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Cake Boss episodes

Feb 24, 2014: Up, Up & Away
Feb 17, 2014: Fiery Competition
Feb 10, 2014: Biceps and Birthdays
Feb 03, 2014: Icing the Cake
Jan 27, 2014: Down the Drain
Jan 20, 2014: Sicilian Samurai
Jan 13, 2014: Carlo's Cowboys
Jan 13, 2014: Next Great Bride
Jan 06, 2014: Pimp My Cake
Jan 06, 2014: ¡Viva Cake Boss!
Dec 30, 2013: On the Road Again
Dec 30, 2013: Gator Bite
Aug 12, 2013: Momma's Birthday Surprise
Aug 05, 2013: Camp Carlo's
Jul 29, 2013: Buttercream Submarine
Jul 22, 2013: Hair Raising
Jul 15, 2013: Fire and Ice
Jul 08, 2013: Easter Basket Case
Jul 01, 2013: Muscles and Marriage
Jun 24, 2013: Glow in the Dark Cake
Jun 17, 2013: From Russia With Cake
Jun 17, 2013: Snowed Out
Jun 10, 2013: Seeing Double
Jun 10, 2013: Rebuilds & Raw Fish
Jun 03, 2013: Sugary Slopes
Jun 03, 2013: Cake Smash
May 27, 2013: Welcome Back Robin!
May 27, 2013: Hurricane Sandy Strikes
Feb 18, 2013: We Will Survive
Feb 18, 2013: Superheroes and Bakers Unite!
Feb 11, 2013: A Cowboy in Hoboken
Feb 04, 2013: Light Up the Night
Feb 04, 2013: Crane Cake and Puppy Love
Jan 07, 2013: Players, Lawyers, and Pranksters
Jan 07, 2013: Twirls, Whirls and Crashes
Dec 17, 2012: Cut the Ribbon and the Cake!
Dec 17, 2012: Buddy and the Rockettes
Dec 10, 2012: Hocus Pocus
Dec 10, 2012: Operation: Tank Cake
Dec 03, 2012: From Fury to Furry
Dec 03, 2012: Ugly Feet and a Fiesta
Nov 26, 2012: A Golden Opportunity
Jul 23, 2012: A Bittersweet Homecoming
Jul 23, 2012: Cakes on a Plane
Jul 16, 2012: New Deli, New Design
Jul 16, 2012: Under the Sea
Jul 09, 2012: Going Up?
Jul 09, 2012: Ice-ing on the Cake
Jul 02, 2012: Silly Seuss & Surprise!
Jul 02, 2012: Working at the Car Wash
Jun 25, 2012: Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-in
Jun 18, 2012: Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling
Jun 11, 2012: Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!
Jun 11, 2012: Liberty, Layups & a Loaded Dinner
Jun 04, 2012: Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl
Jun 04, 2012: Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny
May 28, 2012: Trash, Twirls & Tough Love
May 28, 2012: Fitting In, Fed Up & a First Birthday
Jan 30, 2012: Touchdowns & Tattoos
Jan 23, 2012: Cake Block, Cruise & a Carlo's Ceremony
Nov 28, 2011: Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints
Nov 28, 2011: Cake Boss: Family Secrets
Nov 24, 2011: Cake Boss: Thanksgiving Special
Nov 21, 2011: Church Cake, Carats, & a Castano's Pool Party
Nov 14, 2011: Props, Pies & Party Time!
Nov 07, 2011: Soap, Sonograms & Surprise
Oct 31, 2011: Coffins, Costumes & Cake on a Gurney
Oct 24, 2011: Spirits & Spumoni
Oct 17, 2011: Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress
Oct 10, 2011: Bees, Beware & Business
Oct 10, 2011: A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings
Oct 03, 2011: Transport Troubles & Two Brides
Oct 03, 2011: State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary
Sep 26, 2011: Paleontology & Popping the Question
Sep 26, 2011: Chandelier Cake & a Christening
Sep 19, 2011: Cake Boss: Dear Buddy
Aug 01, 2011: Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & A Predicament
Jul 25, 2011: Campfires, Computers & Concerns
Jul 18, 2011: Cheeseburgers, Cures & A Challenge
Jul 11, 2011: Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups
Jul 11, 2011: Bugs, Break Ups & Burned-out
Jun 27, 2011: Competition, Complications, & Communion
Jun 20, 2011: A Big Bumblebee & A Bossy Grace
Jun 13, 2011: Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed
Jun 06, 2011: Houses, Help, & Hitting the Road!
May 30, 2011: Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!
Apr 11, 2011: Second Anniversary, Surgery & St. Patty's
Apr 04, 2011: Tulips, Taxes & Take It Easy
Mar 28, 2011: Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis
Mar 21, 2011: Punches, Psychics & Pastries
Mar 14, 2011: Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities & Sal
Mar 07, 2011: Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace
Mar 06, 2011: Baby Special
Feb 28, 2011: Snow Globe, Story Book Cake & a Scare
Feb 21, 2011: Ships, Sonograms, & Sister Drama
Feb 14, 2011: Toilets & Textiles
Feb 07, 2011: Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers
Feb 07, 2011: Shark Cake, Scooter, & Smelly Fish
Jan 31, 2011: Circus, Celebrity Chef, & Surprise!
Nov 29, 2010: Santa, Sunrise, & Snowmen Cupcakes
Nov 22, 2010: Crazy Chocolate Cake & Carlo's Centennial Celebration
Nov 15, 2010: Sweet Sixteen, Stars, & a Saber Sword
Nov 08, 2010: Snooki, Super Anthony, & a Ship
Nov 01, 2010: Pipes, a Phoenix, & a Problematic Kitchen
Oct 25, 2010: Sandals, Sandwiches, & Shelves
Oct 18, 2010: Cassata, Cheesecakes & Crates of Wine
Oct 18, 2010: Frescos, Fountains & Family Wishes
Oct 11, 2010: Famiglia, Fishing, & Family History
Aug 23, 2010: Strawberries, Sinatra, & Sick Ovens
Aug 16, 2010: Helmet Cake, Healthy Mauro, & Huge Train Cake
Aug 09, 2010: Mother's Day, Mama & Mom-to-be
Aug 02, 2010: Barbers & Bulls
Jul 26, 2010: Key to the City & a Key-tar Cake
Jul 19, 2010: Color, Camouflage & Cupcake Day
Jul 12, 2010: 6-foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles & a Sick Mauro
Jun 28, 2010: A Princess, a Pirate & a Perplexing Arch
Jun 21, 2010: Magazines, a Mega Screen & Maurizio
Jun 21, 2010: Chopped Head & a Crazy Cravings Cake
Jun 14, 2010: Hieroglyphics, Hearse, & Happy Parents
Jun 14, 2010: Tournament of Knights & a Tasty Tiramisu
Jun 07, 2010: Peppermint & A Polar Bear Plunge
Jun 07, 2010: Roses, Romance & a Romeo
May 31, 2010: Cake Boss: Ultimate Cake Boss
May 31, 2010: Governor, Giant Lisa & Good-bye Mama
Feb 22, 2010: Best of Cake Boss
Feb 08, 2010: Castles, Cannolis & Cartoon Characters
Feb 01, 2010: Aquarium Adventures & an Announcement
Jan 31, 2010: Cars, Collapse & Couture
Jan 25, 2010: Chimps, Cinema & Crumb Cake
Jan 18, 2010: Sizing, Sleeping Stretch & Sesame Street
Jan 11, 2010: Apples, Arguments & Animal Prints
Jan 04, 2010: Blushing Brides & Busy Bakers
Dec 14, 2009: Motorcycles, Manhattanites & Misbehaving
Dec 07, 2009: Colorful Characters & Christmas Costumes
Nov 30, 2009: Freaks, Fast Food & Frightened Frankie
Nov 23, 2009: Golf Greens & Gravity
Nov 23, 2009: Pizza, Pooches & Pop-In-Law
Nov 16, 2009: Children, a Cage, and a Challenge
Nov 09, 2009: A Battleship, Ballet, & Burning!
Nov 02, 2009: Painters, Pool & Pink!
Nov 02, 2009: Robots, Rollerskates, and Relatives
Oct 26, 2009: Candy, Crash & Crisis
Oct 26, 2009: Plants, Pranks & a Proposal
Aug 17, 2009: Fireworks, Falling Fondant & Fathers
Aug 10, 2009: Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures
Jul 27, 2009: A Blindfold, a Bikini and Breathing Fire
Jul 20, 2009: Chinese Culture and Cannolis
Jul 13, 2009: Soldiers, Sand and Salads
Jul 06, 2009: Museum, Mistakes and Mother Mary
Jun 29, 2009: Doves, Ducks, and Delicacies
Jun 22, 2009: Undead, Unclothed, and Unhappy Mama
Jun 15, 2009: Bi-Plane, Bridezilla, and Busting Buddy
Jun 08, 2009: Weddings, Water and Whacked!
Jun 01, 2009: Bunny, Birthday, and Burnt Food
May 25, 2009: A Fire, a Fashionista, and Family
Apr 19, 2009: A Bride, a Boat, and Bamboozled!

Up, Up & Away Season 6, Episode 28

Anthony clashes with Buddy over the latter's authority; a cake is delivered by hot-air balloon; Momma prepares for another trip to Israel for an important treatment. read more

Fiery Competition Season 6, Episode 27

Joe gets a promotion at the firehouse, so Buddy celebrates by making a fire-truck cake that features a burning building. Meanwhile, the team bake a bocce-theme cake for a charity tournament, but they also take part as competitors. read more

Biceps and Birthdays Season 6, Episode 26

A cake for a family of professional arm wrestlers gives Buddy a chance to flex his baking muscles; Mauro enlists his kids' help to plan a birthday surprise for his wife at the bakery. read more

Icing the Cake Season 6, Episode 25

Buddy makes a goalie cake for the NHL draft to be delivered on live TV; and re-creates a wedding cake for a couple's 50th anniversary. Also: Momma returns from Israel with news about her health. read more

Down the Drain Season 6, Episode 24

Buddy worries about Anthony and how his frequent mistakes will affect his career. Meanwhile, a client's boyfriend has an unusually large appetite; and an engaged couple want a tow-truck cake for their wedding. read more

Sicilian Samurai Season 6, Episode 23

Buddy bakes a samurai cake for a martial-arts school in New York for its 50th anniversary; and a patriotic cake for the mayor of Jersey City, N.J. read more

Carlo's Cowboys Season 6, Episode 22

A giant cake for a rodeo association features a cowboy on a horse; a couple are planning a surprise wedding and ask for a cake for their secret celebration. read more

Next Great Bride Season 6, Episode 21

Ashley is getting married and Buddy is making the wedding and groom's cakes, but the brides vision includes taxidermy animals and table tennis. read more

Pimp My Cake Season 6, Episode 20

A Roman-costume party requires a Coliseum cake—and for Buddy and his team to get dressed up. Also: Buddy takes a yoga class; and gets an order for a lowrider cake that bounces. read more

¡Viva Cake Boss! Season 6, Episode 19

A Cinco de Mayo cake is made for a local mariachi band's fiesta; a salon requests a spa-theme cake for its grand opening, which includes makeovers for Buddy's wife and sisters. read more

On the Road Again Season 6, Episode 18

A cake for Willie Nelson's 80th birthday creates a scheduling conflict for Buddy when he realizes he has a prior commitment with his wife. Meanwhile, Buddy bakes a cake for his daughter's birthday. read more

Gator Bite Season 6, Episode 17

Cakes include a replica of a 14-foot, 800-pound alligator for a New Jersey aquarium; and a pageant cake for a former Mrs. Jersey. Meanwhile, Mama prepares for a trip to Israel to receive medical treatment. read more

Momma's Birthday Surprise Season 6, Episode 16

Buddy goes to Atlantic City to help with a rebuilding project by Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Sandy. Also: The family celebrate Mama's 65th birthday with a video and a special announcement. read more

Camp Carlo's Season 6, Episode 15

A cake for a dodgeball team to celebrate their latest victory; a cake to mark the 20th anniversary of a summer camp for kids. read more

Buttercream Submarine Season 6, Episode 14

Buddy bakes a submarine cake for the U.S. Navy Submarine Ball; Mauro tackles a request for a bat mitzvah cake. read more

Hair Raising Season 6, Episode 13

A cake with a mustache is requested by a client; Buddy makes a cake for his son's First Communion. read more

Fire and Ice Season 6, Episode 12

Ashley challenges Buddy when the bakery gets an order for a fire-and-ice cake; a survivor of a subway construction accident requests a cake to thank the people who saved his life. read more

Easter Basket Case Season 6, Episode 11

Buddy makes an Easter-basket cake for a local charity; Mama comes home for a visit and a checkup. read more

Muscles and Marriage Season 6, Episode 10

Buddy bakes a life-size cake for a female bodybuilder; Mauro helps out with a surprise marriage proposal at the bakery. read more

Glow in the Dark Cake Season 6, Episode 9

Buddy tackles a glow-in-the-dark zombie cake for a fashion show. Meanwhile, an order for a specialty cake at the Ridgewood, N.J., bakery is a hard one to fill due to the shop's limited supplies. read more

From Russia With Cake Season 6, Episode 8

Russian restaurateurs request a cake that resembles St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Meanwhile, Buddy's sisters try to stop the feud between archenemies Ashley and Paul. read more

Snowed Out Season 6, Episode 7

A new bakery's grand opening is threatened by a possible blizzard. Meanwhile, Mary fields an order for an action-hero volcano cake, but needs Ralph's help to lead the design process. read more

Seeing Double Season 6, Episode 6

The opening of a new bakery in Ridgewood, N.J., is complicated by an approaching blizzard and the training of a new team. Also: a birthday cake for identical twins. read more

Rebuilds & Raw Fish Season 6, Episode 5

Buddy makes a sushi-boat cake for a Japanese restaurant; the crew work on a cake to raise money for hurricane relief in Hoboken, N.J. read more

Sugary Slopes Season 6, Episode 4

Buddy creates a ski-mountain cake—with a working chairlift—to be delivered for a birthday celebration at a resort in the Catskill Mountains. Meanwhile, Ashley's "Next Great Baker" nemesis, Paul, shows up after losing everything in Hurricane Sandy. read more

Cake Smash Season 6, Episode 3

A life-size, wedding-dress cake is requested by a bridal shop, and the owners will give a free dress to the bride who can find a golden coin hidden inside. Meanwhile, Buddy bakes cakes for a cake-smash photo shoot. read more

Welcome Back Robin! Season 6, Episode 2

Buddy is hired to bake a cake for "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts for her return from medical leave. Meanwhile, Mauro fills an order for a spinning instructor who wants to honor his mentor. read more

Hurricane Sandy Strikes Season 6, Episode 1

Season 6 begins shortly after Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast in October 2012, as Buddy and his crew return to Carlo's to survey the damage and wonder how to fill clients' orders with no electricity. read more

We Will Survive Season 5, Episode 30

A furniture company wants a life-size chair cake. Meanwhile, the family get ready for Mama's benefit, which features a surprise performer, thanks to Buddy. read more

Superheroes and Bakers Unite! Season 5, Episode 29

Buddy bakes a cake to celebrate Spider-Man's 50th anniversary. Meanwhile, the "Cake Boss: Next Great Baker" winner is late for work; and plans for Mama's benefit are discussed. read more

A Cowboy in Hoboken Season 5, Episode 28

Country-music star Tim McGraw asks for a cake to help celebrate a home giveaway to a veteran. Also: The winner of "Cake Boss: Next Great Baker" starts working at the bakery. read more

Light Up the Night Season 5, Episode 27

Buddy works on a five-tier Bollywood wedding cake complete with special-effects lighting; Marissa gets a chance to test her cookie recipe at the bakery. read more

Crane Cake and Puppy Love Season 5, Episode 26

A cake with a moving crane is constructed for a scrap-metal company. Also: a cake for a dog wedding. read more

Players, Lawyers, and Pranksters Season 5, Episode 25

Buddy bakes a cake for NFL coach Tom Coughlin's charity organization; Marissa gets back at the guys with a prank of her own. read more

Twirls, Whirls and Crashes Season 5, Episode 24

A 2000-lb. carousel cake is delivered to the Steel Pier amusement park in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Carlo's undergoes some necessary renovations. read more

Cut the Ribbon and the Cake! Season 5, Episode 23

A children's hospital opens in Chicago with a special cake to mark the occasion; a couple want a wedding cake that matches their gray invitations, a color that Buddy dislikes on that kind of cake. read more

Buddy and the Rockettes Season 5, Episode 22

The Rockettes' 85th anniversary is celebrated in New York City with a cake that features miniature high-kicking dancers. Also: A teen who wants to be a pilot gets a birthday surprise. read more

Hocus Pocus Season 5, Episode 21

Magician Dan Sperry commissions a cake that contains a secret prediction to be revealed during his act. read more

Operation: Tank Cake Season 5, Episode 20

Buddy makes a tank cake for the Army's 237th birthday celebration in Times Square in New York City, while another creation is sent to troops serving overseas in Afghanistan. read more

From Fury to Furry Season 5, Episode 19

A pet-adoption Web site wants to celebrate a major milestone of 20 million adoptions; Buddy tries to find common ground for a bickering couple who need a cake for their party-planning business. read more

Ugly Feet and a Fiesta Season 5, Episode 18

Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza ask Buddy to make a wedding cake for their Mexican ceremony. Also: A spa wants a cake for a contest involving men's feet. read more

A Golden Opportunity Season 5, Episode 17

Buddy has one day to make a cake that's a life-size replica of actor Betty White. Also: an update on Mama's condition. read more

A Bittersweet Homecoming Season 5, Episode 16

In the Season 5 finale, the Valastro family rally around its matriarch after Mama is diagnosed with a serious illness, and Buddy dedicates a special cake to his mother on Easter. read more

Cakes on a Plane Season 5, Episode 15

Skydivers eat a cake from Carlo's during their descent; Buddy bakes a cake for his niece after she wins the top prize in a writing competition. read more

New Deli, New Design Season 5, Episode 14

Buddy makes a deli-case cake for a friend of the family; and his sisters also have a request for a cake to mark three First Communions. Meanwhile, Mary's responsibilities grow at the new baking facility. read more

Under the Sea Season 5, Episode 13

Grace's daughter turns 16 at a birthday party with a nautical theme, and her uncle Buddy creates an aquarium cake with edible reefs and sharks. read more

Going Up? Season 5, Episode 12

Buddy makes an elevator cake for a birthday; Mauro is in charge of a cake for a spelling bee in northern New Jersey. read more

Ice-ing on the Cake Season 5, Episode 11

Buddy tours Blue Sky Studios with his kids for a preview of "Ice Age: Continental Drift," but mixes business with pleasure when he designs a cake inspired by the movie that includes a floating pirate ship. read more

Silly Seuss & Surprise! Season 5, Episode 10

A Dr. Seuss cake is equipped with unbreakable gears and levers; the family plan a surprise for Buddy. read more

Working at the Car Wash Season 5, Episode 9

A car-wash cake features edible autos that can actually get cleaned; a couple celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. read more

Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-in Season 5, Episode 8

A Mount Rushmore cake tests Buddy's sculpting abilities; Marissa makes her peanut-butter cake to impress Buddy's wife and sister; Mary's return to the bakery could be short-lived. read more

Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling Season 5, Episode 7

A tropical wedding cake is made for a pair of florists who are tying the knot; Joe fields an order for a cake that looks and tastes like beer; a delivery results in bad news. read more

Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby! Season 5, Episode 6

A cake for a bar mitzvah features a working slot machine; the crew make a Mardi Gras cake, complete with beads. read more

Liberty, Layups & a Loaded Dinner Season 5, Episode 5

Buddy bakes a cake with a Statue of Liberty theme; Mauro becomes a U.S. citizen; Mary vents her anger over dinner. read more

Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl Season 5, Episode 4

Buddy goes to Chinatown in New York City with a dragon-theme cake for the Chinese New Year; the team works on a punching-bag cake for mixed-martial-arts fighters at a local gym. read more

Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny Season 5, Episode 3

Buddy races against the clock when a priest wants a cake to honor a parishioner; Danny's 50th birthday comes with more than a few surprises. read more

Trash, Twirls & Tough Love Season 5, Episode 2

Buddy bakes a garbage-truck cake for a family friend; a cake is requested for the founder of a synchronized swim team; Buddy is forced to address accusations of Mary's rudeness. read more

Fitting In, Fed Up & a First Birthday Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 premiere, Buddy makes a cake for his son Carlo's first birthday; Marissa learns a lesson about teamwork; and Mary's tardiness irks Grace. read more

Touchdowns & Tattoos Season 4, Episode 38

Buddy tackles a replica of the Heisman Trophy to be presented at the annual dinner honoring college football's best player. Meanwhile, Mauro has a plan for his and Maddalena's 20th anniversary; and the "Next Great Baker" winner shows up for the first day of work. read more

Cake Block, Cruise & a Carlo's Ceremony Season 4, Episode 37

Lisa and Buddy renew their vows on a cruise, but inclement weather could spoil their beach ceremony. read more

Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints Season 4, Episode 36

Buddy sees dollar signs when he tackles a cake with diamonds and pearls; the construction crew at the new factory is treated to a barbecue; Grace begins her redecorating project at the old bakery. read more

Cake Boss: Family Secrets

A look at the Carlo's Bakery family history, including Mary's multiple wedding proposals and which child was difficult to control. read more

Cake Boss: Thanksgiving Special

The Valastros prepare their individual contributions for a Thanksgiving-dinner extravaganza. Meanwhile, Buddy surprises the bakery crew with lunch, followed by an oversize turkey cake for dessert. read more

Church Cake, Carats, & a Castano's Pool Party Season 4, Episode 35

Lisa goes ring shopping with Buddy for their vow-renewal ceremony; Buddy C has a pool party for his birthday; Grace is shocked by a replica of her wedding cake. read more

Props, Pies & Party Time! Season 4, Episode 34

A movie crew needs a cake for a film; the guys go all out for Maurizio's 21st birthday by building a tiki bar, including a volcano that serves drinks. read more

Soap, Sonograms & Surprise Season 4, Episode 33

A young couple expecting a baby request a gender-reveal cake; Buddy tackles a washing-machine cake for a laundry-detergent giant; Lisa gets worked up about the vow-renewal ceremony. read more

Coffins, Costumes & Cake on a Gurney Season 4, Episode 32

A self-proclaimed vampire stops by the bakery on Halloween and requests a life-size coffin cake. Also: an engagement cake is created. read more

Spirits & Spumoni Season 4, Episode 31

Buddy goes ghost hunting with some professional ghost hunters. Later, Joey resurrects an old recipe for spumoni ice-cream cake. read more

Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress Season 4, Episode 30

Race-car driver Danica Patrick stops by the bakery with a special request. Meanwhile, Lisa and her sisters head to Kleinfeld Bridal in search of a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony. read more

Bees, Beware & Business Season 4, Episode 29

A giant beehive cake is made with real honey. Also: a client seeks Buddy's help in pranking her husband. read more

A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings Season 4, Episode 28

Regis Philbin stops by the bakery for a lesson on cake decorating. Also: a bride requests a cake for her 50th wedding; and Joey's visited by his old fire chief. read more

Transport Troubles & Two Brides Season 4, Episode 27

A huge Chicago-theme cake is constructed to celebrate the opening of a Rolls-Royce dealership in the Windy City. Also: Buddy works on a cake for a very special couple from Long Island. read more

State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary Season 4, Episode 26

A silver anniversary cake for the State Fair Meadowlands; a Syracuse University-themed cake for Joey's college-bound son. read more

Paleontology & Popping the Question Season 4, Episode 25

Buddy and Lisa celebrate their 10-year anniversary. Meanwhile, a dinosaur-theme wedding cake is made for a couple who are getting married in a museum. read more

Chandelier Cake & a Christening Season 4, Episode 24

Buddy works on one of his most challenging cakes to date: an edible chandelier cake that will be hung upside down. Also: Buddy's son is baptized. read more

Cake Boss: Dear Buddy Season 4, Episode 23

Buddy and the rest of the Carlo's Bakery crew answer viewer questions in this behind-the-scenes episode. read more

Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & A Predicament Season 4, Episode 22

A cake replica of a live cow is made. Also: a special cake is made to cheer up a homesick boy whose family just moved to Hoboken, N.J. read more

Campfires, Computers & Concerns Season 4, Episode 21

Buddy builds a camping-theme cake, complete with a real fire for roasting marshmallows. Also: a high-tech cake is wired by phones and a computer. read more

Cheeseburgers, Cures & A Challenge Season 4, Episode 20

A giant cheeseburger cake is made to celebrate National Hamburger Month. Later, the crew works on a special confection for the American Cancer Society. read more

Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups Season 4, Episode 19

A moving go-cart cake is constructed. Also: Buddy works on a special birthday cake for a family friend who's turning 101. read more

Bugs, Break Ups & Burned-out Season 4, Episode 18

Buddy is asked to make a cake using real insects as the ingredients. read more

Competition, Complications, & Communion Season 4, Episode 17

A bowling cake leads to a guys-vs.-gals match on the lanes; Buddy's daughter Sophia celebrates her first communion; complications arise at the new factory. read more

A Big Bumblebee & A Bossy Grace Season 4, Episode 16

A "Transformers" cake is created to help promote the third film of the blockbuster franchise. Meanwhile, Grace is left in charge of the bakery. read more

Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed Season 4, Episode 15

Buddy surprises Anthony with a cake that looks like a DJ setup, complete with moving turntables. Later, Buddy delivers a cake by helicopter. read more

Houses, Help, & Hitting the Road! Season 4, Episode 14

Buddy attempts a difficult cake build for a real-estate firm's 40th birthday. The giant confection must feed more than 4000 people and feature re-creations of houses from around the world. Later, the cake is delivered to Las Vegas. read more

Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise! Season 4, Episode 13

Buddy designs a space-shuttle cake for NASA. He also makes a special confection for his mom. read more

Second Anniversary, Surgery & St. Patty's Season 4, Episode 12

Buddy serves as grand marshal in Hoboken, N.J.'s, annual St. Patrick's Day parade. He then goes in for his surgery, leaving Mauro responsible for an intricate anniversary cake. read more

Tulips, Taxes & Take It Easy Season 4, Episode 11

Buddy constructs an 8-tier cake for the Philadelphia Flower Show, which doesn't leave him with much time to rest before his hernia operation. read more

Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis Season 4, Episode 10

Designer Isaac Mizrahi orders seven fashion-inspired cakes that models will carry down the runway. Also: Buddy checks on the construction of his new factory; and a visit to the doctor reveals that Buddy will need surgery. read more

Punches, Psychics & Pastries Season 4, Episode 9

Pro wrestler Santino Marella stops by the bakery to show off some moves and order a huge "Road to WrestleMania" cake. read more

Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities & Sal Season 4, Episode 8

The crew works on a cake for Staten Island Chuck, the official groundhog meteorologist of New York City. Also: a tribute to Sal Picinich (1948-2011). read more

Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace Season 4, Episode 7

A life-size cake replica of an arcade table-hockey game, complete with playable figures, is made. read more

Baby Special

Buddy and Lisa prepare for the arrival of their fourth child by getting the nursery ready and choosing godparents. Meanwhile, the bakery is booming on one of the busiest days of the year: Valentine's Day. read more

Snow Globe, Story Book Cake & a Scare Season 4, Episode 6

A surprise engagement cake shaped like a snow globe is constructed. Also: Buddy visits his daughter's school, and brings along a special storybook cake inspired by his daughter; and Buddy has a big scare when his pregnant wife is rushed to the doctor's office. read more

Ships, Sonograms, & Sister Drama Season 4, Episode 5

A giant Columbus Day cake is created and showcased at New York City's annual Columbus Day parade. Also: Buddy's expectant wife, Lisa, goes for an ultrasound. read more

Toilets & Textiles Season 4, Episode 4

Buddy is asked to make a cake replica of a toilet that actually flushes. Later, he works on an unusual cake for a baby shower. read more

Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers Season 4, Episode 3

The Make-A-Wish Foundation sends four little bakers to Carlo's Bakery, where they'll make a cake with Buddy. Later, Buddy works on a special hot-air-balloon-shaped cake for the foundation. read more

Shark Cake, Scooter, & Smelly Fish Season 4, Episode 2

A shark cake is ordered, so the bakery crew go fishing in search of inspiration. Later, Buddy has a surprise planned for Mauro and Madeline's birthdays. read more

Circus, Celebrity Chef, & Surprise! Season 4, Episode 1

Rachael Ray orders a cake in the Season 4 opener. Also: Buddy has a surprise for his pregnant wife, Lisa; and a circus-theme cake is created. read more

Santa, Sunrise, & Snowmen Cupcakes Season 3, Episode 25

The bakers work overtime on Christmas Eve, their busiest day of the year, to ensure their customers get all the cookies, cakes and pies that they need. read more

Crazy Chocolate Cake & Carlo's Centennial Celebration Season 3, Episode 24

The bakery celebrates its 100th anniversary with a huge cake and a block party, and Buddy makes a big announcement about the future of Carlo's. Also: a special cake is created for a chocoholic client. read more

Sweet Sixteen, Stars, & a Saber Sword Season 3, Episode 23

A Hollywood-theme cake is created for Mauro's daughter's sweet-16. Also: Buddy makes a cake celebrating the 100th anniversary of West Point's Cadet Chapel. read more

Snooki, Super Anthony, & a Ship Season 3, Episode 22

Snooki from "Jersey Shore" stops by the bakery to order a cake for her mom. Also: Buddy visits the South Street Seaport Museum in New York in search of inspiration for a nautical-theme cake. read more

Pipes, a Phoenix, & a Problematic Kitchen Season 3, Episode 21

The bakery ovens are replaced, and Joey tests out the new equipment by making his famous Irish soda bread. Also: The crew creates a phoenix cake for a local watering hole. read more

Sandals, Sandwiches, & Shelves Season 3, Episode 20

A client travels all the way from Myrtle Beach, S.C., to New Jersey to pick up a cake shaped like a giant flip-flop. Also: Buddy creates a kid-friendly cake for a local school. read more

Cassata, Cheesecakes & Crates of Wine Season 3, Episode 19

The family heads to Sicily on the last leg of their Italian vacation. They spend time at a local winery, and Buddy decides to surprise the winery owner with a cake shaped like a wine bottle. read more

Frescos, Fountains & Family Wishes Season 3, Episode 18

The Valastros continue their trip around Italy, with a stop in Rome, where the guys are asked to make a cake inspired by a fresco painting for an art collector. read more

Famiglia, Fishing, & Family History Season 3, Episode 17

The Valastros embark on a family tour of Italy. Their first stops are Altamura and Lipari, the birthplaces of Mama and Buddy Sr. While there, Buddy is tasked with making a wedding cake and confections for his cousin's baby shower. read more

Strawberries, Sinatra, & Sick Ovens Season 3, Episode 16

The crew works on a cake for Häagen-Dazs' 50th anniversary celebration. They also create a confection inspired by the Broadway musical "Come Fly Away." read more

Helmet Cake, Healthy Mauro, & Huge Train Cake Season 3, Episode 15

A giant cake is made to celebrate National Train Day. Also: Joey works on a cake for a retiring fire captain; and Mauro gets healthy, with help from his son. read more

Mother's Day, Mama & Mom-to-be Season 3, Episode 14

A special Mother's Day cake is made for the Adoptive Parents Committee, a nonprofit support group for adoptive parents. Also: Lisa goes into labor. read more

Barbers & Bulls Season 3, Episode 13

Buddy creates a special anniversary cake for his longtime barber. He also works on a mechanical-bull cake that moves. read more

Key to the City & a Key-tar Cake Season 3, Episode 12

Buddy returns to his hometown of Little Ferry, N.J., to be presented with a key to the city. Also: a retro cake is made for a 1980s tribute band. read more

Color, Camouflage & Cupcake Day Season 3, Episode 11

The bakery holds its annual Throwback Cannoli Day; a paintball cake inspires the bakers to show off their shooting skills. read more

6-foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles & a Sick Mauro Season 3, Episode 10

It's Easter week, so the crew is extra busy cranking out all the holiday favorites. Also: a 6-ft. cake in the shape of a sub sandwich is made for a local deli's 100th anniversary. read more

A Princess, a Pirate & a Perplexing Arch Season 3, Episode 9

Buddy feels the pressure when Mary, his toughest critic, asks him to make a pirate-theme cake for her twins' birthday party. Also: an over-the-top cake is made for a casino opening. read more

Magazines, a Mega Screen & Maurizio Season 3, Episode 8

A high-tech cake for NASDAQ and a cake for O, the Oprah Magazine, are made. read more

Chopped Head & a Crazy Cravings Cake Season 3, Episode 7

French pastries are made for a party with a Marie Antoinette theme; the guys make a cake for Lisa G.'s baby shower to resemble the strange foods she's been craving. read more

Hieroglyphics, Hearse, & Happy Parents Season 3, Episode 6

A cake shaped like a pink hearse is created, along with an Egyptian-theme sweet-16 cake. read more

Tournament of Knights & a Tasty Tiramisu Season 3, Episode 5

A cake is made for a king at Medieval Times. Later, Buddy is challenged to a joust when he delivers the confection. Also: a classic tiramisu cake is made. read more

Peppermint & A Polar Bear Plunge Season 3, Episode 4

Buddy makes a cake for the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, and later, he's invited to take a winter swim with them. Also: Buddy's youngest son wants an ice-cream cake for his birthday. read more

Roses, Romance & a Romeo Season 3, Episode 3

The crew makes wedding cakes for 14 couples who are getting married in a mass ceremony on Valentine's Day. Also: Anthony asks a coworker to be his Valentine. read more

Cake Boss: Ultimate Cake Boss Season 3, Episode 2

Mauro, Remy and Joey compete in a cake-decorating contest for the chance to have their confection showcased at the 100th anniversary celebration of Carlo's Bake Shop. Buddy Valastro will judge their creations. read more

Governor, Giant Lisa & Good-bye Mama Season 3, Episode 1

Buddy makes a cake for New Jersey governor Chris Christie's inauguration gala in the Season 3 opener. He also wants to surprise his wife, Lisa, with a one-of-a-kind birthday cake; and Mama makes a huge announcement. read more

Best of Cake Boss Season 2, Episode 19

Featuring highlights from the first two seasons. Included: a cake shaped like a billiards table for NFL player Justin Tuck. read more

Castles, Cannolis & Cartoon Characters Season 2, Episode 18

Buddy and Mauro travel to Walt Disney World to make cannoli at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Tagging along are their families, including Buddy's daughter, Sofia, who celebrates her birthday in Florida. read more

Aquarium Adventures & an Announcement Season 2, Episode 17

Buddy creates an underwater-themed cake complete with live fish for a local aquarium. Also: Lisa and Remy make a special announcement. read more

Cars, Collapse & Couture Season 2, Episode 16

The team creates a life-size cake replica of a NASCAR race car for the Retail Bakers Association annual convention in Charlotte. read more

Chimps, Cinema & Crumb Cake Season 2, Episode 15

Buddy designs a cake celebrating 110th anniversary of the Bronx Zoo. Later he deals with an indecisive client when creating a cake for the grand opening of a movie theater. read more

Sizing, Sleeping Stretch & Sesame Street Season 2, Episode 14

A special cake is created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Sesame Street." read more

Apples, Arguments & Animal Prints Season 2, Episode 13

An apple-tree cake for a local orchard inspires Buddy to try a new recipe. Meanwhile, Mary doesn't think Buddy's giving her 40th birthday cake enough attention, so she threatens to go to a rival baker. read more

Blushing Brides & Busy Bakers Season 2, Episode 12

It's extra-busy at the bakery when the crew tries to make 50 wedding cakes in just seven days. Buddy aims to impress with his most elaborate wedding cake yet, but delivering it proves to be a challenge for Anthony. read more

Motorcycles, Manhattanites & Misbehaving Season 2, Episode 11

Buddy channels his inner biker when he's asked to create a cake for the Long Island Hells Angels. Also: Socialites from the Upper East Side order a unique cake for a tea party. read more

Colorful Characters & Christmas Costumes Season 2, Episode 10

Anthony and Stretch beg Buddy to let them deliver a cake to a party that's supposed to be full of women, but Buddy has a trick up his sleeve. Also: the crew makes a holiday-themed cake for a drag queen. read more

Freaks, Fast Food & Frightened Frankie Season 2, Episode 9

A Major League Eating cake inspires the bakery heavyweights to have an eating contest. Then, a secret fear of Frankie's is exposed when he makes a cake for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. read more

Golf Greens & Gravity Season 2, Episode 8

An over-the-top space-themed cake is created for a local planetarium. Later the guys go golfing to find inspiration for a golf-tournament cake. read more

Pizza, Pooches & Pop-In-Law Season 2, Episode 7

A pizza-themed cake inspires Buddy to challenge his father-in-law to a pizza-making contest. Also: a cake is made for a local animal shelter. read more

Children, a Cage, and a Challenge Season 2, Episode 6

Buddy constructs a cake that talks and a cage-fighting cake. Later, his nephew challenges Frankie to a wrestling match. read more

A Battleship, Ballet, & Burning! Season 2, Episode 5

A massive cake is created for the U.S. Air Force. Also: a groovy dance-themed cake. read more

Painters, Pool & Pink! Season 2, Episode 4

The NFL's Justin Tuck orders a cake shaped like a billiards table. Also: the bakery gets a makeover. read more

Robots, Rollerskates, and Relatives Season 2, Episode 3

Buddy creates a 1970s-themed roller-skate cake, which he delivers on skates. Also featured: a moving robot cake. read more

Candy, Crash & Crisis Season 2, Episode 2

Business is booming at the bakery, so the Valastro sisters want to hire an assistant for Buddy since they can no longer handle all the incoming orders. Also: Buddy creates a cake for Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City. read more

Plants, Pranks & a Proposal Season 2, Episode 1

A customer wants to propose to his girlfriend in the bakery in the Season 2 opener, so Buddy creates a cake shaped like an engagement ring box. read more

Fireworks, Falling Fondant & Fathers Season 1, Episode 13

Buddy meets his son's classmates and teachers during "Bring Your Dad to School Day." Also: a fireworks-themed cake is created. read more

Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures Season 1, Episode 12

A cake replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is constructed. Also: Buddy races to complete a lobster bake-themed cake after a client mixes up the date. read more

A Blindfold, a Bikini and Breathing Fire Season 1, Episode 11

Buddy creates a tiki cake that spits fire. Later, Mauro challenges him to ice a cake blindfolded. read more

Chinese Culture and Cannolis Season 1, Episode 10

The crew creates a Chinese dragon cake for a dragon-boat racing team. They must also make hundreds of cannoli shells for the bakery's annual 25-cent Throwback Cannoli Day. read more

Soldiers, Sand and Salads Season 1, Episode 9

The Carlo's Bakery crew has a weight-loss challenge. Also: an FAO Schwarz-themed cake and a beach-themed cake are created. read more

Museum, Mistakes and Mother Mary Season 1, Episode 8

The crew visits a local museum to research a cake replica of a prehistoric mammal. Also: a difficult sweet-16 cake proves is a challenge for the staff. read more

Doves, Ducks, and Delicacies Season 1, Episode 7

Buddy creates an ornate wedding cake filled with live birds. Also: a man orders a giant lobster-tail pastry for his pregnant wife. read more

Undead, Unclothed, and Unhappy Mama Season 1, Episode 6

Buddy's mother is none-too-pleased when he's hired to create a risqué cake for a bachelorette party. read more

Bi-Plane, Bridezilla, and Busting Buddy Season 1, Episode 5

A demanding bride-to-be is unhappy with her wedding cake; Buddy creates a biplane cake for a local charity. read more

Weddings, Water and Whacked! Season 1, Episode 4

Wedding season begins and the bakery gets busier than usual. Later, Buddy flips out when lack of organization leads to a cake mix-up. read more

Bunny, Birthday, and Burnt Food Season 1, Episode 3

Easter week is one of the bakery's busiest times of year, and a last-minute Easter Bunny cake proves to be a challenge. Meanwhile, Grace prepares Easter dinner for everyone. read more

A Fire, a Fashionista, and Family Season 1, Episode 2

Top baker Buddy Valastro creates a fire-engine cake complete with working lights, a siren and smoke in the opener of the series that documents life at his booming family-run bakery in Hoboken, N.J. read more

A Bride, a Boat, and Bamboozled! Season 1, Episode 1

Buddy Valastro is asked to create elaborate wedding cakes for a Brides Magazine photo spread. read more

Cake Boss Episode: "Baby Special"

Episode Synopsis: Buddy and Lisa prepare for the arrival of their fourth child by getting the nursery ready and choosing godparents. Meanwhile, the bakery is booming on one of the busiest days of the year: Valentine's Day.
Original Air Date: Mar 6, 2011

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Premiered: April 19, 2009, on TLC
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Reality fare following the staff at a booming family-run bakery in Hoboken, N.J.



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