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Killer App Season 3, Episode 13

Cal probes the death of a social-network cofounder who had feared that she was being squeezed out by her partner. read more

Gone Season 3, Episode 12

Cal investigates the abduction of a baby and comes to believe that the child's mother is hiding something. read more

Saved Season 3, Episode 11

Cal probes a fatal traffic accident caused by three teens. read more

Rebound Season 3, Episode 10

A wealthy woman wants Cal to conduct a background check on her new boyfriend (Sam Page), who turns out to be quite a "social chameleon." read more

Funhouse Season 3, Episode 9

Cal commits himself to a mental hospital to investigate whether a patient is being held there legitimately and comes to question his own sanity as well. He also confronts his past in hallucinations in which he reminisces with his late mother (Paula Malcomson) and confronts his father (Enzo Cilenti). read more

Funhouse; Rebound

When Cal is asked to determine if a mental hospital patient is being held against his will, he begins to question his own sanity. He also must confront his past. Then a wealthy woman wants Cal to conduct a background check on her new boyfriend. read more

Smoked Season 3, Episode 8

A terminally ill restaurateur (John Amos) hires Cal to track down his murdered daughter's killer. She had been first in line to inherit her father's successful restaurant chain, and Cal discovers that this fact could have something to do with her death. read more

Veronica Season 3, Episode 7

Cal helps a woman with early-onset Alzheimer's (Annette O'Toole) reconstruct a memory, and unearths a secret that could prove deadly in the process. read more

Beyond Belief Season 3, Episode 6

Cal goes head-to-head with a self-help guru (David Sutcliffe) to free a wealthy woman (Julia Campbell) who might be under his control. Cal also suspects the group of threatening him and Emily. read more

The Canary's Song Season 3, Episode 5

Cal investigates a coal-mine explosion that killed six miners, and he suspects foul play. So to prove it he goes into the mine. Meanwhile, the FBI seeks the Lightman Group's aid again, and Foster and Torres offer to work pro bono. read more

Double Blind Season 3, Episode 4

The Lightman Group's expertise is called into question when a woman (Tricia Helfer ) plays cat-and-mouse with Cal while he's checking for security leaks at an art museum prior to a major exhibition. read more

Dirty Loyal Season 3, Episode 3

The Lightman Group is hired to look into police profiling following an incident involving Wallowski (Monique Gabriela Curnen), and it turns out that Internal Affairs want Cal to incriminate her. read more

The Royal We Season 3, Episode 2

Lightman defends a falsely accused man from an angry mob. In the course of proving his innocence, Lightman unearths a secret that allows a mother and daughter to begin to heal. read more

In the Red Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 premiere: Tim tries to stop a man (Shawn Doyle) bent on revenge from robbing a bank and in the process holds a guilty man accountable for his actions. read more

Black and White Season 2, Episode 22

Season 2 finale: The probe of the murder of Cal's friend, a journalist who was investigating political corruption, tests Cal's relationship with Reynolds and the FBI. Meanwhile, Cal is uncomfortable with Emily's newfound interest in dating. read more

Darkness and Light Season 2, Episode 21

A young woman's disappearance leads to an investigation of crime in the pornography industry. read more

Exposed Season 2, Episode 20

Foster's boyfriend, Dave Burns (Max Martini), is kidnapped, and Cal must track him down with the help of Burns' mysterious ex-partner. read more

Pied Piper Season 2, Episode 19

Cal and Zoe (Jennifer Beals) are called to witness the execution of a man (David Marciano) they helped send to death row 17 years before---and face the possibility that he's innocent. Marciano is joined in the cast by fellow alumni of "The Shield," including David Rees Snell, Catherine Dent, Benito Martinez, Kenneth Johnson and Cathy Cahlin Ryan, the wife of "Lie to Me" executive producer (and creator of "The Shield") Shawn Ryan. read more

Headlock Season 2, Episode 18

Cal risks being exposed as a gambler when a fighter is found dead in an underground fight club. Meanwhile, Foster's romance with Burns (Max Martini) is threatened when she discovers a secret. read more

Bullet Bump Season 2, Episode 17

When a gubernatorial race in Virginia turns deadly following the death of a young woman at a campaign event, the Lightman Group is tapped to explore conflicting scenarios of foul play. read more

Delinquent Season 2, Episode 16

Torres recalls a difficult childhood and shares an uneasy reunion with her incarcerated half sister (Alyssa Diaz) after the latter's fellow inmate disappears from a juvenile corrections facility. read more

Teacher and Pupils Season 2, Episode 15

After a housing-project shooting, the D.C. police ask Cal to read the face of a paralyzed victim, who can move only his eyes. read more

React to Contact Season 2, Episode 14

Cal confronts unsettling truths in his past as he and his team try to save the lives of an Iraq War vet and his family. read more

The Whole Truth Season 2, Episode 13

Cal is a witness at the trial of a woman (Melissa George) accused of murdering her much-older husband, a business tycoon. read more

Sweet Sixteen Season 2, Episode 12

Cal and Gillian look back over events in their lives---including the therapy session at which they met---after a former colleague of Cal's at the Pentagon is killed in a car bombing. read more

Beat the Devil Season 2, Episode 11

Cal suspects that a charming psychology graduate student is a murderous psychopath, but the young man's teacher (who has a history with Cal) is protecting him. Meanwhile, Loker and Torres probe a claim by a teacher (Howard Hesseman) that he saw a UFO . read more

Tractor Man Season 2, Episode 10

A protesting farmer parks his explosives-packed tractor near the U.S. Treasury building. Meanwhile, Loker plays babysitter to third-graders stuck in the Lightman Group offices. read more

Fold Equity Season 2, Episode 9

Cal, Foster and Reynolds go all in to find a missing finalist from the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, where Cal must determine if the other players are being straight with him about the disappearance. Meanwhile, an analysis of Loker's latest relationship allows him and Torres to get better acquainted in the process. read more

Secret Santa Season 2, Episode 8

Cal spends the holidays in Afghanistan, where he relies solely on an American expatriate to help a mission to find a pair of missing Marines. read more

Black Friday Season 2, Episode 7

A troubled teen who believes he was abducted as a baby wants to learn about his past. Meanwhile, Loker investigates a deadly stampede at a megastore the day after Thanksgiving. read more

Lack of Candor Season 2, Episode 6

Cal and Gillian probe the murder of a witness in a government case and discover that Agent Reynolds (Mekhi Phifer), the star witness in the case, is hiding something in his past. read more

Grievous Bodily Harm Season 2, Episode 5

An old friend of Cal's (Lennie James) attempts to pull him into a criminal conspiracy. Meanwhile, the Lightman Group probes a high-school student's murderous threats. read more

Honey Season 2, Episode 4

A man (Garret Dillahunt) is determined to prove that he didn't murder his wife, and his effort to do so puts the Lightman Group in danger. read more

Control Factor Season 2, Episode 3

While vacationing in Mexico, Cal and Emily get involved in the case of a missing American woman. Back in D.C., Foster and Cal's rival, Jack Rader (Marc Blucas), investigates tainted blood in area hospitals. read more

Truth or Consequences Season 2, Episode 2

Zoe (Jennifer Beals) enlists the Lightman Group to probe a college-football star accused of statutory rape; Foster and Loker visit a religious compound to determine if it's a dangerous cult. Pollack: James Marsters. Mr. Reed: John Carroll Lynch. read more

The Core of It Season 2, Episode 1

Season 2 premiere: A woman with multiple personalities (Erika Christensen) could be either a witness to a murder---or the killer. Meanwhile, the government hires the Lightman Group to question a possible Supreme Court nominee. read more

Sacrifice Season 1, Episode 13

Season 1 finale: Following a terrorist attack outside Washington, D.C., FBI agent Reynolds (Mekhi Phifer) enlists the Lightman Group to find the perpetrators. Then the case becomes personal for a member of the team. In addition, Cal and Zoe (Jennifer Beals) fear that their daughter could be in danger. read more

Blinded Season 1, Episode 12

An FBI agent (Mekhi Phifer) enlists the Lightman Group in the hunt for a serial rapist. Cal's assignment: infiltrate a prison and befriend a convict (Daniel Sunjata) whom the suspect appears to be copycatting. read more

Undercover Season 1, Episode 11

An undercover cop chasing a drug suspect mistakenly shoots an innocent teen, and Cal is hired to determine the man's intentions. Meanwhile, Loker's lie during a recent Ponzi-scheme investigation could come back to haunt him (and Torres as well) when Cal tells them that they'll be deposed in a lawsuit over the matter; and Cal's suspicions that Foster's husband is having an affair are raised anew when he sees him again with the woman he had seen her with before. read more

Better Half Season 1, Episode 10

Cal's ex-wife (Jennifer Beals), an assistant U.S. attorney, hires him to get to the bottom of an arson case in which the victim accuses a childhood friend, who's now a famous TV reporter, of burning down his house. He bases the charge on the word of his 5-year-old son. Meanwhile, Foster and Torres investigate a drive-by shooting tied to a feud between rival rappers. read more

Life Is Priceless Season 1, Episode 9

When a building under construction collapses, Cal and Gillian must determine if someone on the scene might have sabotaged it and how. The safety of workers still trapped inside could depend on it. Meanwhile, an Internet entrepreneur planning to propose to his girlfriend wants to know if she really loves him or if she's after his money. read more

Depraved Heart Season 1, Episode 8

Cal becomes obsessed with the suicides of three young Indian-immigrant women, and Loker takes an unusual interest in the Ponzi scheme he and Foster are investigating. The scheme's operator (Daniel Benzali), who's dying of cancer, insists that he is solely responsible for it, and that all the money is gone. But Foster---and especially Loker---aren't buying either assertion. read more

The Best Policy Season 1, Episode 7

Lightman is hired by an old friend (D.W. Moffett) to find a corporate spy at a pharmaceutical company, then gets mixed up in a conspiracy surrounding a new drug that could put thousands of lives at risk. Meanwhile, the State Department hires the team to assist with negotiations for the release of two U.S. citizens imprisoned in Yemen. read more

Do No Harm Season 1, Episode 6

While Lightman and Foster probe the disappearance of an 11-year-old adopted girl, Loker and Torres must determine whether a Ugandan peace activist is who she claims to be. One problem: Loker is a fan of the woman, and they become attracted to each other when they meet. read more

Unchained Season 1, Episode 5

A governor weighing a pardon for a reformed gang leader imprisoned for killing a cop hires Cal to determine if the guy has really reformed. Meanwhile, the death of a black probationary firefighter in a burning building might not have been accidental. Gillian must find out if it was murder and, if it was, who did it. read more

Love Always Season 1, Episode 4

The team is assigned to protect the South Korean ambassador, a presidential candidate in his country and the object of death threats, during his son's wedding. The ambassador isn't shot but his son is, and Cal doesn't think it was the result of bad aim. Besides, everyone in the wedding party seems to have something to hide. read more

A Perfect Score Season 1, Episode 3

The murder of a federal judge's teen daughter leads the Lightman Group to her highly competitive prep school. Meanwhile, a NASA test pilot is accused of intentionally crashing a plane. read more

Moral Waiver Season 1, Episode 2

While Cal tries to determine the truthfulness of a female soldier's rape accusation against her sergeant, basketball fan Gillian probes a charge that an influential college alum bribed a promising inner-city prospect to attend his school. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth), an expert in how facial expressions and body language betray emotions, solves cases for law-enforcement agencies and whoever else hires him in this whodunit. In the pilot, a high-school teacher is murdered, and one of her students is caught running from her house; and the chairman of the House Ethics Committee is accused of patronizing a prostitute. Dr. Gillian Foster: Kelli Williams. read more

Lie to Me Episode: "Funhouse; Rebound"

Episode Synopsis: When Cal is asked to determine if a mental hospital patient is being held against his will, he begins to question his own sanity. He also must confront his past. Then a wealthy woman wants Cal to conduct a background check on her new boyfriend.
Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2011
Guest Cast Bruce Nozick: Dobson Enzo Cilenti: John Lightman Dylan Minnette: Noah Fay Masterson: Gina Dobar Sam Page: George Alexa Nikolas: Amanda Dobar Monique Curnen: Wallowski Kelvin Brown: Henrik David Costabile: Dr. Grandon Doug Hutchison: Wayne Dobar Erik Jensen: Wayne Paula Malcomson: Louise Lightman John Pirruccello: Arthur Dave Shalansky: Harvey Gina Ravera: Paula Victoria Pratt: Lily

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Premiered: January 21, 2009, on FOX
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: A deception expert works with law-enforcement agencies, lawyers and private companies to sort out the facts in cases. Based on the real-life experiences of psychologist Paul Ekman, an expert in how facial expressions can betray emotions.



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