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Episode Detail: Best Song from the '80s - The List

Steven Weber hosts a discussion about the “Best Song from the '80s.” Panelists include Jeffrey Nordling (“Once and Again”), The English Beat's Dave Wakeling, Christa Miller (“The Drew Carey Show”) and Judy Gold.

Episodes: The List (147)

12/22/2000: Shocking Song
12/22/2000: Artist: Life Cut Short
12/21/2000: Musical Family
12/19/2000: Sexiest Performer
12/18/2000: Rap Album
12/15/2000: Timeless Band or Artist
12/15/2000: Guilty Pleasure Album
12/15/2000: Sexiest Male
12/12/2000: Rap Song
12/11/2000: Madonna Song
12/7/2000: '90s Band/Artist
12/7/2000: One-Hit Wonder
12/6/2000: Parents Love to Hate
12/5/2000: Pop Album
12/4/2000: Song to Have Sex To
11/30/2000: '80s Band/Artist
11/30/2000: Greatest Artist
11/29/2000: Worst #1 Song
11/29/2000: Best Diva
11/28/2000: Best Band
11/25/2000: Song You Never Want to Hear Again
11/23/2000: Best Band Story
11/23/2000: Greatest Rock Star
11/22/2000: Best Album of the '80s
11/21/2000: Best New Artist
11/11/2000: Sexiest Song
11/10/2000: Roadtrip Song
11/9/2000: Guilty Pleasure Artist
11/8/2000: R&B Album
11/4/2000: Guilty Pleasure Song
11/3/2000: '90s Album
11/1/2000: Song Never Sick of
11/1/2000: '90s Song
10/31/2000: Best Song
10/27/2000: Best Song from the '80s
10/26/2000: Best Debut Album
10/25/2000: Best Voice
10/24/2000: Most Shocking Artist
10/23/2000: Pump-up Song
10/23/2000: Artist You Would Like to Have Sex With
9/13/2000: Best Country Crossover Artist
9/9/2000: Emmy Awards
8/27/2000: The Cast of Survivor
8/24/2000: Sexiest Man
8/15/2000: Best Pump-up Song
8/11/2000: Greatest Moment of Rock & Roll
8/10/2000: Dream Duets
8/9/2000: Music Soundtrack
8/8/2000: Feel Good Song
8/7/2000: Musician/Actor
7/28/2000: Greatest Living Legend
7/27/2000: Best Girl Power Song
7/26/2000: Best Male Video
7/25/2000: Best Desert Island Disc
7/24/2000: Best New Wave Band
7/21/2000: Most GroundBreaking Band or Artist
7/20/2000: Best Beach Song
7/19/2000: Best Song Lyrics
7/18/2000: Best Video by a Female
7/17/2000: Best Hellraisers
7/14/2000: Best Pop Album with Hanson
7/13/2000: Most Overplayed Song
7/12/2000: Best Greatest Hits Album
7/11/2000: Sexiest Band
7/10/2000: Best Tearjerker
7/7/2000: Best Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll Band
6/30/2000: Best R&B Song
6/23/2000: Artist You Want to See Make a Comeback
6/23/2000: Spinal Tap 2000 June 22
6/22/2000: Best Crossover Artist
6/21/2000: Best Action Video
6/20/2000: Best Song from a Female
6/19/2000: Best Karaoke Song
6/16/2000: Best Male Solo Artist
6/15/2000: Best Hair Band
6/14/2000: Most Stylish Video
6/13/2000: Best Songwriter
6/12/2000: Best Makeout Song
6/9/2000: Best Rock Anthem
6/8/2000: Best '70s Album
6/7/2000: Best Break-up Song
6/6/2000: Best Rap Video
6/5/2000: Best Rock Video
5/31/2000: Best Fashion Statement
5/30/2000: Best Song of All Time
5/26/2000: Best Album of the '90s
5/24/2000: Best Album Cover
5/23/2000: Most Romantic Video
5/22/2000: Best Song by Male Artist
5/19/2000: Best Band/Artist of the '90s
5/18/2000: Best '80s Album
5/17/2000: Best Female Solo Artist
5/16/2000: Best Rap Video
5/15/2000: Best Party Song
5/13/2000: Best Video of All Time
5/11/2000: Best Directed Video
5/10/2000: Most Scandalous Artist
5/9/2000: Best Road Trip Song
5/8/2000: Best Rock Band
5/5/2000: Best Male R&B Artist
5/4/2000: Best Wedding Song
5/3/2000: Best Commercial Jingle
5/2/2000: Best New Artist
5/1/2000: Songs You Never Get Sick Of
4/6/2000: The Cast of Return to Me
3/25/2000: Songs You Never Want to Hear
3/24/2000: Artist Gone Solo
3/23/2000: Controversial Video
3/21/2000: Best Message Song
1/22/2000: Greatest Songs of Rock & Roll
1/15/2000: Best Pop Band/Artist
1/14/2000: Best R&B Artist
1/13/2000: Worst Dressed Artist
1/12/2000: Best Disco Song
1/11/2000: Best Song to Have Sex to
1/8/2000: Best Guilty Pleasure Song
1/7/2000: Artist You Most Want to Spend the Night With
1/6/2000: Most Overrated Song
1/5/2000: Best Song of 1999
1/4/2000: Best TV Theme Song
12/18/1999: Best Rebel Song
12/17/1999: Best Lead Guitarist
12/16/1999: Best Rock N Roll Film
12/15/1999: Sexiest Video
12/12/1999: Best Comeback Band or Artist
12/11/1999: Best Singer/Songwriter
12/11/1999: Band or Artist Parents Most Love to Hate
12/10/1999: Greatest Genius in Rock 'n' Roll
12/8/1999: Best Bad Girl in Rock 'n' Roll
12/7/1999: Best '80s Video
12/4/1999: Best Male Singer
12/3/1999: Best Dance Song
12/2/1999: Best Girl Band
10/28/1999: Best '90s Artist
10/27/1999: Best Video
10/26/1999: Most Underrated
10/25/1999: Best Movie Theme Song
10/22/1999: Best Rock Album of All Time
10/21/1999: Best '70s Band or Artist
10/20/1999: Most Influential Band or Artist of All Time
10/19/1999: Band or Artist with Most Influential Fashion Statement
10/18/1999: Best Front Man
10/8/1999: Rock's Most Significant Moment
10/7/1999: Best One-Hit Wonder
10/6/1999: Sexiest Male Artist
10/5/1999: Best Love Song
Sexiest Female Artist of All Time

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Premiered: October 04, 1999, on VH1
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Lists are always good for debates, and this one about music features chats with celebrity hosts and panelists. They mull such pressing issues as sexiest male artist of all time; best song; most overplayed song; best lyrics; and rock's greatest moments. One episode features Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, reviving their Spinal Tap personas.

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