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Episodes: Judge Maria Lopez (260)

8/4/2008: When Dogs Attack/Bail Bonds Buffoonery
5/27/2008: My Son's Rap Is Ill/My House Is No Longer a Home
5/26/2008: The Poor Puppy's Plagiarized Papers
5/23/2008: My Little Pony Was Sold by a Phony/Stop Russian to Replace My Roof
5/22/2008: The Rotten Car Spoiled Our Friendship/Money for Nothing, The Chick Ain't Free
5/21/2008: Crazy Carpet Chaos/The Arguing Aunties
5/20/2008: Family Nick Over Knickknacks
5/19/2008: Taking a Rain Check on Mickey/Gas on Granny
5/16/2008: Water World Welcher
5/15/2008: Jamaican Me Mad!/The Wacked-out Landlord
5/14/2008: A Concert in the Cheap Seats/The Lousy Leaky Roof
5/13/2008: A Dancer Stripped of Her Tips/Lotsa Loans, Lost Love and a Limo
5/12/2008: The Family Feud in Fresno/The Messed-up Motorcycle
5/9/2008: Storming Out of the Basement/Son-in-law or Son of a B.
5/8/2008: The Self-Absorbed Towel Maker/Charging in From the Past
5/7/2008: The Abandoned Big Rig
5/6/2008: The Night They Drove My BMW Down/The Saw Saga of the South
5/5/2008: Fight or Flight/A Hole in One...Porsche?
5/2/2008: The Forklift Got Lifted/Crash and Dash
5/1/2008: This Lawsuit's Springing a Leak/A Car for My Little Girl
4/30/2008: Love Hurts
4/29/2008: Trash or Treasure
4/28/2008: The Stolen Stove Is Steaming Me/The Fighting and Feuding McCoy Brothers
4/25/2008: Cat Bite Fever/Unidentified Flying Objects
4/24/2008: The Trailer Home Was Trashed/The Big Stink at the Roller Rink
4/23/2008: I Stole Your Lady and You Took My Stuff
4/22/2008: The Hot Lawnmower/Your Foam Fun Left Me Fuming
4/21/2008: You Short-circuited My Life
4/18/2008: Full of Hot Air/The Cruising Criminal or Lousy Lawyer
4/17/2008: Fur Flies in the City
4/16/2008: Dueling Roommates/The Dream Kitchen Disaster
4/15/2008: A Mouse in the House 'Cause the Landlord's a Louse/Who Let the Dog Out?!? Woof! Woof!
4/14/2008: The Cash Register Chaos
4/11/2008: Loans, Denials and Surprise Proof/Give Me Back My Cell Phone
4/10/2008: Cutting out the Middle Man/Purebred or Inbred?
4/9/2008: The Bickering Barmaids/The Feuding Cousins Plow Ahead
4/8/2008: My Brother's Not My Keeper/The Tree That Came Between Us
4/7/2008: The Little House of Horrors/Mulch Ado About Nothing
2/29/2008: My Daughter Has Taken Advantage of Me
2/28/2008: A Two-Step in the Wrong Direction/The Biker Barter Blues
2/27/2008: The I-Pass Caused a Bypass!/No Investment, No Return!
2/26/2008: Don't Forget to Pack the Pipes
2/25/2008: The Crazy Computer Calamity!/The Crazy Corvette Collector Copped My Car
2/22/2008: The Con Contractor
2/21/2008: Where's My Reward?; The Terrified Tenant & a Peeping Tom
2/20/2008: Dial Cousin for Conflict; Shuffle Off to Buffalo
2/19/2008: This Stinky Player Never Paid
2/18/2008: Just Keep on Trucking
2/15/2008: You Stuck Me With a Terrible Tat!/You Took Everything but the Kitchen Sink
2/14/2008: We Got Sewage Instead of Storage/Row, Row, Row No Boat!
2/12/2008: My Party Was KO'd by Katrina/The Condo Committee Con
2/12/2008: The 'Key' to Fantasy Football/The Bitter Sweet Sixteen
2/11/2008: You Were Crazy to Club My Kia
2/8/2008: A Terrible Tussle Over Some Toy
2/7/2008: A Housekeeper With Benefits/Bluffed Out of My Birthright
2/6/2008: The Test Drive Trauma
2/5/2008: Stop Slurring My Son!
2/4/2008: The Busted Bus Caused an Atlantic City Atrocity
2/1/2008: The ADHD Deal's a Disaster at the DMV/The Killer Paint Job
1/31/2008: The Mystery Minister Mooched My Money
1/30/2008: Orange You Glad You Moved Out?/The Diva Hairdresser Fashion Fit
1/29/2008: An Unfair Eviction Caused Some Friction/Unlease Me, I'm Out of Here
1/28/2008: Grandma's Jeep Is Now a Heap
1/24/2008: The Tenant Was a Trespasser!
1/23/2008: That Damn Dog Destroyed the Rug!/The Freeloader Free-for-All
1/22/2008: Wheels of Misfortune
12/21/2007: An Air Affair
12/20/2007: The Good Rats
12/19/2007: Rascal Lost a Hip/Sick Sprout Shouldn't Have Shipped
12/18/2007: The Catfight in Cancun
12/17/2007: The Vanishing Van
11/28/2007: Tricked Over a Truck/Until the Drag King Sings
11/27/2007: The Missing iPod
11/26/2007: The Fraudulent Foreclosure
11/23/2007: Tuxedo King Should Give Back the Crown
11/22/2007: That's One Sick Puppy/He Committed Tree-son for No Reason
11/21/2007: Dude, Where's My Hair/The Great Dane Doghouse
11/20/2007: The Ex-Terminator/Biker Mamas Make Uneasy Riders
11/19/2007: The Scam Artist
11/16/2007: The Flea-bitten Cats Bite Back/Spiderman Vanished
11/15/2007: Stop Cutting the Rug/Brotherly Love Gone Bad
11/14/2007: You Got Me Heated
11/13/2007: Your Pit Bull Bullied My Bull
11/12/2007: The Leering Landlord
11/9/2007: I Want My Big-screen TV
11/8/2007: The Florida Free-for-all
11/7/2007: The Garage Was Garbage/The 19-year-old Stepdad
11/6/2007: Life in a Lesbian Love Triangle
11/5/2007: The Big Break-dance Blowup/Racing Away With My Money
11/2/2007: How Dare You Air My Son's Funeral
11/1/2007: Have You Seen My Wedding Photographer?
10/31/2007: A Tangled Web (Site) of Lies/Pawned Promises Not Delivered
10/30/2007: The Sugar Mama and the Boy Toy/The Tree Trimmer Money Schemer
10/29/2007: The Golden Deal Got Volatile
10/26/2007: The Hummel Trouble/My Deadbeat Dad's Dead Battery
10/25/2007: The Suspect Signature
10/24/2007: Our Love Took a Vacation
10/23/2007: The Dog Unleashed Pandemonium/Swindler on the Roof
10/22/2007: The Wedding Planner Without a Plan
10/19/2007: Oh Nuts! The Car Is Destroyed!/Hot Tubs Don't Just Walk Away
10/18/2007: Our Non-profit Was No Picnic/The Bad Sod Soddenly Died
10/17/2007: This Car's Hell Online/The Studio Gig Hits Sour Note
10/16/2007: Wedding Pictures...Are You Joking?
10/15/2007: Our Loan Was No Laughing Matter/Attack of the Killer Bees
10/12/2007: Bad Friends and Bad Checks/You Pawned My Pets
10/11/2007: The Cremation Frustration/The Tenants Trashed the Apartment
10/10/2007: Loans R Us Sold My Stuff/The Falling Ceiling
10/9/2007: The Sucky Ski Trip Stunk/I Mowed Your Grass, Now Pay Me My Cash
10/8/2007: Mama's Not 'Entitled' to My Title
10/5/2007: Wild Weeds and the Wrong Trees/Happy Mother's Day
10/4/2007: Oh Hell, Not on My Cell
10/3/2007: Despair Parts Didn't Work
10/2/2007: The Crappy Cruise Was Crud/The House Inspection Caused Contention
10/1/2007: The Runaway Groom Gouged Me
9/28/2007: Saturday Night's Not Alright...For Fighting/Who Loves You Charlie?
9/27/2007: Rappers' BMW Beef
9/26/2007: Friend, Felon or Foe?/Brother's Birthday B.S.
9/25/2007: The Pit Bullies/The Singing Class Hits a Sour Note
9/24/2007: The Broken Teeth or the Broken Truth/The Nightmare on Halsey Street
9/21/2007: Sour Grapes over a Bad Lemon/Tool Time in the Bronx
9/20/2007: Three Men and a Jealous Rage
9/19/2007: Laundry Mat Madness/The Dirty Dumpster Drama
9/18/2007: Point and Click Our Photos Stink/The Deck That Didn't Do
9/17/2007: Oh, My Nose!
9/14/2007: Driving Miss Lazy/You Trashed the Place, Now You Pay
9/13/2007: I Wasn't Porn Yesterday/Your Sinking Boat Sucked Me Dry
9/12/2007: The Faulty Fashion Show Fees
9/11/2007: Feuding Sisters/ Moving In Today...Moving Out Tomorrow
9/10/2007: Crash & Smash/An ATV Is Not for Kids
5/25/2007: Lost in Translation/The Darned Movers Dinged My Things
5/24/2007: Please Mister, Please Don't Give My Truck Away/Hay There...This Is the Final Straw
5/23/2007: The Glass-shattering Menace
5/22/2007: The Wedding DJ Played Me/The Car Part Chaos
5/21/2007: The Contractor's Cop-out
5/18/2007: The Pigeon Poop Is Ruining the Roof!/Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
5/17/2007: The Not-so-neighborly Car Contract/The Fleeing Furrier Fleeced Me
5/16/2007: The Rapper Stole the Spotlight/Down Right Dirty With Dish Soap
5/15/2007: Off My Land with Your New Man!
5/14/2007: The $40,000 Diamond Ring Switch-a-roo
5/11/2007: The Flamingo Pink Patio/Mr. Guise, the Greedy Landlord
5/10/2007: Canine Cardiac Commotion/A Family Reunion Divides Brothers
5/9/2007: The World's Greatest Filmmaker Flopped/Dude...Where's My Rent
5/8/2007: The X-rated Ex-roommate/The Crazy Kennel Compromise
5/7/2007: The Crazy Conniving Computer Caper
5/4/2007: The Worthless Wedding Photographer/The Bud's Not for You
5/3/2007: The Missing Mink Mishap/The Caterer Calamity
5/2/2007: The Dangerous Daycare Disaster/Taken to the Cleaners
5/1/2007: The Carnival Crash Culprit/Our Only Son's Funeral Debt
4/30/2007: The Fast and the Furious/You Paid Me to Play Me
4/27/2007: The Golf Ball's Backlash/The Parking Lot Mishap
4/26/2007: The Hurricane Katrina Con Artist
4/25/2007: The Girl Gang Fight/The Chrome Is the Pits
4/24/2007: The Fighting Furniture Frenzy
4/23/2007: Run Down Then Shoved Down/A Looted Livelihood
4/20/2007: The Moving Day Debacle/The Super-sized Sofa With Sass
4/19/2007: Crazy Cornbread Killed My Nhew-Nu Puppy/The Southern Swindler
4/18/2007: Twin Contractor Trouble/Violetta's Revenge
4/11/2007: The Young Drunk Son/The Camper Killed My Canines!
4/4/2007: Blade, the Bloody Pit Bull/The Wicked Wicker Salesman
3/28/2007: The Lesbians, the Firebird and the Pitbull/That Whiner Ruined My Wine Club
3/2/2007: The Wrestling Drum Set Thief/Romeo, Oh Romeo, Who Is Thou Owner?
3/1/2007: The Serial Scam Artist/The Hopeless Handyman
2/28/2007: Her Gay Guy Got Greedy
2/27/2007: The Dog That Didn't Die/The Antique Road Show Gone Wrong!
2/26/2007: The Sublet Came With an Illegal Alien!
2/23/2007: The Dog Bite That Ruined the Friendship
2/22/2007: Big Bad Bertha Beat Me
2/21/2007: The Pizza Shop Smash Up/The Missing Motown Music
2/20/2007: The Terrible Tow Truck Trauma/The Boyfriend's Bad Betrayal
2/19/2007: She Invaded MySpace
2/16/2007: A Two-timing Thief Took the Cash
2/15/2007: You Abandoned Your Horse With No Remorse/The No-show Personal Traine
2/14/2007: The Hip-hop Hater Wreaked Havoc
2/13/2007: The Paint Job Wasn't for Charity/Caprice Crushed the Camry's Armrest
2/12/2007: The Drag Queen's Dress Was a Royal Mess
2/9/2007: The Bingo Trip Was a Bust/Daddy Not So Dearest
2/8/2007: Those Were Not the Breast Wedding Dresses
2/7/2007: The Two-Timer Won't Pay the Timeshare
2/6/2007: The Historic House Was Doused with Pee/The Picture Perfect Scheme
2/5/2007: The Stoned Stylist Screwed Up My Hair/She Never Moved In But Now She Wants Out!
2/2/2007: Mr. Shell's Walnut Street Crack Up/Twisted Sisters
2/1/2007: The Backyard Blowout
1/31/2007: The Mother-Daughter Car War/The Chihuahua Change Out
1/30/2007: The Sister Shootout/The Contractor Confusion
1/29/2007: The Sneaky Tire Slasher
1/25/2007: Daddy, Don't Pimp My Caddy!/A Hairy Wager Caused Growing Pains
1/24/2007: The Fighting Fishy Boat Owner
1/15/2007: The Lousy Landlord and Terrible Tenant
1/9/2007: Sofa Not So Good
1/3/2007: Pontiac Punch/The Brothers Broken Deal
12/27/2006: The Missing Money Order Caused Disorder/Two Roommates and a Rude Rumor
12/22/2006: The Wedding Photo Fiasco/The eBay Lemon Lie
11/29/2006: Those Kids Egged Me On
11/28/2006: The Shady Chandelier Scandal/The Buffalo Man's Bogus Boat
11/27/2006: Silver, the Scamming Stripper
11/24/2006: The Greedy Gambling Cheater/Maverick's Missing
11/23/2006: The Hit and Run Horror Show
11/22/2006: The Hairless Hotspot
11/21/2006: Escort Yourself off My Property
11/20/2006: Church Hat Crack Up
11/17/2006: The Cuddly Cat Customer Got Creepy
11/16/2006: The Nasty Nurse Attack
11/15/2006: The Swindling Scam/Cousins Clash Over Cash
11/14/2006: Norma, You Have Some Ex-staining to Do
11/13/2006: The Girl Fight Fake Out
11/10/2006: The Dolly Drive-by Disaster/The Blockhead Blocked the Block
11/9/2006: Three Strikes and You're Out
11/8/2006: The Strange Sewage Saga/The Crotch Rocket Crooks
11/7/2006: The BB Gun Bandit
11/6/2006: The Lecherous Landlord
11/3/2006: A Place to Stay and a Price to Pay/The Rear-end Runaround
11/2/2006: Stripped at the Altar
11/1/2006: The Not So Happy Ending
10/31/2006: The Crappy Concession Stand Off
10/30/2006: The Needy Nail Lady Took My Money/The Wedding Ring Woes
10/27/2006: The Crummy Cabinet Caper/You Exposed My Sexy Pose
10/26/2006: The Backstabbing Bishop Bought This Bus/You Backed Up, Now Pay
10/25/2006: The Dirty Dirt Dumper/The Freeloading Family Food Fight
10/24/2006: The Church Lady's Check
10/23/2006: The Wedding Smells
10/20/2006: The Raccoon Buffoon and a Crazy Loon/The Tenant Trashed the Townhouse
10/19/2006: The Wedding Hall From Hell/Collar That Collie
10/18/2006: The Deer Butcher's Deposit/The Pool Table Tussle
10/17/2006: The Machismo Meltdown/The Dream Dock Disaster
10/16/2006: Neighbor Biting Neighbor/Elvis Has Left the Building
10/13/2006: You Fileted Mignon's Wedding/Show Me the Money!
10/12/2006: Cruise Caused Chaos/Sex, Lies and a Security Deposit
10/11/2006: Sleazy Slumlord and Tardy Tenant/Bitter Breakup and Big Screen TV
10/10/2006: That Mustang Is a Lemon/Clocked at the Cable Office
10/9/2006: The Hunters Were Harassed
10/6/2006: This Cleaner's a Con/That Dog Gone Drama
10/5/2006: Porn Again Christian/Chevy Cobalt Caper
10/4/2006: The Phlebotomy Fiasco/Willy the Wheeler Dealer
10/3/2006: Shady Cellphone Showdown/I Stored My Stuff With a Stranger
10/2/2006: My Tenant Was a Drag
9/29/2006: That Bubble Floored Me
9/28/2006: Baby Mama Camera Drama/The Bogus Boat Blowout
9/27/2006: Muscle Car Madness/The Computer Meltdown
9/26/2006: U-Hauled to Atlantic City/The Babysitting Bombshell
9/25/2006: That Dirty Videographer Is a Lemon
9/22/2006: Motorcycle Mania/Poorly Put Together Porch
9/22/2006: Boy, Urine Trouble/Bride's Botched Balloons
9/21/2006: Lousy Lost Limo
9/21/2006: Baked My Baby/Hedge Threw Me Over an Edge
9/20/2006: The Break Fluid Blow Up/Dining Room Debacle
9/20/2006: A Sneaky Landlord and a Leaky Roof/Sold Screwed Up Salon
9/19/2006: Plumber Took Me for a Ride/Stop Kicking Me When I'm Done
9/19/2006: This Gold Is Garbage/The Brother-in-law Break In
9/18/2006: Big D Did Me Dirty/The Sue Happy Sisters
9/18/2006: Stiffed Over a Stuffed Bull
9/15/2006: Cherry Tree Killer/Sister vs. Sister
9/15/2006: Trailer Park Tragedy/Painted Into a Corner
9/14/2006: Gay Organist & Family Jewels/Don't You Haul Me Into Court
9/14/2006: Bitter Bleaching Boyfriend
9/13/2006: Landlord in Hot Water/Busted Boat Blow Up
9/13/2006: Hurricane Storm Scam/Pomeranian Puppy Killer
9/12/2006: Brazilian Wax Woes/Loose Lipped Lady & Leaky Roof
9/12/2006: These Boots Are Made for Stabbing/Roommate Rumble
9/11/2006: My Cousin Ran Over Me/Tractor Trickery
9/11/2006: Lousy Limousine Lawsuit/My Daughter Did Me Dirty

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Premiered: September 11, 2006
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Cuban-born former Massachusetts Superior Court judge Maria Lopez handles small-claims cases with her trademark outspoken, no-nonsense approach.


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