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Episode Detail: Mutual Misunderstanding: America and the Muslim World - Great Decisions

Topic: U.S. clashes with the Muslim world. Panelists include Robin Wright (Washington Post) and scholar Samer Shehata (Georgetown University).

Episodes: Great Decisions (316)

2/20/2009: Egypt Rising: From Pharos to Facebook    Season 21, Episode 8
2/14/2009: Human Rights: 'Never Again,' Again and Again    Season 21, Episode 7
2/6/2009: Border Patrol: Pakistan and Afghanistan    Season 21, Episode 6
1/30/2009: Cuba After Castro    Season 21, Episode 5
1/24/2009: Race for the Arctic    Season 21, Episode 4
1/17/2009: Rising Giants: The World's Fastest Growing Countries    Season 21, Episode 3
1/9/2009: Off the Grid: Energy & the U.S. Economy    Season 21, Episode 2
1/3/2009: Running Out: The Global Food Crisis    Season 21, Episode 1
2/16/2008: Philanthropy and the Rise of Global Giving    Season 20, Episode 8
2/9/2008: Out of Balance: U.S.-China Trade    Season 20, Episode 7
2/2/2008: The Latin American Left    Season 20, Episode 6
1/26/2008: Waning War Machine? The State of the U.S. Military    Season 20, Episode 5
1/19/2008: Re-examining Russia    Season 20, Episode 4
1/12/2008: Dangerous Dialog: Talking With the Enemy    Season 20, Episode 3
1/5/2008: The European Union at 50    Season 20, Episode 2
12/29/2007: Exiting Iraq: Deadline for Democracy    Season 20, Episode 1
3/24/2007: The Demise of Doha and the Future of Global Trade    Season 19, Episode 13
3/17/2007: Examining Iraq: Lessons in American Power    Season 19, Episode 12
3/10/2007: Terrorism, Technology and the Battle of Ideas    Season 19, Episode 11
3/3/2007: Spotlight on Latin America    Season 19, Episode 10
2/24/2007: The Nuclear Question: Proliferation, Terrorism and Energy Insecurity    Season 19, Episode 9
2/17/2007: Fight for the Future: Protecting Children's Rights    Season 19, Episode 8
2/10/2007: The New Silk Road: Central Asia Today    Season 19, Episode 7
2/3/2007: War Crimes and International Justice    Season 19, Episode 6
1/27/2007: Spotlight on South Africa: Renaissance or Regression?    Season 19, Episode 5
1/20/2007: Crossing Borders: A Look at International Migration    Season 19, Episode 4
1/14/2007: The Climate Change Debate    Season 19, Episode 2
1/13/2007: A New Beginning? The Future of U.S.-Mexico Relations    Season 19, Episode 3
12/30/2006: Media in the Middle East    Season 19, Episode 1
3/25/2006: Global Economy Special: Improving Corporate Governance for a Stronger World Economy    Season 18, Episode 13
3/18/2006: Global Economy Special: Housing: Bubble Boom or the New Face of Globalization    Season 18, Episode 12
3/11/2006: Global Economy Special: Ruts in the Road to the Rise of Asia    Season 18, Episode 11
3/4/2006: Global Economy Special: US Foreign Policy & Fiscal Responsibility    Season 18, Episode 10
2/25/2006: Global Economy Special: Global Security and the World Economy    Season 18, Episode 9
2/18/2006: Global Health Pandemics: Preparing for the Worst    Season 18, Episode 8
2/11/2006: Between Two Worlds: Turkey in the Spotlight    Season 18, Episode 7
2/4/2006: Human Rights in the Age of Terrorism    Season 18, Episode 6
1/28/2006: Asian Giants: The Rise of India and China    Season 18, Episode 5
1/21/2006: Brazil: The Long Road to Economic Stability    Season 18, Episode 4
1/14/2006: Global Energy Outlook    Season 18, Episode 3
1/7/2006: Understanding Iran    Season 18, Episode 2
12/31/2005: UN Reform: Pipe Dream or Possibility?    Season 18, Episode 1
3/16/2005: The Rise of China on the World Stage
2/19/2005: The U.S. & the World Economy
2/12/2005: The Looming Global Water Crisis
2/5/2005: Democratic Development in the Arab World
2/5/2005: Homeland Security and the 9-11 Commission
1/29/2005: Iraq’s Future
1/22/2005: The Outsourcing Debate
1/22/2005: Sudan: A Nation on the Brink
1/15/2005: The War Against Terrorism: Do We Have the Right Battle Plan?
1/8/2005: Russia and the U.S. in the Age of Terrorism
1/8/2005: Intelligence Reform: What Should It Look Like?
1/1/2005: American Foreign Policy: Unilateralism vs. Multilateralism
3/27/2004: After the War: Rebuilding Nations
3/20/2004: The UN Security Council: Reforming the 'Power Club'
3/13/2004: The Challenges of Cybersecurity
3/7/2004: Internally Displaced: Unwelcome at Home
2/28/2004: Lost in Space?: U.S. Space Policy at a Crossroads
2/21/2004: Failure to Communicate: Public Diplomacy in Crisis
2/14/2004: Middle East Reform: Is Democracy the Answer
2/7/2004: Latin America: The Price of Neglect
1/31/2004: Mutual Misunderstanding: America and the Muslim World
1/24/2004: Suspicious Minds: America and Europe in Conflict
1/17/2004: Philippines
1/17/2004: No Safe Havens: Weapons of Mass Destruction
1/10/2004: Media and Foreign Policy
4/11/2003: Cuba: Then and Now
4/8/2003: Lines in the Sand: The Changing Map of the Middle East
4/4/2003: A Failure to Communicate: Foreign Policy and Public Understanding
4/1/2003: Roadblock or Crossroad: The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
3/21/2003: Tapped Out: The Global Water Shortage
3/18/2003: The Global Status of Women: A Long Road Ahead
2/25/2003: Another United States: Europe in the 21st Century
2/18/2003: Is the Party Over?: China in Transition
2/11/2003: World Trade: Spoiling for a Food Fight
1/31/2003: Nigeria
1/28/2003: Is Oil Enough?: US-Saudi Relations on the Brink
1/12/2003: Afghanistan
1/5/2003: Multilateralism vs. Unilateralism: What Direction Will U.S. Foreign Policy Take?
11/6/2002: Korea: Cold War: Communism's Final Frontier
3/26/2002: Russia: Prospects for a New Partnership?
3/23/2002: New World Order or New World Disarray?
3/16/2002: Weapons of Mass Destruction: A New Era
3/9/2002: U.S. Military: Crisis in Uniform?
3/2/2002: Media Reports: The War on Terrorism
2/27/2002: Energy and the Environment In the New Millennium
2/23/2002: Terrorism Strikes the Global Economy
2/19/2002: Columbia and the War on Drugs
2/13/2002: The Continuing Tragedy of AIDS in Africa
2/12/2002: Israel and Palestine Revisited
2/6/2002: Tinderbox in South Asia
1/14/2002: Dilemma on the Korean Peninsula
1/12/2002: Perceptions of American Foreign Policy
7/5/2001: European Integration: U.S. Challenge
7/5/2001: Conflict Resolution in Africa
6/24/2001: Short Circuiting an Energy Crisis
6/22/2001: Mexico: Prospects for Prosperity
6/21/2001: U.S. and Iraq: Baghdad Dilemma
6/17/2001: Cyber-Security: Balancing Technology with Terror
6/10/2001: A Conversation with James Baker III
6/3/2001: A Conversation with James Baker III
5/29/2001: Global Health on Life Support
5/27/2001: The Tragedy of Afghanistan
5/25/2001: China and Taiwan: An American Tightrope
5/18/2001: Coping with Globalization
5/15/2001: The High Stakes of Missile Defense
5/24/2000: China and the U.S.: The Search for Common Ground
4/29/2000: Shifting Sands in the Middle East
4/26/2000: Hotspots on the Horizon
4/14/2000: World Trade in Transition
4/8/2000: Russia: Reading Its Vital Signs
3/27/2000: Nuclear Threats: Are We at the Crossroads?
3/24/2000: Globilization: The Shrinking Planet
3/10/2000: Humanitarian Intervention: When? Where? How?
3/3/2000: Africa: Going Forward or Backward?
2/26/2000: Indonesia in Aftershock
2/25/2000: The Euro, Europe's New Currency: Friend or Foe?
Defining U.S. Interest in the New Millennium
Diplomacy and the Military: Choices in the 21st Century
Addressing Global Poverty
Global Warming and the Environment
Third World Arms Bazaar
The U.S., Europe and Japan
Vietnam, Cambodia and the U.S.
United Nations
The USSR and Eastern Europe
Nicaragua and El Salvador
Palestinian Question
Communist China and the U.S.: Can We Live in Peace?
The Middle East Conflict: Is a Peace Settlement Possible?
Latin America and the U.S.: How Can We Improve Hemispheric Relations?
Man and His Environment: What Price Survival?
Dissent, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy: How Responsive Is Our System?
National Priorities and World Peace: What Direction for the U.S. in the '70s?
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia: Which Way to Peace and When?
Ethics in International Relations
International Development: Can the 'Rich North' and 'Poor South' Cooperate?
People and Foreign Policy: How Can You Make a Difference?
The World Energy Crunch: U.S. Choices---At Home and Abroad
Protecting the World's Resources: Is Time Running Out?
Africa South of the Sahara
West Germany and the U.S.
Budget Deficit
The Philippines' Future for Democracy
Soviet Leadership in Transition
International Terrorism
Great Decisions
International Drug Traffic
Black Africa: More Weight in U.S. Policy Scales?
Dealing with China: What's at Stake---In Asia and the World?
Humanity on the Move: How Migration Affects Us
The Mideast and the Gulf: U.S. Policy in Ferment
The United Nations at 35: Illusions and Realities
Vietnam and Its Neighbors: Big Powers and Little Wars
America's Defense: What Price Security?
Western Europe and the U.S
Nuclear Proliferation
U.S.-Soviet Relations: The Arms Race and Coexistence
Southeast Asia: ASEAN and Its Communist Neighbors
U.S. Intelligence
Democracy in Latin America
Great Decisions
Human Rights Abroad: Reality or Illusion for U.S. Foreign Policy?
NATO and the Russians: Will the East-West Balance Hold?
Eastern Europe: Emerging from Moscow's Shadow
South Africa: Can a Race War Be Avoided?
The Palestinians: History, Politics and Conflict
Inter-American Security
Revolutionary Cuba
How Foreign Policy Is Made
Third World Development
Great Decisions
Great Decisions
Our Mediterranean Commitments
Asia After the Vietnam War
Latin America and the U.S.
Canada, Mexico and the United States: New Tasks for Good Neighbors
Global Power Balance: Can the West Remain Secure?
The U.S. and Latin America: Facing New Facts of Power
World Law of the Oceans: Narrowing Options for the U.S.
The World in 1980: America's Best Options
From Cairo to Kabul
Made in U.S.A.: Is U.S. Competitiveness Slipping?
Global Inflation: Is There a Cure?
Poland and the USSR: Troubles in the Workers' Paradise
Iran-Iraq War
Religion in International Politics
Star Wars and Geneva Talks
The U.S. in the World Economy
Arms Agreements
Africa's Second Liberation
The Middle East After Desert Storm
Refugee Crisis
Japanese-U.S. Trade
The Media's Role in Shaping Foreign Policy
Rethinking Foreign Aid
Our Crowded World
Vietnam and After
Latin America
Race and World Politics
The Middle East
Our China Policy
Poor Nations and Rich Nations
The Soviet Union and the United States
The Soviet Union: What Cost for the Kremlin in 1970?
The U.S. in the New World
Germany's Role
Defense: Defining U.S. Needs and Priorities
Islam and the Politics of Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia
Trade with the Pacific Rim: Pressure or Cooperation?
Environmental Crisis in the Former Soviet Bloc: Whose Problem, Who Pays?
The Middle East: Lasting Steps to Peace
International Financial Markets
The U.N. at 50
China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
Immigration: An End to Open Doors
Democratization: Defining U.S. Goals
Foreign Policy and the U.S. System
Mexico: The Embattled Neighbor
The Intelligence Community: A Time for Reform
Water: The Dangerous, Endangered Resource
Failing Nations: What Is the U.S. Response?
What Is the Future Role for NATO?
Environmental Threats to Stability: The Role of Population Growth
Globalization Workplace: Winners and Losers
The Media: What Voice in Foreign Policy?
Northeast Asia: A Strategic Crossroads
Russia and the United States: Growing Cooperation
Terrorism and Organized Crime: A More Dangerous World
European Integration: What Future for Europe and the United States?
Middle East: Peace and a Changing Order
Making American Foreign Policy
Turkey: A Pivotal State Astride Europe and Asia
Religion's Role in World Affairs: Challenges for the U.S.
The Information Ages: Is Diplomacy Dead?
American Diplomacy: Time for a Revolution?
Pipeline Poker: High Stakes in Central Asia
U.S. Foreign Policy: Challenges on the Horizon
The U.S. and U.N.: New Rules, New Game?
Security Threats: Are We More Vulnerable Now?
Global Finance in Crisis: America's Pocketbook in Peril
America and Its Allies: Who Leads, Who Pays?
Iraq: A Thorn in the Middle East
A New Russia? A New Threat?
Latin America: Trouble at Our Doorstop?
China and the U.S.: Priorities in a Changing Relationship
Cuba: A Time to Rethink U.S. Strategy
Africa: Should the U.S. Care?
Nationalism's Revival
Brazil's Rising Power: What Weight in the World Scale
Financing Development: A Time for Reform
Chile's Marxist Experiment
Human Rights: What Role in U.S. Policy?
The European Community and the U.S.
International Terrorism: Do Something, but What?
Latin America's New Course
Central America
Russia and Its Neighbors
New Europe
Population Growth
New World Disorder: The U.S. in Search of a Role
Russia and the Central Asian Republics
Horn of Africa
Kosovo: The Latest Battleground
Japan: Meltdown of a Miracle?
India and Pakistan
The U.S. and the Soviet Union
China After Normalization
Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia: A Quest for Solutions
Argentina, Brazil and Chile: Democracy and Market Economics
Trade and the Global Economy
Great Decisions
Farmers, Food and the Global Supermarket
Great Decisions
Children at Risk
Economic Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific
Trade and the Dollar: Coping with Interdependence
Japan: Strategic Ally, Economic Rival
U.S. Agenda for the '90s
The Global Water Shortage
The Changing Middle East: What U.S. Interests Are at Stake?
South Africa: Forging a Democratic Union
The Middle East: New Frictions, New Alignments
Central America and the Caribbean
The Technology Explosion: How to Harness It for World Development?
Japan and America: How Secure Is Our Pacific Anchor?
Women, Population and the Environment
Great Decisions
Persian Gulf
Israel and the U.S.
Latin American Debt
American Dream Among Nations
International AIDS Pandemic
Africa and the U.S.
Nuclear Proliferation
Trade & Unemployment: Global Bread-and-Butter Issues
Lebanon: A Shattered State
The End of the USSR
Great Decisions
Central America: Fire in the Front Yard?
Arabs vs. Israelis
The World in 1981
Rethinking U.S. Foreign Policy
Dilemmas of World Energy
The Future of the Atlantic Alliance
Food: Humanity's Need, America's Interest
West Germany: What Role in Europe?
United Nations
The United Nations

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