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2006, TV Show

Brothers & Sisters episodes

May 08, 2011: Walker Down the Aisle
May 01, 2011: For Better or for Worse
Apr 24, 2011: Father Unknown
Apr 17, 2011: Wouldn't It Be Nice
Apr 10, 2011: Never Say Never
Apr 10, 2011: Olivia's Choice
Apr 10, 2011: Olivia's Choice; Never Say Never
Mar 06, 2011: Home Is Where the Fort Is
Feb 20, 2011: Brody
Feb 13, 2011: The One That Got Away
Jan 16, 2011: Safe at Home
Jan 09, 2011: Thanks for the Memories
Jan 02, 2011: Scandalized
Dec 12, 2010: Cold Turkey
Dec 05, 2010: Get a Room
Nov 14, 2010: The Rhapsody of the Flesh
Nov 07, 2010: Resolved
Oct 31, 2010: An Ideal Husband
Oct 24, 2010: Call Mom
Oct 17, 2010: A Righteous Kiss
Oct 10, 2010: Faking It
Oct 03, 2010: Brief Encounter
Sep 26, 2010: The Homecoming
May 16, 2010: On the Road Again
May 09, 2010: Lights Out
May 02, 2010: Love All
Apr 25, 2010: Where There's Smoke...
Apr 18, 2010: If You Bake It, He Will Come
Apr 11, 2010: Time After Time
Apr 11, 2010: Time After Time
Apr 11, 2010: Time After Time
Mar 14, 2010:
Feb 28, 2010: Leap of Faith
Feb 21, 2010: A Valued Family
Jan 31, 2010: The Pasadena Primary
Jan 17, 2010: Run Baby Run
Jan 10, 2010: The Science Fair
Jan 03, 2010: A Bone to Pick
Dec 06, 2009: Nearlyweds
Nov 29, 2009: Pregnant Pause
Nov 15, 2009: The Wine Festival
Nov 08, 2009: The Wig Party
Nov 01, 2009: Zen & the Art of Mole Making
Oct 25, 2009: Last Tango in Pasadena
Oct 18, 2009: From France With Love
Oct 11, 2009: Almost Normal
Oct 04, 2009: Breaking the News
Sep 27, 2009: The Road Ahead
May 10, 2009: Mexico
May 03, 2009: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Apr 26, 2009: Julia
Apr 19, 2009: S3X
Mar 22, 2009: Missing
Mar 15, 2009: Spring Broken
Mar 08, 2009: Taking Sides
Mar 01, 2009: Troubled Waters
Mar 01, 2009: Troubled Waters
Mar 01, 2009: Troubled Waters
Feb 15, 2009: Lost and Found
Feb 08, 2009: Owning It
Jan 18, 2009: It's Not Easy Being Green
Jan 11, 2009: Sibling Rivalry
Jan 04, 2009: A Father Dreams
Dec 07, 2008: Just a Sliver
Nov 30, 2008: Unfinished Business
Nov 16, 2008: Going Once...Going Twice
Nov 09, 2008: Do You Believe in Magic?
Nov 02, 2008: Bakersfield
Oct 26, 2008: You Get What You Need
Oct 19, 2008: Everything Must Go
Oct 12, 2008: Tug of War
Oct 05, 2008: Book Burning
Sep 28, 2008: Glass Houses
May 11, 2008: Prior Commitments
May 04, 2008: Moral Hazard
Apr 27, 2008: Double Negative
Apr 20, 2008: Separation Anxiety
Feb 17, 2008: Compromises
Feb 10, 2008: The Missionary Imposition
Jan 13, 2008: The Feast of Epiphany
Dec 02, 2007: Holy Matrimony
Nov 26, 2007: Something New
Nov 11, 2007: 36 Hours
Nov 04, 2007: Two Places
Oct 28, 2007: Domestic Issues
Oct 21, 2007: States of the Union
Oct 14, 2007: History Repeating
Oct 07, 2007: An American Family
Sep 30, 2007: Home Front
Sep 28, 2007: Brothers & Sisters: Family Album
Sep 23, 2007: Brothers & Sisters: Family Album
May 20, 2007: Matriarchy
May 13, 2007: Favorite Son
May 06, 2007: Grapes of Wrath
Apr 29, 2007: Bad News
Apr 15, 2007: Game Night
Apr 08, 2007: Three Parties
Apr 01, 2007: All in the Family
Mar 04, 2007: The Other Walker
Feb 18, 2007: Love Is Difficult
Feb 11, 2007: Valentine's Day Massacre
Jan 21, 2007: Something Ida This Way Comes
Jan 14, 2007: Sexual Politics
Jan 07, 2007: Family Day
Dec 10, 2006: Light the Lights
Nov 19, 2006: Mistakes Were Made, Pt. 2
Nov 12, 2006: Mistakes Were Made, Pt. 1
Nov 05, 2006: Northern Exposure
Oct 29, 2006: For the Children
Oct 22, 2006: Date Night
Oct 15, 2006: Family Portrait
Oct 08, 2006: Affairs of State
Oct 01, 2006: An Act of Will
Sep 24, 2006: Patriarchy

Walker Down the Aisle Season 5, Episode 22

In the fifth-season finale, a surprise guest shows up at Sarah and Luc's wedding; and Kitty faces a tough decision. Directed by Ken Olin. read more

For Better or for Worse Season 5, Episode 21

Sarah faces off with Brody over a long-held secret, which creates a major dilemma for Nora; Olivia struggles to adjust to a new family dynamic. read more

Father Unknown Season 5, Episode 20

Justin guards a secret about a sibling's true paternity; Scotty learns there may be another member of the extended Walker family. read more

Wouldn't It Be Nice Season 5, Episode 19

Nora decides to follow her heart with Brody, though it's not a popular decision among her kids; Sarah and Luc mull adding to their family; Scotty's chance encounter with his and Kevin's former surrogate (Roxy Olin) makes him wonder where's she's been. read more

Never Say Never Season 5, Episode 18

Saul and Nora learn of the death of their mother, Ida; Olivia meets Scotty's mom. read more

Olivia's Choice Season 5, Episode 17

Kevin and Scotty are faced with losing Olivia when her brother shows up seeking custody; Sarah hatches a plan to help Kitty get Seth back. read more

Olivia's Choice; Never Say Never

Kevin and Scotty are faced with losing Olivia when her brother shows up seeking custody; Saul and Nora learn of the death of their mother, Ida. read more

Home Is Where the Fort Is Season 5, Episode 16

Under the guise of surprising Evan on his birthday, Nora and Sarah visit Washington, D.C., but they really want to find out what Kitty's been up to on the East Coast. Meanwhile, Kevin and Scotty finally become Olivia's parents, but their new daughter is a tad uneasy about starting over. read more

Brody Season 5, Episode 15

Nora is torn over a possible reconnection with her long-ago boyfriend Brody (Beau Bridges); Justin tries to help a homeless veteran who would rather go it alone. Directed by Matthew Rhys. read more

The One That Got Away Season 5, Episode 14

Valentine's Day celebrations go awry when Tommy tells Sarah about another secret that Nora has been keeping hidden for years, while Saul's night out with Jonathan (Richard Chamberlain) is ruined by a well-known restaurant critic. read more

Safe at Home Season 5, Episode 13

Tommy (Balthazar Getty) visits with his new girlfriend, whose enthusiasm for Walker family history annoys the Walker family. read more

Thanks for the Memories Season 5, Episode 12

Nora and Holly's reminiscing triggers a revelation about Nora's past that could have a major effect on Holly's future in California. Meanwhile, Justin is annoyed by the reappearance of Annie's former boyfriend; Kevin and Scotty take another look at their adoption prospects; and Saul tries to summon forgiveness for Jonathan. read more

Scandalized Season 5, Episode 11

Nora's otherwise harmless date night somehow morphs into a scandal for the other Walker couples. Meanwhile, Kitty's relationship with Seth attracts unwanted attention on the Internet and from her boss. read more

Cold Turkey Season 5, Episode 10

The Walkers are without their matriarch for Christmas when Nora impulsively takes off for a last-minute holiday vacation with Karl. Meanwhile, Saul runs into a former lover (Richard Chamberlain). read more

Get a Room Season 5, Episode 9

Amorous encounters take Nora and Kitty by surprise; Sarah plans a romantic evening with Luc; Kevin's nervousness about the adoption process gets the best of him. read more

The Rhapsody of the Flesh Season 5, Episode 8

Luc's charismatic mother (Sonia Braga) tries to play matchmaker for a reluctant Nora. Directed by Matthew Rhys. read more

Resolved Season 5, Episode 7

Justin finds another reason to continue to visit Holly; Nora is impressed by her radio colleague's handling of Sarah and Kitty's age-old quarrels; Paige helps Kevin and Scotty patch up their relationship woes. read more

An Ideal Husband Season 5, Episode 6

When Kevin's relationship with Scotty is rocked by the latter's infidelity, the entire family is drawn into a dramatic confrontation. Meanwhile, Kitty is at odds with Jack's latest pursuits; and Sarah and Luc unveil surprising news. read more

Call Mom Season 5, Episode 5

Nora's radio days may be over before they started when an audition pits her against a celebrity doctor (Debra Monk); Kitty decides to jump back into the dating pool with her handyman (Jeremy Davidson) in Ojai. read more

A Righteous Kiss Season 5, Episode 4

Holly's memory lapses take a toll on her psyche; Kitty and Saul do some soul searching over their romantic dilemmas; Justin and Rebecca wonder where their relationship is headed; Cooper gets a lead role in a production of "Romeo and Juliet." read more

Faking It Season 5, Episode 3

Still hiding out in Ojai on her journey of self-discovery, Kitty may finally be ready to move on when she meets a handsome handyman (Jeremy Davidson). Meanwhile, the Walkers secretly plan a birthday party for Sarah, though it's Luc who could be surprised by her actual age. read more

Brief Encounter Season 5, Episode 2

Luc's career as an underwear model takes off at a launch party, where teenage Paige engages in some questionable behavior. Meanwhile, Nora's part-time job as a florist may come to an end after an offer from a radio-show producer; Kevin deals with a troubled runaway; and Justin tries to help Holly jog her memory. read more

The Homecoming Season 5, Episode 1

The fifth season begins one year after the Walkers were shaken by a horrific car accident, and now the somewhat estranged family prepares for an uneasy reunion on the occasion of a homecoming party for Justin. Meanwhile, Kevin is practicing law again; Sarah is obsessed with Narrow Lake; Saul and Scotty's restaurant is up and running; and no one wants to discuss Kitty's personal life. read more

On the Road Again Season 4, Episode 24

Ojai Foods lay in ruins in the fourth-season finale, but a glimmer of hope emerges in an obscure investment made by William Walker years ago. Meanwhile, Robert's new line of work could have adverse effects on his health and his family's safety; and Justin and Rebecca mull an extreme solution to their marital problems. read more

Lights Out Season 4, Episode 23

The Walkers lament the impending closing of Ojai Foods, but the possibility of new business ventures gives the family hope. read more

Love All Season 4, Episode 22

Kevin has trouble adjusting to being unemployed; the progression of Sarah and Luc's relationship causes Cooper to misbehave; Justin's enthusiasm for studying medicine pales in comparison with his military service in Iraq. read more

Where There's Smoke... Season 4, Episode 21

Nora and Saul are forced to confront the declining health of their mother (Marion Ross); the Walkers are stirred by the possibility of multiple pregnancies; the mail holds a surprise for Luc. read more

If You Bake It, He Will Come Season 4, Episode 20

Nora's revelations about Kevin's childhood keep him from going to his own birthday party. Meanwhile, Tommy, Kevin and Justin join forces for a showdown with Dennis York over the Ojai predicament. read more

Time After Time Season 4, Episode 19

Conclusion. Nora and Holly hunt for clues about Ojai's secret value on an eventful road trip; Justin and Rebecca's lives finally take a turn for the better. read more

Time After Time Season 4, Episode 18

Part 1 of 2. Mindful of an impending showdown with the notorious Dennis York (Peter Gerety), the Walkers flash back to Ojai Foods in 1986 to sort through their memories to determine the exact potency of his unknown trump card. read more

Time After Time

Mindful of an impending showdown with the notorious Dennis York (Peter Gerety), the Walkers flash back to Ojai Foods in 1986 to sort through their memories to determine the exact potency of his unknown trump card. Meanwhile, Nora and Holly hunt for clues about Ojai's secret value on an eventful, present-day road trip; and Justin and Rebecca's lives finally take a turn for the better. read more Season 4, Episode 17

The success of Kitty's campaign results in a wave of media attention, which could have unintended consequences for Luc's immigration status. Meanwhile, Nora reluctantly contacts Tommy for help with Ojai's battle with Dennis York (Peter Gerety). read more

Leap of Faith Season 4, Episode 16

Luc's visa problems create a dilemma for Sarah, who wonders if she's the only woman in his life; Rebecca struggles to cope with a life-changing experience; Kevin ponders working for someone besides Robert; Holly digs deep to find Ojai's hidden value. read more

A Valued Family Season 4, Episode 15

Kitty throws her hat in the ring for Robert's senate seat with Buffy (Cheryl Hines) as her campaign manager; Sarah reconnects with Luc (Gilles Marini) for Valentine's Day; Holly reaches a decision about her future at Ojai. read more

The Pasadena Primary Season 4, Episode 14

Kitty polls her family on her possible political maneuver of running for Robert's senate seat; Robert and Nora head into the kitchen to help Scotty's restaurant; and Sarah has a breakthrough in her relationship with Roy. read more

Run Baby Run Season 4, Episode 13

Kitty's friend Buffy (Cheryl Hines) comes between her and Robert in a political development; Kevin and Scotty take their first stab at surrogacy; Sarah finds common ground with a potential love interest. read more

The Science Fair Season 4, Episode 12

Sarah meets a divorcé at Paige's school; Justin tries to find a way to improve his failing grades at medical school. Directed by Laura Innes. read more

A Bone to Pick Season 4, Episode 11

The rapid progression of Kitty's lymphoma spurs an urgent quest to find a bone-marrow donor. Directed by Chad Lowe, whose brother Rob plays Sen. Robert McCallister, Kitty's husband. read more

Nearlyweds Season 4, Episode 10

Justin and Rebecca's wedding plans remain in a state of flux; Tommy makes a desperate move to be near his daughter. Directed by Laura Innes. read more

Pregnant Pause Season 4, Episode 9

Nora's new romance stirs concern and envy in Sarah in light of her own love life's ups and downs; Rebecca and Justin's secrets from each other could have a detrimental effect on their wedding plans; Holly's financial problems worsen. Directed by Matthew Rhys, who stars as lawyer Kevin Walker. read more

The Wine Festival Season 4, Episode 8

The reception of Ojai's latest vintage at a local wine festival could make or break the company; Nora is smitten with a younger man (Jon Tenney); Sarah and Luc's fairy-tale romance experiences real-life problems; Justin and Rebecca keep important information about their future from each other. read more

The Wig Party Season 4, Episode 7

Kitty experiences side effects from her cancer treatments; Nora meets a love interest in an unlikely place; Scotty's father (Michael O'Keefe) shares surprising news about his marriage. Directed by executive producer Ken Olin. read more

Zen & the Art of Mole Making Season 4, Episode 6

A surprise visit boosts Kitty's spirits during her chemotherapy treatments; Sarah mulls telling her kids about Luc; Ryan and Rebecca help Holly with an important business move; Kevin and Scotty come to an agreement in their desire to start a family. read more

Last Tango in Pasadena Season 4, Episode 5

Sarah's new beau, a French artist named Luc (Gilles Marini), makes an instant impression on the Walkers; Robert does his best to take Kitty's mind off her illness; Kevin and Scotty's debate over starting a family takes an interesting turn. read more

From France With Love Season 4, Episode 4

Sarah returns from France and tries to keep Kitty's mind off her health problems with stories of her dalliance with an artist (Gilles Marini). Meanwhile, Justin faces a tough row to hoe in his first anatomy class, and ponders how to keep up with a much younger classmate. read more

Almost Normal Season 4, Episode 3

Kitty, Nora and Robert discuss Kitty's health issues and how to break the news to the rest of the family, a disclosure that coincides with the arrival of a surprise visitor. read more

Breaking the News Season 4, Episode 2

Robert wonders how news of his heart attack will be treated should it be leaked to the press; Kevin and Scotty begin to discuss the prospect of becoming parents; Kitty worries how her secret will affect her family and her marriage. Cowritten by Cliff Olin and directed by his father, executive producer Ken Olin. read more

The Road Ahead Season 4, Episode 1

In the fourth-season premiere, Nora and Holly become reluctant partners in planning an engagement party for Rebecca and Justin. Meanwhile, Sarah takes a business trip to France, and Kitty ponders divulging disturbing news in already turbulent times. read more

Mexico Season 3, Episode 24

In the third-season finale, the Walkers' worst fears may be realized when their efforts to help Tommy are unfolding as an exercise in futility. Meanwhile, Robert and Kitty's marriage reaches the point of no return; Saul makes a startling revelation about Ryan's mother; and Justin forges ahead with his future plans. Directed by Ken Olin. read more

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Season 3, Episode 23

At a critical juncture in her marriage to Robert, Kitty takes stock of what's important in her life while reflecting on her father's reckless behavior. Meanwhile, Ryan learns a shocking detail about his mother's death, but he makes a mistake in his relationship with Rebecca. Tom Skerritt guest stars as William Walker. read more

Julia Season 3, Episode 22

Growing tired of waiting for Tommy's return, Julia takes a hard look at her future; Holly and Sarah arrive at a détente in their relationship; Robert finally learns Kitty's secret. read more

S3X Season 3, Episode 21

Holly's contemplation of dropping the charges keeps the Walkers' hope alive that Tommy will come home; Kevin and Scotty mull an interesting suggestion from Chad (Jason Lewis); Kitty has doubts about her marriage's survival; Sarah prepares for yet another professional opportunity. read more

Missing Season 3, Episode 20

Nora turns to an unlikely ally to contact Tommy amid his swirling legal problems; Justin is suspicious of Ryan's interest in Rebecca. read more

Spring Broken Season 3, Episode 19

Kevin and Justin take Tommy on a much-needed mental-health vacation to clear his head about his monumental legal problems; Kitty goes to Nora's with her newborn son to get to know Ryan (Luke Grimes). read more

Taking Sides Season 3, Episode 18

Robert's gubernatorial quest continues in the wake of a recent medical issue and the birth of his adopted son; Saul and Sarah do their best to keep Tommy's legal problems from Nora; Ryan wastes little time getting involved in the Walkers' business. read more

Troubled Waters Season 3, Episode 17

Conclusion. The joy of a new arrival for the Walkers is tempered by a serious health crisis that affects their inner circle. Meanwhile, Rebecca needs help from her father when she becomes privy to information that could bring down the family business and lead to prison for one of their own. Directed by Ken Olin. read more

Troubled Waters Season 3, Episode 16

Part 1 of 2. The joy of a new arrival for the Walkers is tempered by a serious health crisis that affects their inner circle. Meanwhile, Rebecca needs help from her father when she becomes privy to information that could bring down the family business and lead to prison for one of their own. Directed by Ken Olin. read more

Troubled Waters

The joy of a new arrival for the Walkers is tempered by a serious health crisis that affects their inner circle. Meanwhile, Rebecca needs help from her father when she becomes privy to information that could bring the family business crashing down and lead to prison for one of their own. Directed by Ken Olin. read more

Lost and Found Season 3, Episode 15

Rebecca sets out for New York to find her father; Nora believes the time is right to contact Ryan Lafferty; Tommy's scheme to oust Holly from Ojai hits a significant obstacle. read more

Owning It Season 3, Episode 14

Rebecca seeks wisdom from her father (Ken Olin) after she discovers Tommy's scheme to oust Holly from the family business; Nora is contacted by someone from William's past. read more

It's Not Easy Being Green Season 3, Episode 13

Greenatopia's launch coincides with a shocking admission from one of Sarah's business partners; Nora renews a romance with a former beau (Nigel Havers). read more

Sibling Rivalry Season 3, Episode 12

Kitty promotes her book about Robert's campaign on "Live With Regis and Kelly." Meanwhile, Sarah's new Internet venture faces a considerable financial obstacle, and Tommy and Saul try to force Holly out of the family business. Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa appear as themselves. read more

A Father Dreams Season 3, Episode 11

Elizabeth's illness raises the tension between Tommy and Kevin to a new level; Saul surprises Nora with a face from the past; and Justin makes plans to move out of the family homestead. read more

Just a Sliver Season 3, Episode 10

Scheduling conflicts get in the way of a large gathering of the Walkers for Thanksgiving, but a medical matter concerning Tommy and Julia's little girl brings them together. read more

Unfinished Business Season 3, Episode 9

Sarah's risky business move comes with a healthy dose of humility; Nora needs her family's help with her charity venture; Tommy is floored by Holly's decision to give Rebecca an important job at the winery without his approval; and Kitty and Robert's adoption process faces a formidable hurdle. read more

Going Once...Going Twice Season 3, Episode 8

A recent setback at work causes Kevin to spoil his mother's real-estate plans, and Justin plays matchmaker for Saul by setting him up on a date with an unlikely candidate (Dave Foley). read more

Do You Believe in Magic? Season 3, Episode 7

Tommy and Julia make their anniversary a night to remember; Justin and Rebecca's romance encounters a new twist; and Kitty and Robert's adoption quest hits a snag. read more

Bakersfield Season 3, Episode 6

Skeptical of Holly's intentions, Nora goes on a mission to find out more about William's illegitimate son; Kitty and Robert take the next step in the adoption process. read more

You Get What You Need Season 3, Episode 5

The revelation that Holly has been searching for Ryan hits a sour note with Rebecca and the Walkers. Meanwhile, Kevin has his first social excursion with Scotty's conservative parents. Directed by Chad Lowe, whose older brother, Rob, plays Sen. McCallister. read more

Everything Must Go Season 3, Episode 4

Determined to rid herself of reminders of her deceased husband and devote her time to a worthy cause, Nora plans a garage sale to peddle all of William's personal effects. Meanwhile, Robert tries to find a replacement for an important position; estranged siblings are reunited by a time capsule; and Holly begins a search for Ryan. read more

Tug of War Season 3, Episode 3

Sarah and Saul react to Holly's latest power play; Kevin experiences discrimination at work for the first time; and Justin encounters a soldier with whom he served in Iraq. read more

Book Burning Season 3, Episode 2

Kitty shocks Robert and the rest of her family by publishing a revealing memoir about her husband's ill-fated White House run and the ups and downs of the Walkers. Meanwhile, Justin tries an unconventional approach in his relationship with Rebecca. read more

Glass Houses Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season premiere, the Walker children try to make contact with their long-lost sibling without Nora's knowledge. Meanwhile, Kitty and Robert proceed with their plans to adopt, Rebecca and Justin do their best to keep their relationship a secret and Kevin faces a sudden threat to his career. read more

Prior Commitments Season 2, Episode 16

In the second-season finale, Sarah uncovers another agonizing secret that her deceased father hid from the family. Meanwhile, Kevin and Scotty take the next big step in their relationship; and Saul goes public with his new identity. read more

Moral Hazard Season 2, Episode 15

The Walkers adjust to the fact that Holly is a key player in Ojai Food's attempts to avoid an international disaster. Meanwhile, Justin has news about a family member, Saul makes a startling admission, and Kevin and Scotty are involved in a memorable situation. read more

Double Negative Season 2, Episode 14

Kevin has a revelation about his relationship with Scotty; Rebecca makes the results of an important test known; Robert mulls his future in politics; Saul defies conventional wisdom in a business move fraught with risk. read more

Separation Anxiety Season 2, Episode 13

A surprising turn in the presidential campaign prompts a life-changing moment for Kitty and Robert; Nora's response to Isaac's proposal shocks her children; Rebecca continues to search for clues about her paternity. read more

Compromises Season 2, Episode 12

Nora takes another look at her relationship with Isaac; Graham helps Sarah let go of her unpleasant past; Robert and Jason have an emotional encounter. read more

The Missionary Imposition Season 2, Episode 11

Kevin's life is turned upside down by a surprise visit from Jason; Nora and Isaac consider taking their relationship to the next level. read more

The Feast of Epiphany Season 2, Episode 10

Tommy and Julia struggle to repair their damaged marriage, while Rebecca's connection with David (Ken Olin) raises questions about her mother's past. Meanwhile, Nora and Isaac (Danny Glover) have a very uncomfortable first date; and Graham (Steven Weber) helps Sarah regain some of her confidence with men. read more

Holy Matrimony Season 2, Episode 9

Kitty and Robert's wedding is jeopardized by a scandal; an old friend (Ken Olin) surprises Holly; Isaac's reappearance makes Nora reconsider her current relationship with Stan (Chevy Chase). Isaac: Danny Glover. read more

Something New Season 2, Episode 8

Robert calls on singer Lyle Lovett for help with a personal matter; Sarah makes dinner plans with a business consultant (Steven Weber); Nora meets an old acquaintance (Chevy Chase); Tommy's guilt clouds Julia's return; Justin's new love interest may have ulterior motives. read more

36 Hours Season 2, Episode 7

More family secrets emerge when the Walkers rally around Justin as he grapples with another bout of drug addiction. Meanwhile, Kitty and Robert gain a new outlook on their relationship. read more

Two Places Season 2, Episode 6

A Walker family setback compels Kitty to call on another adviser (Danny Glover) to help with Robert's campaign. Meanwhile, Sarah encounters a new wrinkle in her custody battle with Joe. read more

Domestic Issues Season 2, Episode 5

Sarah becomes embroiled in a difficult battle with Joe for custody of their children; Kitty's Halloween announcement has consequences for the entire Walker family. read more

States of the Union Season 2, Episode 4

Kitty, Sarah and Nora make an ill-advised visit to a spa; Rebecca is worried about Justin's rate of recovery; Kevin wants Saul to come clean about his past; Tommy finds a distraction from life at home. read more

History Repeating Season 2, Episode 3

Nora and Rebecca take charge of Justin's convalescence; Kevin has dinner with an old flame; Kitty has an encounter with Robert's ex-wife (Marin Hinkle); Tommy is shocked by Julia's request for some time alone with their baby. read more

An American Family Season 2, Episode 2

Kevin, Kitty and Nora greet Justin on his return from Iraq; Tommy struggles to meet the demands of being a good father; Sarah's relationship with Rebecca begins a new chapter. read more

Home Front Season 2, Episode 1

The Walkers celebrate Kitty's birthday and remember William. They are mainly preoccupied, however, with waiting to hear from Justin three weeks after he left for Iraq. read more

Brothers & Sisters: Family Album

Clips and comments from cast members, including Sally Field, Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart, look back on the Walker family's first season. Executive producers Ken Olin and Mark Perry also offer a look into the family dynamics as they deal with long-held secrets. read more

Brothers & Sisters: Family Album

Highlights from past episodes. read more

Matriarchy Season 1, Episode 23

Justin prepares for his overseas deployment by reaching out to each family member separately; Nora maps out a party for Kitty and the senator; Sarah mulls the future of her marriage; and more details of Saul's private life are revealed. read more

Favorite Son Season 1, Episode 22

Tom and Julia face an extremely emotional choice after the birth of their twins; Justin receives a helping hand as he gets ready to return to the Army; and Sarah and Joe contemplate a critical point in their marriage. read more

Grapes of Wrath Season 1, Episode 21

A party to kick off Tom's vineyard venture ends chaotically; Nora finds it necessary to set boundaries for Holly. read more

Bad News Season 1, Episode 20

Marital woes and assumptions about her husband's infidelity are becoming too much for Sarah to bear; Kitty and Robert cope with the fallout from a tragedy. read more

Game Night Season 1, Episode 19

Rebecca is invited to join the Walkers' tradition of a family game night, which pits them against their longtime rivals, the Joneses, including the pregnant Lizzie (Jenna Elfman) and her mother, Miranda (Susan Sullivan). read more

Three Parties Season 1, Episode 18

Nora's mischievous friend, Emily (Margot Kidder), urges her to pursue a romance with her professor (Peter Coyote); Justin looks out for Rebecca; and Chad's revelation comes at Kevin's expense. read more

All in the Family Season 1, Episode 17

Rebecca is invited to a Walker family dinner; Nora has a close encounter with her college professor (Peter Coyote); and Sen. McCallister has another surprise up his sleeve. read more

The Other Walker Season 1, Episode 16

Word of the existence of William and Holly's illegitimate child, Rebecca, finally filters down to the entire Walker clan, sending shock waves through the family. read more

Love Is Difficult Season 1, Episode 15

Sarah and Joe seek help from a therapist (Joel Grey); grumblings among McCallister's staff could change Kitty's opinion of the senator; and Thomas runs into a distant relative. read more

Valentine's Day Massacre Season 1, Episode 14

Nora's Valentine's Day includes dinner with a friend and some uncharacteristic behavior that may not be entirely lawful. Margot Kidder guest stars. read more

Something Ida This Way Comes Season 1, Episode 13

A party for Nora's 60th birthday becomes an experiment in controlled chaos when her mother (Marion Ross) ruins the surprise, half the family gets the flu, and a video tribute goes awry. read more

Sexual Politics Season 1, Episode 12

Kevin is smitten with a soap-opera actor (Jason Lewis) who is unsure if the feeling is mutual; Nora and Kitty fall for a matchmaker's presentation. read more

Family Day Season 1, Episode 11

The Walkers don't do Justin's rehabilitation any favors during a group-therapy meeting; Kitty mulls a tempting offer from Senator McCallister (Rob Lowe). read more

Light the Lights Season 1, Episode 10

The holidays aren't so happy when business troubles continue to plague Sarah, Tom and Saul; and Nora tries to distract her family from a difficult year. read more

Mistakes Were Made, Pt. 2 Season 1, Episode 9

Conclusion. A road trip for Sarah, Thomas and Kevin reveals more startling news about their father's secret life; Kitty interviews Sen. Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe); and Justin comes clean about his reasons for joining the service after returning from a hospital stay. read more

Mistakes Were Made, Pt. 1 Season 1, Episode 8

Part 1 of 2. Justin's vow of sobriety is severely tested by the unsettling contents of a letter. read more

Northern Exposure Season 1, Episode 7

Kitty and Warren's weekend getaway in the country isn't so peaceful; Thomas and Julia explore options for starting a family. read more

For the Children Season 1, Episode 6

The Walker family secrets are no longer concealed when their private and business affairs are made public in a less-than-dignified way. read more

Date Night Season 1, Episode 5

Nora finally makes an effort to put William's death in the past, but her rendezvous with a younger man (Treat Williams) doesn't go quite like she planned. Meanwhile, Kitty has her own relationship problems when she green-lights an uncomfortable double date. read more

Family Portrait Season 1, Episode 4

Kitty's love life gets more complicated; Justin struggles to adjust to the demands of his new job; and Sarah and Joe enter their most difficult phase as parents. read more

Affairs of State Season 1, Episode 3

Revelations of William's peccadilloes come as a shock to the Walkers, who are also surprised, to a lesser degree, by Nora's previously unseen awareness of the circumstances. read more

An Act of Will Season 1, Episode 2

Justin disappears after William's will creates tension in the family, sending Nora, Kitty and Kevin on a frantic search to find him. Meanwhile, Sarah gets off to a rocky start as the head of the business when she's forced to confront her father's mismanagement. read more

Patriarchy Season 1, Episode 1

Conservative radio talk-show host Kitty interviews for a TV job in Los Angeles; Sarah worries about the family business; and Justin struggles to readjust after getting out of the service. read more

Brothers & Sisters Episode: "Olivia's Choice; Never Say Never"

Episode Synopsis: Kevin and Scotty are faced with losing Olivia when her brother shows up seeking custody; Saul and Nora learn of the death of their mother, Ida.
Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2011
Guest Cast Edwina Findley: Jill Beau Bridges: Nick Brody Anita Finlay: Judge Marsha Forrest Stephanie Lemelin: Beklee Makowska Douglas Spain: Brian Garcia Jayne Brook: Bertha Wandell Richard Chamberlain: Jonathan Byrold Ryan Devlin: Seth Isabella Rae Thomas: Olivia

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Premiered: September 24, 2006, on ABC
Rating: TV-PG
User Rating: (1,028 ratings)
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Premise: The ongoing saga of a well-to-do but down-to-earth California clan of diverse personalities, from a liberal gay lawyer to a conservative talk-show host, and how their lives change after the death of a patriarch reveals that the family business is in trouble.



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