The Closer Episodes

2005, TV Show

The Closer episodes

Aug 13, 2012: The Last Word
Aug 06, 2012: Armed Response
Jul 30, 2012: Last Rites
Jul 23, 2012: Drug Fiend
Jul 16, 2012: Fool's Gold
Jul 09, 2012: Hostile Witness
Dec 26, 2011: Silent Partner
Dec 19, 2011: Road Block
Dec 12, 2011: Relative Matters
Dec 05, 2011: You Have the Right to Remain Jolly
Nov 28, 2011: Necessary Evil
Sep 12, 2011: Fresh Pursuit
Sep 05, 2011: Star Turn
Aug 29, 2011: Death Warrant
Aug 22, 2011: A Family Affair
Aug 15, 2011: Home Improvement
Aug 08, 2011: Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Aug 01, 2011: Under Control
Jul 25, 2011: To Serve With Love
Jul 18, 2011: Repeat Offender
Jul 11, 2011: Unknown Trouble
Jan 03, 2011: An Ugly Game
Dec 27, 2010: Living Proof: Part Two
Dec 20, 2010: Living Proof: Part One
Dec 13, 2010: High Crimes
Dec 06, 2010: Old Money
Oct 22, 2010: Elysian Fields
Sep 13, 2010: Executive Order
Sep 06, 2010: Last Woman Standing
Aug 30, 2010: War Zone
Aug 23, 2010: Jump the Gun
Aug 16, 2010: Off the Hook
Aug 09, 2010: Heart Attack
Aug 02, 2010: Layover
Jul 26, 2010: In Custody
Jul 19, 2010: Help Wanted
Jul 12, 2010: The Big Bang
Dec 21, 2009: Dead Man's Hand
Dec 14, 2009: Make Over
Dec 07, 2009: The Life
Aug 24, 2009: Waivers of Extradition
Aug 17, 2009: Maternal Instincts
Aug 10, 2009: Smells Like Murder
Aug 03, 2009: Identity Theft
Jul 20, 2009: Strike Three
Jul 13, 2009: Tapped Out
Jul 06, 2009: Half Load
Jun 29, 2009: Walking Back the Cat
Jun 22, 2009: Red Tape
Jun 15, 2009: Blood Money
Jun 08, 2009: Products of Discovery
Feb 23, 2009: Double Blind
Feb 16, 2009: Fate Line
Feb 09, 2009: Power of Attorney
Feb 02, 2009: Junk in the Trunk
Jan 26, 2009: Good Faith
Sep 15, 2008: Time Bomb
Sep 08, 2008: Tijuana Brass
Sep 01, 2008: Split Ends
Aug 25, 2008: Sudden Death
Aug 18, 2008: Problem Child
Aug 11, 2008: Dial M for Provenza
Aug 04, 2008: Live Wire
Jul 28, 2008: Cherry Bomb
Jul 21, 2008: Speed Bump
Jul 14, 2008: Controlled Burn
Dec 03, 2007: Next of Kin
Dec 03, 2007: Next of Kin
Dec 03, 2007: Next of Kin
Sep 10, 2007: 'Til Death Do Us Part Two
Sep 03, 2007: 'Til Death Do Us Part One
Aug 27, 2007: Lover's Leap
Aug 20, 2007: Culture Shock
Aug 13, 2007: Blindsided
Aug 06, 2007: Manhunt
Jul 30, 2007: Four to Eight
Jul 23, 2007: Dumb Luck
Jul 16, 2007: The Round File
Jul 09, 2007: Ruby
Jul 02, 2007: Saving Face
Jun 25, 2007: Grave Doubts
Jun 18, 2007: Homewrecker
Dec 04, 2006: Serving the King
Dec 04, 2006: Serving the King
Dec 04, 2006: Serving the King
Sep 04, 2006: Overkill
Aug 28, 2006: No Good Deed
Aug 21, 2006: Borderline
Aug 14, 2006: The Other Woman
Aug 07, 2006: Heroic Measures
Jul 31, 2006: Critical Missing
Jul 24, 2006: Head over Heels
Jul 17, 2006: Out of Focus
Jul 10, 2006: To Protect and to Serve
Jul 03, 2006: Aftertaste
Jun 26, 2006: Slippin'
Jun 19, 2006: Mom Duty
Jun 12, 2006: Blue Blood
Sep 05, 2005: Standards & Practices
Aug 29, 2005: Fatal Retraction
Aug 22, 2005: L.A. Woman
Aug 15, 2005: The Butler Did It
Aug 08, 2005: Good Housekeeping
Aug 01, 2005: Batter Up
Jul 25, 2005: You Are Here
Jul 18, 2005: Fantasy Date
Jul 11, 2005: Flashpoint
Jul 04, 2005: Show Yourself
Jun 27, 2005: The Big Picture
Jun 20, 2005: About Face
Jun 13, 2005: Pilot

The Last Word Season 7, Episode 21

In the series finale, Brenda leads an investigation that she thinks will finally bring nemesis Philip Stroh to justice, but her obsession with him soon puts her career—and her life—in jeopardy. read more

Armed Response Season 7, Episode 20

The investigative focus is on a young couple after a decorated veteran is found dead. Brenda snoops, but her investigation is hampered by a meddling D.A.'s office. Elsewhere, Raydor and Pope inch closer to finding the leak in the department. read more

Last Rites Season 7, Episode 19

The squad investigates the slaying of a priest, stirring up friction with the Catholic Church and causing Brenda and Pope to clash. Elsewhere, Brenda's parents arrive as her father continues his cancer treatments. read more

Drug Fiend Season 7, Episode 18

Brenda investigates after a popular cancer doctor is savagely killed and his drug supply is stolen. Meanwhile, a new assignment causes Brenda to question Raydor's loyalty to Pope; and a game-changing development involves Gabriel. read more

Fool's Gold Season 7, Episode 17

Provenza tries to help his ex-wife locate her wedding ring, but he stumbles into red-faced fumbles that include a robbery, an evidence-destroying canine and a frenetic appraiser. read more

Hostile Witness Season 7, Episode 16

The seventh and final season resumes with Brenda tangling with her nemesis, lawyer and suspected rapist-murderer Philip Stroh. Brenda pulls a shock-and-awe courtroom maneuver that may jeopardize an entire case, putting her at odds with the new D.A. read more

Silent Partner Season 7, Episode 15

A federal lawsuit against Brenda heats up in the wake of a murder. As Brenda's lawyer (Mark Pellegrino) goes to court for her, Brenda turns to a businessman (Jason George) for help in cracking the murder case. Curtis Armstrong guest stars. read more

Road Block Season 7, Episode 14

The team seeks clues in the hit-and-run murder of a girl on a bicycle. Brenda soon puts her investigative focus on the police commissioner (Mark Moses) and his wife (Elizabeth Perkins) when she suspects their involvement in a scandalous cover-up. Maggie Wheeler guest stars. read more

Relative Matters Season 7, Episode 13

A man is murdered while under FBI surveillance, stirring up friction between the federal agents and the LAPD. Meanwhile, Brenda's parents (Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin) arrive for the holidays and spring surprising news on Brenda. read more

You Have the Right to Remain Jolly Season 7, Episode 12

It's a blue Christmas when Santa's zip-line arrival into a Christmas village goes terribly awry and Brenda's team must take on the holiday case. Fred Willard, Christine Woods and Lauren Bowles guest star. read more

Necessary Evil Season 7, Episode 11

Brenda and her squad investigate the shooting of a high-school principal whose school is entangled in scandal. Yet a territorial conflict erupts between Brenda and Fritz when Brenda's investigation overlaps with an existing FBI case. read more

Fresh Pursuit Season 7, Episode 10

The team digs for clues in the shooting death of a deputy sheriff. Meanwhile, Brenda's civil case comes to a head when the judge must make a crucial decision. read more

Star Turn Season 7, Episode 9

Brenda tries to hit all the right notes when investigating the puzzling disappearance of a stage father whose daughter's new single is ready for release. On the flip side, new and potentially hopeful developments emerge in Brenda's civil suit. read more

Death Warrant Season 7, Episode 8

Brenda reaches out to Capt. Raydor for help in a twist-filled case involving a murder-for-hire scheme, a formidable drug cartel and allegations of police brutality. Elsewhere, squad members are deposed in regard to the lawsuit leveled against Brenda. read more

A Family Affair Season 7, Episode 7

The team investigates the puzzling death of a fellow officer's daughter. Elsewhere, Capt. Raydor advances in her meticulous audit of Brenda's unit and begins to sharpen focus on Det. Sanchez. read more

Home Improvement Season 7, Episode 6

Brenda springs into investigative action when a body is found at a home-construction site. Meanwhile, Brenda considers turning to a lawyer, but the pricey retainer fee means Fritz will likely have to sacrifice certain luxuries. read more

Forgive Us Our Trespasses Season 7, Episode 5

The team snoop into the death of a minister, but their investigation is jeopardized by the victim's own shady secrets and his family's efforts to protect his name and their church. Meanwhile, all but one member of the unit receive a civil-suit subpoena as suspicions and tensions begin to grow within the squad. read more

Under Control Season 7, Episode 4

The squad searches for a vanished boy who has a connection to Lt. Tao. Elsewhere, Capt. Raydor continues her methodical review of Brenda's team and offers a troubling recommendation to Brenda. read more

To Serve With Love Season 7, Episode 3

Flynn and Provenza plunge into yet another ill-fated adventure when they try to make quick cash by serving court papers for a lawyer. The boys get a bad break when they serve a man—and he's killed just minutes afterward. Adam Arkin guest stars. read more

Repeat Offender Season 7, Episode 2

Brenda and her squad snoop into the slaying of a young female house sitter. And just as the LAPD undergoes game-changing organizational shifts, Capt. Raydor (Mary McDonnell) advances in her audit of Brenda's department. read more

Unknown Trouble Season 7, Episode 1

The seventh and final season kicks off with Brenda investigating the shootings of a rap star and six bystanders. Meanwhile, Delk (Courtney B. Vance) gets set to announce seismic organizational changes; and a civil suit targets Brenda and the department. read more

An Ugly Game Season 6, Episode 15

A crack addict, a potentially shady rehab facility and a missing young woman swirl around an investigation in the Season 6 finale. Before long, Brenda's judgment comes into question and Fritz must disclose dark secrets from his past. read more

Living Proof: Part Two Season 6, Episode 14

Conclusion. The squad continues to investigate on Christmas Day when a blood feud precipitates more violence. However, Brenda's focus turns to her parents (Frances Sternhagen, Barry Corbin) when their RV is robbed. Mary McDonnell guest stars. read more

Living Proof: Part One Season 6, Episode 13

Part 1 of 2. The team's holiday plans are potentially ruined when a long-standing feud results in a stabbing on Christmas Eve and the death of a patriarch. Especially irritated is Brenda, whose parents (Frances Sternhagen, Barry Corbin) have arrived for the holidays and come bearing special news. Mary McDonnell reprises her role as Capt. Raydor. read more

High Crimes Season 6, Episode 12

Chief of Police Tommy Delk (Courtney B. Vance) enlists the team to investigate thefts at various medical-marijuana dispensaries. The seemingly innocuous assignment takes a perilous turn, however, when one robbery results in murder. Before long, the case even tests Brenda's readiness to rise to a higher departmental post. read more

Old Money Season 6, Episode 11

Brenda sleuths when one of her colleagues is ambushed on the street. While focusing on a money-packed garbage bag and its importance to the case, Brenda also tries to clear the colleague from a false rap of witness tampering. Mary McDonnell guest stars in her recurring role as Capt. Sharon Raydor. read more

Elysian Fields Season 5, Episode 8

Brenda snoops into the slaying of a man who had been the prime suspect of a double murder a decade earlier. But Brenda's investigation is marred by an obsessed detective (Tom Skerritt) who arises from retirement to finally close the 10-year-old case. read more

Executive Order Season 6, Episode 10

The slayings of two paramedics could be a harsh signal, indicating that a potential terrorist attack is coming. Brenda's squad and the FBI embark on separate investigations, yet a scrambling Brenda is forced to work with a counterterrorism bigwig who---like Brenda---is a final candidate for the police-chief post. read more

Last Woman Standing Season 6, Episode 9

The squad digs for clues in the slaying of an aspiring actress. All the while, Brenda gears up to interview for the job of chief of police, though she has mixed feelings about taking the post. Mary McDonnell reprises her role as Capt. Sharon Raydor. read more

War Zone Season 6, Episode 8

Brenda investigates the shooting deaths of three soldiers who had just returned from Afghanistan. With national-security issues surrounding the case, Brenda finds herself in an investigative tug-of-war with a military officer (Gary Cole). read more

Jump the Gun Season 6, Episode 7

The squad investigates a deadly bank robbery likely committed by a notorious gang of thieves, but this latest crime doesn't fit their modus operandi. Meanwhile, Pope receives word about his chances for landing the police-chief post as office politics continue to churn. read more

Off the Hook Season 6, Episode 6

Pope implements a plan to improve the department's public image in the wake of the brutal slaying of a parole-board member who was killed during a phone call with Gabriel. But before any image is boosted, Brenda must first solve the murder. read more

Heart Attack Season 6, Episode 5

Det. Mikki Mendoza (Paola Turbay) directs Brenda and her squad to probe a string of sadistic slayings that may signal a Mexican drug cartel's arrival in the city. read more

Layover Season 6, Episode 4

Provenza stumbles into a compromising situation, as is his habit, when he romances a flight attendant on company time---then discovers a dead body in her condominium. read more

In Custody Season 6, Episode 3

As they probe a dubious suicide, Brenda and her squad are swept up in a fiery custody battle between a dying man and his drug-addled ex-wife. Meanwhile, Pope sets his sights on scoring the police-chief post. read more

Help Wanted Season 6, Episode 2

Capt. Raydor (Mary McDonnell) arrives to help Brenda investigate the vanishing of a nanny who has connections to the mayor. But the case takes uneasy turns when a stun-gun-wielding rapist emerges as a suspect, and Raydor may have hidden motives for shadowing Brenda. read more

The Big Bang Season 6, Episode 1

Season 6 opens with the shooting death of a man. Among the messy complications hindering Brenda's investigation: an affair involving the victim, a missing murder weapon and the squad's difficult move to their new high-tech headquarters. read more

Dead Man's Hand Season 5, Episode 15

Season 5 closes with Capt. Raydor (Mary McDonnell) returning. She reaches out to Brenda to investigate the alleged spousal abuse of a female officer, but there's more to the case than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Fritz grows weary of being neglected by Brenda. read more

Make Over Season 5, Episode 14

Previous cases come up for review when an LAPD crime lab is discredited. One such past case involves Provenza and his ex-partner (Beau Bridges), who emerges from retirement to help revisit the investigation. The busy case reviews also threaten to undo Brenda and Fritz's planned vacation. read more

The Life Season 5, Episode 13

Brenda and her team delve into the gang-related death of a 12-year-old boy, but the case really heats up when two more bodies surface. In domestic developments, Brenda is in store for a surprise, courtesy of Fritz. And Provenza's once-blooming love life begins to wilt. read more

Waivers of Extradition Season 5, Episode 12

The team probes the stabbing death of a woman apparently at the hands of a mysterious someone wearing a ninja costume. Lured to the case is a guest detective (Xander Berkeley) from El Paso, where a similar crime was committed. Meanwhile, Brenda's father (Barry Corbin) arrives to escort Charlie (Sosie Bacon) home to Atlanta. Kevin Bacon directed the episode. read more

Maternal Instincts Season 5, Episode 11

Brenda snoops when a shooting on a school parking lot results in one person's death. Landing squarely in the middle of the case: Brenda's rebellious visiting niece, Charlie (Sosie Bacon). Meanwhile, Provenza is ripe for a sweeping life change. read more

Smells Like Murder Season 5, Episode 10

When a body stuffed in a large box is delivered to the squad, the suspects begin piling up. Among them: a religious stepfather; a huffy ex-flame; an exploited buddy; and a hateful landlord. Meanwhile, dramas spin around Brenda's troubled visiting niece (Sosie Bacon), whose behavior sorely tests Brenda and Fritz. read more

Identity Theft Season 5, Episode 9

Brenda reopens a murder case when it's surmised that a father (Bruce Davison) may have offered a false confession to cover for his schizophrenic son. Meanwhile, Brenda's mother (Frances Sternhagen) and mischievous niece pay a visit. Guest stars include Sosie Bacon (daughter of Kevin Bacon and series star Kyra Sedgwick), Michael Arden and Cynthia Watros. read more

Strike Three Season 5, Episode 7

Numerous mysteries spin around a high-profile shoot-out that left two cops and a teen boy dead. Enter Force Investigation Division bigwig Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell), whose merciless snooping upends Brenda's investigation. read more

Tapped Out Season 5, Episode 6

The team investigates the slaying of a misogynistic ladies' man, a popular Internet figure who was on the cusp of launching a male-centric TV show. Meanwhile, Pope keeps a close eye on Brenda's squad by rotating in as a team member. Adam Arkin directed the episode. read more

Half Load Season 5, Episode 5

Brenda probes the murder of an erstwhile gang member, but clues reveal he may not have been the target. The case comes with weighty societal implications: Brenda tries to prove to angry citizens that the LAPD does indeed care about crime in poor areas. read more

Walking Back the Cat Season 5, Episode 4

Brenda works with Fritz on a missing-person case that soon becomes a full-scale murder probe involving the drug trade and gay dance parties. But Brenda's unorthodox sleuthing conflicts with Fritz's FBI code of conduct. read more

Red Tape Season 5, Episode 3

Gabriel gets in legal hot water when he guns down a murder suspect and evidence contradicts his version of events. Force Investigation director Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) arrives to probe Gabriel's shooting, but her snooping interferes with Brenda's own investigation. read more

Blood Money Season 5, Episode 2

Brenda snoops into the abduction of a greedy financier being investigated for investment fraud, but she soon suspects he may have staged the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Provenza continues to exhibit bizarre behavior; and Brenda's cat tries to scratch through a medical problem. read more

Products of Discovery Season 5, Episode 1

Season 5 opens with Brenda and her squad digging for clues into the murder of a family of four, but the case changes course when Brenda unwittingly tumbles into an FBI investigation. Elsewhere, Provenza's usually zesty mood suddenly turns downcast. Lee Tergesen guest stars. read more

Double Blind Season 4, Episode 15

In the Season 4 finale, Brenda and Fritz's wedding is only a day away, but obsessive investigations jeopardize the big event. Here, Brenda probes a murder at an escort service, while Fritz focuses on finally nabbing a high-rung drug figure. Helping with their nuptials: Brenda's parents (Barry Corbin, Frances Sternhagen) and Fritz's sister (Amy Sedaris). read more

Fate Line Season 4, Episode 14

Brenda preps for her nuptials with help from her visiting parents (Frances Sternhagen, Barry Corbin). They're not the only visitors: Fritz's sister (Amy Sedaris), who claims to be a psychic, arrives and helps in Brenda's quest to prevent a murder from occurring, tapping into her presumed gift of clairvoyance. read more

Power of Attorney Season 4, Episode 13

A known sex offender emerges as the prime suspect in the savage rape and murder of a woman. But when the suspect promptly hires a slick lawyer, Brenda must square off against the formidable attorney, who uses sly judicial tricks and manipulative tactics to defend his client. Billy Burke guest stars. read more

Junk in the Trunk Season 4, Episode 12

Brenda and her squad investigate the death of a plus-size man, whose body has so badly deteriorated that it's nearly impossible to determine how he died. Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin guest star as Brenda's parents. read more

Good Faith Season 4, Episode 11

The fate of Det. Sanchez, who was shot three times and airlifted to a hospital, is revealed. In addition, the team investigates whether a suicide was actually murder. And Brenda's parents (Frances Sternhagen, Barry Corbin) pay a visit while on their way to a Hawaiian cruise. read more

Time Bomb Season 4, Episode 10

Brenda and Co. investigate the death of a teenager. Before long, they conclude that the teen may be connected to an orchestrated bombing scheme that could kill hundreds of people. Racing against time, the team scrambles to find the bomb. read more

Tijuana Brass Season 4, Episode 9

A drug cartel, police malfeasance and an FBI informant all twist around the investigation of two murdered Tijuana cops. The case spirals downward when a vitriolic newspaper story slams the Priority Homicide Division, putting the team on the defensive. read more

Split Ends Season 4, Episode 8

It gets hairy in Hollywood when a TV-show hairstylist is found slain, as the case involves a deep history of domestic violence. Brenda must also meet the demands of her visiting parents (Frances Sternhagen, Barry Corbin). read more

Sudden Death Season 4, Episode 7

Events turn personal for Brenda and her squad when the brother of Detective Sanchez is shot. The team passionately scrambles to find the shooter, but the case is plagued by departmental leaks and a fiery detective. Directed by Kevin Bacon, series star Kyra Sedgwick's real-life husband. read more

Problem Child Season 4, Episode 6

The Priority Homicide squad probes the vanishing of a troubled tween boy. As Brenda digs up evidence about the boy's violent past, she deliberates whether he's a victim, a runaway---or a possible killer. read more

Dial M for Provenza Season 4, Episode 5

Provenza gets in hot water (yet again) when he loses evidence from a successfully executed sting operation. Brenda and her team are subsequently forced to free their suspect, despite being given a 48-hour window to retrieve the lost materials. Jennifer Coolidge guest stars. read more

Live Wire Season 4, Episode 4

Brenda sleuths when a man wearing a surveillance wire is shot to death. The case turns especially thorny when Brenda grapples with Fritz over control of the case. Complicating the investigation even more: a Los Angeles journalist and the victim's apparent ties to a drug case. read more

Cherry Bomb Season 4, Episode 3

Brenda scrutinizes the suicide of a high-school girl who had earlier reported that she was raped by the son of a Los Angeles lawman (Daniel Baldwin). read more

Speed Bump Season 4, Episode 2

Brenda snoops when a paroled killer from a headline-grabbing case turns up dead, ostensibly the victim of a hit and run. In domestic developments, Fritz is rendered immobile after hurting his back. Paul Michael Glaser guest stars. read more

Controlled Burn Season 4, Episode 1

The heat is on in the Season 4 opener when a fire blazes through Griffith Park, threatening vast areas of Los Angeles. As Brenda tries to smoke out any wrongdoers, one of her archenemies---fire-starter Billy Croelick (Jason O'Mara)---enters the picture. In domestic news, Fritz and Brenda's new duplex forbids the presence of pets, but that doesn't stop Brenda from keeping Kitty on the premises. read more

Next of Kin

In a holiday-themed episode, Brenda and Fritz journey to Georgia to arrest a fugitive, who's a suspect in a deadly Los Angeles-based robbery, and then escort him back to California. The trip affords Brenda a chance to visit her old home and her parents (Barry Corbin, Frances Sternhagen) for the holidays. read more

Next of Kin Season 3, Episode 15

Conclusion. Brenda and Fritz continue their bumpy mission to escort a fugitive from Georgia to California. Barry Corbin and Frances Sternhagen appear in their recurring roles as Brenda's parents. read more

Next of Kin Season 3, Episode 14

Part 1 of 2. In a holiday-themed episode, Brenda and Fritz journey to Georgia to arrest a fugitive, who's a suspect in a deadly Los Angeles-based robbery, and then escort him back to California. The trip affords Brenda a chance to visit her old home and her parents (Barry Corbin, Frances Sternhagen) for the holidays. read more

'Til Death Do Us Part Two Season 3, Episode 13

In the conclusion of the Season 3 finale, courtroom dramas escalate in the complex case of a slain Hollywood divorce lawyer, as Brenda races against time to break her prime suspect's alibi. Meanwhile, unearthed secrets jeopardize Brenda and Fritz's relationship. Larry King, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Cal.), and legal analysts Dominick Dunne and Rikki Klieman appear as themselves. read more

'Til Death Do Us Part One Season 3, Episode 12

In Part 1 of the two-part Season 3 finale, Brenda investigates the slaying of a prominent Hollywood divorce lawyer. But when she's unable to coerce a confession from the main suspect, she must testify at trial for the prosecution. Elsewhere, Brenda unearths an alarming secret about Fritz's past. read more

Lover's Leap Season 3, Episode 11

When a staffer from Homeland Security is discovered murdered in Los Angeles, Brenda tangles with the FBI for control of the investigation. read more

Culture Shock Season 3, Episode 10

Brenda springs into action to investigate the murder of a young Chinese woman, who was the owner of a big-money tour company. While Brenda is busy working, Fritz is tasked to entertain her parents (Frances Sternhagen, Barry Corbin). read more

Blindsided Season 3, Episode 9

Brenda, pulled out of duty because of a psychologically traumatic encounter with a serial killer, is tasked with escorting a TV reporter who's pursuing a story on the LAPD---but their squad car is riddled with a deadly barrage of bullets. Elsewhere, Brenda's parents (Barry Corbin, Frances Sternhagen) arrive for a visit. Directed by Kevin Bacon, series star Kyra Sedgwick's real-life husband. read more

Manhunt Season 3, Episode 8

When a deputy DA's wife is found dead, it appears to be the work of a serial killer. With the knowledge that the predator murders in threes, Brenda and her team race to apprehend him before he finishes his deadly triple play. read more

Four to Eight Season 3, Episode 7

Racially motivated gang warfare threatens to erupt when two Hispanic teens are shot and killed. As Brenda launches an investigation, the cousin of one of the victims sets out to avenge the murders. read more

Dumb Luck Season 3, Episode 6

Brenda and Co. probe the slaying of a fitness trainer who was wooing a married woman with a territorial, hotheaded hubby. Emerging as the sole witness is a jittery valet with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Elsewhere, the officers tilt and topple around the office when they must wear hazmat suits for antiterrorism training. read more

The Round File Season 3, Episode 5

The squad scrutinizes an enigmatic old man who refuses to identify himself---but who admits to killing seven people. Elsewhere, Fritz and Brenda's house-hunting efforts might finally pay off. read more

Ruby Season 3, Episode 4

The division races against time to find an abducted 8-year-old girl who vanished on her way home from school. As the investigation centers on a sex predator, Gabriel resorts to extreme measures to find the girl, jeopardizing the case and his career in the process. read more

Saving Face Season 3, Episode 3

An investigation ensues when a funeral for Flynn and Provenza's ex-police colleague turns disastrous: The casket is accidentally dropped, revealing their pal's body---and also the body of a nude blonde beauty. Meanwhile, Brenda and Fritz intensify their house-hunting efforts. read more

Grave Doubts Season 3, Episode 2

The body of a long-missing teen gang member is discovered---with Provenza's business card on his person. Brenda's investigation soon swirls around a priest who is devoted to helping former gang members. Meanwhile, Brenda's secret living arrangement with Fritz is revealed to her father. read more

Homewrecker Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, Brenda and the team investigate the grisly slaying of a family, and the only survivor is the drug-addled teen son. Meanwhile, a financial crisis rocks the LAPD, bringing about budget cuts, numerous changes---and possibly Provenza's early retirement. And Fritz hopes to move into a new house with Brenda. read more

Serving the King

In a two-hour episode (the second half of which was directed by Kevin Bacon, series star Kyra Sedgwick's real-life husband), Brenda teams up with her former CIA mentor (William Daniels) to head a covert inquiry into the murder of a defector. The labyrinthine case involves a boy alleged to be a terrorist, an erstwhile KGB agent, the slaying of CIA agents and missing plutonium. read more

Serving the King Season 2, Episode 15

Conclusion. Brenda continues her investigation into the murder of a defector. The labyrinthine case involves a boy alleged to be a terrorist, an erstwhile KGB agent, the slaying of CIA agents and missing plutonium. Kevin Bacon directed the episode. read more

Serving the King Season 2, Episode 14

Part 1 of 2. Brenda teams up with her former CIA mentor (William Daniels) to head a covert inquiry into the murder of a defector. The labyrinthine case ultimately involves a boy alleged to be a terrorist and an erstwhile KGB agent. read more

Overkill Season 2, Episode 13

Brenda teams up with her FBI boyfriend Fritz to investigate the attempted assassination of a federally protected witness at a mob bigwig's trial. The case soon becomes extremely perilous when Brenda and her team are pitted against a professional killer. read more

No Good Deed Season 2, Episode 12

Twists dominate the case of a slain teen, who was slated to be the star witness in a death-row inmate's appeal. Meanwhile, Pope's vindictive ex-wife (Shannon O'Hurley) reveals Brenda's romantic past with Pope---in front of the entire squad. read more

Borderline Season 2, Episode 11

Brenda scrambles for clues to solve a multiple homicide connected to an illegal-immigrant smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Pope cuts off Brenda's driving privileges after she gets into a fender bender and flees the accident scene. read more

The Other Woman Season 2, Episode 10

Brenda and her team investigate a woman's death and discover the case may involve identity theft. Meanwhile, Brenda is selected to testify in a custody case pitting Pope against his estranged wife. Worse, the hearing just might bring her past relationship with Pope to light. read more

Heroic Measures Season 2, Episode 9

When her son dies during surgery, a grieving mother claims that two surgeons were negligent, spurring Brenda to investigate. read more

Critical Missing Season 2, Episode 8

Brenda investigates a perplexing case when the bodies of a Japanese mother and daughter are discovered bound together in the San Pedro Harbor. read more

Head over Heels Season 2, Episode 7

Brenda investigates the slaying of a male adult-film star with HIV---and discovers that he may have exposed more than 200 women to the virus. In other events, Fritz finds a pregnancy test in Brenda's purse. read more

Out of Focus Season 2, Episode 6

When a paparazzo apparently commits suicide by jumping out of a hotel window, Brenda snaps into action to investigate. She soon discovers the victim may have been stalking a noted celebrity---who just so happened to be a guest at the same hotel. Meanwhile, Brenda gets jealous when Fritz hobnobs with a female colleague. read more

To Protect and to Serve Season 2, Episode 5

Provenza and Flynn discover a corpse in Provenza's garage as they prepare to leave for a Dodgers baseball game; and the investigation is thrown a curve when the body vanishes, leading to a potential negligence case. read more

Aftertaste Season 2, Episode 4

Brenda cooks up an investigation when a woman is found murdered at a ritzy Los Angeles eatery. Surfacing as the prime suspects are an unsavory investor and a driven chef. Meanwhile, Brenda deals with a scary milestone---her 40th birthday. read more

Slippin' Season 2, Episode 3

Brenda digs up clues to the apparent gang-related slaying of three youths---one of whom has a personal connection to Taylor. On the personal front, Brenda's mother (Frances Sternhagen) continues to complicate Brenda's life during her stay in Los Angeles. read more

Mom Duty Season 2, Episode 2

Brenda's fastidious and conservative mother (Frances Sternhagen) arrives from Atlanta, disrupting Fritz's plans to move in with Brenda. Meanwhile, Brenda investigates the mysterious death of a female juror in the trial of an Armenian mob kingpin. read more

Blue Blood Season 2, Episode 1

Brenda investigates the slaying of a detective and the drug dealer he was investigating, both of whom were found dead in an abandoned L.A. warehouse. Meanwhile, Brenda's undefined relationship with Fritz blossoms when they discuss living together. read more

Standards & Practices Season 1, Episode 13

Brenda and her team investigate the murder of an esteemed Hollywood producer. Meanwhile, Brenda is charged with “conduct unbecoming.” read more

Fatal Retraction Season 1, Episode 12

A death-row inmate is released from jail when the corpse of one of the women he allegedly burned to death shows up in the morgue. Elsewhere, Taylor continues to make an issue of Brenda's rank. read more

L.A. Woman Season 1, Episode 11

Brenda and her team investigate the murder of an Iranian businessman. When it's discovered the victim was on a terrorist watch list, the FBI muscles in on Brenda's case. Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Tenney. read more

The Butler Did It Season 1, Episode 10

A wealthy old man, newly married to a young stripper, is found dead---and the butler is the main suspect. Meanwhile, Brenda's co-workers continue to disrespect her authority. Kyra Sedgwick. read more

Good Housekeeping Season 1, Episode 9

False leads, a tragic twist and a trip to Mexico mark Brenda's investigation of the murder of an immigrant girl, the daughter of a maid in an opulent Los Angeles home. Kyra Sedgwick. read more

Batter Up Season 1, Episode 8

Squad tensions escalate when Brenda investigates a spate of hate crimes, which culminate in the beating death of a gay man. On a personal note, Brenda continues to date Fritz and encounters an acutely infatuated morgue attendant. Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Tenney. read more

You Are Here Season 1, Episode 7

Brenda investigates the execution-style slaying of a prominent judge, but the case becomes more complex when the judge's autistic son emerges as the only witness to the crime. Meanwhile, Brenda's budding relationship with Fritz remains undefined. Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Tenney. read more

Fantasy Date Season 1, Episode 6

Brenda investigates when the daughter of a congresswoman (Meredith Baxter) is murdered and suspects that the crime is connected to an Internet personal ad. Later, Brenda is marked for death. read more

Flashpoint Season 1, Episode 5

Brenda's past comes back to haunt her when she investigates the murder of a prominent psychiatrist. Consumed by the case, she unknowingly breaks off a date with Fritz. read more

Show Yourself Season 1, Episode 4

Brenda tangles with a manipulative retired Marine colonel (Richard Roundtree) while on the hunt for a sniper who's targeting Los Angeles gang members. Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Tenney. read more

The Big Picture Season 1, Episode 3

Brenda investigates the murder of a Russian prostitute, whose clientele includes famous people. In other events, Brenda mulls over her ambiguous relationship with Fritz. read more

About Face Season 1, Episode 2

Brenda investigates the murder of a film star's wife, a model who was killed by nicotine poisoning. Also: Brenda acclimates herself to Los Angeles and accepts a dinner invitation from Fritz (Jon Tenney). Brad Rowe and Helen Tucker guest star. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Quirky but strong Atlantan Brenda Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick), newly relocated to Los Angeles to head the elite Priority Murder Squad, investigates a murder at a computer exec's home. Allison Smith and John Rubinstein guest star. J.K. Simmons, Corey Reynolds. read more

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Premiered: June 13, 2005, on TNT
Rating: TV-14
User Rating: (1,453 ratings)
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Premise: A strong, quirky woman leads an elite Los Angeles crime unit that tackles high-profile cases. Originally from Atlanta, the junk-food-loving Southern belle is a CIA-trained interrogator who's an expert at obtaining confessions that lead to convictions. From the creative team behind 'Nip/Tuck.'



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