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Episode Detail: Children of God - A Current Affair

An investigation into the practices of the Children of God, a California religious sect which was founded in the late '60s and has been investigated by authorities in several countries on charges of forced menial labor, child abuse and using prostitution to attract new recruits.

Episodes: A Current Affair (153)

10/27/2005: Paris A to Z
10/25/2005: Landlord Under Fire
10/24/2005: Payback for an Attack
10/19/2005: Answered Prayers
10/13/2005: A Mother's Resolve
10/12/2005: Jeremy and Vicki
10/11/2005: A Love Story Interrupted
10/10/2005: The Daughter Who Made Them Pay
10/6/2005: Ali Forever
10/5/2005: Modeled in Murder
10/4/2005: Murder Down Under
10/3/2005: Nicole Narain Speaks Out
9/29/2005: Payback for a 'Girls Gone Wild'
9/28/2005: Demons & Dramas
9/27/2005: A Mother's Outrage
9/26/2005: Face to Face with Rita's Rage
9/23/2005: Missing Dad, Grieving Daughter
9/22/2005: Wall Street: Money & Murder
9/21/2005: A Bullett for Ricky Chance
9/20/2005: Murder in the Desert
9/19/2005: Playboy Mom Speaks
9/16/2005: By the Devil Possessed
9/15/2005: Justice for Jane Doe
9/14/2005: Pamela Smart...To Kill For
9/13/2005: The Therapist's Wife
9/12/2005: The Slugger's Wife
9/9/2005: Ready To Blaze?
9/8/2005: The Big Empty
9/7/2005: After the Apocalypse
9/6/2005: Tim & Arthel: On the Scene
9/5/2005: Katrina: The Story of a Killer
9/2/2005: Escape from New Orleans
9/1/2005: Katrina's Wrath
8/31/2005: A Current Affair
8/30/2005: Exclusive! Cruise Ship Breaks Silence
8/29/2005: Horror Farm
8/26/2005: Hollywood's Wild Girl
8/25/2005: Lost Genius
8/24/2005: The End of Love
8/23/2005: Domino: DOA
8/22/2005: Horror at Sea: On Trial
8/19/2005: Peril at Sea
8/18/2005: Without a Trace
8/17/2005: Double Jeopardy
8/16/2005: The Swarming
8/15/2005: Who Killed Iryna?
8/12/2005: Sleepwalker Killer
8/11/2005: A Crime at Sea
8/10/2005: Missing Liana
8/9/2005: Exposed! Inside 'Cheaters'
8/8/2005: War at the Rock
8/5/2005: Forbidden Sex Education
8/4/2005: Cop Caught in the Act
8/3/2005: Fitness Guru Held
8/2/2005: The Pickup Killer
8/1/2005: Love & Death
7/29/2005: Courtney, What Happened?
7/28/2005: Missing Groom Exclusive
7/27/2005: A Current Affair
7/26/2005: A Current Affair
7/25/2005: Blood and Lust
7/22/2005: Sex Pilot?
7/21/2005: Crime of Passion
7/20/2005: Death of a Socialite
7/19/2005: From Happiness to Horror
7/18/2005: The Mom Who Walked
7/15/2005: The First Mr. Britney Spears
7/14/2005: The Great Bride Caper
7/13/2005: Murder by Credit Card?
7/12/2005: House of Horror
7/11/2005: The Cop Who Would Be Chief
7/8/2005: In Cold Blood & Caught on Tape
7/7/2005: Three's a Crowd
7/6/2005: A Sad Song for Jackie
7/5/2005: The Other Laci & Tom Smart
7/4/2005: The Perfect Couple & Pig Olympics
7/1/2005: Narco Music
6/30/2005: A Casualty of Love
6/29/2005: Sex Workers Anonymous
6/28/2005: The Dangerous Son
6/27/2005: Dr. Do Wrong?
6/24/2005: A Current Affair
6/23/2005: Highway Whodunit?
6/22/2005: Death of a Porn Star
6/21/2005: The Death of a Church
6/20/2005: In Natalee's Footsteps
6/17/2005: Caught on Tape: Cop Threatens Stripper
6/16/2005: Hug Gone Bad
6/15/2005: Murder on Mulholland Drive
6/14/2005: Taser Mom Talks
6/13/2005: Not Too Young
6/10/2005: Caught on Tape: Moms Gone Wild
6/9/2005: Precious Gift
6/8/2005: Yoga with a Bullet
6/7/2005: Bye Bye to the Toy Man
6/6/2005: Fall of the King
6/3/2005: Bad Boy in the Big Apple
6/2/2005: Death Wish Driver?
6/1/2005: Fatal Passage to India
5/31/2005: Tale of Virtual Virginity
5/30/2005: Hometown Love Triangle
5/27/2005: When Daddy Killed Mommy
5/26/2005: The First to Be Free
5/25/2005: A Current Affair
5/24/2005: Teachers' Pets
5/23/2005: The Tragic Kingdom?
5/20/2005: Jim Morrison Lives!
5/19/2005: Death in an Acid Vat
5/18/2005: Supermodel's Heartache
5/17/2005: Escape from Polygamy
5/16/2005: Polygamy City U.S.A.
5/13/2005: The Miracle Streak
5/12/2005: Goldie's Ex---Not Going to Take It Anymore
5/11/2005: A Friend's Ultimate Sacrifice...No Greater Love
5/10/2005: One Phone Call Too Many---Caught on Tape
5/9/2005: Children of God
5/6/2005: Firehouses Gone Wild
5/5/2005: A Life Snuffed Out
5/4/2005: Big Foot
5/3/2005: The Chief and the Socialite
5/2/2005: The Ex-Wives Club
4/29/2005: Stalker
4/28/2005: The Arrest That Rocked America
4/27/2005: Loverboy Lawyer?
4/26/2005: Avenging Ricky Wiltrout
4/25/2005: Pinch & Twist & The Ex-Wives Club
4/22/2005: Live Free or Die
4/21/2005: The Little Hero
4/20/2005: A Death Cry
4/19/2005: Six Bullets for Johnny Mudd
4/18/2005: A Special Report: Horror at Sea
4/15/2005: Catch Me if You Can
4/14/2005: Doctor Good Guy
4/13/2005: The Perfect Couple
4/12/2005: Caught on Tape
4/11/2005: Fight Club
4/8/2005: Nudist Wars
4/7/2005: The Karaoke Man
4/6/2005: A Soldier's Story
4/5/2005: The Convict and the Warden's Wife
4/4/2005: The Albuquerque Lover Boy
4/1/2005: World Exclusive Video: Jackson's First Accuser
3/31/2005: Hot Under the Collar
3/30/2005: The Other Laci
3/29/2005: Fugitive in Hollywood
3/28/2005: A Woman Scorned
3/25/2005: Kiss the Girls & Made Them Cry
3/24/2005: A Killer in the Valley
3/23/2005: Her Perfect Hell
3/22/2005: Fast Friends at Blackhawk High
3/21/2005: In Cold Blood
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