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Keep the Peace Season 5, Episode 13

Conclusion. The fifth season ends with a terrorist setting off bombs in public buildings all across the city. read more

Keep the Peace Season 5, Episode 12

Part 1 of 2. A terrorist sets off bombs in public buildings all across the city. read more

Lawmen Season 5, Episode 9

Parker's and Ed's sons join the team on a routine call that suddenly turns dangerous when a shootout occurs at a drug den. read more

Fit for Duty Season 5, Episode 11

An armed man on a ferry is pursued. read more

Flashpoint: The Final Salute

"Flashpoint" stars Hugh Dillon, Enrico Colantoni, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau and Sergio Di Zio reflect on the series' five seasons. Host: Ben Mulroney. read more

We Take Care of Our Own Season 5, Episode 8

Ex-soldiers commandeer an armored truck containing over $2 million. read more

Forget Oblivion Season 5, Episode 7

A young man with a perfect memory is abducted and forced to penetrate a high-tech research facility and memorize the design of a new so-called smart gun. read more

Below the Surface Season 5, Episode 6

A bomb explodes in a suburban neighborhood when a war breaks out between rival biker gangs. The team quickly responds and tries to defuse a second bomb and help a wounded informant. read more

A World of Their Own Season 5, Episode 10

A desperate man tries to protect his deaf nephew and the only place where the boy feels safe. read more

Sons of the Father Season 5, Episode 5

A nurse is abducted by a serial killer, and the team turns to the kidnapper's brother for help. read more

Eyes In Season 5, Episode 4

A hacker infiltrates the team's computer system to show them a video of a crime in progress. Team One responds and discovers that thieves have stolen a truck loaded with volatile chemicals. read more

Run to Me Season 5, Episode 3

Two young con artists become involved in a bank robbery. read more

No Kind of Life Season 5, Episode 2

A doctor is abducted at gunpoint in an office building. read more

Broken Peace Season 5, Episode 1

Team One searches for an abusive, armed man who is hunting for his ex-wife. read more

Slow Burn Season 4, Episode 18

Team One tracks a deadly arsonist who is responsible for a series of neighborhood fires. Meanwhile, a fire captain tries to keep one of his badly injured men from committing suicide. read more

Priority of Life Season 4, Episode 17

A laboratory filled with deadly anthrax samples is broken into and hostages are taken. Meanwhile, Parker is asked to resign or face suspension for keeping Sam and Jules' relationship a secret. read more

Team Player Season 4, Episode 16

Team One tries to capture an escaped mental patient who is holding a nurse hostage. read more

The War Within Season 4, Episode 15

A teen who was the target of a vicious prank abducts the student responsible for the viral video that caused him great humiliation. read more

Blue on Blue Season 4, Episode 14

Spike responds to a distress call from Sam's sister and suddenly finds himself held at gunpoint by her criminal ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Team One responds to shots fired at a metro depot where two men have broken in to rob it. read more

Day Game Season 4, Episode 13

A stadium security guard takes Parker hostage after trying to be a hero in another hostage situation that turned bloody. read more

A Call to Arms Season 4, Episode 12

A Chinatown gang kidnaps a local shop owner. The man's daughter tries to win his freedom, while Team One works to keep them both safe and bring the gang to justice. read more

A New Life Season 4, Episode 11

A wedding turns tragic when a vengeful family try to kill members of the wedding party who may have been involved in sending one of their loved ones to prison, where he died. read more

Wild Card Season 4, Episode 10

A woman is forced to rob a bank in order to free her kidnapped family, who are being held hostage due to an enormous debt the woman owes to a loan shark. read more

Cost of Doing Business Season 4, Episode 9

A CEO is kidnapped by a former employee, a victim of an earlier hostage situation who was abused by her kidnappers when the CEO delayed in meeting the ransom demand. read more

Grounded Season 4, Episode 8

Hijackers hold a plane load of passengers hostage and threaten to kill them if their demands aren't met. read more

Shockwave Season 4, Episode 7

Spike leaves his dying father's bedside to help Team One diffuse a bomb. read more

A Day in the Life Season 4, Episode 6

A new recruit joins the team on Valentine's Day, which is notorious for hostage and suicide situations. read more

The Better Man Season 4, Episode 5

Wordy's career is threatened and the team's mission to bring down a drug ring risks being compromised when a department secret is revealed. read more

Through a Glass Darkly Season 4, Episode 4

A mother and daughter are abducted, and the search to find them results in the revelation of a dark family secret. read more

Run, Jaime, Run Season 4, Episode 3

A serial robber who broadcasts his heists on the Internet is hunted. read more

Good Cop Season 4, Episode 2

Team One confronts a rioting crowd after a cop who mistakenly shot and killed a young boy is declared innocent. read more

Personal Effects Season 4, Episode 1

The team members hunt for the gunman who shot Ed and learn that the shooter is linked to a drug lord. Meanwhile, Ed undergoes surgery; and his wife experiences complications while delivering their baby. read more

Fault Lines Season 3, Episode 21

The team members turn on one another during a brutal requalification exam conducted by a military psychologist. Meanwhile, Ed is shot on the way to the hospital to attend the birth of his child. read more

I'd Do Anything Season 3, Episode 20

An informant in a credit-card-fraud ring vanishes with the ring leader's mastermind, who may also be her lover. read more

Terror Season 3, Episode 19

A gunman takes hostages inside a restaurant after he becomes convinced that the owner is a terrorist who is planning an attack. read more

No Promises Season 3, Episode 18

Mike fears his former mentor may be implicated in a case that involves corruption, drug dealers and an attempted gang execution. read more

Thicker Than Blood Season 3, Episode 17

A couple rob a bank to get money for a bone-marrow transplant for their son, who is dying from leukemia. read more

Collateral Damage Season 3, Episode 16

A prisoner suspected of murdering his daughter is hunted after he escapes from a transport van. Meanwhile, Ed learns that his wife is en route to a hospital due to complications from her pregnancy. read more

Acceptable Risk Season 3, Episode 15

The SRU's actions are called into question after the team responds to a shooting at a museum gala. The lead investigator focuses her probe on Parker in particular. read more

Jumping at Shadows Season 3, Episode 14

The SRU team searches for a girl who was kidnapped from her home shortly after she called 911 to report that an intruder was in her house. read more

The Other Lane Season 3, Episode 13

The SRU team members encounter gunrunners, one of whom is Ed's brother, when they investigate shots fired in an upscale neighborhood. read more

Whatever It Takes Season 3, Episode 12

A high-school athlete threatens to commit suicide after he is kidnapped and beaten. read more

Follow the Leader Season 3, Episode 11

Two brothers become involved in a white supremacy group, but when the group plans a terrorist attack, one of the brothers has second thoughts. read more

Severed Ties Season 3, Episode 10

A female kidnapper (Kelly Rowan) abducts two girls. read more

You Think You Know Someone Season 3, Episode 9

Parker is lured into a deadly trap and is told he must either reveal a disturbing secret from his past or be killed. read more

The Good Citizen Season 3, Episode 8

A man fights back against drug dealers who vandalize a bar he patronizes, but the SRU team suspects he may have a hidden agenda. read more

Unconditional Love Season 3, Episode 7

A carjacking results in a young man and a baby being held hostage, and the SRU team members attempt to end the situation without anyone being harmed. read more

Just a Man Season 3, Episode 6

The team must contain a riot at a maximum-security prison, but they soon suspect it's a cover for a planned prison break. read more

Behind the Blue Line Season 3, Episode 5

The team tries to capture a gunman who's shooting inside a historic arena. The investigation causes Sam to question his place on the team. read more

Custody Season 3, Episode 4

A contentious child-custody battle gets out of hand and the SRU team must rescue the children involved using a risky roadblock. read more

The Farm Season 3, Episode 3

A young woman who was taken in by a cult leader 15 years earlier robs a convenience store. The SRU team members learn that the head of the cult plans to murder all of his followers by the end of the day, so they rush to stop the mass killing. read more

Never Let You Down Season 3, Episode 2

A deluded man kidnaps a woman he insists is his missing daughter and the SRU team attempts to rescue her. read more

One Wrong Move Season 3, Episode 1

A terrorist group places several bombs throughout the city and the SRU team must find and dismantle them before they explode. One team member sacrifices his life to save others. read more

Coming to You Live Season 2, Episode 14

A radio talk-show host holds a prominent politician hostage in the studio for a murder he believes the man committed years earlier. The SRU team attempts to rescue the man before he's killed on the air. read more

Exit Wounds Season 2, Episode 13

A boy is wounded by a drug dealer after witnessing a gangland slaying. The gang members chase him and his brother to a hospital, where a standoff ensues between the thugs and the SRU team. read more

Last Dance Season 2, Episode 12

A young couple on a crime spree baffle the unit. But the investigation reveals the woman has a fatal disease and only has a short time to live, and that her fiancé is determined to make her final days memorable. read more

Perfect Storm Season 2, Episode 11

A student brings a gun to school to carry out revenge against some bullies who pushed him too far. Parker leads the SRU's efforts to calm the boy and diffuse the volatile situation. read more

Remote Control Season 2, Episode 10

A man whose pregnant wife is taken hostage by a ruthless gang persuades his brother to electronically rob a bank for him and transfer $500,000 into the thugs' account. If the money isn't wired, the gang will kill the wife on camera. read more

The Perfect Family Season 2, Episode 9

An unstable couple who gave up their baby for adoption several months ago kidnap their child from the adoptive parents and flee in a stolen car. read more

Aisle 13 Season 2, Episode 8

A teen distraught over his best friend moving away takes several people hostage after his plans to rob a local food store go terribly awry. read more

Clean Hands Season 2, Episode 7

The team is assigned to transport and protect a serial killer who is being extradited back to the U.S. But the father of one of his victims plots to kill him, and he isn't alone in those plans. read more

The Fortress Season 2, Episode 6

An upper-class family is taken hostage during an apparent home invasion gone awry. The SRU team members soon learn that the family's nanny is involved, and they try to persuade her to cooperate. read more

Business as Usual Season 2, Episode 5

Three men take the CEO of a mortgage company hostage after they lose all their money in a mortgage scheme. They threaten to kill the man and burn down the office building. Meanwhile, recruits are evaluated as possible replacements for Jules while she recovers from her injuries. read more

Between Heartbeats Season 2, Episode 4

A sniper fires from downtown rooftops, but his real target is Ed, who killed his father several weeks earlier while the man held a woman hostage at gunpoint. During the mission, one of the SRU's own is hit and fights for survival. read more

Haunting the Barn Season 2, Episode 3

A retired SRU sergeant, who was Ed's mentor, arrives at headquarters and barricades himself in a briefing room, where he plans to commit suicide. Ed attempts to talk him out of ending his life and learns the man is haunted by a tragic 1989 case that resulted in a boy's death. Downtown, unit members investigate a suspicious piece of luggage that may contain a bomb. read more

Backwards Day Season 2, Episode 2

A distraught wife holds a woman she suspects is having an affair with her husband hostage at knifepoint in the couple's suburban house. The woman swears she isn't involved with the husband, but the wife doesn't believe her and demands she tell her everything. Tension mounts on the team, too, when Parker orders Ed to run the command post from the truck, rather than be in the field, because he believes Ed's exhaustion is causing him to lose focus. read more

Eagle Two Season 2, Episode 1

The SRU works security for a visiting billionaire and his wife, who are scheduled to attend a benefit at a plush hotel, but the wife is kidnapped by a man posing as a journalist. The man and his accomplices don't want a cash ransom. They want her husband to admit to criminal activity, including murder, in his business dealings in South America before they will release her. read more

Planets Aligned Season 1, Episode 9

The team attempts to rescue a kidnapped girl who is being held at a booby-trapped house, and they learn that one of the abductors is a teen who went missing several years earlier. read more

Never Kissed a Girl Season 1, Episode 8

A courtroom is held hostage by a young man who is attempting to clear his name for a crime he claims he didn't commit. An SRU member is among the hostages and tries to reason with the man. read more

He Knows His Brother Season 1, Episode 7

The team searches for a young man who ran into the woods after his attempt to confront his abusive father ended in violence. Simon Strachan: Landon Liboiron. RJ Strachan: Tyler Hynes. Rolland Strachan Sr.: Andrew Gillies. Hilary Strachan: Brenda Robins. Cadet Torley: Daniel Karasik. read more

Attention Shoppers Season 1, Episode 6

A 16-year-old girl who is bullied by a gang shoots one of her tormentors and escapes into a mall. The SRU team arrives to find the now suicidal teen and stop gang members from killing her. read more

Who's George Season 1, Episode 5

Hostages are taken during a botched bank robbery, but Parker soon learns that the man holding them doesn't fit the original profile of the gunman. read more

Asking for Flowers Season 1, Episode 4

The team attempts to rescue a police officer who is being held hostage by an angry family member. read more

The Element of Surprise Season 1, Episode 3

The team aids undercover agents involved in a major drug bust, but the operation goes haywire when a former junkie, looking for some quick cash to help his sister, unwittingly gets thrown into the middle of the sting. read more

First in Line Season 1, Episode 2

A distraught father holds doctors at gunpoint in a desperate effort to get his dying daughter a heart transplant. When the team is called in, Parker shares his feelings about his own child in an effort to ease the intense situation. read more

Scorpio Season 1, Episode 1

In the series opener, a police unit specializing in emergency situations responds when a woman is taken hostage outside an office building by a gunman who just murdered his estranged wife. The situation intensifies when the man's tearful son arrives on the scene. read more

Flashpoint Episode: "Flashpoint: The Final Salute"

Episode Synopsis: "Flashpoint" stars Hugh Dillon, Enrico Colantoni, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau and Sergio Di Zio reflect on the series' five seasons. Host: Ben Mulroney.
Original Air Date: Dec 14, 2012
Guest Cast Ben Mulroney

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Premiered: July 11, 2008, on CTV
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: A highly specialized police unit handles emergency situations by negotiating with kidnappers, rescuing hostages, defusing bombs and counseling suicidal individuals.



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