America's Black Forum Episodes

1977, TV Show

Episode Detail: Soldiers Share Combat Stories and Military Experience - America's Black Forum

Current and retired soldiers discuss their time in the military. Included: Dr. Leo Mackay Jr., deputy secretary of Veterans Affairs; Air Force Lt. Col. Richard Clark; Petty Officer Kasiem Breddell; and retired Marine Corps. Lt. Gen. Frank Peterson. Juan Williams hosts.

Episodes: America's Black Forum (374)

7/29/2006: Sports Personalities
7/22/2006: Race Matters
7/15/2006: Power & Politics
7/8/2006: Martyrs of the Movement
7/1/2006: Race Relations
5/27/2006: Police Distrust in the Black Community
5/15/2006: Media Images
5/13/2006: African American Health
5/6/2006: Black Men in Crisis
4/29/2006: Education
11/17/2005: America's Black Forum
11/10/2005: America's Black Forum
11/5/2005: America's Black Forum
10/17/2005: R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Do Black Female Athletes Get It?
10/10/2005: The Miseducation of Black Children
10/3/2005: America's Black Forum
9/26/2005: Why Are More Black Men in Prison Than in College
9/19/2005: Talk Radio: The Voice of Black America
9/12/2005: Most Americans Think War in Iraq Is a Failure
9/5/2005: Race a Factor in Lack of Response to Hurricane Katrina?
7/2/2005: America's Black Forum
6/25/2005: America's Black Forum
6/13/2005: America's Black Forum
6/6/2005: America's Black Forum
5/30/2005: America's Black Forum
5/23/2005: America's Black Forum
5/16/2005: America's Black Forum
5/9/2005: America's Black Forum
5/6/2005: America's Black Forum
4/11/2005: America's Black Forum
4/5/2005: America's Black Forum
3/21/2005: America's Black Forum
3/14/2005: America's Black Forum
3/7/2005: America's Black Forum
2/28/2005: Urban Radio
2/14/2005: America's Black Forum
2/7/2005: America's Black Forum
1/31/2005: America's Black Forum
1/10/2005: Armstrong Williams Scandal
12/23/2004: America's Black Forum
12/9/2004: America's Black Forum
12/2/2004: America's Black Forum
11/22/2004: America's Black Forum
11/15/2004: America's Black Forum
11/8/2004: Actor Jamie Foxx Enjoys Oscar Buzz for 'Ray'
11/1/2004: America's Black Forum
10/25/2004: The Final Stretch
10/18/2004: America's Black Forum
10/11/2004: America's Black Forum
10/4/2004: Cheney and Edwards---Debating the Debates
9/27/2004: Actors Hill Harper and Joseph C. Phillips, and Comedian George Wallace
9/20/2004: America's Black Forum
9/13/2004: Will There Be a 2000 Election Replay?
9/11/2004: The Bush Bounce
8/30/2004: Untold Stories of the Civil Rights Era
8/9/2004: The Barack Obama Factor
7/5/2004: Is Race Still an Issue in Professional Sports?
6/14/2004: The Danger of Being a Black Man in America
6/7/2004: The Reagan Legacy and African Americans
5/31/2004: Why Camparison Between Gay Rights and the Civil Rights Movement Angers African Americans?
5/24/2004: African Americans Suffer from Iraq Crisis
5/17/2004: Will Iraq Prison Abuse Scandal Permanently Damage U.S. Image?
5/10/2004: Is America Still Segregated 50 Years After Brown vs. Board of Education
5/3/2004: Gospel Music Stars Find New Audience
4/26/2004: The Magic of Building Wealth
4/12/2004: Is America's Iraq Policy 'The Definition of Quagmire?'
3/22/2004: Can Hip-Hop Entrepreneur Russell Simmons Get 2 Million Young Voters to the Polls?
3/15/2004: Black Journalists Rebuke Disgraced New York Times Reporter Jayson Blair
3/1/2004: Will Latino Growth Create Conflict with Black America?
2/23/2004: Are Young Black Athletes Spoiled by Fame and Fortune?
2/16/2004: Black America Needs to Take Responsibility
2/9/2004: Questions Arise About Black Leadership
2/2/2004: Democratic Presidential Primaries Brings Out Black Voters
1/19/2004: Cartoonist Calls Condoleezza Rice 'A Murderer'
12/15/2003: Thurmond's Black Daughter---A Private Matter
12/8/2003: Black Audiences Flock to Gospel Plays
11/24/2003: Black Spiritual Leaders Debate Removal of Ten Commandments Monument
11/17/2003: Legal Analyst Says Rush Limbaugh Should Be Treated Harshly
11/10/2003: Sharpton: Political Gadfly or Soul of the Democratic Party?
10/27/2003: Does Race Matter?
10/20/2003: Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe Battles GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie
10/13/2003: Does Diversity in Television Sell?
10/6/2003: Arnold Schwarzenegger
9/29/2003: Will Success Ruin Kobe Bryant?
9/15/2003: Can the Democrats Take Back the White House?
7/7/2003: Are the Dollar Driven Rap Music Industry Changing Values
6/9/2003: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Says GOP Is Party for Blacks
6/2/2003: Black Corporations Prosper Despite Recession
5/26/2003: New York's Rockefeller Drug Laws: Deterrent or Racism?
5/19/2003: A Struggling Economy and Tax Cuts
5/12/2003: Will Proposed Tax Cuts Boost Economy or Help the Rich Get Richer?
5/5/2003: Legendary Journalist Tony Brown
4/21/2003: Saddam's Regime Is Toppled but What Does the Future Hold for Iraq?
3/24/2003: Black Women Making Big Gains in Education and Income
3/17/2003: International Opinion Remains Divided
2/24/2003: Black Programming on the Upswing
2/10/2003: America's Black Forum
1/13/2003: The Rev. Al Sharpton
12/30/2002: Rev. Jesse Jackson Criticizes Democrats
12/9/2002: Notorious Comedienne Margaret Cho
11/11/2002: Popular Radio Host Russ Parr
10/28/2002: Street Crime Plunges While 'Suite' Crime Booms
10/14/2002: Has the Threat of War Distracted the Democrats
10/7/2002: Will the Specter of Saddam Hussein...Play a Key Role in the Upcoming Elections
9/9/2002: Has America's New Unity Remained One Year After the Terror Attacks?
9/2/2002: Tennis Phenom James Blake
6/24/2002: America's Black Forum
6/10/2002: AIDS Continues to Plague the Black Population
6/3/2002: The Struggling Economy
5/27/2002: Chris Rock
5/13/2002: Summer Blockbusters
5/6/2002: Straight Talk Opinions
4/29/2002: Is the Crisis in the Mideast a Problem Without a Solution?
2/18/2002: Has the Collapse of Enron Shaken America's Faith in Capitalism?
2/11/2002: Has Hollywood Gone Colorblind?
2/4/2002: Will Internal Splits Within Minority Groups Threaten the Future of the U.S.?
1/28/2002: Patrick Buchanan
1/21/2002: The Collapse of Enron
12/10/2001: Muhammad Ali
12/3/2001: Bill O'Reilly
11/12/2001: Personal Freedoms and Profiling in the Aftermath of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks
11/5/2001: Mayor Ed Koch
10/28/2001: New York Mayor Candidates Discuss Life After Rudy Giuliani
10/22/2001: Sen. Joseph Lieberman
10/13/2001: Restoring America
10/8/2001: Restoring America
10/1/2001: Healing America
9/23/2001: Osama Bin Laden
9/10/2001: The Impact and Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks on America
6/11/2001: America's Black Forum
5/14/2001: Do Children Who Commit Capital Crimes Deserve Adult Punishment?
5/7/2001: Should Timothy McVeigh's Execution Be Family Viewing?
4/30/2001: Will Latino Growth Threaten Blacks in the New Century
4/23/2001: High Marks for Gov. Bush
4/15/2001: The New Democratic Party
3/19/2001: Oscar Shutout for African Americans in Hollywood
3/12/2001: African Americans and the New Bush Administration: Bridging the Gap
2/26/2001: Bill Clinton's Post-Pardon Blues
2/19/2001: First Thirty Days of Bush Administration
2/5/2001: America's Black Forum
1/22/2001: President Bush Committed to Bring Nation Together
1/8/2001: Bridging the Racial Ravine in the New Millennium
12/11/2000: Are the Big Four TV Networks Responding to Diversity in TV Programming
12/4/2000: America's Black Forum
11/14/2000: Boesman & Lena
11/7/2000: Indecision 2000
10/23/2000: Oscar Winner Cuba Gooding Jr. Stars as Navy Hero
10/1/2000: Election 2000: Political Parties Fight for Voters
9/11/2000: America's Black Forum
8/19/2000: Tech Know
8/12/2000: Media Blackout?
8/1/2000: Rev. Al Sharpton: Nemesis or Hero?
7/11/2000: Bob Johnson
7/4/2000: Price of Justice
6/27/2000: Confederate Flag
6/20/2000: The Diallo Verdict: What Is Next?
6/13/2000: Capital Punishment Debate
9/19/1999: African Americans and West Indians of African Descent
9/30/1990: The Middle East Crisis
8/12/1990: Youth at Risk
8/5/1990: A Bum Rap?
7/29/1990: The State of Black Businesses in the 1990s
7/22/1990: Tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.
5/27/1990: Health Care
5/20/1990: Harassment of Black Elected Officials
5/13/1990: A New Breed of Black Filmmakers
5/6/1990: Young Black Men: Endangered Species?
4/29/1990: Young Black Men: Endangered Species?
4/22/1990: The New South Africa
2/25/1990: Where to Black America: Blacks in Politics
2/18/1990: Where to Black America: Blacks in Politics
2/11/1990: The Black Youth Crisis in America
2/4/1990: Blacks in the '80s
1/14/1990: America's Black Forum
1/7/1990: America's Black Forum
12/3/1989: Race, Class & Conservatism; Higher Education
11/26/1989: Civil Rights Memorial; Black Catholic Bishops
11/19/1989: America's Black Forum
11/12/1989: America's Black Forum
11/5/1989: Education
10/29/1989: America's Black Forum
10/22/1989: The War on Drugs
10/15/1989: The Caribbean Crisis; Blacks in the Navy
10/8/1989: America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Congressman Floyd Flake
America's Black Forum
Rev. Al Sharpton
Rev. Jesse Jackson
America's Black Forum
The O.J. Simpson Case: Hollow Victory or Justice Well Served?
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Spike Lee/Tim Reid
America's Black Forum
Chris Darden
The Color of Sports
America's Black Forum
The Impeachment Process
End of Affirmative Action?
Black Businesses in America
AIDS and the Black Community
America's Black Forum
The Thin Blue Wall
America's Black Forum
Maya Angelou
America's Black Forum
Reading, 'Riting & Race---Grading America's Education System
The Affirmative Action Battle
Valor Under Fire
News Roundtable
Black Americans and the Republican Party in 1988
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Ralph Nader: Contender or Spoiler in Election 2000?
Who Is the Best Candidate for People of Color?
Spike Lee Gets Political
Bush Administration Revives Church and State Controversy
1999 U.S. Open Champ Serena Williams Plays to Win
Tennis Star Serena Williams
Bush/Reagan Presidencies
White House Education Reform Plan
Freedom Has Been Attacked
Police Misconduct
Straight Talk from a Non-Political Perspective
With the Future of Affirmative Action Unclear, Does Race Still Matter?
Laila Ali
Is the Overthrow of Saddam Hussein the Solution to the War on Terror
Republicans Trounce Democrats in Mid-Term Elections
Dexter Scott King
Soldiers Share Combat Stories and Military Experience
Secretary of Education Rod Paige
In the Billion Dollar Marketing World of Hip Hop...
1963: Then & Now
1963: Then & Now
Should America Spend $87 Billion for Iraq War on Terror?
Does the Media Intentionally Stereotype Blacks: Will Increased Minority Media Ownership Help?
America's Black Forum
Rev. Jesse Jackson
America's Black Forum
The U.S. Economy: Recovery for All?
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Andrew Young
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
The People's Platform
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Jesse Jackson...Race to the Presidency
Town Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Town Meeting in Washington, D.C.
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Is Jazz a Dying Art?
Black Mental Health
The Congressional Black Caucus...The Real Impact
America's Black Forum
Post-Election Show
America's Black Forum
Democrats and the 1988 Election
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Where to Black America: Blacks in Politics
America's Black Forum
Quincy Jones
Inauguration/Congressional Black Caucus
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Black Church Burnings
Black Olympians: A Golden Legacy
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Race and Integration
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
Life After Tupac's Death
Who's Responsible for Black Children
Hollywood/Ski Pirates
Race Future/Darden
Black Olympians: A Golden Legacy
Health Summit
Black Business/Wynton Marsalis
Health Summit
Race/Law & Order
Black Olympians: A Golden Legacy
Black Olympians: A Golden Legacy
Black Olympians: A Golden Legacy
Jack Kemp/Gladys Knight
Election Special
Cochran/Simpson Civil Trial
Hollywood Holiday
Crisis in Zaire
Maxine Waters/Congressional Black Caucus
Sports---Bad Boys
Love & Sex in the '90s: How to Make It Work
Ebonics: Bad English or Legitimate Language?
Martin Luther King/James Earl Ray
Oscar Nominations/Movies
O.J. Overdose
The Nation of Islam: A Closer Look
Black Racism
J.C. Watts/Black Conservatives
Tony Brown
Hazel O'Leary
News Roundtable
Black Women in America
Mike Espy
Crime & Punishment
Dick Morris
Crime & Punishment
News Roundtable
Rep. Richard Gephardt
Ralph Reed
News Roundtable
Political Roundtable
News Roundtable
The Mandela Controversy
John Hope Franklin
Consumer Racism
Alan Keyes
Shackled to History
The Clinton Crisis
News Roundtable
America's Black Forum
America's Black Forum
News Roundtable
Lani Guinier
The NAACP: Today and Tomorrow
America's Black Forum
Who Will Carry the Torch?
America's Black Forum
William Gray III
The Clinton Political Fallout
The Congressional Black Caucus and Clinton
Gay Conversion
News Roundtable: Be Moneywise
Carroll Case
America's Black Forum
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Toni Morrison
Contras, Crack and the CIA
South Africa/'Rent'
Al Sharpton/NBA

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Premise: Black perspectives on national issues are presented in this Emmy-winning series, which includes lively panel discussions. In January 2005, the contract of commentator Armstrong Williams was terminated when it was learned that he received payments from the Bush administration to promote the No Child Left Behind Act.


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