Jury Duty Episodes

2007, TV Show

Episode Detail: Bad Hair Dye - Jury Duty

A dispute over a hairpiece. Jurors include Todd Bridges, Kari Michaelson, Jeremy Miller.

Episodes: Jury Duty (129)

7/10/2008: Jet Ski vs Boat
5/21/2008: You Evicted Me, So Where Is My TV?
5/20/2008: Ex-Lovers Fight Over Money
5/16/2008: Huskies vs. Pug
5/15/2008: Hot Water Only
5/13/2008: A Dog's Tale
5/12/2008: Your Security Light Robbed me Blind
5/9/2008: Driveway Dismay
5/8/2008: Parrots vs. Dog
5/7/2008: Good Guy Gets the Shaft
5/6/2008: The Few, the Proud, the Intimidated
5/5/2008: You Owe Me a Car
5/2/2008: Consignment Woes
5/1/2008: Sorority Sisters Sue
4/30/2008: Ex Wife Sues Ex Again
4/29/2008: Four Car Pileup
4/28/2008: Santa Monica Dirt
4/25/2008: Dead Brother's Furniture
4/24/2008: Landlord Lockout
4/21/2008: Best Friends Renege on a Loan
4/18/2008: Get Your Truck Off My Car
4/17/2008: Bad Shutters
4/3/2008: Friday Night Lights Out
4/1/2008: Harvey Attacks Snowball
3/26/2008: Teacher Sues Landlord
3/25/2008: Who Owns the Car?
3/21/2008: Bad Rims
3/17/2008: Your Drive Hit My Ride
3/12/2008: Mortgage Brokers Suit
3/11/2008: The Palm Tree Mess
3/7/2008: You're Bad, You Wrecked My Pad
3/6/2008: My In-law Is an Outlaw
3/3/2008: Mom's Car a Lemon, but the Right Fruit for You
2/27/2008: The Bad Shot
2/26/2008: Soldier Wreck
2/25/2008: Bathroom Blunder
2/22/2008: Bamboozled by Blinds
2/21/2008: Child Support in Disguise
2/20/2008: Car Rental Mess
2/19/2008: Shattered Bong
2/18/2008: Between a Tree and Fence
2/15/2008: Twin Peaks Car
2/14/2008: Match.com or Match.con?
2/13/2008: Horse Cents
2/12/2008: No Free Ride
2/11/2008: Carpet Refund
2/8/2008: The Distressing Painter
2/7/2008: Dog vs. Dog
2/6/2008: You Owe Me a Doggone Fee
2/5/2008: Bamboozled
2/4/2008: Sex Toys
2/1/2008: Boyfriend Won't Pay
1/31/2008: Husband Not Living With Me
1/30/2008: I Was Down and My Money Was Out
1/29/2008: Church Lady
1/11/2008: Pool Cue vs. Baseball Bat
12/20/2007: Roommate Squabble II
12/19/2007: Hound vs. Huskie
12/18/2007: The Landlord that Got Bit
12/18/2007: It's Fraud, Motor Home Can't Be Smogged
12/17/2007: Coach Needles Chiropractor
12/14/2007: Take Your Lemon Back
12/11/2007: Room and Board for Smokey Joe
12/10/2007: My Plumber Burst my Pipe Dream
12/7/2007: Mom Sues Daughter Over Cadillac
12/3/2007: All Hot over Broken Air Conditioner
11/29/2007: Expensive Watch for Ride?
11/28/2007: Couple Fights Over CD
11/27/2007: Dog Attack
11/26/2007: Web Wallet Withdrawal
11/21/2007: Bad Hair Dye
11/20/2007: 19 Year-Olds Get Cat
11/19/2007: Our Cadillac Got Jacked
11/16/2007: Relationship and Loan Gone Bad
11/15/2007: Rommate Squabble
11/14/2007: Horse Trainer Arrest
11/13/2007: Fake 100s Lead to Vandalized Vehicle
11/12/2007: Provoked
11/9/2007: You Promise me a House
11/6/2007: Destroyed Apartment
11/5/2007: Lasik Loan
11/2/2007: Handyman Bit on his Handy Hand
11/1/2007: I Bailed You Out, Now Pay Up!
10/31/2007: My Roommate Walked, Now He's All Talk
10/30/2007: Mormons, Marijuana, and Turtles
10/30/2007: The Cliquey Co-Op
10/29/2007: Wedding Loan, or a Gift?
10/29/2007: I Was Charged Double for Stereo Trouble
10/26/2007: Your Dog Hit My Car
10/26/2007: Cover Me to Korea Town
10/25/2007: My Iguana Wanna Sauna
10/24/2007: You Sold My Truck, Now I Am Out of Luck
10/23/2007: Puppy Love
10/22/2007: Guacamole in my Driveway
10/18/2007: Pooch Hit by Pizza Man
10/17/2007: Kicked to the Curb
10/16/2007: Rack and Pinion Racketeering
10/15/2007: Car Towed by Apartment
10/12/2007: Get the Picture, You Owe Me the Money
10/11/2007: The Sportscar is a Can of Worms
10/10/2007: Condo Conundrum
10/9/2007: Pool Man Filtered Out of Payment
10/8/2007: Bucking Bronco
10/5/2007: Man Runs Over Dog
10/4/2007: Who's Car Is It Anyway?
10/4/2007: Airline Ticket Trickery
10/3/2007: 30 Days in a Haze
10/2/2007: Baby's Mama Financial Drama
10/1/2007: Ex-Girlfriend Sues Ex-Motocross Pro
9/28/2007: Who Let the Dog Out?
9/28/2007: The Leaky Water Heater
9/27/2007: The Poolman Destroyed My House
9/27/2007: Can't Buy Me Love
9/26/2007: Watch what You Say on eBay
9/26/2007: Football Loan Fumble
9/25/2007: You Took My Bling During My Swing
9/25/2007: Deadbeat Husband Defaults Loan
9/24/2007: Cheap Suit over Suit
9/24/2007: Chiropractor Sues Patient
9/21/2007: Golf Ball through the Window
9/21/2007: Cosign Malign
9/20/2007: When the Shark Bites
9/20/2007: Family Feud
9/19/2007: Too Hot to Handle
9/19/2007: Family Blowout
9/18/2007: Uncle vs. Niece
9/18/2007: The Cable's Out and So Are You
9/17/2007: Left in the Dark
9/17/2007: Broken Hearted Sisters

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Premiered: September 17, 2007
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: A judge program featuring high-profile lawyer-turned-judge Bruce Cutler.


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