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2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: Honey Badger: The Meanest Animal - Living Wild

The honey badger of Africa.

Episodes: Living Wild (137)

11/12/2004: Battle for the Beach
11/10/2004: Global Wolf
11/3/2004: Leopards in Bollywood
10/7/2004: Big Cat Challenge
10/6/2004: Honey Badger: The Meanest Animal
10/5/2004: Gorillas from the Heart of Darkness
4/13/2004: Animal Devil
2/18/2004: The Cleverest Ape
1/7/2004: The Kill Zone
12/18/2003: Finding Elliot: A Remarkable Dinosaur Story
11/25/2003: Norway's Hidden Secret
11/18/2003: Koala Quandary
11/11/2003: Horse's Empire: A History of Conquest
10/15/2003: The Dolphin Connections
10/13/2003: Tigers: Fighting Back
9/30/2003: Leopard Seal: Lord of the Ice
9/25/2003: Mkomazi: Return of the Rhino
6/26/2003: Great White Shark
6/24/2003: Puma: Lion of the Andes
6/17/2003: A Kangaroo Comeback
3/4/2003: Return to the Alps
2/24/2003: Miracle in the Pacific
2/17/2003: Tales of the African Tides
1/20/2003: Simon and the Spirit Bear
12/23/2002: One Life in the Desert Sea
11/11/2002: Fox and Shark
11/4/2002: Shadows of the Red Giants
10/21/2002: Korea's Forbidden Zone
10/15/2002: Sloth: The 7th Deadly Sin
10/14/2002: Living with Lions
10/7/2002: Dingos: Friend or Foe
9/16/2002: Bear Evidence
9/9/2002: The Ant That Ate America
9/2/2002: Twenty Years with the Dolphins
8/29/2002: Underwater World
8/26/2002: The Mighty Civet
8/20/2002: Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest
8/19/2002: Ghost of Gondwana
8/13/2002: Guardians of Eden
8/6/2002: Flying Terror
7/24/2002: City of Reptiles
7/18/2002: Outback Rescue
7/9/2002: Who's Aping Who: Social Climbing
7/3/2002: Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes
7/2/2002: Ituri: Forest Primeval
6/24/2002: Scavengers of the Savannah
6/18/2002: Last Feast of the Crocodile
6/17/2002: Chimps on the Move
6/12/2002: Kabul Zoo Rescue
6/11/2002: Whale Rescue
6/10/2002: Season of the Rhino
5/28/2002: Horses
5/22/2002: Lifestyles of the Wet and Muddy
5/21/2002: Urban Gorilla
5/20/2002: Return of the Wolf
5/14/2002: Urban Elephant
5/7/2002: Survivors of Skeleton Coast
5/6/2002: King Koala
4/30/2002: Wings Over the Serengeti
4/24/2002: Tigers of the Snows
4/23/2002: Sea Monsters: Search for the Giant Squid
4/15/2002: Swamp Tigers
4/10/2002: Jewels of the Caribbean Sea
4/9/2002: Hunt of the Golden Jackal
4/1/2002: Africa's Flying Hooves
3/15/2002: United Snakes of America
3/7/2002: Secrets of the Turtle Tomb
3/6/2002: Dragons of the Galapagos
3/5/2002: Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story
2/27/2002: Tale of Three Chimps
2/26/2002: Foxes of the Kalahari
2/18/2002: Snake Killers: Honey Badgers of the Kalahari
1/31/2002: Night Phantoms
1/28/2002: Ants: Little Creatures Who Run the World
12/15/2001: Operation: Venom
11/7/2001: Bear Man
10/23/2001: Giants of Etosha
10/20/2001: Top Cat
10/16/2001: Nature's Orphans
10/2/2001: Living with Gorillas
9/19/2001: Odzala: Islands in the Forest
9/11/2001: Lions of the African Night
8/15/2001: Toothed Titans
8/8/2001: Flying Devils
8/7/2001: Danger in the Water
8/6/2001: Talon: An Eagle's Story
7/27/2001: Tiger Shark
7/23/2001: Drinker's Dilemma
7/9/2001: Into the Rain Forest
7/5/2001: Africa's Deadly Dozen
7/2/2001: Danger Beneath the Surface
7/2/2001: Australia's Unusual Creatures
4/24/2001: Elephant Stories
4/10/2001: Wild Dog Wilderness
3/17/2001: Creepy Creatures
3/8/2001: Mini-Beasts
3/7/2001: Who's Aping Who: Hearts and Minds
3/7/2001: Reptile Worship
3/6/2001: Bats and Bugs
2/27/2001: Bug Men
2/22/2001: Deadly Bees of Assam
2/10/2001: Zebras: Patterns in the Grass
1/30/2001: Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea
1/26/2001: Secrets of the Wild Panda
1/25/2001: King Cobra
1/24/2001: Thunder Dragons
1/23/2001: The Tigers of Kanha
1/20/2001: Body Snatchers
1/18/2001: King Rattler
1/17/2001: Ocean Drifters
1/16/2001: The Secret Life of Cats
1/13/2001: Coming of Age with Elephants
1/12/2001: Crater of the Rain God
1/11/2001: Who's Aping Who: Bringing Up Baby
1/10/2001: Tempest from the Deep
1/9/2001: The Great White Shark
1/2/2001: Land of the Anaconda
1/2/2001: Deadly Encounters
1/2/2001: Island of the Giant Bears
1/1/2001: Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote
1/1/2001: Realm of the Great White Bear
1/1/2001: Dolphins: The Wild Side
1/1/2001: A Cheetah Story
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