The Natural World Episodes

2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: The Mother Who Never Dies - The Natural World

A volcanic region of New Zealand.

Episodes: The Natural World (113)

5/27/2013: Chimps of the Lost Gorge
9/28/2011: Radio Gibbon
3/25/2011: Snow Monkeys
2/13/2011: Moon Power
2/3/2011: The Dolphins of Shark Bay
1/17/2011: Penguins of the Antarctic
1/14/2011: The Iceberg That Sank the Titanic
7/9/2010: Iron Curtain, Ribbon of Life
9/13/2009: Stalking the Jaguar
10/8/2008: Moose on the Loose
8/12/2008: A Turtle's Guide to the Pacific
8/5/2008: Bonobo: Missing in Action?
8/5/2008: Rhinos---Built to Last
7/18/2008: Moose in the Glen
6/19/2008: Spectacled Bears---Shadows of the Forest
3/2/2008: Crocodile Invasion
1/10/2008: Saved by Dolphins
10/26/2007: Buddha, Bees & the Giant Hornet Queen
9/25/2007: Tiger Kill
9/12/2007: Secrets of the Mayan Underworld
8/28/2007: Hornet Wars
7/29/2007: Bear Man of Kamchatka
7/24/2007: Hawaii---Message in the Waves
7/21/2007: Wild Surf Hawaii---Message in the Waves
7/22/2006: Big Sky Bears
6/23/2006: In the Depths of the Forest
6/3/2006: Caribou and Wolves
9/13/2005: Cheetahs: Fast Track to Freedom
8/14/2005: Hammerhead
9/23/2004: White Shark, Red Triangle
9/8/2004: Death Trap
5/14/2004: Viva Vicuna: The Return of the Long-Haired Llama
1/29/2004: Treasures of the Andes
9/25/2003: Watery Creatures
5/10/2003: Crowned Lemurs and the Crocodile Caves
4/9/2003: Gentle Jaws of the Serengeti
3/5/2003: Africa's Forgotten Elephants
1/22/2003: Pandas of the Sleeping Dragon
7/17/2002: Fish Among the Tree Tops
7/16/2002: Monsoon
5/15/2002: Vampires, Devilbirds & Spirits
10/29/2001: Wonderful World of Dung
10/7/2001: Year of the Jackal
9/19/2001: Toadskin Spell
9/5/2001: Sperm Whales Back from the Abyss
8/18/2001: Seals: Invaders of the Sea
7/4/2001: Even the Animals Must Be Free
5/9/2001: Lions: Pride in Peril
3/28/2001: Call of Kakadu
1/26/2001: Crossroads of Nancite
12/14/2000: Sulawesi - An Island Bewitched
11/30/2000: Postcards from the Past
11/19/2000: Tigers' Fortress
10/10/2000: At the Edge of the Sea
7/20/2000: Paracas and the Billion Dollar Birds
10/4/1999: Right Whales
9/8/1999: Himalayas
9/1/1999: Islands in the African Sky
Serpent's Embrace
America's Wild Turkey
Land of Llamas
Great Yellowstone Fire
Rhino on the Run
Grand Teton Wilderness
Tepui: Islands in the Sky
Aliya: The Asian Elephant
Cowboys, Caimans & Capybaras
Wild Heart of Africa
Wild Boar
Brush with Nature
In Praise of Wolves
Tree of Thorns
Subtle as a Serpent
Creatures of the Forest
The Rains Came
Kaokveld: How Can I Tell You?
Silent Valley
Invaders of Truk Lagoon
Islands of the Iguana
Wild Horses of Australia
Beetles Below
Orangutans of the Rain Forest
The Leopard That Changed Its Spots
Fight of the Elephant
Bahrain: Land of Life-giving Water
Peacock's War
Hamadryas: Baboon of Saudi Arabia
Wild River No More
The Wind of Plenty
Honey Harvest
Science of Whales
World of Survival: Virunga---Rivers of Fire and Ice
World of Survival: Tides of Kirawin
World of Survival: Leopards and Hyaenas---Armies of the Night
World of Survival---Warthog
World of Survival: Heart of Brightness
Portrait of the Planet
The Mother Who Never Dies
Where Eagles Fly
Wonderful Kangaroo
Caribou: The Endless Journey
Wild Australia
Hunters of the Plain
Wild Dog Dingo
Great National Parks of Australia
Mystery of Laguna Baja
Islands: Splendid Isolation
Islands: Strangers in Paradise
Gorillas in the Midst of Man
Mojave Desert Song
Snowdonia - Realm of Ravens

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Premiered: June 21, 2001
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: A documentary series examining various species of wildlife in their natural habitats.


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