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2006, TV Show

Episode Detail: You're Blowing It! Get Your Act Together! - The Greg Behrendt Show

Guests who have made bad decisions look to straighten out their lives.

Episodes: The Greg Behrendt Show (117)

6/6/2007: He's Just Not That Into You
5/28/2007: I Scare Off Men and I'm Looking for Love
5/24/2007: Break-up or Make-up
5/17/2007: Unfinished Business; Apologies; Reunions
5/14/2007: Inside the Mind of Men: Why Won't He Marry Me?
5/3/2007: I Have to Tell You a Secret: I Spent All Our Money
2/28/2007: Best of Behrendt
2/27/2007: Greg Takes on Control Freaks
2/26/2007: Greg's Greatest Surprises - Where Are They Now?
2/23/2007: Extreme Sex! I'll Do Anything to Spice Up My Sex Life
2/22/2007: He Beats Me! Help Me Fix This Relationship
2/21/2007: Your Obsession Is Ruining Our Marriage
2/20/2007: These Girls Need Help! Greg Hooks You Up
2/19/2007: Greg's Most Outrageous Guests
2/16/2007: I Have to Tell My Racist Dad a Secret
2/15/2007: You Are Out of Control - Tone It Down!
2/14/2007: I'm Desperate for a Ring! Marry Me or Else!
2/13/2007: Help! My Mother Is Out of Control
2/12/2007: I Must Tell You My Shocking Secret!
2/9/2007: I'm Great...Why Can't I Get a Date?
2/8/2007: My Husband Won't Have Sex With Me
2/7/2007: Life Changing Greg-overs
2/6/2007: Should They Get Hitched or Ditched...Let Greg Decide!
2/5/2007: Greg Takes on the Meanest Girls
2/2/2007: I Have to Find My Family Before I Die
2/1/2007: Weight Intervention, Part II
1/31/2007: Beauty Pageant Problems
1/30/2007: Drop Your Dirty Sex Habit...Or Else!
1/29/2007: Family Feuds Fixed!
1/26/2007: Our Relationship is Over! Get Over It!
1/25/2007: When Do You Cut Your Losses?
1/24/2007: Save Our Sex Life
1/23/2007: Revenge of the Social Outcast
1/22/2007: I'll Do Whatever It Takes to Find Love
1/19/2007: Get Real and Grow Up!
1/18/2007: I'm High Maintenance and I Scare Men!
1/17/2007: Super Sexy New Year
1/16/2007: I Hate Your Bad Habit
1/15/2007: Engaged and Battling for Control
1/12/2007: Inside the GBS
1/11/2007: Get It Together Dad!
1/10/2007: Change or I'm Gone
1/9/2007: I'm Tired of Hating My body
1/8/2007: Uncomfortable Call Showdown
1/5/2007: Best Stuff You've Never Seen
1/4/2007: Desperate for Dad's Love
1/3/2007: Friendervention
1/2/2007: Sibling Fight Club
12/29/2006: Greg's Big Apology Show
12/28/2006: Greg, I Need a Do-over!
12/27/2006: Divorced and Desperate - Help Me Get Back in the Game!
12/26/2006: Stars Hook You Up!
12/14/2006: Help My Family Get Along!
12/13/2006: Extra Super Team
12/11/2006: Greg Decides
12/8/2006: Help! My Husband Has Turned Into My Roommate
12/7/2006: Criminally Single!
12/5/2006: Bringing Sexy Back!
12/4/2006: Uncomfortable Moments
11/30/2006: Extreme Greg-overs
11/29/2006: Ultimatums!
11/28/2006: Inside the Mind of Men: Help a Sistah Out!
11/27/2006: Lose Your Weight Before It's Too Late
11/24/2006: Double Trouble: I'm a Twin, Find Me Love
11/23/2006: Greg, Help Me Get Over 'It' to Get on with My Life
11/22/2006: Break-up or Make-up?
11/21/2006: Pimp My Bride
11/20/2006: I Don't Mean to Be Mean
11/17/2006: My Family Needs Help! Let Greg Decide
11/16/2006: Stop My Controlling Spouse
11/15/2006: Please Help My Mom! She's Destroying Our Family
11/14/2006: Stars Save Your Sex Life
11/13/2006: I Love You; Let Me Prove It
11/10/2006: Follow-up Show
11/9/2006: Tone It Down! (part 2)
11/8/2006: I Have to Tell You My Secret to Get on With My Life
11/7/2006: How to Have the Best Sex Ever!
11/6/2006: Bridal Rage---My Wedding Is Ruining My Relationship
11/3/2006: Mysteries of the Male Mind; The Truth about Guys
11/2/2006: The Mother of All Dating Shows
11/1/2006: Tone It Down!
10/31/2006: Save My Sister's Marriage---A Sibling Intervention
10/30/2006: If You Can't Find a Man, Greg Hooks You Up
10/27/2006: Relationship Rules
10/26/2006: You Need a New Look Right Now!
10/25/2006: Fix My Family (One-Hour Solution)
10/24/2006: Your Obsession Is Ruining Our Maariage
10/23/2006: My Marriage Ruined My Relationship
10/20/2006: I Can't Say No! I Gotta Stop Being a Doormat!
10/19/2006: My Life Is a Mess! Help Me Clean It up!
10/18/2006: You're Blowing It! Get Your Act Together!
10/17/2006: Myths That Kill a Relationship
10/16/2006: I Give Up! Let My Family Find Me Love
10/13/2006: I Have to Get Over This Fear to Get on with My Life
10/12/2006: Stick Up for Yourself to Get What You Want
10/11/2006: Extreme Parenting
10/10/2006: Single Moms Get Their Game Back
10/9/2006: My Weight Is Ruining My Relationship - No More Excuses!
10/6/2006: Greg's Guide to New Sex Etiquette
10/5/2006: My Ex Is Still Ruining My Life
10/4/2006: Unfinished Business
10/3/2006: My Pet Is Ruining My Relationship
10/2/2006: Greg Settles It Once and for All
9/29/2006: Addicted to My Obsession
9/28/2006: Honey, Where'd You Put the Sex?
9/27/2006: Are We Ready for Marriage?
9/26/2006: How to Fight
9/25/2006: It's Just a Bleeping Date!
9/22/2006: What Men Find Sexy
9/21/2006: I'm a Single Dad and My Daughter Is Ruining My Life
9/20/2006: Face Your Fears
9/19/2006: Can't Get a Date
9/18/2006: Stand Up for What You Want
9/15/2006: Is This Cheating?
9/14/2006: Overhaul My Man
9/13/2006: Train My Man
9/12/2006: Should We Break Up or Stay Together?

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Premiered: September 12, 2006
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: The stand-up comic and coauthor of `He's Just Not That into You' hosts this daytime talker, which dispenses relationship advice to guests in a relaxed, matter-of-fact style.


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