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Episode Detail: Trail of Clues - The Investigators

The harrowing story of Anne Sluti is related via interviews with her, her parents and law-enforcement officers. In April 2001, the 17-year-old honor student was abducted from a mall parking lot in Kearny, Neb. Over the next six days, she was transported against her will to Montana. However, she kept a calm head and managed to phone the authorities on several occasions in efforts to help rescue herself. She eventually found herself in the unlikely position of helping the authorities negotiate the surrender of the kidnapper.

Episodes: The Investigators (241)

11/20/2009: Other People's Money
4/17/2009: Prime Suspect
12/27/2008: Robert Blake: Fallen Star
3/25/2008: The Preacher's Wife
3/18/2008: The Suitcase Murder
3/7/2008: Murder on Heartglow Lane
3/1/2008: Lone Fugitive
12/18/2007: Deadly Returns
12/11/2007: Dead or Alive
12/4/2007: Interview with the Devil
12/3/2007: Mystery of the Polka King
11/27/2007: The Eerie Massacre
11/22/2007: Family Secrets
11/13/2007: The Devil Inside
11/6/2007: Lethal Beauty
10/31/2007: An Empty Grave
10/30/2007: The Kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart
10/23/2007: Toy Soldier
10/17/2007: Soundtrack for Murder
5/25/2007: The Black Widower
5/12/2007: Deadly Exposure
4/27/2007: The Wrong Man: Condemned in Texas
4/20/2007: The Wrong Man: A Question of Time
4/13/2007: The Wrong Man: Double Exposure
4/6/2007: The Wrong Man: A Cry for Help
3/26/2007: Into the Woods
2/16/2007: Canyon of Secrets
1/26/2007: Mad Scientist
1/19/2007: Thin Blue Line
12/22/2006: Downloading the Devil
12/5/2006: The Chief
10/30/2006: Strange Felony Files
10/16/2006: Grave Robber
8/17/2006: JonBenet: A Closer Look
6/27/2006: Lost in the Woods
6/23/2006: Chance Encounter
6/16/2006: Pattern of Deception
5/25/2006: Deadly Lesson
4/27/2006: A Date to Die For
4/23/2006: Hollywood Stalkers
4/20/2006: Tracing Audrey
3/16/2006: Helzer Skelter
3/15/2006: Special Forces
3/2/2006: Bones of Contention
2/23/2006: The Wrong Man? John Patrick McCreary
1/26/2006: Fire and Ice
1/12/2006: Evil Eyes
12/15/2005: Revenge Ride
12/14/2005: The Wrong Man? Mistaken Identity
12/5/2005: Deadly Alliance
12/1/2005: Nowhere to Hide
11/17/2005: Behind the Mask
11/3/2005: Murder in a Small Town
10/27/2005: Murder in the Quarter
9/15/2005: Death of a Rising Star
9/13/2005: The Whistle Blower
9/8/2005: Stalkers in the Shadows
8/12/2005: Friendly Fire
8/4/2005: Scott Peterson: A Deadly Game
8/4/2005: Military Secrets
7/29/2005: Uniform Justice---Burning Secret
7/22/2005: Uniform Justice---Broken Honor
7/14/2005: The Wrong Man? Dennis Dechaine
6/23/2005: Chasing the Cat
6/3/2005: The Tell-Tale Bomb
5/26/2005: Deep Secrets
5/12/2005: Death in the Heartland
3/24/2005: Twisted Plot
3/6/2005: Hunting BTK
3/2/2005: The Devil's Courthouse
2/10/2005: Double-Cross
1/7/2005: Shelley Shannon: An Obsession
12/22/2004: Heartshot
9/16/2004: A Daughter's Love
7/8/2004: Pretty Poison
7/2/2004: Alien Conspiracy
5/27/2004: Raffi Kodikian: Death in the Desert
5/26/2004: Shelley Shannon: An Unlikely Terrorist
5/26/2004: Mind Games
5/20/2004: Missing in Atlanta
5/20/2004: Trail of Deceit
5/13/2004: Troubled Waters
5/12/2004: Clara Harris---Deadly Drive
4/29/2004: A Mother on Death Row
4/21/2004: Trail of Clues
4/14/2004: The Wrong Man? A Mother's Cry
4/7/2004: The Witching Hour
4/4/2004: Mystery at Yosemite: Cary Stayner
3/25/2004: Reasonable Fear
3/19/2004: A Dangerous Game
3/5/2004: Money, Murder & Mystery
2/24/2004: Video Vigilantes
2/7/2004: Las Vegas CSU: Against All Odds
1/22/2004: Inside the Yellow Line
11/16/2003: Black Dahlia Unmasked
11/12/2003: Fakers and Takers
11/6/2003: Wrong Man? Henry Chichester
10/31/2003: Railroaded in Texas
10/18/2003: Stranger at My Door
10/16/2003: Taking Vegas
10/13/2003: Held Hostage
9/20/2003: Murder, Las Vegas Style: Ted Binion
9/18/2003: Uniform Justice
9/14/2003: An Officer and a Gentleman?
9/5/2003: Hide and Seek
8/20/2003: Caught Redhanded
7/22/2003: The Killing Fields
7/14/2003: Crying Foul
7/12/2003: The Sounds of Silence
6/26/2003: Trenchcoat Gang
6/20/2003: The Love Connection
6/19/2003: Into Thin Air
4/27/2003: Betrayal of Trust
4/4/2003: Mob Turncoat: Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano
3/12/2003: Women in Control: Inside the Tombs
3/6/2003: The Gang That Couldn't Spend Straight
3/5/2003: The Man Who Lives with Monsters: Robert Ressler
2/21/2003: Wrong Man? Edward Lee Elmore
2/1/2003: Fatal Encounter
1/31/2003: The New Profilers
1/30/2003: Daddy Dearest
1/25/2003: For Better or for Worse
1/17/2003: The Negotiator
1/8/2003: Incriminating Evidence: New Frontiers in Forensics
12/30/2002: The Wrong Man? Marty Tanklef
12/30/2002: Fatal Betrayal: Beth Carpenter
12/28/2002: Anatomy of a Murder
12/23/2002: Badge of Dishonor
12/19/2002: Lovers' Leap
12/18/2002: The Romeo and Juliet Murders
12/12/2002: North Mission Road I
12/12/2002: North Mission Road II
12/12/2002: Cold Clues
12/12/2002: Cold Clues
12/11/2002: Digging for Clues: The Story of Forensic Science
11/29/2002: Wrong Man Walking
11/27/2002: Risky Business
11/27/2002: Danger on the Job
11/13/2002: Wrestling with Death
11/12/2002: Killer Television
11/8/2002: JonBenet: A Second Look
11/3/2002: Casino Capers
10/31/2002: Dark Shadows
10/30/2002: Casino Crime
10/28/2002: Rikers: Tales from Jail
10/23/2002: Patty Hearst and the SLA
10/23/2002: From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman
10/21/2002: Robert Ressler: The Man Who Lives with Monsters
10/17/2002: Mystery in a Small Town
10/16/2002: Cold Clues
10/12/2002: A Father on Trial
10/9/2002: Obsession
10/2/2002: The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll
9/25/2002: Tangled Web
9/23/2002: A Doctor's Demons: Richard Sharpe
9/9/2002: Hadden Clark: Dark Secrets
9/8/2002: Maximum Security
9/4/2002: What the Doctor Ordered
9/3/2002: Ghosts of Attica
8/29/2002: Overboard
8/28/2002: The Disappearance of Dawn Magyar
8/13/2002: Decoy Squad
8/9/2002: Trouble in Paradise
8/6/2002: L.A. Vice
8/5/2002: A Son's Revenge: Edmund Kemper
8/3/2002: 'Til Death Do Us Part
8/1/2002: The Wrong Man? Stuart Heaton
7/30/2002: Evidence in the Ashes: Inside the ATF
7/23/2002: New Profilers
7/17/2002: Prison Squad
7/11/2002: The Chameleon
7/9/2002: Rookies
7/2/2002: Murder for Hire
6/27/2002: Deadly Enterprise
6/21/2002: Dangerous Mind
6/20/2002: Without Remorse
6/8/2002: A Perfect Murder?
6/7/2002: A Cop on Trial
5/24/2002: Missing
5/17/2002: Love and Murder
4/24/2002: Sins of the Father
4/19/2002: Memphis Homicide: You Can Run But You Can't Hide
4/18/2002: Memphis Homicide: Death of a Dream
4/17/2002: Memphis Homicide: Meet John Doe
4/12/2002: The Greatest Murder Story Never Told
4/10/2002: Decoy Squad
4/5/2002: Deadly Devotion: Diane Zamora
4/4/2002: Co-ed Killer - Edmund Kemper
3/31/2002: Deadly Crossroads
3/29/2002: Women in Prison: Revolving Door
3/28/2002: Women in Prison: Motherhood Behind Bars
3/26/2002: Deadly Predators
3/20/2002: L.A. Vice
3/19/2002: Deadly Force
3/14/2002: Tomato Patch Murders
3/5/2002: Dangerous High: The Meth Explosion
3/2/2002: Six Months to Live: Richardson vs. Missouri
2/8/2002: From Beyond the Grave
1/29/2002: Operation Sting
1/23/2002: Naked Ambition
1/22/2002: Inside the Chase
1/16/2002: The Sleepwalking Killer
1/15/2002: Hard Time, No Crime
1/10/2002: Good Girl, Bad Girl
1/3/2002: A Husband's Secret
12/26/2001: Fatal Attraction
12/25/2001: Double Jeopardy
12/21/2001: Inside a Stalker's Mind
12/20/2001: Command and Control: Inside Riker's Island II
12/19/2001: Sex, Sports and the Mob
12/19/2001: Command and Control
12/18/2001: Video Justice
12/12/2001: Firestarter: John Orr
12/7/2001: Crimes of the Heart
12/6/2001: Osama Bin Laden on Trial
12/5/2001: Little Boy Lost
11/1/2001: Meeting with a Killler
10/26/2001: Murder in Paradise
10/24/2001: Burning Question: The Pioneer Hotel
10/18/2001: Thrill Killer
10/17/2001: Fatal Passion
10/10/2001: Cliff Hanger
10/4/2001: Teen Killer
10/2/2001: Shots in the Dark
9/25/2001: Crime Against America: The Investigation
8/29/2001: Deadly Guru: Ira Einhorn
8/26/2001: Escape from Death Row
8/24/2001: Prescription for Murder
8/20/2001: A Daughter's Rage
7/27/2001: Evil Twin
7/27/2001: Abandoned at Birth
7/16/2001: Hunt for a Serial Killer
5/29/2001: The Scoutmaster's Secret
5/18/2001: The Killer's Wife
5/11/2001: A Body to Die For
5/2/2001: Friendly Terror
4/10/2001: Interrogation of Michael Crowe
12/11/2000: Mother on Death Row: Darlie Routier
2/14/2000: Prisoners of Love
Head Cases
Miami Manhunt

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Premise: A criminal-justice documentary series that also reviews a broad range of cases, some well known (like the Black Dahlia murder mystery and the JonBenet Ramsey killing), others not.


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