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2002, TV Show

Episode Detail: Great Books: Dante's Inferno; The Metamorphosis - Assignment Discovery

Included: Dante's “Inferno”; Kafka's “The Metamorphosis.”

Episodes: Assignment Discovery (243)

2/29/2008: Mathematics: Exploring Algebra Part 2
2/28/2008: Mathematics: Exploring Algebra Part 1
2/27/2008: Mathematics: Intermediate Probability
2/26/2008: Mathematics: Computation Part 2
2/25/2008: Mathematics: Computation Part 1
2/22/2008: Mathematics: Intermediate Problem Solving
2/21/2008: Mathematics: Number Theory
2/20/2008: Mathematics: A Measured Approach
2/19/2008: Mathematics: Exploring Geometry
2/18/2008: Mathematics: Understanding Data
2/15/2008: Mathematics: Concepts in Algebra
2/14/2008: Mathematics: Taking Chances
2/13/2008: Mathematics: Data and Analysis
2/12/2008: Mathematics: Measuring up
2/11/2008: Mathematics: Working the Parts
2/8/2008: Dangers to Your Health
2/7/2008: Dealing with Life's Changes
2/6/2008: Health and Self Image
2/5/2008: Overcoming Obstacles
2/4/2008: Advocating for Better Health
2/1/2008: Pressure and Stress
1/31/2008: The Posse in Australia: Punctuation
1/30/2008: Panic in Peru: Pronouns
1/29/2008: Cold Case: Adverbs
1/28/2008: Behind Enemy Lines: Coordinating Conjunctions
10/12/2007: Computation
10/11/2007: Mathematics: Geometry
10/10/2007: Mathematics: Geometry
10/9/2007: Mathematics: Probability
10/8/2007: Mathematics: Reasoning Skills
10/4/2007: Probability and Data Analysis
10/3/2007: Logarithms and Statistics
10/2/2007: Inequalities and Functions
10/1/2007: Graphing Equations
9/28/2007: Mathematics: Mulitples and Types of Numbers
9/27/2007: Mathematics: Problem Solving and Reasoning
9/26/2007: Mathematics: Shapes and Patterns
9/25/2007: Mathematics: Numbers and Measuring
9/24/2007: Mathematics: Finding Solutions
9/21/2007: The Diversity of Plants
9/20/2007: The Diversity of Plants
9/19/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: Scientific Advances in Our Homes
9/18/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: The Science of Materials
9/17/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: Engineering and Architecture
9/14/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: Exploration from Sea to Space
9/13/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: Math, Business and Industry
9/12/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: Energy
9/11/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: Transportation
8/10/2007: Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye: Communication
5/28/2007: Special
3/2/2007: Exploring the Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
3/1/2007: Hans Christian Andersen and the Elements of a Story
2/28/2007: American History: Marching into the Future
2/27/2007: American History: Rise of the 20th Century
2/26/2007: American History: A Nation Is Born
2/23/2007: Discovering Language Arts: Right Before Your Eyes
2/22/2007: Discovering Language Arts: We Proudly Present
2/21/2007: Discovering Language Arts: A Novel Idea
2/20/2007: Discovering Language Arts: A Wealth of Information
2/19/2007: Discovering Language Arts: The Moral of the Story
2/16/2007: Discovering Language Arts: The Write Stuff
2/15/2007: Discovering Language Arts: State Your Purpose
2/14/2007: Discovering Language Arts: Facing the Facts
2/13/2007: Discovering Language Arts: Writing with Style
2/12/2007: Discovering Language Arts: Grammatically Correct
2/9/2007: Karen Blixen: A European Life in Africa
2/8/2007: Elements of Physics: Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
2/7/2007: Elements of Physics: Modern Physics and Cosmology
2/6/2007: Statistics and Data Analysis in Sports
2/5/2007: The Science of Structures: Building a House
2/2/2007: If We Had No Moon
2/1/2007: Natural Disasters
1/31/2007: Ice Age: Extreme Climate
1/30/2007: Elements of Physics: Wave Phenomena
1/29/2007: Cracking the Ocean Code
12/15/2006: Christmas and the Civil War
10/13/2006: Victory on the Fourth
10/12/2006: Modern African Art and Artisans
10/11/2006: 20th Century Painters: Masters of Color
10/10/2006: Impressionism and Beyond
10/9/2006: Rembrandt: His Life and Times
10/6/2006: Careers in Visual Arts
10/5/2006: Careers in Film
10/5/2006: Lines and Quadratics
10/4/2006: Careers in Television
10/3/2006: Careers on Stage and on Air
10/2/2006: Careers in Song and Dance
9/29/2006: Elements of Physics: Energy and Work
9/28/2006: Elements of Physics: Motion, Force and Gravity
9/27/2006: Elements of Physics: Matter
9/26/2006: Elements of Chemistry: When Carbon Combines
9/25/2006: Elements of Chemistry: Solids, Liquids and Gases
9/22/2006: Elements of Chemistry: Acids and Bases
9/21/2006: Elements of Chemistry: Compounds and Reactions
9/20/2006: Elements of Chemistry: The Periodic Table
9/19/2006: Elements of Chemistry Atoms: The Building Blocks of Matter
9/18/2006: Elements of Biology: Biomes
9/15/2006: Elements of Biology Ecosystems: Organisms &Their Environment
9/14/2006: Elements of Biology: Matter and Energy
9/13/2006: Elements of Biology: Evolution
9/12/2006: Elements of Biology: Genetics
9/11/2006: Elements of Biology: Cells
3/27/2006: Transition Metals III
3/3/2006: Investigating Planetary Life
3/2/2006: The Science of Lance Armstrong
3/1/2006: On the Gulf: Coastlines in Danger
2/28/2006: The Actinide Series
2/27/2006: Transition Metals II
2/24/2006: The Lanthanide Series
2/23/2006: The Noble Gases
2/22/2006: The Halogens
2/21/2006: Nonmetals
2/17/2006: Concepts in Precalculus II: Limits, Infinity and Probability
2/16/2006: Concepts in Precalculus 1: Trigonometry
2/15/2006: Concepts in Geometry and Measurement: Coordinate Geometry
2/14/2006: Concepts in Business Mathematics: Economics and Finance
2/13/2006: Concepts in Algebra: Ratios and Proportions
2/10/2006: 9/11: The Flight That Fought Back
2/9/2006: Operation Iraqi Freedom
2/8/2006: Road to Revolution
2/7/2006: Colonial America
2/6/2006: Mesoamerica: A History of Central America
2/3/2006: Nutrition and Food Science
2/2/2006: History of Medicine: Innovations in Elder Care
2/1/2006: History of Medicine: Innovations in Adult Care
1/31/2006: History of Medicine: Innovations in Surgery and Reproductive Health
1/29/2006: History of Medicine: Innovations in Obstetrics and Pediatrics
10/21/2005: Abolishing Slavery in America
10/20/2005: East Meets West: Americans on the Move
10/19/2005: Portraits of Power: American Presidents
10/18/2005: Foundations of American Government
10/17/2005: American Beginnings
10/14/2005: Concepts in Advanced Algebra
10/12/2005: Concepts in Geometry
10/11/2005: Rational Number Concepts
10/10/2005: Concepts in Number Theory
10/7/2005: Metalloids
10/6/2005: Other Metals
10/5/2005: Transition Metals
10/4/2005: Alkaline Earth Metals
10/3/2005: Alkali Metals
9/30/2005: Modern-day America
9/29/2005: Social Activism in the United States
9/28/2005: World War II: Cause and Consequences
9/27/2005: America's Economy: Sorrow and Hope
9/26/2005: From the Great War to the Great Depression
9/19/2005: Urban Growth in America
3/18/2005: Reform at all Costs
3/17/2005: Inside the Pyramids
3/16/2005: Resolving Kennedy's Legacy
3/15/2005: 9/11 Backlash: Being Muslim in America
3/14/2005: Holocaust Heroes
3/11/2005: Civilizations: Leadership
3/10/2005: Civilizations: Fall of Power
3/9/2005: Civilizations: Expansion and Conquest
3/8/2005: Civilizations: Abuse of Power
3/7/2005: Civilizations: Rise to Power
3/2/2005: Female Pharaohs
3/1/2005: Troubled Leadership
2/28/2005: Culture Clash: New World Meets Old
2/25/2005: Overcoming Eating Disorders
2/24/2005: Recovering from Bad Eating
2/23/2005: Eating Your Future
2/22/2005: Prescribing Beauty
2/18/2005: Asia's Expansion: treasure and Travels
2/17/2005: The Feudal System: Castles at War
2/16/2005: Enduring Influence: Rome, Greece and Byzantium
2/15/2005: Empires of Early Africa
2/14/2005: The Roots of Religion
1/21/2005: All-Star Fitness
9/29/2004: Underwater Forensics
9/17/2004: Biomes: Islands and Evolution
9/16/2004: Biomes: Forests and Seeds
9/15/2004: Biomes: Freshwater, Seawater
9/14/2004: Biomes: Adapting to Deserts and Other Ecosystems
9/13/2004: Biomes: Coastlines and Seas
9/6/2004: Out of Africa: The Real Eve
2/27/2004: America at War; Charge and Defeat
2/26/2004: Lost Empires of Asia and Russia
2/25/2004: Historical Heroes
2/24/2004: Politics and Leadership
2/23/2004: Power Builders: Leaders and Cities
2/20/2004: Islam: History, Society and Civilization
2/18/2004: Slavery, Society and Apartheid
2/17/2004: When Civilizations End
2/9/2004: Asia: Tradition and Culture
1/30/2004: City Life in Europe
1/29/2004: Turmoil in 20th Century Europe
1/28/2004: The Middle East: Land of Contrasts
1/27/2004: Africa: Shaped by the Past
1/26/2004: Africa Today
10/10/2003: An Era in Innovation
10/8/2003: Innovations in War and Civilization: Iron
10/7/2003: Innovations in War and Civilization: Gunpowder
10/6/2003: Innovations in War and Civilization: Horse Power
10/3/2003: Water: Friend and Foe
10/2/2003: Electricity's Attraction
10/1/2003: The Ups and Downs of Technology
9/30/2003: Adapting to the World
9/29/2003: Inside Story: Your Body, Your Health
9/19/2003: A Sense for Technology
9/18/2003: Strong Chemistry
9/17/2003: Dangerous Earth
9/16/2003: Unsafe Waters
9/15/2003: Your Genes, Your Future
9/12/2003: Cold War into Guerilla War
9/11/2003: World War II
9/10/2003: World War I and Its Aftermath
9/9/2003: Destiny Determined: Power and Ritual in Asia
9/8/2003: Toward Civilization
2/28/2003: Watergate
2/27/2003: Nuclear Crossroads: Bombing of Bikini Atoll
2/26/2003: The Cuban Missile Crisis
2/25/2003: Forensics: Who Killed the Iceman?
2/25/2003: Israel and Palestine: The Fight for Peace
2/24/2003: The Real Eve
2/24/2003: Afghanistan: 12 Years of Violence; Israel and Palestine
2/19/2003: Great Books: From Fact to Fiction---Moby Dick
2/18/2003: Great Books: Tales of Edgar Allen Poe; Wuthering Heights
2/17/2003: Great Books: Dante's Inferno; The Metamorphosis
2/14/2003: Future of the Milky Way
2/11/2003: Polar Expeditions
2/11/2003: The Race for the Poles
2/7/2003: Amazing Destinations: Peru & Brazil; Caribbean & Mexico
2/6/2003: Conquistadors: Incan Rebellion
2/5/2003: Conquistadors: Francisco Pizarro
2/3/2003: Conquistadors: Hernan Cortes
10/11/2002: Hidden History of Egypt with Terry Jones; Hidden History of Ancient Rome
10/10/2002: Ancient Rome: Rise to Power
10/8/2002: Parthenon: Design and Architecture
9/30/2002: World War II: The Pacific
9/27/2002: Pope John Paul II: Triumph Over Communism
9/26/2002: Jesus and the Rise of Christianity
9/25/2002: Islam Ren
9/23/2002: Great Books: The Book of Genesis; Book of Exodus
9/10/2002: Weight Control; The Digestive System
2/13/2002: Discover Magazine: The Real Story of Jamestown; Who Killed Lincoln
2/5/2002: Amazing Destinations: Caribbean and Mexico/In Search of Maya
2/4/2002: Amazing Destinations: Peru and Brazil; Treasures of South Africa
10/17/2001: Commander in Chief: Richard Nixon
10/7/2001: Understanding: The Power of Genes
10/1/2001: Understanding: Electricity
10/24/2000: On Jupiter

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Premise: A series focusing on various topics in science, including medicine, history and technology.


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