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2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: Battle for Paradise; The Photographers - National Geographic Explorer

Robert Kennedy Jr. and actor Richard Dean Anderson explore the wilderness of British Columbia's Headwall Canyon. Also, meet the men and women whose photographs appear in National Geographic magazine.

Episodes: National Geographic Explorer (474)

3/28/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/20/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/19/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/18/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/17/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/16/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/15/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/14/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/13/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/11/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/10/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/9/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/8/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/5/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/4/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/3/2005: National Geographic Explorer
3/1/2005: National Geographic Explorer
6/19/2004: Tiger Sharks
4/23/2004: Making of 'Roar'
3/28/2004: Poison
3/22/2004: Rat
3/21/2004: Fearsome Frogs
3/13/2004: Elephant Power
2/23/2004: Island of the Vampire Birds
2/22/2004: Gates of Hell
2/9/2004: Africa's Deadly Dozen
2/8/2004: King Rattler
1/31/2004: Wolves of the Air; Flight of the Harpy Eagle
1/4/2004: Tempests from the Deep
12/21/2003: Coming of Age with Elephants
11/16/2003: Legends of the Night: America's Last Red Wolves
11/9/2003: The Lion Queen
10/19/2003: The Ultimate Crocodile
10/12/2003: A Cheetah Story
7/6/2003: Tempests from the Deep; The Lion Queen
6/22/2003: Secret Killers of Monterey Bay
6/22/2003: Giants of Etosha
5/18/2003: Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries
5/11/2003: Mount Everest
4/28/2003: Blood on the Battlefield; Al Qaeda: The Network
3/24/2003: Nuclear Terrorism: Blinding Horizons; In the Shadow of Saddam
3/16/2003: Secret Weapons; Weather: Weapon in War?; Baghdad Diary: Human Shields
3/2/2003: Warship; Air Boss; Afghanistan: In the Line of Fire
2/23/2003: Top Dogs!; Hunting Hounds of Arabia; Rescue Dogs
2/16/2003: Baghdad on the Brink; Special Forces: On the Frontlines
2/2/2003: America's Last Red Wolves; White Wolf
1/26/2003: Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures From the Other Side; Last Images of War
1/19/2003: In the Shadow of Saddam; Holy War, Inc.
1/12/2003: Brazil's Vanishing Cowboys; Rodeo Racers; Camel Cowboys
1/5/2003: Walking with Lions; Living with Lions; Cheetah Chase
12/22/2002: Beyond the Movie: 'Lord of the Rings'; Otter Chaos; Yukon Rush
12/15/2002: Who Built the Pyramids?; Egypt's Hidden Treasures; Mystery Tomb of Abusir
12/8/2002: Back to Baghdad; Iran: Behind the Veil
11/24/2002: The Search for Kennedy's PT-109; Combat Cameramen
11/17/2002: Owls: Silent Hunters; Snake Island
11/10/2002: Raising the USS Monitor; Raising the Hunley
11/3/2002: Secret Killers of Monterey Bay; Diving with Seals
10/27/2002: Hornets from Hell; Tarantula!
10/20/2002: Meerkat Madness; Stalking Leopards
10/20/2002: Stalking Leopards
10/13/2002: Nuclear Terrorism: Blinding Horizons; If Hitler Had the Bomb
9/29/2002: Croc Country: Baby Dinosaurs; Clan of the Crocodile; Life and Death
9/22/2002: Snake Killers: Honey Badgers of the Kalahari; Lemur Rescue
9/8/2002: Growing Up at Ground Zero
8/25/2002: The Ultimate Crocodile; Man Eaters of Malawi
8/19/2002: America's Big Cat Crisis; The Lion Queen
8/12/2002: Assignment: Great Grizzlies; Toothed Titans
8/4/2002: Attacks of the Mystery Shark
7/28/2002: Lost Subs: Disasters at Sea; U-Boats: Terror on Our Shores
7/21/2002: Rodeo Racers; Terminal Velocity; Under Pressure
7/14/2002: Rainbow Serpent; Mongoose Murders
7/14/2002: Rainbow Serpent
6/16/2002: Afghan Girl: Behind the Search
6/2/2002: Clone!
5/20/2002: Land of the Anaconda
5/12/2002: Lights! Camera! Bugs!
4/28/2002: Moche Murder Mysteries
4/21/2002: Lewis & Clark
4/7/2002: Night of the Jackal
3/31/2002: Wild Encounters
3/24/2002: One Woman's War
3/15/2002: Search for the Afghan Girl; Afghan Girl: Behind the Search
3/3/2002: Operation Viper
2/24/2002: Bear Man
1/20/2002: Vietnam
1/13/2002: War Journalists
12/30/2001: Best of Explorer 2001
12/23/2001: Lord of the Rings
12/9/2001: Living with Anthrax; Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
12/2/2001: Afghanistan: In the Line of Fire
11/25/2001: Holy War, Inc.
11/25/2001: Haunt of the Hippo
11/11/2001: Smallpox
11/4/2001: Air Boss
10/28/2001: Afghanistan
10/21/2001: Lens of Darkness, Lens of Light
10/14/2001: Assignment: Egypt: Through These Eyes; Iran: Behind the Veil; Combat Cameramen
10/7/2001: Afghanistan Revisited; Air Boss; Fires of War
9/30/2001: Snake Busters; Africa's Deadly Dozen; Seasons of the Cobra
9/24/2001: Arkansas Anaconda?; Otter Chaos; America's Lost Mustangs
9/23/2001: Animals You Love to Hate: Black Widow
9/17/2001: Vampire Bats; Croc Country: Nest Raiders; Alien Invasion; Wild Vet
8/29/2001: Secret Life of Cats
8/27/2001: The Pigeon Murders; Spunky Monkey; City of Reptiles
8/26/2001: Snakes of Oman; Rat Wars; City of Reptiles
8/19/2001: Owls: Silent Hunters; Meerkat Madness
8/12/2001: Man-Eaters of Malawi; Quest for the Lost Tombs; Bite of the Black Widow; Tornado Hunters
8/12/2001: Feast of the Giant Sharks; Great White, Deep Trouble
8/6/2001: Bioblitz!; Quest for the Lost Tombs; Beyond the Lava; Tornado Hunters
7/30/2001: Diving Shark Alley; Air Boss; High Peak Rescue
7/23/2001: Assignment: Great Grizzlies; Bear Man; Lights! Camera! Bear!
7/22/2001: Polar Passions; Realm of the Great White Bear
7/21/2001: Mother Bear Man; Bear Attack; Bear Bandits; Last of the Dancing Bears
7/16/2001: Wolves: Legends of the Night; White Wolf
7/13/2001: Visions of the Deep; U-Boats
7/9/2001: Ancient Mysteries---Pyramids; Crop Circles
7/9/2001: Poison!; Armored Knights
7/3/2001: Lightning Strikes; Dirt Racers; Bear Ban
7/2/2001: Gator Doc; A Passion for Pythons; Lights
7/2/2001: Fantastic Voyage; Yukon Rush; Mississippi River Ride; Stikine River Fever
6/24/2001: Crocodile Clans; Rodeo Clowns
6/24/2001: Wild Vet: Tall Challenge; Gates of Hell
6/22/2001: Borneo: Beyond the Grave; High Peak Rescue
6/22/2001: Cuban Crocs; Crocodiles of the Orinoco; Croc Country
6/21/2001: Snakebite; Animal Attraction
6/20/2001: Volcano Island; Last Voyage of the Andre
6/19/2001: Snake Invasion; Mountains of the Maya
6/18/2001: Wild Cats: Mountain Lion
6/17/2001: New Matadors; Mir 18; Destination Space
6/17/2001: Elephants of Garamba; Odzala: Islands in the Congo; Living with Gorillas
6/10/2001: A Savage Kind of Love; Ndaki Adventure
6/10/2001: Gila Monster!; Thunder Dragons
6/8/2001: Deadly Encounters: Bear Attack
6/7/2001: Adventure: Yanomami Homecoming
6/4/2001: Unsolved Mysteries; Search for E.T.; Mummies
6/3/2001: Boulevard of Dreams; Legend of the Pink
6/3/2001: Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
6/1/2001: Ghosts; Underworld Journey; Siberian Ice
5/29/2001: Wave Warriors; Ice Climbers; Tightrope Walkers
5/28/2001: Cuba's Lost Treasure; Crittercam
5/27/2001: Lights! Camera! Bugs!; Golden Gate Warriors
5/27/2001: Lost Land of the Andes; Haunt of the Jaguar; Assignment: Killer Pigs
5/26/2001: When All Things Stop; Swans; Sylvia Earl
5/20/2001: Secret Subs of Pearl Harbor; Mountain Heroes of World War II; War Code: Najavo; Battle for Berlin
5/12/2001: Seattle Quake; Oklahoma Twister; Disaster!; Tornado Hunters
5/6/2001: Everest Update; Surviving K2; High Road to Shangri-La; Savage Mountains
4/30/2001: Arkansas Anaconda?; Land of the Anaconda; Outback Venom
4/29/2001: Survive the Outback; Survival: Life at the Edge; Miracle at Sea
4/22/2001: Crocodile Wild; Lords of the Everglades; Crocodile Man
4/21/2001: Savage Salties; Clan of the Crocodile; Man-Eaters of Malawi
4/15/2001: Painted Dogs of the Okavango; Wild Vet:Tall Challenge
4/8/2001: Raising the Hunley; Inside the Hunley; Shipwreck Hunters
4/2/2001: Stalking the Tiger
3/30/2001: United Snakes of America; A Passion for Pythons
3/25/2001: Renegade Lions; Africa's Paradise of Thorns; Wild Passions: Africa
3/18/2001: Africa Extreme; Ndoki Adventure
3/11/2001: Paradise in Peril; In Pursuit of the Giant Bluefin; Crittercam
3/3/2001: Into the Forbidden Zone; Combat Cameramen; If Hitler Had the Bomb
2/18/2001: Zebras: Patterns in the Grass; Meerkat Madness
2/18/2001: Zebras: Patterns in the Grass
2/11/2001: Grin and Bear It; Elephant Power
2/4/2001: Parrot Passions; Top Dogs!; Animal Minds; Pet Wrap
1/21/2001: Snake Busters; King Rattler; Velvet Killers
1/21/2001: United Snakes of America; Arkansas Anaconda?
1/20/2001: Snake Invasion; Africa's Deadly Dozen; Snake Island
1/7/2001: In Pursuit of the Giant Bluefin
1/6/2001: Shipwreck Hunters; Last Voyage of the Lusitania; Mapping the Labyrinth
12/25/2000: Best of Explorer
12/18/2000: Sheer Courage; K2: A Mother's Last Mountain; Deadly Trail; Assignment: Blue Nile
12/11/2000: Snakebite; Talons of Terror
12/10/2000: Talons of Terror
11/27/2000: America's Lost Mustangs; Grin and Bear it; Bear Man; Gator Doc
11/20/2000: City of Reptiles; Rat Wars; Phantoms of the Night
11/13/2000: Sky Shooter; Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans; Mountains of Fire
11/6/2000: The Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal
11/6/2000: Inside the White House
10/30/2000: Alien Invasion; Rat; Vampire Bats
10/16/2000: Battle for Paradise; The Photographers
10/14/2000: Fire!; Combat Cameraman; Air Boss; Rodeo Clowns
10/9/2000: Tsunami: Killer Waves; Can't Drown This Town
10/2/2000: Living with Gorillas; Giants of Etosha
9/25/2000: Camel Cowboys; Venice Burning; Africa Wild Update; Man-Eaters of Malawi
9/18/2000: Giants of the Deep; Two Years in the Galapagos
9/11/2000: Quest for the Lost Tombs; Flying Devils
9/4/2000: Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story
9/2/2000: Savage Mountains; Thunder on the Mountain; Landslide; The Last Ascent
8/26/2000: Ouch!
8/26/2000: Deadly Encounters; The Eagle and the Snake
8/21/2000: Australia
8/12/2000: Wild Vet; The Secret Life of Cats; Crazy Cats
8/7/2000: Mother Bear Man; Realm of the Great White Bear; Lights! Camera! Bears!
7/31/2000: Alien Invasion; Tsunami: Killer Wave
7/31/2000: Desert Survivors: The Walk; Survival! The Shackleton Story; Miracle at Sea
7/29/2000: Quest for Space; Otter Chaos; Tragedy on the Tsangpo; Snake Island
7/24/2000: Raise the Hunley!; Search for Battleship Bismarck; U-Boats: Terror on Our Shores
7/16/2000: Snake Busters; Africa's Deadly Dozen; Snakebite!
7/15/2000: Cobra Hunt; King Cobra; A Passion for Pythons
7/10/2000: The Lion Queen; Toothed Titans
7/9/2000: Toothed Titans
7/1/2000: The Explorers; Colossal Claw; Secrets of the Titanic; Mystery of the Inca Mummy
6/26/2000: Alien Invasion; Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
6/24/2000: Crocodile Wild; Lords of the Everglades; Clan of the Crocodile
6/19/2000: Destination Space
6/17/2000: Lost Road of the Inca; Tiger Shark; Shark Bites
6/12/2000: Operation Jumbo; Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
6/10/2000: Reptile Rampage; Clan of the Snake Catchers; Thunder Dragons; Alligator Holes
6/5/2000: Piranha!; Fearsome Frogs; Arctic Express
6/3/2000: Big Cats; Living Wild; A Cheetah Story; Tiger's Eye
5/29/2000: On the Rabies Trail; Tale of the African Tides; The Crows
5/27/2000: Great White, Deep Trouble; Surviving Sharks
5/21/2000: African Ascent; Secret Life of Cats; Cats
5/20/2000: Living Wild; Animal Minds; Gorillas on the Edge; Lost Road of the Inca II
5/15/2000: Wild Vet; Talon: An Eagle's Story; Bear Bandits
5/13/2000: Stratosfear
5/13/2000: Nature's Fury; Oklahoma Twister; Disaster!; Tornado Hunters
5/13/2000: Land of the Serpent; Outback Venom; Land of the Anaconda; Snake Charmers
4/10/2000: Great White, Deep Trouble
3/11/2000: Tiger Shark
3/6/2000: Assignment: Killer Pigs; Stikine River Fever; Seasons of the Salmon; Paradise in Peril
2/28/2000: The Last Ascent; Avalanche!; Landslide!; Death Zone
2/14/2000: Survive the Outback; Yukon Rush; High Peak Rescue
2/7/2000: Fantastic Voyage, Hindenburg, Tornado Hunters
1/31/2000: Tango!; Haunt of the Jaguar; Animal Attraction
1/24/2000: Secrets of the Tsangpo; Odzala: Islands in the Forest; Africa Megatransect Update
1/17/2000: The Ants from Hell; The Body Snatchers; Killer Spiders of Sydney
1/17/2000: Diving Shark Alley; Mountain Gorilla; Wild Vet
1/10/2000: Dr. Cockroach; Pigeon Murders; Water Blasters; Street Dogs
1/3/2000: Bear Attack; Man Eaters of India; Kissing Crocodiles
1/2/2000: The Predators
12/25/1999: Killer Whales; Urban Elk; Renegade Africa II
12/20/1999: Renegade Africa; Wild Passions; Geo Scientists: Diving Deep
12/13/1999: Cheetah Chase; Chimp Rescue; Polly Bites Back; Flying Off Rooftops
11/28/1999: Cobra Hunt
11/1/1999: Venom
9/7/1999: Ocean Drifters
9/6/1999: The New Explorers
9/5/1999: Rattlesnake Man; Savage Mountain; Secrets of the Great White Shark
8/26/1999: Bears of the High Andes; Deadly Bees of Assam; Lyle Lovett Road Kicks
8/19/1999: Off the Map with Boyd Matson; Island of the Vampire Birds; Wheels on Fire
8/12/1999: Freeze Frame: An Arctic Adventure; Africa's Flying Hooves; Geo Scientists: Deep Diving
8/5/1999: Pirates of the Whydah; The Idolmakers
4/11/1999: The Battle for Midway
4/11/1999: The Battle for Midway
4/11/1999: The Battle for Midway
2/24/1996: Lions of Darkness
Richar Leakey; Echidnas
Wings over the Serengeti
Coming of Age with Elephants; Stratosfear
K2: A Mother's Last Mountain
Beetlemania; Bushfire Rescue
Let the Games Begin
Mummy Hunters Theme Show
10 Incredible Years
Seasons of the Cobra
Horsepower Theme Show
King Koala; Volcano
Dinosaur Hunter
Life's a Beach
Nightmares in Nature
Mystery of the Inca Mummy
Creature Features Theme Show
Lifestyles of the Wet and Muddy; Sirens of the Deep; Biking the Dragon
Trial by Fire
Snakebite; Rabies Trail
High Peak Rescue; Pelican Rescue; Summit Fever
Killer Waves
Thieves of Time; Natural Born Cheats; Harleys to Hanoi; Return of the Mountain Lion
Zombies; EMS; The Realm of the Flying Fox; Snakebite
Painted Dogs of the Okavango; Okavango Diary
Borneo: Beyond the Grave
Man's Best Friends Theme Show
Grey Seals; Nose No Good
Crocodile; Sahara Marathon; Wild Parakeet; Sumo Wrestling
Snake Stories
Snow Monkey Roundup; Mysterious World of Mini-Beasts
Savage Garden
In Search of Zombies; Realm of the Flying Fox; New York Rescue; Snakebite
Return of the Bloodsuckers; Iditasport Extreme; Heartbeat of the Forest; The Last Frog
Journal: Camel Derby; Mysterious World of the Mini-Beasts
Africa's Paradise of Thorns; Combat Cameramen
Dublin's Outlaw Horses; Arctic Crossing
Killer Wolves; Wave Soaring; Seasons of the Cobra
On the Road Theme Show
Looters; Wonder Dog; Snow Monkey Roundup; Return of the Mountain Lion
Man-Eaters of India
Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes; Gladys; Journal: Wonder Dog
Arctic Crossing; Abyssinian Wolves; Vintage Grand Prix; The Swarm
Titanic Theme Show
Yukon Adventure; Avalanche!; A Passion for Pythons
Snake Busters; Death Zone; Antarctic Challenge; Gator Doc; Kissing Crocodiles
Saving JJ; Woodpecker Man; The Eagle and the Snake; Lyle Lovett: On the Road
Wild Passion: Creepy Crawlies; Mother Bear Man; Bee Man; Racing the Sahara
Zoo Dentist; Treasures of the Deep; Return to Paradise
Wild Passions 2; Return of the Mountain Lion; Kissing Crocodiles
Polar Passions; Giants of Jasper; Return of the Mountain Lion; Berlin Airlift
Deep Flight; Savage Garden; Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans
Zoo Dentist; The Lion Queen; If Hitler Had the Bomb
Off the Map with Boyd Matson
Landslide; Thunder on the Mountain; Tornado Hunters
High Peak Rescue; Diving with Seals; Savage Kind of Love
Wild Passions: Tanzania; Seasons of the Salmon; Mother Bear Man; Yukon Rush
Lightning; Jungle Pilots; Fire Bombers; Palo
Air Devil; Jungle Pilots; Fire Bombers; Air Boss
Night Stalkers; Rat
Keeper of the Kings; Land of the Anaconda; Savage Salties
Fire and Iceland; Urban Gators; Snakebite; Bolivian Bears
Seasons of the Cobra; Spunky Monkey; Tiger's Eye
Death Zone; The Lion Queen; Braving Brazil
The Secret Life of Cats and Dogs
Lights! Camera! Bears!; Ancient Killers of the Mara; Clan of the Crocodile
Velvet Killers; Return of the Cossacks; Ice Tombs of Siberia; Renegade Africa II
Life on the Run; Africa's Paradise of Thorns; Caravan to Timbuktu
Violent Volcano; Golden Lions of the Rain Forest
Dirt Racers; Wildlife Filmmakers; Gator Doc
Wheels on Fire; Chimp Rescue; Saving JJ; Renegade Africa
Reptile Rampage Theme Show
Southern Traverse; Flooding Forest; Killer Spiders of Sydney
Survive the Sahara; Urban Gator; Ancient Killers of the Mara
Hitting the Wall; Violent Volcano; Velvet Killers
Costa Rican Crocs; Deadly Encounters; Survive the Sahara
Sky Shooter; Africa's Paradise of Thorns
Paradise Lost; Golden Jackals
Crow Invasion; Yellowstone River; Bear Attacks; Rodeo Clowns
Giant Panda; Ants
Sea Turtles
Mount Everest
The California Coast; Madagascar; Barrow Isle
Marathon Monks
Barrier Reef; Bear Hunting
Mike deGruy
Caiman Poaching
North Pole Race
Neon; Termites
Oil Well Firefighters
Eulachon Spawning
Mbuti Pygmies
New York City's Garbage Problem
Pakistan Polo
The Canine Connection
Rain Forest; Tarantulas
Chacma Baboons
Fresh Water
Black Tree Kangas
Shark Photos; Bird's Nest Harvesters
Frog-Eating Bats
The Volga River
Coral Reefs
Webs of Intrigue
The Volga River
Sharks; Climbing
Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea
Black Widow; Lightning
The Last Husky; Wild Wheels
Ocean Kayakers; Crabs; Shirley Strum
Dereck and Beverly Jouberts
Mississippi Floods
Gazelles; Boxing; Antarctica
Cockroach; FBI School
Antarctica: Life in the Freezer
Conflict in India
Wicked Wonders
Fishing Owls; Cave Exploration
A Savage Kind of Love
Aviation's Last Great Challenge; Airplane for the Sea; Swim with Killer Whales; T-Rex
Red Baron; Violent Weather; Iran: Behind the Veil
Three Talented Bears; Coming of Age with Elephants
Wakulla Springs; Seasons of the Rhino; Rapid Descent
Killer Spiders of Sydney; Snake Bites; The Sea Snake and the Eagle; Marathon Running in the Desert
Tree Kangaroo
Secret Weapons of World War II
Tsango River Journey; Giants of Jasper; Return of the Mountain Lion
Pyramids of Abusir; Seasons of the Salmon; Mother Bear Man; Yukon Rush
The Last Voyage of the Lusitania
Search for the Battleship Bismarck
Brainy Birds; Diving the Volcano
Secrets of the Titanic; Last Hours of the Titanic; Treasures of the Titanic
Zoo Dentist; Spunky Monkey; Rat Wars; Northern Exposures
Horse Whisperer; If Hitler Had the Bomb; Combat Cameramen
Wild Animal Pets
Hurricane Andrew
Pyramids; Belly Dancer
Angkor Wat; Fatal Game: Everest
Camels on the Run; Stock Car Fever; Survive the Outback; In the Dirt
Ants from Hell
The Height of Courage
Crittercam; Good Snake
Cry in the Dark
Violent Planet
In Cold Blood
Sunset: Boulevard of Dreams
Crater of the Rain God
Australia Fires
Deep Sea Detective
Tricks of the Wildlife Trade
Treasures of the Titanic
Dangerous Jobs
Plant Wars
Everglades Watch; Lord of the Everglades; Gator Doc
Fruit Bat; Sky Surfing
Into Africa
The Photographers
Wild Passions; Velvet Killers II; Lightning Strikes
Bear Bandits; Miracle at Sea; Survival! The Shackleton Story; Orangutans
The New Lords of Tikal; Dinosaur Fever; Mystery of the Neanderthals; Bear Attack
Bear Bandits; Mystery of the Inca Mummy; Mr. Mummy
Tiger Theme Show
Big Cats Theme Show
Pharaohs and Filmmakers; Mystery Tomb of Abusir; Who Built the Pyramids?' Pet Wrap
Otter Limits; Racing the High Sierras; Animal Minds
Diving the Volcano; Pirates of Whydah; Treasures of the Deep; Return to Paradise
Chinese Acrobats
Insect Invaders
The New Lords of Tikal
Rhythms of Life
Kangaroo Crazy; Bat-Eared Foxes; Storming the North Pole
Into Africa
The Deep
Urban Invasion
Inside NFL Films
Volcano Island; Deadly Encounters
Lightning Strikes; Tale of the African Tides; Savage Salties
Space Odyssey
People of the Sea; Return to the Wild; Caravan to Timbuktu
Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
Vietnam Wild
Kosovo Refugee Crisis; Perfect Predators; Mysteries of Chad
Snake Invaders
Bonobos Chimps; Animal Attraction; Azalai Salt Caravan
Animal Minds Theme
Australian Whales
Horse Whisperer; Kangaroos; The Ants from Hell
Volcano!; Survive the Outback; Mystery of the Neandertals
Gator Doc; Savage Salties; Tale of the African Tides; Fire and Iceland
Andrea Doria; Freeze Frame: An Arctic Adventure; Roman Wrecks; The Eagle and the Snake
Sea Nasties
Falcons; Sharks; Bungee
Deadly Encounters 2 Theme Show
Harpy Eagle; Andean Ruins
Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans
King Cobra
Volcano Watch; Violent Volcano; The Fire Below Us
The Lion Queen; Cuban Crocs
Crocodile Man; Land of the Anaconda; Savage Salties
Stalking Leopards; Living with Leopards
Volcano Hunters; Beyond the Lava
Jane Goodall: Chimps in Crisis
Hornets from Hell
Paradise of Thorns
Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries
Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries
Flying Devils
Wolves: Legends of the Night
Thunder Dragons
Lords of the Everglades
Lifestyles of the Wet and Muddy
Tale of the African Tides
Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes
Africa's Flying Hooves
Living With Gorillas
Walking with Lions
Deadly Bees of Assam
Owls: Silent Hunters

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Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: An Emmy-winning, richly photographed and reported exploration of the world's natural wonders, produced by the National Geographic Society. In June 2003, it took the title `National Geographic Ultimate Explorer,' adding culture and politics to the mix. In January 2005, its title was changed once again, to simply `Explorer.'


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