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Dec 28, 2014: Tea With a Side of Squashed Beef
Dec 21, 2014: Nice to Metria
Dec 14, 2014: Make-ups and Breakdowns
Dec 07, 2014: Friend or Faux
Dec 07, 2014: Best of NeNe and Kim
Nov 30, 2014: Bury the Ratchet
Nov 23, 2014: All Tea All Shade
Nov 16, 2014: No Moore Apollogies
Nov 09, 2014: Bye Bye & Bon Voyage
Nov 02, 2014: Road Trip Countdown to Season 7
Jul 06, 2014: Kandi's Wedding: Meet the Tuckers
Jun 22, 2014: Kandi's Wedding: Dis-Engaged
Jun 15, 2014: Kandi's Wedding: Mother Tucker
Jun 14, 2014: Kandi's Wedding First Look
Jun 08, 2014: Kandi's Wedding: Blessings and Dressings
Jun 01, 2014: Kandi's Wedding: Say Yes to the Distress
May 18, 2014: Husbands Revealed
May 11, 2014: Secrets Revealed
May 11, 2014: Secrets Revealed/Kenya Tells All
May 04, 2014: Reunion Part 3
Apr 27, 2014: Reunion Part 2
Apr 20, 2014: Reunion Part 1
Apr 13, 2014: Final Curtain Call
Apr 06, 2014: Mess Rehearsal
Mar 30, 2014: With Friends Like These
Mar 23, 2014: Mexi-Loco
Mar 16, 2014: Flirting With Disaster
Mar 09, 2014: He Said, She Said
Feb 23, 2014: Twirling With the Enemy
Feb 16, 2014: Dropping the Ball
Feb 09, 2014: Peaches Divided
Jan 26, 2014: Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight?
Jan 19, 2014: Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches
Jan 12, 2014: Crunk in the Trunk
Jan 05, 2014: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Dec 29, 2013: Midnight in the Garden of Tea and Shade
Dec 22, 2013: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Dec 15, 2013: Savann-No
Dec 08, 2013: The Old Lady and the Shoe
Dec 01, 2013: Save the Drama for Mama
Nov 24, 2013: Too Late to Apollo-Gize
Nov 17, 2013: All in a Day's Twerk
Nov 10, 2013: Girl Code Breakers
Nov 03, 2013: Bye Bye With the Wind
Apr 28, 2013: Secrets Revealed
Apr 21, 2013: Reunion Part 3
Apr 14, 2013: Reunion Part 2
Apr 07, 2013: Reunion Part 1
Mar 31, 2013: Divas Into Icons
Mar 24, 2013: Donktabulous!
Mar 17, 2013: He's Stalking, I'm Walking
Mar 10, 2013: Strip Is a Trip
Mar 03, 2013: Peaches Don't Grow in Hollywood
Feb 17, 2013: Praise the Pageant
Feb 10, 2013: Prayed Up
Jan 27, 2013: Make an Ass Out of a Donkey
Jan 20, 2013: Battle of the Booty
Jan 13, 2013: This Donkey Kicks
Jan 06, 2013: Off the Hook
Dec 30, 2012: Dress Down and Strip Bare
Dec 23, 2012: Fools of Engagement
Dec 16, 2012: I Do...But, I Won't
Dec 09, 2012: Hold on to Your Weaves
Dec 02, 2012: No Excuse for Excuses
Nov 25, 2012: Unmoved
Nov 18, 2012: Call Me Miss U.S.A.
Nov 11, 2012: Excess Breeds Success
Nov 04, 2012: Got Sexy Back
Oct 28, 2012: Hairstylists Tell All
Sep 09, 2012: NeNethon Part 6
Sep 09, 2012: NeNethon Part 7
Sep 08, 2012: NeNethon Part 1
Sep 08, 2012: NeNethon Part 2
Sep 08, 2012: NeNethon Part 3
Sep 08, 2012: NeNethon Part 4
Sep 08, 2012: NeNethon Part 5
Apr 22, 2012: Reunion Part 3
Apr 19, 2012: Reunion Part 2
Apr 15, 2012: Reunion Part 1
Apr 08, 2012: Happiness & Joy
Apr 01, 2012: All Pomp but No Circumstance
Mar 25, 2012: Fresh Princes
Mar 18, 2012: The Error Apparents
Mar 11, 2012: Peaches and Screams
Mar 04, 2012: From Motherland to Haterville
Feb 26, 2012: Kim & Kroy
Feb 19, 2012: No Bones About It
Feb 12, 2012: Make It Rain Down in Africa
Jan 29, 2012: South Africa: Just Like Home
Jan 22, 2012: Shaping Up and Shipping Out
Jan 15, 2012: We Come in Peace (And Packing Heat)
Jan 08, 2012: Unlikely Duos
Dec 18, 2011: New Tricks
Dec 13, 2011: Law by Sheree
Dec 11, 2011: Three Wigs and a Baby
Dec 04, 2011: Whine Bar
Nov 27, 2011: Jewels Be Dangled
Nov 20, 2011: Shower the Baby, Muzzle the Boy
Nov 13, 2011: Surprisingly Rich
Nov 06, 2011: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Oct 30, 2011: Before They Were Stars
Feb 20, 2011: Reunion, Part 2
Feb 13, 2011: Reunion, Part 1
Jan 30, 2011: The Bride and the Doom
Jan 23, 2011: Floridon't
Jan 16, 2011: Flamingo Road Block
Jan 09, 2011: Tour-ture
Dec 19, 2010: Not So Fine Print
Dec 12, 2010: Contract Player
Dec 05, 2010: Auto-Tuned-Up
Nov 28, 2010: NeNe Get Your Gun
Nov 21, 2010: Is There a Doctor in the House?
Nov 14, 2010: She Can Dance?
Nov 07, 2010: Trashed Collection
Nov 01, 2010: Hot Mama's Day
Oct 25, 2010: Petty Boughetto
Oct 18, 2010: White Hot
Oct 11, 2010: Model Behavior
Oct 04, 2010: New Attitude
Dec 10, 2009: Lost Footage
Nov 05, 2009: Reunion, Part 2
Oct 29, 2009: Reunion, Part 1
Oct 22, 2009: Catwalks & Cat Fights
Oct 15, 2009: Baby Momma & Daddy Drama
Oct 08, 2009: High Heels & Record Deals
Oct 01, 2009: Better Tardy Than Never
Sep 24, 2009: Precious Pocketbook
Sep 17, 2009: Scrambled Egos
Sep 10, 2009: Throwing Shade
Sep 03, 2009: My Ego Is Bigger Than Your Ego
Aug 27, 2009: Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is
Aug 20, 2009: Mummies, Mommies and Baby Mommas
Aug 20, 2009: Unbeweavable---Director's Cut
Aug 13, 2009: Unbeweavable
Aug 06, 2009: Kim-Tervention
Jul 30, 2009: New Attitude, Same ATL
Jul 23, 2009: The Lost Footage
Nov 25, 2008: Reunion: Watch What Happens
Nov 18, 2008: Best of Enemies
Nov 11, 2008: Dream a Little Nightmare
Nov 04, 2008: Out of Tune
Oct 28, 2008: Bring on the Bling
Oct 21, 2008: Who's Your Poppa?
Oct 14, 2008: It's My Party!
Oct 07, 2008: Welcome One, Welcome ATL
Aug 01, 2008: Preview Special
First Look
The Social Edition

Tea With a Side of Squashed Beef Season 7, Episode 8

Kandi struggles to keep the peace with her family. In other developments, Phaedra anticipates being a single parent; Claudia's mother and grandmother arrive; and Kenya scouts for office space in a bid to launch her business plan. read more

Nice to Metria Season 7, Episode 7

Cynthia returns to work and joins forces with singer-actress Demetria McKinney. Meanwhile, NeNe goes live on the air in Tampa to debut her clothing collection; Kenya meets a prominent producer; and Kandi receives cold treatment from Mama Joyce at a family barbecue. read more

Make-ups and Breakdowns Season 7, Episode 6

Cynthia and NeNe continue to clash as they try to resolve their issues. Meanwhile, Phaedra plunges into work to keep her mind off Apollo's dramas; Cynthia makes her runway comeback at New York Fashion Week; and Kandi treks to the Big Apple to visit Todd's mother. read more

Friend or Faux Season 7, Episode 5

Claudia adapts to her new life in Atlanta and divulges information about her family history. Meanwhile, Kandi sets out to put her house on the market, and Kandi hopes to bring the ladies together with a dinner, but dramas spill over. read more

Best of NeNe and Kim

Top moments revolving around NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are presented. read more

Bury the Ratchet Season 7, Episode 4

Todd reprimands staffers at the Kandi Factory, putting Kandi in between her team and her husband. Meanwhile, Phaedra struggles with fallout from Apollo's decisions; Claudia begins to adjust to Atlanta life; Kenya hopes to mend relationships with the others. read more

All Tea All Shade Season 7, Episode 3

Phaedra and Apollo divide in the wake of his apology to Kenya. Meanwhile, radio figure Claudia Jordan prepares for her new Southern life; NeNe returns to Atlanta following her show in Las Vegas; and a meeting between Porsha and Cynthia turns sour. read more

No Moore Apollogies Season 7, Episode 2

Kandi tries to please her mother by buying her a house. Meanwhile, tension between Phaedra and Apollo continues; NeNe gears up for opening night in Las Vegas; and Cynthia hosts a party, where Apollo breaks stunning news. read more

Bye Bye & Bon Voyage Season 7, Episode 1

A draining day impacts Phaedra and Apollo as he faces his day in court in the Season 7 opener. Also: Kenya returns from vacation and deals with a dispute with Porsha; NeNe heads to Las Vegas to rehearse for a Cirque du Soleil show; and Kandi questions Todd's relaxed parenting style. read more

Road Trip Countdown to Season 7

Top moments from Season 6 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" are remembered by hosts Derek J and Miss Lawrence ("Fashion Queens"). Included: the duo also explore Atlanta. read more

Kandi's Wedding: Meet the Tuckers Season 6, Episode 32

Kandi and Todd's wedding day arrives, but drama surrounding a prenuptial agreement plagues the couple and jeopardizes their special day. Also: Mama Joyce creates tension and precipitates an argument by ignoring Todd's daughter. read more

Kandi's Wedding: Dis-Engaged Season 6, Episode 31

Prenuptial-agreement dramas plague Kandi and Todd as their wedding fast approaches. Wedding guests begin arriving, bachelor and bachelorette bashes are thrown, and the wedding rehearsal is held. read more

Kandi's Wedding: Mother Tucker Season 6, Episode 30

Two weeks remain until Kandi and Todd's nuptials, so they turn to a pastor for spiritual guidance. Meanwhile, Kandi and Todd debate whether their mothers should meet; Kandi scouts for the perfect wedding cake; and two frenemy bridesmaids square off while competing for Kandi's attentions. read more

Kandi's Wedding First Look

Previewing an episode in the "Kandi's Wedding" arc of shows. read more

Kandi's Wedding: Blessings and Dressings Season 6, Episode 29

Fallout from an emotional exit impacts Kandi's wedding team. Elsewhere, Kandi and Todd deal with Mama Joyce's allegations; Kandi asks her father to officiate her nuptials; and past family issues rise to the surface. read more

Kandi's Wedding: Say Yes to the Distress Season 6, Episode 28

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker plan their dream wedding with a "Coming to America" theme. Here, the couple pick a wedding date, and stress overwhelms Kandi's best friend. read more

Husbands Revealed Season 6, Episode 27

Atlanta husbands Gregg, Peter, Apollo and Todd sound off about their lives with their wives. Included: Their efforts to please their ladies. read more

Secrets Revealed Season 6, Episode 26

Previously unseen footage from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is presented. Included: NeNe dining with a costar from "Glee"; and clips of Kandi and Momma Joyce. read more

Secrets Revealed/Kenya Tells All

Previously unseen footage from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is presented. Included: NeNe dining with a costar from "Glee"; and clips of Kandi and Momma Joyce. Also: Andy Cohen conducts a one-on-one interview with Kenya Moore. read more

Reunion Part 3 Season 6, Episode 25

The conclusion of a three-part reunion includes a battle between NeNe and Kenya, plus an appearance by Apollo, who addresses the rumors swirling around him. Also: The husbands join to talk about Season 6. read more

Reunion Part 2 Season 6, Episode 24

Part 2 of 3. The ladies discuss Porsha and Kenya's fiery showdown. Also: Momma Joyce makes an appearance; and Cynthia and NeNe attempt to make amends. read more

Reunion Part 1 Season 6, Episode 23

Part 1 of 3. The Atlanta ladies reunite to discuss Season 6's antics. Included: Dramas center on Porsha and Kenya; and Porsha has a one-on-one interview with host Andy Cohen. read more

Final Curtain Call Season 6, Episode 22

In the Season 6 finale, the debut of Kandi's musical approaches, but ticket sales are slow and performer Porsha is seemingly unfocused. Meanwhile, one relationship fizzles while another sizzles; NeNe experiences unusual pains and seeks medical attention. read more

Mess Rehearsal Season 6, Episode 21

Porsha heads to the studio to record her own song, stirring up drama with Kandi, whose musical opens in one week. Meanwhile, Cynthia deals with foreclosure rumors; NeNe focuses on her career; and Kenya suffers a shocking loss. read more

With Friends Like These Season 6, Episode 20

A conflict in Mexico involving Peter, Gregg and NeNe escalates, shocking the group. Back in Atlanta, Cynthia has doubts about her friendship with NeNe; Kenya prepares for motherhood; and Kandi focuses on her musical while beginning to question her decision to cast Porsha in it. read more

Mexi-Loco Season 6, Episode 19

A Mexican trip continues with Phaedra confronting Apollo and Kenya about a late-night moment they shared. Meanwhile, Kenya tries to clear the air with the gang; and the men seek quality time alone, but a fiery argument ensues when the ladies join them. read more

Flirting With Disaster Season 6, Episode 18

A trip to Mexico includes various dramas. Here, the group heads into the Mexican jungle for a lusty swim; Kenya sets out to visit a Mexican shaman specializing in fertility; a past altercation is addressed; and Kenya confronts Apollo about their history. read more

He Said, She Said Season 6, Episode 17

Kenya organizes a trip to Mexico, but not everyone's up for the getaway. Meanwhile, Kenya unearths information about the recent Bailey Bowl drama. read more

Twirling With the Enemy Season 6, Episode 16

Cynthia worries about her friendship with NeNe in the wake of a masquerade-ball argument. Meanwhile, Kenya corners NeNe about her behavior; NeNe offers acting tips to Porsha; Kenya invites the ladies to a trip to Mexico; and a fitness event sours due to a showdown in front of a packed crowd. read more

Dropping the Ball Season 6, Episode 15

Kenya plans a masquerade ball, but dramas erupt when it's discovered guest-of-honor NeNe might not attend. Meanwhile, Porsha gears up for a make-or-break audition for Kandi's musical, and Kandi faces a relationship challenge. read more

Peaches Divided Season 6, Episode 14

An explosive couples night continues with Apollo facing off against Kenya's friend and Kandi pouncing on a couple. The next day, everyone reflects on the fiery dramas, with each remembering different accounts of what happened. The ladies try to mend differences at a spa gathering, yet the fuming resumes. read more

Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight? Season 6, Episode 13

Kenya meets with a fertility doctor as her quest to become a mother continues. Meanwhile, Kandi lands a major performer for her stage musical; and NeNe hosts a sultry pajama party, where a battle royal could change relationships forever. read more

Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches Season 6, Episode 12

NeNe visits Porsha to mend their friendship in the wake of a showdown. Elsewhere, Cynthia and Peter hear shocking news about Kandi's fiancé; Kenya hosts a family dinner; and the ladies visit a vineyard, but the trip takes a sour turn. read more

Crunk in the Trunk Season 6, Episode 11

Kenya receives a visit from her father; Cynthia tries to mend her relationship; Kandi gets stunning news; Porsha's financial sense is questioned; and tensions swell at a jewelry-trunk show. read more

A Trip Down Memory Lane Season 6, Episode 10

Porsha returns to Atlanta with newfound independence. Meanwhile, Cynthia's sister arrives and announces her extended stay; Momma Joyce reveals news about her health; Phaedra and NeNe are summoned to Athens, where dramas about a past relationship unfold. read more

Midnight in the Garden of Tea and Shade Season 6, Episode 9

A Savannah getaway continues with NeNe and Cynthia in a fiery dispute over parenting. Meanwhile, the ladies attend a drag show, then take in one last home-cooked Savannah dinner, but the meal leaves a bitter taste due to an unwelcome guest. read more

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Season 6, Episode 8

The ladies head to an allegedly haunted mansion in Savannah, Ga. Included: Kandi commands the master bedroom; friction rises between Phaedra and NeNe's friend; the wives go on a sightseeing tour of Savannah; past dramas are unearthed at a cocktail gathering. read more

Savann-No Season 6, Episode 7

The ladies gear up for a trip to Savannah, but drama, tardiness and tension jeopardize the getaway. Also: Cynthia receives an emotional visit from Kandi; and Mama Joyce makes a stunning declaration to Kandi. read more

The Old Lady and the Shoe Season 6, Episode 6

Phaedra returns from Alabama still upset about a texting drama. Elsewhere, Kenya realizes she must make difficult choices; NeNe unearths information about Phaedra and Kandi; a stressed Porsha heads to the hospital; Kandi begins planning a dream wedding, but not without drama. read more

Save the Drama for Mama Season 6, Episode 5

Phaedra journeys to Alabama to study for a mortuary exam following a dispute with Apollo. Meanwhile, Cynthia meets her daughter's boyfriend and his mother; Porsha is pushed to find her own apartment by her sister; Kenya happily moves into her new house; and Kandi is torn between her mother and her fiancé. read more

Too Late to Apollo-Gize Season 6, Episode 4

Kandi investigates the Kenya and Apollo texting situation. Meanwhile, Cynthia tries to recover from surgery; Porsha faces some harsh truths; NeNe helps Kenya scout for a house; and tempers flare when Phaedra and Apollo have dinner. read more

All in a Day's Twerk Season 6, Episode 3

NeNe struggles to adjust to her housewife role following the cancellation of her TV series, "The New Normal." Meanwhile, Cynthia grapples with going into surgery; Phaedra gears up for a family photo shoot; Kenya decides to move out of her rental home. read more

Girl Code Breakers Season 6, Episode 2

Kenya fights her eviction in court. Meanwhile, Porsha temporarily moves in with her mother; Cynthia discloses that she's been hiding a debilitating condition; and NeNe corners Kenya about texting Apollo. read more

Bye Bye With the Wind Season 6, Episode 1

Porsha struggles with marriage issues in the Season 6 opener. Elsewhere, Phaedra and Apollo clash; Kandi retreats from making wedding plans; and Cynthia launches her fashion business with an event, where the newly married NeNe duels with Kenya. read more

Secrets Revealed Season 5, Episode 24

Previously unseen footage is presented. Clips of Kim Zolciak's return and reunion reactions are included. read more

Reunion Part 3 Season 5, Episode 23

The conclusion of a three-part reunion features husbands and significant others joining the conversation. Topics include Kandi's engagement; a breakup drama; and accusations of "sexting." read more

Reunion Part 2 Season 5, Episode 22

Part 2 of 3. The reunited Atlanta wives reflect on Season 5 dramas. Included: Kim Zolciak returns to dish on the antics and to talk about her departure from the show; NeNe confronts Phaedra, with Kenya joining in on the attack. read more

Reunion Part 1 Season 5, Episode 21

Part 1 of 3. The Atlanta ladies reunite. read more

Divas Into Icons Season 5, Episode 20

Kenya hosts a big party with a Hollywood-icons theme in the Season 5 finale. All guests arrive in assigned costumes, but one rogue housewife stirs up trouble, resulting in a battle royal. read more

Donktabulous! Season 5, Episode 19

Kandi's housewarming bash is marked by dramas revolving around Kenya, spurring Cynthia's intervention. Meanwhile, NeNe settles into her rekindled romance; Kandi hosts a sales gathering; Phaedra and Kenya duel with competing workout videos. read more

He's Stalking, I'm Walking Season 5, Episode 18

Porsha takes a very important test. Elsewhere, NeNe journeys to New York City for a hectic promotional tour for her sitcom; home and business renovations rattle Kandi; nasty chatter and swirling rumors mark Kenya's life. read more

Strip Is a Trip Season 5, Episode 17

The ladies depart Hollywood and land in Las Vegas, where Porsha is tutored in the art of being independent and Kenya ultimately confronts Phaedra. read more

Peaches Don't Grow in Hollywood Season 5, Episode 16

The women visit Los Angeles, as NeNe anticipates showing off her glitzy Hollywood life. Yet tempers explode, and Kenya sounds off against her rivals, Phaedra and Porsha. read more

Praise the Pageant Season 5, Episode 15

Cynthia stages her pageant and cautiously allows Kenya to be a judge. Elsewhere, Phaedra enlists chef Roblé Ali to serve up a lusty dinner; Kandi tunes up to record a duet with gospel's Marvin Sapp; Porsha tries to juggle various elements of her life. read more

Prayed Up Season 5, Episode 14

Porsha throws a birthday bash for Kordell. Elsewhere, tempers flare when Cynthia confronts Porsha over the lack of support for her pageant; Kandi's manager worries about her loss of focus; and Kenya has a health scare. read more

Make an Ass Out of a Donkey Season 5, Episode 13

Kenya and Phaedra focus on their competing workout videos as their feud builds, with Porsha ultimately getting caught in the crossfire. Elsewhere, Cynthia tries to expand her agency, and NeNe learns hard lessons about success. read more

Battle of the Booty Season 5, Episode 12

Phaedra and Kenya feud after a fitness-video deal sours and Kenya decides to produce her own video. Meanwhile, NeNe returns to Atlanta; and Cynthia casts a charity runway event, culminating in a wicked showdown between Phaedra and Kenya. read more

This Donkey Kicks Season 5, Episode 11

Phaedra and Apollo focus on their workout video, leading to business complications with Kenya. Meanwhile, NeNe tries to acclimate to Hollywood life; Kandi throws a birthday bash for Todd, yet Kenya interferes with the celebration. read more

Off the Hook Season 5, Episode 10

NeNe faces various tests as she anticipates leaving for Los Angeles to shoot the show "The New Normal." Elsewhere, Kandi settles into her new life and mulls over marriage, and Kenya takes Walter on a fishing date. read more

Dress Down and Strip Bare Season 5, Episode 9

Relationships are tested and divorce rumors spread in the wake of the ladies' trip to Anguilla. Meanwhile, Kenya scrutinizes her beau's attitude about love, and NeNe lands a coveted cover shoot. read more

Fools of Engagement Season 5, Episode 8

The ladies' Anguilla trip draws to a close with Kenya hoping to leave the island with an engagement ring and some of the wives trying to patch up differences. But tensions are at a high boil during the final vacation dinner when one couple comes under scrutiny. read more

I Do...But, I Won't Season 5, Episode 7

A wife makes a big decision during a Caribbean trip. Meanwhile, Kenya fumes when NeNe questions her behavior, and Porsha infuriates one of the ladies, leading to an all-out showdown. read more

Hold on to Your Weaves Season 5, Episode 6

Fallout from a blowout with Kim impacts a Caribbean getaway, as newbie wife Porsha takes Kim's place on the trip. The ladies and their partners frolic while on vacation, but tensions rise when Kenya flirts with someone other than her man. read more

No Excuse for Excuses Season 5, Episode 5

The women plan a getaway to Anguilla in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Kenya and Phaedra have a double date at an amusement park; Porsha hopes to have twins; and friendships are tested at a brunch. read more

Unmoved Season 5, Episode 4

Kandi settles into her new home just as Kim must move out of her dream home. Elsewhere, Porsha continues to fume in the wake of her showdown with Kenya; Phaedra arranges an excessive party for her son; NeNe forwards bad news to Cynthia. read more

Call Me Miss U.S.A. Season 5, Episode 3

New housewives Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart socialize at a high-class charity event, but their relationship has a rocky beginning. Meanwhile, NeNe visits New York City for meetings; Phaedra focuses on releasing a workout video; Kim considers moving back to her old home. read more

Excess Breeds Success Season 5, Episode 2

NeNe promotes her new TV sitcom. Meanwhile, Kim celebrates a birthday, yet the daunting thought of being homeless looms over her. Also: Kandi and Phaedra bond with new housewife Kenya Moore, who struggles with various issues; Cynthia throws a party but tangles with Kenya. read more

Got Sexy Back Season 5, Episode 1

Season 5 opens with NeNe possibly reconciling with Gregg. Meanwhile, Kandi moves in with her new beau; a pregnant Kim deals with a possible eviction; and new housewife Kenya Moore emerges as a dominating presence at an event. read more

Hairstylists Tell All

Hairstylists Derek J and Lawrence Washington count down top clips from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and recall their favorite moments from the show. read more

NeNethon Part 6

Part 6 of 7. Dramas surround Atlanta wives. Featured: NeNe Leakes. read more

NeNethon Part 7

Conclusion. A look back at the Southern belles' younger years, as small-town upbringings, teen rebellions and heartbreak dramas come to the fore. Featured: NeNe Leakes. read more

NeNethon Part 1

Part 1 of 7. Atlanta-wives dramas featuring NeNe Leakes. read more

NeNethon Part 2

Part 2 of 7. Atlanta dramas with NeNe Leakes. read more

NeNethon Part 3

Part 3 of 7. Atlanta dramas with NeNe Leakes. read more

NeNethon Part 4

Part 4 of 7. Wife dramas in Atlanta with NeNe Leakes. read more

NeNethon Part 5

Part 5 of 7. Wife dramas in Atlanta with NeNe Leakes. read more

Reunion Part 3 Season 4, Episode 23

Conclusion. Atlanta's Southern belles reunite to sum up the good, the bad and the ugly of Season 4. Host: Andy Cohen. read more

Reunion Part 2 Season 4, Episode 22

Part 2 of 3. The Atlanta ladies gather and recall Season 4's dramas in a reunion hosted by Andy Cohen. read more

Reunion Part 1 Season 4, Episode 21

Part 1 of 3. Andy Cohen officiates a reunion featuring the Atlanta ladies recalling Season 4's highlights and lowlights. read more

Happiness & Joy Season 4, Episode 20

In the Season 4 finale, Cynthia presides over an audition for models at her fashion agency, hoping to find Atlanta's next big star. Meanwhile, NeNe makes a huge decision about her marriage; Kim gives her fiancé a lavish birthday gift; and Kandi launches her sex-toy line. read more

All Pomp but No Circumstance Season 4, Episode 19

Phaedra's funeral-home apprenticeship winds down. Meanwhile, NeNe journeys to Los Angeles to visit the creators of "Glee"; Kandi puts the focus on her new sex-toy line; Kroy meets with Kim's father; Phaedra breaks big news. read more

Fresh Princes Season 4, Episode 18

Kroy returns home after a monthlong stay at football camp. Kim welcomes him with a home-cooked meal—prepared by a private chef, of course. Meanwhile, NeNe has an important conversation with her youngest son; Phaedra hosts an extravagant church ceremony for her son, but drama surfaces between Kim and Cynthia. read more

The Error Apparents Season 4, Episode 17

Kandi heads to Nashville to boost her country-music career; Sheree mulls over a marriage proposal for her daughter as NeNe reassesses her divorce from Gregg; Mal sets out to apologize to Cynthia; Phaedra throws a water-park party for her son; Kim and Kandi try to mend their fractured friendship. read more

Peaches and Screams Season 4, Episode 16

NeNe tries to help her son by reaching out to an unlikely source; simmering friction surfaces among Cynthia, Peter and Mal; Phaedra enlists in an embalming class; and dramas flare up between Kim and her assistant. read more

From Motherland to Haterville Season 4, Episode 15

The Southern belles depart South Africa and return to Atlanta, where trouble awaits them. NeNe's son is arrested; Kim's relationship with her assistant begins to shatter; and Kim corners Kandi about certain demeaning comments. read more

Kim & Kroy

A special edition recounts the romance between series star Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. Included: previously unseen footage and a peek at Kim's forthcoming show, "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding," which is set for a spring 2012 premiere. read more

No Bones About It Season 4, Episode 14

The ladies continue to delight in African culture as they find peace with one another in the wake of their moving visit to an orphanage. They tour a museum and meet an offbeat herbalist, yet their harmony is fleeting when Cynthia and Kandi disparage Kim. read more

Make It Rain Down in Africa Season 4, Episode 13

The women's South African getaway continues. With a blowout between Sheree and Marlo apparently now behind them, they hit a Cape Town nightclub, visit a lavish game reserve and take a touching tour of an orphanage. read more

South Africa: Just Like Home Season 4, Episode 12

The ladies arrive in Cape Town, where a relaxing yacht ride turns ugly when Marlo confronts Sheree about not inviting her to a party. In Atlanta, Kim finds it difficult to adjust to Kroy's absence and taking care of her brood on her own. read more

Shaping Up and Shipping Out Season 4, Episode 11

Kim tries to lose weight the easy way while Kandi attends a boot camp to drop pounds; the ladies prep for their South African vacation as NeNe schemes to bring socialite Marlo along; and the NFL lockout ends for Kroy, leaving Kim on her own. read more

We Come in Peace (And Packing Heat) Season 4, Episode 10

Cynthia and Phaedra go on a double date with their men; Kroy takes Kim to a gun range; NeNe's business partner visits and treats her to some retail therapy; and Kandi hosts a dinner party for all the women. read more

Unlikely Duos Season 4, Episode 9

Phaedra sets out to launch her family funeral business. Elsewhere, genre-hopping Kandi takes a country-music direction by working with country's Jo Dee Messina in Nashville; and NeNe tries to squash spreading gossip about her alleged tryst with a socialite's boyfriend. read more

New Tricks Season 4, Episode 8

Kim and her newly expanded family move into their dream mansion; tension grows between Sheree and Phaedra in the wake of a court battle; Kandi charts new musical territories; and Cynthia hosts a grand-opening party for her modeling school. read more

Law by Sheree Season 4, Episode 7

Phaedra represents Sheree in a court battle against Sheree's ex-husband. Meanwhile, Kim brings her baby home, but the family—including the dog—struggle to adjust to the newborn. And gossip swirls about NeNe on a new episode of "Kandi Koated Nights." read more

Three Wigs and a Baby Season 4, Episode 6

Kim gives birth to a baby boy; Cynthia and NeNe journey to New York City, where Cynthia receives business advice from Russell Simmons; Sheree gets tangled up in child-support drama; and Mama Joyce receives a makeover for an online-dating shoot. read more

Whine Bar Season 4, Episode 5

Whining meets wining when investor problems put a damper on the preview party for Peter's bar. Meanwhile, child-support dramas entangle Sheree; Kim addresses family issues; Kandi tries to make amends with Mama Joyce; and Cynthia hosts a fashion show. read more

Jewels Be Dangled Season 4, Episode 4

Phaedra tries to make amends for her husband's behavior at Kim's baby shower, and construction on Sheree's house proves to be a very slow process. As for Kandi, she hears the resounding ticks of her biological clock as she plans her birthday bash. At the party, Phaedra presents an unforgettable gift. Meanwhile, Cynthia is torn between two families. read more

Shower the Baby, Muzzle the Boy Season 4, Episode 3

A case of mistaken identity plagues Phaedra and Apollo; Sheree surveys the construction of a new house; NeNe's youngest son must adapt to living in two homes; and Kim oversees a lavish baby shower. read more

Surprisingly Rich Season 4, Episode 2

In the wake of her verbal pummeling of Sheree, NeNe assembles Cynthia and Kandi for a weekend escape to Miami. Meanwhile, Phaedra mulls over opening a funeral business, and a surprise birthday bash is thrown for Kim. read more

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Season 4, Episode 1

Season 4 kicks off, and the Southern belles mean business. Entrepreneurial endeavors include Kandi's adult-toy line, Cynthia's modeling school and Phaedra's bizarre undertakings. Meanwhile, a pregnant Kim hopes to settle into a lavish home with her boyfriend. read more

Before They Were Stars

A look back at the Southern belles' younger years, as small-town upbringings, teen rebellions and heartbreak dramas come to the fore. Included: childhood photos and insight from family and friends. read more

Reunion, Part 2 Season 3, Episode 18

Conclusion. Andy Cohen hosts a reunion edition featuring the Atlanta wives addressing Season 3's frantic antics. read more

Reunion, Part 1 Season 3, Episode 17

Andy Cohen oversees Part 1 of a two-part reunion featuring the Atlanta wives recounting the dramas of Season 3. read more

The Bride and the Doom Season 3, Episode 16

Season 3 closes with Cynthia's wedding rapidly approaching, but jitters and dramas surround the big event. Elsewhere, Phaedra returns to work; Sheree's acting ability is sorely tested during a movie audition; and Kandi approaches Kim about song-related finances. read more

Floridon't Season 3, Episode 15

Phaedra, Sheree and Cynthia welcome Kandi's tour-bus arrival in Miami, but plans to celebrate Cynthia's approaching nuptials are marred by a ballooning battle between Kim and NeNe, not to mention Cynthia's own anxiety about her wedding. read more

Flamingo Road Block Season 3, Episode 14

NeNe conducts her first on-air interview, with rapper-producer Jermaine Dupri, but the segment creates tension with Kim. Elsewhere, financial problems jar Peter and Cynthia; Phaedra struggles to balance career and family; and Kandi tires of Kim's bus-tour shenanigans. read more

Tour-ture Season 3, Episode 13

Dramas center around Phaedra's baby party. Meanwhile, NeNe prepares for an interview; and Cynthia's fiancé reveals news that might end up jeopardizing her dream wedding. read more

Not So Fine Print Season 3, Episode 12

As her tour draws ever closer, Kandi scrambles to finish her CD while trying to get Kim's opening act in shape. Elsewhere, Cynthia makes moves to reconcile with NeNe, who feels the stress of trying to score a celebrity interview for her local show. Also: Kim's past jesting at Phaedra's due date comes back to haunt her. read more

Contract Player Season 3, Episode 11

Kim rehearses for her looming tour, but she's seemingly more interested in sculpting her body than refining the show. Elsewhere, Sheree prepares to act in a regional play; and Phaedra plans to face the ladies about gossip that surrounded her pregnancy. read more

Auto-Tuned-Up Season 3, Episode 10

Kim faces the music by meeting with the vocal coach who previously criticized her singing skills. Meanwhile, Sheree auditions for a talent agency, and Phaedra rejoices in newfound parenthood. Later, dramas are fast and furious at the FastLife drag race. read more

NeNe Get Your Gun Season 3, Episode 9

Phaedra brings her new baby home. In other motherhood developments, Kim struggles with her daughter's curious queries about sex. Meanwhile, Kandi revamps a song to make it more suitable for Kim; Cynthia arranges her dream wedding; and NeNe's hardship in her marriage nears the breaking point. read more

Is There a Doctor in the House? Season 3, Episode 8

With her due date still a mystery to all, Phaedra prepares to give birth by arriving in Augusta to see her doctor. Elsewhere, NeNe tries to land a post as an entertainment reporter at a local TV station. And Sheree hosts a party, but NeNe's inside scoop about Sheree's date stirs up the drama. read more

She Can Dance? Season 3, Episode 7

Trying to prove she can dance, a driven Sheree steps up in a regional dance-themed charity event. Elsewhere, Phaedra prepares to give birth; tension mounts between Kandi and Kim over a new song; a cunning proposal surprises Cynthia; and Kim develops a new crush. read more

Trashed Collection Season 3, Episode 6

NeNe hopes to inspire a career path for her late-bloomer son by introducing him to Cynthia's club-owner boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kim lays down music tracks with Kandi's help, but creative differences create dissension; and NeNe's marriage issues escalate to the breaking point. read more

Hot Mama's Day Season 3, Episode 5

Kim opines on cheating while guesting on Kandi's Web show, and NeNe reveals her nip-tuck results to Cynthia. Meanwhile, a pregnancy photo shoot involves Phaedra. And the ladies celebrate Mother's Day with a meal, dishing on sex and NeNe's marital dramas. read more

Petty Boughetto Season 3, Episode 4

Mired in marital problems, NeNe looks to cheer herself up---through plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Phaedra and Cynthia connect at a horse-racing event; Kim enlists Kandi to write her next song; and Phaedra plans an overblown horse-race-themed baby shower. read more

White Hot Season 3, Episode 3

This Kandi is sweet---she journeys to Palm Springs to extend support to Kim, who's been invited to perform at a gay-circuit party. Meanwhile, Sheree reconnects with a family member; parenting issues plague Phaedra; and Cynthia is conflicted about the notion of marriage. read more

Model Behavior Season 3, Episode 2

NeNe, her personal life beginning to crumble, shares her perspective about a past showdown, with model and new housewife Cynthia Bailey lending support. Meanwhile, Sheree goes on a blind date with a doctor; Kandi records with R&B vocalist Ne-Yo; and Kim is called on to perform at a gay-circuit party. read more

New Attitude Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 kicks off with whispers spreading fast in the wake of Kim's delicate disclosure in a tabloid. Meanwhile, other fast rumors affect NeNe, and Kandi plunges into the dating pool. Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey join the cast this season. read more

Lost Footage Season 2, Episode 16

Atlanta housewives Kim, Lisa, NeNe, Kandi and Sheree are featured in previously unseen footage from the show's second season. read more

Reunion, Part 2 Season 2, Episode 15

The wives reconvene to rehash memorable Season 2 moments in the conclusion of a two-part reunion. read more

Reunion, Part 1 Season 2, Episode 14

Part 1 of 2. The Southern belles reassemble to dish on Season 2 dramas in a reunion installment. read more

Catwalks & Cat Fights Season 2, Episode 13

It's not all peachy in Georgia in the Season 2 finale. Sheree anticipates the debut of her clothing line---but there's a catfight at this catwalk when NeNe takes on Kandi. It's a no-no for NeNe when she also locks horns with Gregg and clashes with Kim. Meanwhile, Lisa prepares for life without her husband's NFL paycheck. read more

Baby Momma & Daddy Drama Season 2, Episode 12

Kim and Sheree attempt to resolve differences while planning an engagement party for Kandi. Meanwhile, Kandi and AJ visit a marriage counselor, with Kandi's mom in tow. And NeNe returns to Athens, encountering the man who claims to be her father. read more

High Heels & Record Deals Season 2, Episode 11

NeNe plans a high-heel marathon for her foundation. Elsewhere, Kim focuses on her budding wig business; Lisa takes a pregnancy test; Kandi journeys to Los Angeles for a potential record deal; Sheree tapes a fashion-show promo; and NeNe reflects on whether she should meet the man claiming to be her biological father. read more

Better Tardy Than Never Season 2, Episode 10

NeNe separates from her fellow Atlanta wives in the wake of her fight with Kandi and Kim. Meanwhile, Kandi and Kim try to finish the tune "Tardy for the Party" in time for their joint birthday bash---where enigmatic Big Papa plans a surprise for Kim. Then there's Sheree, who departs for New York to work on her fashion line; and Kandi reenters the spotlight by rendering a solo performance. read more

Precious Pocketbook Season 2, Episode 9

Kim's mysterious paramour Big Papa returns after squiring Kim to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, Lisa and Kandi participate in a charity show, with Kandi's performance wowing both the crowd and Dwight. As for NeNe, she confabs with the cowriter of her memoir; and Sheree presides over her long-anticipated Independence Party. read more

Scrambled Egos Season 2, Episode 8

Kandi urges Kim to reenter the Atlanta music scene. Meanwhile, newly single Sheree gets physical in workouts, with her pricey fitness trainer also doing heavy lifting to find her some romance. And the ladies are clothed with finery for a black-tie event, which comes complete with a dramatic development. read more

Throwing Shade Season 2, Episode 7

A determined Lisa anticipates the premiere of her clothing line, but deadline stresses put her on pins and needles. Conversely, the debut of Sheree's own fashion line is put on hold yet again. Meanwhile, NeNe delivers tough love to her college-dropout son; and Kandi helps Kim and NeNe record a song. read more

My Ego Is Bigger Than Your Ego Season 2, Episode 6

Kim lays down the law to a newly arriving nanny and then sets out to make peace with Lisa. Elsewhere, Kandi's plans for an engagement party shatter because of a family tragedy. And NeNe directs her fellow belles in a photo shoot. read more

Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is Season 2, Episode 5

As Lisa and NeNe prep for an excursion to Los Angeles, Sheree hobnobs with an event promoter to discuss a sponsor for her fashion show. Meanwhile, there's harmony in the recording studio when Kim and Kandi bond. And Lisa visits her family with NeNe in tow. read more

Mummies, Mommies and Baby Mommas Season 2, Episode 4

Kandi tries to sweeten her image by consulting her business team and her photographer. Meanwhile, Sheree appears at a bodybuilding event; the ladies unwind at a King Tut cocktail party; and nanny dramas flow when Kim's children are left home alone without supervision. read more

Unbeweavable---Director's Cut

In the "director's cut" version, the fallout from Sheree, NeNe and Kim's meeting is chronicled. Meanwhile, Kim wigs out, hosting a party to celebrate her line of wigs. Also on this belle bill: Lisa has designs on starting a clothing line; Kandi meets with singer Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins; and Sheree salutes her new home with a bash. read more

Unbeweavable Season 2, Episode 3

The fallout from Sheree, NeNe and Kim's meeting is chronicled. Meanwhile, Kim wigs out, hosting a party to celebrate her line of wigs. Also on this belle bill: Lisa has designs on starting a clothing line; Kandi meets with singer Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins; and Sheree salutes her new home with a bash. read more

Kim-Tervention Season 2, Episode 2

NeNe approaches Kim in an effort to make amends. In addition, Sheree gossips about her flare-up with a party planner, while Lisa and Ed experience their first fertility visit. On the flip side, Kandi faces the music by working on her solo album in the studio. read more

New Attitude, Same ATL Season 2, Episode 1

The South's gonna do it again when the Atlanta housewives open their second season. Sheree celebrates her divorce by basking in a bash. Meanwhile, the ladies turn up at a birthday party for actress Niecy Nash. Kandi Burruss is new to the cast, replacing Season 1's DeShawn Snow. read more

The Lost Footage Season 1, Episode 9

Atlanta housewives DeShawn, Kim, Lisa, NeNe and Sheree are featured in previously unseen footage from the show's first season. read more

Reunion: Watch What Happens Season 1, Episode 8

The Southern belles reunite to reflect on the wives' tales of Season 1. read more

Best of Enemies Season 1, Episode 7

In the first-season finale, Sheree, humbled by her failed fashion show, seeks advice from designer and "Project Runway" contestant Mychael Knight. On the sports page: Ed returns to the NFL and Eric considers retiring from the NBA. It all culminates with the housewives congregating for a tasty but testy dinner. read more

Dream a Little Nightmare Season 1, Episode 6

Sheree takes a boating trip with Kim on a Georgia lake. But it's her clothing line that she really hopes will set sail, as she hosts a lavish viewing of her fashion samples. Meanwhile, NeNe continues to deal with paternal-identity issues and pursues DNA testing; and DeShawn invites the Southern belles over for a sunset barbecue. read more

Out of Tune Season 1, Episode 5

Kim tries to tune up her music career when a producer sends her to a music coach. Meanwhile, it's a no-no for NeNe when she disparages Kim's career, followed by catty consequences. Other developments: Sheree and Lisa take a pole-dancing class; and NeNe holds a brunch to raise funds for a battered-women foundation. read more

Bring on the Bling Season 1, Episode 4

DeShawn basks in Atlanta's social scene by throwing a glam gala at her private estate. Elsewhere, Kim and Sheree share a spa day and dinner, but their bonding has a nasty impact on one of their peers. And Lisa's jewelry line sparkles to success as she signs a distribution deal and participates in a glitzy photo shoot. read more

Who's Your Poppa? Season 1, Episode 3

The housewives journey to the country to visit Kim's spiritual adviser---but an ominous prediction raises tension. Coincidence or not, NeNe receives bad news that questions the identity of her father. Also: Kim works to become a country artist; and DeShawn attempts to throw a black-tie gala for charity. read more

It's My Party! Season 1, Episode 2

NeNe is still hopping mad in the aftermath of Sheree's birthday bash. Meanwhile, it's a big-bucks birthday blowout for Kim's daughter, with some of the housewives attending the event---including the feuding NeNe and Sheree. Also: Lisa comes down with the flu. read more

Welcome One, Welcome ATL Season 1, Episode 1

Real-world dramas whirl around five privileged ladies from Atlanta in this soapy entry in the "Real Housewives" franchise. In the series premiere, DeShawn---the wife of a professional basketball player---sees her mansion for the very first time, and real-estate maven Lisa struggles to juggle family and career. Meanwhile, interpersonal troubles loom when the housewives gather at Sheree's birthday bash. read more

Preview Special

A sneak peek at the unscripted series that tracks the lives of five upscale Georgia women. read more

First Look

A preview of an upcoming episode. read more

The Social Edition

An episode featuring social-media content. read more

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode: "Kim & Kroy"

Episode Synopsis: A special edition recounts the romance between series star Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. Included: previously unseen footage and a peek at Kim's forthcoming show, "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding," which is set for a spring 2012 premiere.
Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2012

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Premise: Real-world dramas whirl around privileged ladies from Atlanta in this soapy entry in the 'Real Housewives' franchise.



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