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Episode Detail: Great Blunders in History: Massacre at Amritsar - History Explorer

The 1919 Massacre at Amritsar in India, where British soldiers opened fire on more than 10,000 unarmed men, women and children.

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10/11/2006: Guns of the World: Rapid Firepower
9/6/2006: Captain's Last Stand
8/3/2006: Guns of the World: Guns of Infamy
7/6/2006: Guns of the World: Dueling Pistols: The Etiquette of Death
6/29/2006: Guns of the World: Guns of Mauser
6/8/2006: Guns of the World: The Luger
6/1/2006: Mystery Sinking in Bermuda
5/25/2006: Guns of the World: Million Dollar Guns
5/25/2006: Lost Treasure: Ship Found
5/17/2006: Death in the Mediterranean
5/17/2006: Guns of the World: Guns of the Sky
5/11/2006: The Hunt for the Derbyshire
5/4/2006: Another Atlantis
3/30/2006: Outback House: Part 8
3/23/2006: Outback House: Part 7
3/8/2006: Outback House: Part 6
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7/7/2005: Century in Motion
6/16/2005: Klondike: The Quest for Gold
6/9/2005: Meet the Ancestors: The Black Hand
5/23/2005: Mysterious Loss of the German Fleet
5/12/2005: Klondike: the Quest for Gold
5/5/2005: Klondike: The Quest for Gold
3/31/2005: Klondike: the Quest for Gold
3/31/2005: Great Scientists: Aristotle
2/20/2005: Time Team: Hartlepool, Northumbria
1/27/2005: Lost Civilizations: Ancient Egypt
1/5/2005: Disaster: Fatal Error
12/30/2004: Time Team: Thetford, Norfolk
12/29/2004: Disaster: Red Alert
12/15/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: The Civilization of Heroes
11/24/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Cities of the Sea and Wind
11/24/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Secrets of the Island of Minos
11/17/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Roman Imprint on the West
11/17/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: At the Court of the King of Kings
11/10/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Ancient Cities Bordering on Latium
11/10/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Retracing the Tracks of Hannibal
10/27/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: The Forgotten Civilizations of Anatolia
10/27/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: The Ports of the Desert (From Marib to Palmyra)
10/20/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Greek Cities in Italy
10/20/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Travels Through Greece
10/14/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: The Pyramids of the Sun
10/13/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Egypt According to Cleopatra
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Pompeii: A City Rediscovered
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Glorious Rome: Capital of an Empire
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: The Roads to El Dorado
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Pyramids Designed for Eternity
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: The Lost Cities of the Maya
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: A Place Called Etruria
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: Athens: Western Splendor
10/6/2004: Secrets of Archaeology: The Cities of the Pharaohs
8/16/2004: Secrets of the Aegean Apocalyspe
3/28/2004: Lost Civilizations: Aegean: Legacy of Atlantis
1/22/2004: Lost Civilizations: Mesopotamia: Return to Eden
1/15/2004: Lost Civilizations: Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors
1/8/2004: Lost Civilizations: Rome: The Ultimate Empire
7/23/2003: The Tower: Top Brass
7/16/2003: The Tower: The Bloody Tower
7/9/2003: The Tower: Who Goes There?
7/3/2003: The Tower: The Lost Palace
6/26/2003: The Tower: The Tower at War
6/19/2003: The Tower: Treasure House
6/12/2003: The Tower: Prisoners
6/5/2003: The Tower: Fortress
1/18/2003: Witness: Events of Our Time: Masters of Deceit
12/18/2002: Time Team: York, England
12/5/2002: Time Team: Greenwich, London
11/27/2002: Time Team: Sutton, Hereford
11/20/2002: Time Team: Flag Fen, Cambridgeshire
11/13/2002: Time Team: Basing, Hampshire
11/6/2002: Time Team: Coventry, West Midlands
11/2/2002: Disaster: Free Fall
11/1/2002: Survivors: Into the Death Zone
11/1/2002: Disaster: Critical Error
10/31/2002: Time Team: Elveden, Suffolk
10/31/2002: Survivors: The Men Who Fell to Earth
10/30/2002: Survivors: The Longest Search
10/30/2002: Disaster: Rogue Rocket
10/29/2002: Survivors: Cave Rescue
10/29/2002: Disaster: Poison Cloud
10/24/2002: Time Team: Denia, Spain
10/24/2002: Time Team: Birdoswald, Cumbria
10/24/2002: Survivors: Seaside Terror
10/24/2002: Disaster: Stray or Spy?
10/19/2002: Survivors: Killing Time
10/19/2002: Disaster: Curse of the Cornstalk
10/18/2002: Survivors: Lost at Sea
10/18/2002: Disaster: Flawed Gem
10/17/2002: Time Team: Nevis
10/17/2002: Time Team: Wadden, Dorset
10/17/2002: Disaster: Death in the Dark
10/16/2002: Survivors: Flight for Their Lives
10/16/2002: Disaster: Ring of Fire
10/15/2002: Survivors: Deadline
10/15/2002: Disaster: Lost Innocents
10/10/2002: Time Team: Nevis
10/10/2002: Time Team: Wierre-Effroy, France---Spitfire
10/10/2002: Survivors: Volcano of Death
10/10/2002: Disaster: Every Breath They Took
10/3/2002: Time Team: Bawlsey
10/3/2002: Time Team: Cirencester
10/3/2002: Survivors: Trapped in Death Valley
10/3/2002: Disaster: Death on Display
4/25/2002: Great Blunders in History: Massacre at Amritsar
4/18/2002: Great Blunders in History: Tenerife Air Disaster
4/11/2002: Great Blunders in History: Mao's Great Leap
4/4/2002: Great Blunders in History: Ferry Disasters
1/24/2002: Great Blunders in History: KAL 007
1/24/2002: Time Team: Smallhythe Kent
1/17/2002: Great Blunders in History: Kashmir
1/17/2002: Time Team: Plympton, Devon
1/10/2002: Great Blunders in History: Vincennes Affair
1/10/2002: Time Team: Cheddar, Somerset
1/3/2002: Great Blunders in History: Andrea Doria
1/3/2002: Time Team: Norfolk
10/27/2001: Guns of the World: The AK-47
10/25/2001: Great Blunders in History: Mir Space Station
10/25/2001: Time Team: Papcastle, Cumbria
10/25/2001: Disaster: Fatal Spark
10/25/2001: Disaster: In the Path of Doom
10/18/2001: Great Blunders in History: Great Bridge Disasters
10/18/2001: Time Team: Burslem, Stoke on Trent
10/18/2001: Disaster: Collision
10/18/2001: Disaster: No Known Cause
10/11/2001: Great Blunders in History: Flight of DO-X
10/11/2001: Time Team: Netheravon, Wiltshire
10/11/2001: Disaster: Not in Our Backyard
10/11/2001: Disaster: Black Wave
10/4/2001: Great Blunders in History: Supertankers
10/4/2001: Time Team: Malton, North Yorkshire
10/4/2001: Disaster: Panic in the Stands
10/4/2001: Disaster: Drawn to Danger
9/27/2001: No Escape
9/20/2001: Great Blunders in History: The DeLorean Car
9/20/2001: Red Alert
9/6/2001: Fatal Error
9/6/2001: Point of No Return
9/1/2001: Fire Trap
8/30/2001: Disaster: Holiday Horror
8/30/2001: Disaster: Fire Trap
8/23/2001: Great Blunders in History: The DeLorean Car
8/23/2001: Guns of the World: Guns of Beretta
8/23/2001: Time Team: Govan, Glasgow
8/23/2001: Disaster: Lost in Seconds
8/23/2001: Disaster: Steel Coffin
8/16/2001: Titanic: An Accident Waiting to Happen
8/16/2001: Time Team: Birmingham
8/16/2001: Disaster: A Death Sentence
8/16/2001: Disaster: Leaking Nightmare
8/9/2001: Great Blunders in History: Flight of the R-101
8/9/2001: Time Team: Launceston, Cornwall
8/9/2001: Disaster: Total Collapse
8/9/2001: Disaster: Crossed Wires
8/4/2001: Disaster: Pack of Cards
8/4/2001: Disaster: Deadly Doors
8/4/2001: Disaster: Point of No Return
8/4/2001: Disaster: Meltdown
8/3/2001: Disaster: Service and Survive
8/3/2001: Disaster: No Escape
8/2/2001: Great Blunders in History: Chernobyl: Nuclear Meltdown
8/2/2001: Time Team: Maryland, USA
8/2/2001: Disaster: Cracking Stress
8/2/2001: Disaster: Raging Torrent
4/26/2001: Guns of the World: Guns of the Orient
4/26/2001: Amazon Adventures: Exploring the World's Longest River
4/26/2001: How Did They Build That?: Harnessing Nature's Power
4/19/2001: Guns of the World: Guns of the British Military
4/19/2001: The Quest for the Fountain of Youth
4/19/2001: Wings over the Orient
4/19/2001: How Did They Build That?: Tall Buildings
4/12/2001: The Search for Shangri-La
4/12/2001: Exploring the South Pole
4/12/2001: How Did They Build That?: Concrete
4/5/2001: Guns of the World: Guns of Israel
4/5/2001: Powerful Gods of Mt. Olympus
4/5/2001: Kon-Tiki Adventurer
4/5/2001: How Did They Build That? Underground Spaces
1/25/2001: Holland 1953: Assault of the Sea
1/25/2001: Mystical Monuments of Ancient Greece
1/25/2001: Did They Exist?
1/25/2001: How Did They Build That?: Leisure Spaces
1/18/2001: Mount Vesuvius: The Fury Within
1/18/2001: The Miraculous Canals of Venice
1/18/2001: The Great Racers
1/18/2001: How Did They Build That?: Suspension Bridges
1/11/2001: Chilean Earthquake: The End of the World
1/11/2001: Tombs of the Gods: Great Pyramids of Giza
1/11/2001: Conquering the North Pole
1/11/2001: How Did They Build That?: Arches
1/4/2001: The Drowning of Florence, Italy
1/4/2001: Lost Castles of England
1/4/2001: The Elusive Treasure: The Quest for Tutankhamen's Tomb
1/4/2001: How Did They Build That?: Foundations
10/29/2000: In Search of Nazi Plunder
10/29/2000: King David: Poet Warrior
10/26/2000: The Planets: Moon
10/26/2000: Guns of the World: Japanese Guns of WWII
10/26/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: Sex & Political Scandals
10/26/2000: Challenging the Oceans
10/26/2000: How Did They Build That?: Taking on the Sea
10/8/2000: Mysteries of the Bible, Pilot
9/24/2000: The Secrets of the Hope Diamond
9/24/2000: Moses at Mount Sinai
9/21/2000: The Planets: Giants
9/21/2000: Guns of the World: European Revolvers
9/21/2000: Wheels of Adventure
9/21/2000: How Did They Build That?: Cantilever Bridges
9/17/2000: Over the Wall to Freedom
9/17/2000: 'Money Pit' of Oak Island
9/17/2000: Story of Creation
9/14/2000: The Planets: Terra Firma
9/14/2000: Guns of the World: German Small Arms of WWII
9/14/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: The Criminal Mind
9/14/2000: Over the Wall to Freedom
9/14/2000: How Did They Build That?: Defence
9/10/2000: The Search for the Atocha
9/7/2000: The Planets: Different Worlds
9/7/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: The Front Line
9/7/2000: Guns of the World: Guns of the Russian Military
9/7/2000: Man Against a Mountain: Conquest of Everest
9/7/2000: How Did They Build That?: Iron and Steel
5/28/2000: Mysteries of the Bible
5/25/2000: The Wreck of the Concepcion
5/25/2000: In Search of the Trojan War: The Fall of Troy
5/25/2000: The Vampire Myth
5/25/2000: Witness: Events of Our Times: On the Edge of Death
5/21/2000: Masada: The Last Fortress
5/18/2000: The Czar's Faberge Eggs
5/18/2000: In Search of the Trojan War: The Women of Troy
5/18/2000: The Hidden Treasure of the Templars
5/18/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: Survival of the Fittest
5/14/2000: Cities of Evil: Sodom and Gomorrah
5/11/2000: The Quest for the Maravilla
5/11/2000: In Search of the Trojan War: The Legend Under Siege
5/11/2000: Lords of the Maya
5/11/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: Fame
5/7/2000: Joshua at the Walls of Jericho
5/4/2000: Hunt for the Sunken Edinburgh
5/4/2000: In Search of the Trojan War: The Age of Heroes
5/4/2000: Pocahontas: Her True Story
5/4/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: Undercover
3/26/2000: Jerusalem: Holy Deadly City
3/23/2000: Jewels of the British Crown
3/23/2000: Drake's Last Voyage
3/23/2000: The New Explorers: Rescuing a River
3/23/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: Beyond Belief
3/19/2000: Herod the Great
3/16/2000: The Lost Dutchman Mine
3/16/2000: Secrets of Karnak
3/16/2000: The Search for Inca Gold
3/16/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: The Bug That Bites
3/12/2000: Archenemy: The Philistines
3/9/2000: The Tomb of the Terra Cotta Warriors
3/9/2000: Hillary and Tenzing: Everest and After
3/9/2000: The New Explorers: River of Doubt
3/9/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: In the Eyes of the Lord!
3/2/2000: The Queen's Jewels and the 1715 Fleet
3/2/2000: Before Columbus
3/2/2000: The New Explorers: Fragments of Time; Mystery of the Lines
3/2/2000: Witness: Events of Our Time: Disaster!
10/3/1999: Witness: Events of Our Time: Mad Professors and Amazing Discoveries
8/8/1999: Guns of the World: Automatic Pistols
12/15/1995: The Bible's Greatest Secrets
Survivors: The Fatal Voyage

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