Queen Latifah Episodes

1999, TV Show

Episode Detail: Women Who Refuse to Stop Dating Married Men - Queen Latifah

Women and married men.

Episodes: Queen Latifah (334)

9/3/2001: Lie Detector for Mates Who Disappeared over the Holidays
8/31/2001: QL and Producers Favorite Guests
8/28/2001: Teens Sentenced as Adults
8/22/2001: Staff Makeovers 2
8/21/2001: Trading Places 8
8/17/2001: Wrongfully Accused
8/15/2001: QL's Teen Weight Loss Challenge
8/9/2001: Wrongfully Accused
7/18/2001: QL's Most Extreme Racists
7/3/2001: 24 Hours to Prove You Wrong
6/26/2001: Fanatics
6/25/2001: Chaperone Date #1/Snoop Dogg
6/20/2001: Day of Compassion
6/19/2001: Staff Makeovers
6/18/2001: Street Justice
6/14/2001: QL's Greatest Giveaways and Biggest Surprises
6/13/2001: Mothers and Girlfriends Compete: Who Knows You Best
6/12/2001: Hidden Cameras Catch Racial Profiling
6/11/2001: Positive Guest Updates
6/6/2001: Queen Latifah's Most Drastic Transformations
6/5/2001: Trading Places 7
6/4/2001: Grandparents Tired of Raising Their Daughters' Babies
5/29/2001: Lifestyle Makeovers with Anthony Mark Hankins
5/25/2001: Hypnotist Flip Orley and a Hypnotized QL Audience
5/23/2001: QL's Favorite Liars
5/22/2001: Spanking: A Queen Latifah In-Home Camera Project
5/21/2001: Too Hot to Hang with You
5/16/2001: Children Confront Parents: You Abandoned Me for Your New Man
5/15/2001: QL Viewers Confront Memorable Past Guests
5/14/2001: Women Who Refuse to Stop Dating Married Men
5/11/2001: Honoring Mothers for Mother's Day
5/10/2001: QL's Angriest Teens
5/9/2001: Chaperone Date II
5/8/2001: Our Sex Life Is Gone and I Want to Know Why
5/7/2001: Our Sex Life Is Gone and I Want to Know Why
4/26/2001: If You're Lying, You're Going to Pay
4/25/2001: Problem Teens Meet Judge Greg Mathis
4/24/2001: Testing the Kindness of Strangers
4/23/2001: QL's Army
4/19/2001: Stop Raising Your Kids to Be Racist
4/18/2001: Workplace Violence
4/17/2001: Lost Love Reunions & an Interview with Mya
4/16/2001: Too Young for a Baby
4/11/2001: Suicide Hate Crime
4/10/2001: Queen Latifah Delivers Good News
4/9/2001: Young Boys Ask Moms to Resolve Paternity Mysteries
4/4/2001: Before I Get Married I Want One Last Fling
4/3/2001: Before I Get Married I Want One Last Fling
3/28/2001: I Hate My Race
3/27/2001: A Day in the Life of a Polygamist
3/26/2001: Re-Take the Test
3/26/2001: Anything for a Buck; Snoop Dogg
3/23/2001: The Cast of The Brothers
3/21/2001: Get Your Act Together Before You Turn 18 or You're Out
3/20/2001: Change Look for a Day/Macy Gray
3/19/2001: Fix Up My Racist Friend on an Interracial Date
3/7/2001: Queen Latifah's Talent Search; Shaggy
3/6/2001: Hidden Cameras Catch Racial Profiling
3/5/2001: Best Friend Date Competition
3/2/2001: Destiny's Child
3/1/2001: Teens and Pre-Teens Convicted of Murder and Sentenced as Adults
2/28/2001: Viewers Sound Off On Queen Latifah and Her Guests
2/28/2001: Stick to Your Own Race Or You're Out of My Life
2/27/2001: Women Defend the Right to Use Their Bodies
2/26/2001: In Home Cameras Spotlight Violent Teens
2/23/2001: You'll Never Appear in a Music Video/Evan and Jaron
2/22/2001: Teen Paternity
2/21/2001: Teen Paternity
2/20/2001: Mothers and Daughters Get Makeovers/Shaggy
2/19/2001: Where Is My Teen Getting All That Cash?
2/16/2001: Please Accept My Bi-Racial Baby
2/15/2001: Convincing a Friend to Leave an Unfaithful Mate
2/14/2001: Surprise Marriage Proposals
2/13/2001: Stop Pushing Your Racist Views on Me
2/12/2001: Look at Me Now/3LW
2/7/2001: Women with Paternity Issues Get Answers
2/5/2001: Cameras in the Home of Troubled Teens
2/5/2001: Women with Paternity Issues Get Answers
2/2/2001: Too Hot to Get a Date
2/2/2001: I'm Too Hot to Hang Around With
2/1/2001: Lie Detectors for Teens Who Deny Being Sexually Active
1/31/2001: Ask for Forgiveness
1/30/2001: Nerd-to-Knockout Makeovers
1/29/2001: Parents Who Let Their Teens Party and Have Sex at Home
1/25/2001: All About Breasts
1/24/2001: In-Home Cameras Catch Controlling Husbands
1/23/2001: Responsible Kids---Irresponsible Parents
1/22/2001: Get My Teen Back in School
1/16/2001: Biological Reunions
1/15/2001: Women Who Date Dangerous Men
1/10/2001: Give My Disappearing Mate a Lie Detector Test
1/9/2001: Tomboy Makeovers
1/8/2001: Women Who Cheat
1/4/2001: Break Up for a Day Part 2/Splender
1/3/2001: Break Up for a Day Part 1/Avant
1/2/2001: Paternity Updates
12/22/2000: Confronting Women Who Use Men for Money
12/21/2000: Wesley Snipes
12/20/2000: In-Home Cameras Catch Parents Who Spank Their Kids
12/19/2000: Families in Conflict: Interracial Relationships
12/18/2000: Men Who Say They Were Trapped by a Pregnancy
12/15/2000: Queen Latifah Talent Search Final
12/14/2000: Overweight Teens Confront Family Bullies
12/13/2000: Hidden Cameras Capture Racial Profiling
12/12/2000: I Lost 100 LBS...Look at Me Now/Carnie Wilson/Baha Men
12/11/2000: I Refuse to Date My Own Race
12/8/2000: Extreme-Looking Moms & Daughters Get Makeovers/Pink
12/7/2000: In-Home Cameras Spotlight: Angry Teens
12/6/2000: Take the Test...Clear the Air
12/5/2000: Kids Make Parents' Dreams Come True/Billy Ray Cyrus
12/4/2000: Fake for a Day with Job Switch Co-host; Macy Gray
12/1/2000: Queen Latifah's Trading Places
11/30/2000: Surprise Makeovers for Women in Uniform/Job Switch: Latifah Gives Tours on a Double Decker Bus
11/29/2000: Unforgettable Guest Updates/Lee Ann Womack
11/28/2000: I Refuse to Love Your Biracial Baby
11/27/2000: I Think You're Cheating and It's Time to Make a Choice
11/24/2000: Trading Places IV
11/23/2000: Makeovers: Blue Collar to Bombshell/Lil' Bow Wow
11/22/2000: Parents Demand a Paternity Test From the Man Who Denies Getting Their Teen Daughter Pregnant
11/21/2000: Makeovers for Moms Who Dress and Act like Teens.
11/20/2000: In-Home Camera Spotlight: Teen Girls in Turmoil
11/16/2000: Queen Latifah's Trading Places
11/15/2000: Teens with Paternity Issues
11/14/2000: Extreme-Looking Teens Get Makeovers/'N Sync Fantasy
11/13/2000: People Who Hate Their Own Race
11/10/2000: 2000 November 17
11/9/2000: Families in Conflict over Interracial Relationships/Queen Latifah's Trading Places II
11/8/2000: I'm Concerned About My Daughter's Behavior
11/7/2000: Will You Act Like a Dad When I Prove You're My Child's Father?
11/3/2000: I'm Brand New Since I Last Saw You
11/2/2000: Queen Latifah's Trading Places
11/1/2000: Latifah on Location: The Vice President Meets America's Young Voters
10/31/2000: Surprise Marriage Proposals
10/30/2000: Betrayed by My Sister
10/26/2000: Kids Hook Single Moms Who Haven't Dated in Years
10/25/2000: Gang Girls Visit the Gravesite of Gang Victim
10/24/2000: I Want to Thank the Person Who Saved My Life
10/23/2000: My Mom Abandoned Me When She Found a New Man
10/20/2000: 2000 October 20
10/19/2000: Mothers Confront Daughters: Learn to Raise Your Baby or I'll Take Her Away From You
10/17/2000: Queen Latifah Makes Viewers Dreams Come True
10/16/2000: Relationships at a Crossroads: A Test Will Determine Their Future
10/13/2000: Makeovers: From Blue Collar to Bombshell
10/12/2000: Help for Wives of Cheating Lovers
10/11/2000: Women Defend Their Right to Wear What They Want
10/10/2000: Women Confront the Men Who Control Their Lives
10/9/2000: Men Who Say They Were Trapped by Pregnancy
10/6/2000: I Was a Kid Star...Can You Guess Who I Am?
10/5/2000: Husbands Threatening to Divorce Their Overweight Wives
10/4/2000: Queen Latifah Talent Search Finalists
10/3/2000: Confronting Women Who Use Men for Money
10/2/2000: Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader and Special Guest Phil Donahue
9/29/2000: Queen Latifah Model Search/Carl Thomas/Sean Combs
9/28/2000: Extreme Looking Moms and Daughters Get Makeovers
9/27/2000: I Can Look and Sing Like the Real Thing
9/26/2000: In Home Cameras Catch Parents Who Spank Their Kids
9/25/2000: You're Too Young to Have a Baby
9/22/2000: Shaquille O'Neal/Wyclef Jean
9/21/2000: Families in Conflict: Interracial Relationships
9/20/2000: Mates Obsessed with Appearance
9/19/2000: Overweight Teens Confront Family Bullies
9/18/2000: Carson Daly/D.L. Hughley/Cleopatra
9/15/2000: Jamie Foxx, Lil' Kim Fanatic Survivor Competition Finale
9/14/2000: Dating Game Survivor-Style
9/13/2000: Wesley Snipes, Sinead O'Connor, Lil' Kim Fanatic Survivor Competition II
9/12/2000: In-Home Camera Spotlight: Angry Teens
9/11/2000: Look at Me Now
9/7/2000: Biracial Family Reunions
9/7/2000: You Can Do It!
9/4/2000: When a Woman Is Fed Up...With Her Controlling Man
8/31/2000: Betrayed by My Sister
8/30/2000: Life-Changing Guest Updates
8/30/2000: When Your Gut Says He's Cheating
8/29/2000: Date Within Your Race
8/28/2000: Mothers Beg Their Daughters to Leave Their Gangs
8/28/2000: Mom, Stop Partying With Your Kids!
8/25/2000: Materialistic Teens
8/25/2000: Do It with Latifah
8/24/2000: If I Can't Have You, No One Can
8/22/2000: Check 'Em Out Now
8/21/2000: The Fight to Save a Ten-Year-Old Runaway
8/18/2000: Free Time: Kids Talk, Parents Listen
8/11/2000: Female Sex Addicts Cry Out for Help
7/28/2000: Queen Latifah's Best Reunions
7/25/2000: Tragedy at Buell Elementary: Exclusive Interview with the Accused Killer's Mother
7/21/2000: Queen Latifah's Best Surprises
7/20/2000: Apologies from the Other Woman
7/14/2000: Queen Latifah's Most Memorable Guests
7/7/2000: Queen Latifah's Troubled Teens
7/5/2000: Internet Affairs Destroying Marriages
6/15/2000: Second Chances
6/14/2000: Life on the Streets
6/9/2000: Ladies First
6/8/2000: Change the World with Your Vote
6/7/2000: Coming Back from the Dead
6/6/2000: Tragedy to Triumph Surprise Makeovers
6/5/2000: Can Your Relationship Survive an Affair?
6/2/2000: Hip for a Day
6/1/2000: Teens in Crisis
5/30/2000: Girlfriend Bond
5/26/2000: When Weddings & Honeymoons Go Wrong
5/25/2000: Learn to Love Yourself with Trisha Yearwood
5/24/2000: I Wasn't There, How Can I Make It Up To You?
5/23/2000: Blaming a Family Member for a Tragedy
5/22/2000: Help Me Find the One I Love
5/19/2000: Suburban Swingers
5/17/2000: Single Moms Selling Out
5/16/2000: Biracial Children: Whom Do I Belong To?
5/15/2000: Teens Desperate to Have Babies: Convincing Them to Wait
5/12/2000: Time Is Running Out: Last Chance Reunions
5/11/2000: You Have to Choose: Your Child or Me?
5/10/2000: Why Does My Child Hit Me?
5/9/2000: Help Me Live My Fantasy
5/8/2000: Families Torn Apart by Interracial Love
5/5/2000: Behind Closed Doors: Couples and Sex
5/4/2000: Backyard Wrestling: Is This Craze Out of Control?
5/3/2000: Families Torn Apart by Money
5/2/2000: Surprising Guest Updates: What's Happened Since the Show
5/1/2000: Mom, I'm Sorry: Will You Forgive Me?
4/28/2000: Help Me Solve My Family Mystery: Surprise Reunions
4/27/2000: You Won't Believe What I Look like Now
4/26/2000: Did My Family Betray Me?
4/25/2000: I Didn't Know How to Find You 'til I Saw You on Latifah
4/24/2000: How Can I Love the Other Woman's Baby?
4/21/2000: Cries for Help from Overweight Teens
4/20/2000: Help Me Stop My Friend/Family Member From Dating Married Men
4/19/2000: It's Now or Never: Can We Save Our Relationship?
4/17/2000: It's Time You Tell Me Why You Left
4/10/2000: LL Cool J
4/7/2000: Mom, Why Don't You Love Me?
4/6/2000: Stop Trying to Change Me: I'm Gay
4/4/2000: Help Me Stop the Violence with Eve
4/3/2000: Lifesaving Medical Miracles
3/31/2000: Celebrity Sit-Down with Ice Cube, Angie Everhart and Nick Turturro
3/30/2000: I Want My Parents to Get Married Today
3/27/2000: Help Me Get My Teen Back in School
3/23/2000: Teens: Too Young to Marry
3/22/2000: Queen Latifah's 30th Birthday Surprise Party
3/20/2000: Runaways Reunited with Parents
3/17/2000: Stop Shoplifting Before You Go to Jail
3/16/2000: It's Time: Let Go of That Relationship
3/15/2000: Parents Raising Kids to Use Guns
3/13/2000: Biracial Family Reunions
3/9/2000: You Owe Me an Explanation
3/7/2000: Should I Stay Or Should I Go
3/6/2000: Senator Bill Bradley and a Look Back at Celebrity Issues
3/3/2000: DMX: Parents Confront Their Troubled Teens
3/2/2000: Why Can't You Let Go of That Man?
3/1/2000: Make A Decision: Your Mother or Me?
2/29/2000: You Need Help Today: Families Confronting Addiction
2/29/2000: Blue-Collar Slobs to Sexy Heartthrobs/Debelah Morgan
2/28/2000: A Family in Crisis: 11 Children Confront the Father Who Betrayed Them
2/25/2000: I Demand My Ex Let Me See My Child
2/24/2000: Will You Give Me a Second Chance at Love?
2/23/2000: Today I'll Find Out if My Lover Betrayed Me
2/21/2000: Free Time: The Sex Lives of Teens
2/18/2000: Queen Latifah Talent Search 3
2/17/2000: I Want You To Love My Biracial Baby
2/15/2000: I Lost 100 lbs.: Look at Me Now!
2/14/2000: Cheating Parents: Kids Caught in the Middle
2/11/2000: Surprise: Today Viewers' Dreams Come True
2/10/2000: We've Found Your Long Lost Family
2/9/2000: Unforgettable Guest Updates
2/8/2000: Please Help Mom Find a Rich Man
2/7/2000: Can Our Stepfamily Be Saved?
2/4/2000: Mary J. Blige; Lauryn Hill
2/3/2000: When Racism Destoys a Family
2/1/2000: Revealing a Secret to Save Our Relationship
1/28/2000: Girls Give Sex for Love
1/27/2000: I'll Give My Family One Last Chance
1/21/2000: Whoopi Goldberg Unscripted
1/19/2000: Mom, Please Give Me Back My Baby
1/14/2000: Conquering Extreme Fears
1/12/2000: Responsible Kids: Irresponsible Parents
1/10/2000: Parents Scared for Their Teens Lives
1/7/2000: Stepfamilies in Crisis
1/6/2000: Girl Gangsters: Will They Leave Their Gangs?
1/5/2000: Rosie O'Donnell/Sugar Ray
1/5/2000: Prove You Have Talent/Mystikal
1/3/2000: Outrageous Confessions
12/31/1999: The Queen Latifah Talent Search
12/30/1999: Kids Say Mom Chose New Husband over Them
12/29/1999: Kids Hook Up Their Single Parents
12/28/1999: I Demand an Apology
12/27/1999: Surprise Will You Marry Me?
12/24/1999: Christmas Special
12/23/1999: Hot Movies for the Holiday
12/22/1999: Dreams Come True
12/21/1999: Snoop Dogg
12/20/1999: I Can't Believe You Do That on the Internet
12/17/1999: La Detectors: The Truth Revealed
12/16/1999: One Last Ultimatum
12/14/1999: Overweight Teens
12/13/1999: When Discipline Divides a Family
12/10/1999: Sexy Mothers and Daughters Who Compete
12/8/1999: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
12/3/1999: Living Out a Fantasy: Karaoke Day
11/29/1999: Best Friend Betrayal: I Demand an Explanation
11/26/1999: Parents Who Spy on Their Kids
11/25/1999: Thanksgiving Day Show
11/22/1999: Diary of a Prostitute
11/19/1999: The Queen Latifah Talent Search
11/17/1999: Girls Who Date Dangerous Men
11/16/1999: Unbelievable Surprises
11/12/1999: Denzel Washington
11/10/1999: Marry Me or It's Over
11/9/1999: Race-on-Race Racism
11/8/1999: Race on Race Racism
11/4/1999: Women Who Play Men
11/2/1999: Big Beautiful Makeovers
11/1/1999: Surprise Hook-Ups
10/29/1999: Body Image
10/28/1999: Jealousy Is Ruining Our Relationship
10/26/1999: Flash Without the Cash
10/25/1999: What Women Want
10/22/1999: All About Hair
10/20/1999: Whiteboys
10/18/1999: Teen Domestic Violence
10/15/1999: Couples Compatibility Challenge
10/14/1999: Women Who Date Oustide Their Race
10/12/1999: Vivica A. Fox
10/11/1999: Estranged Fathers and Daughters
10/7/1999: Teens in Crisis: Drinking and Drugs
10/6/1999: Reuniting Lost Loves
10/5/1999: When Young Girls Want Babies
10/1/1999: Ashley Judd/Luscious Jackson
9/29/1999: Puff Daddy
9/27/1999: I Will Support This Baby if It's Mine
9/23/1999: Lenny Kravitz/Jordan Knight
9/22/1999: Teens Who Feel Unpretty
9/20/1999: Second Chances
9/20/1999: When Outcasts Turn Violent
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