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Legacy Season 4, Episode 10

In the series finale, the Kappa Taus try to stop the demolition of their house. Meanwhile, Cappie and Casey come to a realization about their on-again, off-again romance; and Cappie and Evan determine whether their friendship is meant to last. read more

Agents for Change Season 4, Episode 9

Rebecca seeks help from Frannie when she learns ZBZ may be crowned best chapter in the country, and Frannie then attempts to win over the national reps by claiming she can get a big celebrity to perform at a special concert. read more

Subclass Plagiostomi Season 4, Episode 8

A quarreling Casey and Evan take their anger out during a mock trial in class. Elsewhere, Rusty and Calvin try to rescue Dale from an embarrassing situation at a talent show. read more

Midnight Clear Season 4, Episode 7

A snowstorm hits town and strands the gang at Dobler's on Calvin's birthday. Friendships and romances are then put to the test when Casey finds out about Ashleigh dating Prof. Segal and Rebecca questions the staying power of her relationship with Evan. read more

Fumble Season 4, Episode 6

Rusty awakens with a hangover and memory lapse from the night before. As he tries to piece together what happened, he discovers he shared a surprising kiss. Elsewhere, Casey spends an unplanned evening with Cappie; and Katherine asks Casey for advice. read more

Home Coming and Going Season 4, Episode 5

Cappie strives to win over Peter's father (Jonathan Silverman) while planning an outrageous homecoming party. Meanwhile, Rusty hopes to impress Peter by stealing a mascot; and Ashleigh's lack of career motivation leads to a fight between her and Casey. read more

All About Beav Season 4, Episode 4

Beaver and Casey search for his elusive online tutor after Beaver gets caught turning in a paper he bought and Casey finds herself without a study group. Meanwhile, Rebecca uses a pledge event to make Evan jealous; and Rusty recruits Ashleigh to help him with a presentation. read more

Cross Examined Life Season 4, Episode 3

Rusty makes plans for Dale at a murder-mystery party. Elsewhere, Ashleigh drops by ZBZ for a surprise visit; Casey's new law-school classmates spread rumors about her; and Cappie and Calvin work together on a philosophy project. read more

Fools Rush In Season 4, Episode 2

Kappa Tau participates in rush week for the first time. Meanwhile, Dale considers pledging a fraternity; Casey becomes a temporary house mother at ZBZ; and Tegan supervises ZBZ's plans for rush week. read more

Defending Your Honor Season 4, Episode 1

In the fourth-season opener, Casey and Evan enter law school while Ashleigh struggles with starting her career in New York City. Elsewhere, Rebecca begins her tenure as ZBZ president; and Rusty tries to get Cappie to step down as president of KT. read more

All Children...Grow Up Season 3, Episode 20

In the third-season finale, the seniors ponder life after graduation during spring break in Myrtle Beach, S.C. While there, Ashleigh and Rebecca create phony names and backgrounds for themselves, and Dale interrupts Rusty and Dana's romantic plans. read more

The First Last Season 3, Episode 19

The fraternity houses prepare for a golf tournament, and ZBZ gets ready for an updated beauty pageant. Meanwhile, Rusty learns about Cappie and Evan's renewed friendship; and Calvin and Grant quarrel over their spring-break plans. read more

Camp Buy Me Love Season 3, Episode 18

Casey goes on a camping trip with Cappie and his parents (Lea Thompson and Jim Abele) and is surprised by their free-spirited attitude regarding their son's future. Elsewhere, Rusty has trouble choosing a date for a 1980s party. Alpha Rev perform. read more

The Big Easy Does It Season 3, Episode 17

Mardi Gras festivities interrupt Casey's attempts to study for the LSAT, but she gets guidance from Joel. Meanwhile, Katherine pressures Rusty to move forward with their relationship; and Evan secretly takes a job bartending at a gay nightclub. read more

Your Friends and Neighbors Season 3, Episode 16

A professor moves next door to the KT house, so the KTs make him a pledge. Elsewhere, Casey struggles with her law-school application, so she seeks advice from Katherine; and the Omegas discover a large sum of money is missing from petty cash. read more

Love, Actually, Probably, Maybe...Or Not Season 3, Episode 15

On Valentine's Day, Casey plays matchmaker for Rusty and Katherine, and she and Cappie compete to find romantic gifts. Meanwhile, Ashleigh has doubts about Pete's fidelity; Grant tries to spice things up with Calvin; and Rebecca gets a special present from Evan. read more

The Tortoise and the Hair Season 3, Episode 14

Casey's volunteer work with a visiting politician (Sam Page) has her considering a career in politics, but Cappie isn't ready to discuss postcollegiate life. Elsewhere, Rusty prepares to appear on the cover of an engineering magazine. read more

Take Me Out Season 3, Episode 13

A Greek softball tournament finds Casey and Cappie on opposing teams. Meanwhile, Rusty struggles in his role as pledge educator; Rebecca's thoughts on love confuse Evan; and Calvin asks Rusty to bond with Grant. read more

Pride & Punishment Season 3, Episode 12

Ashleigh organizes a Geek Auction and helps Rusty win a date with an attractive sorority gal. Meanwhile, a guilt-plagued Casey has to save ZBZ; and Rebecca and Cappie vie for the only open spot in a human-sexuality class. read more

I Know What You Did Last Semester Season 3, Episode 11

A fund-raiser ball is held to help rebuild the Gamma Psi's fire-ravaged house, and the ZBZs worry about their possible role in the blaze. Meanwhile, the KTs mourn their expelled brothers; Evan is tentative near Rebecca; and Dale employs some interns. read more

Friend or Foe Season 3, Episode 10

Casey's loyalties are torn when she's offered a Panhellenic VP position at the same time ZBZ needs her help with Songfest. Elsewhere, Evan and Cappie try to stop the increased rivalry between their houses; and Rusty and Dale feud over science projects. read more

The Wish-Pretzel Season 3, Episode 9

Thanksgiving on campus finds Casey and Rebecca getting turned away from a volunteer project; Cappie canceling a golf outing with Evan to take part in the KT Turkey Hunt; and Dale sneaking a peek at Rusty's notes as they compete for an engineering grant. read more

Fight the Power Season 3, Episode 8

Ashleigh goes all out while planning a four-way mixer and even bribes another sorority to participate. Elsewhere, Evan's reputation takes a hit when everyone learns he lost his trust fund, and Cappie starts to pull away from Lana. read more

The Dork Knight Season 3, Episode 7

Dale and Calvin take Rusty to Comic-Con to distract him from thinking about Jordan. Elsewhere, Casey is suspicious of Cappie and Evan's rekindled friendship, and Ashleigh and Fisher timidly start dating again. John de Lancie guest stars as himself. read more

Lost and Founders Season 3, Episode 6

The ZBZ gals scramble to get donations during Founders Weekend. Elsewhere, Rusty tries to get Jordan into their school's photography program, and he and Jordan double-date with Calvin and Grant while Cappie attempts to score a date with Lana. read more

Down on Your Luck Season 3, Episode 5

Casey thinks a clever calendar photo shoot will up ZBZ's falling status, but a freshman pledge leads a revolt against her plan. Elsewhere, Cappie helps Evan find a part-time job, and Rusty's idea for cheering up Jordan may awaken a KT curse. read more

High and Dry Season 3, Episode 4

Casey patrols non-alcohol party night during Dry Weekend on campus until she and Evan unknowingly eat some special brownies. Meanwhile, Grant's old high-school girlfriend surprises him with a visit, and Rusty seeks academic help at a book signing. read more

The Half-Naked Gun Season 3, Episode 3

As Rusty and Jordan try to get closer, they realize they're the final two players in a campus-wide game. Elsewhere, Calvin and Grant go off campus for a romantic dinner; and Casey wants to save the annual "Undie Run" tradition, which faces cancellation. read more

Our Fathers Season 3, Episode 2

ZBZ hosts a father-daughter weekend, and tensions run high at the house when the secret about whom Rebecca kissed is revealed. Meanwhile, Rusty tries to use sports to impress Jordan's dad, and Dale and Cappie explore different religions. Brian Howard: Kadeem Hardison. Sen. Ken Logan: Thomas Calabro. Jack: Tom Amandes. Russell Cartwright Sr.: Jerry Lambert. read more

The Day After Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, Casey deals with Cappie's rejection, while Cappie learns of Max's departure. Elsewhere, Rusty risks being dropped from the honors program as his organic-chemistry grade falls. read more

At World's End Season 2, Episode 22

In the second-season finale, Kappa Tau hosts an "End of the World" party, and Casey struggles with conflicting feelings she has for Max and Cappie. Meanwhile, Ashleigh is accused of sabotaging a homecoming float, and Dale and Calvin take a purity pledge. read more

Tailgate Expectations Season 2, Episode 21

As the Homecoming Week float competition heats up, Rusty and Ashleigh work hard to obtain a win while Casey and Cappie try to avoid one another. Elsewhere, Evan learns that he may lose his trust fund, and Ashleigh uncovers a secret of Fisher's. Tim Matheson directed the episode. read more

Isn't It Bro-mantic Season 2, Episode 20

A lonely Casey meddles in Rusty's new romance with Jordan. Elsewhere, Calvin finally gets a new roommate, and then he discovers that the guy has a surprising secret; and Evan and Cappie reignite their rivalry, this time over a secret-society member. read more

Social Studies Season 2, Episode 19

As midterms approach, awkward study groups form: Cappie's women's studies group includes Casey and two girls he's been dating, and Rusty's art-history group includes Jordan. Meanwhile, Rebecca asks Evan to help retrieve her laptop from her towed car. read more

Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood Season 2, Episode 18

In an attempt to impress Cappie, Rusty tries to solve a mystery involving a secret society he stumbles across on campus. Meanwhile, some of Frannie's defectors ask to return to the ZBZ house, and Rebecca seeks dating advice from Calvin as she prepares to go out with Robin. read more

Guilty Treasures Season 2, Episode 17

The KTs race to return a stash of stolen campus goods, hoping not to get caught by security. Elsewhere, Casey sneaks Max into a faculty party so he can meet a visiting professor (Helen Slater) that needs an intern, and Ashleigh considers taking her relationship with Fisher public. read more

Dearly Beloved Season 2, Episode 16

Casey's grand-big sister, Kiki, returns to campus for her wedding, prompting Max to propose to Casey. Meanwhile, Rusty and Jordan bond while picking up flowers for the ceremony and share a kiss, and Rebecca kisses Robin during a bachelorette party game. read more

Evasive Actions Season 2, Episode 15

Casey challenges the IKIs to a game of dodgeball, hoping to prove the passion of ZBZ's sisterhood to Frannie as well as win over new pledge Jordan. Meanwhile, Rusty's plan to get Dale to leave their apartment once in awhile backfires and instead they both face eviction. read more

Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp Season 2, Episode 14

Rusty is reluctant to be Andy's big brother because he's angry over Andy and Jordan's hookup. Elsewhere, Evan's brother, Patrick, visits and hits him up for money, and Casey and Rebecca think they've figured out who's been stealing the ZBZ food supply. read more

Engendered Species Season 2, Episode 13

Casey wants Max and Cappie to get along, so she seeks advice from Prof. Freeman (Janeane Garofalo). Elsewhere, Andy becomes Rusty's rival as they both try to impress a new transfer student; and a guy getting a lot of attention from the ZBZ gals is only interested in Ashleigh. read more

From Rushing With Love Season 2, Episode 12

Rusty, eager to take part in Rush Week as a sophomore, attempts to recruit Andy to pledge Kappa Tau, while Calvin tries to sell Andy on Omega Chi. Elsewhere, Casey and Ashleigh doubt Rebecca's work as a mole and suspect that she may be a double agent for Frannie. read more

Take Me Home Cyprus Rhodes Season 2, Episode 11

Casey returns from her summer internship with secret plans to move out of her sorority house. Elsewhere, Calvin's high-school buddy Andy (Jesse McCartney) begins his freshman year and gets courted by both Calvin and Rusty's fraternities; and Rusty adjusts to living at the Kappa Tau house. read more

Hell Week Season 2, Episode 10

Casey struggles to make a decision about how to spend her summer when she gets an internship offer and learns of Max's plans, becoming so troubled that she seeks counsel from Lauren Conrad in a dream. Elsewhere, Rusty is determined to do whatever is asked of the pledges to make it through Hell Week. read more

Three's a Crowd Season 2, Episode 9

Rusty uncovers a secret regarding Dale's old high-school buddy (Dan Byrd), but he's hesitant to share it with Dale. Elsewhere, Ashleigh is caught in the middle of her friends' rivalry as she adjusts to her new role in ZBZ. read more

The Popular Vote Season 2, Episode 8

As the ZBZ presidential election nears, Frannie spreads lies about Casey, so Casey retaliates by stooping to her level. Elsewhere, Calvin must deal with the fallout from cheating on Michael, and Rusty runs into his ex, Jen K., while out on a date with a new girl. read more

Formally Yours Season 2, Episode 7

Casey's sorority sisters size up Max when she brings him to the formal. Meanwhile, Ashleigh attempts to find Rusty a date; and Cappie and Rebecca hang out at the empty ZBZ house while everyone else is at the formal. read more

See You Next Time, Sisters Season 2, Episode 6

The ZBZ gals attend a sorority convention in Florida, and Casey fears that Frannie plans to change some rules regarding elections. Elsewhere, Kappa Tau hosts an engineering-department party in order to raise some cash, but the fiesta gets out of hand. read more

Pledge Allegiance Season 2, Episode 5

Tired of the poor treatment they've received, the pledges at Kappa Tau fight back. Elsewhere, Evan schemes to use Calvin and Michael's relationship to help a brother who's failing. read more

Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays Season 2, Episode 4

Cappie fears Rusty will uncover a Kappa Tau mystery. Meanwhile, Casey takes a liking to Max; Ashleigh tries to cheer up Rebecca; and Calvin's boyfriend suggests that he have more gay friends, so they go to a gay bar and are surprised by whom they see there. read more

Let's Make a Deal Season 2, Episode 3

Casey and Rusty organize a casino night in order to help a debt-plagued Ashleigh. Elsewhere, Evan struggles with accepting the fine print on his trust fund; and Rebecca wants to give Cappie money so he can buy a new car. read more

Crush Landing Season 2, Episode 2

As ZBZ prepares to hold a crush party, Casey and Ashleigh realize they both have a crush on the same guy (Jesse Williams). Elsewhere, Rusty turns to his new RA, Max (Michael Rady), for advice on his education. read more

Brothers and Sisters Season 2, Episode 1

The second season opens with the annual Greek Week competition, and Rusty and Calvin strive to find a neutral friendship zone despite their opposing house loyalties. Meanwhile, Casey must decide the consequences of Rebecca's wild spring-break actions, and Rebecca's continued bad behavior doesn't help matters. read more

Spring Broke Season 1, Episode 22

In the first-season finale, the Cyprus-Rhodes students head to the beach for spring break, where Casey finally decides to leave the past behind and cut loose. Meanwhile, Rusty feels out of place and cuts his vacation short by looking up some old friends on his way back to campus. read more

Barely Legal Season 1, Episode 21

As spring break approaches, Cappie's decision to have the Kappa pledges practice using their fake IDs creates an identity crisis for Rusty. Meanwhile, Casey ponders her future after asking for Evan's help in studying for her law-school admission test. read more

A Tale of Two Parties Season 1, Episode 20

Now that Cyprus-Rhodes' draconian prohibitions have ended, Omega Chi and Kappa Tau throw competing parties in a quest to claim campus supremacy. Meanwhile, Casey is smitten with a new frat guy (Ryan Sypek), and Rusty reconsiders his relationship with Tina. read more

No Campus for Old Rules Season 1, Episode 19

Dissension in the ranks at the Zeta house erupts when Ashleigh gets special treatment from Casey. Meanwhile, Cappie takes action against the current campus rules, and Rusty adjusts to a new relationship. read more

Mr. Purr-fect Season 1, Episode 18

When a series of bizarre fraternity-coaching competitions pits the Zeta Beta sisters against one another, Casey develops a crush on a Lambda Sigma brother, and Rebecca is assigned to help the Kappa Taus, putting her relationship with Cappie to the test. read more

47 Hours and 11 Minutes Season 1, Episode 17

Parents' Weekend causes dilemmas as Rusty worries about Kappa's reputation as a party house, Rebecca hesitates to tell her father that she's dating slacker Cappie, and Dale regrets inviting his folks to share in his college experience. read more

Moveon.Cartwrights Season 1, Episode 16

Determined to move on after their recent failed relationships, Rusty and Casey take action: Rusty enlists Dale to help him get a date, and Casey comes to terms with her split from Evan when a majority of her Zeta sisters want to reunite with the Omegas. read more

Freshman Daze Season 1, Episode 15

With the annual Greek Ball on the horizon, Casey and Cappie recall a fateful development from their freshman year, and Casey is also reminded of a selfless act by Frannie that had a major impact on her life. read more

War & Peace Season 1, Episode 14

Rusty's friendship with Calvin suffers when the rivalry between the Kappas and the Omegas escalates into a seesaw battle of practical jokes. Meanwhile, Casey makes a risky decision to bring an end to Lizzi's overbearing supervision. read more

Highway to the Discomfort Zone Season 1, Episode 13

Omega Chi becomes the victim of Kappa Tau's pranks when Cappie seeks to get even with Evan for blowing the whistle on their recent underground festivities. Meanwhile, Casey's rivalry with Rebecca intensifies when she learns about Rebecca's new relationship. read more

The Great Cappie Season 1, Episode 12

Hoping to sneak around Dean Bowman's probationary despotism, Casey tries to liven up the Zeta Betas by joining forces with Cappie and his Kappa Tau brothers to plan a Prohibition party with a Great Gatsby theme. read more

A New Normal Season 1, Episode 11

As a new semester begins, Casey adjusts to being sorority president after Zeta's fall from grace and her split with Evan. Meanwhile, Rusty tries to forget about Jen K., Calvin mulls rejoining the Omegas, and Cappie and Rebecca keep their fling a secret. The Plain White T's perform at an all-Greek carnival. read more

Black & White and Read All Over Season 1, Episode 10

At the end of the fall semester, the sororities and fraternities are reeling after a shocking exposé of the Greek system is published in the school newspaper. read more

Depth Perception Season 1, Episode 9

The bond between Frannie and Casey is tested when both are in the running for the coveted title of Omega Chi Sweetheart. Meanwhile, the ever-present Dale cramps Rusty's style when he wants to be alone with Jen K. read more

Separation Anxiety Season 1, Episode 8

A snafu in Zeta's community-service schedule puts Casey in the unfamiliar position of working with Dale's religious group; lovesick Rusty and Cappie seek distractions from women. read more

Multiple Choice Season 1, Episode 7

As a demanding week of midterm exams approaches, Rusty considers a sure-fire way to keep his grades up while not missing out on the fun at the Kappa house. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Casey and Cappie are paired on a school project. read more

Friday Night Frights Season 1, Episode 6

Sorority secrets are revealed when inclement weather mars Casey's slumber party for Zeta pledges. Meanwhile, Cappie receives a surprise visit from a mysterious girl. read more

Liquid Courage Season 1, Episode 5

Rusty's science background becomes invaluable to Kappa Tau when its volcano for a Mount Vesuvius bash fails to blow its top. Meanwhile, Casey meets Evan's parents, but she's overshadowed by Rebecca's surprise appearance. read more

Picking Teams Season 1, Episode 4

A fraternity floor-hockey tournament causes Evan to doubt Casey's allegiance to his Omega team; Dale devises a plan to help the awkward Rusty play for the Kappas. read more

The Rusty Nail Season 1, Episode 3

Casey sees trouble ahead when Cappie sets Rusty up on a date for a fraternity mixer. Meanwhile, Ashleigh misjudges Calvin's intentions after he volunteers for Zeta's party-planning committee. The band Plain White T's perform. read more

Hazed and Confused Season 1, Episode 2

During initiation week, Casey gets back at Rebecca by saddling her with a difficult scavenger hunt. Meanwhile, Rusty deals with a scheduling conflict involving a physics exam and a fraternity beer-pong tournament. read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

Rusty gets caught up in fraternity rush, but a chance encounter alters his final decision; Casey tries to land a prospective Zeta member while adjusting to her brother's presence on campus. read more

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Premise: A geeky freshman tries to fit in at a tony college, where his sister is a popular sorority girl.



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