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2006, TV Show

Episode Detail: Married but Emotionally Apart - Dr. Keith Ablow

Emotionally distant couples discuss the obstacles in their marriages.

Episodes: Dr. Keith Ablow (170)

8/29/2007: Obsessed with Feeling Pretty
8/23/2007: Pharming Parties: A Prescription for Disaster
8/20/2007: Living the Truth: Comfort Food or Killer
8/14/2007: After the Weight Loss, a Family Still Struggles
8/9/2007: Couples Fighting Over Finances
8/7/2007: Teens With Obsessive Behavior
8/1/2007: Relationships Challenged: When One Is Labeled a Teen Sex Offender
7/30/2007: Anger Illness: Conquering an Epidemic
7/27/2007: Living the Truth: Emotional Overeating
7/26/2007: Relationships on the Edge
7/23/2007: Battling Anorexia & Bulimia
7/20/2007: Can My Man Ever Change?
7/18/2007: Sex Addiction
7/16/2007: Headlines & Newsmakers
7/12/2007: Addiction Is Destroying Our Family
7/10/2007: Should I Stay or Should I Go
7/9/2007: Dr. Keith Started My New Life
7/6/2007: Unforgettable Ablow
7/5/2007: Living the Truth: Mother Daughter Conflict
7/2/2007: Can a Marriage Survive an Affair
6/28/2007: Marriages on the Edge
6/26/2007: Married but Emotionally Apart
6/25/2007: Troubled Teens
6/14/2007: Living the Truth: Transform Your Life
6/8/2007: Singles and the Search for Love
6/7/2007: Should This Relationship Be Saved?
6/5/2007: Abandoned by My Mother: Does She Love Me?
5/28/2007: Families in Crisis
5/23/2007: Inside the Mind of Girl Fights
5/22/2007: Sex Therapy With Dr. Keith
5/21/2007: Racist Mothers
5/18/2007: Extreme Lives in Crisis
5/17/2007: Anger Illness: Family Progress
5/16/2007: Reality Celebrity Couples
5/15/2007: Growing Pains: Teen Girls and Their Mothers
5/14/2007: A Husband and His Two Wives
5/11/2007: Living the Truth: I Keep Dating the Wrong Man
5/10/2007: Living the Truth: Dark Family Secrets
5/9/2007: Living the Truth: A Family of Addicts
5/8/2007: Living the Truth: Extreme Sibling Rivalry
5/7/2007: Living the Truth: Face Your Past, Fix Your Marriage
5/4/2007: Ultimate Fighting Champions
5/3/2007: Newlywed Breakups
5/2/2007: Rock Star Daughters
5/1/2007: Competing With My Fiancé's Ex
4/30/2007: Online Dating
4/27/2007: Inside the Mind of Female Bodybuilders
4/26/2007: Angry Marriages
4/25/2007: Sleep Sex: Marriages in Crisis
4/24/2007: Dr. Keith: Help Me Like the Guests I Watched
4/23/2007: Suspicious Spouses
4/20/2007: How to Make a Love Match
4/19/2007: Ultimate Betrayal
4/16/2007: Unexpected Hollywood Stars
4/11/2007: Will Anger Destroy This Family?
4/9/2007: The Internet Helps Save a Life
3/29/2007: Bad Girls Club
3/28/2007: Multigenerational Drub Abuse/Detox
3/26/2007: Private Lives Exposed
3/23/2007: Paradise City
3/20/2007: We Argue, We Fight, What's Next?
3/19/2007: Fat and Happy in Hollywood
3/5/2007: Hiding Behind a Public Image
2/28/2007: Wolf Man and Medical Marvels
2/27/2007: Help Me Not Hate My Children
2/26/2007: Bulimic Mom Sees Her Children After Many Years
2/23/2007: Psychic Twins: The Oscars and Celebrity Babies
2/22/2007: Living With a Sex Change Operation
2/20/2007: I'm Leaving You Today
2/19/2007: Janice Dickinson
2/16/2007: Eminem's Ex-wife: Kim Mathers
2/15/2007: Secrets for a Healthy Love Life During Marriage
2/14/2007: I Want My Ex Back
2/13/2007: Tween: Celebutant Wanna Bees
2/12/2007: The Myth Buster: What Men and Women Really Want in Bed
2/9/2007: Life After Idol
2/9/2007: Afraid of My Teenager Follow-up
2/8/2007: Relationship Interventions
2/7/2007: Beauty and the Geek
2/5/2007: Miss USA Scandal and Beauty Queens
2/2/2007: Inside the World of Exotic Dancers
2/1/2007: Racism Caught on Tape
1/31/2007: Little People: Decisions in Having Children
1/30/2007: Can My Cheating Husband Change?
1/29/2007: Kidnapped Bride
1/26/2007: Britney Spears: Superstar With Trouble
1/25/2007: Teen Girl at Risk and in Danger
1/24/2007: I Will Only Marry You If...
1/23/2007: American Idol Mom and Hollywood Kids
1/22/2007: Won't Leave College After 13 Years
1/19/2007: Help My Outrageous Mom
1/18/2007: VIP Pass: Groupie Secrets
1/17/2007: Eating Disorders, Fame and the Pressure of Hollywood
1/16/2007: The Real Housewives of Orange County
1/15/2007: Psychic Twins
1/12/2007: Life After Supernanny
1/11/2007: Anger Illness: Overcoming Rage
1/10/2007: Serial Cheaters
1/9/2007: A Family in Crisis
1/8/2007: Living the Truth: Emotional Eating
12/22/2006: Holiday Family Feuds
12/21/2006: Teen Stars: Sex and Drugs
12/20/2006: New Internet Dangers
12/19/2006: Infidelity and Betrayal in Families
12/18/2006: Raised by a Racist
12/15/2006: Moms Still Living the Wild Life
12/14/2006: Trapped: Afraid to Leave the House for 15 Years
12/13/2006: Single Mothers Face Conflict
12/12/2006: Intervention 911
12/11/2006: Husbands' Secret Sex Lives Revealed: A Fall From Grace
12/8/2006: Plastic Surgery: If I Look Perfect Will I Feel Better?
12/5/2006: Rain Pryor: Joy and Loss with a Celebrity Father
12/4/2006: Inside the Mind of Celebrity Exes
11/30/2006: Is He My Greatest Love, or My Biggest Mistake?
11/29/2006: Inside the Bunny Ranch
11/28/2006: Inside the Mind of Little People
11/27/2006: Life After a Reality Show
11/24/2006: Updates on Dr. Keith's Most Memorable Past Guests
11/22/2006: Feuding Families Share Thanksgiving
11/21/2006: Can Sex Therapy Save Our Sexless Marriage?
11/20/2006: Wife Swap: The Aftermath
11/17/2006: Inside the Mind of Adult Porn Stars
11/16/2006: I'm Afraid of My Teenager
11/15/2006: Anna Nicole Smith: The Family Exclusive
11/14/2006: FATabulous
11/13/2006: I Want to Lose My Virginity
11/10/2006: My Fair Brady: Now Newlyweds
11/9/2006: Anger Illness: A Crisis Erupting
11/8/2006: The Secret World of Teen Sex
11/7/2006: Families in Chaos: Nanny 911
11/6/2006: Public Headlines, Private Pain
11/3/2006: Bald and Sexy With 'Deal or No Deal' Girls
11/2/2006: Inside the Mind of Teens Who Become Prostitutes
11/1/2006: Older Women Who Date Younger Men
10/31/2006: Wedding Fever: Marriage Disasters
10/30/2006: Fatal Attraction: Obsessive Love
10/27/2006: Dr. Keith Reality Check: Teen Parents
10/26/2006: Secrets Revealed: Living the Truth
10/25/2006: Moms Addicted to Pain Pills
10/24/2006: Last Chance: Repairing the Father Daughter Bond
10/20/2006: The New Monogamy
10/19/2006: Family Held Hostage by Rage
10/18/2006: Escaping Polygamy
10/17/2006: The Exclusive Interview: John Mark Karr
10/16/2006: Nick and Aaron Carter: Inside a Superstar Family
10/13/2006: Inside the Lives of Women Who Hoard
10/12/2006: Dr. Keith and Cosmo: Inside the Mind of Single Women
10/11/2006: Newly Married...Early Trouble?
10/10/2006: Anger Illness: An Epidemic?
10/9/2006: Life After 'Wife Swap'
10/6/2006: Bailey, CO and Amish Country, PA: The School Shooting Aftermath
10/5/2006: Husbands Who Claim to Control Their Wives...For a Reason
10/4/2006: Secret Addictions Disrupting Lives
10/3/2006: Teen Daughters: Mom's Parenting Is Too Little Too Late
10/2/2006: Families Too Close for Comfort
9/29/2006: Cyberbullying
9/28/2006: Inside the Lives of a Polygamist Family
9/27/2006: Will She Choose to Live or Die?
9/26/2006: Bad Patch or Bad Relationship?
9/25/2006: Coping with Twin Rivalry
9/22/2006: Couples on the Verge of Breakup
9/21/2006: Painful Celebrity Breakups
9/20/2006: Why Can't You Be a Mother to Me Now?
9/19/2006: Blended Family: Where Do I Fit In?
9/18/2006: Katharine McPhee
9/15/2006: Dr. Keith Ablow Helps Teens Learn to Accept Their Parents' New Mates
9/14/2006: Heartbreak in the Public Eye: Tori Spelling's Ex-Husband Speaks Out
9/13/2006: Four Generations Plagued by Addiction
9/12/2006: Inside the Mind of the Man Who Tried to Confess to JonBenet Ramsey's Murder
9/11/2006: Premiere Show

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Premise: The psychiatrist and best-selling author advises everyday people with common problems. Ablow became familiar with viewers as a frequent guest on `The Tyra Banks Show.'


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