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2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: Snake Killers: Honey Badgers of the Kalahari; Lemur Rescue - National Geographic Explorer

Included: South African researchers Keith and Colleen Begg observe honey badgers in the Kalahari Desert; primatologist Mireya Mayor works to save lemurs in Madagascar.

Episodes: National Geographic Explorer (474)

3/28/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/20/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/19/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/18/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/17/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/16/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/15/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/14/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/13/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/11/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/10/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/9/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/8/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/5/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/4/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/3/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/1/2005: National Geographic Explorer
6/19/2004: Tiger Sharks
4/23/2004: Making of 'Roar'
3/28/2004: Poison
3/22/2004: Rat
3/21/2004: Fearsome Frogs
3/13/2004: Elephant Power
2/23/2004: Island of the Vampire Birds
2/22/2004: Gates of Hell
2/9/2004: Africa's Deadly Dozen
2/8/2004: King Rattler
1/31/2004: Wolves of the Air; Flight of the Harpy Eagle
1/4/2004: Tempests from the Deep
12/21/2003: Coming of Age with Elephants
11/16/2003: Legends of the Night: America's Last Red Wolves
11/9/2003: The Lion Queen
10/19/2003: The Ultimate Crocodile
10/12/2003: A Cheetah Story
7/6/2003: Tempests from the Deep; The Lion Queen
6/22/2003: Secret Killers of Monterey Bay
6/22/2003: Giants of Etosha
5/18/2003: Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries
5/11/2003: Mount Everest
4/28/2003: Blood on the Battlefield; Al Qaeda: The Network
3/24/2003: Nuclear Terrorism: Blinding Horizons; In the Shadow of Saddam
3/16/2003: Secret Weapons; Weather: Weapon in War?; Baghdad Diary: Human Shields
3/2/2003: Warship; Air Boss; Afghanistan: In the Line of Fire
2/23/2003: Top Dogs!; Hunting Hounds of Arabia; Rescue Dogs
2/16/2003: Baghdad on the Brink; Special Forces: On the Frontlines
2/2/2003: America's Last Red Wolves; White Wolf
1/26/2003: Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures From the Other Side; Last Images of War
1/19/2003: In the Shadow of Saddam; Holy War, Inc.
1/12/2003: Brazil's Vanishing Cowboys; Rodeo Racers; Camel Cowboys
1/5/2003: Walking with Lions; Living with Lions; Cheetah Chase
12/22/2002: Beyond the Movie: 'Lord of the Rings'; Otter Chaos; Yukon Rush
12/15/2002: Who Built the Pyramids?; Egypt's Hidden Treasures; Mystery Tomb of Abusir
12/8/2002: Back to Baghdad; Iran: Behind the Veil
11/24/2002: The Search for Kennedy's PT-109; Combat Cameramen
11/17/2002: Owls: Silent Hunters; Snake Island
11/10/2002: Raising the USS Monitor; Raising the Hunley
11/3/2002: Secret Killers of Monterey Bay; Diving with Seals
10/27/2002: Hornets from Hell; Tarantula!
10/20/2002: Meerkat Madness; Stalking Leopards
10/20/2002: Stalking Leopards
10/13/2002: Nuclear Terrorism: Blinding Horizons; If Hitler Had the Bomb
9/29/2002: Croc Country: Baby Dinosaurs; Clan of the Crocodile; Life and Death
9/22/2002: Snake Killers: Honey Badgers of the Kalahari; Lemur Rescue
9/8/2002: Growing Up at Ground Zero
8/25/2002: The Ultimate Crocodile; Man Eaters of Malawi
8/19/2002: America's Big Cat Crisis; The Lion Queen
8/12/2002: Assignment: Great Grizzlies; Toothed Titans
8/4/2002: Attacks of the Mystery Shark
7/28/2002: Lost Subs: Disasters at Sea; U-Boats: Terror on Our Shores
7/21/2002: Rodeo Racers; Terminal Velocity; Under Pressure
7/14/2002: Rainbow Serpent; Mongoose Murders
7/14/2002: Rainbow Serpent
6/16/2002: Afghan Girl: Behind the Search
6/2/2002: Clone!
5/20/2002: Land of the Anaconda
5/12/2002: Lights! Camera! Bugs!
4/28/2002: Moche Murder Mysteries
4/21/2002: Lewis & Clark
4/7/2002: Night of the Jackal
3/31/2002: Wild Encounters
3/24/2002: One Woman's War
3/15/2002: Search for the Afghan Girl; Afghan Girl: Behind the Search
3/3/2002: Operation Viper
2/24/2002: Bear Man
1/20/2002: Vietnam
1/13/2002: War Journalists
12/30/2001: Best of Explorer 2001
12/23/2001: Lord of the Rings
12/9/2001: Living with Anthrax; Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
12/2/2001: Afghanistan: In the Line of Fire
11/25/2001: Holy War, Inc.
11/25/2001: Haunt of the Hippo
11/11/2001: Smallpox
11/4/2001: Air Boss
10/28/2001: Afghanistan
10/21/2001: Lens of Darkness, Lens of Light
10/14/2001: Assignment: Egypt: Through These Eyes; Iran: Behind the Veil; Combat Cameramen
10/7/2001: Afghanistan Revisited; Air Boss; Fires of War
9/30/2001: Snake Busters; Africa's Deadly Dozen; Seasons of the Cobra
9/24/2001: Arkansas Anaconda?; Otter Chaos; America's Lost Mustangs
9/23/2001: Animals You Love to Hate: Black Widow
9/17/2001: Vampire Bats; Croc Country: Nest Raiders; Alien Invasion; Wild Vet
8/29/2001: Secret Life of Cats
8/27/2001: The Pigeon Murders; Spunky Monkey; City of Reptiles
8/26/2001: Snakes of Oman; Rat Wars; City of Reptiles
8/19/2001: Owls: Silent Hunters; Meerkat Madness
8/12/2001: Man-Eaters of Malawi; Quest for the Lost Tombs; Bite of the Black Widow; Tornado Hunters
8/12/2001: Feast of the Giant Sharks; Great White, Deep Trouble
8/6/2001: Bioblitz!; Quest for the Lost Tombs; Beyond the Lava; Tornado Hunters
7/30/2001: Diving Shark Alley; Air Boss; High Peak Rescue
7/23/2001: Assignment: Great Grizzlies; Bear Man; Lights! Camera! Bear!
7/22/2001: Polar Passions; Realm of the Great White Bear
7/21/2001: Mother Bear Man; Bear Attack; Bear Bandits; Last of the Dancing Bears
7/16/2001: Wolves: Legends of the Night; White Wolf
7/13/2001: Visions of the Deep; U-Boats
7/9/2001: Ancient Mysteries---Pyramids; Crop Circles
7/9/2001: Poison!; Armored Knights
7/3/2001: Lightning Strikes; Dirt Racers; Bear Ban
7/2/2001: Gator Doc; A Passion for Pythons; Lights
7/2/2001: Fantastic Voyage; Yukon Rush; Mississippi River Ride; Stikine River Fever
6/24/2001: Crocodile Clans; Rodeo Clowns
6/24/2001: Wild Vet: Tall Challenge; Gates of Hell
6/22/2001: Borneo: Beyond the Grave; High Peak Rescue
6/22/2001: Cuban Crocs; Crocodiles of the Orinoco; Croc Country
6/21/2001: Snakebite; Animal Attraction
6/20/2001: Volcano Island; Last Voyage of the Andre
6/19/2001: Snake Invasion; Mountains of the Maya
6/18/2001: Wild Cats: Mountain Lion
6/17/2001: New Matadors; Mir 18; Destination Space
6/17/2001: Elephants of Garamba; Odzala: Islands in the Congo; Living with Gorillas
6/10/2001: A Savage Kind of Love; Ndaki Adventure
6/10/2001: Gila Monster!; Thunder Dragons
6/8/2001: Deadly Encounters: Bear Attack
6/7/2001: Adventure: Yanomami Homecoming
6/4/2001: Unsolved Mysteries; Search for E.T.; Mummies
6/3/2001: Boulevard of Dreams; Legend of the Pink
6/3/2001: Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
6/1/2001: Ghosts; Underworld Journey; Siberian Ice
5/29/2001: Wave Warriors; Ice Climbers; Tightrope Walkers
5/28/2001: Cuba's Lost Treasure; Crittercam
5/27/2001: Lights! Camera! Bugs!; Golden Gate Warriors
5/27/2001: Lost Land of the Andes; Haunt of the Jaguar; Assignment: Killer Pigs
5/26/2001: When All Things Stop; Swans; Sylvia Earl
5/20/2001: Secret Subs of Pearl Harbor; Mountain Heroes of World War II; War Code: Najavo; Battle for Berlin
5/12/2001: Seattle Quake; Oklahoma Twister; Disaster!; Tornado Hunters
5/6/2001: Everest Update; Surviving K2; High Road to Shangri-La; Savage Mountains
4/30/2001: Arkansas Anaconda?; Land of the Anaconda; Outback Venom
4/29/2001: Survive the Outback; Survival: Life at the Edge; Miracle at Sea
4/22/2001: Crocodile Wild; Lords of the Everglades; Crocodile Man
4/21/2001: Savage Salties; Clan of the Crocodile; Man-Eaters of Malawi
4/15/2001: Painted Dogs of the Okavango; Wild Vet:Tall Challenge
4/8/2001: Raising the Hunley; Inside the Hunley; Shipwreck Hunters
4/2/2001: Stalking the Tiger
3/30/2001: United Snakes of America; A Passion for Pythons
3/25/2001: Renegade Lions; Africa's Paradise of Thorns; Wild Passions: Africa
3/18/2001: Africa Extreme; Ndoki Adventure
3/11/2001: Paradise in Peril; In Pursuit of the Giant Bluefin; Crittercam
3/3/2001: Into the Forbidden Zone; Combat Cameramen; If Hitler Had the Bomb
2/18/2001: Zebras: Patterns in the Grass; Meerkat Madness
2/18/2001: Zebras: Patterns in the Grass
2/11/2001: Grin and Bear It; Elephant Power
2/4/2001: Parrot Passions; Top Dogs!; Animal Minds; Pet Wrap
1/21/2001: Snake Busters; King Rattler; Velvet Killers
1/21/2001: United Snakes of America; Arkansas Anaconda?
1/20/2001: Snake Invasion; Africa's Deadly Dozen; Snake Island
1/7/2001: In Pursuit of the Giant Bluefin
1/6/2001: Shipwreck Hunters; Last Voyage of the Lusitania; Mapping the Labyrinth
12/25/2000: Best of Explorer
12/18/2000: Sheer Courage; K2: A Mother's Last Mountain; Deadly Trail; Assignment: Blue Nile
12/11/2000: Snakebite; Talons of Terror
12/10/2000: Talons of Terror
11/27/2000: America's Lost Mustangs; Grin and Bear it; Bear Man; Gator Doc
11/20/2000: City of Reptiles; Rat Wars; Phantoms of the Night
11/13/2000: Sky Shooter; Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans; Mountains of Fire
11/6/2000: The Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal
11/6/2000: Inside the White House
10/30/2000: Alien Invasion; Rat; Vampire Bats
10/16/2000: Battle for Paradise; The Photographers
10/14/2000: Fire!; Combat Cameraman; Air Boss; Rodeo Clowns
10/9/2000: Tsunami: Killer Waves; Can't Drown This Town
10/2/2000: Living with Gorillas; Giants of Etosha
9/25/2000: Camel Cowboys; Venice Burning; Africa Wild Update; Man-Eaters of Malawi
9/18/2000: Giants of the Deep; Two Years in the Galapagos
9/11/2000: Quest for the Lost Tombs; Flying Devils
9/4/2000: Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story
9/2/2000: Savage Mountains; Thunder on the Mountain; Landslide; The Last Ascent
8/26/2000: Ouch!
8/26/2000: Deadly Encounters; The Eagle and the Snake
8/21/2000: Australia
8/12/2000: Wild Vet; The Secret Life of Cats; Crazy Cats
8/7/2000: Mother Bear Man; Realm of the Great White Bear; Lights! Camera! Bears!
7/31/2000: Alien Invasion; Tsunami: Killer Wave
7/31/2000: Desert Survivors: The Walk; Survival! The Shackleton Story; Miracle at Sea
7/29/2000: Quest for Space; Otter Chaos; Tragedy on the Tsangpo; Snake Island
7/24/2000: Raise the Hunley!; Search for Battleship Bismarck; U-Boats: Terror on Our Shores
7/16/2000: Snake Busters; Africa's Deadly Dozen; Snakebite!
7/15/2000: Cobra Hunt; King Cobra; A Passion for Pythons
7/10/2000: The Lion Queen; Toothed Titans
7/9/2000: Toothed Titans
7/1/2000: The Explorers; Colossal Claw; Secrets of the Titanic; Mystery of the Inca Mummy
6/26/2000: Alien Invasion; Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
6/24/2000: Crocodile Wild; Lords of the Everglades; Clan of the Crocodile
6/19/2000: Destination Space
6/17/2000: Lost Road of the Inca; Tiger Shark; Shark Bites
6/12/2000: Operation Jumbo; Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
6/10/2000: Reptile Rampage; Clan of the Snake Catchers; Thunder Dragons; Alligator Holes
6/5/2000: Piranha!; Fearsome Frogs; Arctic Express
6/3/2000: Big Cats; Living Wild; A Cheetah Story; Tiger's Eye
5/29/2000: On the Rabies Trail; Tale of the African Tides; The Crows
5/27/2000: Great White, Deep Trouble; Surviving Sharks
5/21/2000: African Ascent; Secret Life of Cats; Cats
5/20/2000: Living Wild; Animal Minds; Gorillas on the Edge; Lost Road of the Inca II
5/15/2000: Wild Vet; Talon: An Eagle's Story; Bear Bandits
5/13/2000: Stratosfear
5/13/2000: Nature's Fury; Oklahoma Twister; Disaster!; Tornado Hunters
5/13/2000: Land of the Serpent; Outback Venom; Land of the Anaconda; Snake Charmers
4/10/2000: Great White, Deep Trouble
3/11/2000: Tiger Shark
3/6/2000: Assignment: Killer Pigs; Stikine River Fever; Seasons of the Salmon; Paradise in Peril
2/28/2000: The Last Ascent; Avalanche!; Landslide!; Death Zone
2/14/2000: Survive the Outback; Yukon Rush; High Peak Rescue
2/7/2000: Fantastic Voyage, Hindenburg, Tornado Hunters
1/31/2000: Tango!; Haunt of the Jaguar; Animal Attraction
1/24/2000: Secrets of the Tsangpo; Odzala: Islands in the Forest; Africa Megatransect Update
1/17/2000: The Ants from Hell; The Body Snatchers; Killer Spiders of Sydney
1/17/2000: Diving Shark Alley; Mountain Gorilla; Wild Vet
1/10/2000: Dr. Cockroach; Pigeon Murders; Water Blasters; Street Dogs
1/3/2000: Bear Attack; Man Eaters of India; Kissing Crocodiles
1/2/2000: The Predators
12/25/1999: Killer Whales; Urban Elk; Renegade Africa II
12/20/1999: Renegade Africa; Wild Passions; Geo Scientists: Diving Deep
12/13/1999: Cheetah Chase; Chimp Rescue; Polly Bites Back; Flying Off Rooftops
11/28/1999: Cobra Hunt
11/1/1999: Venom
9/7/1999: Ocean Drifters
9/6/1999: The New Explorers
9/5/1999: Rattlesnake Man; Savage Mountain; Secrets of the Great White Shark
8/26/1999: Bears of the High Andes; Deadly Bees of Assam; Lyle Lovett Road Kicks
8/19/1999: Off the Map with Boyd Matson; Island of the Vampire Birds; Wheels on Fire
8/12/1999: Freeze Frame: An Arctic Adventure; Africa's Flying Hooves; Geo Scientists: Deep Diving
8/5/1999: Pirates of the Whydah; The Idolmakers
4/11/1999: The Battle for Midway
4/11/1999: The Battle for Midway
4/11/1999: The Battle for Midway
2/24/1996: Lions of Darkness
Richar Leakey; Echidnas
Wings over the Serengeti
Coming of Age with Elephants; Stratosfear
K2: A Mother's Last Mountain
Beetlemania; Bushfire Rescue
Let the Games Begin
Mummy Hunters Theme Show
10 Incredible Years
Seasons of the Cobra
Horsepower Theme Show
King Koala; Volcano
Dinosaur Hunter
Life's a Beach
Nightmares in Nature
Mystery of the Inca Mummy
Creature Features Theme Show
Lifestyles of the Wet and Muddy; Sirens of the Deep; Biking the Dragon
Trial by Fire
Snakebite; Rabies Trail
High Peak Rescue; Pelican Rescue; Summit Fever
Killer Waves
Thieves of Time; Natural Born Cheats; Harleys to Hanoi; Return of the Mountain Lion
Zombies; EMS; The Realm of the Flying Fox; Snakebite
Painted Dogs of the Okavango; Okavango Diary
Borneo: Beyond the Grave
Man's Best Friends Theme Show
Grey Seals; Nose No Good
Crocodile; Sahara Marathon; Wild Parakeet; Sumo Wrestling
Snake Stories
Snow Monkey Roundup; Mysterious World of Mini-Beasts
Savage Garden
In Search of Zombies; Realm of the Flying Fox; New York Rescue; Snakebite
Return of the Bloodsuckers; Iditasport Extreme; Heartbeat of the Forest; The Last Frog
Journal: Camel Derby; Mysterious World of the Mini-Beasts
Africa's Paradise of Thorns; Combat Cameramen
Dublin's Outlaw Horses; Arctic Crossing
Killer Wolves; Wave Soaring; Seasons of the Cobra
On the Road Theme Show
Looters; Wonder Dog; Snow Monkey Roundup; Return of the Mountain Lion
Man-Eaters of India
Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes; Gladys; Journal: Wonder Dog
Arctic Crossing; Abyssinian Wolves; Vintage Grand Prix; The Swarm
Titanic Theme Show
Yukon Adventure; Avalanche!; A Passion for Pythons
Snake Busters; Death Zone; Antarctic Challenge; Gator Doc; Kissing Crocodiles
Saving JJ; Woodpecker Man; The Eagle and the Snake; Lyle Lovett: On the Road
Wild Passion: Creepy Crawlies; Mother Bear Man; Bee Man; Racing the Sahara
Zoo Dentist; Treasures of the Deep; Return to Paradise
Wild Passions 2; Return of the Mountain Lion; Kissing Crocodiles
Polar Passions; Giants of Jasper; Return of the Mountain Lion; Berlin Airlift
Deep Flight; Savage Garden; Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans
Zoo Dentist; The Lion Queen; If Hitler Had the Bomb
Off the Map with Boyd Matson
Landslide; Thunder on the Mountain; Tornado Hunters
High Peak Rescue; Diving with Seals; Savage Kind of Love
Wild Passions: Tanzania; Seasons of the Salmon; Mother Bear Man; Yukon Rush
Lightning; Jungle Pilots; Fire Bombers; Palo
Air Devil; Jungle Pilots; Fire Bombers; Air Boss
Night Stalkers; Rat
Keeper of the Kings; Land of the Anaconda; Savage Salties
Fire and Iceland; Urban Gators; Snakebite; Bolivian Bears
Seasons of the Cobra; Spunky Monkey; Tiger's Eye
Death Zone; The Lion Queen; Braving Brazil
The Secret Life of Cats and Dogs
Lights! Camera! Bears!; Ancient Killers of the Mara; Clan of the Crocodile
Velvet Killers; Return of the Cossacks; Ice Tombs of Siberia; Renegade Africa II
Life on the Run; Africa's Paradise of Thorns; Caravan to Timbuktu
Violent Volcano; Golden Lions of the Rain Forest
Dirt Racers; Wildlife Filmmakers; Gator Doc
Wheels on Fire; Chimp Rescue; Saving JJ; Renegade Africa
Reptile Rampage Theme Show
Southern Traverse; Flooding Forest; Killer Spiders of Sydney
Survive the Sahara; Urban Gator; Ancient Killers of the Mara
Hitting the Wall; Violent Volcano; Velvet Killers
Costa Rican Crocs; Deadly Encounters; Survive the Sahara
Sky Shooter; Africa's Paradise of Thorns
Paradise Lost; Golden Jackals
Crow Invasion; Yellowstone River; Bear Attacks; Rodeo Clowns
Giant Panda; Ants
Sea Turtles
Mount Everest
The California Coast; Madagascar; Barrow Isle
Marathon Monks
Barrier Reef; Bear Hunting
Mike deGruy
Caiman Poaching
North Pole Race
Neon; Termites
Oil Well Firefighters
Eulachon Spawning
Mbuti Pygmies
New York City's Garbage Problem
Pakistan Polo
The Canine Connection
Rain Forest; Tarantulas
Chacma Baboons
Fresh Water
Black Tree Kangas
Shark Photos; Bird's Nest Harvesters
Frog-Eating Bats
The Volga River
Coral Reefs
Webs of Intrigue
The Volga River
Sharks; Climbing
Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea
Black Widow; Lightning
The Last Husky; Wild Wheels
Ocean Kayakers; Crabs; Shirley Strum
Dereck and Beverly Jouberts
Mississippi Floods
Gazelles; Boxing; Antarctica
Cockroach; FBI School
Antarctica: Life in the Freezer
Conflict in India
Wicked Wonders
Fishing Owls; Cave Exploration
A Savage Kind of Love
Aviation's Last Great Challenge; Airplane for the Sea; Swim with Killer Whales; T-Rex
Red Baron; Violent Weather; Iran: Behind the Veil
Three Talented Bears; Coming of Age with Elephants
Wakulla Springs; Seasons of the Rhino; Rapid Descent
Killer Spiders of Sydney; Snake Bites; The Sea Snake and the Eagle; Marathon Running in the Desert
Tree Kangaroo
Secret Weapons of World War II
Tsango River Journey; Giants of Jasper; Return of the Mountain Lion
Pyramids of Abusir; Seasons of the Salmon; Mother Bear Man; Yukon Rush
The Last Voyage of the Lusitania
Search for the Battleship Bismarck
Brainy Birds; Diving the Volcano
Secrets of the Titanic; Last Hours of the Titanic; Treasures of the Titanic
Zoo Dentist; Spunky Monkey; Rat Wars; Northern Exposures
Horse Whisperer; If Hitler Had the Bomb; Combat Cameramen
Wild Animal Pets
Hurricane Andrew
Pyramids; Belly Dancer
Angkor Wat; Fatal Game: Everest
Camels on the Run; Stock Car Fever; Survive the Outback; In the Dirt
Ants from Hell
The Height of Courage
Crittercam; Good Snake
Cry in the Dark
Violent Planet
In Cold Blood
Sunset: Boulevard of Dreams
Crater of the Rain God
Australia Fires
Deep Sea Detective
Tricks of the Wildlife Trade
Treasures of the Titanic
Dangerous Jobs
Plant Wars
Everglades Watch; Lord of the Everglades; Gator Doc
Fruit Bat; Sky Surfing
Into Africa
The Photographers
Wild Passions; Velvet Killers II; Lightning Strikes
Bear Bandits; Miracle at Sea; Survival! The Shackleton Story; Orangutans
The New Lords of Tikal; Dinosaur Fever; Mystery of the Neanderthals; Bear Attack
Bear Bandits; Mystery of the Inca Mummy; Mr. Mummy
Tiger Theme Show
Big Cats Theme Show
Pharaohs and Filmmakers; Mystery Tomb of Abusir; Who Built the Pyramids?' Pet Wrap
Otter Limits; Racing the High Sierras; Animal Minds
Diving the Volcano; Pirates of Whydah; Treasures of the Deep; Return to Paradise
Chinese Acrobats
Insect Invaders
The New Lords of Tikal
Rhythms of Life
Kangaroo Crazy; Bat-Eared Foxes; Storming the North Pole
Into Africa
The Deep
Urban Invasion
Inside NFL Films
Volcano Island; Deadly Encounters
Lightning Strikes; Tale of the African Tides; Savage Salties
Space Odyssey
People of the Sea; Return to the Wild; Caravan to Timbuktu
Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
Vietnam Wild
Kosovo Refugee Crisis; Perfect Predators; Mysteries of Chad
Snake Invaders
Bonobos Chimps; Animal Attraction; Azalai Salt Caravan
Animal Minds Theme
Australian Whales
Horse Whisperer; Kangaroos; The Ants from Hell
Volcano!; Survive the Outback; Mystery of the Neandertals
Gator Doc; Savage Salties; Tale of the African Tides; Fire and Iceland
Andrea Doria; Freeze Frame: An Arctic Adventure; Roman Wrecks; The Eagle and the Snake
Sea Nasties
Falcons; Sharks; Bungee
Deadly Encounters 2 Theme Show
Harpy Eagle; Andean Ruins
Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans
King Cobra
Volcano Watch; Violent Volcano; The Fire Below Us
The Lion Queen; Cuban Crocs
Crocodile Man; Land of the Anaconda; Savage Salties
Stalking Leopards; Living with Leopards
Volcano Hunters; Beyond the Lava
Jane Goodall: Chimps in Crisis
Hornets from Hell
Paradise of Thorns
Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries
Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries
Flying Devils
Wolves: Legends of the Night
Thunder Dragons
Lords of the Everglades
Lifestyles of the Wet and Muddy
Tale of the African Tides
Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes
Africa's Flying Hooves
Living With Gorillas
Walking with Lions
Deadly Bees of Assam
Owls: Silent Hunters

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Premise: An Emmy-winning, richly photographed and reported exploration of the world's natural wonders, produced by the National Geographic Society. In June 2003, it took the title `National Geographic Ultimate Explorer,' adding culture and politics to the mix. In January 2005, its title was changed once again, to simply `Explorer.'


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