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Burn Notice episodes

Sep 12, 2013: Reckoning
Sep 05, 2013: Sea Change
Aug 22, 2013: Tipping Point
Aug 15, 2013: Things Unseen
Aug 08, 2013: Bitter Pill
Aug 01, 2013: Nature of the Beast
Jul 25, 2013: Psychological Warfare
Jul 18, 2013: All or Nothing
Jul 11, 2013: Exit Plan
Jun 27, 2013: Brothers in Arms
Jun 20, 2013: Down Range
Jun 13, 2013: Forget Me Not
Jun 06, 2013: New Deal
Dec 20, 2012: Game Change...
Dec 20, 2012: You Can Run...
Dec 20, 2012: You Can Run
Dec 13, 2012: Odd Man Out
Dec 06, 2012: Best Laid Plans
Nov 29, 2012: Down & Out
Nov 15, 2012: Over the Line
Nov 08, 2012: Means & Ends
Nov 08, 2012: Desperate Measures
Nov 08, 2012: Desperate Measures
Aug 23, 2012: Desperate Times
Aug 16, 2012: Official Business
Aug 09, 2012: Unchained
Aug 02, 2012: Reunion
Jul 26, 2012: Shock Wave
Jul 19, 2012: Split Decision
Jul 12, 2012: Under the Gun
Jun 28, 2012: Last Rites
Jun 21, 2012: Mixed Messages
Jun 14, 2012: Scorched Earth
Dec 15, 2011: Fail Safe
Dec 08, 2011: Acceptable Loss
Dec 01, 2011: Depth Perception
Nov 17, 2011: Necessary Evil
Nov 10, 2011: Breaking Point
Nov 03, 2011: Damned if You Do
Sep 08, 2011: Dead to Rights
Sep 01, 2011: Better Halves
Aug 25, 2011: Army of One
Aug 18, 2011: Eye for an Eye
Aug 11, 2011: Hard Out
Aug 04, 2011: Besieged
Jul 28, 2011: Enemy of My Enemy
Jul 21, 2011: Square One
Jul 14, 2011: No Good Deed
Jul 07, 2011: Mind Games
Jun 30, 2011: Bloodlines
Jun 23, 2011: Company Man
Dec 16, 2010: Last Stand
Dec 16, 2010: Out of the Fire
Dec 09, 2010: Dead or Alive
Dec 02, 2010: Brotherly Love
Nov 18, 2010: Hot Property
Nov 11, 2010: Eyes Open
Aug 26, 2010: Guilty as Charged
Aug 19, 2010: Blind Spot
Aug 12, 2010: Hard Time
Aug 05, 2010: Center of the Storm
Jul 29, 2010: Where There's Smoke
Jul 22, 2010: Past & Future Tense
Jul 15, 2010: Entry Point
Jul 01, 2010: Neighborhood Watch
Jun 24, 2010: Breach of Faith
Jun 17, 2010: Made Man
Jun 10, 2010: Fast Friends
Jun 03, 2010: Friends and Enemies
Mar 04, 2010: Devil You Know
Feb 25, 2010: Good Intentions
Feb 18, 2010: Partners in Crime
Feb 11, 2010: Enemies Closer
Feb 04, 2010: Noble Causes
Jan 28, 2010: Friendly Fire
Jan 21, 2010: A Dark Road
Aug 06, 2009: Long Way Back
Jul 30, 2009: Friends Like These
Jul 23, 2009: Shot in the Dark
Jul 16, 2009: The Hunter
Jul 09, 2009: Signals and Codes
Jun 25, 2009: Fearless Leader
Jun 18, 2009: End Run
Jun 11, 2009: Question & Answer
Jun 04, 2009: Friends and Family
Mar 05, 2009: Lesser Evil
Feb 26, 2009: Sins of Omission
Feb 19, 2009: Truth and Reconciliation
Feb 12, 2009: Bad Breaks
Feb 05, 2009: Seek and Destroy
Jan 29, 2009: Hot Spot
Jan 22, 2009: Do No Harm
Sep 18, 2008: Good Soldier
Sep 11, 2008: Double Booked
Aug 21, 2008: Rough Seas
Aug 14, 2008: Bad Blood
Aug 07, 2008: Scatter Point
Jul 31, 2008: Comrades
Jul 24, 2008: Trust Me
Jul 17, 2008: Turn and Burn
Jul 10, 2008: Breaking and Entering
Sep 22, 2007: Loose Ends
Sep 22, 2007: Dead Drop
Sep 21, 2007: Dead Drop; Loose Ends
Sep 14, 2007: False Flag
Aug 23, 2007: Hard Bargain
Aug 17, 2007: Wanted Man
Aug 10, 2007: Broken Rules
Aug 02, 2007: Unpaid Debts
Jul 26, 2007: Family Business
Jul 19, 2007: Old Friends
Jul 12, 2007: Fight or Flight
Jul 06, 2007: Identity
Jun 29, 2007: Pilot
Jun 28, 2007: Pilot
Jun 28, 2007: Pilot

Reckoning Season 7, Episode 13

The final episode in the series finds Michael struggling to regain the trust of those whom he betrayed, while James works feverishly to bring him down. read more

Sea Change Season 7, Episode 12

Michael is forced to expose his identity to James; Fiona and Jesse fear he is in over his head. read more

Tipping Point Season 7, Episode 11

Sonya and a conflicted Michael go to Mexico on a mission for James. Strong, meanwhile, decides to make his move and hires mercenaries to extract James. read more

Things Unseen Season 7, Episode 10

Michael's cover is endangered by an old friend, which forces Michael to decide how far he'll go to preserve his mission. Elsewhere, Fiona's boyfriend is targeted by a gang member, prompting Sam and Jesse to get involved in a street war. read more

Bitter Pill Season 7, Episode 9

The team look for an antidote at the manufacturer's lab in order to save a poisoned Middle Eastern diplomat. Elsewhere, Madeline takes action when she suspects she's being followed. read more

Nature of the Beast Season 7, Episode 8

Michael goes after a drug smuggler at the bidding of the organization he's trying to infiltrate. Elsewhere, Fiona, Jesse and Strong visit a mental hospital in a search for more information about James. read more

Psychological Warfare Season 7, Episode 7

Michael is drugged by the leader of the organization he's trying to dismantle, putting him at risk of revealing dangerous secrets. read more

All or Nothing Season 7, Episode 6

Michael wrestles with old feelings while working with Fiona to steal information from a programming syndicate for Sonya. Elsewhere, Sam and Jesse help Barry locate a former girlfriend. read more

Exit Plan Season 7, Episode 5

Michael joins forces with a former Russian operative working in Burke's organization to escape Cuba; Strong tries to convince Fiona to help Michael. read more

Brothers in Arms Season 7, Episode 4

Michael must help a prisoner escape from a Russian black site in Cuba, and Fiona and Madeline are tasked with framing a corrupt bureaucrat as part of the plot. read more

Down Range Season 7, Episode 3

Sam and Jesse head to the Dominican Republic to help Michael with a high-risk trade. Elsewhere, Fiona steps in to help Madeline ward off a bookie trying to collect an unpaid debt. read more

Forget Me Not Season 7, Episode 2

Michael returns to Miami in order to preserve his cover, but Strong puts a damper on his homecoming by forbidding Michael from contacting his friends. read more

New Deal Season 7, Episode 1

In the Season 7 premiere, a terrorist recruits Michael to help steal equipment from a defense facility. Elsewhere, Sam and Jesse look for answers after learning Michael's life may be in danger. read more

Game Change... Season 6, Episode 18

Conclusion. A group of assassins targets the gang, forcing Michael to go on the offensive in the series 6 finale. read more

You Can Run... Season 6, Episode 17

Part 1 of 2. Sam and Jesse are caught in the crossfire when the gang are ambushed while attempting to make their escape. read more

You Can Run

In the Season 6 finale, Sam is shot and Jesse is captured during an ambush of the gang's escape attempt. read more

Odd Man Out Season 6, Episode 16

Michael seeks refuge in a warehouse when he's caught in the middle of a smuggler's attempt to get revenge on his former client. Survival becomes a challenge as supplies run low and the exits are blocked. read more

Best Laid Plans Season 6, Episode 15

Michael sets up a deal to sell a valuable piece of technology, but things take a turn when Sam is caught up in a risky robbery. Elsewhere, Madeline recruits Barry for a dangerous favor. read more

Down & Out Season 6, Episode 14

Michael arranges to be captured by a Syrian intelligence officer in order to rescue an inept smuggler; Riley offers Madeline a deal in hopes of tracking down Michael. read more

Over the Line Season 6, Episode 13

Michael is accused of a crime at a local hotel. Elsewhere, Olivia questions Sam in an attempt to get to Michael. read more

Means & Ends Season 6, Episode 12

Conclusion. A smuggler Fiona met in prison needs help taking on a corrupt detective. Elsewhere, Michael teams up with a former enemy to deal with an even bigger foe. read more

Desperate Measures Season 6, Episode 11

Part 1 of 2. The gang cook up a hijacking scheme in order to escape from Panama, while Michael tries to skirt a Panamanian drug runner. read more

Desperate Measures

The gang cook up a hijacking scheme in order to escape from Panama, while Michael tries to skirt a Panamanian drug runner. read more

Desperate Times Season 6, Episode 10

The gang travel to Panama to take down an assassin, but their target discovers their plans and sets up a trap of his own. Elsewhere, Madeline grills Card for answers. read more

Official Business Season 6, Episode 9

Fiona must break into a guarded safe in order to help a CIA asset who's in over her head with a black-market businessman. Elsewhere, Sam and Jesse track a skilled sniper and look for answers at a mercenary training camp. read more

Unchained Season 6, Episode 8

Michael sets up his own arrest by the FBI as part of a plot to take down a Boston mobster. Elsewhere, Jesse and Pearce resort to blackmail to gain information on a gun sale, but their tactics don't go smoothly. read more

Reunion Season 6, Episode 7

Sam helps his girlfriend's son out of a bind with a cutthroat loan shark. Elsewhere, Michael and Fiona hunt down the person who sabotaged Michael's last mission. read more

Shock Wave Season 6, Episode 6

Michael gets a lead on Anson; an MI6 agent tries to prevent Fiona's release from prison; and an assassin traps Sam and Barry in a secluded beach house. read more

Split Decision Season 6, Episode 5

Michael takes on a gangster with help from an unlikely ally; Card offers Fiona a deal to become a CIA asset, an arrangement that would prevent her from being extradited. read more

Under the Gun Season 6, Episode 4

Sam is kidnapped during a mission in the Everglades with Michael and Jesse. Meanwhile, Fiona gets into trouble with a pair of inmates, but an ally offers assistance in exchange for a favor. read more

Last Rites Season 6, Episode 3

Pearce asks for Michael's help going after the man who killed her fiancé, but the task turns tricky when they find out the killer is a CIA asset. Also: Fiona investigates the attempt on her life and plans to meet with a well-connected smuggler. read more

Mixed Messages Season 6, Episode 2

Michael reconnects with his mentor and offers to help go after a drug cartel in exchange for visitation privileges with Fiona. Meanwhile, Fiona leans on a new friend for help fending off a gang leader in prison. read more

Scorched Earth Season 6, Episode 1

In the Season 6 premiere, Michael pursues Anson in Miami. Fiona, meanwhile, is taken into custody and interrogated by a former foe. read more

Fail Safe Season 5, Episode 18

Michael receives his biggest CIA mission yet just as Anson's plans kick into high gear in the Season 5 finale. While Michael's on the job, Sam and Fiona keep an eye on Anson but may not be able to stop him. read more

Acceptable Loss Season 5, Episode 17

Jesse calls in the team to help stop a smuggler from bringing blood diamonds into the country. Elsewhere, Michael needs assistance transferring a prisoner who could have information on Anson. read more

Depth Perception Season 5, Episode 16

Sam reunites with Beatriz (Ilza Rosario), who's on the run from a deadly Russian spy. In order to prevent any harm from coming to her, Michael must rely on Anson's profiling skills to find the would-be assassin. Elsewhere, Fiona and Jesse run an errand for Anson in the Cayman Islands. read more

Necessary Evil Season 5, Episode 15

Michael heads up a rescue mission for a scientist kidnapped by an African warlord. Sam and Jesse go undercover but soon find themselves in big trouble. Elsewhere, someone Madeline trusts hides a secret from her. read more

Breaking Point Season 5, Episode 14

Michael's childhood friend is killed in a gang dispute, so Michael teams up with the victim's brother to exact revenge on the gang. Elsewhere, Sam gathers information on Anson by infiltrating a college campus. read more

Damned if You Do Season 5, Episode 13

Michael and Fiona plan to abduct a hacker in Puerto Rico in order to obtain his software, but the man has several other enemies to contend with. Elsewhere, Madeline learns to retrieve information from the police under the tutelage of Sam and Jesse. read more

Dead to Rights Season 5, Episode 12

Michael tries to clear his name of Max's murder by taking drastic action. Elsewhere, Larry resurfaces and insists Michael help him with a job. read more

Better Halves Season 5, Episode 11

Michael and Fiona pose as a wealthy couple at a South American resort in order to extract a bioweapons specialist. Elsewhere, Sam and Jesse try to trap Max's killer. read more

Army of One Season 5, Episode 10

Michael infiltrates a group of hijackers in order to help Jesse with a security job, but the mission takes a turn when the group take hostages at an airport. Madeline, meanwhile, tries to lead the hostages to safety. read more

Eye for an Eye Season 5, Episode 9

A pharmaceuticals mogul hires Fiona and Jesse to do surveillance work for him, but he's hiding something about his business dealings. Elsewhere, Michael and Sam question a bomb maker tied to Max's murder. read more

Hard Out Season 5, Episode 8

Michael and Jesse go on an extraction mission on a Caribbean island but end up trapped there by mercenaries. Meanwhile, Fiona tries to get information out of an ex by doing a favor for him. read more

Besieged Season 5, Episode 7

Michael and Sam try to rescue an ailing boy from his father, who took the boy to a heavily armed compound. Elsewhere, Fiona and Jesse keep an eye on a day laborer who could be tied to Max's fate. read more

Enemy of My Enemy Season 5, Episode 6

Sam gets close to a heroin dealer as part of a plan to help the CIA retrieve a weapon from a Serbian mob. But his undercover work doesn't go over well with the agency. read more

Square One Season 5, Episode 5

Michael takes part in a CIA murder investigation. Elsewhere, the team helps a former Army sniper who's looking to avenge his sister's injury. read more

No Good Deed Season 5, Episode 4

Barry's brother is framed for attacking a server, so the gang track down the real hacker to clear his name. read more

Mind Games Season 5, Episode 3

Nate returns to Miami to seek Michael's help to go after a loan shark who's harassing a widow. The guys soon discover that the loan shark is not all that he seems, however. read more

Bloodlines Season 5, Episode 2

Michael helps a woman track down her cousin, who's caught up in a human-trafficking scheme, but is dismayed when Madeline becomes involved in the plot to rescue her. read more

Company Man Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 premiere, Michael works with his old agency to go after the people who burned him in a case that leads the group to Venezuela. read more

Last Stand Season 4, Episode 18

In the Season 4 finale, a tactical-assault team descend on Miami to come after Michael and his loved ones, forcing Michael to take drastic action to keep everyone safe. read more

Out of the Fire Season 4, Episode 17

Brennen attempts to blackmail Michael into killing government agents and joins forces with another player to strengthen his strategy. read more

Dead or Alive Season 4, Episode 16

Sam tries to help a friend who's been deemed a dirty cop clear his name. Elsewhere, Michael plans to meet with Jesse's former handler in order to make sure government documents end up in the right hands. read more

Brotherly Love Season 4, Episode 15

Nate tries to locate a stolen car filled with drugs but soon gets in over his head, prompting Michael to step in. Elsewhere, Sam and Jesse set out to prevent the sale of a highly sensitive government document in the Dominican Republic. read more

Hot Property Season 4, Episode 14

A dangerous thief tries to steal a chemical weapon from Venezuelan revolutionaries, forcing Michael to work with his foe to prevent a disaster. read more

Eyes Open Season 4, Episode 13

Michael tries to prevent a bombing arranged by a lawyer out for revenge against a local gang. Elsewhere, Michael and Jesse must track down a highly sensitive document that's been stolen. read more

Guilty as Charged Season 4, Episode 12

Michael tries to find a kidnapped girl who was taken by a client of her defense-attorney father's. read more

Blind Spot Season 4, Episode 11

Michael helps a victim of a womanizer's scam, which depleted her life savings. read more

Hard Time Season 4, Episode 10

Michael must find his way into a high-security prison to keep watch over Sam's inmate friend, whose life is endangered by another prisoner. read more

Center of the Storm Season 4, Episode 9

Michael poses as a hit man in order to protect a witness whose testimony is crucial to stopping criminal activity. read more

Where There's Smoke Season 4, Episode 8

A job protecting a businessman at a house party goes awry, putting Fiona in danger and forcing Michael, Sam and Jesse to concoct a plan to save her. read more

Past & Future Tense Season 4, Episode 7

Michael takes on the case of a former CIA operative who's being pursued by Russian spies. Burt Reynolds guest stars. read more

Entry Point Season 4, Episode 6

Sam and Jesse question a hit man about a killing; Michael and Fiona investigate an antiques thief by going undercover as security consultants. read more

Neighborhood Watch Season 4, Episode 5

Drug dealers target a medical clinic, so the doctor in charge comes to Michael for help. Elsewhere, Michael gets involved with a killer. read more

Breach of Faith Season 4, Episode 4

Michael and Sam become entangled in a hostage standoff at a bank, while Fiona helps Jesse dig up information on a weapons runner. read more

Made Man Season 4, Episode 3

Michael takes on the mob at Miami's docks, where a port worker is being threatened by the group. Elsewhere, Michael and Jesse gather intel on an underground-artillery operation on the waterfront. read more

Fast Friends Season 4, Episode 2

Michael helps a fellow burned agent (Coby Bell) who's being pursued by a drug trafficker with a vendetta against him. read more

Friends and Enemies Season 4, Episode 1

A lawyer needs protection from a ruthless biker gang in the Season 4 premiere. Meanwhile, Michael attempts to thwart a terrorist threat and must join forces with an unexpected partner. read more

Devil You Know Season 3, Episode 16

In the third-season finale, Michael goes up against a terrorist who's threatening to detonate a bomb in Miami if Michael doesn't cooperate with his plans. To make matters worse, the FBI is closely following Michael's every move. read more

Good Intentions Season 3, Episode 15

Fiona deals with a paranoid kidnapper who's hiding a secret. Elsewhere, Michael tries to take down a black operative, but the mission soon gets out of control. read more

Partners in Crime Season 3, Episode 14

Michael infiltrates the fashion world while investigating a theft at a chic design house. Elsewhere, Michael and Fiona cozy up to a Polish intelligence officer in order to find information on a flight carrying dangerous cargo. read more

Enemies Closer Season 3, Episode 13

Michael is asked to steal sensitive flight information, a mission that could land him in hot water. Meanwhile, Michael's former mentor (Tim Matheson) comes to town with a drug cartel tailing him. read more

Noble Causes Season 3, Episode 12

Michael's drug-dealing neighbor asks for protection from a crew of thieves. Meanwhile, Michael tries to adjust to working with a new partner. read more

Friendly Fire Season 3, Episode 11

Sam's old friend comes to town to ask for a favor. Elsewhere, Michael tracks a child predator while also befriending an unstable spy runner in order to figure out what he's up to in Miami. read more

A Dark Road Season 3, Episode 10

Michael and Fiona help a widow evade violent con men, a job that finds Michael turning to Madeline for assistance. Elsewhere, a contact seeks to gain Michael's attention through extreme measures. Tyne Daly guest stars. read more

Long Way Back Season 3, Episode 9

Fiona is targeted by a dangerous man from her past, forcing Michael to team up with her brother to save her. read more

Friends Like These Season 3, Episode 8

Michael tracks down a thief who stole Barry's client list. Meanwhile, Fiona and Michael find themselves at odds over Michael's quest to get back into the intelligence community. read more

Shot in the Dark Season 3, Episode 7

Michael helps a boy run his abusive stepfather out of town by convincing the man that he's the target of an assassination plot. Elsewhere, Strickler promises to help Michael get back into the intelligence community in exchange for working together. read more

The Hunter Season 3, Episode 6

Michael learns he's being targeted by an operative and soon after is kidnapped and taken to the wilderness along with a prominent player in Miami's underworld. Elsewhere, Michael meets an ex-spy who's selling his services. read more

Signals and Codes Season 3, Episode 5

Michael helps foil a defense executive's plan to sell company secrets that, in the wrong hands, could lead to the deaths of American spies. Elsewhere, Michael finds a new intelligence contact. read more

Fearless Leader Season 3, Episode 4

Michael infiltrates a gang in order to take down a highly sought-after criminal and ends up befriending a gang member who may not be as bad as he seems. Elsewhere, Sam contends with an IRS agent who's related to a woman from Sam's past. read more

End Run Season 3, Episode 3

An arms dealer (Jay Karnes) with a grudge against Michael kidnaps Nate and forces Michael to help him pull off a heist. Elsewhere, Paxson continues her investigation of Michael. read more

Question & Answer Season 3, Episode 2

A detective discovers Michael's stash of explosives, forcing him to work quickly to hide them before she can obtain a warrant. Elsewhere, the team looks for a kidnapping victim and uses an unusual form of interrogation. read more

Friends and Family Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 opener, Michael is investigated by the police after losing protection from the people who burned him. He also picks up a job extraditing a criminal to Latin America at the request of an old friend. read more

Lesser Evil Season 2, Episode 16

Michael discovers secrets from Victor's past and prepares for a showdown with Carla in the second-season finale. read more

Sins of Omission Season 2, Episode 15

A woman from Michael's past resurfaces to ask for his help locating her kidnapped son. Elsewhere, Michael extends an olive branch to a fellow rogue burned agent. read more

Truth and Reconciliation Season 2, Episode 14

Michael helps a Haitian man locate his daughter's killer, a corrupt government official from Haiti who's hiding out in Miami. Elsewhere, Michael makes progress while investigating who tried to kill him. read more

Bad Breaks Season 2, Episode 13

Michael and the troublesome Jason Bly are trapped together during a bank robbery. Despite Bly's original intentions to force Michael to forfeit blackmail materials, the pair must work together to survive the robbery. read more

Seek and Destroy Season 2, Episode 12

Michael tracks a hacker for a wealthy art dealer and poses as a corporate-security specialist. read more

Hot Spot Season 2, Episode 11

Michael, Fiona and Sam pose as car thieves to prevent a thug from going after a high-school football star. Elsewhere, Michael and Fiona look for the person who exploded Michael's loft. read more

Do No Harm Season 2, Episode 10

Michael helps a father who was swindled by a medical scam artist while also searching for the person who tried to kill him. read more

Good Soldier Season 2, Episode 9

Michael poses as an alcoholic security guard to thwart a kidnapping plot with ties to a foreign oil company. read more

Double Booked Season 2, Episode 8

Michael is asked by a fellow former spy to perform a contract killing, but he opts instead to protect the female target. Tim Matheson guest stars. read more

Rough Seas Season 2, Episode 7

Michael fools a group of modern-day pirates into pulling a heist so he can locate some stolen cargo. read more

Bad Blood Season 2, Episode 6

Michael attempts to catch an embezzler inside a hip-hop artist's charity by tricking the thief into swiping a higher amount. Michael Shanks guest stars. read more

Scatter Point Season 2, Episode 5

Michael takes part in coordinating a jewelry heist to help a client who is unable to break free of the crime ring planning the job. read more

Comrades Season 2, Episode 4

Michael befriends a human smuggler in hopes of locating a client's captured sister. read more

Trust Me Season 2, Episode 3

It's a pro against a con when Michael, going all out to save his client, tangles with a con artist by posing as the perfect victim. read more

Turn and Burn Season 2, Episode 2

A woman seeks Michael's help with a cartel soldier who is stalking her. Michael works to turn the organization against the man so he will leave her alone. read more

Breaking and Entering Season 2, Episode 1

The second season begins with Michael trying to retrieve information that's heavily guarded by cutthroat mercenaries, in order to help his client free his kidnapped family. read more

Loose Ends Season 1, Episode 13

Conclusion. Michael tracks down the location of Sam's kidnappers and launches a rescue mission with Fiona's help. Elsewhere, Michael moves his family to safety after the agent who burned him is killed just as he was about to hand over information. read more

Dead Drop Season 1, Episode 12

Part 1 of 2. Sam agrees to help a woman who's being forced to smuggle heroin into the country. Meanwhile, Michael tries to set up a meeting with the man who burned him (Richard Schiff). read more

Dead Drop; Loose Ends

In the first-season finale, Sam is held hostage by heroin smugglers who also happen to be former Special Forces operatives. Michael must use his underworld connections to rescue his friend as he tries to dodge agents out to get him. read more

False Flag Season 1, Episode 11

Michael becomes emotionally vested in a case involving a woman (Lucy Lawless) trying to track down her son, whom she accuses her estranged husband of kidnapping. Elsewhere, Michael learns the man behind the burn notice intends to visit him in Miami. read more

Hard Bargain Season 1, Episode 10

A house sitter for a millionaire is living the high life until his fiancée is kidnapped and held for a hefty ransom. Meanwhile, a bureaucrat offers Michael information on how to clear the burn notice, but he's suspicious of the man's motives. read more

Wanted Man Season 1, Episode 9

Fiona hunts down an alleged jewel thief she believes is innocent. So Michael investigates to find the real culprit. Elsewhere, Michael plots against the man who had him fired. read more

Broken Rules Season 1, Episode 8

Michael poses as a thief to infiltrate a criminal gang that has been terrorizing a local merchant. Elsewhere, Michael blackmails an agent into handing over information about the burn notice. read more

Unpaid Debts Season 1, Episode 7

Michael is hired to take a boat from Jamaican gangsters and discovers $10 million stashed onboard. Elsewhere, a CSS agent tries to make Michael back off his investigation into the burn notice. read more

Family Business Season 1, Episode 6

A family of gunrunners threaten an airport supervisor, so Michael infiltrates their organization in an attempt to scare them away. Elsewhere, Sam is pressured by the FBI to gather more info on Michael. read more

Old Friends Season 1, Episode 5

Michael helps a friend's daughter escape a prostitution ring while protecting himself from assassination attempts. read more

Fight or Flight Season 1, Episode 4

A woman who witnessed a brutal beating receives threats from the drug dealer who carried out the crime. Michael tries to get her out of Miami to safety, but the woman's teenage daughter refuses to leave the city, forcing him to try a risky plan to alienate the dealer from his cartel. read more

Identity Season 1, Episode 3

Michael agrees to help Madeline's friend recover money from a scammer in exchange for information about a listening device planted in his mother's house. read more


Michael is stuck in Miami with his ex-girlfriend, his mother and a retired agent when he learns he's been terminated, so he takes on local cases to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused him to be fired. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 2

Conclusion. Michael is stuck in Miami with his ex-girlfriend, his mother and a retired agent when he learns he's been terminated, so he takes on local cases to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused him to be fired. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Michael is stuck in Miami with his ex-girlfriend, his mother and a retired agent when he learns he's been terminated, so he takes on local cases to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused him to be fired. read more

Burn Notice Episode: "Dead Drop; Loose Ends"

Episode Synopsis: In the first-season finale, Sam is held hostage by heroin smugglers who also happen to be former Special Forces operatives. Michael must use his underworld connections to rescue his friend as he tries to dodge agents out to get him.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2007
Guest Cast Bruce Blauer: Ray Wagoner Todd Stashwick: Carmelo Nicholle Tom: Melissa Richard Schiff: Phillip Cowan Johnny Messner: Glenn Harrick Jeffrey Johnson: Kent Maya Stange: Gillian

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Premiered: June 28, 2007, on USA
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: A spy attempts to uncover why he was kicked out of the business while helping Miami locals who can't rely on the police for justice in order to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused his termination.



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