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1998, TV Show

Episode Detail: Perry Garfinkel: Buddha or Bust - Between the Lines

Perry Garfinkel discusses “Buddha or Bust,” which recounts his travels around the world while researching Buddhism for a National Geographic article.

Episodes: Between the Lines (296)

10/25/2009: Douglas Walker: A-ha! Performance
11/29/2008: Dave Winfield: Dropping the Ball
11/18/2008: Janis Ian: Society's Child
11/15/2008: Leonard Susskind: The Black Hole War
11/8/2008: Paul Feig: Ignatius MacFarland: Frequenaut!
10/25/2008: Kirk Douglas: Let's Face It
10/21/2008: Dale Brown: Strike Force
10/4/2008: Mike Gilbert: The Disposable Male
9/20/2008: Rabbi David Wolpe: Why Faith Matters
7/26/2008: Leonard Mlodinow: The Drunkard's Walk
7/19/2008: Joseph Grenny: Influencer
7/12/2008: Paul Orfalea: The Entrepreneurial Investor
6/21/2008: Anne Rice: Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana
6/14/2008: Joseph Wambaugh: Hollywood Crows
6/7/2008: Steve Casciola: Salon City
5/31/2008: Mike Farrell
5/10/2008: Mack Dryden: Fluffing the Concrete
5/6/2008: Homer Hickam: Red Helmet
2/25/2008: Chris Phillips: Socrates in Love
2/6/2008: Luis Rodriguez---Always Running
1/19/2008: Mike Diamond: My Father Before Me
1/13/2008: Anne Geddes: A Labor of Love
1/12/2008: James Kouzes: The Leadership Challenge
12/17/2007: Forrest Church---So Help Me God
11/21/2007: Mark Frost 'The Greatest Game Ever Played'
11/20/2007: Jeff Lindsay---Dexter in the Dark
11/14/2007: Joss Whedon 'Serenity'
11/10/2007: Pauline Chen: Final Exam
10/22/2007: Alvin Toffler: Revolutionary Wealth
9/23/2007: Gretchen Wayne: John Wayne Centennial
9/16/2007: Lauren Kessler: Dancing With Rose
9/10/2007: Cal Ripkin Jr.: Get in the Game
8/28/2007: Pierce Howard: The Owner's Manual for the Brain
8/27/2007: James McManus: Physical
8/21/2007: Herb Goldberg: What Men Still Don't Know
8/20/2007: Brian Frazer: Hyper-chondriac
8/14/2007: Jan Goldstein: The Prince of Nantucket
8/13/2007: Marti & Michael Laney: Introvert and Extrovert
8/7/2007: Carlton Wilborn: Front & Center
8/6/2007: Walter Isaacson: Einstein
6/25/2007: Richard Moss: The Mandala of Being
6/17/2007: Claire & Mia Fontaine: Comeback
6/10/2007: Benjamin Barber: Consumed
6/3/2007: Owen Gingerich: God's Universe
5/27/2007: Burt Boyar: Photo by Sammy Davis Jr.
5/20/2007: Dirck Halstead: Moments in Time
5/13/2007: Gerald Schroeder: The Face of God
5/6/2007: Danny Ruderman: Getting into College
3/11/2007: Ralph Nader: The Seventeen Traditions
2/25/2007: Chris Howard: Turning Passions Into Profits
2/5/2007: Alison Armstrong: In Sync With the Opposite Sex
2/4/2007: Byron Katie: I Need Your Love---Is That True?
12/24/2006: John O'Hurley: It's Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump
12/17/2006: Stephen J. Cannell: White Sister
12/10/2006: Ann Druyan, Carl Sagan: The Varieties of Scientific Experience
12/4/2006: Larry Miller: Spoiled Rotten America---Outrages of Everyday Life
11/26/2006: Al Martinez: Barkley: A Dog's Journey
11/19/2006: Jonathan Kirsch: A History of the End of the World
10/29/2006: Michael Lewis: The Blind Side
10/22/2006: Lynn Sherr: Outside the Box
10/11/2006: Perry Garfinkel: Buddha or Bust
10/2/2006: Edward Schneider: What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You
10/1/2006: Michael York
9/17/2006: James Tamm: Radical Collaboration
9/3/2006: Eden Collinsworth: It Might Have Been What He Said
8/27/2006: Barbara Leaming: Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman
8/20/2006: Adrienne Barbeau: There Are Worse Things I Could Do
8/13/2006: Sonia Nazario: Enrique's Journey
8/6/2006: Hill Harper: Letters to a Young Brother
7/31/2006: Kathy Aaronson: The Golden Apples
7/24/2006: William Arntz: What the Bleep Do We Know!?
7/16/2006: Carolyn See: There Will Never Be Another You
7/9/2006: Joel Primack & Nancy Abrams
7/2/2006: Kathy Freston: The One
6/25/2006: Mike Leonard: The Ride of Our Lives
6/19/2006: Dr. Marti Laney: Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child
6/19/2006: Alan Sitomer: Hip Hop High School
5/29/2006: Charles Holland & David Cochran
5/21/2006: Mimi Guarneri, MD
5/15/2006: Erica Jong: Seducing the Demon
5/8/2006: Michael Berman
4/24/2006: Dallas Woodburn
4/16/2006: Rabbi Brian Z. Mayer
4/10/2006: Barbara Guggenheim
4/3/2006: Robert Zuckerman
3/27/2006: Walter Goldschmidt
3/19/2006: Robert Greene
3/13/2006: Stephen M. Shapiro
3/6/2006: Gail Sheehy
2/27/2006: Tab Hunter
2/20/2006: Richard Schickel
2/13/2006: Carol Orsborn/Jimmy Smull
2/6/2006: Joel Kotkin
1/30/2006: Bill & Susan Hayes
1/23/2006: Darlene Mininni
12/27/2005: Christina Adams
12/20/2005: Yvon Chouinard
12/11/2005: Homer Hickam
12/8/2005: Christopher Kennedy Lawford
12/6/2005: Jayne Meadows/Ben Alba
12/3/2005: Richard LaVoie
12/1/2005: Nelson Davis/Rayona Sharpnack
11/24/2005: Christine Hassler
11/17/2005: Gary Nash
11/17/2005: Joseph Kanon
11/12/2005: Jon Favreau
11/9/2005: Lawrence Bergreen
11/2/2005: Fontayne Holmes
10/26/2005: Cheryl Howard Crew
10/15/2005: Marti Laney
10/13/2005: David Baron
10/8/2005: Ridley Scott
9/24/2005: Nathan Laufer
9/6/2005: Michelle Feynman
8/30/2005: Erica Jong
8/29/2005: Andres Montoya, Raul De La Sota 'Art'
8/23/2005: John Sacret Young
8/19/2005: David Horowitz---Left Illusions
8/18/2005: Thomas Moore
8/17/2005: John Izzo: Second Innocence
8/16/2005: Gigi Grazer 'The Starter Wife'
8/13/2005: Dale Brown 'Plan of Attack'
8/10/2005: Mort Cooper
8/9/2005: Robert James Waller
8/5/2005: David Brenner
7/29/2005: Richard Matheson 'Woman'
7/27/2005: Wayne Bryan, Woody Woodburn
7/25/2005: John Wooden 'Wooden on Leadership'
7/20/2005: Francine Kaufman
7/18/2005: Mani Bhaumik 'Code Name God'
7/11/2005: Alan Sitomer---The Hoopster/Hip-Hop
7/7/2005: Robert Greene
7/6/2005: Raymond Yeh
6/27/2005: Ron White
6/20/2005: Pete Rose; Rick Hill
6/17/2005: John O'Donahue
6/16/2005: Robert Reich
6/15/2005: Ron Chernow
6/13/2005: Alison Armstrong
6/8/2005: Sharon Waxman
6/7/2005: Tai Babilonia
6/6/2005: Bertram Fields: Players
6/3/2005: Jim McManus
5/31/2005: Dade Hayes; Jonathan Bing
5/30/2005: Robert Maurer
5/27/2005: Victor Villasenor
5/23/2005: Mark Borovitz
5/20/2005: Bill Jones; Aaron Baldwin
5/19/2005: Pat Williams
5/16/2005: Jane Claypool
5/11/2005: Jason Merchey
5/10/2005: Joel Rothschild
5/9/2005: Ernestine Bradley
5/4/2005: Suzanne Sommers
5/4/2005: Karl Zinsmeister
5/2/2005: Bruce Wagner
4/29/2005: Peter Whybrow
4/28/2005: Paul Kay
4/25/2005: Lynne Truss
4/18/2005: Allen Estrin
4/18/2005: Ron McMillan
4/16/2005: Randall Wallace
4/14/2005: Anne Marie Levac
4/12/2005: Gary Small
4/11/2005: Nancy Anderson
4/7/2005: Christopher Phillips
4/6/2005: Stephen Grace
4/4/2005: Erik Weihenmayer
4/2/2005: Jack Hokikian
4/1/2005: Eric Lax
3/30/2005: Nicholas Boothman
3/30/2005: David Horowitz
3/28/2005: Gary Grossman
3/24/2005: Dr. Steven Rhoads
3/14/2005: Peter Bogdanovich
3/13/2005: Dale Brown
3/7/2005: Judith Orloff
2/28/2005: Hunter Drohojowska-Philp
11/15/2004: James McManus
9/27/2004: T. S. Wiley
9/13/2004: Rebecca Hulem and Elaine Blieden
9/6/2004: Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks
8/30/2004: Sidney Blumenthal
8/22/2004: Judith Love Cohen and Phil Eisenhower
8/15/2004: Michael Shermer
8/8/2004: John P. Avlon Independent Nation
8/1/2004: Kathy Smith Flex Appeal
7/25/2004: Positively Fifth Street
7/18/2004: Kim Dower
7/11/2004: Between the Lines
7/4/2004: Michael Napoliello
6/27/2004: Stephen Barr
6/20/2004: Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz
6/13/2004: Dr. Dean Edell
5/30/2004: Bebe Moore Campbell
3/14/2004: Drex Heikes
3/7/2004: Cheryl Saban & Claire Berger
2/22/2004: Michael Malone
2/2/2004: Chaka Khan and Steven Crist
1/4/2004: Jan Goldstein
12/21/2003: Anne Taylor Fleming
12/14/2003: Catherine Crier
12/7/2003: Bruce Feiler
11/27/2003: Mark Frost
11/23/2003: Frank Deford
9/28/2003: Diana Walker
9/21/2003: Carolyn See
9/14/2003: Larry Elder
9/7/2003: Kathy and Gary Young
8/31/2003: Glen David Gold
8/30/2003: Mickey Hart
8/24/2003: Forrest Church
8/23/2003: Walter Isaacson
8/16/2003: Barry Friedman
8/9/2003: Mary Kirchoff; Richard Milner
7/19/2003: Anne Taylor Fleming
7/12/2003: Catherine Crier
6/29/2003: Davis, Jenkins and Hunt: The Pact
6/22/2003: Lynne Oxhorn Ringwood and Louise Oxhorn: Step Wives
6/15/2003: Dr. Daniel Amen: Healing the Hardware of the Soul
5/24/2003: Dr. Marti Olsen Laney
5/17/2003: Carol Channing
5/11/2003: Queen Noor
5/10/2003: Carolyn See
4/26/2003: Raymond Francis
4/19/2003: Sharon Davis
4/13/2003: Diana Walker
3/30/2003: Peter Guber
3/23/2003: Mark Victor Hansen
3/16/2003: Joseph Grenny
1/5/2003: Luis Rodriguez
12/29/2002: Bill Taylor and Rob Hummel
12/22/2002: Steve Crotiata and Debra Myerson
12/15/2002: Dennis Prager
12/9/2002: Byron Katie
12/2/2002: Joan Denson
11/24/2002: Joseph Wambaugh
11/3/2002: Janet Leigh and Wade Davis
10/27/2002: Al Winnikoff and Margaret Wertheim
10/20/2002: Stephen Elliott and Brian Lysaght
10/13/2002: Ray Manzarek
10/6/2002: Kate White
9/29/2002: Dick Morris
9/22/2002: Kelly Lange
9/15/2002: Judith Prager
9/8/2002: Elmore Leonard
9/1/2002: Eric Bogosian
8/25/2002: John Gray
8/18/2002: Jane Meadows
8/11/2002: Homer Hickam
8/4/2002: Scott Connelly
7/28/2002: Scott Connelly
7/21/2002: Walter Mosley
7/14/2002: Carl Anthony
1/2/2002: Dick Irvin
12/26/2001: Bill Brownstein
12/26/2001: Peter Stockland
12/25/2001: Andy Nulman
12/25/2001: Peter Clement
6/17/2001: Al Martinez
6/10/2001: Sidney Sheldon
6/3/2001: Richard Carlson
1/8/2001: Ram Dass
1/6/2001: Naomi Levy
12/18/2000: Howard Rosenberg
12/16/2000: Jonathan Kozal
12/11/2000: David Baron
10/23/2000: Barry Glassener
5/31/2000: Kurt Anderson; Harlan Ellision
5/24/2000: Richie Haven
5/17/2000: Brian Muirhead
5/10/2000: Dr. Judith Marlan
4/19/2000: Alan Thicke and Deepak Chopra
Dorothy Tymon
Jean Shepherd
Paul Gillette
Sarah Lovett; Gerald Posner
Jimmy Breslin; David Viscott; David Beer
Stephen J. Cannell; Carla Linds; Rachel Remen
Ann Landers; Lindsay Maracotta; Petru Popescu
Faye Kellerman; Mario Puzo
Gavin De Becker; Julia Sweeney
Marianne Williamson
Ray Bradbury; Dereck Joubert
Deepak Chopra; Harlan Ellison
Stephen J. Cannell; Barry Kaye
Milton Katselas; Faye Kellerman
Sidney Sheldon; Melody Beattie
Steve Allen
Joellan Dimitrius; Rafer Johnson
Warren Christopher; Dan Millman
Ray Manzarek; Stephen Collins
Matt Gollembek; Andrew Weil
Karl Malden; Debbie Ford
Jack Canfield; Ed Solomon
Jonathan Kellerman

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