Ugly Betty

2006, TV Show

Ugly Betty episodes

Hello Goodbye Season 4, Episode 20

In the series finale, Betty is anxious about telling Daniel her future plans; Justin and Bobby try to convince Hilda that they should move to Manhattan; Amanda mourns the loss of a loved one; and Marc is discouraged by his romantic prospects. read more

The Past Presents the Future Season 4, Episode 19

The approach of Hilda's wedding presents RSVP choices for Betty, Ignacio and Marc. Meanwhile, Justin considers his friendship with Austin; Betty mulls a professional change; and Wilhelmina recruits an unwitting ally in her war against the Meades. read more

London Calling Season 4, Episode 18

Amanda and Hilda join Betty on a trip to Fashion Week in London, where Betty reconnects with Christina (Ashley Jensen) and has a chance encounter with Gio (Freddy Rodriguez). Meanwhile, Wilhelmina goes to extremes to undermine Claire and Daniel by getting close to Tyler, and Bobby wonders why Justin and a classmate have become inseparable. read more

Million Dollar Smile Season 4, Episode 17

Before Betty's new orthodontist (Kathy Najimy) removes her braces, she gets knocked unconscious at a photo shoot and takes a dream-like look at an alternate universe in which she never wore them at all. But with an upside-down family and a kindred spirit in Wilhelmina, it's not a pretty picture. read more

All the World's a Stage Season 4, Episode 16

The love bug bites twice at Justin's acting school when he's attracted to a classmate, and then his Aunt Betty falls for a playwright she's writing about for Mode. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina lands in the hospital with a perforated ulcer. Carol Kane guest stars as Justin's teacher. read more

Fire and Nice Season 4, Episode 15

Betty reluctantly dates an irritating firefighter (Rich Sommer) to help the investigation of the recent blaze at the Suarez house. Meanwhile, Hilda meets Bobby's parents (Lainie Kazan, Nestor Serrano); Wilhelmina accentuates her humble roots when she runs into an old boyfriend (Brian Stokes Mitchell); and Claire considers a position at Mode for Tyler. read more

Smokin' Hot Season 4, Episode 14

Despite Wilhelmina's slight during New York's Fashion Week, Betty tries to make the most of an opportunity when she pegs a new designer as one to watch. Meanwhile, Claire's son Tyler (Neal Bledsoe) comes looking for her; Amanda finds an unlikely business partner; and a fire breaks out at the Suarez house. Designer Brian Reyes appears as himself. read more

Chica and the Man Season 4, Episode 13

Betty's blog wins an award, but her online unloading risks driving a wedge between her and Daniel when the press gets a whiff of the tension. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is beside herself when she learns she has a drag-queen impersonator; Amanda gives Helen another chance at Mode; and Marc oversees a photo shoot with a well-known director. read more

Blackout! Season 4, Episode 12

Betty plans a karaoke party for her fellow tenants, but her efforts to be a good neighbor go for naught after the apartment building is robbed. Meanwhile, Amanda intervenes when Daniel and Wilhelmina resume their heated rivalry; Ignacio has a difficult time making peace with Bobby; and New York City is plagued by a massive power outage. read more

Back in Her Place Season 4, Episode 11

Betty vents to Mr. Z (Fisher Stevens) about the rotten week she just had, which included a series of ridiculous tasks from Wilhelmina. Meanwhile, Daniel has a strong suspicion that Marc is undermining his authority; Bobby tries to stay on Hilda's good side; and Wilhelmina makes a promise to Connor. read more

The Passion of the Betty Season 4, Episode 10

Betty surprises Matt with a gallery exhibit of his art when she feels they're in danger of becoming inseparable; Marc is haunted by a Bahamas fling; Hilda ponders telling Bobby about her pregnancy. Christine Ebersole guest stars as a gallery owner. read more

Be-Shure Season 4, Episode 9

Ignacio's preparations for a holiday feast with his new girlfriend, who's Jewish, coincide with Hilda and Betty worrying that the Suarez family is about to have two new members. Meanwhile, Cal hires a movie mogul (Nadia Dajani) to replace Wilhelmina as Mode's creative director, and Amanda helps Claire search for the son she gave up for adoption. read more

The Bahamas Triangle Season 4, Episode 8

Love is in the air when a photo shoot takes the Mode staffers to resort in the Bahamas (where singer Shakira is a guest), but the job also creates friction between Wilhelmina and a rival editor (Christie Brinkley). Meanwhile, back in Queens, Hilda reconnects with an old flame (Adam Rodriguez). Matt Newton, whose sister Becki plays Amanda, also guest stars. read more

Level (7) With Me Season 4, Episode 7

When Daniel gives Bennett (Dylan Baker) and the Community of the Phoenix unprecedented access to the levers of power at Mode, Betty hatches a plan to shock him back to reality. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina uncharacteristically stops caring about her appearance, sending Marc on a quest to find out more about Nico's story. Natalie: Jamie-Lynn Sigler. read more

Backseat Betty Season 4, Episode 6

A teacher (Adam Rodriguez) at Justin's school sends Hilda and Betty swooning down memory lane; Daniel takes Amanda to a meeting of his support group; Marc points Justin in a new direction in his search for friends at school; Wilhelmina goes to extremes to help Nico. read more

Plus None Season 4, Episode 5

Betty feels left out when Daniel makes Natalie (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) his new assistant; Wilhelmina's fund-raiser for Tibetan orphans creates a dilemma for Matt; Claire's history with Cal is revealed to her son. read more

The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob Season 4, Episode 4

Marc is assigned to be Betty's temporary assistant while she works on a story about New York's worst jobs; Hilda becomes a potential political liability to Archie's campaign; Natalie's group leader (Dylan Baker) takes an interest in Daniel. Lexie: Brooklyn Decker. read more

Blue on Blue Season 4, Episode 3

One of Hilda's customers (Adam Ferrara) helps Betty get scoop from a top designer, but when Marc plots against her, it leads to a confrontation at the restaurant where Ignacio works. Meanwhile, Daniel meets an exciting woman (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) at his support group, and Wilhelmina searches for Connor in the Caribbean. read more

The Butterfly Effect, Part 2 Season 4, Episode 2

Conclusion. Betty's allegiance to her old boss threatens to undermine her responsibilities at a photo shoot at the United Nations; Amanda gets a glimpse of her future when she meets Daniel's new assistant; Hilda needs help getting through to Justin about his troubles at school; Wilhelmina's maternal instincts kick in during a personal crisis. read more

The Butterfly Effect, Part 1 Season 4, Episode 1

In Part 1 of the two-part fourth-season premiere, Betty settles into her new job as an associate editor at Mode but clashes with her ex-boyfriend Matt, who's now her boss, and tries to stay a step ahead of Marc, who feels slighted by her promotion. Meanwhile, Daniel struggles to cope with Molly's death and the loss of Betty as his assistant, and Justin has trouble fitting in at high school. Lynn Redgrave guest stars. read more

The Butterfly Effect

In the fourth-season premiere, Betty settles into her new job as an associate editor at Mode but clashes with her ex-boyfriend Matt, who's now her boss, and tries to stay a step ahead of Marc, who feels slighted by her promotion. Meanwhile, Daniel struggles to cope with Molly's death and the loss of Betty as his assistant, and Justin has trouble fitting in at high school. Lynn Redgrave and Kristen Johnston guest star. read more

The Fall Issue Season 3, Episode 24

Betty and Marc are candidates for a job opening at Mode after an editor's sudden death; Wilhelmina tries blackmail to get Claire out of the picture once and for all; Justin hopes to be accepted to a performing-arts school. Cameos include Rachel Maddow and Robert Verdi. read more

Curveball Season 3, Episode 23

Betty's plans to move in with Matt are interrupted by a surprise visit from Henry (Christopher Gorham); Wilhelmina uses the Hartley family's dysfunction to renew her rivalry with Claire; Daniel's new lifestyle makes him the toast of the town. Cameos include Billie Jean King, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar. read more

Curveball/The Fall Issue

In the third-season finale, Betty's plans to move in with Matt are interrupted by a surprise visit from Henry (Christopher Gorham), and Wilhelmina uses the Hartley family's dysfunction to renew her rivalry with Claire. Meanwhile, Marc and Betty become candidates for a job opening at Mode, and Justin hopes for acceptance to a performing-arts school. Cameos include Billie Jean King, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rachel Maddow. read more

In the Stars Season 3, Episode 22

Matt's behavior is a cause for concern when he works with Marc and Betty on a photo shoot with Grammy-winning singer Adele for their final YETI assignment. Meanwhile, Betty fields a request from Matt's mother (Christine Baranski); Claire and Wilhelmina joust over their positions at the magazine; and the Mode universe witnesses a pair of wedding proposals. read more

The Born Identity Season 3, Episode 21

The hope that Matt's wealthy father will save Mode from financial collapse is threatened by the kidnapping of an heir to the Meade empire. Meanwhile, Archie Rodriguez (Ralph Macchio) tries to enlist Hilda's help with his political aspirations. read more

Rabbit Test Season 3, Episode 20

When Betty and her family are on the guest list for a renowned Easter egg hunt thrown by Matt's obscenely wealthy father (David Rasche), Daniel hatches an idea that could improve Mode's financial situation. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina finds a reason to be suspicious of her son's DNA. read more

The Sex Issue Season 3, Episode 19

Marc and Amanda give Betty a makeover to take her romance with Matt in a new direction; Daniel and Wilhelmina try to spice up the next issue to improve Mode's bottom line; Hilda ponders her relationship with Archie (Ralph Macchio). read more

A Mother of a Problem Season 3, Episode 18

Betty meets Matt's mother (Christine Baranski); Hilda's family try to set her up with Archie (Ralph Macchio); Wilhelmina is faced with financial difficulties; Daniel's relationship with Molly undergoes another adjustment. read more

Sugar Daddy Season 3, Episode 17

Ignacio signs up for a cook-off with a TV chef (Steve Schirripa) when the Suarez family try to scrape together enough money to buy their home after the landlord decides to put it on the market. read more

Things Fall Apart Season 3, Episode 16

A YETI assignment grants a shocking look at Mode's financial history for Marc and Betty, who also copes with news that Henry has posted on the Internet and deals with increased attention from a previous YETI partner, Matt (Daniel Eric Gold). read more

There's No Place Like Mode Season 3, Episode 15

Fashion Week in New York City makes Betty's life more hectic than usual as she helps an eccentric designer put on a show and partners up for a YETI assignment with someone who works at a sports magazine. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina worries about her new relationship's effect on her career, and Daniel hopes to see another side of Molly. read more

The Courtship of Betty's Father Season 3, Episode 14

Betty's attempt to create a video tribute to Claire on her 60th birthday winds up shining an accidental spotlight on Ignacio. Meanwhile, Daniel and Wilhelmina face similar obstacles in their new relationships. read more

Kissed Off Season 3, Episode 13

Betty deals with a multitude of distractions, including an apparently renewed interest from her neighbor, as she mulls an important decision that will affect her family and bank account. Meanwhile, Connor vows to identify the mystery man in Molly's life, which sends Daniel running for cover. read more

Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Season 3, Episode 12

A crisis in the Suarez household puts Betty and Hilda on the outs; a love rectangle develops between Daniel and Molly and Connor and Wilhelmina. read more

Dress for Success Season 3, Episode 11

Betty fights an uphill battle to make a good impression on a YETI editor (Bernadette Peters), and meets her counterpart (Nikki Blonsky) at Elle magazine as the publication's rivalry with Mode continues. Elle editors Robbie Myers and Joe Zee appear as themselves. read more

Bad Amanda Season 3, Episode 10

Financial woes bring Betty and Amanda together for a Mode Web-site column based on a memorable---and expensive---night on the town. read more

When Betty Met YETI Season 3, Episode 9

Betty finds herself in competition with Marc when both apply to a renowned training program for young editors. Meanwhile, Justin strikes up an unlikely friendship; Daniel is smitten with a new woman; and Wilhelmina tries to get Grant's attention. Designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka appear as themselves. read more

Tornado Girl Season 3, Episode 8

Betty tries to nip a potential public-relations catastrophe in the bud by halting the distribution of a new issue of Mode, but it's made difficult by the fact that Daniel is incommunicado at a company retreat. Meanwhile, Hilda's salon permit is rejected by the city, and Connor's fiancée meets the magazine's staff. read more

Crush'd Season 3, Episode 7

Betty tries to impress her neighbor Jesse; Amanda's financial troubles send her in search of a new place to live; Mark and Cliff discuss the prospect of cohabitation. read more

Ugly Berry Season 3, Episode 6

Ignacio flexes his new citizenship muscles by getting ready to vote for the first time, while the upcoming election brings Hilda a new customer (Ralph Macchio). Also: Betty's rivalry with Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan) resumes, and Wilhelmina finds yet another way to get under Daniel's skin. Supermodel Adriana Lima has a cameo as a Mode cover girl. read more

Granny Pants Season 3, Episode 5

Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan) asks Betty for help in her job search; Daniel turns to a matchmaking service to find a mate; and Justin auditions for a Broadway musical. read more

Betty Suarez Land Season 3, Episode 4

Betty tries to patch things up with a reluctant Gio upon his return, and Daniel reacts to yet another surprise in the Meade family. read more

Crimes of Fashion Season 3, Episode 3

Betty does her best to tell a police detective (Mark Consuelos) what happened in an accident that shocks the folks at Mode. Meanwhile, Ignacio learns some surprising information about Hilda and Coach Diaz. read more

Filing for the Enemy Season 3, Episode 2

New Mode editor Wilhelmina tries to entice Betty to take a job as her assistant; Daniel's desire to keep his son in the U.S. hits a snag in the form of a custody battle; Christina finds reason to be wary of her estranged husband's motives. read more

The Manhattan Project Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season premiere, Betty is finally ready to make a life-altering decision after fielding proposals from Gio and Henry. Meanwhile, Ignacio gets a new job at a fast-food restaurant, and Daniel deals with the fallout of Wilhelmina's power play. Lindsay Lohan guest stars as Kimberly, Betty's high-school nemesis. Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa appear as themselves. read more

Jump Season 2, Episode 18

In the second-season finale, Betty weighs the pros and cons of a sudden romantic dilemma. Meanwhile, Mode faces supermodel Naomi Campbell and the staff of Elle magazine in a charity softball game, Hilda hears surprising information about Coach Diaz, and a young French boy makes a claim that shocks the Meade empire. Kimberly: Lindsay Lohan. read more

The Kids Are Alright Season 2, Episode 17

Betty volunteers to chaperone Justin's middle-school dance, only to find that Gio has made the same commitment. Meanwhile, Amanda prepares for a reality show with her father, KISS bassist Gene Simmons; Hilda does her best to get the attention of Coach Diaz; and Wilhelmina returns to Mode. read more

Betty's Baby Bump Season 2, Episode 16

Betty tries a different tactic in her rivalry with Charlie by throwing her the mother of all baby showers. Meanwhile, Justin's poor grades in gym prompt a confrontation between Hilda and his teacher (Eddie Cibrian); Daniel is sent reeling by relationship woes; and Christina learns the identity of the father of the child she's carrying for Wilhelmina. read more

Burning Questions Season 2, Episode 15

Renee's delusions have her convinced that Betty is in love with Daniel. Meanwhile, Hilda's latest client is her old nemesis, Gina Gambarro, who comes back to Queens to flaunt her new, wealthy lifestyle as a doctor's wife. "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano and judge Nina Garcia have cameos. read more

Twenty-Four Candles Season 2, Episode 14

Gio may have a solution to Betty's problems when her plans to spend her 24th birthday with Henry are threatened by Charlie's surprise visit. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina focuses her wicked ways on Daniel's relationship with her sister, Renee (Gabrielle Union). read more

A Thousand Words by Friday Season 2, Episode 13

Betty's assignment to interview a writer is spoiled by a case of mistaken identity; Daniel is surprised to learn he's closer to his new love interest (Gabrielle Union) than he imagined; Marc helps Amanda in her quest to meet her biological father. read more

Odor in the Court Season 2, Episode 12

Betty's new perfume---a fragrance dreamed up by the deceased Fey Sommers---has bizarre effects on herself and Henry; Claire goes on trial for killing Fey; Wilhelmina continues her quest to be part of the Meade family. read more

Zero Worship Season 2, Episode 11

Amanda seeks help from a clairvoyant (Annie Potts) in the search for her father's identity; a visit to the magazine by Justin and his classmates prompts Betty to coax Daniel to change the image of Mode's models; a new twist develops in Wilhelmina's designs on the Meade empire. Rappers Bow Wow and Omarion appear as themselves. read more

Bananas for Betty Season 2, Episode 10

Wilhelmina's latest image makeover hits a snag. Meanwhile, Betty drags a reluctant Henry on a double date with Hilda and Gio. Betty White appears as herself. read more

Giving Up the Ghost Season 2, Episode 9

When a crisis caused by Wilhelmina's sabotage forces the Mode staff to redo an entire issue, Betty and Daniel try to spring a cover girl (Eliza Dushku) from rehab for another photo shoot, while Alexis attempts to coax more time out of the magazine's printer. read more

I See Me, I.C.U. Season 2, Episode 8

With some assistance from Mode's weekend receptionist (Mo'Nique), Henry works overtime to help Betty get something she needs; Wilhelmina mulls a new plan of attack in the wake of the latest episode in her romantic saga with Bradford. read more

A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding Season 2, Episode 7

As her wedding approaches, Wilhelmina worries about being overshadowed by her maid of honor, Victoria Beckham. Meanwhile, Ignacio prepares to become a U.S. citizen, but his joy is tempered by Betty's decision to move out of the house---and in with Henry. read more

Something Wicked This Way Comes Season 2, Episode 6

Betty and Henry's secret rendezvous at the musical "Wicked" runs into interference from Daniel, who's busy trying to land an advertiser (Marlo Thomas) with an eye for younger men. read more

A League of Their Own Season 2, Episode 5

Henry is upset by Betty's foray into online dating, which results in a rendezvous at a bowling alley; Daniel and Alexis prepare for dinner with Wilhelmina; Hilda is oblivious to Justin's new friends; Marc is smitten with a photographer. read more

Grin and Bear It Season 2, Episode 4

Alexis' return to work is complicated by some unladylike behavior; Daniel is troubled by demands from a major advertiser (James Van Der Beek); Betty enrolls in a writing class; Amanda begins the search for her father. read more

Betty's Wait Problem Season 2, Episode 3

A new sandwich vendor (Freddy Rodriguez) at the office triggers ambivalence in Betty. Meanwhile, the Mode staffers are all atwitter over the Meade's annual Black and White Ball, where Wilhelmina hopes to put her wedding plans back on track, and Amanda gets ready to announce her famous bloodlines. read more

Family/Affair Season 2, Episode 2

Henry comes back to his old job at Mode, but Betty is distracted by the dilemma presented by a tempting offer from Wilhelmina and her loyalty to Daniel. Meanwhile, Bradford uses Alexis' amnesia to his advantage, Marc gets the most out of Justin's internship and Hilda takes one last trip down memory lane. read more

How Betty Got Her Grieve Back Season 2, Episode 1

Betty tries to forget about Henry; Amanda distracts herself from the discovery that Fey Sommers is her real mother; and Wilhelmina continues her quest to take over Mode. read more

East Side Story Season 1, Episode 24

Daniel's debauchery continues unabated, and Wilhelmina reaps the benefits of her ambition. Guest stars include Kristin Chenoweth and Angélica Vale, who stars in the popular Mexican telenovela “La Fea Más Bella.” read more

A Tree Grows in Guadalajara Season 1, Episode 23

Ignacio's immigration woes take the family to Guadalajara, where Betty asks an aunt (Rita Moreno) about her mother; Alexis runs into her last girlfriend before she had her operation; Marc feels cast aside as Amanda's best friend. read more

Secretaries Day Season 1, Episode 22

Betty struggles to find money to solve another Suarez family dilemma while planning Mode's Assistants Week bash at a medieval-themed restaurant with an unlikely tie to Amanda's past. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to heed Betty's advice about his sexual-addiction problem; Alexis considers Rodrigo's offer; Hilda faces a tough cosmetology-school exam; and Wilhelmina becomes even bolder in her plotting for total Mode domination. Rodrigo: Cristian de la Fuente. read more

Petra-gate Season 1, Episode 21

Betty tries to distance herself from a string of recent disappointments; Alexis fields her first offer for a date since her operation; Santos surprises Hilda; Daniel deals with the fallout from a one-night stand; and Amanda makes assumptions about a current suitor. read more

Punch Out Season 1, Episode 20

Betty works overtime when Daniel finds old habits hard to break; a gossip scribe with Fey Sommers' diaries creates opportunities for Alexis and Wilhelmina; and Ignacio struggles to maintain a professional relationship with the amorous Constance. read more

Season 1 Recap Season 1, Episode 19

Highlights from the series' first season are featured. read more

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Season 1, Episode 18

Betty reluctantly returns a favor from Marc by agreeing to pose as his significant other during a visit from his meddlesome mother (Patti LuPone). Meanwhile, an executive order puts a strain on Alexis and Daniel's working relationship. read more

Icing on the Cake Season 1, Episode 17

Betty's orthodontist becomes her date for Charlie's birthday party; Wilhelmina tries to make Daniel's hiring of Grace Chin for his father's defense come between the Meade siblings; and Amanda attracts the attention of a designer. read more

Derailed Season 1, Episode 16

Daniel deals with a family matter and turns to former classmate Grace Chin (Lucy Liu) for legal help; Alexis meets a guy (Jerry O'Connell) while stranded at a sports bar with Wilhelmina during a blizzard; and Betty makes a new friend with a connection to Henry. read more

Brothers Season 1, Episode 15

Betty finds herself in a romantic dilemma while being forced to play peacemaker during the post-Fashion Week chaos at Mode. Meanwhile, Justin gets in trouble at school, but Hilda bristles at Santos' reappearance in her son's life. read more

I'm Coming Out Season 1, Episode 14

Betty has her work cut out for her getting ready for Mode's big event during New York City's Fashion Week; Marc and Amanda can't wait to get their hands on something everybody wants; Christina hopes to make her mark in the design world; and Daniel asks Hilda to give her sister a hand. Katharine McPhee has a cameo as herself. read more

In or Out Season 1, Episode 13

Betty helps Daniel mend his broken heart by urging him to return to what he knows best; the masked woman is revealed; Wilhelmina makes personnel decisions for her hypothetical ascension at Mode; Hilda scrambles to find a new source of income. read more

Sofia's Choice Season 1, Episode 12

Daniel's future plans with Sofia are thrown into question when Betty makes a startling discovery; Wilhelmina's romance with Ted changes her mood at the office; and Ignacio doesn't see eye-to-eye with his immigration caseworker. read more

Swag Season 1, Episode 11

Christina's swag lottery creates a feeding frenzy among the office fashionistas, while Betty wears herself out helping a suddenly cash-poor Daniel entertain a famous Japanese designer (Kurando Mitsutake). read more

Fake Plastic Snow Season 1, Episode 10

Amanda hopes her successful holiday office party will be the gift that keeps on giving. Meanwhile, Betty sorts through her feelings for Walter and Henry; Daniel's love for Sofia grows; and Marc tries to stay on Wilhelmina's good side. read more

Lose the Boss? Season 1, Episode 9

The day after Thanksgiving turns into a turkey for Betty, who must hastily organize a celebrity photo shoot, and Daniel, who is reeling from a hangover and a snub by Sofia. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Marc wind up on the wrong side of the tracks. read more

Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral Season 1, Episode 8

Martha Stewart has a cameo as the Mode staff marks Thanksgiving in different ways, including Daniel's ulterior motive for attending his parents' brunch and Wilhelmina's first attempt at cooking a turkey. read more

After Hours Season 1, Episode 7

Betty is asked to review a fancy hotel; Wilhelmina covets advertising dollars from a wealthy Texan (Brett Cullen); and Sofia (Salma Hayek) and her entourage throw their weight around, much to Daniel's chagrin. read more

Trust, Lust, and Must Season 1, Episode 6

Executive producer Salma Hayek guest stars as a woman who makes an immediate impression on playboy Daniel. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina gets a surprise visit from her daughter, and Betty and Hilda face a financial crisis. read more

The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe Season 1, Episode 5

Betty deals with the embarrassment of her Halloween costume, the nervousness of a new crush and has her hands full finding Daniel's missing watch. Meanwhile, Daniel visits his mother (Judith Light), and Wilhelmina comes apart at the seams over a dress size. read more

Fey's Sleigh Ride Season 1, Episode 4

Crises make for strange bedfellows when Betty, Marc and Amanda try to find out how a secret magazine feature was scuttled, and Wilhelmina and Daniel become allies to beat a deadline on a photo spread. Meanwhile, Justin spends a day at Mode working on a school project. read more

Queens for a Day Season 1, Episode 3

Betty uses her Queens connections to book a high-profile photographer to do a shoot for Mode, but feels she needs a makeover before meeting him. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina preps for a date. read more

The Box and the Bunny Season 1, Episode 2

Betty scrambles to find a missing mock-up of the magazine before its less-than-flattering pictures of a movie star (Sarah Jones) fall into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Bradford takes a personal interest in the Fey Sommers affair. read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

Betty's a fish out of water in her first job at a glitzy fashion magazine, but she feels even worse when her bed-hopping boss assigns her a series of humiliating tasks in a scheme to make her quit. read more

Ugly Betty Episode: "The Butterfly Effect"

Episode Synopsis: In the fourth-season premiere, Betty settles into her new job as an associate editor at Mode but clashes with her ex-boyfriend Matt, who's now her boss, and tries to stay a step ahead of Marc, who feels slighted by her promotion. Meanwhile, Daniel struggles to cope with Molly's death and the loss of Betty as his assistant, and Justin has trouble fitting in at high school. Lynn Redgrave and Kristen Johnston guest star.
Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2009
Guest Cast Matte Osian: Dmitri Piter Marek: Oscar Castelar Alec Mapa: Suzuki St. Pierre Rob Bartlett: Security Guard Yaya DaCosta: Nico Slater Judy Gold: Joan Ralph Macchio: Archie Rodriguez Kristen Johnston: Helen Smith Cho: Megan David Rasche: Calvin Hartley Lynn Redgrave: Olivia

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Premise: A bright but ordinary-looking woman is a fish out of water working at a glitzy fashion magazine. Adapted from a Colombian telenovela.



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