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1999, TV Show

Episode Detail: Hip for a Day - Queen Latifah

Destiny's Child performs on a program that features guest makeovers orchestrated by rap pioneer Russell Simmons, his wife Kimora Lee Simmons and Andy Hilfiger using gear from Phat Farm and Tommy Hilfiger. Queen Latifah hosts.

Episodes: Queen Latifah (334)

9/3/2001: Lie Detector for Mates Who Disappeared over the Holidays
8/31/2001: QL and Producers Favorite Guests
8/28/2001: Teens Sentenced as Adults
8/22/2001: Staff Makeovers 2
8/21/2001: Trading Places 8
8/17/2001: Wrongfully Accused
8/15/2001: QL's Teen Weight Loss Challenge
8/9/2001: Wrongfully Accused
7/18/2001: QL's Most Extreme Racists
7/3/2001: 24 Hours to Prove You Wrong
6/26/2001: Fanatics
6/25/2001: Chaperone Date #1/Snoop Dogg
6/20/2001: Day of Compassion
6/19/2001: Staff Makeovers
6/18/2001: Street Justice
6/14/2001: QL's Greatest Giveaways and Biggest Surprises
6/13/2001: Mothers and Girlfriends Compete: Who Knows You Best
6/12/2001: Hidden Cameras Catch Racial Profiling
6/11/2001: Positive Guest Updates
6/6/2001: Queen Latifah's Most Drastic Transformations
6/5/2001: Trading Places 7
6/4/2001: Grandparents Tired of Raising Their Daughters' Babies
5/29/2001: Lifestyle Makeovers with Anthony Mark Hankins
5/25/2001: Hypnotist Flip Orley and a Hypnotized QL Audience
5/23/2001: QL's Favorite Liars
5/22/2001: Spanking: A Queen Latifah In-Home Camera Project
5/21/2001: Too Hot to Hang with You
5/16/2001: Children Confront Parents: You Abandoned Me for Your New Man
5/15/2001: QL Viewers Confront Memorable Past Guests
5/14/2001: Women Who Refuse to Stop Dating Married Men
5/11/2001: Honoring Mothers for Mother's Day
5/10/2001: QL's Angriest Teens
5/9/2001: Chaperone Date II
5/8/2001: Our Sex Life Is Gone and I Want to Know Why
5/7/2001: Our Sex Life Is Gone and I Want to Know Why
4/26/2001: If You're Lying, You're Going to Pay
4/25/2001: Problem Teens Meet Judge Greg Mathis
4/24/2001: Testing the Kindness of Strangers
4/23/2001: QL's Army
4/19/2001: Stop Raising Your Kids to Be Racist
4/18/2001: Workplace Violence
4/17/2001: Lost Love Reunions & an Interview with Mya
4/16/2001: Too Young for a Baby
4/11/2001: Suicide Hate Crime
4/10/2001: Queen Latifah Delivers Good News
4/9/2001: Young Boys Ask Moms to Resolve Paternity Mysteries
4/4/2001: Before I Get Married I Want One Last Fling
4/3/2001: Before I Get Married I Want One Last Fling
3/28/2001: I Hate My Race
3/27/2001: A Day in the Life of a Polygamist
3/26/2001: Re-Take the Test
3/26/2001: Anything for a Buck; Snoop Dogg
3/23/2001: The Cast of The Brothers
3/21/2001: Get Your Act Together Before You Turn 18 or You're Out
3/20/2001: Change Look for a Day/Macy Gray
3/19/2001: Fix Up My Racist Friend on an Interracial Date
3/7/2001: Queen Latifah's Talent Search; Shaggy
3/6/2001: Hidden Cameras Catch Racial Profiling
3/5/2001: Best Friend Date Competition
3/2/2001: Destiny's Child
3/1/2001: Teens and Pre-Teens Convicted of Murder and Sentenced as Adults
2/28/2001: Viewers Sound Off On Queen Latifah and Her Guests
2/28/2001: Stick to Your Own Race Or You're Out of My Life
2/27/2001: Women Defend the Right to Use Their Bodies
2/26/2001: In Home Cameras Spotlight Violent Teens
2/23/2001: You'll Never Appear in a Music Video/Evan and Jaron
2/22/2001: Teen Paternity
2/21/2001: Teen Paternity
2/20/2001: Mothers and Daughters Get Makeovers/Shaggy
2/19/2001: Where Is My Teen Getting All That Cash?
2/16/2001: Please Accept My Bi-Racial Baby
2/15/2001: Convincing a Friend to Leave an Unfaithful Mate
2/14/2001: Surprise Marriage Proposals
2/13/2001: Stop Pushing Your Racist Views on Me
2/12/2001: Look at Me Now/3LW
2/7/2001: Women with Paternity Issues Get Answers
2/5/2001: Cameras in the Home of Troubled Teens
2/5/2001: Women with Paternity Issues Get Answers
2/2/2001: Too Hot to Get a Date
2/2/2001: I'm Too Hot to Hang Around With
2/1/2001: Lie Detectors for Teens Who Deny Being Sexually Active
1/31/2001: Ask for Forgiveness
1/30/2001: Nerd-to-Knockout Makeovers
1/29/2001: Parents Who Let Their Teens Party and Have Sex at Home
1/25/2001: All About Breasts
1/24/2001: In-Home Cameras Catch Controlling Husbands
1/23/2001: Responsible Kids---Irresponsible Parents
1/22/2001: Get My Teen Back in School
1/16/2001: Biological Reunions
1/15/2001: Women Who Date Dangerous Men
1/10/2001: Give My Disappearing Mate a Lie Detector Test
1/9/2001: Tomboy Makeovers
1/8/2001: Women Who Cheat
1/4/2001: Break Up for a Day Part 2/Splender
1/3/2001: Break Up for a Day Part 1/Avant
1/2/2001: Paternity Updates
12/22/2000: Confronting Women Who Use Men for Money
12/21/2000: Wesley Snipes
12/20/2000: In-Home Cameras Catch Parents Who Spank Their Kids
12/19/2000: Families in Conflict: Interracial Relationships
12/18/2000: Men Who Say They Were Trapped by a Pregnancy
12/15/2000: Queen Latifah Talent Search Final
12/14/2000: Overweight Teens Confront Family Bullies
12/13/2000: Hidden Cameras Capture Racial Profiling
12/12/2000: I Lost 100 LBS...Look at Me Now/Carnie Wilson/Baha Men
12/11/2000: I Refuse to Date My Own Race
12/8/2000: Extreme-Looking Moms & Daughters Get Makeovers/Pink
12/7/2000: In-Home Cameras Spotlight: Angry Teens
12/6/2000: Take the Test...Clear the Air
12/5/2000: Kids Make Parents' Dreams Come True/Billy Ray Cyrus
12/4/2000: Fake for a Day with Job Switch Co-host; Macy Gray
12/1/2000: Queen Latifah's Trading Places
11/30/2000: Surprise Makeovers for Women in Uniform/Job Switch: Latifah Gives Tours on a Double Decker Bus
11/29/2000: Unforgettable Guest Updates/Lee Ann Womack
11/28/2000: I Refuse to Love Your Biracial Baby
11/27/2000: I Think You're Cheating and It's Time to Make a Choice
11/24/2000: Trading Places IV
11/23/2000: Makeovers: Blue Collar to Bombshell/Lil' Bow Wow
11/22/2000: Parents Demand a Paternity Test From the Man Who Denies Getting Their Teen Daughter Pregnant
11/21/2000: Makeovers for Moms Who Dress and Act like Teens.
11/20/2000: In-Home Camera Spotlight: Teen Girls in Turmoil
11/16/2000: Queen Latifah's Trading Places
11/15/2000: Teens with Paternity Issues
11/14/2000: Extreme-Looking Teens Get Makeovers/'N Sync Fantasy
11/13/2000: People Who Hate Their Own Race
11/10/2000: 2000 November 17
11/9/2000: Families in Conflict over Interracial Relationships/Queen Latifah's Trading Places II
11/8/2000: I'm Concerned About My Daughter's Behavior
11/7/2000: Will You Act Like a Dad When I Prove You're My Child's Father?
11/3/2000: I'm Brand New Since I Last Saw You
11/2/2000: Queen Latifah's Trading Places
11/1/2000: Latifah on Location: The Vice President Meets America's Young Voters
10/31/2000: Surprise Marriage Proposals
10/30/2000: Betrayed by My Sister
10/26/2000: Kids Hook Single Moms Who Haven't Dated in Years
10/25/2000: Gang Girls Visit the Gravesite of Gang Victim
10/24/2000: I Want to Thank the Person Who Saved My Life
10/23/2000: My Mom Abandoned Me When She Found a New Man
10/20/2000: 2000 October 20
10/19/2000: Mothers Confront Daughters: Learn to Raise Your Baby or I'll Take Her Away From You
10/17/2000: Queen Latifah Makes Viewers Dreams Come True
10/16/2000: Relationships at a Crossroads: A Test Will Determine Their Future
10/13/2000: Makeovers: From Blue Collar to Bombshell
10/12/2000: Help for Wives of Cheating Lovers
10/11/2000: Women Defend Their Right to Wear What They Want
10/10/2000: Women Confront the Men Who Control Their Lives
10/9/2000: Men Who Say They Were Trapped by Pregnancy
10/6/2000: I Was a Kid Star...Can You Guess Who I Am?
10/5/2000: Husbands Threatening to Divorce Their Overweight Wives
10/4/2000: Queen Latifah Talent Search Finalists
10/3/2000: Confronting Women Who Use Men for Money
10/2/2000: Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader and Special Guest Phil Donahue
9/29/2000: Queen Latifah Model Search/Carl Thomas/Sean Combs
9/28/2000: Extreme Looking Moms and Daughters Get Makeovers
9/27/2000: I Can Look and Sing Like the Real Thing
9/26/2000: In Home Cameras Catch Parents Who Spank Their Kids
9/25/2000: You're Too Young to Have a Baby
9/22/2000: Shaquille O'Neal/Wyclef Jean
9/21/2000: Families in Conflict: Interracial Relationships
9/20/2000: Mates Obsessed with Appearance
9/19/2000: Overweight Teens Confront Family Bullies
9/18/2000: Carson Daly/D.L. Hughley/Cleopatra
9/15/2000: Jamie Foxx, Lil' Kim Fanatic Survivor Competition Finale
9/14/2000: Dating Game Survivor-Style
9/13/2000: Wesley Snipes, Sinead O'Connor, Lil' Kim Fanatic Survivor Competition II
9/12/2000: In-Home Camera Spotlight: Angry Teens
9/11/2000: Look at Me Now
9/7/2000: Biracial Family Reunions
9/7/2000: You Can Do It!
9/4/2000: When a Woman Is Fed Up...With Her Controlling Man
8/31/2000: Betrayed by My Sister
8/30/2000: Life-Changing Guest Updates
8/30/2000: When Your Gut Says He's Cheating
8/29/2000: Date Within Your Race
8/28/2000: Mothers Beg Their Daughters to Leave Their Gangs
8/28/2000: Mom, Stop Partying With Your Kids!
8/25/2000: Materialistic Teens
8/25/2000: Do It with Latifah
8/24/2000: If I Can't Have You, No One Can
8/22/2000: Check 'Em Out Now
8/21/2000: The Fight to Save a Ten-Year-Old Runaway
8/18/2000: Free Time: Kids Talk, Parents Listen
8/11/2000: Female Sex Addicts Cry Out for Help
7/28/2000: Queen Latifah's Best Reunions
7/25/2000: Tragedy at Buell Elementary: Exclusive Interview with the Accused Killer's Mother
7/21/2000: Queen Latifah's Best Surprises
7/20/2000: Apologies from the Other Woman
7/14/2000: Queen Latifah's Most Memorable Guests
7/7/2000: Queen Latifah's Troubled Teens
7/5/2000: Internet Affairs Destroying Marriages
6/15/2000: Second Chances
6/14/2000: Life on the Streets
6/9/2000: Ladies First
6/8/2000: Change the World with Your Vote
6/7/2000: Coming Back from the Dead
6/6/2000: Tragedy to Triumph Surprise Makeovers
6/5/2000: Can Your Relationship Survive an Affair?
6/2/2000: Hip for a Day
6/1/2000: Teens in Crisis
5/30/2000: Girlfriend Bond
5/26/2000: When Weddings & Honeymoons Go Wrong
5/25/2000: Learn to Love Yourself with Trisha Yearwood
5/24/2000: I Wasn't There, How Can I Make It Up To You?
5/23/2000: Blaming a Family Member for a Tragedy
5/22/2000: Help Me Find the One I Love
5/19/2000: Suburban Swingers
5/17/2000: Single Moms Selling Out
5/16/2000: Biracial Children: Whom Do I Belong To?
5/15/2000: Teens Desperate to Have Babies: Convincing Them to Wait
5/12/2000: Time Is Running Out: Last Chance Reunions
5/11/2000: You Have to Choose: Your Child or Me?
5/10/2000: Why Does My Child Hit Me?
5/9/2000: Help Me Live My Fantasy
5/8/2000: Families Torn Apart by Interracial Love
5/5/2000: Behind Closed Doors: Couples and Sex
5/4/2000: Backyard Wrestling: Is This Craze Out of Control?
5/3/2000: Families Torn Apart by Money
5/2/2000: Surprising Guest Updates: What's Happened Since the Show
5/1/2000: Mom, I'm Sorry: Will You Forgive Me?
4/28/2000: Help Me Solve My Family Mystery: Surprise Reunions
4/27/2000: You Won't Believe What I Look like Now
4/26/2000: Did My Family Betray Me?
4/25/2000: I Didn't Know How to Find You 'til I Saw You on Latifah
4/24/2000: How Can I Love the Other Woman's Baby?
4/21/2000: Cries for Help from Overweight Teens
4/20/2000: Help Me Stop My Friend/Family Member From Dating Married Men
4/19/2000: It's Now or Never: Can We Save Our Relationship?
4/17/2000: It's Time You Tell Me Why You Left
4/10/2000: LL Cool J
4/7/2000: Mom, Why Don't You Love Me?
4/6/2000: Stop Trying to Change Me: I'm Gay
4/4/2000: Help Me Stop the Violence with Eve
4/3/2000: Lifesaving Medical Miracles
3/31/2000: Celebrity Sit-Down with Ice Cube, Angie Everhart and Nick Turturro
3/30/2000: I Want My Parents to Get Married Today
3/27/2000: Help Me Get My Teen Back in School
3/23/2000: Teens: Too Young to Marry
3/22/2000: Queen Latifah's 30th Birthday Surprise Party
3/20/2000: Runaways Reunited with Parents
3/17/2000: Stop Shoplifting Before You Go to Jail
3/16/2000: It's Time: Let Go of That Relationship
3/15/2000: Parents Raising Kids to Use Guns
3/13/2000: Biracial Family Reunions
3/9/2000: You Owe Me an Explanation
3/7/2000: Should I Stay Or Should I Go
3/6/2000: Senator Bill Bradley and a Look Back at Celebrity Issues
3/3/2000: DMX: Parents Confront Their Troubled Teens
3/2/2000: Why Can't You Let Go of That Man?
3/1/2000: Make A Decision: Your Mother or Me?
2/29/2000: You Need Help Today: Families Confronting Addiction
2/29/2000: Blue-Collar Slobs to Sexy Heartthrobs/Debelah Morgan
2/28/2000: A Family in Crisis: 11 Children Confront the Father Who Betrayed Them
2/25/2000: I Demand My Ex Let Me See My Child
2/24/2000: Will You Give Me a Second Chance at Love?
2/23/2000: Today I'll Find Out if My Lover Betrayed Me
2/21/2000: Free Time: The Sex Lives of Teens
2/18/2000: Queen Latifah Talent Search 3
2/17/2000: I Want You To Love My Biracial Baby
2/15/2000: I Lost 100 lbs.: Look at Me Now!
2/14/2000: Cheating Parents: Kids Caught in the Middle
2/11/2000: Surprise: Today Viewers' Dreams Come True
2/10/2000: We've Found Your Long Lost Family
2/9/2000: Unforgettable Guest Updates
2/8/2000: Please Help Mom Find a Rich Man
2/7/2000: Can Our Stepfamily Be Saved?
2/4/2000: Mary J. Blige; Lauryn Hill
2/3/2000: When Racism Destoys a Family
2/1/2000: Revealing a Secret to Save Our Relationship
1/28/2000: Girls Give Sex for Love
1/27/2000: I'll Give My Family One Last Chance
1/21/2000: Whoopi Goldberg Unscripted
1/19/2000: Mom, Please Give Me Back My Baby
1/14/2000: Conquering Extreme Fears
1/12/2000: Responsible Kids: Irresponsible Parents
1/10/2000: Parents Scared for Their Teens Lives
1/7/2000: Stepfamilies in Crisis
1/6/2000: Girl Gangsters: Will They Leave Their Gangs?
1/5/2000: Rosie O'Donnell/Sugar Ray
1/5/2000: Prove You Have Talent/Mystikal
1/3/2000: Outrageous Confessions
12/31/1999: The Queen Latifah Talent Search
12/30/1999: Kids Say Mom Chose New Husband over Them
12/29/1999: Kids Hook Up Their Single Parents
12/28/1999: I Demand an Apology
12/27/1999: Surprise Will You Marry Me?
12/24/1999: Christmas Special
12/23/1999: Hot Movies for the Holiday
12/22/1999: Dreams Come True
12/21/1999: Snoop Dogg
12/20/1999: I Can't Believe You Do That on the Internet
12/17/1999: La Detectors: The Truth Revealed
12/16/1999: One Last Ultimatum
12/14/1999: Overweight Teens
12/13/1999: When Discipline Divides a Family
12/10/1999: Sexy Mothers and Daughters Who Compete
12/8/1999: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
12/3/1999: Living Out a Fantasy: Karaoke Day
11/29/1999: Best Friend Betrayal: I Demand an Explanation
11/26/1999: Parents Who Spy on Their Kids
11/25/1999: Thanksgiving Day Show
11/22/1999: Diary of a Prostitute
11/19/1999: The Queen Latifah Talent Search
11/17/1999: Girls Who Date Dangerous Men
11/16/1999: Unbelievable Surprises
11/12/1999: Denzel Washington
11/10/1999: Marry Me or It's Over
11/9/1999: Race-on-Race Racism
11/8/1999: Race on Race Racism
11/4/1999: Women Who Play Men
11/2/1999: Big Beautiful Makeovers
11/1/1999: Surprise Hook-Ups
10/29/1999: Body Image
10/28/1999: Jealousy Is Ruining Our Relationship
10/26/1999: Flash Without the Cash
10/25/1999: What Women Want
10/22/1999: All About Hair
10/20/1999: Whiteboys
10/18/1999: Teen Domestic Violence
10/15/1999: Couples Compatibility Challenge
10/14/1999: Women Who Date Oustide Their Race
10/12/1999: Vivica A. Fox
10/11/1999: Estranged Fathers and Daughters
10/7/1999: Teens in Crisis: Drinking and Drugs
10/6/1999: Reuniting Lost Loves
10/5/1999: When Young Girls Want Babies
10/1/1999: Ashley Judd/Luscious Jackson
9/29/1999: Puff Daddy
9/27/1999: I Will Support This Baby if It's Mine
9/23/1999: Lenny Kravitz/Jordan Knight
9/22/1999: Teens Who Feel Unpretty
9/20/1999: Second Chances
9/20/1999: When Outcasts Turn Violent
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Premise: A daily talk show including celebrity interviews, topical discussions and `The Queen's Army,' an in-house comedy troupe that featured Rita Owens, the host's mother.



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