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Episode Detail: Spinal Tap 2000 June 22 - The List

Heavy-metal mockers Spinal Tap join guest drummer Mick Fleetwood in an episode hosted by the band's former publicist, Bobbi Fleckman (Fran Drescher). The group is also slated to perform. Nigel Tufnel: Christopher Guest. David St. Hubbins: Michael McKean. Derek Smalls: Harry Shearer.

Episodes: The List (147)

12/22/2000: Shocking Song
12/22/2000: Artist: Life Cut Short
12/21/2000: Musical Family
12/19/2000: Sexiest Performer
12/18/2000: Rap Album
12/15/2000: Timeless Band or Artist
12/15/2000: Guilty Pleasure Album
12/15/2000: Sexiest Male
12/12/2000: Rap Song
12/11/2000: Madonna Song
12/7/2000: '90s Band/Artist
12/7/2000: One-Hit Wonder
12/6/2000: Parents Love to Hate
12/5/2000: Pop Album
12/4/2000: Song to Have Sex To
11/30/2000: '80s Band/Artist
11/30/2000: Greatest Artist
11/29/2000: Worst #1 Song
11/29/2000: Best Diva
11/28/2000: Best Band
11/25/2000: Song You Never Want to Hear Again
11/23/2000: Best Band Story
11/23/2000: Greatest Rock Star
11/22/2000: Best Album of the '80s
11/21/2000: Best New Artist
11/11/2000: Sexiest Song
11/10/2000: Roadtrip Song
11/9/2000: Guilty Pleasure Artist
11/8/2000: R&B Album
11/4/2000: Guilty Pleasure Song
11/3/2000: '90s Album
11/1/2000: Song Never Sick of
11/1/2000: '90s Song
10/31/2000: Best Song
10/27/2000: Best Song from the '80s
10/26/2000: Best Debut Album
10/25/2000: Best Voice
10/24/2000: Most Shocking Artist
10/23/2000: Pump-up Song
10/23/2000: Artist You Would Like to Have Sex With
9/13/2000: Best Country Crossover Artist
9/9/2000: Emmy Awards
8/27/2000: The Cast of Survivor
8/24/2000: Sexiest Man
8/15/2000: Best Pump-up Song
8/11/2000: Greatest Moment of Rock & Roll
8/10/2000: Dream Duets
8/9/2000: Music Soundtrack
8/8/2000: Feel Good Song
8/7/2000: Musician/Actor
7/28/2000: Greatest Living Legend
7/27/2000: Best Girl Power Song
7/26/2000: Best Male Video
7/25/2000: Best Desert Island Disc
7/24/2000: Best New Wave Band
7/21/2000: Most GroundBreaking Band or Artist
7/20/2000: Best Beach Song
7/19/2000: Best Song Lyrics
7/18/2000: Best Video by a Female
7/17/2000: Best Hellraisers
7/14/2000: Best Pop Album with Hanson
7/13/2000: Most Overplayed Song
7/12/2000: Best Greatest Hits Album
7/11/2000: Sexiest Band
7/10/2000: Best Tearjerker
7/7/2000: Best Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll Band
6/30/2000: Best R&B Song
6/23/2000: Artist You Want to See Make a Comeback
6/23/2000: Spinal Tap 2000 June 22
6/22/2000: Best Crossover Artist
6/21/2000: Best Action Video
6/20/2000: Best Song from a Female
6/19/2000: Best Karaoke Song
6/16/2000: Best Male Solo Artist
6/15/2000: Best Hair Band
6/14/2000: Most Stylish Video
6/13/2000: Best Songwriter
6/12/2000: Best Makeout Song
6/9/2000: Best Rock Anthem
6/8/2000: Best '70s Album
6/7/2000: Best Break-up Song
6/6/2000: Best Rap Video
6/5/2000: Best Rock Video
5/31/2000: Best Fashion Statement
5/30/2000: Best Song of All Time
5/26/2000: Best Album of the '90s
5/24/2000: Best Album Cover
5/23/2000: Most Romantic Video
5/22/2000: Best Song by Male Artist
5/19/2000: Best Band/Artist of the '90s
5/18/2000: Best '80s Album
5/17/2000: Best Female Solo Artist
5/16/2000: Best Rap Video
5/15/2000: Best Party Song
5/13/2000: Best Video of All Time
5/11/2000: Best Directed Video
5/10/2000: Most Scandalous Artist
5/9/2000: Best Road Trip Song
5/8/2000: Best Rock Band
5/5/2000: Best Male R&B Artist
5/4/2000: Best Wedding Song
5/3/2000: Best Commercial Jingle
5/2/2000: Best New Artist
5/1/2000: Songs You Never Get Sick Of
4/6/2000: The Cast of Return to Me
3/25/2000: Songs You Never Want to Hear
3/24/2000: Artist Gone Solo
3/23/2000: Controversial Video
3/21/2000: Best Message Song
1/22/2000: Greatest Songs of Rock & Roll
1/15/2000: Best Pop Band/Artist
1/14/2000: Best R&B Artist
1/13/2000: Worst Dressed Artist
1/12/2000: Best Disco Song
1/11/2000: Best Song to Have Sex to
1/8/2000: Best Guilty Pleasure Song
1/7/2000: Artist You Most Want to Spend the Night With
1/6/2000: Most Overrated Song
1/5/2000: Best Song of 1999
1/4/2000: Best TV Theme Song
12/18/1999: Best Rebel Song
12/17/1999: Best Lead Guitarist
12/16/1999: Best Rock N Roll Film
12/15/1999: Sexiest Video
12/12/1999: Best Comeback Band or Artist
12/11/1999: Best Singer/Songwriter
12/11/1999: Band or Artist Parents Most Love to Hate
12/10/1999: Greatest Genius in Rock 'n' Roll
12/8/1999: Best Bad Girl in Rock 'n' Roll
12/7/1999: Best '80s Video
12/4/1999: Best Male Singer
12/3/1999: Best Dance Song
12/2/1999: Best Girl Band
10/28/1999: Best '90s Artist
10/27/1999: Best Video
10/26/1999: Most Underrated
10/25/1999: Best Movie Theme Song
10/22/1999: Best Rock Album of All Time
10/21/1999: Best '70s Band or Artist
10/20/1999: Most Influential Band or Artist of All Time
10/19/1999: Band or Artist with Most Influential Fashion Statement
10/18/1999: Best Front Man
10/8/1999: Rock's Most Significant Moment
10/7/1999: Best One-Hit Wonder
10/6/1999: Sexiest Male Artist
10/5/1999: Best Love Song
Sexiest Female Artist of All Time

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Premiered: October 04, 1999, on VH1
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Lists are always good for debates, and this one about music features chats with celebrity hosts and panelists. They mull such pressing issues as sexiest male artist of all time; best song; most overplayed song; best lyrics; and rock's greatest moments. One episode features Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, reviving their Spinal Tap personas.

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