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Episode Detail: Steve and the Kids - The Steve Wilkos Show

A look back at Steve's dealings with troubled children.

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12/24/2014: Who Stole From My Disabled Son?    Season 8, Episode 52
12/23/2014: DNA: Did My Friends Pay Her for Sex?    Season 8, Episode 51
12/22/2014: My Kids Need Their Mom, I'm Not a Molester    Season 8, Episode 50
11/26/2014: 15-Year-Old Girl Bullied Online    Season 8, Episode 49
11/25/2014: DNA: Steve Shocked by Results    Season 8, Episode 48
11/24/2014: Somebody Has to Be Lying    Season 8, Episode 47
11/21/2014: Drugs and Sex Destroyed Our Family    Season 8, Episode 46
11/20/2014: I Don't Want Your Sister But She Wants Me    Season 8, Episode 45
11/19/2014: Will These DNA Results Destroy Our Family?    Season 8, Episode 44
11/18/2014: I Didn't Rape Her, I Thought She Was My Girlfriend    Season 8, Episode 43
11/17/2014: I Caught You, Why Are You Still Lying?    Season 8, Episode 42
11/14/2014: An Unexpected Confession    Season 8, Episode 41
11/13/2014: I Know She's Cheating Because I Stalk Her    Season 8, Episode 40
11/12/2014: DNA: Did My Wife Cheat With My Dad?    Season 8, Episode 39
11/11/2014: Abuse or Discipline: Did a Mother Cross the Line?    Season 8, Episode 38
11/10/2014: My 3-Year-Old Wouldn't Lie    Season 8, Episode 37
11/7/2014: I Have a Confession, I Was Never Pregnant    Season 8, Episode 36
11/6/2014: This Child Was Living in Hell    Season 8, Episode 35
11/5/2014: I'm Pregnant, Is He Cheating?    Season 8, Episode 34
11/4/2014: My Dad Gave Me Drugs and We Had Sex    Season 8, Episode 33
11/3/2014: Tell Me What You Did to My Baby    Season 8, Episode 32
10/31/2014: DNA: Date Rape or Did She Cheat?    Season 8, Episode 31
10/30/2014: Justice Will Be Served Today    Season 8, Episode 30
10/29/2014: You're Not a Sex Addict, You're a Con Man    Season 8, Episode 29
10/28/2014: My Granddaughter Says You Molested Her    Season 8, Episode 28
10/27/2014: I Will Prove I Didn't Cheat, Will You?    Season 8, Episode 27
10/24/2014: She Was Prostituting, Am I the Father?    Season 8, Episode 26
10/23/2014: Before the Test He Confessed...    Season 8, Episode 25
10/22/2014: You Can't Make This Stuff Up    Season 8, Episode 24
10/21/2014: We Lost Our Kids But We're Good Parents    Season 8, Episode 23
10/20/2014: I Caught Her Sending Naked Pictures    Season 8, Episode 22
10/17/2014: I Saw My Sister Abuse Her Son    Season 8, Episode 21
10/15/2014: You've Tested Her Before, Will You Believe These Results?    Season 8, Episode 20
10/13/2014: A Pattern of Abuse?    Season 8, Episode 19
10/10/2014: Which Door Will She Pick?    Season 8, Episode 18
10/8/2014: Who's the Abuser? Mom of Dad?    Season 8, Episode 17
10/6/2014: DNA: I'll Prove He's the Father    Season 8, Episode 16
10/3/2014: If He Fails, This Stage Won't Be Big Enough    Season 8, Episode 15
10/2/2014: Jaw-Dropping DNA Results    Season 8, Episode 14
10/1/2014: I'm With a Younger Man, Is He Cheating?    Season 8, Episode 13
9/30/2014: My Dad Went to Prison, I Need the Truth    Season 8, Episode 12
9/29/2014: He Put Me in the Hospital but I'm Still Marrying Him    Season 8, Episode 11
9/26/2014: Did You Molest My 4-Year-Old Daughter?    Season 8, Episode 10
9/25/2014: Did My Wife Cheat With My Brother and Is He the Father?    Season 8, Episode 9
9/24/2014: I Was Fired But I'll Prove I'm Innocent    Season 8, Episode 8
9/23/2014: "I Got a Bad Feeling About This"    Season 8, Episode 7
9/22/2014: Was It Child Abuse or an Accident?    Season 8, Episode 6
9/19/2014: Did My Best Friend Rape My Daughter?    Season 8, Episode 5
9/18/2014: Is Our Life Together a Lie?    Season 8, Episode 4
9/17/2014: I Will Clear My Name Today    Season 8, Episode 3
9/16/2014: Does He Have a Secret Baby?    Season 8, Episode 2
9/15/2014: A Father's Fight for His Daughter    Season 8, Episode 1
8/1/2014: Results Ruin Relationships?
7/31/2014: DNA: You're Breaking My Heart
7/30/2014: I Didn't Cheat, She's a Lesbian
7/29/2014: Are My Daughter and Boyfriend Having Sex?
7/28/2014: Encore: I've Been Shot, Beaten and Broken Hearted
7/25/2014: I'm Not a Molester, She's a Liar
7/24/2014: Did You Violently Shake Your 6-Day-Old Daughter?
7/23/2014: I Know That's Not My Brother's Baby
7/22/2014: Why Are You Two Together?
7/21/2014: When He Gets Mad He Beats Me
7/18/2014: Women Falsely Accused?
7/17/2014: DNA: Teen Moms
7/16/2014: Steve's Favorite Funny Guests
7/15/2014: Did You Rob Your Own Mother?
7/14/2014: Baby, I Would Never Cheat on You...
7/11/2014: Who's the Father: My Fiancé or His Best Friend?
7/10/2014: Did You Run Away With Our Kids to Cheat?
7/9/2014: Encore: If You Didn't Shake Your Son, Why Did You Confess?
7/8/2014: He Failed One Test, Will He Fail Steve's?
7/7/2014: I Lied, I'm Still Pregnant
7/4/2014: Teen Parents Need Results
7/3/2014: He Preyed on My Sister But Did He Molest Their Daughter?
7/2/2014: Will These Results Really Change Anything?
7/1/2014: We Had a Threesome, Is He the Father?
6/30/2014: Steve Helped Me Leave Him
5/21/2014: Best of Season 7
5/20/2014: I'm 18, If I Get Pregnant He'll Love Me
5/19/2014: He's Taken 3 DNA Tests, Will You Believe the Results?
5/16/2014: Is My Girlfriend Secretly Making Porn?
5/15/2014: Did You and Your Friends Drug and Rape Me?
5/14/2014: These Accusations Are Criminal
5/13/2014: Did My Boyfriend Download Child Porn?
5/12/2014: Ultimate Family Betrayals
5/9/2014: Molested and Abandoned by Dad?
5/8/2014: Is She Lying to Break Us Up?
5/7/2014: I Did Not Murder My 4-Month-Old Son
5/6/2014: I Want Our 3-Way Relationship Back
5/5/2014: Tempers Explode After Results
5/2/2014: I'm Scared She Might Kill My Son
5/1/2014: You Abandoned Your Baby on a Bus
4/30/2014: My Teen Prostitutes for Heroin
4/29/2014: Did My Sister Let Her Daughter Get Molested?
4/28/2014: "Worst Confession of All Time"
4/25/2014: He Abused Me, Is He Abusing Our Daughter?
4/24/2014: I'll Prove I Didn't Molest My Daughter
4/23/2014: I Sent Him Naked Pictures and He Blackmailed Me
4/22/2014: I Stalk You Because It's Your Baby
4/21/2014: After All This, You Still Choose Him?
4/18/2014: Outrageous Suspicions
4/17/2014: Child Abuse: Who Will Fail?
4/16/2014: I Didn't Cheat, She Raped Me
4/15/2014: Encore: Molestation Accusations Cause Chaos
4/14/2014: You Brought Your Mistress to the Delivery Room?
4/11/2014: Mother Molesters?
4/10/2014: If You Fail, I'll Explode
4/9/2014: Why Would You Say It Was His Son?
4/8/2014: He Beats You, But You'll Leave if He's Cheating?
4/7/2014: I Married a Sex Offender, Did He Molest My Kids?
4/4/2014: "I Like You, You Better Pass"
4/3/2014: 7-Days Old and Severely Abused
4/2/2014: He Tortured Me Until I Confessed
4/1/2014: "If I Fail, I'm the Devil"
3/31/2014: I'm Innocent But He Still Abuses Me
3/28/2014: Most Shocking Results
3/26/2014: DNA: You Didn't Know You Were 7-Months Preganat?
3/24/2014: "I Found 100 Emails to Other Women"
3/20/2014: If You're Not Happy, Why Do You Stay?
3/18/2014: You Preyed on My Daughter
2/26/2014: "I Won't Take the Test Unless She Passes"
2/25/2014: Babysitter Witnesses Shocking Child Abuse?
2/24/2014: My Son Is No Molester
2/21/2014: Is My Boyfriend or My One-Night Stand the Father?
2/20/2014: #1 Worst Mom?
2/19/2014: I Just Had Your Baby, Can I Trust You?
2/18/2014: I'm Not a Molester, She Wants Me to Be Guilty
2/17/2014: I'm Not Having Sex With My Sister
2/14/2014: Was the Baby Ever Real?
2/13/2014: She Shook Our Son, Now He's in a Coma
2/12/2014: Did You Bribe Our Daughter to Have Sex With Men?
2/11/2014: Threesome Gone Bad, Am I the Father?
2/10/2014: Burned and Beaten by Dad?
2/7/2014: Tempers Erupt
2/6/2014: Arrested for Child Porn But I'm Innocent
2/5/2014: Explosive Sister Betrayals
2/4/2014: I Believe My Daughter, You Raped Her
2/3/2014: Your Baby Was on Life Support, Where Were You?
1/31/2014: Did You Intentionally Burn Your Niece With a Cigarette?
1/30/2014: Brothers Stand Accused of Molestation
1/29/2014: I "Check" My Man, I Know He's Cheating
1/28/2014: Molestation: He Said He Could Beat Your Test
1/27/2014: Is the Pot Making You Paranoid?
1/24/2014: Your Family Is Lying to Break Us Up
1/23/2014: Rape: Guilty or Innocent
1/22/2014: I Can't Stay if You Fail
1/21/2014: My Sister Needs to Know the Truth
1/20/2014: You Say She's Stalking You, But Did You Have Sex?
1/17/2014: You Don't Have the Right to "Check" Me
1/16/2014: Is My Best Friend My Son's Father?
1/15/2014: You Abused Your Son, Now He's Afraid of You
1/14/2014: Steve, She Took Advantage of Me
1/13/2014: My Baby's Father Raped Me
1/10/2014: Steve, All Women Are Cheaters
1/8/2014: She Was Cheating When She Got Pregnant
1/6/2014: I Found Her Hair in Our Bedroom
1/3/2014: But I Called the Show...
1/2/2014: "It's Not Me in the Sex Tape"
12/30/2013: I'm Not Paranoid, She's Cheating
12/27/2013: She Keeps Sleeping With My Brother, Is He the Father?
12/26/2013: She Threatened to Kill Our Baby Because My Fiancée Is White
12/23/2013: Your Baby Is Dead, You Drugged Him
11/27/2013: Young Mothers: Neglect or Abuse?
11/26/2013: You Were Pregnant, He Abused You...Does He Deserve the DNA Results?
11/25/2013: If You Didn't Shake Your Son, Why Did You Confess?
11/22/2013: The 1000th Episode!
11/21/2013: You Molested Her, She's My Daughter Now
11/20/2013: 4 Suspects, Who Will Fail?
11/19/2013: I Might Be Raising My Brother's Child
11/18/2013: Your Kids Need Their Mom, But You Chose Him
11/15/2013: I Promised to Protect My Son
11/14/2013: I Know My Ex Poisoned Me
11/13/2013: Who Intentionally Broke This Baby's Arm?
11/12/2013: You Wrote Dirty Letters to Her Mom?
11/11/2013: Am I Pregnant by a Molester?
11/8/2013: This Child Was Tortured; You Won't Hide in My Greenroom
11/7/2013: Steve, She's Stalking Me!
11/6/2013: Who Bit This Baby 7 Times?
11/5/2013: I Seduced My Teenage Nanny
11/4/2013: Molestation Accusations Cause Chaos
11/1/2013: Why Did You Reveal My Secret Gay Lifestyle?
10/31/2013: My Son Said You Beat Him
10/30/2013: Stop Running Off My Stage!
10/29/2013: Encore: Accused of Molesting 3 Girls
10/28/2013: Porn Is Destroying My Family
10/25/2013: I Knew Your Baby Burned Me
10/24/2013: I Told You, I Don't Love You!
10/23/2013: Do You Need a Medic or Are You Just Guilty?
10/22/2013: DNA: I Spied on My Cheating Woman
10/21/2013: Did My Fiancé Rape My Cousin?
10/18/2013: Backstage Explosions
10/17/2013: We Planned This Baby, But Am I the Father?
10/16/2013: I'm Not a Bad Parent
10/15/2013: Did My Sister Have Sex With My Boyfriend Again?
10/14/2013: Your Child Said, "Mommy Burned Me"
10/11/2013: "You Think She's Cheating, I Have the Results"
10/10/2013: I'm Having Nightmares, Did My Dad Molest Me?
10/9/2013: Pick-a-Door
10/8/2013: Disturbing Stories of Child Abuse
10/7/2013: The DNA Results Don't Matter, But I Have to Know
10/4/2013: My Wife Thinks I'm a Molester
10/3/2013: "She Deserves It, I Don't Trust Her"
10/2/2013: Daycare Death
10/1/2013: Surprised to See Me? Am I the Father?
9/30/2013: Steve's Defining Moments
9/27/2013: "She's a Cheater So I Beat Her"
9/26/2013: Did My Mom Molest My Daughter?
9/25/2013: Devastating DNA
9/24/2013: Why Is My 15-Month-Old Daughter Dead?
9/23/2013: Liars Caught in the Act
9/20/2013: DNA: Your Sister Had Sex With Me in My Sleep
9/19/2013: I Abuse My 2-Year-Old Daughter, Steve Help Me
9/18/2013: Did You Not Hear the Results?
9/17/2013: Our Brother Should Be in Jail
9/16/2013: I Saw the Sex Tape...Is That My Wife?
7/26/2013: An Unbearable Loss
7/25/2013: DNA: I Did It for Revenge
7/24/2013: Men Melt Down After Results
7/23/2013: I Did Not Kill My 4-Month-Old Son
7/22/2013: Encore: Did My Father Rape and Murder My Sister?
7/19/2013: I Did Not Cheat With My Husband
7/18/2013: Steve Over the Edge
7/17/2013: Encore: Who Gave the Baby Drugs?
7/16/2013: My Wife Is Engaged to a Teenager
7/15/2013: I Cleared My Name
7/12/2013: Did My Mother Kill My Baby?
7/11/2013: A Monster Mom?
7/10/2013: Long Lost Brother Stole My Family
7/9/2013: He Checks Me, But I Never Cheated
7/8/2013: Shocking Molestation Results
7/5/2013: Are My Husband and Daughter Having Sex?
7/4/2013: Shocking Results
7/3/2013: Did the Babysitter Abuse My Child?
7/2/2013: I'm 16 Years Old, Who's the Dad?
7/1/2013: Did You Set the Fire That Killed Our Sons?
6/28/2013: My Dad Went to Prison for Raping Me...Was He Guilty?
6/27/2013: A Mother's Shocking Confession
6/26/2013: Angry Ex Alleges Child Abuse
6/25/2013: Steve, I Never Had Sex With Her Mom
6/24/2013: What Happened After the Results?
5/22/2013: "I'm Terrified of the Results"
5/21/2013: "We Tested You 6 Times..."
5/20/2013: I've Been Prostituting, Is My Fiance the Father?
5/17/2013: He Makes Me Have Sex With His Friends
5/16/2013: I'm a Survivor, But I Can't Take This
5/15/2013: I'm Not a Molester, She's a Liar
5/14/2013: Son, I Did Not Rape Your Wife
5/13/2013: A Family Ripped Apart
5/10/2013: Update: Are You Still Having Sex With Your Father?
5/9/2013: Father and Daughter Having Sex: The Entire Story
5/8/2013: He Said, "Give Your Baby Away" and You Did!
5/7/2013: Did My Boyfriend Try to Kill Me?
5/6/2013: Accused of Molestation...Twice
5/3/2013: "Steve Saw Right Through You"
5/2/2013: I Know You Burned My Baby
5/1/2013: "My Daughter Said You Did It"
4/30/2013: DNA: Don't Run From the Results
4/29/2013: 6 Kids Taken Away, But I Want More
4/26/2013: Do You Need a Medic or Are You Just Guilty?
4/25/2013: Did My Fiancé Rape My Cousin?
4/24/2013: Young Mothers Accused of Abuse
4/23/2013: "If I Don't Hit Her, She Doesn't Listen"
4/22/2013: Did You Sexually Assault My Daughter?
4/19/2013: She's Not Pregnant, We Never Had Sex
4/18/2013: The Devastating Results
4/17/2013: You Have Him But I Have His Child
4/16/2013: 13-Year-Old Father?
4/15/2013: Did My Husband Make a Sex Tape With My Child?
4/12/2013: Porn, Confessions and Revenge Sex
4/11/2013: Steve vs. Domestic Violence
4/10/2013: You Came on the Show, Don't Run Now
4/9/2013: Is My Husband Trying to Poison Me?
4/8/2013: Prisoners Have More Freedom Than You
4/5/2013: I'm Here to Confess...Everything
4/4/2013: Do You Believe Me Now Mom?
4/3/2013: Are You Pregnant By My Brother?
4/2/2013: After All These Years, Is He Guilty?
4/1/2013: Did He Abuse My Son?
3/29/2013: The Results Are...Extreme Deception Indicated
3/27/2013: I Know About the Affair, But Is He the Father?
3/25/2013: Did You Abuse and Neglect Your Kids?
3/21/2013: Sexting, Lying and Cheating?
3/19/2013: Did You Hurt Our Daughter?
2/27/2013: You Put Fear in Me
2/26/2013: Teens: Addiction and Pregnancy
2/25/2013: We Can't Live Like This
2/22/2013: Why Were You Caught With Naked Pictures of My Kids?
2/21/2013: I Believe My Son!
2/20/2013: "This Should Be Explosive..."
2/19/2013: Did You Beat a Defenseless Child
2/18/2013: She's a Liar, I'm Not a Molester
2/15/2013: My Daughter Tried to Poison Me
2/14/2013: Our Love Is Torture
2/13/2013: Steve, I Couldn't Ignore the Signs
2/12/2013: I Think My Wife Is a Prostitute
2/11/2013: Accusations of Incest
2/8/2013: Did My Father Rape Me and Murder My Sister?
2/7/2013: Steve Gets the Real Update
2/6/2013: Who Gave the Baby Cocaine?
2/5/2013: Steve Read It Wrong
2/4/2013: Is There a Molester in My Family?
2/1/2013: I Heard Him Having Sex With His Sister
1/31/2013: I Didn't Beat My 7-Week-Old to Death
1/30/2013: She Said She'd Drown the Baby
1/29/2013: Fight Flight Freeze Surrender
1/28/2013: Your Boyfriend Is Gay and a Molester
1/25/2013: You Have a Baby With My Sister, I Don't Want You
1/24/2013: You Beat Them Up, What If They Pass?
1/23/2013: Bitter Ex or Concerned Mother?
1/22/2013: It's Not My Baby, She's Obsessed With Me
1/21/2013: You Violated Me!
1/18/2013: Why Does Your Mom Hate Me?
1/16/2013: I Would Never Sleep With Your Sister
1/15/2013: Accused of Child Abuse and Rape, Who's Lying?
1/14/2013: Will This DNA Test Destroy Our Marriage?
1/11/2013: You Watched Your Husband Rape Me
1/9/2013: Is My Boyfriend on Crack?
1/7/2013: I'm Raising Him, But Is He Mine?
1/4/2013: Did My Sister Molest My Daughter?
1/2/2013: DNA: Results Revealed III
12/31/2012: Sexually Assaulted in My Sleep?
12/28/2012: I Left You But You Are the Father
12/27/2012: My Uncle Tried to Rape Me
12/26/2012: Steve's Take on Tough Topics
12/21/2012: Did You Leave My Kids to Die?
12/19/2012: Are You Cheating With My Family?
12/17/2012: Liars and Scammers Exposed
11/21/2012: Single Mothers Get Results
11/20/2012: You're Not the Father, I Borrowed a Baby
11/19/2012: A Father's Rage After Results
11/16/2012: Is Your Boyfriend a Molester?
11/15/2012: Why Would You Say "That" to Your Wife?
11/14/2012: Falsely Accused of Molestation?
11/13/2012: Steve Helps Families Destroyed by Drugs
11/12/2012: A Lifetime of Lies?
11/9/2012: 3- and 4-Year-Old Girls Stripping and Photographed Naked?
11/8/2012: They Say I Killed My Baby
11/7/2012: Molestation: Accusations and Denials
11/6/2012: DNA Shockers
11/5/2012: Steve's Out for Justice
11/2/2012: Accused of Molesting 3 Girls
11/1/2012: Controlling and Abusive Men
10/31/2012: 6-Year-Old Held Down and Burned
10/30/2012: Do I Have a Child With a Gay Man?
10/29/2012: You Chose the Molester Over Your Kids
10/26/2012: Heart-Stopping DNA Results
10/25/2012: Did You Burn and Beat Your Son?
10/24/2012: Why Are You Dating a Child?
10/23/2012: Do You Have a Gay Double Life?
10/22/2012: Accusers Turned Abusers
10/19/2012: You Can't Run From Steve
10/18/2012: Molestation: A Mother and Son Accused
10/17/2012: I'm Afraid He's Not the Father
10/16/2012: Allegations of Rape
10/15/2012: Steve Exposes Lying Husbands
10/12/2012: Encore: She Was 12, You Were 44, You Raped Her
10/11/2012: Did You Bite and Beat My Son?
10/10/2012: Is My Brother the Father of My Baby?
10/9/2012: A Sister's Betrayal
10/8/2012: Did You Ever Have My Baby?
10/5/2012: He Put You in the Hospital 3 Times
10/4/2012: Sign Over Your Rights!
10/3/2012: Did You Rape My Daughter?
10/2/2012: DNA: I Need to Know for Sure
10/1/2012: I Saw Him Molesting My Child
9/28/2012: My Boyfriend's Wife Is Stalking Me
9/27/2012: You Neglected Your Baby!
9/26/2012: I'm Gay and You Agreed to Have My Baby
9/25/2012: I Set Traps to Catch Her Cheating
9/24/2012: Did You Kill Your Brother and Your Baby?
9/21/2012: DNA: She Drugged and Raped Me
9/20/2012: Mothers Accused of Horrible Child Abuse
9/19/2012: He Raped Me in My Sleep
9/18/2012: A Shocking Statement
9/17/2012: Molestation: Guilty or Innocent
9/14/2012: Encore: One of You Put PCP in the Baby Bottles, Part 2
9/13/2012: Encore: One of You Put PCP in the Baby Bottles, Part 1
9/12/2012: Who Would Do That to a Child
9/11/2012: Encore: Smoking Pot When 2-Year-Old Fell 3 Stories
9/10/2012: Best of Season 5
7/25/2012: Too Soon to Be Parents?
7/24/2012: Take the Test! NO!
7/23/2012: Is He Hurting My Child?
7/20/2012: We're Not Having Sex, He's My Son
7/19/2012: I Changed My Mind, Read the Results
7/18/2012: "You're Losing Your Family"
7/17/2012: Did My Sister Betray Me Again?
7/16/2012: Steve vs. Violent Abusers
7/13/2012: My Dad Got a Teen Pregnant
7/12/2012: My Ex Is Stalking Me
7/10/2012: Is My Wife Unfaithful?
7/9/2012: Season 5 Updates
7/6/2012: I Survived a Serial Killer
7/5/2012: Stop Accusing Me and I'll Stop Beating You
7/4/2012: My Husband Is Addicted to Porn
7/3/2012: She Told Us We Both Were the Father
7/2/2012: Emotional Updates
6/29/2012: He Broke My Ribs When I Was Pregnant
6/28/2012: If You Pass, I'll Eat the Results
6/27/2012: If He Told You the Truth We Can Have Sex
6/26/2012: You Don't Like Me Because I'm Black
6/25/2012: Courageous Kids
5/23/2012: He'll Never Forgive You
5/22/2012: My Dad Taught Me to Cook Meth at 13
5/21/2012: I Was Never Pregnant
5/18/2012: Mom Confronts Father and Daughter Having Sex Pt. 2
5/17/2012: Mom Confronts Father and Daughter Having Sex Pt. 1
5/16/2012: You Know Who Touched My Daughter
5/15/2012: Do Not Touch Her on My Stage
5/14/2012: Explosive Family Betrayals
5/11/2012: Steve Outraged!
5/10/2012: I'm Not Gay, I Love You
5/9/2012: Did You Kick Our 2 Year Old in the Face?
5/8/2012: I Wanna Pick a Door
5/7/2012: I'm Not Sorry I Beat Her
5/4/2012: Would He Molest a Little Girl?
5/3/2012: DNA: Emotions Explode
5/2/2012: Explosive Family Secrets
5/1/2012: The Devastating Truth
4/30/2012: You Hurt Me...I Hurt You Worse
4/27/2012: Did My Boyfriend Rape My Sister?
4/26/2012: I'm Gay but I Didn't Molest My Brother
4/25/2012: I Refuse to Answer
4/24/2012: Steve, Am I the Father?
4/23/2012: Teens: Kidnapped Into Prostitution; Teens: Bullied to Death
4/20/2012: Steve She Hides Men in Our House
4/18/2012: Grandma's Demand for a DNA Test
4/17/2012: Haven't You Had Enough?
4/16/2012: I'm 11 Years Old and I Want a Baby
4/13/2012: You Slept With 100 Women, Have You Changed?
4/12/2012: I Was Almost Beaten to Death
4/10/2012: It's Your Last Chance to Confess
4/9/2012: Accused Child Abusers Take Lie Detectors
4/6/2012: DNA: We Never Had Sex
4/5/2012: She Was Pregnant, You Let Her Get Beat
4/3/2012: I'm Not Getting Paid for Sex
4/2/2012: Is My Man Looking for Sex Online?
3/30/2012: Abandoned by My Husband
3/28/2012: Party Moms
3/26/2012: DNA Confessions
3/22/2012: Innocent on Steve
3/20/2012: 17, Pregnant and Abused
2/29/2012: Encore: Shot Up by My Mom at 13
2/28/2012: I Beat Her Because She's Fat
2/27/2012: Mom, How Could You!
2/24/2012: Guilty: Abusers or Unfit Parents?
2/23/2012: Steve, I Don't Believe My Husband
2/22/2012: Is She My Daughter and Was She Molested?
2/21/2012: My Man is Not the Father!
2/20/2012: Did You Burn and Beat Our Baby?
2/17/2012: I Cheated 500 Times
2/16/2012: Shocking Family Betrayals
2/15/2012: I've Been Shot, Beaten and Broken Hearted
2/14/2012: I Wouldn't Wish This On Anybody
2/13/2012: Evil Child Abusers?
2/10/2012: Take the Test or Get Off My Stage
2/9/2012: I'll Divorce You If You Fail
2/8/2012: My Mother is Now a Man
2/7/2012: Who Burned My Grandson
2/6/2012: What Did You Do to My Daughter?
2/3/2012: Get Her Out of My Studio!
2/2/2012: Did You Molest My Daughter and Take Pictures?
2/1/2012: Am I Living With a Cheater
1/31/2012: Horrific Child Abuse
1/30/2012: They Told Me I Can't Have Kids
1/27/2012: Did You Have a Secret Wife?
1/26/2012: Steve on the Streets
1/25/2012: Accusations of Bitter Ex's
1/24/2012: Did You Touch My 14-Year-Old Daughter?
1/23/2012: Did She Cheat With My Brother and My Cousin?
1/20/2012: Enough Is Enough, Let's Get to the Results
1/19/2012: Steve vs. Suspected Murderers
1/18/2012: Get Out of Here for Your Results
1/17/2012: The Lighter Side of Steve II
1/16/2012: Child Abuse: The Truth Comes Out
1/13/2012: Did You Beat Our Son?
1/11/2012: Steve I Know She's Cheating
1/9/2012: Violent Cheaters?
1/5/2012: DNA Denials
1/3/2012: Did You Cross the Line With My Sister?
12/30/2011: I Slept With 5 Men, Who's the Dad?
12/29/2011: Explosive Molestation Results
12/28/2011: I Know He Lied, But Is He Gay?
12/27/2011: Steve vs. Abusive Men
12/26/2011: I Got Pregnant When You Raped Me
12/23/2011: Fake Baby?
12/22/2011: Are These Relationships Wrong?
12/21/2011: If He's a Molester, Will You Stay
12/20/2011: Shocking Teen Stories
12/19/2011: DNA: My Wife Was Unfaithful
11/23/2011: The Steve Wilkos Show
11/22/2011: The Steve Wilkos Show
11/21/2011: You Failed to Protect Your Son
11/18/2011: She's Lying, I Never Touched Our Daughter
11/17/2011: Destructive Teen Addictions
11/16/2011: Incest: DNA Shocker
11/15/2011: A Mother's Wrath
11/14/2011: Steve, It Wasn't Rape, She Cheated
11/11/2011: Shocking Molestation Accusations
11/10/2011: One of You Put PCP in the Baby Bottles, Part 2
11/9/2011: One of You Put PCP in the Baby Bottles, Part 1
11/8/2011: Fathers Face Accusations of Molestation
11/7/2011: Steve, I'm Obsessed With Him
11/4/2011: Shocking Molestation Accusations
11/3/2011: Heroin: Shot Up by Mom at 13
11/2/2011: Passionate Paternity Results
11/1/2011: Intense Reactions After Results
10/31/2011: How Did My Baby Get Burned?
10/28/2011: Bitter Mother Crosses the Line
10/27/2011: Steve's Stage Erupts
10/26/2011: Take the Test, or Tell Me the Truth
10/25/2011: When I Said I Was Pregnant, He Punched Me
10/24/2011: If He's Not My Son, I'm Leaving
10/20/2011: Updates: After the Show
10/18/2011: Steve Exposes Child Abuse
10/14/2011: A Mother's Shocking Pattern of Abuse
10/13/2011: You're 37, Why Date a Teenage Girl
10/12/2011: How Does Your Son Keep Getting Hurt?
10/11/2011: Our Baby Died, Tell the Truth
10/10/2011: Devastating Confessions
10/7/2011: My Wife Moved Another Man In
10/6/2011: If I Fail, Send Me to Jail
10/5/2011: He Drove Me to Do This
10/4/2011: Teens Desperate to Have a Baby
10/3/2011: Does he Have Double Life?
9/30/2011: Did My Wife Leave Me for a Molestor?
9/29/2011: Steve Shocked by Results
9/28/2011: Steve, I Think He's Gay
9/27/2011: Abused Teens Choose a Door
9/26/2011: Steve, I Need a DNA Test
9/23/2011: I Would Never Rape My Own Daughter
9/22/2011: My Husband Tattooed a 14 Year Old Girl
9/21/2011: Abuser vs. Angry Audience
9/20/2011: Betrayed by My Family?
9/19/2011: 3 Possible Dads, 1 Possible Molester?
7/29/2011: Steve Gets the Truth
7/28/2011: Teenagers, Watch This Show
7/27/2011: I Torture Her Because She Lies
7/26/2011: Explosive Updates
7/25/2011: Steve Delivers Results
7/22/2011: The Best of Season 4
7/21/2011: Prostitution Intervention
7/20/2011: I Love Her to Death
7/19/2011: Pregnant by a Sex Offender
7/18/2011: Teen Pregnancies
7/15/2011: Is My Boyfriend Gay?; How Could You Doubt Our Children?
7/14/2011: You're Mentally Torturing Your Wife
7/13/2011: Steve Is He Sneaking Around?
7/12/2011: I'm Not a Monster
7/11/2011: What Happened Since the Show
7/8/2011: How Did This Baby Get Injured?
7/7/2011: Steve, I Need These DNA Results
7/6/2011: Crazy Stalkers
7/5/2011: Did He Have Sex With Us on the Same Day?
7/4/2011: Don't Abuse Me, It's Your Baby
7/1/2011: It's Been 15 Years, I Need the Truth
6/30/2011: Our Baby Died, I Blame You
6/29/2011: Who's the Good Guy Here?
6/28/2011: Steve, I'm Here to Confess
6/27/2011: An Unfit Mother?
5/25/2011: Encore: My Daughter Prostitutes for Heroin
5/24/2011: He Makes Me Have Sex to See Our Kid
5/23/2011: Young Couples in Crisis
5/20/2011: Get Off My Show!
5/19/2011: Steve to the Rescue: Prostitution and Drugs
5/18/2011: You Beat Our Son
5/17/2011: My Stepdad Is a Pervert
5/16/2011: Do You Really Believe That 70-Year-Old Is Your Father?
5/13/2011: Father and Daughter Having Sex Part II
5/12/2011: Father and Daughter Having Sex
5/11/2011: Too Young to Be Parents
5/10/2011: She Was 12, You Were 44, You Raped Her
5/9/2011: You Said I Wasn't the Father
5/6/2011: Who Tortured My Baby?
5/5/2011: He Cheated in Our Bed, With Me in It
5/4/2011: Extreme Deception Indicated
5/3/2011: Is My Twin Brother the Father?
5/2/2011: Bullied Out of School
4/29/2011: I Had a Threesome, Who's the Dad?
4/28/2011: Did He Molest My Daughter?
4/27/2011: She's Stalking Us!
4/26/2011: Everyone Took the Test But You
4/25/2011: I Know He's Having Sex With Her
4/22/2011: These Results Change Everything
4/21/2011: Why Does Our Daughter Keep Getting Hurt?
4/20/2011: The Show Is Over
4/19/2011: Did My Sister Molest My Son?
4/18/2011: Destructive Ex-Lovers
4/15/2011: Prove You're Not Hurting My Son
4/14/2011: A Retest on Steve?
4/13/2011: The Viewers Speak
4/12/2011: Why Don't You Want Me?
4/11/2011: I Became a Prostitute at 13
4/8/2011: I Was a Virgin, It's Your Baby
4/6/2011: Shocking Behavior
4/4/2011: Test Me... I'm Not Lying
4/1/2011: Steve Challenges the Abuser
3/30/2011: Backstage Drama III
3/28/2011: I'm Black, but I Want to Be White
3/25/2011: Teen Moms Confront Deadbeat Dads
3/23/2011: Steve vs. Heroin
3/21/2011: Do You Want Me to Read the Results?
3/2/2011: I Punch a Woman Like I Punch a Man
3/1/2011: These DNA Results Will Floor You
2/28/2011: Are You Hitting My Son?
2/25/2011: She's Not Pregnant, It's a Trap!
2/24/2011: She's a Crazy Stalker
2/23/2011: Encore: A Mother's Shocking Confession
2/22/2011: I Know That I'll Fail
2/21/2011: He Stole Our Sex Tape
2/18/2011: You Asked a 10 Year Old to Have Sex?
2/17/2011: Teen DNA Results
2/16/2011: I Hit My Baby as Hard as I Could
2/15/2011: Did Dad Rape My Sister?
2/14/2011: Is She Lying About the Baby
2/11/2011: Smoking Pot When 2-Year-Old Fell 3 Stories
2/10/2011: Our 16-Year-Old Surrogate Stole Our Baby
2/9/2011: Daddy Didn't Do Anything to Her
2/8/2011: Teen Mom Murderer
2/7/2011: Abusers Don't Sit on My Stage
2/4/2011: 22-Year-Old Man Marries 14-Year-Old Girl
2/3/2011: Were You Ever Even Pregnant?
2/2/2011: I Didn't Know She Was 16
2/1/2011: I Would Never Harm My Child
1/31/2011: Steve's Worst Offenders
1/28/2011: Are Any of These Children Mine?
1/27/2011: You Moved the Molester In
1/26/2011: I Beat My Teenage Girlfriend
1/25/2011: Steve's Special Guests
1/24/2011: He Tried to Throw Me Out the Window
1/21/2011: My Daughter Is Dead to Me
1/19/2011: I'm 15 and I Love Sex
1/17/2011: I Broke My Baby Boy's Arm
1/13/2011: Did You Burn Your Baby?
1/11/2011: Lie Detector Drama
1/6/2011: She Deserves It
1/4/2011: Steve, He's Stalking Me
12/30/2010: Is My Fiance Gay?
12/29/2010: Do You Party With Your 14-Year-Old?
12/28/2010: Steve vs. Child Abusers
12/27/2010: Are You Still a Prostitute?
12/23/2010: Steve Helps for the Holidays
12/22/2010: Could Anyone Else Be the Father?
12/21/2010: Steve vs. Bullies
12/20/2010: Steve I Need the Truth
11/24/2010: I Had Sex in Front of Your Son
11/23/2010: My 12-Year-Old Wants a Baby
11/22/2010: 2-Year-Old Beaten to Death By Mom; Did You Set Up My Son?
11/19/2010: I Had Sex to Hurt You
11/18/2010: You Know Who Beat My Baby
11/17/2010: My Daughter Prostitutes for Heroin
11/16/2010: Backstage Drama Erupts
11/15/2010: Did You Poison Your Husband?
11/12/2010: Teens Take a Stand
11/11/2010: I Had Sex With My Student
11/10/2010: I Have Proof, You're Abusing Our Child
11/9/2010: Teen Girls in Trouble
11/8/2010: Angry Dad Demands DNA
11/5/2010: You Failed Five Times
11/4/2010: You Drugged My Grandson
11/3/2010: Teen Sex and Prostitution
11/2/2010: 3-Year-Old Locked in the Basement
11/1/2010: What If She Is Your Daughter?
10/29/2010: Is My Stepdad the Father?
10/28/2010: People Call Me Babykiller
10/27/2010: Will These Results Destroy Us?
10/26/2010: Angry Moms Confront
10/25/2010: Steve, I'm Not an Abuser
10/22/2010: I've Seen Him Hit Her
10/20/2010: Did You Have Sex With My Teen Daughter?
10/18/2010: I Saw You Through the Window
10/15/2010: Did Our Father Molest You?
10/14/2010: Encore: My Teen Daughter Wants a Baby
10/13/2010: I Never Cheated
10/11/2010: My Husband Raped Me; Is My Cousin the Father
10/8/2010: Did You Sell Your Baby for Drugs?
10/7/2010: He's Not My Son
10/6/2010: Steve Wilkos: Backstage Drama
10/5/2010: Did You Bite My Baby?
10/4/2010: Are You Cheating With Prostitutes?
10/1/2010: The Shocking Truth
9/30/2010: Steve, Save My Family
9/29/2010: I Can't Live With the Lies
9/28/2010: Don't Deny Our Son
9/27/2010: Am I Pregnant By a Gay Man? Let Him Read the Results
9/24/2010: Controlling Men Confronted
9/23/2010: Angry Dad Demands the Truth
9/22/2010: Teen Sells Crack for Mom; I'm Pregnant and Living in a Car
9/21/2010: Are You Still Beating Our Kids?
9/20/2010: Steve, I Need a Lie Detector
9/17/2010: Results Reveal the Truth
9/16/2010: Is My Daughter Sleeping With My Husband/My Mom Is Dating My Abusive Husband
9/15/2010: Steve I Don't Trust Her
9/14/2010: Bad Mom Caught on Tape/My 10 Year Old Is Out of Control
9/13/2010: How Could You Cover for Him
7/26/2010: Who Killed This Baby?
7/23/2010: Are You Going to Step Up?
7/22/2010: Encore: He Punches Me Until I Prostitute
7/21/2010: Am I the Father?
7/20/2010: Who's Abusing These Boys?
7/19/2010: Best of Cheaters
7/16/2010: My Mom Hoards Animals
7/15/2010: Steve He's Crazy!
7/14/2010: Am I Pregnant by My Abuser Again?
7/13/2010: I Did Not Molest My Child
7/12/2010: Best of Season 3
7/9/2010: I Party With My 16-Year-Old
7/8/2010: Our Son Is a Sex Offender
7/7/2010: Firefighter Turned Prostitute
7/6/2010: Why Do You Want to Be With This Guy
7/5/2010: Past Guest Updates
7/2/2010: You Better Not Fail That Test!
7/1/2010: You Beat My Pregnant Daughter
5/26/2010: You Slept With Your Daughter's Molester?
5/25/2010: You've Waited 17 Years, Here's Your Results
5/24/2010: She Is My Property
5/21/2010: You Stole 15 Years of My Life
5/20/2010: My Teen Daughter Wants a Baby
5/19/2010: I Want Proof It's My Baby
5/18/2010: A Tragic Accident?
5/17/2010: Results Revealed: Did She Cheat?
5/14/2010: Devil Dad
5/13/2010: A Shocking Betrayal
5/12/2010: A Monster Mom?
5/11/2010: My Man Has a Secret Life
5/10/2010: I'm Gay, I Didn't Molest Her!
5/7/2010: Shocking Results
5/6/2010: How Can You Still Love Him?
5/5/2010: Wait! Don't Read the Results Yet Steve...
5/4/2010: You Had Sex With My Worst Enemy?
5/3/2010: Who's Hurting My Granddaughter
4/30/2010: Moms Confront Prostitute Daughters
4/29/2010: Explosive Lie Detector Results
4/28/2010: Best Friends, Who's the Dad?
4/27/2010: Mom, Did You Poison Me?
4/26/2010: If It's True, I'm Leaving
4/21/2010: Steve's Worst Liars
4/20/2010: Did You Have an Affair?
4/19/2010: Encore: A Stormy Past
4/16/2010: Do You Deserve to Be a Father?
4/15/2010: Teen Boys in Trouble
4/14/2010: I Never Beat My Pregnant Girlfriend
4/13/2010: DNA: Results Revealed II
4/12/2010: Drugs Are Destroying My Teenage Daughter
4/9/2010: Are You Having an Affair?
4/8/2010: Teens in Crisis
4/7/2010: Is Your Baby My Husband's?
4/6/2010: I Don't Abuse My Child
4/5/2010: Teen Cheaters Take Lie Detectors
4/2/2010: Devastating Lies
4/1/2010: My Friend Is Dead, You Drove Drunk; Update: Abusive Mom Takes a Lie Detector
3/31/2010: I Have Proof You Cheated
3/30/2010: She Made Me Abuse Her
3/29/2010: 3 Teens, Who's the Dad?
3/25/2010: Steve I'm 14, I Need Your Help
3/23/2010: Your Kids Can't Live Like This
3/18/2010: You'll Never Be His Father
3/16/2010: DNA: It's Your Baby
3/3/2010: I Know You Murdered My Son
3/2/2010: Steve Got It Wrong?
3/1/2010: Encore: A Mother's Rage
2/26/2010: 3 Teens Pregnant by One Man
2/25/2010: It's Been 8 Years, Tell the Truth!
2/24/2010: The Steve Wilkos Show
2/23/2010: I Party with My Kids
2/22/2010: The Steve Wilkos Show
2/19/2010: A Cruel Lie
2/18/2010: You Disgust Me!
2/17/2010: You're Stealing My Daughter's Childhood
2/16/2010: Steve Is Speechless
2/15/2010: The Painful Truth
2/12/2010: College Life Part 2
2/11/2010: College Life Uncovered Part 1
2/10/2010: A Dangerous Household
2/9/2010: Did I Marry a Molester?
2/8/2010: Am I Living a Lie?
2/5/2010: Steve, Lock Up My Daughter
2/4/2010: A Mother's Shocking Confession
2/3/2010: Is My Wife a Prostitute?
2/2/2010: Encore Tragic Tales of Two Sisters
2/1/2010: My Kids Watch Him Hit Me
1/29/2010: Did You Molest Your Daughter?
1/28/2010: Are You a Child Abuser?
1/27/2010: Steve vs. Bad Moms 3
1/26/2010: You Want Him to Be the Father?
1/25/2010: Are You Sleeping With My Husband?
1/22/2010: I Need Answers Now!
1/21/2010: My Girlfriend Beats Me
1/20/2010: The Lighter Side of Steve
1/18/2010: Drugs and Sex at 13
1/14/2010: You Call Yourself a Father?
1/13/2010: Steve's Most Shocking Stories
1/11/2010: Why Aren't You a Father?
1/8/2010: Stalked by a Molester
1/6/2010: I'll Fight for My Family
1/4/2010: Update: Did He Really Change?
12/30/2009: Did I Marry a Cheater?
12/29/2009: My Son's in a Gang/My Sister Is a Prostitute
12/28/2009: Steve, He Abuses Me
12/23/2009: Tough Mom Demands the Truth
12/22/2009: My Daughter Is a Prostitute; Back on the Beat
12/21/2009: Will You Really Leave?
11/24/2009: I Didn't Hurt My Boys
11/23/2009: I'm a Father...Does Age Matter?
11/20/2009: Lie Detector Meltdown
11/19/2009: Shattering Lie Detector Results
11/18/2009: Steve's Wake Up Call
11/17/2009: Where's My Baby?
11/16/2009: I Want Justice for My Daughter
11/13/2009: Real Teens: Real Topics
11/12/2009: Beaten by 6 Girls Who's Lying
11/11/2009: I Didn't Kill My Son
11/10/2009: Is My Husband a Molestor?
11/9/2009: Mom, I'm 15 & Pregnant...Who's the Dad?
11/6/2009: Can This Abuser Change?
11/5/2009: Steve Over the Edge
11/4/2009: Mom, Who Do You Believe?
11/3/2009: The Devastating Results
11/2/2009: My Boyfriend Beat Up My Mom
10/30/2009: Who Beat This Baby?
10/29/2009: I Lock My Wife in a Closet
10/28/2009: Crack Mom Lives in Van
10/27/2009: Steve Gets Tougher
10/26/2009: 17 Year Old Prostitute; 13 Year Old Mom?
10/23/2009: Don't Deny Our 3 Kids; Did You Have Sex With My Father?
10/22/2009: Update: I'm Starving Myself to Death
10/21/2009: Did He Really Rape You?
10/20/2009: Do the DNA Results Matter?
10/19/2009: Shocking Stories of Abuse
10/16/2009: DNA: Is She My Granddaughter?
10/15/2009: I Can't Help You
10/14/2009: Teens Out of Control
10/13/2009: This Is Destroying Us
10/12/2009: A Scream for Help
10/9/2009: Is Daddy the "Bad Man"?
10/8/2009: Sex With an Underage Teen
10/7/2009: Why Do You Stay With This Man?
10/6/2009: I Know That's My Son
10/5/2009: You Two Deserve Each Other
10/2/2009: Steve Turns the Tables
10/1/2009: A Good Judge of Character?
9/30/2009: I Have Sex With Teenage Girls
9/29/2009: Steve I'm Innocent
9/28/2009: You Can't Give My Baby Away
9/25/2009: I Know You're Lying
9/24/2009: My Dad Has 2 Wives
9/23/2009: DNA Results: Did She Rape Me?
9/22/2009: One Big Mistake?
9/21/2009: Teen in Trouble!
9/18/2009: Do You Believe Me Now Mom?
9/17/2009: He Beat Me and My Baby
9/16/2009: How Could He Be the Father
9/15/2009: Steve Confronts the Abuser
9/14/2009: Tell the Truth Now!
7/29/2009: A Fatal Mistake: An Encore Presentation
7/28/2009: Mom You Let Him Have Me
7/27/2009: Steve's Choice
7/24/2009: I Control My Woman
7/23/2009: The Good and the Bad of Updates
7/22/2009: Beaten and Burned By My Boyfriend
7/21/2009: He Punches Me Until I Prostitute
7/20/2009: Shocking Lie Detector Results 2
7/17/2009: Drugs, Alcohol... and Pregnant
7/16/2009: Lie Detector Tells All
7/15/2009: Gang Dad
7/14/2009: You Drugged and Raped Me
7/13/2009: Steve vs. Bad Dads 3
7/10/2009: No One Here Deserves to Sit
7/9/2009: My Teen Controls Me
7/8/2009: I'm Afraid of My Wife's Boyfriend
7/7/2009: I Chose to Hurt My Baby
7/6/2009: DNA Results Revealed
7/3/2009: Angry Grandma Demands the Truth
7/2/2009: It's the Fight of Your Life
7/1/2009: Steve and the Stoner
6/30/2009: Pregnant and Abandoned at 15
6/29/2009: Cheating Wrap
5/27/2009: We Have the Proof on Tape; Mom Never Came Back
5/20/2009: Crawl to Your Wife
5/19/2009: I'm Starving Myself to Death
5/18/2009: I Don't Believe the Results
5/15/2009: If You Fail, You Lose Your Son
5/14/2009: DNA Bombshell
5/13/2009: He Raped Me and My Baby
5/12/2009: Did You Fake Your Pregnancies?
5/11/2009: He Holds You Hostage
5/8/2009: Dad Did You Murder Our Mom?
5/7/2009: My Wife Beats Our Babies/You Gave Our Baby Away
5/6/2009: Explosive Paternity Test Results
5/5/2009: Admit It, You Killed My Baby
5/4/2009: What if You Are Pregnant by Him?
5/1/2009: Mommy Hurt Me
4/30/2009: A Mother's Rage
4/29/2009: Is My Brother the Father?
4/28/2009: Steve, We're Afraid of Him
4/27/2009: Don't Run From Your Son... Again
4/24/2009: He Left Me for My Sister
4/23/2009: Don't Waste My Time/A Sister's Bad Influence
4/22/2009: He Tried to Run Over Our Son
4/21/2009: My Big Brother Beats Me
4/20/2009: Bad Moms 2
4/17/2009: Did We Have Sex?
4/16/2009: Prove to Me You Are Clean, Mom
4/15/2009: Steve Breaks a Pimp
4/14/2009: My Teen Would Kill for the Klan
4/13/2009: Not a Big Shocker
3/31/2009: You Won't Beat Me Again
3/30/2009: My Fiance Killed My Baby Brother
3/27/2009: Teen Girls, Tough Topics Pt. 2
3/26/2009: Teen Girls, Tough Topics Pt. 1
3/25/2009: Who Bruised the Baby?
3/24/2009: I Got a 14 Year Old Pregnant
3/23/2009: I Stand Accused
3/20/2009: Steve Save My Daughter
3/19/2009: I Want Him to Love Me
3/18/2009: You Applaud Your Mom's Abuser?
3/17/2009: Did You Murder My Daughter?
3/16/2009: I Hope I'm Not the Father
3/13/2009: Steve to the Rescue: Heroin Mom
3/12/2009: Steve, I Can't Face the Truth
3/11/2009: He Beat Me in My Sleep/He Pulled a Gun on Me
3/10/2009: Is It Love... Or Lies?
3/9/2009: An Explosive DNA Story
3/6/2009: Teen Girls Go to Jail Part 2
3/5/2009: Teen Girls Go to Jail
3/4/2009: You're Certain He's the Father?/Why Didn't You Tell Me?
3/3/2009: Will You Stay to Get Beat?
3/2/2009: Buying Drugs With Daddy
2/5/2009: I Am Not a Stalker
2/4/2009: My 14 Year Old Carries a Gun
2/3/2009: Where's That Fight for Your Son?
2/2/2009: Steve vs. Abusers 3
1/30/2009: Who Burned Our Boy
1/29/2009: You Can't Run From the Results
1/28/2009: Mom, Clean Up Your Act
1/27/2009: Who Raped My Son?
1/26/2009: Out of Control Teens
1/23/2009: DNA Shocker
1/22/2009: I Have Two Husbands
1/21/2009: You're Both Lying
1/20/2009: Shocking Lie Detector Results
1/19/2009: A Fatal Mistake
1/16/2009: Steve's Had Enough
1/14/2009: I Did Cocaine With My Kids/Steve Clear My Name
1/12/2009: Lies and Conception
1/9/2009: Mom's Married to My Molester
1/7/2009: You Stole My Childhood
1/5/2009: I Was Tortured as a Child
12/30/2008: Homewreckers!
12/29/2008: My Brother Stole My Wife
12/26/2008: Steve Helps for the Holiday
12/23/2008: We Beat Up Our Mom
12/22/2008: Can I Trust Him With Our Son
11/26/2008: ...But I Love Him
11/25/2008: Steve Saves a Pregnant Prostitute; A Father's Nightmare
11/24/2008: An Unthinkable Act; I Want You to Beat Me
11/21/2008: I Want to Confront My Dying Rapist
11/20/2008: Look What You Did to Your Baby
11/19/2008: Steve Rescues a Runaway; Steve Helps a Teenage Mother
11/18/2008: Was I Sold for Drugs?
11/17/2008: Abusive Mom Takes Lie Detector; Back on the Beat
11/14/2008: Mom Made Me Lie
11/13/2008: I Don't Believe Your Story
11/12/2008: I'm 14 and I Want a Baby
11/11/2008: I'm Not the Man You Think I Am
11/10/2008: Steve, Lock Up My Son
11/7/2008: You Better Hope You Passed...
11/6/2008: Steve to the Rescue
11/5/2008: Abused While Pregnant
11/4/2008: I Broke My Baby's Arm
11/3/2008: Steve's Gang Intervention
10/31/2008: Mom Made Me a Heroin Addict
10/30/2008: Tragic Tale of 2 Sisters
10/29/2008: He's Not Your Son
10/28/2008: I Have 11 Kids; Is My Daughter a Prostitute?
10/27/2008: Mommy Go to Jail for Me
10/24/2008: Who Drove Drunk/Steve & the Con Artist
10/22/2008: Mom Your Boyfriend Raped Me
10/20/2008: I Lost My 6 Kids
10/17/2008: Steve Confronts a Racist
10/16/2008: My Dad Doesn't Know Me
10/15/2008: Meth Dad/My Grandson Is Killing Himself
10/14/2008: Did Grandma Hurt the Baby
10/13/2008: Crack Mom Made Me Prostitute
10/10/2008: Did You Abuse My Daughter
10/9/2008: Feed Your Baby
10/8/2008: Teen Girls Confess
10/7/2008: Daddy Doesn't Care
10/6/2008: My Son's Going to Kill Me
10/3/2008: 17 Year Old Prostitute
10/2/2008: Dad, I Hate You
10/1/2008: He Didn't Mean to Beat Me
9/30/2008: He Murdered My Sister
9/29/2008: Mom Meet Your 8 Year Old Son
9/26/2008: Jimmy Becomes a Man
9/25/2008: No Money, No Baby
9/24/2008: Here's Your Proof, Mother
9/23/2008: Locked in a Cage and Starved?
9/22/2008: Twins Demand DNA Test
9/19/2008: Heroin Mom Lives in Van
9/18/2008: My Aunt Made Me a Prostitute
9/17/2008: Yes Sir I Hit My Pregnant Wife
9/16/2008: Teen Girl Confront Bad Moms
9/15/2008: The Tragic Truth
7/11/2008: Steve vs. Tough Guys
7/10/2008: Mighty Joe Young
7/9/2008: Guest Updates #3
7/8/2008: Left for Dead Part 2
7/7/2008: Left for Dead Part 1
7/3/2008: Where Are the Children?
5/21/2008: #1 Dad or #1 Suspect
5/20/2008: Teenage Tough Girl?
5/19/2008: Will Daddy Apologize
5/16/2008: You're Busted
5/15/2008: A Stormy Past
5/14/2008: I Burned My Baby
5/13/2008: You're the Rapist
5/12/2008: Daddy Did Nothing
5/9/2008: #1 Dad or #1 Suspect
5/8/2008: The Truth Will Come Out
5/7/2008: I Hate You Daddy
5/6/2008: Monster Dad
5/5/2008: You Get Nothing
5/2/2008: Baby Killer Confesses
5/1/2008: Steve Attacks an Attacker
4/30/2008: Is He a Molester
4/29/2008: Steve Arrest Me
4/28/2008: Lie Detector Shocker
4/25/2008: Mommy I Keep Getting Raped
4/24/2008: Is She a Liar?
4/23/2008: I Left My Boys for the Bar
4/22/2008: Kevin's "Confession"
4/21/2008: Steve Cleans House
4/18/2008: Good Mom Becomes Crackhead
4/17/2008: Load Detector
4/16/2008: Steve Bites Back
4/15/2008: Step Brother Rapist
4/14/2008: Take Me to the Crackhouse
4/11/2008: Daddy Gave Me Up
4/9/2008: To Tell the Truth
4/7/2008: The Inventory of Phil
4/4/2008: Who Hurt the Baby
4/3/2008: Melissa's Nightmare
4/2/2008: Steve Wilkos: Case Files
4/1/2008: You Murdered My Baby
3/31/2008: Daddy Why'd You Sell Us
3/28/2008: There's a Monster in the Basement
3/27/2008: Hand Over Your Rights
3/26/2008: Did Daddy Do It?
3/25/2008: I Had Sex With a Boy; I'm Trying to Kill My Baby
3/24/2008: Were the Children Beaten
2/27/2008: Hope-Less
2/26/2008: Who Gives You the Right
2/25/2008: Dope Dealing Mom
2/22/2008: Encore of Jailed For Life
2/21/2008: I Married My Rapist
2/20/2008: Did Grandma Do It
2/19/2008: Pregnant Teen Confronts Mom
2/18/2008: A Living Nightmare
2/15/2008: I Do Dope With Daddy
2/14/2008: I Am Not a Molester
2/13/2008: I Molested My Daughter
2/12/2008: I Killed My Baby
2/11/2008: Why'd You Let Him Do It
2/8/2008: Arrest of a Predator
2/7/2008: Give Up Your Boys
2/6/2008: Did Beverly Do It?
2/5/2008: Steve Explodes #3
2/4/2008: Who Beat This Child
2/1/2008: She Burned Her Husband Alive
1/31/2008: Mom and the Molester
1/30/2008: Steve Confronts Daddy Zach
1/29/2008: The Kiss of Death
1/25/2008: I Left My Baby on a Train
1/24/2008: Prostitute Town Meeting
1/23/2008: Who Did It
1/22/2008: Steve to the Rescue: The Beginning
1/21/2008: I Am a Bad Mom
1/18/2008: Last Chance
1/17/2008: Steve on a Drug Bust
1/16/2008: On the Road
1/15/2008: Brother a Molester?
1/14/2008: Dead Beat Mom's
1/11/2008: I Let My Son Be Molested
1/10/2008: Abuser's Plan Backfires
1/9/2008: Jack McClellan Returns
1/8/2008: Kids Confront a Dead-Beat Dad
1/7/2008: Jailed For Life
1/4/2008: Women in Need
1/3/2008: You Hurt My Child
1/2/2008: Who Beat This Child
1/1/2008: Steve vs. Abusers 2
12/31/2007: Steve's War on Drugs
12/25/2007: Steve and the Kids
12/24/2007: Steve vs. Bad Dads
12/21/2007: Prostitute Amnesty
12/20/2007: Hold Your Baby/Steve Explodes
12/19/2007: Guest Updates 2
12/18/2007: Audience Intervenes
12/17/2007: Holiday Leftovers
11/27/2007: Whose Fault Is It
11/26/2007: Was She Raped?
11/23/2007: Abuser's Plan Backfires
11/21/2007: The Horrible Truth
11/20/2007: I'm Not Going to Help You 2
11/19/2007: Out on the Streets
11/16/2007: Abuser Takes Lie Detector
11/15/2007: Steve vs. Abusive Parents
11/14/2007: Did She Go?
11/13/2007: 16-Year-Old Mom 2
11/12/2007: Guest Updates
11/9/2007: I Molested My Child
11/8/2007: Steve vs. Bad Mom
11/7/2007: My Mom is on Crack
11/6/2007: A Horror Story
11/5/2007: My Mom Traded Me Away
11/2/2007: Confession and Arrest of a Pedophile
11/1/2007: Steve Explodes
10/31/2007: I Will Not Help You
10/30/2007: Choose a Door
10/29/2007: He Kept Me Capitve
10/26/2007: Steve Saves a Prostitute
10/24/2007: Dead Beat Dads With 7 Kids
10/22/2007: I Don't Care
10/19/2007: Steve to the Rescue
10/18/2007: I Hate My Mom
10/17/2007: Pregnant and a Prostitute
10/16/2007: Tough Love
10/15/2007: I'm Terrified By My Son
10/12/2007: I Live Under a Bridge
10/11/2007: Steve vs. Abuser!
10/10/2007: Guests Walk Off/ Under Age and In Love
10/9/2007: I Hurt My Child
10/8/2007: Save My Daughter
10/5/2007: Steve Arrests a Murderer
10/4/2007: I Gave My Kids Away; My Son Beats Me
10/3/2007: Steve's Intervention #2
10/2/2007: 16 Year-Old Mom
10/1/2007: Bad Mom-Bad Day; I Lost My 8 Kids
9/28/2007: I Give Away My Babies
9/27/2007: I Want Your Baby
9/26/2007: I Shot My Boyfriend
9/25/2007: DNA Disasters
9/24/2007: Pregnant and Abused
9/21/2007: Under the Bridge
9/20/2007: Did Ray Do It?
9/19/2007: Steve and Bad Guys
9/18/2007: Dead Beat Dads
9/17/2007: Stop Beating Me
9/14/2007: Devil Mom!
9/13/2007: Steve vs. a Pedophile
9/12/2007: My Mom is a Drug Addict!
9/11/2007: Steve Confronts a Deadbeat Dad!
9/10/2007: Molester Takes a Lie Detector!
Update: Did He Really Change?

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Premise: A talk show dealing with family issues, hosted by the former security director of 'Jerry Springer.'


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