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Jan 18, 2013: An Enemy of Fate
Jan 18, 2013: Liberty
Jan 18, 2013: Liberty; An Enemy of Fate
Jan 11, 2013: The Boy Must Live
Dec 21, 2012: Anomaly XB-6783746
Dec 14, 2012: Black Blotter
Dec 07, 2012: The Human Kind
Nov 16, 2012: Five-Twenty-Ten
Nov 09, 2012: Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There
Nov 02, 2012: An Origin Story
Oct 26, 2012: The Bullet That Saved the World
Oct 12, 2012: The Recordist
Oct 05, 2012: In Absentia
Sep 28, 2012: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
May 11, 2012: Brave New World
May 04, 2012: Brave New World
Apr 27, 2012: World's Apart
Apr 20, 2012: Letters of Transit
Apr 13, 2012: The Consultant
Apr 06, 2012: Everything in Its Right Place
Mar 30, 2012: Nothing As It Seems
Mar 23, 2012: A Short Story About Love
Feb 24, 2012: The End of All Things
Feb 17, 2012: A Better Human Being
Feb 10, 2012: Welcome to Westfield
Feb 03, 2012: Making Angels
Jan 27, 2012: Forced Perspective
Jan 20, 2012: Enemy of My Enemy
Jan 13, 2012: Back to Where You've Never Been
Nov 18, 2011: Wallflower
Nov 11, 2011: And Those We've Left Behind
Nov 04, 2011: Novation
Oct 14, 2011: Subject 9
Oct 07, 2011: Alone in the World
Sep 30, 2011: One Night in October
Sep 23, 2011: Neither Here Nor There
May 06, 2011: The Day We Died
Apr 29, 2011: The Last Sam Weiss
Apr 22, 2011: 6:02 AM EST
Apr 15, 2011: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Mar 25, 2011: Bloodline
Mar 18, 2011: Stowaway
Mar 11, 2011: Os
Feb 25, 2011: Subject 13
Feb 18, 2011: 6B
Feb 11, 2011: Immortality
Feb 04, 2011: Concentrate and Ask Again
Jan 28, 2011: Reciprocity
Jan 21, 2011: The Firefly
Dec 09, 2010: Marionette
Dec 02, 2010: Entrada

An Enemy of Fate Season 5, Episode 13

In the series finale, the Fringe team prepare for their final battle with the Observers, with the fate of mankind at stake. read more

Liberty Season 5, Episode 12

Olivia hatches a plan to rescue Michael from Windmark, but it will require multiple injections of Cortexiphan to allow her to cross over to the parallel universe and back several times. read more

Liberty; An Enemy of Fate

In the two-hour series finale, a dangerous mission for Olivia precedes the Fringe team's final battle against the Observers, with the fate of mankind at stake. read more

The Boy Must Live Season 5, Episode 11

Walter goes into the deprivation tank with the goal of learning more about the mysterious figure called Donald; Capt. Windmark sets out on a crucial mission. read more

Anomaly XB-6783746 Season 5, Episode 10

The team call on Nina Sharp to help devise a plan to defeat the Observers, but time is running out in their quest to save the world. read more

Black Blotter Season 5, Episode 9

Walter uses an LSD experience to jog his memory about a plan to beat the Observers. Meanwhile, Peter and Olivia follow a strange signal into the forest, but the trail leads to a shocking scene. read more

The Human Kind Season 5, Episode 8

Peter's observation of Windmark puts him in grave danger; Olivia goes on a mission to find equipment for Walter, and meets a woman with remarkable intuition. read more

Five-Twenty-Ten Season 5, Episode 7

A Fringe event is created by a member of the team as the rebellion reaches a new level of intensity. read more

Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Season 5, Episode 6

A team member assumes a new role, while Walter searches for a vital object to help in the fight against the Observers. read more

An Origin Story Season 5, Episode 5

A member of the Fringe team makes a surprising move as they respond to catastrophic occurrences. read more

The Bullet That Saved the World Season 5, Episode 4

The Fringe team wonder if a recently resurfaced Broyles can be trusted when they find themselves in hostile territory. read more

The Recordist Season 5, Episode 3

As their battle with the Observers rages on, the Fringe team find themselves in a forest populated by a group of people dedicated to recording the history of mankind. read more

In Absentia Season 5, Episode 2

Members of the Fringe team go to Walter's former lab at Harvard looking for crucial information that could aid their current rebellion against the Observer overlords. read more

Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 premiere, Peter and Etta search for Olivia in 2036 as the Fringe team, released from amber after 20 years, joins the rebellion to halt the Observers' world dominance. read more

Brave New World Season 4, Episode 22

In the conclusion of the Season 4 finale, the Fringe team is desperate to prevent a catastrophic event that could cause mass death and destruction. read more

Brave New World Season 4, Episode 21

Part 1 of 2. Walter reluctantly revisits his painful past after terrifying cases of spontaneous human combustion. Meanwhile, the future of both universes is at stake when the Fringe team faces David Robert Jones in the mother of all battles. read more

World's Apart Season 4, Episode 20

The Fringe teams from both worlds are united by a common cause; new developments are linked to the children from the Cortexiphan experiments. read more

Letters of Transit Season 4, Episode 19

A jump ahead to the year 2036 finds the Fringe team and the Observers as participants in an epic battle. read more

The Consultant Season 4, Episode 18

Walter goes to the alternate universe to help with the probe of a Fringe event that affects both worlds. Meanwhile, David Robert Jones makes his next target known. read more

Everything in Its Right Place Season 4, Episode 17

Lincoln goes to the alternate universe to help Fauxlivia and his own doppelganger hunt for a vigilante who may be linked to the shape-shifters. read more

Nothing As It Seems Season 4, Episode 16

A case is familiar to Peter but brand-new to the rest of the team. read more

A Short Story About Love Season 4, Episode 15

A killer targeting love is investigated by the Fringe team as Peter tries to decide what to do about Olivia. read more

The End of All Things Season 4, Episode 14

A series of life-threatening events call for extraordinary measures by Peter and the rest of the Fringe team. read more

A Better Human Being Season 4, Episode 13

A patient with a mental disorder seems to be linked to a series of murders, but the ensuing investigation helps Olivia discover even more surprises. read more

Welcome to Westfield Season 4, Episode 12

Peter, Olivia and Walter are trapped in a town from which there is no escape during a mysterious Fringe event. read more

Making Angels Season 4, Episode 11

Astrid gets a surprise visit from her counterpart in the alternate universe; Peter and Olivia are on the trail of a killer equipped with a toxic weapon that defies chronological description. read more

Forced Perspective Season 4, Episode 10

Olivia is preoccupied by a warning from the Observers, while Peter helps with the search for a girl with mysterious powers to see the future. read more

Enemy of My Enemy Season 4, Episode 9

The alternate Fringe division confronts a powerful new adversary during Peter's visit to the other side. read more

Back to Where You've Never Been Season 4, Episode 8

Peter takes a dangerous journey to the alternate universe to confront Walternate, while Olivia hears an ominous prediction from an Observer. read more

Wallflower Season 4, Episode 7

The Fringe team find that the mysterious death of a man—and his corpse turning white—is not unprecedented and may be linked to an unknown genetic disorder. Meanwhile, Olivia is plagued by migraines. read more

And Those We've Left Behind Season 4, Episode 6

An electrical engineer (Stephen Root) and his wife (Romy Rosemont), a theoretical physicist, pitch in during a frantic search for a pattern between time-loop anomalies. read more

Novation Season 4, Episode 5

The threatening return of the translucent shape-shifters coincides with the reemergence of a former Massive Dynamic scientist (Arye Gross). Meanwhile, Walter gets a visit in the lab from Nina Sharp. read more

Subject 9 Season 4, Episode 4

Walter is wary of leaving the sanctuary of his lab for the first time in years when he and Olivia go to Massive Dynamic in New York to study old files after she discovers a powerful force that may be linked to his Cortexiphan experiments. read more

Alone in the World Season 4, Episode 3

Two 12-year-old bullies are found dead after tormenting another boy, but the abnormally rapid decomposition of their bodies leads to the Fringe team's discovery of a strange entity and a trail of more victims. Meanwhile, Walter's hallucinations are beginning to take their toll. read more

One Night in October Season 4, Episode 2

The Fringe teams work together when a serial killer "over there" builds an impressive body count, but the case takes an interesting turn after the murderer's alternate identity "over here," a forensic psychologist, is brought into the investigation, which opens up the possibility of transporting civilians from one universe to the other. read more

Neither Here Nor There Season 4, Episode 1

The fourth season begins one week after Peter vanished, and as the two universes maintain an uneasy alliance, Lincoln Lee helps the Fringe team on a shape-shifting investigation that hits close to home. read more

The Day We Died Season 3, Episode 22

The third season concludes with Peter meeting his destiny head-on and the demise of a team member. read more

The Last Sam Weiss Season 3, Episode 21

Olivia teams up with Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) on a mission of utmost importance. read more

6:02 AM EST Season 3, Episode 20

Walternate's thirst for revenge drives him to cause trouble in the other universe. read more

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Season 3, Episode 19

The team goes to extremes when time is running out to get William Bell's consciousness out of Olivia's body. read more

Bloodline Season 3, Episode 18

Life in the alternate universe gets difficult for Olivia. read more

Stowaway Season 3, Episode 17

The investigation of an apparent suicide reveals another set of fingerprints that lead to a woman with unique abilities. read more

Os Season 3, Episode 16

The team investigates a gang of thieves who can defy gravity; Walter assesses the harm he's caused to the fabric of the universe. read more

Subject 13 Season 3, Episode 15

The team looks to the past to focus on Walter's experiments in the 1980s and Olivia's traumatic experiences. read more

6B Season 3, Episode 14

Mysterious events lead to a woman in mourning over the death of her husband; Peter and Olivia try to bridge the emotional chasm between them. read more

Immortality Season 3, Episode 13

In the alternate universe, the Fringe team is forced to adjust to Col. Broyles' absence during an investigation of a bioterrorist who unleashes a flesh-eating insect. Meanwhile, Secretary Bishop finds his limitations tested; and Olivia reunites with her boyfriend. read more

Concentrate and Ask Again Season 3, Episode 12

A scientist's ingestion of a blue powder causes his bones to disintegrate, leading government officials to suspect a biological attack, but the Fringe team's investigation may hinge on assistance from a former test subject of Walter's. read more

Reciprocity Season 3, Episode 11

The doomsday device is assembled at Massive Dynamic, but a worried Walter asks Nina for help in understanding Peter's relationship to the weapon. read more

The Firefly Season 3, Episode 10

An Observer reaches out to the Fringe team to reverse a critical error. Meanwhile, Walter meets Roscoe Joyce (Christopher Lloyd), the keyboardist for his favorite band in the 1970s, and discovers some uncanny parallels in their lives. read more

Marionette Season 3, Episode 9

A case of a person having his heart removed sets off a string of bizarre events; Peter assesses his relationship with Olivia. read more

Entrada Season 3, Episode 8

Olivia searches for an ally; a device that can bridge the communication gap between universes is discovered by the Fringe team. read more

The Abducted Season 3, Episode 7

The case of a serial kidnapper in the alternate universe becomes personal for Broyles; Olivia reconnects with cabdriver Henry (Andre Royo) on her secret quest to return to the other side. read more

6955 kHz Season 3, Episode 6

The Division investigates a case of more than a dozen people all over the East Coast suffering from memory loss caused by a radio's frequency. Meanwhile, Walter is discouraged by Peter's work on the doomsday device. read more

Amber 31422 Season 3, Episode 5

A security breach in the parallel universe attracts the Fringe Division's attention after a man frees his twin brother from a quarantined amber area. Meanwhile, Secretary Bishop observes the effects of sensory deprivation on Olivia, who continues to have visions of Peter. read more

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? Season 3, Episode 4

Thomas Jerome Newton requires the services of a sleeping shape-shifter in response to a potentially dangerous situation that involves an important official. Meanwhile, an investigation at Massive Dynamic puts Walter in jeopardy and Olivia on high alert. read more

The Plateau Season 3, Episode 3

Olivia is plagued by visions; Secretary Bishop unveils his secret plan to Col. Broyles; the Division races against time to halt a series of catastrophic events. read more

The Box Season 3, Episode 2

Alternate Olivia joins Peter and Walter on a case involving a strange box that may be causing people to go into trances from which they never emerge. Meanwhile, Walter meets Nina at Massive Dynamic for a reading of William Bell's will. read more

Olivia Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season premiere, Olivia struggles to free herself from the alternate universe, while her auburn-haired counterpart works alongside the oblivious Peter and Walter. read more

Over There Season 2, Episode 23

In the conclusion of the second-season finale, Olivia and Walter's mission to the other side continues, with the fate of both universes and some key individuals very much up in the air. read more

Over There

Olivia journeys to the alternate universe with Walter, who is preparing for a showdown with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy). Elizabeth Bishop: Orla Brady. read more

Over There Season 2, Episode 22

In Part 1 of the two-part second-season finale, Olivia journeys to the alternate universe with Walter, who is preparing for a showdown with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy). Elizabeth Bishop: Orla Brady. read more

Northwest Passage Season 2, Episode 21

A murder investigation that may be linked to Thomas Jerome Newton pairs Peter with a local sheriff (Martha Plimpton); Walter dreads a return to St. Claire's; a visitor arrives from the alternate universe. read more

Brown Betty Season 2, Episode 20

A bout with anxiety causes a self-medicating Walter to spin a musical fairy tale for Olivia's niece, and his fertile imagination becomes the setting for a subconscious song-and-dance exercise by the rest of the Division. read more

The Man From the Other Side Season 2, Episode 19

The mysterious fate of two teens at a vacant warehouse suggests that Thomas Jerome Newton and the shape-shifters have returned, sending Walter to the lab to analyze new evidence and Olivia and Peter to Massive Dynamic for more clues. read more

White Tulip Season 2, Episode 18

When Olivia and Co. investigate the deaths of passengers on a commuter train, they wonder if a mysterious energy drain onboard has something to do with the powerful and enigmatic Alistair Peck (Peter Weller). read more

Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver Season 2, Episode 17

The Division is baffled by the death of a woman from a disease she apparently never had. Meanwhile, Olivia does her best to keep the secret about Peter to herself. read more

Peter Season 2, Episode 16

Walter recalls his experiments in the 1980s as he tries to map out Peter's improbable biography for Olivia. Orla Brady guest stars as Peter's mother. read more

Jacksonville Season 2, Episode 15

A bizarre seismic disaster in Manhattan leads Walter to believe the incident was not geological in nature, but may be related to his experiments with William Bell conducted decades ago in Jacksonville. In the hope of preventing another catastrophe, the Division heads to Florida, where Olivia is forced to confront the traumatic events of her childhood. read more

The Bishop Revival Season 2, Episode 14

The Division discovers that the bizarre deaths of guests at a Massachusetts wedding were the result of a test for chemical weaponry, but the investigation also reveals evidence that the case may have genealogical ties to Walter. read more

What Lies Below Season 2, Episode 13

Walter, Broyles and Astrid scramble for answers when Peter and Olivia become trapped in a Boston office building that's been quarantined by the Centers for Disease Control because of a deadly virus. read more

Johari Window Season 2, Episode 12

A strange attack involving humans with horrible deformities brings the Division to an upstate New York hamlet that prefers to keep a portion of its population a well-guarded secret. read more

Unearthed Season 2, Episode 11

The Division is perplexed by a case involving a teen girl who, after being taken off life support and prepped for organ donation, miraculously awakens, with a newfound ability to speak Russian and knowledge of classified military information. read more

Grey Matters Season 2, Episode 10

During the investigation of strange circumstances surrounding brain surgeries at a mental hospital, Olivia finds a reason to believe the leader of the shape-shifters may have something to do with it. Leonard Nimoy guest stars as William Bell. read more

Snakehead Season 2, Episode 9

When a Chinese cargo ship runs aground, an investigation reveals it was carrying human freight that served as hosts for a squid-like parasite, but time becomes an issue as the case unfolds with increasingly sinister implications. read more

August Season 2, Episode 8

An unusual abduction in Boston reveals information about the Observer and bizarre evidence that Walter, Peter and Astrid must sort out in the lab---in between Walter's constant cravings for a milkshake. read more

Of Human Action Season 2, Episode 7

The Fringe division assists in the investigation of a kidnapping-turned-hostage crisis in New York and discovers a possible connection between the current situation and Massive Dynamic. read more

Earthling Season 2, Episode 6

When the Division probes bizarre cases of people turning into ash, the investigation also reveals clues about Broyles' past. Directed by Emmy Award winner Jon Cassar ("24"). read more

Dream Logic Season 2, Episode 5

The Fringe division tries to decode dreams after going to Seattle to investigate a man's frightening visions that caused him to attack his boss; Broyles has a meeting with Nina Sharp. read more

Momentum Deferred Season 2, Episode 4

While the Fringe division is alerted to a crime spree that's connected to the shape-shifters, Walter cooks up a prescription to help Olivia recall the details of her meeting with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), and another subject of Walter's past experiments emerges. read more

Fracture Season 2, Episode 3

The Fringe crew is flummoxed by the strange circumstances surrounding a bomb blast at a Philadelphia train station, but Walter's discovery in the lab and the prospect of more explosions send Olivia and Peter to Iraq for answers. read more

Night of Desirable Objects Season 2, Episode 2

The team travels to rural Pennsylvania, when they find that a construction worker's disappearance into a subterranean passage may have larger implications. Meanwhile, Walter uses frogs as guinea pigs for reality-shifting experiments. read more

A New Day in the Old Town Season 2, Episode 1

The Fringe division comes under congressional scrutiny in the second-season premiere, which also follows Olivia's incredible return to her familiar environs and the pursuit of a mysterious entity that will stop at nothing to find her. read more

There's More Than One of Everything Season 1, Episode 20

The first-season finale includes an appearance by the much-discussed, but never seen, Massive Dynamics founder, William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), the return of David Robert Jones and a mysterious vanishing act by Walter. read more

The Road Not Taken Season 1, Episode 19

The investigation of a suspected case of spontaneous combustion coincides with Olivia's detailed but inexplicable visions, Walter's focus on the ZFT manifesto and a potentially pivotal revelation from Peter. read more

Midnight Season 1, Episode 18

When a serial killer is draining victims of spinal fluid, the investigation by Olivia, Peter and Walter leads to a scientist who may be linked to a ZFT cell of bioterrorists. read more

Bad Dreams Season 1, Episode 17

An actual suicide at New York City's Grand Central station is witnessed by Olivia---in Boston---in a dream, kicking off a baffling series of nightmares that may be linked to the ZFT manifesto, the drug Cortexiphan and her own childhood. Written and directed by Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman ("A Beautiful Mind"). read more

Unleashed Season 1, Episode 16

An animal-rights organization's rescue mission at a laboratory backfires when it releases a vicious beast, almost mythological in appearance with a lion's body and eagle's talons, and Charlie is in danger of being its latest victim. read more

Inner Child Season 1, Episode 15

Olivia establishes a silent bond with a mute child who has been living under a building targeted for demolition, and their connection coincides with the reappearance of a serial killer who is known for macabre public displays of his deadly deeds. read more

Ability Season 1, Episode 14

While the Division is flummoxed by a mysterious toxin that is killing people by making their facial features disappear, German authorities want to know all about Olivia's contact with escaped convict David Robert Jones, who has relocated to the U.S. read more

The Transformation Season 1, Episode 13

The investigation of another airborne disaster yields evidence of a strange virus, but Olivia and Peter must go undercover to determine the scope of danger presented by this new threat. read more

The No-Brainer Season 1, Episode 12

A series of particularly gruesome murders across the country lead Walter to determine that the killer is turning the victims' brains into liquid, but solving the case has a special urgency for Olivia, who fears for the welfare of a loved one. read more

Bound Season 1, Episode 11

A visit from Olivia's sister (Ari Graynor) and a formal review of the Fringe Division coincide with the investigation of the murder of a famous scientist, which may have something to do with Olivia's recent abduction. read more

Safe Season 1, Episode 10

A series of bank robberies is investigated by Olivia, Peter and Dr. Bishop, whose discovery of a personal link to the tech-savvy thieves' ambition ultimately puts one of the trio in grave danger. read more

The Dreamscape Season 1, Episode 9

The investigation of a bizarre tragedy at Massive Dynamic spawns Olivia's desire to erase her memories of John Scott, while Peter's whereabouts are revealed to some unsavory players from his murky past. read more

The Equation Season 1, Episode 8

The circumstances surrounding a music prodigy's kidnapping cause Dr. Bishop to be reminded of a fellow inmate at St. Claire's, but Olivia's suggestion that he return to the hospital draws criticism from Peter. read more

In Which We Meet Mr. Jones Season 1, Episode 7

The appearance of a strange parasite inside the body of an ailing FBI agent prompts a hurried trip to Germany for Olivia, who learns even more unpleasant news from a man imprisoned there. Meanwhile, Dr. Bishop and Peter try to read a dead man's brain waves. read more

The Cure Season 1, Episode 6

The reappearance of a missing woman with a rare disease puts everyone she meets in jeopardy and coincides with detections of dangerous radiation levels, raising suspicions of a link to illegal drug trials involving humans. read more

Power Hungry Season 1, Episode 5

Dangerous consequences of a man's peculiar ability to harness electricity draw the attention of Olivia, Peter and Dr. Bishop, whose unorthodox methods extend to including the use of homing pigeons to aid their investigation. read more

The Arrival Season 1, Episode 4

The only thing found intact after an explosion rocks a New York City construction project is a mysterious cylinder, so Broyles enlists the trio of Olivia, Dr. Bishop and Peter to investigate the significance of the object, which seems to be related to a string of inexplicable behavior and events. read more

The Ghost Network Season 1, Episode 3

During the investigation of the bizarre deaths of a bus full of commuters, Olivia, Peter and Dr. Bishop reach out to a troubled man with prognosticative powers of Pattern-related catastrophes who might be able to help them prevent another tragedy. read more

The Same Old Story Season 1, Episode 2

The bizarre death of a woman who gave birth to a rapidly aging baby after an hours-long pregnancy challenges the nascent partnership between Dr. Bishop, Peter and Olivia, who reaches out to Massive Dynamic's Nina Sharp for answers. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

In the pilot episode, an FBI agent recruits a brilliant but incarcerated scientist (John Noble) and his estranged, sharp-witted son (Joshua Jackson) to investigate an airborne tragedy that may harbinger a trend of increasingly unsettling phenomena. The executive producers include J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. read more

Fringe Episode: "Over There"

Episode Synopsis: Olivia journeys to the alternate universe with Walter, who is preparing for a showdown with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy). Elizabeth Bishop: Orla Brady.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2010
Guest Cast Leonard Nimoy: William Bell Ryan McDonald: Brandon Orla Brady: Elizabeth Bishop David Call: Nick Lane Philip Winchester: Frank Stanton Omar Metwally: James Heath Pascale Hutton: Sally Clark Lily Pilblad: Ella Blake Ari Graynor: Rachel Dunham

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Premiered: September 09, 2008, on FOX
Rating: TV-14
User Rating: (5,449 ratings)
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Premise: A drama with sci-fi elements following the FBI probe of mysterious deaths aboard an airplane that landed at Boston's Logan Airport. But the deaths aboard Flight 627 are only the beginning of the story. Executive producers include J.J. Abrams ('Lost') and his 'Mission: Impossible III' co-screenwriters, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.



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