The John Walsh Show Episodes

2002, TV Show

Episode Detail: Kids Falling Through the Cracks: The Foster Care Nightmare - The John Walsh Show

Topic: Share Family Care, an alternative to traditional foster care that gives troubled parents a second chance.

Episodes: The John Walsh Show (232)

3/4/2004: Survivor Stories
2/26/2004: I Chased My Dream and Got Ripped Off
2/25/2004: Multiracial in America: Which Box Do I Check?
2/24/2004: Reunions
2/23/2004: Born Against the Odds
2/20/2004: My Invention Made Me Millions
2/19/2004: Holiday Surprises for Needy Families
2/18/2004: The Best of I-Team
2/17/2004: Unsung Heroes: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
2/16/2004: Reckless Actions, Ruined Lives: Could You Forgive?
2/13/2004: Where to Find the Best of Everything
2/12/2004: Stories of Love, Survival and Miracles
2/11/2004: Sleep Disorders
2/10/2004: Our Favorite Reporters: Their Favorite Stories
2/9/2004: Kids' Allergies
2/6/2004: Medical/Cosmetic Horror Stories
2/5/2004: Amazing Travel Getaways
2/3/2004: Caught on Tape
1/30/2004: Ideas That Will Make You Rich
1/26/2004: Starved and Abused: When the System Fails to Protect
1/14/2004: I'm 16 and Pregnant: I Should Have Waited?
1/13/2004: 12-Year-Old Daniel Scruggs: Did He Have to Die?/My Testimony Put a Family Member Behind Bars
1/7/2004: Searching for Answers: Who Killed My Husband?/Who Killed My Son?
12/17/2003: I Can't Trust My Mother
12/12/2003: 2003: The Year in Review
12/4/2003: Update: Most Memorable Guests
12/3/2003: My Daughters Were Terrorized by a Video Voyeur
12/2/2003: Bugchasers: Deliberately Getting Infected with HIV
12/1/2003: Kids Making Headlines: Parents Speak Out
11/28/2003: Food Frenzy: America's Obsession with Food
11/27/2003: Had It and Lost It All
11/26/2003: Ticking Time Bombs: Is Your Teen About to Snap
11/25/2003: On Location with CSI: Miami
11/24/2003: Too Young to Die: Teen Suicide
11/20/2003: Little People
11/18/2003: On Location with Law & Order: SVU
11/17/2003: Prescription Addiction: A Painful New Reality
11/14/2003: Extreme Dating: New Ways to Find Love
11/13/2003: Finding Love on Reality TV
11/11/2003: Angry Women: When Violence Takes Over
11/10/2003: I Survived a Brutal Attack
11/7/2003: Extreme Reality: American Families Go Global
11/6/2003: I May Be Little, but I'm Just Like You
11/5/2003: I Testified Against My Parents
11/4/2003: My Life Is a Book
11/3/2003: Inside the Mind of a Pedophile
10/30/2003: Up Close and Personal with the Baldwin Brothers
10/29/2003: What Is a Metrosexual?
10/28/2003: Runaway Teens
10/27/2003: Reporters Remember: The Stories That Changed My Life
10/24/2003: Clairvoyance: A True Sixth Sense
10/23/2003: Following My Dream: Life-Changing Career Moves
10/22/2003: Criminal or Victim: You Decide
10/21/2003: Kids Against the Odds: Fighting Back
10/20/2003: When Hazing Hits High School
10/16/2003: Hard to Believe but It's True
10/15/2003: Kids Against the Odds
10/13/2003: Bullied and Afraid to Go to School
10/10/2003: 2003 October 10
10/9/2003: 2003 October 09
10/8/2003: Missing Kids Recovered at Last
10/7/2003: 911 Operators Reveal the Calls That Changed Their Lives
10/6/2003: 2003 October 06
10/3/2003: I Love What I Do: Women's Dream Jobs
10/2/2003: Why Men Marry Some Women
10/1/2003: Bullied and Afraid to Go to School
9/30/2003: Lured over the Internet
9/29/2003: Traci Lords
9/26/2003: Whitney Houston
9/24/2003: Extreme Women: Lives on the Line
9/22/2003: Too Young for Sex
9/19/2003: A Look Back: 1984
9/18/2003: A+ = Unique and Unbelievable Teachers
9/17/2003: I-Team: Undercover Stories Exposed
9/16/2003: Shocking Identity Theft Stories: It Could happen to You
9/15/2003: Pregnant and Murdered
9/12/2003: Larry King Live
9/11/2003: A Tribute...On Location with Dolly Parton
9/10/2003: Kidnapped Sex Slaves' Story: Revealed
9/9/2003: Teen Nudist Camps
9/8/2003: New Beginning
9/5/2003: Breaking the Cycle: Children of Parents Behind Bars
8/26/2003: How to Keep Kids Safe in School
8/15/2003: Memorable Courtroom Moments
8/5/2003: Teens Who Kill Family Members
8/4/2003: Caught on Tape: Fears and Phobias
7/30/2003: Sideline Rage
7/29/2003: Kids in Danger: Lost in the System
7/25/2003: I've Turned My Life Around to Help Others
7/24/2003: Stay at Home Dads
7/21/2003: Is Your Teen Depressed? We Can Help
7/18/2003: Parental Kidnapping: Children Caught in the Middle
7/17/2003: Truancy: Is It a Parental Crime?
7/15/2003: It's Not My Kid
7/14/2003: Self-Defense or Murder
7/11/2003: Teens Strike It Rich: Young Entrepreneurs
7/10/2003: You Won't Believe What Happened to Me
7/8/2003: Teens in Trouble: What's a Parent to Do?
7/4/2003: International Abduction
7/3/2003: Medical Horror Stories
7/2/2003: Vows of Love/Vows of Lies
6/30/2003: Dear John
6/27/2003: Parent Alert: Bullying
6/24/2003: Torn Apart by Abduction
6/23/2003: Teen Hate: The Eddie Araujo Story
6/20/2003: Russell Yates and David Smith: Our Wives Killed Our Kids
6/19/2003: Paying the Price for Your Kid's Actions
6/18/2003: Panic Attacks: Caught on Tape
6/17/2003: Parental Anger Management
6/6/2003: Secret Cameras...Shattered Lives
6/5/2003: Shocking Stories Caught on Tape
6/4/2003: Deadbeat Parents: New Ways to Make Them Pay
6/3/2003: Behind the Scenes: Searching for Missing Children
6/2/2003: Pre-Teen with Eating Disorders
5/29/2003: Teachers Who Cross the Line
5/23/2003: Crime Scene Investigations: Cutting Edge Technology
5/22/2003: Racist Teens: Recruited to Hate
5/21/2003: Raised Worlds Apart
5/20/2003: Girl Gangs: No Way Out?
5/19/2003: Moms on Meth: A Dangerous Addiction
5/16/2003: Amazing Kids: Unbelievable Talents
5/15/2003: Held Hostage: Surviving the Terror
5/14/2003: Moms on Drugs: Should They Be Sterilized?
5/13/2003: Unthinkable Crimes: Could You Forgive?
5/12/2003: Clean & Sober: Saving Your Daughter from Substance Abuse
5/9/2003: Celeb Moms
5/8/2003: What Should You Do?
5/7/2003: You're Not My Mother, You're a Murderer
5/6/2003: Comeback Kids
5/5/2003: A Dangerous Trend: Cutting & Self-Injury
5/2/2003: 2003 May 02 Elizabeth Smart
4/30/2003: Pregnant Women Become Victims
4/29/2003: Women and Guns
4/28/2003: Long-Term Abductions: Finding the Way Home
4/25/2003: Desperate to Save a Life
4/23/2003: Midlife Anorexia
4/22/2003: Young Ticking Time Bombs
4/21/2003: Taunted and Targeted: Teen Outcasts?
4/17/2003: Teens Living with OCD
4/16/2003: Kids Falling Through the Cracks: The Foster Care Nightmare
4/15/2003: Teen Sex Offenders
4/14/2003: Safe Haven Laws: Legal Abandonment
4/11/2003: Honoring Those Who Protect Us
4/10/2003: Gotcha: I Caught a Criminal
4/9/2003: Police Imposters
4/8/2003: Getting Away with Murder
4/7/2003: Innocence Lost: Fighting Back
4/4/2003: Extraordinary Women: Incredible Lives
4/2/2003: Under a Cloud of Suspicion
3/31/2003: A Victim's Final Justice: The Impact Statement
3/28/2003: Desperate Measures to Save a Life
3/27/2003: Dear John: I Need Your Help
3/26/2003: Sperm Donor Families
3/25/2003: Abducted and Brainwashed
3/24/2003: Alternative Sentencing
3/21/2003: The John Walsh Show
3/20/2003: The John Walsh Show
3/19/2003: Tantrums: Moms in Crisis
3/18/2003: Women and War
3/17/2003: The Smart Update Show
3/14/2003: Controversial Teens
3/13/2003: A Heavy Burden: Children of Obese Parents Speak Out
3/12/2003: Teen Sex: Against the Law?
3/11/2003: Turned My Life Around to Help Others
3/10/2003: Hate Crimes or Not? You Decide
3/7/2003: Multiples
3/6/2003: Bounty Hunters: Exposed
3/5/2003: Prisoners' Rights: Should They Have Any?
2/24/2003: 2003 February 24
2/21/2003: Internet Story
2/20/2003: How Far Would You Go for Money?
2/19/2003: Turning in a Family Member
2/18/2003: Teen Pranks: Deadly Mistakes
2/17/2003: Are Celebrities Above the Law?
2/14/2003: Deadly Teen Pranks
2/13/2003: Upskirting
2/12/2003: Parents on the Hunt: Finding Their Children's Murderers
2/10/2003: When Teen Love Turns Fatal
2/7/2003: I'm a Better Mom Since Leaving my Family
2/5/2003: When Tragedy Divides a Family
2/4/2003: Police Chases: Life-Saving or Life-Threatening
2/3/2003: Student/Teacher Relationships: Consensual or Abuse
1/31/2003: The van Dams: Life After the Verdict
1/30/2003: On Location in New Orleans: College Students on Sex, Drugs and Drinking
1/29/2003: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Rape
1/28/2003: Drastic Weight-Loss Methods: Teens at Risk
1/27/2003: Is Parenting Color Blind?
1/24/2003: Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter
1/22/2003: Limits of Responsibility
1/21/2003: Women Who Hate Their Bodies
1/20/2003: Raelians and the Cloning Controversy
1/3/2003: I-Team News Reports
1/2/2003: Profiting from Murder: Right or Wrong?
1/1/2003: It's a Miracle I'm Alive
12/31/2002: The Ultimate Invasion: The New Video Voyeurism
12/30/2002: Spotsylvania: How One Teenage Girl Captured a Serial Killer
12/27/2002: What Every Parent Must Know About Guns
12/26/2002: Would You Believe?
12/25/2002: Moms Make Money from Home
12/24/2002: Young People...Adult Lives
12/23/2002: Internet Modeling: New Career or Dangerous Spotlight?
12/20/2002: Best of 2002
12/19/2002: Wacky Contest Winners
12/18/2002: Abuse of Power
12/17/2002: Drastic Weight Loss Methods: Teens at Risk
12/16/2002: Drug Laws: Are They Too Extreme?
12/12/2002: The John Walsh Show
12/11/2002: The John Walsh Show
12/10/2002: The John Walsh Show
12/9/2002: The John Walsh Show
11/22/2002: Families in Crisis: Surviving Together
11/21/2002: My Attacker Could Go Free
11/20/2002: Should Juveniles Be Tried and Sentenced as Adults?
11/19/2002: Megan's Law: Is It in Danger of Being Repealed?
11/18/2002: Thrust into the Spotlight
11/8/2002: Polyamory
11/7/2002: Extreme Betrayal: Video Voyeurism
11/6/2002: Stolen from a Mother's Womb
11/5/2002: I Want to Apologize
11/4/2002: Murder for Hire
11/1/2002: I-Team News Packages
10/31/2002: How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween
10/30/2002: A Region in Fear: Inside the Mind of a Sniper
10/29/2002: How to Keep Online Predators Away from your Child
10/28/2002: Diary of a Battered Woman
9/13/2002: 2002 September 13
9/12/2002: 2002 September 12
9/11/2002: 2002 September 11
9/10/2002: 2002 September 10
9/9/2002: 2002 September 09
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