be opened; and a man brings in a World War I knife. read more

Sharks and Cobras Season 2, Episode 2

A 1965 Shelby Cobra car; and a clock from a 1942 World War II ship. read more

Fired Up Season 2, Episode 1

An airplane propeller that might be linked to Charles Lindbergh is considered; a man brings in an 18th-century Flintlock musket; and a young man claims he has a key chain that belonged to Willie Nelson. read more

Old Man's Gamble Season 1, Episode 14

A 1979 KISS pinball machine is brought to the shop. Also: a 1914 star-note $20 bill; and a 1982 Harley Davidson Shovelhead. read more

Peaches and Pinups Season 1, Episode 13

Included: a wooden crossbow; a Playboy collection; and an Ormolu clock. read more

Plane Crazy Season 1, Episode 12

A map of Colonial Boston is considered; the shop's first plane is purchased. read more

John Hancock's Hancock Season 1, Episode 11

A John Hancock signature; and a supposedly authentic Indiana Jones whip. read more

Rick's Big Bet Season 1, Episode 10

Rick refurbishes a gas pump that has a bird's nest inside; Corey misidentifies a Faberge crystal glass and has to take a quiz; and Rick purchases bayonets. read more

Rope a Dope Season 1, Episode 9

A 1929 Chopped Ford Coupe is debated; and an employee keeps coming in late for work. read more

Time Machines Season 1, Episode 8

A 1941 Philco radio and an 18th-century flintlock pistol are evaluated; and Rick refurbishes a 1950s Coke machine. read more

Brothels and Busses Season 1, Episode 7

A man hopes to trade a 1750 blunderbuss gun for an engagement ring. Also: an ejection seat supposedly from a World War II fighter jet; and a 1966 Schwinn Stingray bike. read more

Damn Yankees Season 1, Episode 6

A baseball autographed by the 1951 World Series Champion New York Yankees is brought to the shop; a 25-piece Knights of the Round Table set is assessed. Also: a West Point cadet jacket from the early 1900s, which was reportedly owned by a famous general. read more

Gangsters and Guitars Season 1, Episode 5

A 1962 Lincoln Continental is purchased; and a man comes to the shop with an 1857 billfold containing Confederate money. Also: a 1942 Gibson L-7 guitar that was supposedly once played for Al Capone during a birthday party. read more

Knights in Fake Armor? Season 1, Episode 4

A medieval jousting helmet that could be worth a lot of money is brought into the shop; and a man hopes to sell a 1884 trapdoor rifle. read more

Sink or Sell Season 1, Episode 3

Corey gets into trouble when he buys a Chris-Craft boat without first testing it. Also examined: a 1849 Colt revolver; and 1954 Gretsch guitar previously owned by actor Robert Duvall. read more

Confederate Conundrum Season 1, Episode 2

A Civil War saber is brought to the shop, but its authenticity is questioned. Also: a Fender guitar autographed by Chuck Berry; and a 1916 National Cash Register. read more

Boom or Bust Season 1, Episode 1

A series following a family-run pawnshop in Las Vegas. In the opener, Rick decides whether to buy a 19th-century cannon, and he decides to test-fire it first; a woodworker wants to pawn his table saw; and a man hopes to sell his Roman armor replica. read more

Pawn Stars Episode: "Car 57 Where Are You?"

Episode Synopsis: A 1957 Chevy 150; a 19th-century pistol ring; and an unused ticket from the 1966 Beatles concert at Shea Stadium.
Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2012

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Premiered: October 02, 2012, on History Channel
Rating: TV-PG
User Rating: (169 ratings)
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Premise: Following a family-owned pawnshop in Las Vegas, run by three generations of men.



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