Wild Discovery Episodes

2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: Smart Sharks: Swimming With Roboshark - Wild Discovery

An animatronic shark blends in with real sharks to help researchers observe their behavior. Narrated by David Attenborough.

Episodes: Wild Discovery (161)

3/11/2005: Stings, Fangs & Spines
2/15/2005: The Blue Realm: Giants of San Benedicto
2/10/2005: Pigs on the Run
2/8/2005: The Blue Realm: Tentacles
2/8/2005: Smart Sharks: Swimming With Roboshark
2/3/2005: Journey to Amazonia: The Big Top
12/20/2004: Killer Squid
11/22/2004: World's Best Big Bites
7/28/2004: Lice Planet
7/8/2004: A Dream for My Predators
6/23/2004: The Hyena Lady
3/31/2004: Ghosts of the Rainforest
11/13/2001: A World with Dolphins
11/13/2001: Secret Life of Stella the Stone Marten
11/12/2001: Wolves and Wild Dogs
11/10/2001: Vanishing Birds of the Amazon
11/9/2001: Galapagos: The Lost Eden
11/8/2001: Mischievous Meerkats
11/7/2001: Living with Leopards
11/2/2001: Intruders: Boar Conquistadors
10/31/2001: Arctic Bear Adventure
10/30/2001: Bowerbirds: The Art of Seduction
10/26/2001: Intruders: Such Sweet Vandals
10/25/2001: American Buffalo: Battling Back
10/23/2001: Disenchanted Forest
10/20/2001: Brumby: Horses Run Wild
10/19/2001: Intruders: Australian Curse, the Cane Toad
10/12/2001: Intruders: Within Velvet Claws
10/11/2001: Intimate Enemies
10/8/2001: Galapagos, the Lost Paradise
10/6/2001: Ulysses the Elephant
10/5/2001: Intruders: The Mongoose Militia
9/21/2001: Intruders: The Sinister Stowaway
9/19/2001: Russian Killer Whales
9/15/2001: Australia's Marine: Reef Warriors
9/12/2001: In the Company of Eagles
9/11/2001: Natural History of the Chicken
9/1/2001: Lemurs of the Stone Forest
8/10/2001: Secret World of the Proboscis Monkey
7/12/2001: Nowhere to Hide
7/10/2001: Three Years with the Crozet Whales
6/29/2001: Healers
6/22/2001: Tour Guides
6/19/2001: Animal Powers
6/15/2001: Exterminators
6/12/2001: Patapuru: Living with Strangers
6/8/2001: Animal Enforcers
6/7/2001: Nature's Death Traps
6/6/2001: People of the Sea
6/5/2001: Conflicts in a River
5/29/2001: Elephant Family: Bonds of Life
5/25/2001: Airport Patrol
5/23/2001: Gremlins: Faces in the Forest
5/22/2001: Conflicts Around a Tree
5/18/2001: Animal Oracles
5/17/2001: Baby Animals
5/16/2001: Bears of the Russian Front
5/15/2001: Sahara's Secret Garden
5/11/2001: Killer Whale Ambassadors
5/9/2001: Crowned Lemurs and Crocodile Caves
5/8/2001: Animal City
5/5/2001: Abyssinian She-Wolf
5/1/2001: Out in Nature: Homosexual Behavior in the Animal Kingdom
4/30/2001: Beauties and the Beastlies
4/28/2001: Pantanal: Land of Water
4/26/2001: Mimic Octopus
4/25/2001: Burning Heart
4/21/2001: Red Crabs, Crazy Ants
4/19/2001: Return of the King
3/8/2001: Secrets of the Serpents
12/21/2000: Bear Attack: Encountering Grizzlies
12/20/2000: Tundra Hunters
12/19/2000: Lobster Tales
12/16/2000: Penguins and Oil Don't Mix
12/13/2000: Road to Independence
11/1/2000: Creatures of the Occult
10/30/2000: Bats, Deities, or Demons
10/19/2000: Yindi - The Last Koala
10/11/2000: Creatures of the Magic Water
9/26/2000: Cobras
9/22/2000: Rat Among Us
9/17/2000: Deadly Bugs
9/15/2000: Ten Deadliest Snakes in the World
9/12/2000: Crocs Down Under
9/10/2000: Wolf in the Water - The Piranha
8/29/2000: Hippo Talk
8/28/2000: Kalahari
8/25/2000: Scorpions
8/22/2000: Meerkats---A Kalahari Saga
8/15/2000: Super Hunts
8/14/2000: Wolverine
8/11/2000: Lions of the Kalahari
8/2/2000: The Meanest Animal in the World?
8/1/2000: Dressing for Dinner
7/28/2000: Monkeys of the Temple Forests
7/27/2000: Dragons of Komodo
7/20/2000: Golden Monkey
7/14/2000: Pythons---A Predator's Perspective
7/11/2000: Polar Bears---Shadows on the Ice
7/10/2000: Giant Otter
7/9/2000: Beyond the Andes
7/8/2000: Socotra: The Faceless Island
7/7/2000: Rattlesnakes
6/27/2000: Great Siberian Grizzly
6/26/2000: Little Killers: Sea Stingers
6/23/2000: Jurassic Survivors
6/15/2000: Dining Alone
6/9/2000: Jungle Nights
6/2/2000: Marsabit: The Heart of the Desert
6/1/2000: Eye of the Serpent
5/31/2000: Untamed Alaska
5/30/2000: Seasons in the Sea
5/30/2000: Young and Wild
5/29/2000: Yellowstone to Yukon---The Wild Heart of North America
5/24/2000: Crocodile's Revenge
5/23/2000: Australia---The Big Picture
5/22/2000: Whales Down Under
5/19/2000: The Dangerous Sea
5/18/2000: The Savage Pack
5/16/2000: Deadly Nature
5/12/2000: Ocean Peril
5/11/2000: The Deadly Game
5/9/2000: Tooth and Claw
5/8/2000: Dangerous Appetites
4/25/2000: The Condor, the Coyote and the Canyon
4/25/2000: Savage Instinct
4/6/2000: Mysterious Marsh
4/2/2000: Urban Gorillas
3/24/2000: Dolphins with Robin Williams
3/23/2000: Orangutans with Julia Roberts
3/22/2000: Wild Voices, Quiet Waters
3/21/2000: The Urban Jungle: Wildlife in the City
3/16/2000: A Passion for Canoes
3/9/2000: Galapagos with Richard Dreyfuss
3/8/2000: Creatures of the Black Lagoon
2/15/2000: Little Orphan Aussies
1/17/2000: White Whales and Narwhals, The Chattering of Ghosts
1/17/2000: Kim and Roxie, the Sea Lionesses
1/12/2000: The Nature of Aggression
1/7/2000: India's Otter Paradise
1/6/2000: Wild Pacific Northwest
1/5/2000: Ice Whales
1/4/2000: Cane Toads: An Unnatural History
1/3/2000: Klondike and Snow
12/31/1999: Spirit of the Yukon: The Valley of Eagles
12/24/1999: Spirit of the Yukon: Carcross Caribou Recovery
12/17/1999: Spirit of the Yukon: King Salmon
11/23/1999: Jaguar: Year of the Cat
The Treasure of the Madera Canyon
Africa's Hog Heaven
Life in Triassic Park
The Land of the Dragons
Smiles of the Shark
Zambezi Shark
Handle with Care
Conflicts in a Pond
Staying Alive: Lethal Loners
In Praise of Wolves
Poison Dart Frogs
The Red Monkey of Zanzibar

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Premiered: May 29, 2001
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: A nature series.


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