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Untold Stories of the E.R. episodes

Nov 29, 2006: Too Close to Home
Nov 15, 2006: Officer Down
Nov 08, 2006: Hooked Alive
Nov 08, 2006: Family Tragedy
Nov 01, 2006: Under Siege
Oct 18, 2006: Crushed
Oct 11, 2006: Deadly Impact
Oct 04, 2006: Elements of Danger
Sep 27, 2006: Liver Die
Aug 02, 2006: Life and Limb
Jul 26, 2006: Code Black
Jul 19, 2006: Deadly Diagnosis
Jul 12, 2006: Hidden Dangers
Jul 05, 2006: Shot Through the Heart
Jun 28, 2006: Mountain Lion Attack
Feb 27, 2006: From E.R. to Rushing River
Feb 06, 2006: A Real Pain in the Neck
Jan 30, 2006: An E.R. Miracle
Jan 24, 2006: Mystery of the Traveling Bullet
Jan 16, 2006: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Jan 09, 2006: Coma Woman Surprise
Dec 19, 2005: Long Live the King
Dec 12, 2005: Toilet Paper Eating Patient
Dec 05, 2005: The Golden Hour
Nov 28, 2005: Exorcism in the E.R.
Nov 07, 2005: Code Green in the E.R.
Oct 31, 2005: A Life in Their Hands
Oct 24, 2005: Say Your Prayers
Oct 17, 2005: A Day at the Beach
Oct 10, 2005: Jaws of Life
Jul 18, 2005: Surgery Won't Help
Jul 11, 2005: Pressure Is Building
Jul 04, 2005: We Need Further Tests
Jun 20, 2005: Nothing's Working
Jun 15, 2005: We Need a Miracle
Jun 13, 2005: What a Day
Jun 06, 2005: Call the Code
May 30, 2005: How Can This Happen
May 23, 2005: I Need Some Help Here
May 09, 2005: No Down Time
May 02, 2005: Prepare for the Worst
Apr 25, 2005: A Day from Hell
Apr 18, 2005: A Scary Feeling
Apr 11, 2005: Red Blanket
Apr 04, 2005: No Time to Think
Jun 21, 2004: We Have a Heartbeat
May 03, 2004: The Big Save
Apr 26, 2004: My Job Is Mayhem

Shredded! Season 9, Episode 5

A patient claims he was shot in the head; a doctor tries to save a brain-dead woman. read more

I Hate Doctors Season 9, Episode 4

A physician's son becomes her patient; a woman visits the ER after picking wild mushrooms. read more

Turtle Trouble Season 9, Episode 1

A snapping turtle bites a man's neck; a tree trimmer is impaled by a chainsaw. read more

Dr. Epi Season 9, Episode 3

A boy is crushed by an ATV; a partygoer become paralyzed. read more

Skewered Skydivers Season 9, Episode 2

Two skydivers are impaled by the same fence post; a bride-to-be gets her finger stuck in a makeup jar. read more

Hit by a Train Season 8, Episode 15

A man's legs are severed when he's run over by a train. read more

Frozen! Season 8, Episode 14

A man without a pulse is brought to the ER; an embarrassing secret prevents a patient from receiving care. read more

Creepy Crawlies Season 8, Episode 13

A woman is bitten in the face by a dog; an intoxicated woman unexpectedly goes into cardiac arrest. read more

Deep Trouble Season 8, Episode 12

An ER doctor is threatened while working at a remote hospital; a patient visits the ER after a scuba-diving trip. read more

Dumpster Smash Season 8, Episode 11

A man is crushed by a dumpster; a doctor's suspicions are called into question. read more

Twists & Turns Season 8, Episode 10

A father is stabbed; a college cheerleader goes into cardiac arrest; and a prisoner is suspected of faking paralysis. read more

Headaches & Zombies Season 8, Episode 9

A pregnant doctor is threatened by a violent patient; a mom experiences a worrisome headache during a family vacation; and a man is impaled by a fencepost. read more

Stuck in a Toilet Season 8, Episode 8

A nurse collapses while working; a woman gets stuck in a toilet bowl; and a stump grinder mangles a man's leg. read more

Rattled Season 8, Episode 7

A mother is near death after having a C-section; proper treatment is unavailable to a snake-bite victim. read more

Chocolate Pudding Season 8, Episode 6

A man's face becomes swollen; a patient goes into anaphylactic shock. read more

When It Rains Season 8, Episode 5

A storm strands a patient in critical condition in the ER. read more

Belly Dancer Mystery Season 8, Episode 4

A belly dancer collapses; a 6-year-old girl experiences seizures. read more

Cowboy Chaos Season 8, Episode 3

A deranged cowboy visits the ER; a woman's head is impaled by a metal rod. read more

Escaping Diagnosis

A disoriented young woman in a bunny costume checks into the ER; a physician tends to a severed thumb. read more

Cows & Stilettos Season 8, Episode 1

A man crashes his car into a cow; a woman's cheek is pierced by a stiletto heel. read more

Diagnose Me! Season 7, Episode 9

A teen with an ectopic pregnancy insists she has never had sex; a healthy patient refuses to leave the ER. read more

My Head's Exploding Season 7, Episode 8

Mysterious bruises appear on a patient with a severe headache; a wrestler can't stop vomiting. read more

Holiday ER Season 7, Episode 7

A man chokes at a holiday party; a boy's leg mysteriously turns blue. read more

Crowbar in Head Season 7, Episode 6

A man's head is impaled by a crowbar; doctors discover a strange cause behind a woman's cough; and a bride who needs treatment refuses to remove her wedding dress. read more

Deadly Sore Throat Season 7, Episode 5

Doctors have difficulty diagnosing a wheezing woman; an entire family falls ill during a birthday party. read more

Delusional Bride Season 7, Episode 4

A bride claims to be possessed; a woman delivers a baby in an unlikely location; and a doctor yells words of encouragement to his comatose patient. read more

Bridesmaid Meltdown Season 7, Episode 3

A bridesmaid falls into a coma; a man's eyeball pops out of its socket; and a premature infant is abandoned at a hospital. read more

I Can't Remember Season 7, Episode 2

A patient experiences memory loss; a living man is packed in ice. read more

Frat Boy Blues Season 7, Episode 1

Fraternity members experience abnormal urination; a pregnant woman fears for the health of her unborn baby. read more

Never Say Die Season 6, Episode 8

A stabbing victim is found on the street by two nurses; a doctor on a cruise ship rethinks a career move; an older patient is not responding to prolonged CPR. read more

Girlfriend, Wife, Stroke! Season 6, Episode 7

Army doctors in Iraq treat soldiers wounded in an IED explosion; a man who suffered a stroke is speechless while his wife and two girlfriends argue; a recent transplant patient's condition worsens after a child's seemingly harmless bite. read more

Rottweiler in the ER Season 6, Episode 6

A Rottweiler gets loose in the ER when a shooting victim is brought to the hospital; a mother's asthma attack leads to heart failure; a comatose man has a mysterious rash. read more

Halloween in the ER Season 6, Episode 5

A white dog roams a hospital's halls on Halloween; a neurologist discovers an unconscious motorcyclist on the side of the road; a boy being treated for a broken leg may have more serious problems. read more

Stabbed in the Heart Season 6, Episode 4

A stabbing victim's punctured heart must be pumped by hand to keep him alive; a woman thinks she's possessed by demons; a man tries to pay cash to keep his condition out of his medical record. read more

Radioactive Rocks Season 6, Episode 3

A patient's radioactive rocks create chaos in the ER; a naked man who fell into a cactus is covered with needles; a dialysis patient is bleeding uncontrollably. read more

Campstove Stuffing Season 6, Episode 2

A 6-year-old has a stroke; a new doctor questions a superior's recommendation to send a woman into surgery for undiagnosed rectal bleeding; a man has a body part stuck in a camping stove. read more

Pipe in Head Season 6, Episode 1

A man is still conscious despite a two-inch pipe in his head; a young bride is bleeding uncontrollably; rival gang members in the ER at the same time arouse suspicion. read more

Death Breath Season 5, Episode 8

A young mother gives birth, then goes into life-threatening convulsions; a nurse brings her delirious husband to the E.R., and his breath smells like mothballs; identical twin doctors create confusion in the E.R. read more

Man With Two Faces Season 5, Episode 7

A woman has a heart attack in the E.R. after being pulled out of a house fire; a schizophrenic patient thinks he has someone else's face; a medical student is mistaken for a doctor and must deliver a baby. read more

Minutes to Live Season 5, Episode 6

A man with a four-day erection seeks medical help; an unconscious woman is treated for internal bleeding; a woman arrives at the hospital with a knife in her chest. read more

Short Circuited Heart Season 5, Episode 5

A young nurse collapses in the ER, and her coworkers race to revive her; a patient claims her liver is cursed; a man is convinced there are maggots in his baby's hands. read more

Grandma's Back Season 5, Episode 4

A college student collapses in the ER; a 70-year-old woman wakes up after being pronounced dead; a man experiences a five-hour erection. read more

Ice Cold Mom Season 5, Episode 3

Doctors try to solve medical mysteries. Included: a young mom is alert but ice-cold; a young boy shows signs of an overdose, but denies taking any drugs; a man screams incessantly for no reason. read more

Life and Limb Too Season 5, Episode 2

An expectant mother experiences leg pain, which turns out to be a flesh-eating virus. Also: a bride arrives at the E.R. after collapsing at the altar; a Desert Storm veteran swallows razor blades on a dare. read more

Heart in Hand Season 5, Episode 1

A surgeon operates on a nurse in a desperate effort to save her life. Also: severed limbs, swords and suspicious stories lead to confusion in the E.R. read more

Baby Blues Season 4, Episode 18

A baby suddenly develops an oxygen deficiency and the infant's blood turns brown, so doctors race to pinpoint the cause. read more

A Shot in the Dark Season 4, Episode 17

A mugging victim with two bullet wounds to the head slips into a coma and needs an emergency craniotomy. read more

Director Down Season 4, Episode 16

The ER's medical director has a ruptured brain aneurysm, forcing a doctor into the stressful position of operating on a colleague. read more

Too Close to Home Season 4, Episode 14

A snakebite expert must treat his own 2-year old son, who was bitten by a rattlesnake. read more

Officer Down Season 4, Episode 13

A policeman is seriously injured in a roadside accident and doctors battle to save his damaged legs. read more

Hooked Alive Season 4, Episode 15

A construction worker's skull has a 4-pound hook embedded in it and a trauma surgeon struggles to extract it without killing him. read more

Family Tragedy Season 4, Episode 12

A boy is seriously injured in an accident after being ejected from the car because his seatbelt did not fit. read more

Under Siege Season 4, Episode 11

A gunman opens fire in a large metropolitan hospital's emergency room and takes hostages. read more

Crushed Season 4, Episode 10

Doctors work on a young boy who was crushed under a large stack of drywall. The blood supply to his vital organs was cut off, and there is a good possibility for multiple organ failures. read more

Deadly Impact Season 4, Episode 9

An accident victim's arm is severed, but doctors are more alarmed by the damage to his liver and spleen. read more

Elements of Danger Season 4, Episode 8

A skier hits a tree and has another problem in addition to his injuries: his blood will not clot. His situation worsens when the power goes out at the hospital. read more

Liver Die Season 4, Episode 7

A teen injured in a football game needs emergency surgery to repair his liver. read more

Life and Limb Season 4, Episode 6

A 7-year-old boy undergoes surgery to reattach his left arm after it was severed in a truck accident. read more

Code Black Season 4, Episode 5

An Oklahoma tornado creates several casualties, including a woman impaled in the head by a fence picket. read more

Deadly Diagnosis Season 4, Episode 4

Doctors try an untested treatment to save an 11-year-old with strep pneumonia, a disease that kills nearly all its victims. read more

Hidden Dangers Season 4, Episode 3

A boy is hit in the head by a baseball and it's first thought he has a concussion, but a CT scan reveals he actually has a massive brain bleed. Surgery also uncovers kidney failure. read more

Shot Through the Heart Season 4, Episode 2

A robbery victim's gunshot wound is more serious than originally thought. read more

Mountain Lion Attack Season 4, Episode 1

A mountain-lion-attack victim arrives with some of the worst injuries the doctors have ever seen. read more

From E.R. to Rushing River Season 3, Episode 15

Cases include a young boy injured by a commuter train and a woman who fell into an icy river and may have spinal injuries. read more

A Real Pain in the Neck Season 3, Episode 14

Strange markings are found on a multiple-personality-disorder patient; a man arrives with a 16-inch bar stuck in his neck. read more

An E.R. Miracle Season 3, Episode 13

Doctors race to save a boy with a severe head injury while cops bring in a suspected bank robber and another patient complains of chest pains. read more

Mystery of the Traveling Bullet Season 3, Episode 12

A drunken cowboy ends up in the ER while a patient with a gunshot wound in the thigh complains of chest pains. read more

'Til Death Do Us Part Season 3, Episode 11

A woman on the way to her own wedding has a car accident and is sent to the ER with severe facial injuries. Also: a prisoner comes to the ER, but the doctors are wary of him. read more

Coma Woman Surprise Season 3, Episode 10

Plane-crash victims attract reporters to a small community ER; a doctor must decide whether to bore holes in a teen with head trauma to relieve pressure or wait to get him more help. read more

Long Live the King Season 3, Episode 9

A man calling himself the king of the gypsies arrives with a group of followers who refuse to leave his side. Also: A retired admiral's weakening condition stumps the doctors. read more

Toilet Paper Eating Patient Season 3, Episode 8

An inmate has a 108-degree fever; doctors treat a woman for stomach pains and discover she has been eating toilet paper. read more

The Golden Hour Season 3, Episode 7

The ER receives a soldier with a stab wound, a young man bleeding from his ears and a young woman who overdosed on diet pills. read more

Exorcism in the E.R. Season 3, Episode 6

Cases include a man in anaphylactic shock, a tough guy fearful of getting an injection, a man who stabbed himself with a sword and a woman who wants an exorcism. read more

Code Green in the E.R. Season 3, Episode 5

A stabbing victim undergoes a risky chest incision; a car accident brings a pet iguana into the ER. read more

A Life in Their Hands Season 3, Episode 4

A young girl comes to the ER paralyzed from the waist down, after she was there a week earlier and the doctors sent her home. read more

Say Your Prayers Season 3, Episode 3

A man's religion prohibits him from getting treatment for a rattlesnake bite, so ER doctors struggle to find a way to help him. read more

A Day at the Beach Season 3, Episode 2

A young boy is attacked by a shark, and ER surgeons try to save his life; a woman complains of something in her ear. read more

Jaws of Life Season 3, Episode 1

A car crash results in a fence pole penetrating the chest of the driver and going through the seat into a passenger's thigh. read more

Surgery Won't Help Season 2, Episode 15

An X-ray reveals a five-inch piece of glass lodged in a man's brain. read more

Pressure Is Building Season 2, Episode 14

A 3-month-old is rushed to the ER because he keeps losing consciousness; a patient complains of stomach pains and the staff is convinced the patient is a man in drag, but the patient turns out to be pregnant. read more

We Need Further Tests Season 2, Episode 13

The ER receives a man whose small intestines have burst from the site of an earlier operation, a man who was shot in the chest while hunting and a man who crashed his car into the hospital. read more

Nothing's Working Season 2, Episode 12

A husband walks into the E.R. and miraculously stabilizes his wife's condition by touching her forehead; a homeless woman complaining of stomach pains turns out to be pregnant. read more

We Need a Miracle Season 2, Episode 7

Paramedics bring in 10 critically ill teens; a patient has a four-foot tree branch sticking out of his neck, but remains conscious. read more

What a Day Season 2, Episode 11

A 33-year-old is declared brain-dead from a gunshot wound, and the victim's wife agrees to keep her husband on life support until his organs can be harvested and donated. read more

Call the Code Season 2, Episode 10

Treating a 21-year-old man who incurs massive internal injuries in a motorcycle accident; four patients seriously injured in a car accident; and a teenage boy who needs a blood transfusion. read more

How Can This Happen Season 2, Episode 9

A 6-year-old boy who punctured his skull with a pitchfork is rushed into surgery; a woman refuses treatment by a black doctor. read more

I Need Some Help Here Season 2, Episode 8

Paramedics treat a teen who is unresponsive after a car accident and discover she's pregnant; a patient arrives with an axe in his head. read more

No Down Time Season 2, Episode 6

A patient who was completely unconscious suddenly awakens; a family of three has a mysterious condition; a man walks into the ER with a knife wound and refuses help. read more

Prepare for the Worst Season 2, Episode 5

Three men with gunshot wounds are treated as gang members threaten the doctor; a patient has his fingers reattached. read more

A Day from Hell Season 2, Episode 4

A chronically ill 6-year-old boy is brought to the ER. The doctor thinks the boy's being poisoned by his mother. read more

A Scary Feeling Season 2, Episode 3

A 20-year-old amputates his hand in a saw accident at work, and surgeons attempt to reattach it. read more

Red Blanket Season 2, Episode 2

A patient complains of losing consciousness. While being examined by an ER physician he drinks a glass of cold water and passes out, then goes into cardiac arrest. read more

No Time to Think Season 2, Episode 1

A snakebite victim is brought in, and the doctor must identify the snake involved to administer the correct anti-venom. read more

We Have a Heartbeat Season 1, Episode 3

A sheriff is injured in a shootout; two hit men burned while disposing of a body are treated and arrested; a drug dealer's stash is discovered in his rectum. read more

The Big Save Season 1, Episode 2

An anesthesiologist has a heart attack; a pregnant woman has a cerebral aneurysm; doctors are sprayed with blood from a man who was stabbed in the heart; a prostitute's unusual hiding place for money is found. read more

My Job Is Mayhem Season 1, Episode 1

An opera singer has an accident involving his throat and a broken sheet of plate glass; a 300-pound woman has a psychotic episode in the ER, during which she tears off her clothes and dances; a child has two batteries wedged up his nose that are removed using a magnet. read more

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Premise: Examining practitioners of medicine under pressure in the ER.

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