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1975, TV Show

Episode Detail: Bug Attack - National Geographic

An insect expert searches for deadly swarms around the world.

Episodes: National Geographic (394)

1/26/2014: Australia: Land of Parrots
8/17/2013: Congo: On the Lava Trail
8/3/2013: Lost Sharks of Easter Island
11/6/2010: Ghosts of the Black Sea
6/12/2010: The Great Inca Rebellion
3/14/2010: Cassowaries
1/17/2010: Secret Gold
12/13/2009: Crucible of Life
10/17/2009: Constantinople Rescue
2/15/2009: The Hunt for HMAS Sydney
2/8/2009: Elephants: Return to the Wild
1/25/2009: Seed Hunter
1/11/2009: The Fawn Identity
12/7/2008: Alaska's Black Gold
10/6/2008: Hyena Queen
10/4/2008: Humpback Whales: From Fire to Ice
5/3/2008: Surveillance
4/26/2008: Land of Parrots
4/20/2008: Ultimate Snake
4/8/2008: Hammerhead Highway
11/21/2007: Ultimate Viper
10/22/2007: Inside Jerusalem's Holiest Places
9/29/2007: Gabon: Triumph of the Wild
8/27/2007: The Perfect Swarm
8/19/2007: Prehistoric Hunters
8/18/2007: Lake of a Thousand Caiman
8/2/2007: Croc Country
7/29/2007: Urban Elephant
7/8/2007: Royal Maya Massacre
6/10/2007: Bear Island
4/16/2007: San Francisco's Great Quake
3/19/2007: Day the Big Easy Drowned
3/4/2007: The Vanishing Dragon
12/31/2006: Wild Spaces
12/27/2006: Attack of the Killer Bees
12/8/2006: Lava Descent
12/3/2006: Murder, Mayhem and Meerkats
11/21/2006: Great Bear Rainforest
11/12/2006: Thunderbeast
11/9/2006: Deadly Design
10/21/2006: Dangerous Companions
10/16/2006: One Day, One World: The Weather
10/14/2006: Big Easy Animal Rescue
10/11/2006: When Animals Attract
10/7/2006: Bad Boy Monkeys of India
9/30/2006: Diving with Aliens
9/26/2006: Sinking of the Belgrano
9/25/2006: Shooting the Big Cats
9/7/2006: Colony of Death
9/5/2006: Apartheid's Children
8/28/2006: Last Man Standing: The Human Race
8/4/2006: Colombia's Forgotten Children
8/2/2006: Cheating Death: Bull Riders
7/20/2006: Cheating Death: Mission Rescue
7/13/2006: Danger! Quicksand
7/10/2006: Alexander the Great: Man Behind the Myth
6/11/2006: Troy: Ancient Myths and Unsolved Mysteries
4/29/2006: King Tut's Curse
3/29/2006: Surviving Alaska
3/26/2006: Wall of Death
3/12/2006: Pyramids of Death
3/8/2006: Winged Wizards of the Night
3/5/2006: Wetland Wild
3/1/2006: Born Wild
2/12/2006: Amazing Planet: Ocean Realm
2/5/2006: Perilous Edens
1/25/2006: The New Royals
12/25/2005: Masters of the Arctic Ice
12/18/2005: Tiny Humans: Hobbits in Flores
12/11/2005: Hawaiian Monk Seals
11/27/2005: The Search for the SS Republic
11/20/2005: Lost Treasures, Hidden Buddha
10/29/2005: Emperors of the Ice
9/16/2005: The Last Royals?
9/10/2005: Devils of Tasmania
7/29/2005: Surviving Everest
6/26/2005: DNA Mystery: Search for Adam
3/30/2005: Lost Treasures of Afghanistan
3/30/2005: The Sinking of the Warship Belgrano
3/20/2005: Spiders: Deadly Love
2/20/2005: Geo Greats: Through the Lens
1/23/2005: Crittercam
12/26/2004: Into the Lost World: Tepuis
12/19/2004: Peregrine Falcon
12/19/2004: Inside the Tornado
12/12/2004: Forensic Case: CSS Hunley
12/5/2004: Killer Instincts: Claws
11/28/2004: Killer Instincts: Speed
11/21/2004: Killer Instincts: Dogs
11/17/2004: Civil War Gold
11/14/2004: Killer Instincts: Jaws
11/10/2004: Arlington: Field of Honor
11/8/2004: Chimps on the Edge
11/7/2004: Killer Instincts: Killer Packs
11/3/2004: Last Stand of the Great Bear
10/30/2004: Test Pilot
10/20/2004: Quest for the Phoenicians
10/2/2004: Creepy Healers
8/13/2004: Dying to Kill
5/12/2004: Dawn of the Maya
3/31/2004: Whales in Crisis
3/7/2004: Shark Sonics
3/7/2004: Return of the Mummy
1/25/2004: Into the Volcano
1/16/2004: Holy War, Inc.
1/4/2004: Croc Hunt
12/14/2003: Quest for the Rainbow Serpent
11/30/2003: Flying Devils
11/26/2003: In Search of the Jaguar
11/22/2003: Death Squeeze
11/17/2003: Baby Animals
11/16/2003: Bug Attack
11/5/2003: Inside Special Forces
11/2/2003: Egypt: Into the Great Pyramid
10/27/2003: Animal Mummification
10/25/2003: Hunting Hounds of Arabia
10/22/2003: Inside Mecca
10/20/2003: Seabiscuit
10/5/2003: Trail of the Cougar
8/17/2003: Burma's Forbidden Island
7/23/2003: The FBI
7/13/2003: Deadly Fashion
6/14/2003: The Predator's Story
6/10/2003: Wild Passions
6/9/2003: Mosquito Hell
6/7/2003: The Harem of an Ethiopian Baboon
5/18/2003: Africa's Deadly Dozen
5/17/2003: Who's Aping Who?: Hearts and Minds
5/12/2003: Dian Fossey
5/10/2003: Who's Aping Who?: Social Climbing
5/7/2003: Africa: Love in the Sahel
5/3/2003: Who's Aping Who?: Bringing Up Baby
4/20/2003: Painted Dogs of the Okavango
4/20/2003: Back to Baghdad
3/30/2003: Pantanal Cowboys
3/23/2003: Snake Hunter: North America
3/9/2003: Tiger Shark
3/5/2003: Disaster!
3/2/2003: Gates of Hell
3/2/2003: Vietnam's Unseen War
3/2/2003: Lost World of the Holy Land
2/23/2003: Haunt of the Hippo
2/22/2003: Cheetahs: Deadly Race
2/11/2003: Diamonds of War
2/9/2003: Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
2/8/2003: Raising the Hunley
2/2/2003: Nuclear Terrorism, Blinding Horizons
1/19/2003: Raising the USS Monitor
1/12/2003: The Search for Kennedy's PT-109
12/29/2002: SuperCroc
12/23/2002: Baby Tales
12/22/2002: Perfect Mothers, Perfect Predators
12/16/2002: Hindenburg
12/8/2002: Stalking Leopards
11/27/2002: Lemurs of the Stone Forest
11/24/2002: Search for the Battleship Bismarck
11/24/2002: The Making of 'Africa'
11/18/2002: Walking With Lions
11/17/2002: Lost Subs
11/17/2002: Africa: Southern Treasures
11/13/2002: Skin
11/11/2002: Big Cat Crisis
11/10/2002: Giants of Etosha
11/10/2002: Africa: Leopards of Zanzibar
11/4/2002: Hornets from Hell
11/3/2002: Secret Killers of Monterey Bay
11/3/2002: Africa: Restless Waters
10/19/2002: Africa: Mountains of Faith
10/12/2002: Africa: Voices of the Forest
10/9/2002: Egypt Eternal: The Quest for Lost Tombs
10/5/2002: Africa: Desert Odyssey
9/30/2002: Muggers of the Spice Island
9/28/2002: Africa: Savannah Home Coming
9/22/2002: The Octopus Show
9/9/2002: In Search of the Afghan Girl
9/8/2002: Inside the Pentagon
9/4/2002: Ambassador: Under Fire Overseas
8/4/2002: Attacks of the Mystery Shark
8/3/2002: Bear Man
7/31/2002: Owls: Silent Hunters
6/29/2002: Ancient Graves
6/16/2002: Deadly Bees of Assam
6/15/2002: Africa's Paradise of Thorns
6/1/2002: Great White Shark
5/15/2002: Inca Mummies: Secrets of a Lost World
4/28/2002: Walrus: Toothed Titans
4/22/2002: Volcano Hunters
4/21/2002: Talon: An Eagle's Story
3/25/2002: Body Visible
2/26/2002: The Incredible Human Body
1/19/2002: Land of the Anaconda
1/16/2002: Violent Volcano
12/23/2001: Talons of Terror
11/21/2001: Inside the Vatican
10/9/2001: The Quest for Noah's Flood
9/29/2001: Living with Gorillas
9/22/2001: Elephant Power
9/8/2001: Tiger Sharks
8/20/2001: The Savage Garden
7/30/2001: Inside NFL Films: The Idol Makers
7/16/2001: Season of the Salmon
7/11/2001: Air Force One
7/9/2001: Spunky Monkey
7/2/2001: Fire Bombers
6/18/2001: Antarctic Challenge
4/8/2001: Thunder Dragons
4/1/2001: Horses
3/25/2001: Heroes of the High Frontier
3/22/2001: Snake Catchers
3/21/2001: Operation: Venom
2/21/2001: Mayday! Lost at Sea
1/28/2001: Odzala: Islands in the Forest
11/27/2000: The Body Changers
11/15/2000: Return of the Wolf
10/23/2000: King Rattler
3/12/2000: Tale of the African Tides
3/5/2000: Spitting Mad: Wild Camel of the Andes
2/20/2000: Treasures of the Deep
2/6/2000: Tempest from the Deep
12/23/1999: Adventures in Time
11/28/1999: Realm of the Great White Bear
10/25/1999: Foxes of the Kalahari
10/19/1999: The Lions of Darkness
9/12/1999: Search for the Submarine I-52
The White House
Africa's Flying Hooves
The Amazon
Amazon, Land of the Flooded Forest
America's Wonderlands: The National Parks
Chesapeake Borne
Creatures of the Mangrove
The Grizzlies
K2: Killer Mountain
The Last Vikings
Mysteries of Mankind
Mysteries of the Mind
The Mystery of Animal Behavior
National Parks: Playground or Paradise?
Save the Panda
Search for the Great Apes
Serengeti Diary
Voices of Leningrad
The Volga
African Odyssey
The Animals Nobody Loved
Australia's Animal Mysteries
A Beaver Pond
Born of Fire
Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man
Holland Against the Sea
Journey to the Outer Limits
Lions of the African Night
Living Treasures of Japan
Man of the Serengeti
Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees
The New Indians
Polar Bear Alert
Return to Everest
Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind
Siberia: The Endless Horizon
Those Wonderful Dogs
Treasures From the Past
Wild River
Winged World
Africa's Wildlife: Struggle for Survival
Among the Wild Chimpanzees
Australia: The Timeless Land
Bushmen of the Kalahari
Egypt: Quest for Eternity
Ethiopia: The Hidden Empire
Hong Kong: A Family Portrait
The Legacy of L.S.B. Leakey
The Living Sands of Namib
Miraculous Machines
Monkeys, Apes, and Man
Our National Parks
Polynesian Adventure
The Sharks
Washington Irving's Spain
Wind Raiders of the Sahara
Australia's Twilight of the Dreamtime
Baka, People of the Forest
Bali, Masterpiece of the Gods
Ballad of the Irish Horse
Etosha: Place of Dry Water
Flight of the Whooping Crane
In the Shadow of Vesuvius
The Incredible Machine
Inside the Soviet Circus
The Invisible World
The Lonely Dorymen---Portugal's Men of the Sea
Love Those Trains
Rain Forest
The Thames
This Britain: Heritage of the Sea
The World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Yukon Passage
Zoos of the World
Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise
The Mexicans: Through Their Eyes
Braving Alaska
Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas
The Soul of Spain
Cats: Caressing the Tiger
Great Lakes, Fragile Seas
Mysteries Underground
Survivors of the Skeleton Coast
Island of the Giant Bears
Reflections on Elephants
Jewels of the Caribbean Sea
China: Beyond the Clouds
The Great White Shark
The Great Indian Railway
The New Chimpanzees
Russia's Last Tsar
Arctic Kingdom: Life on the Edge
Giant Pandas
Fox and the Shark
The Kingdoms of the Maya
Zebra Patterns in the Grass
Panama Wild
The Wolves of the Sea
Nature's Fury
The Sonoran Desert: A Violent Eden
Flight over Africa
America's Endangered Species: Don't Say Goodbye
Sea Monsters: Search for the Giant Squid
Storm of the Century
Lord of the Everglades
Tsunami: The Killer Wave
Dolphins: The Wild Side
Lifestyles of the Wet and Muddy
Kangaroo Comeback
Last Tribes of Mindanao
Kenya: Last Stand in Eden
The Last Feast of the Crocodiles
Tigers of the Snow
The Hidden World
The Sinking of Lusitania
Keepers of the Wild
Great Moments
Great Moments with National Geographic
The Great Whales
Secrets of the Titanic
The Power of Water
Land of the Tiger
The Haunted West
The Great Mojave Desert
Mysteries Underground
Great Moments
Dive to the Edge of Creation
The Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee
Voyage of Hokule'a
Strange Creatures of the Night
The Big Cats
The Violent Earth
Okavango: Africa's Savage Oasis
Americans on Everest
Season of the Cheetah
Exploring the High Frontier
Avalanche: White Death
Valley of the Kangaroos
Splendid Stones
Tigers of Kanha
Stolen River
Wildlife Warriors
Journey to the Forgotten River
Journey to the High Arctic
Jerusalem: Within These Walls
Four Americans in China
China: Beyond the Clouds
King Cobra
Yankee Sails Across Europe
Thor Heyerdahl and the Tigris
The Superliners: Twilight of an Era
The Dragons of Galapagos
Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
Puma: Lion of the Andes
Asteroids: Deadly Impact
Mummies: Voices From the Grave
Secrets of the Wild Panda
The Realm of the Alligator
Reptiles and Amphibians

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Premise: A classic series of films exploring nature and man in various cultural and historical contexts. Beginning in the 1960s (when they aired on CBS), the specials set a standard for vivid documentary filmmaking and the many `Nat'l Geo' prizes include Emmys for `Mysteries of the Mind' and `The Invisible World.' With the advent of cable, the specials evolved into two series before the creation of the National Geographic Channel in 2001.


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