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Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes

Nov 23, 2009: It's a Crazy Life, But It's Our Life
Nov 16, 2009: Never Before Seen
Nov 16, 2009: Gymnastics & Baseball
Nov 09, 2009: Viewers' Top Moments
Nov 02, 2009: Kate: Her Story
Oct 26, 2009: You Ask, Kate Answers
Oct 19, 2009: Butterflies & Water Rockets
Oct 12, 2009: School Days
Oct 05, 2009: Time to Organize!
Sep 28, 2009: Tea Party
Sep 21, 2009: Farm to Table
Sep 14, 2009: Movie and a Catch
Aug 31, 2009: Dude Ranch and Dress Up
Aug 17, 2009: Battleship & Barber
Aug 10, 2009: Beach & Kitchen Reveal
Aug 03, 2009: Renovations & Vacations
Aug 03, 2009: Camping Out
Jun 29, 2009: Jon & Kate Plus 8: The First 10 Years
Jun 22, 2009: Houses & Big Changes
Jun 15, 2009: Bikes & Trikes
Jun 08, 2009: Bam! 100th Episode
Jun 01, 2009: Sun, Seashells and Scrapes
Jun 01, 2009: Kate's Birthday Surprise
May 25, 2009: Turning 5 & the Future!
Apr 19, 2009: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green!
Mar 23, 2009: Family Outing
Mar 23, 2009: B-Ball & More
Mar 16, 2009: Slopes, Sleds and Sesame
Mar 09, 2009: Trip to the Vet
Mar 02, 2009: Bye Old House
Feb 23, 2009: Puppies!
Feb 16, 2009: Home Sweet Home
Feb 09, 2009: Walk in the Woods
Feb 02, 2009: The Big Move
Jan 26, 2009: The New House
Jan 19, 2009: All You Wanted to Know
Jan 12, 2009: All Smiles
Jan 05, 2009: Soup and a Surprise
Dec 15, 2008: Giving Back
Dec 08, 2008: Twins Are Mommy for a Day
Dec 01, 2008: It's a Book!
Nov 24, 2008: Yard Sale
Nov 17, 2008: For Better or Worse
Nov 10, 2008: Leis & Luaus
Nov 03, 2008: Legos & Safaris
Oct 27, 2008: Hawaii Here We Come
Oct 20, 2008: Baseball Game With Daddy
Oct 13, 2008: Back to School
Oct 13, 2008: Mr. Mom
Oct 06, 2008: Picture Perfect
Sep 28, 2008: More Viewer FAQ
Sep 15, 2008: Sight and Sound
Sep 08, 2008: Backyard Campout
Sep 01, 2008: Kate's Labor Day
Aug 25, 2008: July 4th Celebrations
Aug 18, 2008: Beach Trip
Aug 11, 2008: Wild Horses
Aug 11, 2008: Heading South
Aug 04, 2008: All Aboard
Jul 28, 2008: Sunny Day
Jul 21, 2008: Embarrassing & Favorite Moments
Jul 14, 2008: Korean Dinner
Jul 07, 2008: Sextuplets Turn 4
Jun 30, 2008: Girls' Day Out
Jun 29, 2008: Jon & Kate Family Movie Night
Jun 23, 2008: Boys' Day Out
Jun 09, 2008: Jon's Hair Raising Experience
Jun 02, 2008: Discipline
May 26, 2008: Memorial Day Picnic
May 19, 2008: Jon & Kate's Special Day
May 12, 2008: Gosselins Take the Stage
May 05, 2008: Household Chores
Apr 28, 2008: Oprah Here We Come
Apr 21, 2008: Games Gosselins Play
Apr 14, 2008: Mady's Day
Apr 14, 2008: Cara's Day
Mar 31, 2008: Alexis and Collin
Mar 31, 2008: Aaden and Hannah
Mar 24, 2008: Leah and Joel
Mar 24, 2008: Color Me Gosselin
Mar 24, 2008: Jon and Kate Get Rhythm
Mar 17, 2008: Valentine's Day
Mar 17, 2008: Carpeting the House
Mar 10, 2008: Cooking with the Twins
Mar 10, 2008: Twins Get Musical
Mar 03, 2008: Jon & Kate Plus 8: Gosselins Go Skiing
Feb 25, 2008: Plane Ride to Utah
Feb 25, 2008: Viewer FAQ
Feb 18, 2008: Gosselin Family Christmas
Feb 11, 2008: Behind the Scenes of Jon & Kate Plus 8
Feb 04, 2008: Kate's Wardrobe Makeover
Jan 28, 2008: Family Photo Shoot
Jan 21, 2008: Winter Preparation
Jan 21, 2008: Potty Training the Boys
Jan 14, 2008: Kate Hires a Nanny
Jan 14, 2008: Twins Turn 7!
Jan 07, 2008: Day in the Life
Jan 07, 2008: Trip to the Zoo
Jan 07, 2008: How We Got Here
Dec 17, 2007: Cutting Room Floor
Dec 11, 2007: Babies & Bedrooms
Dec 11, 2007: Babies & Bedrooms
Dec 11, 2007: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Hit the Road
Dec 04, 2007: Red, White & Gosselin
Nov 20, 2007: A Cow Purchase
Nov 20, 2007: Sara Snow Visits!
Nov 20, 2007: Babies & Bedrooms
Nov 13, 2007: Sugar Rush
Nov 06, 2007: Sextuplets' First Dentist Visit
Oct 23, 2007: Gosselins Go Dutch
Oct 03, 2007: Sextuplets Turn 3!
Oct 02, 2007: Breakfast in Bed
Jun 12, 2007: Jon Turns 30
Jun 12, 2007: Pancakes and Potties
Jun 05, 2007: Shopping for Ten
Apr 24, 2007: Twins Turn 6
Apr 17, 2007: Garage Makeover
Apr 17, 2007: Gosselins Go West
Apr 10, 2007: Housekeeper Hunt
Apr 10, 2007: 10 Little Pumpkins
Jan 23, 2007: Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later
May 14, 2006: Surviving Sextuplets and Twins

It's a Crazy Life, But It's Our Life Season 5, Episode 23

Jon and Kate reflect on changes in their lives and the ups and downs over the years in the series finale. Also: Kate takes the kids to a dairy farm, where they learn how to milk cows; and Jon brings the little ones to a fire station, where they help out some firefighters. read more

Never Before Seen Season 5, Episode 22

Previously unseen footage is presented. read more

Gymnastics & Baseball Season 5, Episode 21

Kate enrolls the kids in gymnastics class. Then, Jon takes them to a minor league baseball game. read more

Viewers' Top Moments Season 5, Episode 20

Kate looks back at viewers' favorite moments from the series. read more

Kate: Her Story

Kate Gosselin talks to Natalie Morales about the media frenzy surrounding the end of her marriage, and her TV show. read more

You Ask, Kate Answers Season 5, Episode 19

Kate responds to viewer questions. read more

Butterflies & Water Rockets Season 5, Episode 18

Kate takes the little girls to Florida, where they visit a huge butterfly house. Meanwhile, Jon keeps the rest of the brood busy with water rockets. read more

School Days Season 5, Episode 17

A new school year begins, and for the first time, all eight kids are heading to the classroom, leaving Kate with an empty nest. read more

Time to Organize! Season 5, Episode 16

An organization expert visits the Gosselin household to help Kate get some much-needed order in the basement. read more

Tea Party Season 5, Episode 15

During their stay in North Carolina, Kate takes the little girls on a relaxing carriage ride, followed by lunch at the Wilmington Tea Room. Meanwhile, Cara and Mady plant a vegetable garden at home with Jon. read more

Farm to Table Season 5, Episode 14

Kate takes the kids to visit an Amish farmer who supplies the Gosselins with produce. Then she prepares a fresh organic meal and the family has a game night. read more

Movie and a Catch Season 5, Episode 13

Kate and the kids watch a movie in their backyard. Later, Jon teaches the kids how to fish. read more

Dude Ranch and Dress Up Season 5, Episode 12

Kate and the boys experience the cowboy lifestyle during a trip to a dude ranch, while Jon and the girls have a scavenger hunt at home. read more

Battleship & Barber Season 5, Episode 11

Kate and the boys tour the USS North Carolina battleship in Wilmington, N.C. Then she brings the boys to a barbershop so they can get their hair cut. read more

Beach & Kitchen Reveal Season 5, Episode 10

Kate and the kids wrap up their stay in North Carolina and return home to a renovated kitchen. read more

Renovations & Vacations Season 5, Episode 9

Jon stays home to oversee kitchen renovations while Kate and the kids head to the beach. read more

Camping Out Season 5, Episode 8

Kate and the kids go camping in their backyard. read more

Jon & Kate Plus 8: The First 10 Years Season 5, Episode 7

Previously unseen footage of the Gosselin family's early years is featured. read more

Houses & Big Changes Season 5, Episode 6

Jon and Kate make an announcement about their future that will impact every member of their family. read more

Bikes & Trikes Season 5, Episode 5

The guys from "American Chopper" visit the Gosselin home and built a custom bike for Jon. read more

Bam! 100th Episode Season 5, Episode 4

Chef Emeril Lagasse visits the Gosselin home and gives the entire family cooking lessons. read more

Sun, Seashells and Scrapes Season 5, Episode 3

Kate and Mady take a relaxing trip to San Diego, while Jon stays home with the rest of the brood. read more

Kate's Birthday Surprise Season 5, Episode 2

The kids team up with professional baker Duff Goldman ("Ace of Cakes") to create a special surprise for Kate on her birthday. read more

Turning 5 & the Future! Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 opener, Jon and Kate discuss recent controversies surrounding their family. They also celebrate the sextuplets' fifth birthdays with a huge bash. read more

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green!

"Renovation Nation" host Steve Thomas helps the Gosslins make their new home eco-savvy. read more

Family Outing Season 4, Episode 40

In the Season 4 finale, the Gosselins visit Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum, where the kids are encouraged to play with interactive exhibits. read more

B-Ball & More Season 4, Episode 39

The family takes a trip to see the Harlem Globetrotters. read more

Slopes, Sleds and Sesame Season 4, Episode 38

Jon and Cara return to Utah to hit the slopes, while Kate stays home with the rest of the kids, who had a few too many tears and tantrums on their first skiing adventure. read more

Trip to the Vet Season 4, Episode 37

One of the new puppies takes an unexpected trip to the vet after his curiosity gets the best of him. read more

Bye Old House Season 4, Episode 36

The Gosselins head back to their old home one last time to tie up some loose ends. read more

Puppies! Season 4, Episode 35

Jon and Kate decide to expand their family with the addition of two puppies. read more

Home Sweet Home Season 4, Episode 34

The Gosselins settle into their new home after the big move, but there's still lots of work to be done. read more

Walk in the Woods Season 4, Episode 33

While Kate is away in New York City, Jon takes the kids on an outdoor adventure as they explore the woods near their new home. read more

The Big Move Season 4, Episode 32

The Gosselins pack up and move to a much more spacious home. read more

The New House Season 4, Episode 31

Jon and Kate take the kids to see their new home. read more

All You Wanted to Know Season 4, Episode 30

Jon and Kate respond to viewer questions and comments about their family. read more

All Smiles Season 4, Episode 29

The sextuplets return to the dentist for another checkup, while Mady and Cara head to the orthodontist to find out if they need braces. read more

Soup and a Surprise Season 4, Episode 28

Kate attempts to make soup to freeze for the winter season, with unexpected results. read more

Giving Back Season 4, Episode 27

The Gosselins show their appreciation for all the blessings they've received over the years by visiting a children's hospital to hand out holiday gifts. read more

Twins Are Mommy for a Day Season 4, Episode 26

Kate lets Cara and Mady act as the mommy for the day, and they soon learn taking care of the kids is a lot harder than it looks. read more

It's a Book! Season 4, Episode 25

The whole family heads to New York City for a press tour to promote Jon and Kate's book, "Multiple Blessings." read more

Yard Sale Season 4, Episode 24

Jon and Kate decide to clean out the house and hold a huge yard sale. read more

For Better or Worse Season 4, Episode 23

Jon and Kate renew their vows in an intimate Hawaiian ceremony. read more

Leis & Luaus Season 4, Episode 22

The family finally arrive in Hawaii after several long days of traveling. They soak in the culture with hula lessons, cooking classes and snorkeling. Then they enjoy a traditional luau. read more

Legos & Safaris Season 4, Episode 21

The Gosselins stop in San Diego for a few days before heading to Hawaii to renew their wedding vows. While there, they visit Legoland and the San Diego Zoo. read more

Hawaii Here We Come Season 4, Episode 20

The Gosselins get ready for a trip to Hawaii, where Jon and Kate will renew their wedding vows. In addition to packing for a family of 10, Kate must also find the perfect dress for the vow-renewal ceremony. read more

Baseball Game With Daddy Season 4, Episode 19

Jon takes Cara and the boys to their first baseball game in Philadelphia. Later, they get to run around the bases and meet the Phillie Phanatic. read more

Back to School Season 4, Episode 18

It's extra busy in the Gosselin household as the sextuplets get ready for their first day of preschool and Mady and Cara begin the second grade. read more

Mr. Mom Season 4, Episode 17

Jon rules the roost when Kate leaves town for a few days. read more

Picture Perfect Season 4, Episode 16

The Gosselins are photographed for the cover of Good Housekeeping, which becomes quite a challenge with more than 35 people crowding the shoot. read more

More Viewer FAQ Season 4, Episode 15

Jon and Kate respond to viewers' questions and comments. read more

Sight and Sound Season 4, Episode 14

The Gosselins take a trip to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Strasburg, Pa., to see an interactive play depicting the story of Adam and Eve. read more

Backyard Campout Season 4, Episode 13

Jon and Kate plan an overnight campout for the kids in the backyard, but the weather may not cooperate. read more

Kate's Labor Day Season 4, Episode 12

The sextuplets want to know where they came from, so Jon and Kate take them to the intensive-care unit where they spent time after they were born. read more

July 4th Celebrations Season 4, Episode 11

Jon and Kate celebrate Independence Day as the kids play with sparklers for the first time and watch fireworks by a lighthouse. read more

Beach Trip Season 4, Episode 10

Jon and Kate take the kids to the beach, hoping it works out better than the sextuplets' first seaside experience at age 3, which turned out badly because of cold, windy weather. read more

Wild Horses Season 4, Episode 9

Jon and Kate take the kids on a ride in a Jeep as they track wild horses along the beach. Later, a climb up a lighthouse reveals one of them is afraid of heights. read more

Heading South Season 4, Episode 8

Jon and Kate want to combine a speaking engagement in the South with a family trip to the beach, so they pack up for the drive, but the long car ride may pose a challenge to the sextuplets. read more

All Aboard Season 4, Episode 7

Jon and Kate take the kids to the Strasburg Rail Road, not far from their Pennsylvania home, to ride a train pulled by Thomas the Tank Engine. read more

Sunny Day Season 4, Episode 6

The Gosselins visit Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa., where they meet Big Bird and Elmo, and get to tour the set of "Elmo's World." read more

Embarrassing & Favorite Moments Season 4, Episode 5

Favorite moments and bloopers include previously unaired footage. read more

Korean Dinner Season 4, Episode 4

Jon schools the kids in their heritage by cooking a traditional Korean meal for the entire family, but it's all new to the children and their reactions are varied. read more

Sextuplets Turn 4 Season 4, Episode 3

As the sextuplets turn four, Jon and Kate take them to a bakery to decorate their own birthday cupcakes, with the stipulation that they can't eat them until after dinner, but the kids may not have learned patience yet. read more

Girls' Day Out Season 4, Episode 2

The girls spend a day out with Kate that includes a trip to a pottery-painting studio. Meanwhile, Jon takes the boys to the gym to teach them about exercise. read more

Jon & Kate Family Movie Night Season 3, Episode 32

The Gosselins spend a Friday night at home watching movies with the kids, who have plenty to say about what's on-screen. read more

Boys' Day Out Season 4, Episode 1

Jon spends the day with the boys at the golf course while Kate and the girls go grocery shopping together. read more

Jon's Hair Raising Experience Season 3, Episode 31

A Los Angeles hair-transplant specialist offers to perform the procedure on Jon, who decides to accept. read more

Discipline Season 3, Episode 30

Jon and Kate offer parenting tips and review their experiences with disciplining and controlling eight children. read more

Memorial Day Picnic Season 3, Episode 29

Jon and Kate plan an all-day trip for the family. read more

Jon & Kate's Special Day Season 3, Episode 28

After providing each child a special day, Jon and Kate decide it's time to do the same for themselves, including a romantic dinner for two at an organic restaurant read more

Gosselins Take the Stage Season 3, Episode 27

Mady and Cara plan a family talent show and want everyone to perform, even Jon and Kate, who have been taking dance lessons. read more

Household Chores Season 3, Episode 26

Kate creates a chart showing how each family member can help with jobs around the house, and begins incorporating the tips she received from Sara Snow. read more

Oprah Here We Come Season 3, Episode 25

The Gosselins appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," but first have to pack up and travel to Chicago. read more

Games Gosselins Play Season 3, Episode 24

In an episode narrated by Mady and Cara, the twins describe all the games the family plays together. read more

Mady's Day Season 3, Episode 23

For Mady's special day, she wants to go to have her ears pierced and then go out to lunch with her parents. read more

Cara's Day Season 3, Episode 22

Cara gets new rollerblades and goes to a skating rink with Jon to try them out. read more

Alexis and Collin Season 3, Episode 21

Jon and Kate take Alexis to a reptile museum where she pets alligators; Jon takes train buff Collin to the Strasburg Train Museum. read more

Aaden and Hannah Season 3, Episode 20

Jon and Kate take Hannah horseback riding; Jon takes Aaden to a dairy farm, where he learns about milk and pets a calf. read more

Leah and Joel Season 3, Episode 19

Jon and Kate take Leah, the smallest of the sextuplets, to an indoor play center where she can safely tumble, jump and fall down as much as she wants; Jon takes Joel to an interactive museum. read more

Color Me Gosselin Season 3, Episode 18

To break the winter tension of having eight kids in a small house looking for things to do, a family trip is organized to visit the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pa., where they learn how crayons are made. read more

Jon and Kate Get Rhythm

Jon and Kate take ballroom-dancing classes when Jon gets the idea that it will help Kate learn to enjoy dancing as much as he does. read more

Valentine's Day Season 3, Episode 17

Kate decorates the house on Valentine's Day eve so the kids will have surprises waiting for them when they wake up. read more

Carpeting the House Season 3, Episode 16

Jon and Kate try to increase their current home's value by installing new carpet in most of the house in just one week. read more

Cooking with the Twins Season 3, Episode 15

The twins are interested in learning to cook, so Kate registers them for classes. Unfortunately, the first week is a bad time to practice at home since most of the Gosselins have the flu. read more

Twins Get Musical Season 3, Episode 14

The noise level goes up in the house when the twins start taking music lessons, with Cara learning the piano and Madelyn the violin, especially when they spend hours practicing to put on a concert for the family. read more

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Gosselins Go Skiing

The Gosselins take their first ski vacation, traveling to Park City, Utah, where the kids go to ski school, Jon tries snowboarding and Kate relaxes at the spa. read more

Plane Ride to Utah Season 3, Episode 12

Jon and Kate are invited to Park City, Utah, for a skiing and snowboarding vacation, but packing up the family of 10 for a trip that includes traveling by plane presents a challenge. read more

Viewer FAQ Season 3, Episode 11

Jon and Kate answer e-mails from viewers who want to know such things as whether they plan to have more children and how they do the family's laundry. read more

Gosselin Family Christmas Season 3, Episode 10

The Gosselins' holiday season begins with Christmas caroling, baking cookies together as a family and getting dressed up in their holiday outfits to visit special friends who have helped them. read more

Behind the Scenes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 3, Episode 9

Examining how the series is made and its impact on the Gosselins' family life. read more

Kate's Wardrobe Makeover Season 3, Episode 8

While the kids are home with a babysitter, Jon and Kate make a date out of shopping for clothes to update her wardrobe. read more

Family Photo Shoot Season 3, Episode 7

The Gosselins get a new formal picture taken by a photographer who has shot the family since the babies were 6 weeks old, but the kids don't want to sit still. read more

Winter Preparation Season 3, Episode 6

Winter approaches and Kate struggles to find room for the kids to play inside, then with some help from handyman Jon, she reorganizes the house to give the children more space. read more

Potty Training the Boys Season 3, Episode 5

The boys are finally toilet trained; Kate takes Collin and Leah for an eye appointment while Aunt Jodi watches the other six children. read more

Kate Hires a Nanny Season 3, Episode 4

Kate looks for a qualified nanny to take care of her three-year-old sextuplets and seven-year-old twins. read more

Twins Turn 7! Season 3, Episode 3

The twins' seventh birthday party includes a special dinner out and a family celebration at home. read more

Day in the Life Season 3, Episode 2

The twins start first grade, leaving Kate at home with just the sextuplets. read more

Trip to the Zoo Season 3, Episode 1

A trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo, where the kids see zebras, elephants and polar bears. read more

How We Got Here

A retrospective of the series featuring previously unseen home-video footage of the family. read more

Cutting Room Floor Season 2, Episode 11

Previously unaired footage includes bloopers and the sextuplets' first trip to the beach. read more

Babies & Bedrooms Season 2, Episode 9

Part 1 of 2. The Gosselins convert the attic of their home into a new bedroom for the twins and buy beds for the sextuplets to replace their cribs. read more

Babies & Bedrooms Season 2, Episode 10

Conclusion. Jon puts the final touches on the twins' new room and the sextuplets' new beds. read more

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Hit the Road

The 10 Gosselins head south to Walt Disney World, a trip that takes more than 15 hours to travel through seven states. read more

Red, White & Gosselin Season 2, Episode 5

The Gosselins go to a Fourth of July parade, followed by a picnic lunch and some pool time. read more

A Cow Purchase Season 2, Episode 7

The Gosselins purchase a side of beef. Also: Jon and Kate take the kids to an organic farm. read more

Sara Snow Visits! Season 2, Episode 8

Kate meets “green-living” expert Sara Snow, who offers tips on eating organically, limiting their energy consumption, reducing waste and living healthier. read more

Babies & Bedrooms

The Gosselins convert the attic of their home into a new bedroom for the twins and buy beds for the sextuplets to replace their cribs. read more

Sugar Rush Season 2, Episode 6

A day at Chocolate World in Hershey, Pa., is fun for the kids but leaves Jon and Kate to deal with the effects of too much sugar. read more

Sextuplets' First Dentist Visit Season 2, Episode 4

The sextuplets go to the dentist for the first time, and things go well until one of them freaks out. read more

Gosselins Go Dutch Season 2, Episode 3

The family takes a trip to Dutch Wonderland, a Lancaster, Pa., amusement park, where the sextuplets experience their first rides and learn that roller coasters may not be everyone's idea of fun. read more

Sextuplets Turn 3! Season 2, Episode 1

As the second season begins, the sextuplets celebrate their third birthday with a carnival-themed party, complete with games, hot dogs, popcorn, funnel cake, a clown and ponies. read more

Breakfast in Bed Season 2, Episode 2

Mother's Day means Kate gets breakfast in bed and a pedicure at the spa. read more

Jon Turns 30 Season 1, Episode 8

Jon's 30th birthday is approaching and Kate has a surprise planned: a trip to the Florida Keys. read more

Pancakes and Potties Season 1, Episode 7

Kate attempts to toilet train the three sextuplet girls and finds it very challenging, but succeeds enough for an accident-free road trip. read more

Shopping for Ten Season 1, Episode 6

Kate goes grocery shopping, dealing with the kids and a tight budget. Later, Jon and Kate navigate a crowded toy store with eight unhappy kids in tow. read more

Twins Turn 6 Season 1, Episode 5

Jon and Kate take the children to Hershey Medical Center for the NICU reunion, and the twins get a special trip to the American Girl store in New York for their sixth birthday. read more

Garage Makeover Season 1, Episode 4

Jon spends an entire Saturday installing shelving in the family's garage with help of his brother-in-law; Kate uses her organization skills to instruct Jon on where everything should go. read more

Gosselins Go West Season 1, Episode 3

A church in California asks the family to speak to their congregation, but the logistics of a cross-country trip for all eight kids prove daunting. read more

Housekeeper Hunt Season 1, Episode 2

Kate decides to get some cleaning assistance, but must find someone that meets her high cleanliness standards. read more

10 Little Pumpkins Season 1, Episode 1

Jon and Kate take the kids to an orchard for pumpkin and apple picking, and end the day in a corn maze. read more

Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later

Revisiting the 2007 preseries special that gave an update on Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children as the twins went to kindergarten, the sextuplets turned 2, and Kate got a post-pregnancy tummy tuck. read more

Surviving Sextuplets and Twins

Revisiting the 2006 special that introduced Jon and Kate Gosselin, a Pennsylvania couple who had sextuplets when their twin daughters were 3 years old, and how they cared for eight children under the age of 4. read more

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode: "Kate: Her Story"

Episode Synopsis: Kate Gosselin talks to Natalie Morales about the media frenzy surrounding the end of her marriage, and her TV show.
Original Air Date: Nov 2, 2009
Guest Cast Natalie Morales Natalie Morales

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Premiered: January 07, 2008, on Discovery Health
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Premise: A breakout hit chronicling life with a Pennsylvania family with two sets of multiples (twins and sextuplets). The first four seasons offer a mostly endearing look at life in a large family, but the series took a more serious turn in Season 5 when Jon and Kate announced they were separating. The subsequent discord led to the end of the series at the conclusion of that season, in 2009.


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