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Episode Detail: The First to Be Free - A Current Affair

Nick Yarris, who was exonerated after spending 22 years on Death Row for a crime he says he didn't commit, describes his ordeal and how an arrest for a traffic violation reportedly led to his arrest for rape and murder. He also discusses how he viewed a chance article on DNA fingerprinting as his only hope for release. Also: a conversation with Yarris's wife, Karen Karbritz, about why she fell in love with him after attending one of his lectures about the death penalty in London.

Episodes: A Current Affair (153)

10/27/2005: Paris A to Z
10/25/2005: Landlord Under Fire
10/24/2005: Payback for an Attack
10/19/2005: Answered Prayers
10/13/2005: A Mother's Resolve
10/12/2005: Jeremy and Vicki
10/11/2005: A Love Story Interrupted
10/10/2005: The Daughter Who Made Them Pay
10/6/2005: Ali Forever
10/5/2005: Modeled in Murder
10/4/2005: Murder Down Under
10/3/2005: Nicole Narain Speaks Out
9/29/2005: Payback for a 'Girls Gone Wild'
9/28/2005: Demons & Dramas
9/27/2005: A Mother's Outrage
9/26/2005: Face to Face with Rita's Rage
9/23/2005: Missing Dad, Grieving Daughter
9/22/2005: Wall Street: Money & Murder
9/21/2005: A Bullett for Ricky Chance
9/20/2005: Murder in the Desert
9/19/2005: Playboy Mom Speaks
9/16/2005: By the Devil Possessed
9/15/2005: Justice for Jane Doe
9/14/2005: Pamela Smart...To Kill For
9/13/2005: The Therapist's Wife
9/12/2005: The Slugger's Wife
9/9/2005: Ready To Blaze?
9/8/2005: The Big Empty
9/7/2005: After the Apocalypse
9/6/2005: Tim & Arthel: On the Scene
9/5/2005: Katrina: The Story of a Killer
9/2/2005: Escape from New Orleans
9/1/2005: Katrina's Wrath
8/31/2005: A Current Affair
8/30/2005: Exclusive! Cruise Ship Breaks Silence
8/29/2005: Horror Farm
8/26/2005: Hollywood's Wild Girl
8/25/2005: Lost Genius
8/24/2005: The End of Love
8/23/2005: Domino: DOA
8/22/2005: Horror at Sea: On Trial
8/19/2005: Peril at Sea
8/18/2005: Without a Trace
8/17/2005: Double Jeopardy
8/16/2005: The Swarming
8/15/2005: Who Killed Iryna?
8/12/2005: Sleepwalker Killer
8/11/2005: A Crime at Sea
8/10/2005: Missing Liana
8/9/2005: Exposed! Inside 'Cheaters'
8/8/2005: War at the Rock
8/5/2005: Forbidden Sex Education
8/4/2005: Cop Caught in the Act
8/3/2005: Fitness Guru Held
8/2/2005: The Pickup Killer
8/1/2005: Love & Death
7/29/2005: Courtney, What Happened?
7/28/2005: Missing Groom Exclusive
7/27/2005: A Current Affair
7/26/2005: A Current Affair
7/25/2005: Blood and Lust
7/22/2005: Sex Pilot?
7/21/2005: Crime of Passion
7/20/2005: Death of a Socialite
7/19/2005: From Happiness to Horror
7/18/2005: The Mom Who Walked
7/15/2005: The First Mr. Britney Spears
7/14/2005: The Great Bride Caper
7/13/2005: Murder by Credit Card?
7/12/2005: House of Horror
7/11/2005: The Cop Who Would Be Chief
7/8/2005: In Cold Blood & Caught on Tape
7/7/2005: Three's a Crowd
7/6/2005: A Sad Song for Jackie
7/5/2005: The Other Laci & Tom Smart
7/4/2005: The Perfect Couple & Pig Olympics
7/1/2005: Narco Music
6/30/2005: A Casualty of Love
6/29/2005: Sex Workers Anonymous
6/28/2005: The Dangerous Son
6/27/2005: Dr. Do Wrong?
6/24/2005: A Current Affair
6/23/2005: Highway Whodunit?
6/22/2005: Death of a Porn Star
6/21/2005: The Death of a Church
6/20/2005: In Natalee's Footsteps
6/17/2005: Caught on Tape: Cop Threatens Stripper
6/16/2005: Hug Gone Bad
6/15/2005: Murder on Mulholland Drive
6/14/2005: Taser Mom Talks
6/13/2005: Not Too Young
6/10/2005: Caught on Tape: Moms Gone Wild
6/9/2005: Precious Gift
6/8/2005: Yoga with a Bullet
6/7/2005: Bye Bye to the Toy Man
6/6/2005: Fall of the King
6/3/2005: Bad Boy in the Big Apple
6/2/2005: Death Wish Driver?
6/1/2005: Fatal Passage to India
5/31/2005: Tale of Virtual Virginity
5/30/2005: Hometown Love Triangle
5/27/2005: When Daddy Killed Mommy
5/26/2005: The First to Be Free
5/25/2005: A Current Affair
5/24/2005: Teachers' Pets
5/23/2005: The Tragic Kingdom?
5/20/2005: Jim Morrison Lives!
5/19/2005: Death in an Acid Vat
5/18/2005: Supermodel's Heartache
5/17/2005: Escape from Polygamy
5/16/2005: Polygamy City U.S.A.
5/13/2005: The Miracle Streak
5/12/2005: Goldie's Ex---Not Going to Take It Anymore
5/11/2005: A Friend's Ultimate Sacrifice...No Greater Love
5/10/2005: One Phone Call Too Many---Caught on Tape
5/9/2005: Children of God
5/6/2005: Firehouses Gone Wild
5/5/2005: A Life Snuffed Out
5/4/2005: Big Foot
5/3/2005: The Chief and the Socialite
5/2/2005: The Ex-Wives Club
4/29/2005: Stalker
4/28/2005: The Arrest That Rocked America
4/27/2005: Loverboy Lawyer?
4/26/2005: Avenging Ricky Wiltrout
4/25/2005: Pinch & Twist & The Ex-Wives Club
4/22/2005: Live Free or Die
4/21/2005: The Little Hero
4/20/2005: A Death Cry
4/19/2005: Six Bullets for Johnny Mudd
4/18/2005: A Special Report: Horror at Sea
4/15/2005: Catch Me if You Can
4/14/2005: Doctor Good Guy
4/13/2005: The Perfect Couple
4/12/2005: Caught on Tape
4/11/2005: Fight Club
4/8/2005: Nudist Wars
4/7/2005: The Karaoke Man
4/6/2005: A Soldier's Story
4/5/2005: The Convict and the Warden's Wife
4/4/2005: The Albuquerque Lover Boy
4/1/2005: World Exclusive Video: Jackson's First Accuser
3/31/2005: Hot Under the Collar
3/30/2005: The Other Laci
3/29/2005: Fugitive in Hollywood
3/28/2005: A Woman Scorned
3/25/2005: Kiss the Girls & Made Them Cry
3/24/2005: A Killer in the Valley
3/23/2005: Her Perfect Hell
3/22/2005: Fast Friends at Blackhawk High
3/21/2005: In Cold Blood
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