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Dec 17, 2012: New York, I Love You XOXO
Dec 17, 2012: Gossip Girl Retrospective
Dec 17, 2012: New York, I Love You XOXO
Dec 10, 2012: The Revengers
Dec 03, 2012: It's Really Complicated
Nov 26, 2012: Save the Last Chance
Nov 19, 2012: Where the Vile Things Are
Nov 12, 2012: Monstrous Ball
Nov 05, 2012: Portrait of a Lady Alexander
Oct 22, 2012: Dirty Rotten Scandals
Oct 15, 2012: High Infidelity
Oct 08, 2012: Gone Maybe Gone
May 14, 2012: The Return of the Ring
May 07, 2012: The Fugitives
Apr 30, 2012: Raiders of the Lost Art
Apr 23, 2012: Despicable B
Apr 16, 2012: Salon of the Dead
Apr 09, 2012: It Girl, Interrupted
Apr 02, 2012: Con Heir
Feb 27, 2012: The Princess Dowry
Feb 20, 2012: Cross Rhodes
Feb 13, 2012: Crazy, Cupid, Love
Feb 06, 2012: The Backup Dan
Jan 30, 2012: G.G.
Jan 23, 2012: Father and the Bride
Jan 16, 2012: The End of the Affair?
Dec 05, 2011: Riding in Town Cars With Boys
Nov 28, 2011: Rhodes to Perdition
Nov 21, 2011: All the Pretty Sources
Nov 14, 2011: The Big Sleep No More
Nov 07, 2011: I Am Number Nine
Oct 24, 2011: The Fasting and the Furious
Oct 17, 2011: Memoirs of an Invisible Dan
Oct 10, 2011: The Jewel of Denial
Oct 03, 2011: Beauty and the Feast
Sep 26, 2011: Yes, Then Zero
May 16, 2011: The Wrong Goodbye
May 09, 2011: Shattered Bass
May 02, 2011: The Princesses and the Frog
Apr 25, 2011: Petty in Pink
Apr 18, 2011: The Kids Stay in the Picture
Feb 28, 2011: Empire of the Son
Feb 21, 2011: While You Weren't Sleeping
Feb 14, 2011: It-Girl Happened One Night
Feb 07, 2011: Panic Roommate
Jan 31, 2011: Damien Darko
Jan 24, 2011: The Kids Are Not All Right
Dec 06, 2010: The Townie
Nov 29, 2010: Gaslit
Nov 15, 2010: The Witches of Bushwick
Nov 08, 2010: Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Nov 01, 2010: War at the Roses
Oct 25, 2010: Easy J
Oct 11, 2010: Goodbye, Columbia
Oct 04, 2010: Touch of Eva
Sep 27, 2010: The Undergraduates
Sep 20, 2010: Double Identity
Sep 13, 2010: Belles de Jour
May 17, 2010: Last Tango, Then Paris
May 10, 2010: Ex-Husbands and Wives
May 03, 2010: It's a Dad, Dad, Dad World
Apr 26, 2010: Dr. Estrangeloved
Apr 12, 2010: The Unblairable Lightness of Being
Apr 05, 2010: Inglorious Bassterds
Mar 29, 2010: The Empire Strikes Jack
Mar 22, 2010: The Sixteen Year Old Virgin
Mar 15, 2010: The Lady Vanished
Mar 08, 2010: The Hurt Locket
Dec 07, 2009: The Debarted
Nov 30, 2009: The Treasure of Serena Madre
Nov 16, 2009: The Last Days of Disco Stick
Nov 09, 2009: They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They
Nov 02, 2009: The Grandfather: Part II
Oct 26, 2009: How to Succeed in Bassness
Oct 19, 2009: Enough About Eve
Oct 12, 2009: Rufus Getting Married
Oct 05, 2009: Dan De Fleurette
Sep 28, 2009: The Lost Boy
Sep 21, 2009: The Freshman
Sep 14, 2009: Reversals of Fortune
May 18, 2009: The Goodbye Gossip Girl
May 11, 2009: Valley Girls
May 04, 2009: The Wrath of Con
Apr 27, 2009: Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Apr 20, 2009: Seder Anything
Mar 30, 2009: Remains of the J
Mar 23, 2009: The Grandfather
Mar 16, 2009: The Age of Dissonance
Feb 02, 2009: Carnal Knowledge
Jan 19, 2009: You've Got Yale!
Jan 12, 2009: Gone With the Will
Jan 05, 2009: In the Realm of the Basses
Dec 08, 2008: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?
Dec 01, 2008: It's a Wonderful Lie
Nov 17, 2008: The Magnificent Archibalds
Nov 10, 2008: Bonfire of the Vanity
Nov 03, 2008: There Might Be Blood
Oct 27, 2008: Pret-a-Poor-J
Oct 20, 2008: Chuck in Real Life
Oct 13, 2008: New Haven Can Wait
Sep 29, 2008: The Serena Also Rises
Sep 22, 2008: The Ex-Files
Sep 15, 2008: The Dark Night
Sep 08, 2008: Never Been Marcused
Sep 01, 2008: Summer, Kind of Wonderful
May 19, 2008: Much 'I Do' About Nothing
May 12, 2008: Woman on the Verge
May 05, 2008: All About My Brother
Apr 28, 2008: Desperately Seeking Serena
Apr 21, 2008: The Blair Bitch Project
Jan 28, 2008: Pilot; Interviews and Commentary
Jan 09, 2008: A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate
Jan 02, 2008: School Lies
Dec 19, 2007: Roman Holiday
Dec 06, 2007: Hi, Society
Nov 29, 2007: Blair Waldorf Must Pie!
Nov 16, 2007: Seventeen Candles
Nov 08, 2007: Victor/Victrola
Oct 25, 2007: The Handmaiden's Tale
Oct 18, 2007: Dare Devil
Oct 11, 2007: Bad News Blair
Oct 04, 2007: Poison Ivy
Sep 27, 2007: The Wild Brunch
Sep 20, 2007: Pilot

New York, I Love You XOXO Season 6, Episode 10

The gang join forces at a celebration and the identity of Gossip Girl is revealed in the series finale. read more

Gossip Girl Retrospective

Memorable scenes from past seasons, plus interviews with the cast and producers. read more

New York, I Love You XOXO

The gang join forces at a celebration and the identity of Gossip Girl is revealed in the series finale. Included: memorable scenes from past seasons, plus interviews with the cast and producers. read more

The Revengers Season 6, Episode 9

Blair's encounter with Bart leaves her worried about Chuck, so she sets out to help him and recruits some assistance. Meanwhile, Chuck enters into a potentially life-altering agreement; and Nate's financial woes put him in unfamiliar territory. read more

It's Really Complicated Season 6, Episode 8

Serena and Dan host a Thanksgiving dinner for their friends. Meanwhile, Blair tries to help a dispirited Chuck, who feels unsuccessful in the war against his father; and Dan is hesitant to publish his latest article, fearing it will ruin a friendship. read more

Save the Last Chance Season 6, Episode 7

As Chuck prepares to take down Bart, an ally betrays him. Meanwhile, Serena helps Blair win over Sage so that Blair can prove her worth in the fashion industry to Eleanor; and Serena and Dan try to make things right with people they have hurt. read more

Where the Vile Things Are Season 6, Episode 6

Eleanor visits and puts unexpected pressure on Blair. Meanwhile, Serena helps Dan go apartment hunting, and old feelings surface; Chuck asks Nate to secure some incriminating evidence against Bart; and Rufus and Ivy prepare to open their art gallery. read more

Monstrous Ball Season 6, Episode 5

Blair tries to correct her company's mistakes by debuting a dress at a cotillion, where a surprising revelation jolts everyone. Meanwhile, Serena grows concerned about Steven's demeanor toward her; Chuck gains an unexpected ally; and Dan is disappointed by the reaction to his latest article. read more

Portrait of a Lady Alexander Season 6, Episode 4

Chuck finds himself attending an unexpected event as he tries to uncover the truth about Bart. Elsewhere, Serena and Steven disclose their dating histories to one another; and Georgina pressures Dan to go out with someone who will improve his image. read more

Dirty Rotten Scandals Season 6, Episode 3

Blair launches her debut fashion show, but a scandal erupts on the runway. Meanwhile, Serena makes a compromise to win over Sage; Dan's first serialized article causes an uproar; and Chuck gets closer to unlocking Bart's secret, thanks to Amira's clue. read more

High Infidelity Season 6, Episode 2

Serena hosts a gala for a conservancy. Meanwhile, Blair encounters a past enemy as she gets ready to debut her fashion line; Georgina arranges for Dan to meet with some publishers; and Chuck wants Amira's assistance in digging into Bart's background. read more

Gone Maybe Gone Season 6, Episode 1

In the sixth-season opener, Blair and Chuck part ways after making each other a promise. Meanwhile, Georgina assists Dan with his tell-all book; Nate reignites his battle with Gossip Girl; and the gang rallies together to locate a missing Serena. read more

The Return of the Ring Season 5, Episode 24

In the fifth-season finale, Blair makes a choice between Chuck and Dan. Meanwhile, Lily comes to a decision about her marriage; and Nate suggests that he and Lola move in together. read more

The Fugitives Season 5, Episode 23

A busy Blair asks Serena to impersonate her at a meeting. Elsewhere, Ivy and Lola join forces to help Chuck exact revenge; and Nate makes a choice regarding his future. read more

Raiders of the Lost Art Season 5, Episode 22

Diana and Jack may be harboring another secret, and Chuck and his pals want to unearth the details. Meanwhile, Dan gets the opportunity to spend the summer in Rome on a fellowship. read more

Despicable B Season 5, Episode 21

Blair plots to ensure her social status remains intact, while Lily tries to solidify her family by hosting a gathering for them. Elsewhere, Nate looks into Diana's background and unearths a surprise. read more

Salon of the Dead Season 5, Episode 20

Blair and Dan go public as a couple by hosting a salon. Meanwhile, Lola gets to audition for a coveted role; Lily and Rufus clash over how to deal with Ivy; and Serena and Diana have a confrontation about secrets they don't want divulged. read more

It Girl, Interrupted Season 5, Episode 19

Serena wants to pass her It-Girl torch to a hesitant Lola, whom she pressures to do a modeling gig at a lingerie show. Elsewhere, Chuck seeks Blair's guidance regarding his past; and Diana resurfaces and stirs things up at Nate's newspaper. read more

Con Heir Season 5, Episode 18

Chuck wants to express his gratitude to Jack for saving his life. Elsewhere, Blair and Dan's new romance hits a snag; Ivy gets unexpected assistance from William; and Nate is optimistic about landing a new investor for his newspaper. read more

The Princess Dowry Season 5, Episode 17

Blair believes there's a possible loophole in her prenup. Meanwhile, Chuck conspires with Georgina on a scheme; and William returns to support his family in a crisis. read more

Cross Rhodes Season 5, Episode 16

Dan discovers that a comedy group is performing excerpts from his book. Elsewhere, Blair attempts to salvage her friendship with Serena; and Ivy runs into the van der Woodsens as she heads out of town. read more

Crazy, Cupid, Love Season 5, Episode 15

Nate hosts a Valentine's Day party, which Georgina crashes. Meanwhile, Blair tries her hand at matchmaking; and Serena is startled by something she observes. read more

The Backup Dan Season 5, Episode 14

Blair wrestles with making a challenging decision about her future. Meanwhile, Georgina tracks a scandal; and Serena protects someone by accepting blame. read more

G.G. Season 5, Episode 13

Chuck struggles to accept Blair's pending nuptials to Louis, and Georgina returns to town in time to cause havoc for the bride-to-be. read more

Father and the Bride Season 5, Episode 12

Amy Heckerling directs this episode in which Blair has a bachelorette party; Nate teams up with someone unexpected to gain more info about Blair and Chuck's car wreck; and Serena and Dan put on a charade of reigniting their relationship. read more

The End of the Affair? Season 5, Episode 11

Blair's flashbacks reveal the fallout of her and Chuck's car accident, which Nate realizes may have been caused by foul play. Meanwhile, Lily gets a private eye to locate Charlie; and Vera Wang makes an appearance at Blair's bridal-dress fitting. read more

Riding in Town Cars With Boys Season 5, Episode 10

Lily hosts a bash so Charlie can make her formal debut in New York society, but Max puts Charlie's upper-crust future in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Dan considers admitting his true feelings to Blair. read more

Rhodes to Perdition Season 5, Episode 9

CeCe's family gathers for a Studio 54 party thrown in her honor. Elsewhere, Nate takes on bigger responsibilities at the Spectator, where his first lead story hits too close to home; and Blair seeks assistance from someone unexpected. read more

All the Pretty Sources Season 5, Episode 8

Serena plans a wedding shower for Blair, complete with misleading info to keep Blair in the dark. Meanwhile, Chuck and Dan bond over not being on the shower guest list; and Nate and Serena are torn about giving Diana ammunition against Gossip Girl. read more

The Big Sleep No More Season 5, Episode 7

Several of the gang attend a production of "Sleep No More," an off-Broadway theater experience in which audience members wear masks. Meanwhile, Diana wants to use Serena to take down Gossip Girl; and Dan makes the rounds on his book tour. read more

I Am Number Nine Season 5, Episode 6

Blair has potential bridesmaids audition for the honor of being in her royal wedding. Meanwhile, Nate tries to make Diana jealous by getting close to Charlie; and Serena needs to secure the film rights to Dan's novel, despite being angry at him. read more

The Fasting and the Furious Season 5, Episode 5

Discord erupts in Louis' family in the midst of a Yom Kippur celebration. Meanwhile, Serena's friendship with Dan may become a casualty of her new job; and Diana wants Nate to be her hero when problems arise with the launch of her new publication. read more

Memoirs of an Invisible Dan Season 5, Episode 4

Dan comes clean about his book to his friends and family. Meanwhile, problems arise for Blair after Louis reads Dan's book; and Diana uncovers some damaging info about one of Nate's pals and finds a way to benefit from it. read more

The Jewel of Denial Season 5, Episode 3

Diana makes a request that tests Nate's ethics. Meanwhile, Serena and Charlie return home from L.A.; Dan uncovers who's publishing his book; and Chuck and Dan provide assistance to one another. Featured: scenes from a Jenny Packham fashion show. read more

Beauty and the Feast Season 5, Episode 2

Nate gets a surprising offer from Diana. Meanwhile, Blair receives a visit from her future sister-in-law; Dan's quest to stop his book from being published has him seeking assistance from Chuck; and Serena compels Charlie to make a big decision. read more

Yes, Then Zero Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 opener, Serena makes a grave error at her new job in Hollywood. Chuck and Nate then meet up with her in L.A., where Nate is captivated by an older woman (Elizabeth Hurley). Elsewhere, Blair is not pleased when Louis sides with his family over her; and Dan receives help from an unexpected source. read more

The Wrong Goodbye Season 4, Episode 22

In the fourth-season finale, Blair has a difficult choice to make concerning her love life. Meanwhile, a bored Georgina resurfaces; Serena searches for Charlie; and Vanessa stumbles across a manuscript Dan wrote. "Gossip Girl" author Cecily von Ziegesar makes a cameo appearance; and Airborne Toxic Event perform. read more

Shattered Bass Season 4, Episode 21

Uncle Jack returns to town and causes problems for Chuck. Meanwhile, Blair feels conflicted about her many suitors; and Charlie's newfound comfort with the Upper East Side is shaken at a charity event. read more

The Princesses and the Frog Season 4, Episode 20

Blair gets a shot at happiness---until Serena threatens to shoot it down by bringing up the past. Meanwhile, a questionable friendship develops between Charlie and Vanessa; and as Nate's romance with Raina grows, he struggles to keep a secret for Chuck. read more

Petty in Pink Season 4, Episode 19

Serena asks Charlie to spy on Blair and Dan. Meanwhile, Nate assists Raina in looking for her estranged mother; and Chuck uncovers some startling news about his father's past. read more

The Kids Stay in the Picture Season 4, Episode 18

Lily's mother, sister and ex-husband arrive to support her and take part in a photo shoot celebrating their family. Then Lily's niece shows up unexpectedly, seeing the Upper East Side for the first time. Meanwhile, Blair has a revelation about her future and struggles with what she believes is her destiny. read more

Empire of the Son Season 4, Episode 17

Ben's mom complicates things for Ben and Serena. Meanwhile, Eric and Serena's dad returns to town; and Raina opposes Russell's plans to dismantle the Bass family legacy. read more

While You Weren't Sleeping Season 4, Episode 16

Eric celebrates his 18th birthday. Meanwhile, Serena is torn between her family and Ben; Blair becomes overzealous with her career aspirations; and Chuck continues to be distant with Lily. read more

It-Girl Happened One Night Season 4, Episode 15

Chuck makes an eleventh-hour attempt to save Bass Industries. Elsewhere, Blair tackles a demanding task at her internship; and Serena wrestles with her feelings for Ben. read more

Panic Roommate Season 4, Episode 14

Blair needs Nate's help to score points with her boss. Elsewhere, Damien causes turmoil; and Chuck struggles to draw a line between his personal and professional life. Florence and the Machine perform. read more

Damien Darko Season 4, Episode 13

Blair and Dan get internships at the same magazine. Elsewhere, Nate worries about his dad's financial future; and Chuck learns not to underestimate Russell and Raina Thorpe. read more

The Kids Are Not All Right Season 4, Episode 12

Bart Bass' former associate (Michael Boatman) arrives in town with his daughter (Tika Sumpter). Meanwhile, Chuck and Serena team up to oppose Lily; Blair begins to view her mother as an asset to her future career; and Nate worries about his father, who's now out on parole. read more

The Townie Season 4, Episode 11

Adversaries Blair and Dan team up to search for Juliet. Meanwhile, Chuck believes that Lily is not being entirely honest with him. read more

Gaslit Season 4, Episode 10

Nate tries to get his parents to make peace and move forward. Elsewhere, a family member's hospitalization affects Chuck, Serena, Blair, Dan, Jenny and Eric. read more

The Witches of Bushwick Season 4, Episode 9

Chuck throws a masquerade party at his hotel, where Serena behaves erratically and baffles Dan and Nate. Meanwhile, Blair tries to impress Anne Archibald so she can get involved in her foundation, but Blair's association with Chuck works against her. read more

Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore Season 4, Episode 8

Nate questions Juliet after her big secret is revealed. Elsewhere, Blair and Chuck agree to a truce and attempt to have a platonic relationship; and Nate and Dan realize they're not over Serena. read more

War at the Roses Season 4, Episode 7

Blair is ill-prepared for an unexpected party guest on her birthday. Meanwhile, Serena and Nate try to put an end to Chuck and Blair's endless games. Singer Robyn performs. read more

Easy J Season 4, Episode 6

Jenny returns to the Upper East Side when she gets a chance to meet Tim Gunn (appearing as himself). Elsewhere, Serena learns something about Colin that may force her to end things with him. read more

Goodbye, Columbia Season 4, Episode 5

Blair enrolls in a class taught by a savvy businesswoman and tries to become her assistant, but another student sabotages this plan. Meanwhile, a hurtful rumor about Serena is posted anonymously on Gossip Girl. read more

Touch of Eva Season 4, Episode 4

A suspicious Nate asks Juliet what she's hiding from him. Elsewhere, Blair plots to put an end to Chuck's current state of bliss; and Dan is once again conflicted about his feelings for both Serena and Vanessa. read more

The Undergraduates Season 4, Episode 3

Blair begins her studies at Columbia and seeks entry into a prestigious social club. Elsewhere, Serena develops a distrust of Juliet, who she suspects is deliberately wreaking havoc on her life; and Rufus' concerns about Dan compel him to take action. read more

Double Identity Season 4, Episode 2

Lily asks Serena to track down Chuck, who has found a new life and a new love interest in Europe. Meanwhile, Blair gets a second chance with Louis; and Juliet devises a plan to help Nate win back Serena, though it involves manipulating Dan and Vanessa. read more

Belles de Jour Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 opener, Blair and Serena enjoy summer in Paris, trying to forget about the guys back home. Elsewhere, Nate meets a woman (Katie Cassidy) who disapproves of his playboy behavior; and Dan plays house with Georgina and her newborn baby. read more

Last Tango, Then Paris Season 3, Episode 22

In the third-season finale, Blair must make a decision about her future with Chuck. Meanwhile, a post on Gossip Girl about Dan causes problems for Nate and Serena; Dorota has her baby; Georgina returns to town; and things go from bad to worse for Jenny. read more

Ex-Husbands and Wives Season 3, Episode 21

Serena makes it clear her loyalties lie with her father, causing Rufus to feel like an outsider; and Jenny tells Will something that puts Rufus' marriage in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Chuck thinks big while attempting to patch things up with Blair. read more

It's a Dad, Dad, Dad World Season 3, Episode 20

William's presence in town continues to cause conflict. Meanwhile, tension mounts between Serena and Jenny; Blair checks out campus life at Columbia; and Dan uncovers another secret Vanessa has been hiding. read more

Dr. Estrangeloved Season 3, Episode 19

Serena's father (William Baldwin) arrives in town. Meanwhile, Nate and Serena struggle through some issues, so Jenny happily comforts Nate; and Dan gets a rejection from the Tisch writing program, along with a confession from Vanessa. read more

The Unblairable Lightness of Being Season 3, Episode 18

Chuck hosts a traditional wedding for Dorota, and he and Blair participate in the ceremony. Meanwhile, Serena lies to Nate and meets with Carter; and Rufus realizes Lily hasn't been truthful about where she's been. read more

Inglorious Bassterds Season 3, Episode 17

Chuck and Blair face a challenging decision, and Dan and Vanessa's relationship hits a snag. Meanwhile, Serena arranges a surprise party for Nate, but Jenny attempts to wreck those plans. read more

The Empire Strikes Jack Season 3, Episode 16

Blair must make sure Eleanor's latest fashion show is a hit with a particular client, and Rufus volunteers Jenny to help. However, trouble occurs when Jenny sees Agnes is modeling in the show. Meanwhile, conflict arises between Chuck and Jack once again. read more

The Sixteen Year Old Virgin Season 3, Episode 15

Damien pressures Jenny to have sex. Meanwhile, Lily finally lets Rufus in on her huge secret; Chuck must make a tough choice concerning his hotel; and Dan and Vanessa try something new. read more

The Lady Vanished Season 3, Episode 14

Jenny's relationship with Damien concerns Rufus and Lily. Meanwhile, Chuck discovers some things about the woman who may be his mother; and Dan and Vanessa try to date other people. read more

The Hurt Locket Season 3, Episode 13

Nate and Serena consider moving beyond being just friends. Meanwhile, Rufus tries to avoid Lily; Blair realizes that Chuck keeps thinking about the mysterious woman at his father's grave; and Jenny prepares to go to a state dinner with Damien. read more

The Debarted Season 3, Episode 12

A year after his father's death, Chuck deals with an issue from the past, and another car accident occurs that involves a member of the Upper East Side. Meanwhile, Dan and Vanessa face the new complexities in their friendship. read more

The Treasure of Serena Madre Season 3, Episode 11

Thanksgiving dinner becomes uncomfortable for Serena when Lily invites Trip and his wife to attend. Meanwhile, Blair thinks her mom is keeping a secret from her; Rufus discovers Lily has been lying about Cece; and Vanessa has a fight with her mother. read more

The Last Days of Disco Stick Season 3, Episode 10

Blair attempts to impress her classmates by getting Lady Gaga to agree to a private concert. Meanwhile, Dan, Olivia and Vanessa get involved with a school play; Serena leans on Nate for help; and Jenny befriends an ambassador's son as a favor to Chuck. read more

They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They Season 3, Episode 9

A power-hungry Jenny eyes a cotillion escort who could help her expand her reign to all of the Upper East Side. Elsewhere, Nate and Chuck try to get Blair and Serena to make amends; and Olivia considers leaving NYU to shoot a movie, much to Dan's dismay. The Plastiscines perform, and Leighton Meester and Robin Thicke's single "Somebody to Love" is featured. read more

The Grandfather: Part II Season 3, Episode 8

Nate worries about how far his grandfather will go to help Trip win an election. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to prevent Dan from hearing something she regrets saying on Jimmy Fallon's show; and Blair befriends a new It Girl to make Serena jealous. read more

How to Succeed in Bassness Season 3, Episode 7

Chuck requests Serena's PR assistance for the grand opening of a club in his new hotel, and Blair secretly assists him as well. Elsewhere, Dan is rattled when he watches one of Olivia's on-screen sex scenes; Jenny's friendship with Eric faces an obstacle; and Rufus and Lily celebrate Halloween. Albert Hammond Jr. performs. read more

Enough About Eve Season 3, Episode 6

Vanessa hopes to impress her mother (Gina Torres) by delivering NYU's freshman toast, but she has to compete with Blair to win this honor. Meanwhile, Dan introduces Olivia to Lily and Rufus, and Serena and Nate join forces to help out Carter. read more

Rufus Getting Married Season 3, Episode 5

Lily and Rufus push up their wedding date. Meanwhile, Chuck realizes Carter has been keeping a secret from Serena; Dan and Vanessa get roped into one of Georgina's ploys; and Blair shares her suspicions about Bree with Nate. Sonic Youth perform. read more

Dan De Fleurette Season 3, Episode 4

Vanessa gets a new roommate: film star Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff), who seeks a normal college life. Serena befriends Olivia's costar Ursula (Tyra Banks). Elsewhere, Jenny begins her reign as queen bee and gets some unwanted help from Blair; and Lily finds her return home unsettling. read more

The Lost Boy Season 3, Episode 3

Blair and Chuck compete against each other when bidding for a coveted item up for auction. Elsewhere, Serena fears Carter is returning to his old bad habits; Vanessa grows suspicious of Scott; and Georgina sets her sights on Dan. read more

The Freshman Season 3, Episode 2

Blair, Dan and Vanessa begin their first day at NYU, where Georgina sets out to make Blair an outcast. Elsewhere, Chuck and Serena have a big fight, and Nate and Bree pursue their relationship, despite the strain it may cause their families. read more

Reversals of Fortune Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, Serena returns from Europe with Carter while Nate returns from abroad with a mysterious woman (JoAnna Garcia). Elsewhere, Blair and Chuck adjust to their new relationship in a nontraditional way, and the Humphreys are surprised at how easily they adapted to the Hamptons lifestyle. read more

The Goodbye Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 25

In the second-season finale, a scandalous e-mail is sent out by Gossip Girl as the gang's high-school graduation ceremony takes place, prompting Serena to retaliate. Elsewhere, the mean girls dare Jenny to try to claim the Queen Bee throne; and Lily and Rufus attempt to fix their relationship. read more

Valley Girls Season 2, Episode 24

Lily flashes back to her teen years in the '80s, recalling the time she was thrown out of boarding school and reconnected with her family in L.A. Elsewhere, Nate and Blair's prom is less than perfect, and Serena and Lily argue about Serena's arrest. No Doubt portray an '80s band. Teenage Lily: Brittany Snow. Rick Rhodes: Andrew McCarthy. Cece Rhodes: Cynthia Watros. Carol Rhodes: Krysten Ritter. read more

The Wrath of Con Season 2, Episode 23

Blair plays on Georgina's guilt over her checkered past and ropes her into helping with a scheme. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate's competition over Blair heats up, and Lily finds a covert way to assist with Dan's college tuition. read more

Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Season 2, Episode 22

A changed Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) returns to town. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate's rivalry for Blair's affections puts their friendship in jeopardy again, and things continue to grow complicated for Serena and Gabriel. read more

Seder Anything Season 2, Episode 21

Serena returns from her adventure in Spain, and Blair makes a secret pact with Nate's grandfather. Nate, meanwhile, uncovers something about the Captain's arrest, and Dan gets a catering job but is not pleased when he realizes he has to serve his friends during a Seder at the Waldorfs' place. read more

Remains of the J Season 2, Episode 20

Serena throws Jenny a sweet-16 party, but things get out of hand when Poppy Lifton takes control of the festivities. Elsewhere, Vanessa assists Chuck with a scheme involving Blair and Nate, and Rufus looks for a way to fund Dan's education at Yale when he discovers financial aid is not an option. read more

The Grandfather Season 2, Episode 19

Spurred by recent changes in her life, Blair seeks out a wilder lifestyle, and this worries Chuck and Serena. Meanwhile, Vanessa suggests that Nate make amends with the Vanderbilts, and Lily and Rufus make lists of their past lovers. read more

The Age of Dissonance Season 2, Episode 18

The kids put on a play, and Serena becomes attracted to the director. Elsewhere, Blair gets crushing news about her future; Dan and Rachel try to stay away from one another; and Chuck seeks help from his adversary, Carter Baizen. read more

Carnal Knowledge Season 2, Episode 17

Blair plots against her least favorite teacher, Rachel. Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up in a hotel with only vague memories of the night before, so Nate and Vanessa try to help him piece things together. read more

You've Got Yale! Season 2, Episode 16

As news arrives regarding who has been granted early admission to Yale, Serena connects with her new Shakespeare teacher (Laura Breckenridge), while Blair, upon receiving her first B, does not Meanwhile, Chuck finds an ally in his feud with Jack, and Nate and Vanessa attend the opera. read more

Gone With the Will Season 2, Episode 15

Chuck and Jack learn the outcome of Bart's will. Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily inquire about their child, and Dan does his best to keep Rufus and Lily's secret. read more

In the Realm of the Basses Season 2, Episode 14

Chuck's uncle Jack (Desmond Harrington) arrives in town to help his grieving nephew, who's been missing since Bart's funeral. Meanwhile, Blair tries to get accepted into a distinguished ladies club, and Jenny returns to school, ready to take on Penelope and her crew. read more

O Brother, Where Bart Thou? Season 2, Episode 13

A tragedy occurs that affects several families. read more

It's a Wonderful Lie Season 2, Episode 12

Chuck and Blair make a bet that they can find perfect dates for each other for the Snowflake Ball. Meanwhile, Aaron's ex-girlfriend takes a liking to Dan, and things get complicated with Jenny, Nate and Vanessa. read more

The Magnificent Archibalds Season 2, Episode 11

Cyrus implements changes to the Waldorf Thanksgiving traditions, which upsets Blair. Meanwhile, Lily tries to play peacemaker with Rufus and Jenny; Chuck and Vanessa help Nate deal with his father; Serena hesitates to open up to Aaron about her past; and Eric uncovers a secret Bart is keeping. read more

Bonfire of the Vanity Season 2, Episode 10

Blair dislikes Eleanor's new boyfriend, Cyrus Rose (Wallace Shawn), so she sets out to break them up. Meanwhile, Jenny moves in with Agnes; Serena learns something about Aaron that could be a deal breaker; and Dan plans to write an exposé on Bart, which gets him on Chuck's bad side once again. Cyndi Lauper makes a cameo appearance. read more

There Might Be Blood Season 2, Episode 9

Jenny and Agnes plan an unconventional fashion show that could make or break Jenny's career. Meanwhile, Blair tries to improve her standing with Yale by babysitting the teenage daughter of a prominent Yale donor. read more

Pret-a-Poor-J Season 2, Episode 8

Jenny becomes friends with Agnes (Willa Holland), a model who motivates her to live life on the edge and stand up for herself at work. Meanwhile, Serena also meets someone new, an artist named Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori), and the two of them click right away; and Blair tries to seduce Chuck but is surprised to find she's facing an uphill battle. read more

Chuck in Real Life Season 2, Episode 7

Vanessa blackmails Blair, so Blair retaliates by asking Chuck to seduce Vanessa. Elsewhere, Bart and Lily's lavish housewarming party requires everyone to be on their best behavior, but Serena doesn't want to play along; and Dan and Jenny uncover a secret of Nate's. read more

New Haven Can Wait Season 2, Episode 6

The gang visits Yale, Blair's dream school, and Serena suddenly takes an interest in the university just to annoy Blair. While on campus, Dan discovers his recommendation letters weren't submitted; Chuck gets kidnapped by some Skull and Bones members; and Nate gets friendly with a female student. read more

The Serena Also Rises Season 2, Episode 5

Eleanor gives Serena and her new socialite friend, Poppy Lifton (Tamara Feldman), front-row seats to her Fashion Week show, and this infuriates Blair. Elsewhere, Dan takes a walk on the wild side and tags along with Chuck, and Lily discovers a secret of Bart's. Designer Michael Kors has a cameo. read more

The Ex-Files Season 2, Episode 4

When Dan starts getting friendly with new girl Amanda (Laura-Leigh), Blair carries out a sabotage plan while simultaneously helping Vanessa devise a scheme concerning a secret Catherine's been harboring. Elsewhere, Lily finds it hard to stay away from Rufus. read more

The Dark Night Season 2, Episode 3

During a citywide blackout, Dan and Serena get to the heart of their problems while trapped in an elevator. Meanwhile, Blair fears her relationship with Marcus lacks passion; Nate is torn between Vanessa and Catherine; and Eleanor overhears Jenny criticizing one of her designs. read more

Never Been Marcused Season 2, Episode 2

Blair is ecstatic to have a royal beau, but a scheming Chuck is not pleased with this development. Meanwhile, Serena and Dan keep their rekindled romance a secret; and Nate learns there are drawbacks to having a May-December romance with a married woman (Madchen Amick). Marcus: Patrick Heusinger. read more

Summer, Kind of Wonderful Season 2, Episode 1

In the second-season opener, summer in the Hamptons winds down as Serena and Nate carry on a cover-up scheme to make others think they're dating. Meanwhile, Blair returns with a new guy she met abroad, arousing jealousy in Chuck; Dan takes a break from his internship with an author (Jay McInerney) to visit Serena; and Eric introduces Jenny to socialite Tinsley Mortimer at an elite Hamptons party. read more

Much 'I Do' About Nothing Season 1, Episode 18

In the first-season finale, Blair comes to Serena's defense and faces off with Georgina, while an emotional Serena finally comes clean to Dan about her past. Elsewhere, Lily continues planning her extravagant wedding to Bart, but thoughts of Rufus keep distracting her. Model and heiress Lydia Hearst guest stars as Lily's interior decorator. read more

Woman on the Verge Season 1, Episode 17

An embarrassed Serena resurrects some troubling old habits as she continues to hide the truth from Dan, and her feuding friends rally to help her in her time of need. Elsewhere, Rufus' band scores a high-profile gig, where an unexpected guest shows up to lend him support. Singer Lisa Loeb appears as herself. read more

All About My Brother Season 1, Episode 16

Georgina threatens to disclose damaging details about Serena's past, while Blair and Jenny spread rumors about one another through Gossip Girl. Elsewhere, Dan has information about Asher that Jenny ignores; and Rufus turns to Lily for parenting advice. read more

Desperately Seeking Serena Season 1, Episode 15

As panic sets in for the juniors preparing to take their SATs, Serena has the added stress of dealing with the return of Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg), someone from her bad-girl past. Meanwhile, Jenny decides to get a boyfriend, thinking this will elevate her social status. Asher Hornsby: Jesse Swenson. read more

The Blair Bitch Project Season 1, Episode 14

A dethroned Blair musters up the strength to head back to school, and Jenny tries to keep up with the financial demands of the in crowd. Meanwhile, Serena, Eric and Chuck adjust to their blended families living under one roof. read more

Pilot; Interviews and Commentary

The series pilot airs, along with bonus features including cast interviews and commentary; deleted scenes; and profiles of the characters. Also: information on the fashion and music seen and heard on the show. read more

A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate Season 1, Episode 13

Serena is seen purchasing a pregnancy test, and this info gets reported on Gossip Girl's Web site before the facts are all checked. read more

School Lies Season 1, Episode 12

The kids break into the school swimming pool at night to have a party, but someone nearly drowns. In the face of expulsion, a pact of secrecy is formed, which Dan is hesitant to be part of, causing tension between him and Serena. Meanwhile, Vanessa learns about Chuck and Blair's affair; and Lily considers expressing her true feelings to Rufus. read more

Roman Holiday Season 1, Episode 11

Blair's father comes home for Christmas---and brings his boyfriend with him. Meanwhile, Serena and Dan plan holiday surprises for one another; Blair worries what information Chuck may share while vacationing with Nate; and Rufus and Alison's reconciliation hits a bump in the road. read more

Hi, Society Season 1, Episode 10

Serena's grandmother has much to say about the upcoming debutante ball, insisting that her reluctant granddaughter attend---and find a more suitable escort than Dan. Meanwhile, Nate accompanies Blair to the ball as her friend; and Jenny hopes to go to the upper-crust event, but her parents would rather she didn't. read more

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! Season 1, Episode 9

Dan invites Serena's family to share Thanksgiving dinner with his family, unaware of the awkward situation this creates for Rufus and Lily. Elsewhere, Nate and his parents also share an uncomfortable holiday meal; and Blair gets upset when she finds out her father won't be coming home for Thanksgiving. read more

Seventeen Candles Season 1, Episode 8

At her 17th-birthday party, Blair attempts to mask her strained relationship with Nate; and Dan takes Vanessa to the party so that she and Serena can bond. Meanwhile, Jenny brings her mom home for a visit, much to Rufus' surprise; and Nate's parents pressure him to make a sacrifice for the good of their family. read more

Victor/Victrola Season 1, Episode 7

The kids face a variety of parental issues: Nate worries his father has a drug problem and confronts him about it; Jenny uncovers a secret her parents have been keeping from her; and Chuck tries to impress his demanding dad by investing in a club. Elsewhere, Blair is disappointed in Nate once again; and Dan and Serena acknowledge their true feelings for one another. read more

The Handmaiden's Tale Season 1, Episode 6

Dan's childhood pal Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) returns to town and tells him she wants to be more than friends. Meanwhile, a disguised Dan and Jenny sneak into Blair's masquerade ball; and Lily hopes to provoke jealousy in Bart Bass by asking Rufus to be her date at an event. read more

Dare Devil Season 1, Episode 5

Dan tries to impress Serena on their first official date. Meanwhile, Jenny attends Blair's sleepover, where a dangerous game of truth or dare is played; and Lily turns to Rufus when Eric goes missing from his treatment center. read more

Bad News Blair Season 1, Episode 4

Blair's excited to be chosen to model for her mother's new fashion line---until Serena upstages her and it feels just like old times. Meanwhile, Nate and Chuck embark on a wild boys' weekend. read more

Poison Ivy Season 1, Episode 3

Dan and Nate compete for an usher position when Ivy League representatives visit their school. Meanwhile, Blair learns a secret about Serena; Jenny and Eric get acquainted; and Rufus asks Lily for a favor. read more

The Wild Brunch Season 1, Episode 2

Blair tells Serena she knows about her past betrayal, then turns a cold shoulder to her; Chuck hosts a fund-raiser brunch, and Serena brings Dan to the event; and Jenny and Blair become friends. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Serena returns to town under abrupt and mysterious circumstances, similar to how she left just one year ago, and her best friend Blair is less than thrilled about this. read more

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