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Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations episodes

Nov 05, 2012: Brooklyn
Oct 29, 2012: Dominican Republic
Oct 22, 2012: Off the Charts
Oct 15, 2012: Rio
Oct 08, 2012: Seven Deadly Sins
Oct 01, 2012: Burgundy
Sep 24, 2012: Emilia Romagna
Sep 17, 2012: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll
Sep 10, 2012: Sydney
Sep 03, 2012: Austin
Jun 04, 2012: Penang
May 28, 2012: Baja
May 14, 2012: Finland
May 07, 2012: Japan Cook It Raw
Apr 30, 2012: Lisbon
Apr 23, 2012: Croatian Coast
Apr 16, 2012: Kansas City
Apr 09, 2012: Mozambique
Dec 12, 2011: Holiday
Aug 29, 2011: Cajun Country
Aug 22, 2011: Kurdistan
Aug 15, 2011: Ukraine
Aug 08, 2011: U.S. Desert
Aug 01, 2011: El Bulli
Jul 25, 2011: Naples
Jul 18, 2011: Macau
Jul 11, 2011: Cuba
Apr 25, 2011: Japan: Hokkaido
Apr 18, 2011: Boston
Apr 11, 2011: Brazil: The Amazon
Mar 28, 2011: Ozarks
Mar 21, 2011: Vienna
Mar 14, 2011: Nicaragua
Mar 07, 2011: Cambodia
Feb 28, 2011: Haiti
Dec 06, 2010: Holiday Special
Sep 13, 2010: Madrid
Sep 06, 2010: Paris
Sep 06, 2010: What Were We Thinking?
Aug 30, 2010: Making of India
Aug 23, 2010: Back to Beirut
Aug 16, 2010: Rome
Aug 09, 2010: Dubai
Aug 02, 2010: Where It All Began
Jul 26, 2010: Kerala, India
Jul 19, 2010: Liberia
Jul 12, 2010: Heartland
Jul 05, 2010: Caribbean Island Hopping
Apr 19, 2010: Food Porn 2
Apr 12, 2010: Maine
Apr 05, 2010: Techniques Special
Mar 29, 2010: Vietnam: Central Highlands
Mar 22, 2010: Provence
Mar 15, 2010: Harbin, China
Mar 08, 2010: Obsessed
Mar 01, 2010: Ecuador
Feb 08, 2010: Hudson Valley, NY
Feb 01, 2010: Prague
Jan 25, 2010: Brittany
Jan 18, 2010: Istanbul
Jan 11, 2010: Panama
Sep 14, 2009: Sardinia
Sep 07, 2009: NYC: Outer Boroughs
Aug 31, 2009: Burning Questions
Aug 24, 2009: Montana
Aug 17, 2009: Thailand
Aug 10, 2009: San Francisco
Aug 03, 2009: Down on the Street
Jul 27, 2009: Buffalo/Baltimore/Detroit
Jul 20, 2009: Australia
Jul 13, 2009: Chile
Mar 09, 2009: Vietnam: There's No Place Like Home
Mar 02, 2009: Sri Lanka
Feb 23, 2009: Inside the Beltway
Feb 23, 2009: Disappearing Manhattan
Feb 16, 2009: Philippines
Feb 09, 2009: Food Porn
Feb 02, 2009: Chicago
Jan 26, 2009: Azores
Jan 19, 2009: D.C.
Jan 12, 2009: Venice
Jan 05, 2009: Mexico
Sep 01, 2008: So Long Summer
Aug 25, 2008: Egypt
Aug 18, 2008: Spain
Aug 11, 2008: Tokyo
Aug 04, 2008: U.S. Southwest
Jul 28, 2008: Uruguay
Jul 21, 2008: Saudi Arabia
Jul 14, 2008: Colombia
Jul 07, 2008: Laos
Mar 10, 2008: Into the Fire
Mar 03, 2008: Hawaii
Feb 25, 2008: Romania
Feb 18, 2008: Jamaica
Feb 11, 2008: London; Edinburgh
Feb 04, 2008: New Orleans
Jan 28, 2008: Greek Islands
Jan 21, 2008: Vancouver
Jan 14, 2008: Berlin
Jan 07, 2008: Singapore
Sep 24, 2007: Tuscany
Sep 17, 2007: South Carolina
Sep 10, 2007: Argentina
Sep 03, 2007: Hong Kong
Aug 27, 2007: Cleveland, OH
Aug 20, 2007: French Polynesia
Aug 13, 2007: Brazil
Aug 10, 2007: New York
Jul 30, 2007: Shanghai
Feb 05, 2007: Los Angeles
Jan 29, 2007: Russia
Jan 22, 2007: Namibia
Jan 15, 2007: Pacific Northwest
Jan 08, 2007: Ghana
Jan 01, 2007: Leftovers 2
Jan 01, 2007: Ireland
Aug 21, 2006: Beirut
Jul 03, 2006: Anthony Bourdain: Decoding Ferran Adria
Jun 19, 2006: Indonesia
Jun 12, 2006: Korea
Jun 05, 2006: India (Kolkata/Bombay)
May 29, 2006: India (Rajasthan)
May 22, 2006: Mexico/US Border
May 09, 2006: Japan
May 01, 2006: Puerto Rico
Apr 24, 2006: Sweden
Apr 17, 2006: Quebec
Apr 10, 2006: Peru
Apr 03, 2006: South Florida
Apr 02, 2006: Leftovers
Mar 27, 2006: Asia Special
Mar 27, 2006: China
Mar 20, 2006: No Reservations: Iceland: Special Edition
Mar 15, 2006: Italy
Dec 27, 2005: Anthony Bourdain Viewers' Choice
Nov 07, 2005: Down Under the Down Under (New Zealand)
Oct 24, 2005: Uzbekistan
Oct 17, 2005: Las Vegas
Oct 10, 2005: Sicily
Aug 22, 2005: Malaysia (Into the Jungle)
Aug 15, 2005: Vietnam (The Island of Mr. Sang)
Aug 08, 2005: New Jersey (Off the Jersey Turnpike)
Aug 01, 2005: Iceland: Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Jul 25, 2005: Paris (Why the French Don't Suck)

Brooklyn Season 9, Episode 10

The series ends with a tour of Brooklyn. Joining Tony are actors from the HBO series "The Wire" and rapper Talib Kweli. Also: A meal at Brooklyn Fare is shared with chef Eric Ripert. read more

Dominican Republic Season 9, Episode 9

Tony samples the flavors of the Dominican Republic. Included: a meal of empanadas and nearly frozen beer, followed by fried salami with tostones. Also: a helicopter ride to Samaná Peninsula for lunch. read more

Off the Charts Season 9, Episode 8

Moments from the past include a Haitian cemetery visited on the Day of the Dead, and celebrating Halloween with pal Zamir Gotta in Transylvania. Also: Tony recalls a fearful trip to Iraq. read more

Rio Season 9, Episode 7

A trip to Rio de Janeiro proves stressful for Anthony, who is nervous about his wife, Ottavia, competing in a jujitsu match. To unwind, he enjoys the Brazilian cocktail caipirinhas and a pork sandwich in Ipanema; and later, learns about improvements made in the shanty town Rocinha. Finally, the Bourdains enjoy a home-cooked stew made with filet mignon, garlic, onion, tomato, farofa and feijoada. read more

Seven Deadly Sins Season 9, Episode 6

Tony encounters the seven deadly sins in his travels. Included: lust in Rome; wrath in New York City; and sloth in Finland. read more

Burgundy Season 9, Episode 5

A wine cave and an American-owned winery are among the highlights when chef Ludo Lefebvre joins Tony as he tours the Burgundy region of France. Also: a truck stop that serves crepes. read more

Emilia Romagna Season 9, Episode 4

Tony tours the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy with Italian-trained chef Michael White. The two rent a red Ferrari and cruise across the region, sampling culatello, balsamic vinegar, Sangiovese wine and a variety of Italian cheeses. read more

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll Season 9, Episode 3

The host looks back at some of his most unforgettable adventures, from making music in the Mojave Desert with Queens of the Stone Age to burning cocaine in Panama. read more

Sydney Season 9, Episode 2

A food tour of Sydney, featuring fresh seafood, classic charcuterie and the ubiquitous Australian "barbie." read more

Austin Season 9, Episode 1

Tony Bourdain kicks off the ninth and final season in Austin during the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. He hangs out with the band Sleigh Bells and enjoys some of the city's unusual culinary offerings, from offal tacos and dove enchiladas to fried shrimp heads and goat neck. read more

Penang Season 8, Episode 8

The food and culture of Penang, Malaysia, is explored. Featured eats include fresh snapper and a rice-and-shrimp dish wrapped in a banana leaf. read more

Baja Season 8, Episode 7

Tony gets a taste of the food, wine and culture of Tijuana, Mexico, and the Baja Peninsula. He tries Mexican fish tacos and then checks out local street food with chef Javier Plascencia. read more

Finland Season 8, Episode 6

The host explores Finland with musician Sami Yaffa. Highlights include a pub tram and an eventful dinner with a cabdriver's mother. read more

Japan Cook It Raw Season 8, Episode 5

Tony travels to Japan to attend the fourth annual Cook It Raw gathering, where 15 of the world's top chefs come together to share ideas and experiment with new ideas. read more

Lisbon Season 8, Episode 4

The host visits Lisbon, Portugal, and finds the city undergoing a cultural and culinary renaissance in the face of rising debt and unemployment. read more

Croatian Coast Season 8, Episode 3

Croatia's Istria and Dalmatia regions are toured. Included: swimming with bluefin tuna; truffle hunting. read more

Kansas City Season 8, Episode 2

Tony travels to Kansas City, Mo., with pal Zamir Gotta in search of the region's best barbecue. While there, he meets and dines with Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys. read more

Mozambique Season 8, Episode 1

Tony visits Mozambique for a look at life in postcolonial Africa. Stops include Portuguese ruins on Mozambique Island and the vibrant metropolis of Maputo. Along the way, he samples the local fare, which mixes African, Portuguese and Indian influences. read more


Tony celebrates Christmas at the Ace Hotel in New York City. read more

Cajun Country Season 7, Episode 16

Tony explores New Orleans and Louisiana's Cajun Country. He visits the Eagle Saloon, a jazz landmark, with New Orleans native Wendell Pierce ("The Wire"), and heads to the Faubourg Tremé with local author Lolis Eric Elie. He later takes a trip on Louisiana's back roads in search of authentic Cajun cuisine and winds up at a crawfish boil. read more

Kurdistan Season 7, Episode 15

Tony tours the Kurdish regions of Iraq and Turkey. Stops include an amusement park, where he picnics with a local family; and a cemetery, where he pays his respects to the 300,000 Kurds killed under Saddam's regime. He also watches a local wedding, and passes through Mosul, one of the most dangerous cities in Iraq. read more

Ukraine Season 7, Episode 14

Tony tours Ukraine with his pal Zamir Gotta. They sample plenty of vodka and try green borscht. Stops include Chernobyl and a former top-secret Soviet site. read more

U.S. Desert Season 7, Episode 13

The host explores the High Desert of California with rocker Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. read more

El Bulli Season 7, Episode 12

Tony visits elBulli, a renowned restaurant in Spain, and gets to cook and dine with Chef Ferran Adria. read more

Naples Season 7, Episode 11

Italian food and culture is spotlighted when Tony tours Naples. He indulges in pizza, dines with an Italian family, and attends a local wedding with his wife, Ottavia. read more

Macau Season 7, Episode 10

Tony explores the food culture of Macau, China, which is heavily influenced by more than 400 years of Portuguese rule. Sampled eats include fish-ball soup; a stew of fresh prawns and okra in a curry sauce; and steamed rice noodles in a peanut sauce. read more

Cuba Season 7, Episode 9

Tony tours Cuba with American ex-pat and baseball historian Peter Bjarkman. He also meets renowned photographer Roberto Salas, who captured significant moments of the Cuban Revolution. read more

Japan: Hokkaido Season 7, Episode 8

The host visits Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, just a few weeks before the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami devastated the nation. read more

Boston Season 7, Episode 7

Tony visits Boston, exploring the city's rugged mob history with the help of a right-wing radio host. Later, he checks out a Southie boxing ring. read more

Brazil: The Amazon Season 7, Episode 6

Tony heads to Brazil for a taste of the Amazon's hidden culinary treasures. read more

Ozarks Season 7, Episode 5

Bourdain explores the Ozark region and samples local specialties, such as raccoon, venison and squirrel potpie. He also goes fishing with Ozark novelist Daniel Woodrell ("Winter's Bone"). read more

Vienna Season 7, Episode 4

Tony visits Vienna for the first time and tries to avoid tourist traps while exploring the local culture. read more

Nicaragua Season 7, Episode 3

Tony visits Nicaragua. During his stay, he parties with locals in Managua and dines on pig organs in Estelí. read more

Cambodia Season 7, Episode 2

Tony travels to Cambodia and learns about local dishes while dining with Cambodian activist and politician Mu Sochua. read more

Haiti Season 7, Episode 1

Season 7 opens in Haiti, as the Caribbean nation continues to rebuild following the devastating earthquake of 2010. While there, the host spends time with actor and humanitarian Sean Penn, who is assisting with local relief efforts. read more

Holiday Special Season 6, Episode 26

Tony plans a potluck holiday dinner with his pal, food writer Michael Ruhlman ("Live to Cook"). read more

Madrid Season 6, Episode 25

Tony returns to Spain to experience the sights and flavors of Madrid. read more

Paris Season 6, Episode 24

Tony returns to Paris, where the series began in 2005, to celebrate its 100th episode. Chef Eric Ripert joins him for a culinary tour of the City of Lights. read more

What Were We Thinking? Season 6, Episode 23

The host looks back at the show's first five seasons. read more

Making of India Season 6, Episode 22

A behind-the-scenes look at Tony's trip to Kerala, India, with comments from the host and the crew. read more

Back to Beirut Season 6, Episode 21

Tony returns to Beirut. His last trip there was in 2006, when the Israel-Lebanon conflict broke out during his stay. read more

Rome Season 6, Episode 20

The host visits Rome, where he samples classic Italian dishes and adopts the Roman attitude of living happily and carefree. read more

Dubai Season 6, Episode 19

Tony visits Dubai, U.A.E., a city still struggling after the economic downturn of 2008. read more

Where It All Began Season 6, Episode 18

An edited version of Dmitri Kasterine's documentary, "Out of the Pan, Into the Fire," which profiled Anthony Bourdain. read more

Kerala, India Season 6, Episode 17

Tony visits Kerala in southwestern India and samples many spicy and flavorful dishes, from street food to home-cooked meals. Also: Indian actor Mammootty invites the host to visit him on the set of his action film. read more

Liberia Season 6, Episode 16

Tony visits Liberia on the west coast of Africa and gets a taste of the local food and culture. read more

Heartland Season 6, Episode 15

The host travels through America's heartland in search of unsung heroes of the country's food scene. Stops include Denver; Austin; Michigan; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; and Columbus, Ohio. read more

Caribbean Island Hopping Season 6, Episode 14

Tony gets a taste of the Caribbean when he visits the Grenadine Islands in the Season 7 premiere. During his stay, he goes fishing, scuba diving and tries to hunt a local delicacy. read more

Food Porn 2 Season 6, Episode 13

The host and his friends chat about the world's sexiest foods. read more

Maine Season 6, Episode 12

Tony visits Maine for a taste of local food and culture. read more

Techniques Special Season 6, Episode 11

The techniques chefs utilize to prepare and cook various cuisines. read more

Vietnam: Central Highlands Season 6, Episode 10

Tony returns to Vietnam. This time, he explores the Central Highlands. read more

Provence Season 6, Episode 9

Tony tours the Provence region of France and becomes enamored of the local culture and cuisine. read more

Harbin, China Season 6, Episode 8

Tony takes his fourth trip to China. This time he visits Harbin, a city in the northeast formerly known as Manchuria. While there, he dines on stews, vegetables and dumplings influenced by Korean and Russian cuisines. read more

Obsessed Season 6, Episode 7

The host chats with chefs and food writers about their food obsessions. read more

Ecuador Season 6, Episode 6

The host explores Ecuador, sampling regional stews, roasted meats, fresh fish and exotic fruits. read more

Hudson Valley, NY Season 6, Episode 5

New York's Hudson Valley is visited. read more

Prague Season 6, Episode 4

The host explores Prague's culinary landscape with some local foodies. read more

Brittany Season 6, Episode 3

Tony Bourdain explores the Brittany region of France, including its ancient and modern influences. read more

Istanbul Season 6, Episode 2

The host experiences a vibrant and diverse culture when he visits Istanbul. read more

Panama Season 6, Episode 1

Anthony Bourdain travels to Panama for a taste of local food and culture in the Season 6 premiere. read more

Sardinia Season 5, Episode 20

Tony explores the food and culture on Sardinia, his wife's homeland. read more

NYC: Outer Boroughs Season 5, Episode 19

The ethnic cuisines of New York City's five boroughs are explored. read more

Burning Questions Season 5, Episode 18

Tony responds to viewer questions. read more

Montana Season 5, Episode 17

Tony heads to Livingston, Mont., to get a taste of local culture and cuisine. read more

Thailand Season 5, Episode 16

The host visits Bangkok to experience the local customs and cuisine. read more

San Francisco Season 5, Episode 15

The host explores San Francisco's diverse districts. Stops include Chinatown; Haight-Ashbury; and Fisherman's Wharf. read more

Down on the Street Season 5, Episode 14

The host recalls the best street food he's sampled around the world. read more

Buffalo/Baltimore/Detroit Season 5, Episode 13

The host and his friend Zamir explore America's Rust Belt with stops in Baltimore, Detroit and Buffalo. read more

Australia Season 5, Episode 12

Tony samples the many different cuisines of Melbourne, considered Australia's cultural capital. read more

Chile Season 5, Episode 11

The host checks out Chile's cuisine, as well as its diverse landscapes. read more

Vietnam: There's No Place Like Home Season 5, Episode 10

The host returns to Vietnam to sample Saigon's colorful street food that keeps him coming back for more. Then he tours available properties in Hoi An, hoping to eventually fulfill his dream of living there for one year. read more

Sri Lanka Season 5, Episode 9

An exploration of Sri Lankan cuisine and its many influences. Included: a visit to a culinary school built after the 2004 tsunami struck the region. read more

Inside the Beltway

Washington, D.C., is visited. read more

Disappearing Manhattan Season 5, Episode 8

The host visits classic New York City restaurants that are struggling in the city's changing landscape. read more

Philippines Season 5, Episode 7

The host travels to the Philippines, and dines on lechón, or suckling pig. Stops include Manila and Pampanga. read more

Food Porn Season 5, Episode 6

Sexy eats around the world are spotlighted. read more

Chicago Season 5, Episode 5

Chicago's culture and cuisine are explored. read more

Azores Season 5, Episode 4

The host visits three of Portugal's Azores islands and learns about the local fare. read more

D.C. Season 5, Episode 3

The host explores the many contrasts Washington, D.C., has to offer. read more

Venice Season 5, Episode 2

The host heads to Venice, Italy, and eschews the typical tourist traps to explore the locals' favorite cafes, markets and palazzos. read more

Mexico Season 5, Episode 1

Season 5 opens in Mexico, where the host explores a friend's hometown of Puebla and nearby Mexico City. read more

So Long Summer Season 4, Episode 19

Blooper clips from past shows. read more

Egypt Season 4, Episode 18

While visiting Egypt, Anthony eschews the usual tourist attractions and instead spends his time with local families and sleeping in the desert under the stars. read more

Spain Season 4, Episode 17

Anthony travels to Spain, where he tries out some local traditions and is impressed by the cuisine of chef Ferran Adrià Acosta. read more

Tokyo Season 4, Episode 16

Anthony jets to Tokyo to look for a perfect piece of sushi and a perfect knife blade. Also: the martial art of kendo and the subtleties of Japanese flower arranging. read more

U.S. Southwest Season 4, Episode 15

Tony tours the American Southwest on a road trip with stops in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent appear. read more

Uruguay Season 4, Episode 14

Tony takes a trip through Uruguay that includes Montevideo and Punta del Este. While there, he tries a chivito sandwich, made with beef, bacon, mayonnaise, black or green olives, mozzarella and tomatoes, which he heartily endorses. read more

Saudi Arabia Season 4, Episode 13

A fan from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, invites Tony to explore the cuisine, culture and heritage of her homeland. read more

Colombia Season 4, Episode 12

Tony finds his preconceived notions about Colombia to be wrong as he travels through Cartagena and Medellin. read more

Laos Season 4, Episode 11

Tony visits Laos, where he is impressed by the rural scenery while sampling dishes that include chicken grilled between splints of bamboo, a soup of wild mushrooms and greens, and sticky rice and hot chili paste, washed down with local moonshine. read more

Into the Fire Season 4, Episode 10

Tony takes up a challenge to return to the Brasserie Les Halles to work his old Tuesday double shift, offering a behind-the-kitchen-door look at the working of a restaurant. read more

Hawaii Season 4, Episode 9

Anthony visits Hawaii, where he rides the North Shore surf at Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach on a jet ski, attends a luau at Paradise Cove, experiences volcanic thrills on the Big Island and samples a wide variety of local food. read more

Romania Season 4, Episode 8

Tony celebrates his pal Zamir's 50th birthday with him in Romania, where he learns about the country's vampire tales, Communist regimes and intense culinary experiences. read more

Jamaica Season 4, Episode 7

Anthony visits Jamaica and samples the cuisine at fish shacks and discovers that the culture includes political strife. read more

London; Edinburgh Season 4, Episode 6

Tony travels to London and Edinburgh, meeting people, observing the scenery and sampling the cuisine. read more

New Orleans Season 4, Episode 5

Tony travels to New Orleans to observe the changes wrought by Hurricane Katrina and what remains the same. read more

Greek Islands Season 4, Episode 4

Tony visits Greece to see if it really has the world's healthiest diet. Included: Crete and Ithaca. read more

Vancouver Season 4, Episode 3

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Tony examines the thriving film industry, fantastic scenery and an evolving food scene. read more

Berlin Season 4, Episode 2

Tony takes a tour of Berlin. read more

Singapore Season 4, Episode 1

Anthony visits Singapore, a gastronomical crossroads, and samples the favorite local dish, chicken rice; visits a reflexologist for a traditional foot massage; and tries the unique fare of a downtown "hospital chic" concept restaurant. read more

Tuscany Season 3, Episode 15

Bourdain visits Tuscany in central Italy, where he takes a trip to two family-owned farms and is treated to fresh wines, cheeses and milk, and he also has the opportunity to milk a sheep. read more

South Carolina Season 3, Episode 14

Bourdain goes below the Mason-Dixon line for a first-time visit to South Carolina to experience Southern hospitality, culture, history and cuisine. read more

Argentina Season 3, Episode 13

Tony travels to Argentina, starting his visit in Buenos Aires and then continuing on to the country's southern tip, Patagonia. read more

Hong Kong Season 3, Episode 12

Bourdain experiences the sights, sounds and flavors of Hong Kong. read more

Cleveland, OH Season 3, Episode 11

Bourdain heads to Cleveland after getting an invitation from a friend, author Michael Ruhlman, to check out his hometown. read more

French Polynesia Season 3, Episode 10

Bourdain travels to French Polynesia in the South Pacific, where his stops include Tahiti, to research lurid legends about cannibalism. read more

Brazil Season 3, Episode 9

Bourdain travels to Brazil, stopping in Sao Paolo where he explores the diverse mix of backgrounds and ethnicities. read more

New York Season 3, Episode 8

A visit to New York City. read more

Shanghai Season 3, Episode 7

Tony takes a tour of Shanghai featuring culture and cuisine. read more

Los Angeles Season 3, Episode 6

Bourdain travels to Los Angeles, and investigates culture and cuisine in and around Hollywood. read more

Russia Season 3, Episode 5

Bourdain travels to Russia. read more

Namibia Season 3, Episode 4

Bourdain travels to Namibia, on the southwest coast of Africa, a harsh environment where he develops an admiration for the people who live there. read more

Pacific Northwest Season 3, Episode 3

Bourdain visits the Pacific Northwest, where he learns about the area's history, drinks coffee and consumes fresh produce. read more

Ghana Season 3, Episode 2

Bourdain visits Ghana, where he visits an open-air market, samples locally brewed palm wine, helps the local fishermen with their catch, and enjoys a savory stew of beef tongue and goat meat at a “chop bar.” read more

Leftovers 2

Anthony Bourdain reviews his favorite moments from the second season. read more

Ireland Season 3, Episode 1

Bourdain visits Ireland in an attempt to dispel the myth that the country has the worst food in the world, and that instead, it is about to become “a culinary superpower.” Included: a shellfish dinner; blood pudding; lots of Guinness. read more


An intimate look at the culture of Beirut, filmed days before fighting began in 2006. read more

Anthony Bourdain: Decoding Ferran Adria

Anthony Bourdain is invited to the culinary research laboratory of noted chef Ferran Adria, located in a vast Renaissance-era palace in the old section of Barcelona, Spain. Also: Bourdain quizzes Adria at a local restaurant. read more

Indonesia Season 2, Episode 12

Tony experiences cuisine and culture of Indonesia, sampling “kaki limas” (street food) in Jakarta and lawar, a spicy dish with meat and pig's blood, in Bali; and visiting festivals in Java. read more

Korea Season 2, Episode 11

Bourdain visits Korea. read more

India (Kolkata/Bombay) Season 2, Episode 10

Tony travels to Kolkata and Mumbai, formerly known Calcutta and Bombay, to experience India's cuisine and culture. read more

India (Rajasthan) Season 2, Episode 9

Bourdain travels to Rajasthan in the northwest corner of India to attend the 21st birthday party of the son of the Rajasthani Maharajah. While there, he samples a vegetarian meal, learns proper Indian etiquette, feasts on tandoor, and observes a turban-tying contest and the Mr. and Miss Desert competition. read more

Mexico/US Border Season 2, Episode 8

Tony visits towns on both sides of the Texas-Mexico border. First, he samples authentic Tex-Mex food at TB's Bar and Grill in Del Rio, Texas, then crosses over into Mexico to Piedras Negras for nachos and to Monterrey, where enjoys a homemade meal. read more

Japan Season 2, Episode 7

A culinary tour of Japan includes Osaka, where Bourdain samples tuna belly and roe at a sushi bar and takes in a Hanshin Tigers baseball game. read more

Puerto Rico Season 2, Episode 6

Tony visits Puerto Rico, where he dines on roast pig; attends a posh party at a hacienda; searches for the chupacabra, a legendary creature believed to kill livestock; meets boxer Miguel Cotto and participates in the Festival of the Virgin Mary. read more

Sweden Season 2, Episode 5

In Sweden, Bourdain tries to find out the truth about ABBA, Swedish meatballs and tall blondes. read more

Quebec Season 2, Episode 4

In Quebec, Canada, Bourdain stops by a duck farm and processing plant to watch foie gras being made, then teaches a class at the Montreal Culinary Institute. Also: hockey with a local university team. read more

Peru Season 2, Episode 3

A trip through Peru to experience its ancient culture and rich cuisine includes dining in Lima and meeting members of a Peruvian tribe. read more

South Florida Season 2, Episode 2

Bourdain takes a trip through South Florida, where he dines on conch stew prepared by a local chef in Miami's Little Haiti and conch fritters at the Conchtown Café in Key West. Also: A bar crawl through South Beach includes Club Deuce and Loco Taqueria. read more


A retrospective of Anthony Bourdain's funniest, most embarrassing and painful moments while filming his series. read more

Asia Special Season 2, Episode 1

A culinary tour of Asia includes Osaka, Japan, where Bourdain samples sushi at an underground bar and participates in rituals and festivals; and a trip to Beijing, China, for some Peking duck. Also: a visit to the Jianfu Temple, center of Taoism during the Tang Dynasty. read more


A trip to China through Beijing and Chengdu, where Bourdain indulges in local food and experiences oriental culture, including super hot pepper-infused dishes and an acupuncture tune-up. read more

No Reservations: Iceland: Special Edition

Host Anthony Bourdain and producer Chris Collins recount their experiences in Iceland, adding comments on incidents that weren't caught on camera. read more


Anthony Bourdain travels to Sicily, where he samples tripe at a local frittola stand in II Capo Market. Also: a spleen sandwich; salt-encrusted fish; tips on where to get the best cannoli. read more

Anthony Bourdain Viewers' Choice

Viewers pick their favorite episode. read more

Down Under the Down Under (New Zealand) Season 1, Episode 9

Anthony bombs while giving a guest lecture at an upscale food and wine convention in Christchurch, New Zealand, so he heads into the hinterlands to plumb the Kiwi soul. read more

Uzbekistan Season 1, Episode 8

A trip to Uzbekistan includes the region's 2000-year-old capital, Tashkent. Also: a visit to a teahouse called a chaikhana; afternoon prayer in a mosque; a local village's lunchtime fare, which includes sheep organs; and a traditional Uzbek wedding. read more

Las Vegas Season 1, Episode 7

Bourdain samples food in Las Vegas, from casino fare to local joints, and visits the Neon Museum. read more

Sicily Season 1, Episode 6

The culture and cuisine of Sicily. Bourdain enjoys a spleen sandwich with Sicily's regional president, Salvatore Cuffaro, and samples other local specialties, including tripe and salt-encrusted fish. Also: where to get the best cannoli. read more

Malaysia (Into the Jungle) Season 1, Episode 5

Anthony visits Kuala Lumpur, sampling Malaysian delicacies. While there, he meets Chef Wan, a walking encyclopedia on Malaysian cuisine. read more

Vietnam (The Island of Mr. Sang) Season 1, Episode 4

Tony takes a trip to Vietnam, where he chows down on some exotic dishes with an old friend. His journey takes him from the bustling streets of Hanoi to the mountains of the Montagnard people and the mysterious island of Mr. Sang. read more

New Jersey (Off the Jersey Turnpike) Season 1, Episode 3

Bourdain returns to Bergen County, N.J., where he was reared, to examine local culture and cuisine. Included: dining on a deep-fried hot dog known as a ripper; a “Sopranos” tour; Asbury Park. Also: Bourdain visits an Italian bakery with Mario Batali. read more

Iceland: Hello Darkness My Old Friend Season 1, Episode 2

Bourdain travels to Iceland, where he finds the constant darkness comforting. read more

Paris (Why the French Don't Suck) Season 1, Episode 1

On a trip to Paris, Bourdain stays in the room where Oscar Wilde died, goes on an absinthe bender, tours underground crypts and savors French food in out-of-the-way places, including a Parisian meat market. read more

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Episode: "Beirut"

Episode Synopsis: An intimate look at the culture of Beirut, filmed days before fighting began in 2006.
Original Air Date: Aug 21, 2006

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