The Twilight Zone Episodes

1959, TV Show

The Twilight Zone episodes

Dec 31, 2005: "Kick the Can."
Jun 19, 1964: The Bewitchin' Pool
May 29, 1964: The Fear
May 22, 1964: Come Wander with Me
May 15, 1964: The Brain Center at Whipple's
May 08, 1964: Mr. Garrity and the Graves
May 01, 1964: The Encounter
Apr 24, 1964: Stopover in a Quiet Town
Apr 17, 1964: The Jeopardy Room
Apr 10, 1964: Caesar and Me
Apr 03, 1964: Sounds and Silences
Mar 27, 1964: I Am the Night---Color Me Black
Mar 20, 1964: The Masks
Mar 13, 1964: What's in the Box
Mar 06, 1964: Queen of the Nile
Feb 28, 1964: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Feb 21, 1964: Spur of the Moment
Feb 14, 1964: From Agnes with Love
Feb 07, 1964: Night Call
Jan 31, 1964: Black Leather Jackets
Jan 24, 1964: Number Twelve Looks Just like You
Jan 17, 1964: The Self-improvement of Salvadore Ross
Jan 10, 1964: The Long Morrow
Jan 03, 1964: You Drive
Dec 27, 1963: Ring-a-Ding Girl
Dec 20, 1963: Ninety Years Without Slumbering
Dec 13, 1963: A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain
Dec 06, 1963: The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms
Nov 29, 1963: Probe 7---Over and Out
Nov 15, 1963: Uncle Simon
Nov 08, 1963: The Old Man in the Cave
Nov 01, 1963: Living Doll
Oct 25, 1963: The Last Night of a Jockey
Oct 18, 1963: A Kind of Stopwatch
Oct 11, 1963: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Oct 04, 1963: Steel
Sep 27, 1963: In Praise of Pip
May 23, 1963: The Bard
May 09, 1963: Passage on the Lady Anne
May 02, 1963: On Thursday We Leave for Home
Apr 18, 1963: The Incredible World of Horace Ford
Apr 11, 1963: Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
Apr 04, 1963: The New Exhibit
Mar 21, 1963: I Dream of Genie
Mar 14, 1963: The Parallel
Mar 07, 1963: No Time like the Past
Feb 28, 1963: Printer's Devil
Feb 21, 1963: Miniature
Feb 14, 1963: Jess-Belle
Feb 07, 1963: Death Ship
Jan 31, 1963: Mute
Jan 24, 1963: He's Alive
Jan 17, 1963: Valley of the Shadow
Jan 10, 1963: The 30-Fathom Grave
Jan 03, 1963: In His Image
Jun 01, 1962: The Changing of the Guard
May 25, 1962: Cavender Is Coming
May 18, 1962: I Sing the Body Electric
May 11, 1962: Young Man's Fancy
May 04, 1962: The Dummy
Apr 27, 1962: The Gift
Apr 20, 1962: The Trade-ins
Apr 13, 1962: Hocus-Pocus and Frisby
Apr 06, 1962: Four O'Clock
Mar 30, 1962: The Little People
Mar 23, 1962: Person or Persons Unknown
Mar 16, 1962: Little Girl Lost
Mar 09, 1962: The Fugitive
Mar 02, 1962: To Serve Man
Feb 23, 1962: The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
Feb 16, 1962: Piano in the House
Feb 09, 1962: Kick the Can
Feb 02, 1962: Showdown with Rance McGrew
Jan 26, 1962: The Hunt
Jan 19, 1962: Dead Man's Shoes
Jan 12, 1962: One More Pallbearer
Jan 05, 1962: Nothing in the Dark
Dec 29, 1961: Quality of Mercy
Dec 22, 1961: Five Characters in Search of an Exit
Dec 15, 1961: Once upon a Time
Dec 01, 1961: The Jungle
Nov 24, 1961: Still Valley
Nov 17, 1961: The Midnight Sun
Nov 10, 1961: Deaths-Head Revisited
Nov 03, 1961: It's a Good Life
Oct 27, 1961: The Grave
Oct 20, 1961: The Mirror
Oct 13, 1961: A Game of Pool
Oct 06, 1961: The Passersby
Sep 29, 1961: The Shelter
Sep 22, 1961: The Arrival
Sep 15, 1961: Two
Jun 02, 1961: The Obsolete Man
May 26, 1961: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
May 12, 1961: The Mind and the Matter
May 05, 1961: Shadow Play
Apr 28, 1961: The Silence
Apr 21, 1961: The Rip Van Winkle Caper
Apr 07, 1961: A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
Mar 24, 1961: The Prime Mover
Mar 10, 1961: Static
Mar 03, 1961: Long-Distance Call
Mar 03, 1961: Mr. Dingle, the Strong
Feb 24, 1961: The Odyssey of Flight 33
Feb 10, 1961: Twenty-two
Feb 03, 1961: A Penny for Your Thoughts
Jan 27, 1961: The Invaders
Jan 20, 1961: The Whole Truth
Jan 13, 1961: Back There
Jan 06, 1961: Dust
Dec 23, 1960: Night of the Meek
Dec 16, 1960: A Most Unusual Camera
Dec 09, 1960: The Trouble with Templeton
Dec 02, 1960: The Lateness of the Hour
Nov 18, 1960: Nick of Time
Nov 11, 1960: Eye of the Beholder
Nov 04, 1960: The Howling Man
Oct 28, 1960: A Thing About Machines
Oct 14, 1960: Nervous Man in a $4 Room
Oct 07, 1960: The Man in the Bottle
Sep 30, 1960: King Nine Will Not Return
Jul 01, 1960: A World of His Own
Jun 17, 1960: The Mighty Casey
Jun 10, 1960: The After Hours
Jun 03, 1960: Mr. Bevis
May 20, 1960: A Passage for Trumpet
May 13, 1960: The Chaser
May 06, 1960: A Stop at Willoughby
Apr 29, 1960: Nightmare as a Child
Apr 15, 1960: A Nice Place to Visit
Apr 08, 1960: The Big Tall Wish
Apr 01, 1960: Execution
Mar 25, 1960: People Are Alike All Over
Mar 18, 1960: Long Live Walter Jameson
Mar 11, 1960: A World of Difference
Mar 04, 1960: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
Feb 26, 1960: Mirror Image
Feb 19, 1960: Elegy
Feb 12, 1960: The Purple Testament
Feb 05, 1960: The Last Flight
Jan 29, 1960: The Fever
Jan 22, 1960: The Hitchhiker
Jan 15, 1960: I Shot an Arrow Into the Air
Jan 08, 1960: Third from the Sun
Jan 01, 1960: The Four of Us Are Dying
Dec 25, 1959: What You Need
Dec 11, 1959: And When the Sky Was Opened
Dec 04, 1959: Judgment Night
Nov 27, 1959: Perchance to Dream
Nov 20, 1959: Time Enough at Last
Nov 13, 1959: The Lonely
Nov 06, 1959: Escape Clause
Oct 30, 1959: Walking Distance
Oct 23, 1959: 16-mm Shrine
Oct 16, 1959: Mr. Denton on Doomsday
Oct 09, 1959: One for the Angels
Oct 02, 1959: Where Is Everybody?

"Kick the Can."

Back-to-back episodes of Rod Serling's classic suspense series are featured. First up: “Kick the Can.” read more

The Bewitchin' Pool Season 5, Episode 36

Two children are offered escape from their quarreling parents by a child who appears in their swimming pool. Script by Earl Hamner Jr. (“The Waltons”). Sport: Mary Badham (Oscar nominated as Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird”). Jeb: Tim Stafford. Whitt: Kim Hector. Aunt T: Georgia Simmons. Gloria: Dee Hartford. Gil: Tod Andrews. read more

The Fear Season 5, Episode 35

A state trooper responds to a secluded woman's reports of lights in the sky, and more strange incidents follow. Charlotte: Hazel Court. Franklin: Mark Richman. Written by Rod Serling. read more

Come Wander with Me Season 5, Episode 34

Gary Crosby plays a singing star who looks for an authentic folk tune in the hinterland, where he runs afoul of some locals. Directed by Richard Donner (“Superman,” “The Omen”). Mary: Bonnie Beecher. Rayford: John Bolt. Storekeeper: Hank Patterson. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Brain Center at Whipple's Season 5, Episode 33

Richard Deacon (“The Dick Van Dyke Show”) plays a factory owner determined to replace men with machines. Directed by Richard Donner (“Superman,” “The Omen”). Hanley: Paul Newlan. Technician: Jack Crowder. Bartender: Shawn Michaels. Watchman: Burt Conroy. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Mr. Garrity and the Graves Season 5, Episode 32

Townsfolk grow apprehensive after a stranger (John Dehner) resurrects a dead dog and promises the same for the town cemetery. Jensen: Stanley Adams. Sheriff: Norman Leavitt. Gooberman: J. Pat O'Malley. Lapham: Percy Helton. Ace: John Mitchum. read more

The Encounter Season 5, Episode 31

A samurai sword stirs up feelings of hatred between a WWII veteran and a Japanese-American (George Takei). Rod Serling is the host. read more

Stopover in a Quiet Town Season 5, Episode 30

After drinking at a party, a couple wake up in a town where there's no trace of life---except the distant laughter of a child. Bob: Barry Nelson. Millie: Nancy Malone. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Jeopardy Room Season 5, Episode 29

Martin Landau plays a political refugee in a cat-and-mouse game with an assassin, whose penchant for artistry proves ill-advised. Directed by Richard Donner (“Superman,” “The Omen”). Vassiloff: John Van Dreelen. Boris: Robert Kelljan. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Caesar and Me Season 5, Episode 28

Jackie Cooper plays a struggling ventriloquist who turns to crime, on advice from his suddenly vociferous dummy. Susan: Suzanne Cupito (later to become Morgan Brittany). Mrs. Cudahy: Sarah Selby. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Sounds and Silences Season 5, Episode 27

A man's obsession with loud noises prompts his wife's departure, which is followed by a radical change within himself. Directed by Richard Donner (“Superman,” “The Omen”). Flemington: John McGiver. Mrs. Flemington: Penny Singleton. Psychiatrist: Michael Fox. Doctor: Francis De Sales. Secretary: Renee Aubry. Conklin: William Benedict. read more

I Am the Night---Color Me Black Season 5, Episode 26

On the morning of a hanging, the sun fails to rise. The cast includes Michael Constantine (“Room 222”), George “Goober” Lindsey, Ivan Dixon (“Hogan's Heroes”) and Paul Fix (“The Rifleman”). Jagger: Terry Becker. Ella: Eve McVeagh. read more

The Masks Season 5, Episode 25

Ida Lupino directed this gripping tale of a dying millionaire who makes his heirs wear masks reflecting their inner natures. Foster: Robert Keith. Wilfred: Milton Selzer. Emily: Virginia Gregg. Paula: Brooke Hayward. Wilfred Jr.: Alan Sues. Doctor: Willis Bouchey. Butler: Bill Walker. read more

What's in the Box Season 5, Episode 24

Joan Blondell and William Demarest as unhappily marrieds whose troubles turn up on their newly repaired television. Repairman: Sterling Holloway. Doctor: Herbert C. Lytton. Woman: Sandra Gould. Judge: Howard Wright. Car Salesman: Ron Stokes. read more

Queen of the Nile Season 5, Episode 23

After many years on the screen, a movie queen (Ann Blyth) shows no signs of aging. Jordan: Lee Philips. Mrs. Draper: Celia Lovsky. Maid: Ruth Phillips. Krueger: Frank Ferguson. Jackson: James Tyler. read more

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Season 5, Episode 22

When the rope breaks, a Confederate spy flees his hanging and makes his way back to his wife and plantation. Based on a story by Ambrose Bierce, this French production won the 1962 Cannes Film Festival, and an Oscar in 1964. Spy: Roger Jacquet. Wife: Anne Cornaly. read more

Spur of the Moment Season 5, Episode 21

Bride-to-be Anne Henderson (Diana Hyland) is terrorized by a woman on horseback, but she knows not why. Mr. Henderson: Philip Ober. Mrs. Henderson: Marsha Hunt. David: Roger Davis. Robert: Robert Hogan. read more

From Agnes with Love Season 5, Episode 20

Wally Cox plays a computer programmer (in 1964) who takes advice on his love life from a computer named Agnes. Directed by Richard Donner (“Superman”). Holmes: Ralph Taeger. Millie: Sue Randall. Lab Supervisor: Raymond Bailey. Fred: Don Keefer. Lab Assistant: Byron Kane. Secretary: Nan Peterson. read more

Night Call Season 5, Episode 19

A lonely, elderly woman (Gladys Cooper) is plagued by mysterious phone calls. Directed by Jacques Tourneur (“Cat People,” “Curse of the Demon”). Margaret: Nora Marlowe. Miss Finch: Martine Bartlett. read more

Black Leather Jackets Season 5, Episode 18

Shelley Fabares plays a romantic interest who's unaware that her fella is really part of an alien invasion force. Script by Earl Hamner Jr. (“The Waltons”). Scott: Lee Kinsolving. Steve: Michael Forest. Tillman: Denver Pyle. Fred: Tom Gilleran. Mover: Wayne Heffley. Sheriff: Michael Conrad. read more

Number Twelve Looks Just like You Season 5, Episode 17

Suzy Parker and Richard Long play multiple roles in this story about a society in which everyone is beautiful---and practically identical. Marilyn: Collin Wilcox. No. 8: Pam Austin. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Self-improvement of Salvadore Ross Season 5, Episode 16

An angry, spurned suitor (Don Gordon) finds that he can trade his physical assets for others', including years of their lives. Directed by Don Siegel (“Dirty Harry”). Leah: Gail Kobe. Maitland: Vaughn Taylor. Albert: Doug Lambert. Old Man: J. Pat O'Malley. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Long Morrow Season 5, Episode 15

Star-crossed lovers are played by Mariette Hartley and Robert Lansing, he an astronaut about to embark on a 40-year mission. Bixler: George MacReady. Walters: Edward Binns. read more

You Drive Season 5, Episode 14

A hit-and-run driver (Edward Andrews) finds his car is not going to let him walk away from the crime. Written by Earl Hamner Jr. (“The Waltons”). Radcliff: Kevin Hagen. Lillian: Hellena Westcott. Woman: Totty Ames. Policeman: John Hanek. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Ring-a-Ding Girl Season 5, Episode 13

A fan-club gift draws a movie star (Maggie McNamara) back home, where she disrupts local plans for a town picnic by offering a one-woman show. Written by Earl Hamner Jr. (“The Waltons”). Bud: David Macklin. Hildy: Mary Munday. Cici: Betty Lou Gerson. Ben: Bing Russell. Dr. Floyd: George Mitchell. Gentry: Hank Patterson. Pilot: Bill Hickman. State Trooper: Vic Perrin. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Ninety Years Without Slumbering Season 5, Episode 12

Ed Wynn portrays a man who believes he will die if the grandfather clock he's owned all his life stops running. Marnie: Carolyn Kearney. Doug: James Callahan. Dr. Avery: William Sargent. Carol: Carol Byron. read more

A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain Season 5, Episode 11

To save his May-December marriage, an elderly man (Patrick O'Neal) gambles on his doctor-brother's untested youth serum. Flora: Ruta Lee. Dr. Gordon: Walter Brooke. read more

The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms Season 5, Episode 10

The past comes alive for three National Guardsmen at the site of Custer's last stand. Conners: Ron Foster. Langsford: Warren Oates. McCluskey: Randy Boone. Lieutenant: Greg Morris. Captain: Robert Bray. Scout: Wayne Mallory. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Probe 7---Over and Out Season 5, Episode 9

Richard Basehart plays a crash-landed space explorer who learns his home planet has been destroyed by nuclear war. Then, outside his ship, he finds a footprint. Norda: Antoinette Bower. Blane: Barton Heyman. Larrabee: Harold Gould. Written by Rod Serling. read more

Uncle Simon Season 5, Episode 8

Cedric Hardwicke plays a discordant inventor, and Constance Ford his long-suffering niece, who finds no solace in his passing. Directed by Don Siegel (“Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “Dirty Harry”); written by Rod Serling. Schwimmer: Ian Wolfe. Officer: John McLiam. read more

The Old Man in the Cave Season 5, Episode 7

James Coburn plays a soldier who directs upheaval in a community of atomic-war survivors who are guided by an unseen cave dweller. Goldsmith: John Anderson. Jason: John Marley. Evelyn: Josie Lloyd. Harber: Frank Watkins. Furman: Don Wilbanks. Douglas: Lenny Geer. read more

Living Doll Season 5, Episode 6

Telly Savalas as an unpleasant man who's threatened---literally---by his stepdaughter's new talking doll, voiced by June Foray, alter ego of Rocky the Flying Squirrel. Annabelle: Mary LaRoche. Christie: Tracy Stratford. read more

The Last Night of a Jockey Season 5, Episode 5

Mickey Rooney delivers a solo performance as a disgraced jockey granted his greatest wish, but not without repercussions. Written by Rod Serling. read more

A Kind of Stopwatch Season 5, Episode 4

A nonstop talker (Richard Erdman) acquires a stopwatch that halts time and motion, except for himself. Potts: Leon Belasco. Bartender: Herbie Faye. Secretary: Doris Singleton. Cooper: Roy Roberts. read more

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Season 5, Episode 3

William Shatner plays a salesman recovering from a breakdown---until he sees a creature on the wing of his plane. Directed by Richard Donner (“Superman”). Ruth: Christine White. Flight Engineer: Edward Kemmer. Stewardess: Asa Maynor. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Steel Season 5, Episode 2

Lee Marvin plays a boxing promoter trying to get the most out of his obsolete robot boxer. Pole: Joe Mantell. Nolan: Merritt Bohn. Maxwell: Frank London. Host: Rod Serling. read more

In Praise of Pip Season 5, Episode 1

Jack Klugman plays a bookie who receives word that his son has been seriously wounded in combat. Pip: Bob Diamond. Young Pip: Billy Mumy. Mrs. Feeny: Connie Gilchrist. George: Russell Horton. Moran: John S. Launer. Doctor: Ross Elliott. Lieutenant: Gerald Gordon. read more

The Bard Season 4, Episode 18

Jack Weston plays an aspiring TV writer who inadvertently conjures up the ghost of William Shakespeare (John Williams), and takes credit for the Bard's brilliant teleplay. Burt Reynolds plays method actor Rocky Rhodes. Shannon: John McGiver. Sadie: Doro Merande. Hugo: Henry Lascoe. Dolan: William Lanteau. Bramhoff: Howard McNear. Secretary: Marge Redmond. Bus Driver: Clegg Hoyt. read more

Passage on the Lady Anne Season 4, Episode 17

Hoping to save her marriage, a woman books a transatlantic cruise---on a ship the couple find filled with only elderly passengers and crew. Eileen: Joyce Van Patten. Allan: Lee Philips. McKenzie: Wilfrid Hyde-White. Mrs. McKenzie: Gladys Cooper. Burgess: Cecil Kellaway. Rod Serling is the host. read more

On Thursday We Leave for Home Season 4, Episode 16

James Whitmore stars as the leader of space pioneers about to return to Earth, having failed to establish a Utopia on a distant planet. But he doesn't want to relinquish his power. Al: James Broderick. Sloane: Tim O'Conner. Hank: Russ Bender. George: Paul Langton. Julie: Jo Helton. Jo Jo: Daniel Kulick. read more

The Incredible World of Horace Ford Season 4, Episode 15

Reginald Rose (“12 Angry Men”) wrote this tale of a middle-aged toy designer (Pat Hingle) whose idyllic childhood memories are jolted when he visits his old neighborhood. Laura: Nan Martin. Leonard: Phillip Pine. Mr. Judson: Vaughn Taylor. Hermy: Jerry Davis. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville Season 4, Episode 14

Julie Newmar is the devil dealing with a bored tycoon (Albert Salmi) who exchanges his fortune for a trip to the past and a new start. But he should have been more specific. Deidrich: John Anderson. Gibbons: Guy Raymond. Joanna: Christine Burke. read more

The New Exhibit Season 4, Episode 13

Martin Balsam plays a museum caretaker who stores wax figures of five notorious murderers in his basement. And then bodies start piling up. Emma: Maggie Mahoney. Ferguson: Will Kuluva. Jack the Ripper: David Bond. Hicks: Bob Mitchell. Landru: Milton Parsons. read more

I Dream of Genie Season 4, Episode 12

Howard Morris is a timid bookkeeper who acquires a brass lamp that houses genie Jack Albertson, whose offer of a single wish prompts fantasies for the bookkeeper. Ann: Patricia Barry. Watson: Loring Smith. Starlet: Joyce Jameson. Roger: Mark Miller. Salesman: James Millhollin. Sam: Bob Hastings. Clerk: Robert Ball. read more

The Parallel Season 4, Episode 11

Steve Forrest plays an astronaut who returns from an orbital flight to find that things aren't quite the way they were when he left. Helen: Jacqueline Scott. Connacher: Frank Aletter. Maggie: Shari Lee Bernath. General: Philip Abbott. Psychiatrist: Paul Comi. Project Manager: William Sargent. Captain: Morgan Jones. read more

No Time like the Past Season 4, Episode 10

Dana Andrews plays a scientist who goes back in time seeking to alter disasters in history. Abigail: Patricia Breslin. Harvey: Robert F. Simon. Lusitania Captain: Tudor Owen. Professor: Malcolm Atterbury. Hanford: Robert Cornthwaite. Musician: John Zaremba. Bartender: Lindsay Workman. read more

Printer's Devil Season 4, Episode 9

In his fourth and final series appearance, Burgess Meredith plays a linotypist who saves a dying newspaper by reporting on disasters---before they happen. Winter: Robert Sterling. Franklin: Ray Teal. Jackie: Patricia Crowley. Andy: Charles Thompson. Landlady: Doris Kemper. read more

Miniature Season 4, Episode 8

Robert Duvall is a timid office clerk who finds life in the figurines of a museum's miniature 19th-century dollhouse. A lawsuit over the story idea kept the episode out of initial syndication. Myrna: Barbara Barrie. Mrs. Parkes: Pert Kelton. Buddie: Len Weinrib. Wallman: William Windom. Doll: Claire Griswold. Maid Doll: Nina Roman. Man Doll: Richard Angarola. Guard: John McLiam. read more

Jess-Belle Season 4, Episode 7

Anne Francis plays a mountain girl who wins back her fickle beau with the help of a witch (Jeanette Nolan), who exacts a high price for her love potion. Written by Earl Hamner Jr. (“The Waltons”). Billy-Ben: James Best. Ellwyn: Laura Devon. Ossie Stone: Virginia Gregg. Luther: George Mitchell. Mattie: Helen Kleeb. read more

Death Ship Season 4, Episode 6

In his third series appearance, Jack Klugman plays one of three astronauts who find their lifeless look-alikes in a crashed spaceship on a distant planet. Mason: Ross Martin. Carter: Fredrick Beir. Ruth: Mary Webster. Jeannie: Tammy Marihugh. Kramer: Ross Elliott. Mrs. Nolan: Sara Taft. read more

Mute Season 4, Episode 5

A telepathic mute girl (a preteen Ann Jillian) is the only survivor of a fire. read more

He's Alive Season 4, Episode 4

Dennis Hopper stars as a neo-Nazi leader whose struggle for supporters is assisted by advice from a mysterious stranger with tips on attracting followers. Directed by Stuart Rosenberg (“Cool Hand Luke,” “The Amityville Horror”). Ganz: Ludwig Donath. Stranger: Curt Conway. Frank: Paul Mazursky. Stanley: Barnaby Hale. Nick: Howard Caine. Gibbons: Jay Adler. Bartender: Wolfe Barzell. Heckler: Bernard Fein. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Valley of the Shadow Season 4, Episode 3

Ed Nelson plays a newspaper reporter who stumbles into a small town where residents have extraordinary powers, which they insist remain hidden from the outside world. Dorn: David Opatoshu. Ellen: Natalie Trundy. Connelly: Jacques Aubuchon. Girl: Suzanne Cupito. Gas Station Attendant: Sandy Kenyon. read more

The 30-Fathom Grave Season 4, Episode 2

Terror grips a seaman when a strange tapping sound draws his shipmates to the site of a sunken WWII submarine. Bell: Mike Kellin. Doctor: David Sheiner. Beecham: Simon Oakland. Smith: Bill Bixby. McClure: John Considine. Rod Serling is the host. read more

In His Image Season 4, Episode 1

In the first hour-long show, George Grizzard portrays a man whose sudden murderous impulse is followed by an apparent loss of memory and familiar surroundings. Jessica: Gail Kobe. Man: Wallace Rooney. Driver: George Petrie. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Changing of the Guard Season 3, Episode 37

Donald Pleasence plays a longtime teacher whose forced retirement prompts him to doubt his impact. Directed by Robert Ellis Miller (“The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”). Headmaster: Liam Sullivan. Mrs. Landers: Philippa Bevans. Graham: Bob Biheller. Butler: Kevin O'Neal. read more

Cavender Is Coming Season 3, Episode 36

In a Rod Serling teleplay, Carol Burnett plays a clumsy woman who meets her equally bumbling guardian angel (Jesse White). Polk: Howard Smith. Woman: Sandra Gould. Debutante: Donna Douglas. Frenchman: Albert Carrier. Truck Driver: Jack Younger. read more

I Sing the Body Electric Season 3, Episode 35

Ray Bradbury penned this tale of a widower who buys a robot (Josephine Hutchinson) to care for his children. Rogers: David White. Anne: Veronica Cartwright. Tom: Charles Herbert. Karen: Dana Dillaway. Salesman: Vaughn Taylor. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Young Man's Fancy Season 3, Episode 34

A newlywed (Phyllis Thaxter) is distressed by her husband's refusal to let go of his boyhood. Alex: Alex Nicol. Wilkinson: Wallace Rooney. Mother: Helen Brown. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Dummy Season 3, Episode 33

Cliff Robertson plays a ventriloquist who thinks his dummy is alive---and evil. Frank: Frank Sutton. Georgie: John Harmon. Noreen: Sandra Warner. Doorkeeper: Ralph Manza. Emcee: Rudy Dolan. Chorus Girl No.1: Bethelynn Grey. Chorus Girl No. 2: Edy Williams. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Gift Season 3, Episode 32

A village is thrown into turmoil by an unknown traveler (Geoffrey Horne). Film director Paul Mazursky plays a policeman. Pedro: Edmund Vargas. Doctor: Nico Minardos. Manuelo: Cliff Osmond. Guitarist: Vladimir Sokoloff. Rudolpho: Vito Scotti. Sanchez: Henry Corden. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Trade-ins Season 3, Episode 31

An elderly couple want to have their bodies rejuvenated, but can afford the process for only one of them. John: Joseph Schildkraut. Marie: Alma Platt. Vance: Noah Keen. Farraday: Theodore Marcuse. Young John Holt: Edson Stroll. Receptionist: Mary McMahon. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Hocus-Pocus and Frisby Season 3, Episode 30

The tall tales of an inveterate liar (Andy Devine) attract the attention of an alien delegation. Mitchell: Howard McNear. Alien No. 1: Milton Selzer. Alien No. 2: Larry Breitman. Alien No. 3: Peter Brocco. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Four O'Clock Season 3, Episode 29

Theodore Bikel as a demented man dedicated to the expulsion of evil. Mrs. Lucas: Phyllis Love. Mrs. Williams: Moyna MacGill. Hall: Linden Chiles. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Little People Season 3, Episode 28

On a seemingly barren planet, two space pilots discover a Lilliputian civilization, to which one proclaims himself a god. Craig: Joe Maross. Fletcher: Claude Akins. Spaceman No. 1: Michael Ford. Spaceman No. 2: Robert Eaton. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Person or Persons Unknown Season 3, Episode 27

A man awakens to find no one---including his wife---knows him, and all evidence of his identity has disappeared. Gurney: Richard Long. First Wilma: Shirley Ballard. Dr. Koslenko: Frank Silvera. Second Wilma: Julie Van Zandt. Policeman: Michael Keep. Cooper: John Newton. Guard: Joe Higgins. read more

Little Girl Lost Season 3, Episode 26

Parents (Robert Sampson, Sarah Marshall) hear their daughter crying in her bedroom but cannot see her. Bill: Charles Aidman. Tina: Tracy Stratford. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Fugitive Season 3, Episode 25

An alien fugitive (J. Pat O'Malley) brightens the world of a handicapped girl (Susan Gordon). Mrs. Gann: Nancy Kulp (Miss Hathaway on “The Beverly Hillbillies”). Doctor: Russ Bender. Man No. 1: Wesley Lau. Man No. 2: Paul Tripp. Howie: Stephen Talbot. Host: Rod Serling. read more

To Serve Man Season 3, Episode 24

Apparently altruistic aliens arrive and abolish all adversity. Key word: apparently. Kanamit: Richard Kiel ("Jaws" of the James Bond films). Chambers: Lloyd Bochner. Pat: Susan Cummings. Gregori: Theodore Marcuse. Secretary General: Hardie Albright. Reporter No. 1: Will J. White. read more

The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank Season 3, Episode 23

A eulogy ends abruptly when the deceased (James Best) sits up in his coffin. Comfort: Sherry Jackson (earlier of “Make Room for Daddy”). Doc Bolton: Edgar Buchanan (later of “Petticoat Junction”). Peters: Dub Taylor. Gatewood: Lance Fuller. Pa Myrtlebank: Ralph Moody. Ma Myrtlebank: Ezelle Poule. Liz: Vickie Barnes. Ma Gatewood: Helen Wallace. Siddons: William Fawcett. read more

Piano in the House Season 3, Episode 22

Barry Morse (Lt. Gerard in “The Fugitive”) as a cynic who takes advantage of a player piano that reveals listeners' hidden selves. Written by Earl Hamner Jr. (“The Waltons”). Esther: Joan Hackett. Marge: Muriel Landers. Walker: Don Durant. Throckmorton: Phil Coolidge. Marvin: Cyril Delevanti. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Kick the Can Season 3, Episode 21

A nursing-home resident tries to convince others that a youthful mind means age doesn't matter. But his lifelong friend is disdainful. Whitley: Ernest Truex. Ben: Russell Collins. Cox: John Marley. Frietag: Hank Patterson. Agee: Earle Hodgins. Mrs. Summers: Marjorie Bennett. Mrs. Densley: Lenore Shanewise. Mrs. Wister: Anne O'Neal. read more

Showdown with Rance McGrew Season 3, Episode 20

Larry Blyden as an impudent cowboy star whose self-assurance vanishes when he encounters the real Jesse James (Arch Johnson). Director: Robert Cornthwaite. Property Man: William McLean. Cowboy No. 1: Troy Melton. Cowboy No. 2: Jay Overholts. Bartender: Robert J. Stevenson. Old Man: Hal K. Dawson. read more

The Hunt Season 3, Episode 19

A mountain man and his dog return from a raccoon hunt to find folks think the man is dead. Written by “The Waltons” creator Earl Hamner Jr., the first of his eight scripts for “The Twilight Zone.” Simpson: Arthur Hunnicut. Rachel: Jeanette Nolan. Gatekeeper: Robert Foulk. Messenger: Dexter Dupont. Tillman: Orville Sherman. Rev. Wood: Charles Seel. Wesley: Titus Moede. read more

Dead Man's Shoes Season 3, Episode 18

Expensive shoes taken off a corpse lead a Bowery bum (Warren Stevens) into a whole new world. Sam: Harry Swoger. Chips: Ben Wright. Wilma: Joan Marshall. Dagget: Richard Devon. Ben: Ron Hagerthy. Woman: Florence Marly. Jimmy: Joe Mell. read more

One More Pallbearer Season 3, Episode 17

A millionaire (Joseph Wiseman) offers three personal enemies shelter from an atomic war. Mrs. Langford: Katherine Squire. Hughes: Gage Clark. Hawthorne: Trevor Bardette. Policeman: Ray Galvin. Electrician No. 1: Joseph Elic. Electrician No. 2: Robert Snyder. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Nothing in the Dark Season 3, Episode 16

Robert Redford plays a wounded cop taken in by a woman (Gladys Cooper) whose fear of death has made her a recluse. Contractor: R.G. Armstrong. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Quality of Mercy Season 3, Episode 15

A lieutenant (Dean Stockwell) preparing to lead his platoon suddenly sees the attack as if he were the enemy. Causarano: Albert Salmi. Watkins: Rayford Barnes. Hansen: Leonard Nimoy. Hanacheck: Ralph Votrian. Japanese Soldier: Dale Ishimoto. Japanese Captain: Jerry Fujikawa. read more

Five Characters in Search of an Exit Season 3, Episode 14

A dancer, a major, a clown, a tramp and a bagpipe player are trapped inside a cylinder. Major: William Windom. Dancer: Susan Harrison. Clown: Murray Matheson. Tramp: Kelton Garwood. Bagpipe Player: Clark Allen. Woman: Carol Hill. Girl: Mona Houghton. read more

Once upon a Time Season 3, Episode 13

Buster Keaton plays a janitor who uses his boss's time helmet to travel from 1890 to 1962, which is not the utopia he'd hoped. Directed by Norman Z. McLeod (“Horse Feathers”). Rollo: Stanley Adams. Gilbert: Milton Parsons. 1962 Policeman No. 1: James Flavin. 1962 Policeman No. 2: Harry Fleer. 1890 Policeman: Gil Lamb. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Jungle Season 3, Episode 12

An engineer scoffs at a curse put on him by natives opposed to his building a dam on their ancestral land. Richards John Dehner. Doris: Emily McLaughlin. Cooper: Walter Brooke. Templeton: Hugh Sanders. Hardy: Howard Wright. Sinclair: Donald Foster. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Still Valley Season 3, Episode 11

A Confederate scout (Gary Merrill) searching for Yankee soldiers finds them---frozen like statues. Old Man: Vaughn Taylor. Dauger: Ben Cooper. Lieutenant: Mark Tapscott. Mallory: Jack Mann. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Midnight Sun Season 3, Episode 10

Two women struggle to survive after Earth leaves its orbit and begins moving toward the sun. Norma: Lois Nettleton. Mrs. Bronson: Betty Garde. Doctor: William Keene. Repairman: Ned Glass. Neighbor: Jason Wingreen. Neighbor's Wife: June Ellis. read more

Deaths-Head Revisited Season 3, Episode 9

An unrepentant former Nazi officer (Oscar Beregi) visits the ruins of the concentration camp where he had been posted. Becker: Joseph Schildkraut. Innkeeper: Karen Verne. Taxi Driver: Robert Boone. Doctor: Ben Wright. Victim: Chuck Fox. read more

It's a Good Life Season 3, Episode 8

The townspeople of Peaksville bow in fear before a six-year-old (Billy Mumy), who has the power to create and destroy at will. Fremont: John Larch. Mrs. Fremont: Cloris Leachman. Soames: Tom Hatcher. Aunt Amy: Alice Frost. Dan: Don Keefer. Ethel: Jeanne Bates. Thelma Dunn: Lenore Kingston. read more

The Grave Season 3, Episode 7

A dying outlaw vows revenge from the grave against the gunman (Lee Marvin) who had pursued him. Johnny Rob: James Best. Mothershed: Strother Martin. Ione: Ellen Willard. Gambler: Lee Van Cleef. read more

The Mirror Season 3, Episode 6

A deposed dictator warns his successor (Peter Falk) that the faces of his enemies will appear in the palace mirror. DeCruz: Will Kuluva. Priest: Vladimir Sokoloff. Cristo: Tony Carbone. D'Allesandro: Richard Karlan. Tabal: Arthur Batanides. Garcia: Rodolfo Hoyos. read more

A Game of Pool Season 3, Episode 5

Jonathan Winters is a late legendary pool player who comes back to life to play pool shark Jack Klugman, with the shark's life as the stakes. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Passersby Season 3, Episode 4

In the aftermath of the Civil War, a wounded Confederate soldier (James Gregory) meets an aristocrat unsure of her husband's fate. Lavinia: Joanne Linville. Jud: Warren Kemmerling. Lieutenant: David Garcia. Charlie: Rex Holman. read more

The Shelter Season 3, Episode 3

A man whose bomb shelter has just enough room for his family is besieged by neighbors when an alert sounds. Stockton: Larry Gates. Grace: Peggy Stewart. Paul: Michael Burns. Harlowe: Jack Albertson. Henderson: Sandy Kenyon. Mrs. Henderson: Mary Gregory. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Arrival Season 3, Episode 2

A routine passenger flight arrives without a single person onboard, and three men investigating each see a different plane. Sheckly: Harold J. Stone. Malloy: Fredd Wayne. Bengston: Noah Keen. Ramp Attendant: Bing Russell. Tower Operator: Robert Brubaker. Dispatcher: Jim Boles. read more

Two Season 3, Episode 1

Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson have minimal dialogue as enemy survivors of a devastating war. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Obsolete Man Season 2, Episode 29

In a bookless society, a librarian (Burgess Meredith) is condemned to death for being obsolete. But he may not go alone. Chancellor: Fritz Weaver. Guard: Harry Fleer. Subaltern: Joseph Elic. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? Season 2, Episode 28

An alien tracked to a diner could be any one of seven snowbound bus passengers. Ross: John Hoyt. Ethel: Jean Willes. Avery: Jack Elam. Perry: Morgan Jones. Padgett: John Archer. Haley: Barney Phillips. Kramer: Bill Erwin. Rose: Gertrude Flynn. read more

The Mind and the Matter Season 2, Episode 27

Shelley Berman plays a man who's fed up with society and uses mind power to effect changes, which bring second thoughts. Henry: Jack Grinnage. Landlady: Jeane Wood. Rogers: Chet Stratton. read more

Shadow Play Season 2, Episode 26

No one believes a convicted murderer (Dennis Weaver), who insists that events are only part of his recurring nightmare. Ritchie: Harry Townes. Carson: Wright King. Priest: Mack Williams. Jiggs: William Edmondson. Carol: Anne Barton. Coley: Bernie Hamilton. Phillips: Tommy Nello. read more

The Silence Season 2, Episode 25

An aristocrat (Franchot Tone) bets $500,000 that a talkative acquaintance can't keep quiet for a year. Tennyson: Liam Sullivan. George: Jonathan Harris. Franklin: Cyril Delevanti. Written by Rod Serling. read more

The Rip Van Winkle Caper Season 2, Episode 24

Thieves emerge from suspended animation to spend the gold they pilfered 100 years before. Farwell: Oscar Beregi. DeCruz: Simon Oakland. Brooks: Lew Gallo. Erbie: John Mitchum. Man on Road: Wallace Rooney. Woman on Road: Shirley O'Hara. read more

A Hundred Yards Over the Rim Season 2, Episode 23

Cliff Robertson stars as an exhausted 1847 westward pioneer whose scouting ahead takes him into the 20th century. Mary Lou: Evans Evans. Joe: John Crawford. Doctor: Ed Platt. Martha: Miranda Jones. read more

The Prime Mover Season 2, Episode 22

A pre-“Beverly Hillbillies” Buddy Ebsen plays a gentle man whose telekinetic powers are abused by his greedy partner (Dane Clark). Kitty: Christine White. Sheila: Jane Burgess. Nolan: Nesdon Booth. Hotel Manager: Robert Riordan. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Static Season 2, Episode 21

A radio recaptures the "good old days" for an elderly man (Dean Jagger). Vinnie: Carmen Mathews. Ackerman: Robert Emhardt. Roscoe Bragg: Arch Johnson. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Long-Distance Call Season 2, Episode 19

A grandmother dies after giving her grandson (Billy Mumy) a toy telephone, but it turns out she may only be a phone call away. Chris: Philip Abbott. Sylvia: Patricia Smith. Grandma: Lili Darvas. Peterson: Reid Hammond. Doctor: Henry Hunter. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Mr. Dingle, the Strong Season 2, Episode 20

Burgess Meredith plays a meek man turned strong thanks to a Martian experiment. Bettor: Don Rickles. Bartender: James Westerfield. Callahan: Edward Ryder. Martian No. 1: Douglas Spencer. Venusian No. 1: Donald Losby. Venusian No. 2: Greg Irvin. Written by Rod Serling. read more

The Odyssey of Flight 33 Season 2, Episode 18

After a freak acceleration through the sound barrier, a passenger-flight crew loses all radio contact. Captain: John Anderson. Craig: Paul Comi. Hatch: Sandy Kenyon. Purcell: Harp McGuire. Jane: Beverly Brown. read more

Twenty-two Season 2, Episode 17

Confined to a hospital, a dancer (Barbara Nichols) continually imagines being led to the morgue---where there's a vacancy. Doctor: Jonathan Harris. Barney: Fredd Wayne. Morgue Nurse: Arline Sax. Day Nurse: Mary Adams. Night Nurse: Norma Connolly. Airline Agent: Wesley Lau. Ticket Clerk: Joseph Sargent. Rod Serling is the host. read more

A Penny for Your Thoughts Season 2, Episode 16

A bank clerk (Dick York) finds that he's able to hear other people's thoughts, which leads to trouble. Miss Turner: June Dayton. Mr. Bagby: Dan Tobin. Smithers: Cyril Delevanti. Sykes: Hayden Rorke. Driver: Frank London. read more

The Invaders Season 2, Episode 15

There is no dialogue in this story of a rural woman (Agnes Moorehead) who battles to repel two creatures from another planet. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Whole Truth Season 2, Episode 14

A used-car dealer can't tell a lie after buying a jalopy from an old man who claims it's haunted. Hunnicut: Jack Carson. Grimbley: Loring Smith. Young Man: Jack Ging. Young Woman: Nan Peterson. Old Man: George Chandler. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Back There Season 2, Episode 13

Russell Johnson (“Gilligan's Island”) plays a modern man suddenly transported to the date of Lincoln's assassination. Police Sergeant: Paul Hartman. Millard: Raymond Bailey. William: Bartlett Robinson. Wellington: John Lasell. Patrolman: James Lydon. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Dust Season 2, Episode 12

On the day his son is to be hanged, a father buys “magic dust” from a peddler who claims it will save his son. Sykes: Thomas Gomez. Gallegos: Vladimir Sokoloff. Luis: John Alonso. Canfield: Paul Genge. Sheriff: John Larch. Mrs. Canfield: Dorothy Adams. Estrelita: Andrea Margolis. read more

Night of the Meek Season 2, Episode 11

Art Carney plays a department-store Santa who finds a magical bag of gifts after getting drunk---and fired---on Christmas Eve. Dundee: John Fiedler. Policeman: Robert Lieb. Woman: Kay Cousins. Bartender: Val Avery. Sister Florence: Meg Wyllie. read more

A Most Unusual Camera Season 2, Episode 10

Thieves find their latest heist includes a camera that snaps pictures of the future. Chester: Fred Clark. Paula: Jean Carson. Woodward: Adam Williams. Waiter: Marcel Hillaire. Racetrack Tout: Artie Lewis. read more

The Trouble with Templeton Season 2, Episode 9

A Broadway actor yearns for the past---and the wife who died soon after they married. Sydney Pollack plays the brash director. Booth: Brian Aherne. Laura: Pippa Scott. Marcel: Dave Willock. Barney: Charles Carlson. Freddie: Larry Blake. Eddie: David Thursby. read more

The Lateness of the Hour Season 2, Episode 8

A young woman (Inger Stevens) grows weary of the servants, all robots built by her father (John Hoyt). Mrs. Loren: Irene Tedrow. Nelda: Mary Gregory. Robert: Tom Palmer. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Nick of Time Season 2, Episode 7

William Shatner plays a superstitious newlywed who becomes convinced of the accuracy of a penny fortune-telling machine. Pat: Patricia Breslin. Counter Man: Guy Wilkerson. Mechanic: Stafford Rep. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Eye of the Beholder Season 2, Episode 6

With her head bandaged, Janet Tyler wonders if doctors have succeeded in fixing her face. Doctor: William D. Gordon. Janet's Nurse: Jennifer Howard. Smith: Edson Stroll. Leader: George Keymas. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Howling Man Season 2, Episode 5

Shrieks echoing through a monastery lead a guest (H.M. Wynant) to a prisoner, who monks claim is the devil. Brother Jerome: John Carradine. Prisoner: Robin Hughes. Housekeeper: Ezelle Poule. Brother Christophorus: Frederic Ledebur. read more

A Thing About Machines Season 2, Episode 4

An irascible writer (Richard Haydn) hates his mechanical devices---and the feeling is mutual. TV Repairman: Barney Phillips. Edith: Barbara Stuart. Policeman: Henry Beckman. Intern: Jay Overholts. Telephone Repairman: Lew Brown. Written by Rod Serling. read more

Nervous Man in a $4 Room Season 2, Episode 3

A thief (Joe Mantell) is unnerved after his contact gives him his latest assignment. George: William D. Gordon. read more

The Man in the Bottle Season 2, Episode 2

Prosperity proves problematic when a genie grants four wishes to a pawnbroker. Castle: Luther Adler. Genie: Joseph Ruskin. Edna: Vivi Janiss. Mrs. Gumley: Lisa Golm. German Officer: Peter Coe. German Officer # 2: Albert Szabo. Revenue Man: Olan Soule. Rod Serling is the host. read more

King Nine Will Not Return Season 2, Episode 1

The survivor (Robert Cummings) of a WWII bomber crash finds no trace of his crew---but sees jet aircraft overhead. Doctor: Paul Lambert. Psychiatrist: Gene Lyons. British Officer: Seymour Green. Nurse: Jenna McMahon. read more

A World of His Own Season 1, Episode 36

A playwright (Keenan Wynn) can conjure up any person or thing by feeding a description into a tape recorder. Victoria: Phyllis Kirk. Mary: Mary La Roche. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Mighty Casey Season 1, Episode 35

A robot pitcher (Robert Sorrells) is the answer to a baseball manager's dreams. McGarry: Jack Warden. Dr. Stillman: Abraham Sofaer. Monk: Don O'Kelly. Commissioner: Rusty Lane. Written by Rod Serling. read more

The After Hours Season 1, Episode 34

A department-store shopper (Anne Francis) is told that the floor where she bought something doesn't exist. Saleswoman: Elizabeth Allen. Elevator Operator: John Conwell. Armbruster: James Millhollin. Miss Pettigrew: Nancy Rennick. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Mr. Bevis Season 1, Episode 33

An angel comes to the aid of a good-natured man (Orson Bean) who's had an unusually bad morning. Hempstead: Henry Jones. Peckinpaugh: Charles Lane. Policeman: William Schallert. Bartender: Horace McMahon. Rod Serling is the host. read more

A Passage for Trumpet Season 1, Episode 32

Jack Klugman plays a washed-up trumpet player who's offered a second chance after a suicide attempt. Nan: Mary Webster. Gabe: John Anderson. Baron: Frank Wolff. Pawnshop Owner: Ned Glass. read more

The Chaser Season 1, Episode 31

A lovesick suitor buys a guaranteed love potion, which works---too well. Based on a story by John Collier. Roger: George Grizzard. Leila: Patricia Barry. Daemon: John McIntire. Man in Homburg: J. Pat O'Malley. Blonde: Barbara Perry. Host: Rod Serling. read more

A Stop at Willoughby Season 1, Episode 30

A harried ad exec escapes stress in a dream about a sleepy town of the past. Williams: James Daly (father of actors Tyne and Tim Daly). Jane: Patricia Donahue. Misrell: Howard Smith. Helen: Mavis Neal. read more

Nightmare as a Child Season 1, Episode 29

A precocious girl frightens a teacher (Janice Rule) by revealing secrets from the woman's past. Markie: Terry Burnham. Peter Selden: Shepperd Strudwick. Doctor: Michael Fox. Girl: Suzanne Cupito. Policeman: Joe Perry. read more

A Nice Place to Visit Season 1, Episode 28

A thief leads a heavenly existence after being killed by police. Valentine: Larry Blyden. Mr. Pip: Sebastian Cabot. Dancing Girl: Barbara English. read more

The Big Tall Wish Season 1, Episode 27

No one is on the side of a boxer (Ivan Dixon) trying to make a comeback except a little boy (Steven Perry) with a big wish. Mother: Kim Hamilton. Thomas: Henry Scott. read more

Execution Season 1, Episode 26

An outlaw (Albert Salmi) with a noose around his neck is snatched away by a 20th-century time machine. “Gilligan's Island” “Professor” Russell Johnson plays the machine inventor. Johnson: Than Wyenn. Judge: Fay Roope. Written by Rod Serling. read more

People Are Alike All Over Season 1, Episode 25

On Mars, an astronaut (Roddy McDowall) is made to feel right at home. Teenya: Susan Oliver. Marcusson: Paul Comi. Written by Rod Serling. read more

Long Live Walter Jameson Season 1, Episode 24

A professor learns why his future son-in-law is an expert on history---he was there. Jameson: Kevin McCarthy. Kittridge: Edgar Stehli. Susanna: Dody Heath. Laurette: Estelle Winwood. read more

A World of Difference Season 1, Episode 23

An actor (Howard Duff) loses himself in his role as a businessman---or is it the other way around? Nora: Eileen Ryan. Sally: Gail Kobe. Marty: Frank Maxwell. Brinkley: David White. Marian: Susan Dorn. read more

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Season 1, Episode 22

Total power failure in a neighborhood sparks suspicions that it was caused by an alien invasion---and that one walks among them. Steve: Claude Akins. Charlie: Jack Weston. Tommy: Jan Handzlik. Goodman: Barry Atwater. Don: Burt Metcalfe. read more

Mirror Image Season 1, Episode 21

A traveler is perplexed when people treat her as if they've seen her very recently. Millicent: Vera Miles. Paul: Martin Milner. Ticket Agent: Joe Hamilton. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Elegy Season 1, Episode 20

Astronauts land on an asteroid with Earth-like scenes and people---but the inhabitants don't move. Wickwire: Cecil Kellaway. Meyer: Jeff Morrow. Webber: Kevin Hagen. Kirby: Don Dubbins. Rod Serling is the host. read more

The Purple Testament Season 1, Episode 19

An infantry lieutenant (William Reynolds) has the ability to predict who will die in battle. Riker: Dick York. Gunther: Barney Phillips. Sergeant: William Phipps. Ambulance Driver: Warren Oates. Freeman: Marc Cavell. Orderly: Paul Mazursky. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Last Flight Season 1, Episode 18

A British WWI pilot returns from his last mission---landing at a modern-day American air base in France. Decker: Kenneth Haigh. General: Alexander Scourby. Major: Simon Scott. Mackaye: Robert Warwick. Corporal: Harry Raybould. Host: Rod Serling. read more

The Fever Season 1, Episode 17

A reluctant Vegas vacationer (Everett Sloane) can't stop playing after his first slot-machine pull is a winner. Flora: Vivi Janiss. Publicity Agent: William Kendis. Drunk: Art Lewis. Script by Rod Serling. read more

The Hitchhiker Season 1, Episode 16

A cross-country driver (Inger Stevens) is haunted by a persistent hitchhiker (Leonard Strong) who appears wherever she goes. Sailor: Adam Williams. Mechanic: Lew Gallo. Counterman: Russ Bender. Waitress: Mitzi McCall. Mrs. Whitney: Eleanor Audley. Road Worker: Dwight Townsend. Garage Man: George Mitchell. read more

I Shot an Arrow Into the Air Season 1, Episode 15

A limited water supply and a nervous flight officer (Dewey Martin) imperil astronauts on a deserted asteroid. Donlin: Edward Binns. Pierson: Ted Otis. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Third from the Sun Season 1, Episode 14

Convinced that atomic war is inevitable, a pilot and a scientist plan to steal a spaceship and flee to another planet. Bill: Fritz Weaver. Jerry: Joe Maross. Carling: Edward Andrews. Jody: Denise Alexander. Eve: Lori March. Ann: Jeanne Evans. Guard: Will J. White. read more

The Four of Us Are Dying Season 1, Episode 13

A small-time crook (Harry Townes), who can change his appearance at will, assumes the identity of a dead gangster. Foster: Ross Martin. Sterig: Phillip Pine. Maggie: Beverly Garland. Marshak: Don Gordon. Detective: Milton Frome. Pop: Peter Brocco. read more

What You Need Season 1, Episode 12

A thug (Steve Cochran) tries to cash in on a peddler's apparent clairvoyance. Pegott: Ernest Truex. Lefty: Read Morgan. Bartender: William Edmondson. Girl: Arline Sax. Hotel Clerk: Norman Sturgis. Waiter: Frank Allocca. Host: Rod Serling. read more

And When the Sky Was Opened Season 1, Episode 11

Three astronauts return from the first successful space probe---but are unable to recall what happened. Gart: Jim Hutton. Forbes: Rod Taylor. Harrington: Charles Aidman. Girl: Gloria Pall. Nurse: Sue Randall. Amy: Maxine Cooper. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Judgment Night Season 1, Episode 10

In 1942, a dazed freighter passenger (Nehemiah Persoff) has a premonition that the ship will be sunk at 1:15 A.M. Captain: Ben Wright. First Officer: Patrick Macnee. Potter: Hugh Sanders. Devereaux: Leslie Bradley. Mueller: James Franciscus. Barbara: Deirdre Owen. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Perchance to Dream Season 1, Episode 9

A psychiatrist's patient (Richard Conte) fears sleep will bring death, since in his last dream, a dancer was trying to kill him. Maya: Suzanne Lloyd. Rathmann: John Larch. Rifle Range Barker: Russell Trent. Stranger: Ted Stanhope. read more

Time Enough at Last Season 1, Episode 8

Bookworm Henry Bemis (Burgess Meredith) is the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust. Helen: Jacqueline de Wit. Carsville: Vaughn Taylor. Woman in Bank: Lela Bliss. read more

The Lonely Season 1, Episode 7

A convict (Jack Warden), sentenced to 40 years on an uninhabited planet, is given a robot as a companion. Allenby: John Dehner. Alicia: Jean Marsh. Adams: Ted Knight. Carstairs: James Turley. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Escape Clause Season 1, Episode 6

A middle-aged hypochondriac (David Wayne) sells his soul in exchange for immortality. Cadwallader: Thomas Gomez. Ethel: Virginia Christine. Cooper: Wendell Holmes. Doctor: Raymond Bailey. Guard: Nesdon Booth. First Adjuster: Dick Wilson. Second Adjuster: Joe Flynn. Host: Rod Serling. read more

Walking Distance Season 1, Episode 5

Job pressures push an ad exec (Gig Young) 30 years into the past. Mr. Sloan: Frank Overton. Mrs. Sloan: Irene Tedrow. Wilcox: Bill Erwin. Young Martin: Michael Montgomery. Attendant: Sheridan Comerate. Teenager: Buzz Martin. Wilcox Boy: Ronny Howard. read more

16-mm Shrine Season 1, Episode 4

An aging movie star (Ida Lupino) drifts deeper into a world of old film clips in an attempt to recapture her youth. Weiss: Martin Balsam. Sally: Alice Frost. Jerry: Jerome Cowan. Rod Serling is the host. read more

Mr. Denton on Doomsday Season 1, Episode 3

Town drunk Al Denton (Dan Duryea) faces a notorious killer after miraculously regaining his gunfighting skills. Hotaling: Martin Landau. Fate: Malcolm Atterbury. Liz: Jeanne Cooper. Pete: Doug McClure. Doctor: Robert Burton. Leader: Arthur Batanides. read more

One for the Angels Season 1, Episode 2

A salesman (Ed Wynn) asks for a reprieve from Death, who then picks a little girl instead. Death: Murray Hamilton. Little Girl: Dana Dillaway. Truck Driver: Merritt Bohn. Doctor: Jay Overholts. read more

Where Is Everybody? Season 1, Episode 1

Earl Holliman stars as an amnesiac in an Air Force jumpsuit who finds himself in a town without a single person in it. General: James Gregory. Written by host Rod Serling. read more

The Twilight Zone Episode: ""Kick the Can.""

Episode Synopsis: Back-to-back episodes of Rod Serling's classic suspense series are featured. First up: “Kick the Can.”
Original Air Date: Dec 31, 2005

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Premiered: October 02, 1959, on CBS
Rating: TV-PG
User Rating: (147 ratings)
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Premise: A classic anthology of sci-fi, suspense and goose-bump-inducing tales that explore 'a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.' Filled with invention and irony, the stories are tightly constructed, ingenious flights of imagination with often cautionary themes---and frequently a terrific twist at the end. Host and prolific writer Rod Serling penned most of the episodes himself. Influential and often (poorly) imitated, the series was resurrected twice, in 1985 on CBS and in 2002 on UPN.



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