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2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: Me, Myself and I - Rendez-View

Rapper Coolio appears with former MTV veejay Kennedy, to rate a date that involves a single dad. Ellen Ladowsky co-hosts.

Episodes: Rendez-View (111)

8/27/2002: Sole Mates
5/31/2002: The Candy Man Can---Or Can He?
5/30/2002: Poisoned Ivy
5/29/2002: Crocodile Done Deal?
5/28/2002: Whine with Dinner
5/27/2002: Dating 101
5/24/2002: Parisian Punk
5/23/2002: Surfer Dude Wipes Out
5/22/2002: Good Girl, Bad Boy
5/21/2002: From Beer to Eternity
5/20/2002: Date or Doormat?
5/17/2002: Ouch!
5/16/2002: Player Gets Played?
5/15/2002: Love in the Fast Lane
5/14/2002: He's Got a Secret
5/13/2002: Hail, Mary!
5/10/2002: Get Over Yourself
5/9/2002: Ritalin to Table Two!
5/8/2002: He Feels the Need for Swede
5/7/2002: Blonde Bombshell
5/6/2002: Pet Peeve Police Chief
5/3/2002: Commit or Split
5/2/2002: Two Words: Shut Up!
5/1/2002: Made for Each Other?
4/30/2002: Me, Tarzan. You, Jodi.
4/29/2002: Talk About Kinky...
4/26/2002: I've Got a Secret (Me, Too)
4/24/2002: A Player in Sheep's Clothing
4/23/2002: Is He Shy or Comatose?
4/22/2002: Ab Fab
4/19/2002: Get the Picture?
4/18/2002: Slick = Ick!
4/17/2002: Foot-in-Mouth Disease
4/16/2002: There's Something About Mary
4/15/2002: Belgian Boy Toy
4/12/2002: Rhymin' Simon Says
4/11/2002: She Likes (But Does He Like?)
4/10/2002: The Karate Cutie
4/9/2002: Yo, Mr. Machismo!
4/8/2002: Taylor-Made Couple
4/5/2002: Wanted: Biker Dude with Brains
4/4/2002: It's My Way or the Highway!
4/3/2002: Wimp Alert!
4/2/2002: Leave It to Cleavage
4/1/2002: Smarty + Hottie = Yippee!
3/29/2002: Satan Seeks Soulmate
3/28/2002: Be My Boy-Toy
3/27/2002: Her Ego's Got Its Own ZIP Code
3/26/2002: He's Got a Rude 'Tude
3/25/2002: Foot-in-Mouth Disease
3/22/2002: She Feels the Need for Speed
3/21/2002: Full Moon Rising
3/20/2002: Bada Bing, Bada Boom!
3/19/2002: He's a One-Night-Stand Man
3/18/2002: Feminista Heads for a Fall
3/15/2002: Perspiration Poster Boy
3/14/2002: That's Amore...or Is It?
3/13/2002: Dis and Tell
3/12/2002: Smooch Me, Stat!
3/11/2002: No Wheels? No Way!
3/8/2002: Paging Mr. Clueless
3/7/2002: She Loves Him, She Loves Him Not
3/6/2002: Two Burritos Short of a Combo Plate
3/5/2002: Fraulein Fever
3/4/2002: Dude, She's a Serial Dater!
3/1/2002: The Caveman Cometh
2/28/2002: From Dates to Mates?
2/27/2002: Different Strokes
2/26/2002: A Close Shave
2/25/2002: Macho Man Meets His Match
2/22/2002: Caution: Gold Digger Ahead
2/21/2002: Beware of Roamin' Hands
2/20/2002: More Baggage than a Bellhop
2/19/2002: She's the Boss
2/18/2002: Brawlin' Babe
2/11/2002: Serial Dater and the Slug
2/8/2002: Freak-a-Thon!
2/7/2002: Princess Seeking Prince Charming
2/6/2002: My Date with Gumby
2/1/2002: Cold War? Cold Shower Is More like It!
1/31/2002: She Does THAT on the Freeway?
1/30/2002: Rendez-View
1/29/2002: Flirtin' for Certain
1/28/2002: Dive into the Dating Pool
1/25/2002: His 'n' Her Space Cadets
1/24/2002: Rendez-View
1/23/2002: Is She Buying What He's Selling?
1/22/2002: Southern Boy Goes Hawaiian
1/21/2002: Bubba's Big Boo-Boo
1/18/2002: Unfaithful Flirt Fesses Up
1/17/2002: Rendez-View
1/16/2002: Alias Peter Pan
1/15/2002: Robo-Date
1/14/2002: Is This Dude Hot or Not?
12/25/2001: Best of
12/14/2001: He Shoots, He Scores? Well, Maybe Not . . .
12/13/2001: Me, Myself and I
12/13/2001: On the 'Hunt' for Love
12/11/2001: It's Alex's World. We Just Live in It
12/11/2001: Open Mouth, Insert Foot
11/23/2001: Tall Doll Seeks Main Squeeze
11/22/2001: Bartender Pours on the Charm
11/21/2001: Surf's Up, Thumbs Down
11/20/2001: Farm Boy Toy
11/19/2001: Beauty and the Freak
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
Say What?
'Rendez-View' with Cupid
Hunting for a Husband
Coffee, Tea or Me?
Harleys and Hot Tubs

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Premiered: September 01, 2001, on Syndicated
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Premise: Guest stars critiqued couples' videotaped dates in a reality-based series. The eclectic group of critics included rapper Coolio, comic Kathleen Madigan, actors Jere Burns and Kim Coles, and comedian Gilbert Gottfried.


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