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May 13, 2011: Finale, Part 2
May 13, 2011: Finale, Part 1
May 13, 2011: Finale
May 06, 2011: Prophecy
Apr 29, 2011: Dominion
Apr 22, 2011: Booster
Apr 15, 2011: Kent
Mar 04, 2011: Scion
Feb 25, 2011: Fortune
Feb 18, 2011: Masquerade
Feb 11, 2011: Beacon
Feb 04, 2011: Collateral
Dec 10, 2010: Icarus
Dec 03, 2010: Luthor
Nov 19, 2010: Patriot
Nov 12, 2010: Abandoned
Nov 05, 2010: Ambush
Oct 29, 2010: Harvest
Oct 22, 2010: Isis
Oct 15, 2010: Homecoming
Oct 08, 2010: Supergirl
Oct 01, 2010: Shield
Sep 24, 2010: Lazarus
May 14, 2010: Salvation
May 07, 2010: Hostage
Apr 30, 2010: Sacrifice
Apr 23, 2010: Charade
Apr 16, 2010: Upgrade
Apr 09, 2010: Checkmate
Apr 02, 2010: Escape
Feb 26, 2010: Conspiracy
Feb 19, 2010: Persuasion
Feb 12, 2010: Warrior
Feb 05, 2010: Absolute Justice
Feb 05, 2010: Absolute Justice
Feb 05, 2010: Absolute Justice
Jan 29, 2010: Disciple
Nov 20, 2009: Pandora
Nov 13, 2009: Idol
Nov 06, 2009: Kandor
Oct 30, 2009: Crossfire
Oct 23, 2009: Roulette
Oct 16, 2009: Echo
Oct 09, 2009: Rabid
Oct 02, 2009: Metallo
Sep 25, 2009: Savior
May 14, 2009: Doomsday
May 07, 2009: Injustice
Apr 30, 2009: Beast
Apr 23, 2009: Stiletto
Apr 02, 2009: Eternal
Mar 26, 2009: Hex
Mar 19, 2009: Turbulence
Mar 12, 2009: Infamous
Feb 05, 2009: Requiem
Jan 29, 2009: Power
Jan 22, 2009: Bulletproof
Jan 15, 2009: Legion
Nov 20, 2008: Bride
Nov 13, 2008: Abyss
Nov 06, 2008: Bloodline
Oct 30, 2008: Identity
Oct 23, 2008: Prey
Oct 16, 2008: Committed
Oct 09, 2008: Instinct
Oct 02, 2008: Toxic
Sep 25, 2008: Plastique
Sep 18, 2008: Odyssey
May 15, 2008: Arctic
May 08, 2008: Quest
May 01, 2008: Apocalypse
Apr 24, 2008: Sleeper
Apr 17, 2008: Descent
Mar 27, 2008: Veritas
Mar 20, 2008: Traveler
Mar 13, 2008: Hero
Feb 14, 2008: Fracture
Feb 07, 2008: Siren
Jan 31, 2008: Persona
Dec 13, 2007: Gemini
Nov 15, 2007: Blue
Nov 08, 2007: Wrath
Nov 01, 2007: Lara
Oct 25, 2007: Action
Oct 18, 2007: Cure
Oct 11, 2007: Fierce
Oct 04, 2007: Kara
Sep 27, 2007: Bizarro
May 17, 2007: Phantom
May 10, 2007: Prototype
May 03, 2007: Noir
Apr 26, 2007: Nemesis
Apr 19, 2007: Progeny
Mar 22, 2007: Combat
Mar 15, 2007: Promise
Feb 15, 2007: Freak
Feb 08, 2007: Trespass
Feb 01, 2007: Crimson
Jan 25, 2007: Labyrinth
Jan 18, 2007: Justice
Jan 11, 2007: Hydro
Dec 07, 2006: Subterranean
Nov 16, 2006: Static
Nov 09, 2006: Rage
Nov 02, 2006: Fallout
Oct 26, 2006: Reunion
Oct 19, 2006: Arrow
Oct 12, 2006: Wither
Oct 05, 2006: Sneeze
Sep 28, 2006: Zod
May 11, 2006: Vessel
May 04, 2006: Oracle
Apr 27, 2006: Fade
Apr 20, 2006: Mercy
Apr 13, 2006: Fragile
Apr 06, 2006: Void
Mar 30, 2006: Hypnotic
Feb 16, 2006: Cyborg
Feb 09, 2006: Tomb
Feb 02, 2006: Vengeance
Jan 26, 2006: Reckoning
Jan 19, 2006: Lockdown
Jan 12, 2006: Fanatic
Dec 15, 2005: Commencement; Arrival
Dec 08, 2005: Lexmas
Nov 17, 2005: Solitude
Nov 10, 2005: Splinter
Nov 03, 2005: Exposed
Oct 27, 2005: Thirst
Oct 20, 2005: Aqua
Oct 13, 2005: Hidden
Oct 06, 2005: Mortal
Sep 29, 2005: Arrival
May 18, 2005: Commencement
May 11, 2005: Forever
May 04, 2005: Ageless
Apr 27, 2005: Blank
Apr 20, 2005: Spirit
Apr 13, 2005: Onyx
Mar 02, 2005: Lucy
Feb 23, 2005: Sacred
Feb 16, 2005: Krypto
Feb 09, 2005: Recruit
Feb 02, 2005: Pariah
Jan 26, 2005: Unsafe
Dec 05, 2004: Covenant; Crusade
Dec 01, 2004: Scare
Nov 17, 2004: Bound
Nov 10, 2004: Spell
Nov 03, 2004: Jinx
Oct 27, 2004: Transference
Oct 20, 2004: Run
Oct 13, 2004: Devoted
Oct 06, 2004: Facade
Sep 29, 2004: Gone
Sep 22, 2004: Crusade
May 19, 2004: Covenant
May 12, 2004: Forsaken
May 05, 2004: Talisman
Apr 28, 2004: Memoria
Apr 21, 2004: Truth
Apr 14, 2004: Legacy
Mar 03, 2004: Crisis
Feb 25, 2004: Resurrection
Feb 18, 2004: Obsession
Feb 11, 2004: Velocity
Feb 04, 2004: Hereafter
Jan 28, 2004: Delete
Jan 21, 2004: Whisper
Jan 14, 2004: Asylum
Nov 19, 2003: Shattered
Nov 12, 2003: Magnetic
Nov 05, 2003: Relic
Oct 29, 2003: Perry
Oct 22, 2003: Slumber
Oct 15, 2003: Extinction
Oct 08, 2003: Phoenix
Oct 01, 2003: Exile
May 20, 2003: Exodus
May 13, 2003: Calling
May 06, 2003: Accelerate
Apr 29, 2003: Witness
Apr 22, 2003: Precipice
Apr 15, 2003: Visitor
Feb 25, 2003: Rosetta
Feb 18, 2003: Fever
Feb 11, 2003: Prodigal
Feb 04, 2003: Rush
Jan 28, 2003: Suspect
Jan 21, 2003: Insurgence
Jan 14, 2003: Visage
Jan 07, 2003: Tempest; Vortex
Nov 26, 2002: Skinwalker
Nov 19, 2002: Dichotic
Nov 12, 2002: Ryan
Nov 05, 2002: Lineage
Oct 29, 2002: Redux
Oct 22, 2002: Nocturne
Oct 15, 2002: Red
Oct 08, 2002: Duplicity
Oct 01, 2002: Heat
Sep 24, 2002: Vortex
May 21, 2002: Tempest
May 14, 2002: Obscura
May 07, 2002: Crush
Apr 30, 2002: Drone
Apr 23, 2002: Reaper
Apr 16, 2002: Stray
Mar 19, 2002: Nicodemus
Mar 12, 2002: Zero
Feb 26, 2002: Kinetic
Feb 12, 2002: Leech
Feb 05, 2002: Hug
Jan 22, 2002: Shimmer
Jan 15, 2002: Rogue
Dec 11, 2001: Jitters
Nov 27, 2001: Craving
Nov 20, 2001: Hourglass
Nov 13, 2001: Cool
Nov 06, 2001: X-Ray
Oct 30, 2001: Hothead
Oct 27, 2001: Pilot; Metamorphosis
Oct 23, 2001: Metamorphosis
Oct 16, 2001: Pilot

Finale, Part 2 Season 10, Episode 22

In the conclusion of the series finale, Clark Kent's 10-year journey to become the Man of Steel culminates as Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) pays a visit to Smallville. read more

Finale, Part 1 Season 10, Episode 21

In Part 1 of the two-part series finale, Clark tries to persuade runaway bride Lois to still marry him. Meanwhile, Lionel kidnaps Tess, and darkness envelops Oliver. read more


In the series finale, Clark Kent's 10-year journey to become the Man of Steel culminates as Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) pays a visit to Smallville. read more

Prophecy Season 10, Episode 20

Lois walks in Clark's shoes for a day when Jor-el bestows Clark's superpowers on her as a wedding gift. But when the Toyman returns to Metropolis it's Lois who must stop him. Meanwhile, Oliver bumps into Kara while searching for the Bow of Orion. read more

Dominion Season 10, Episode 19

Oliver tricks Clark into taking him to the Phantom Zone to investigate its escape portal. Once there they discover that Zod has taken over as leader. Meanwhile, Lois is upset to learn that Clark has trusted Tess with a secret. read more

Booster Season 10, Episode 18

Lois advises Clark on how to distinguish himself from the Blur, but when a fame-seeking superhero from the future begins stealing the limelight Lois goes on a mission to spotlight the Blur. Meanwhile, a boy becomes fused to an alien weapon and attacks Metropolis. read more

Kent Season 10, Episode 17

Lois turns to Emil for help after Clark Luthor sends Clark back to the alternate reality, where he encounters an irate Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, Clark Luthor tells Tess he'll kill her if she doesn't take his side. read more

Scion Season 10, Episode 16

Clark and Lois receive a stunning gift from Tess. Meanwhile, Tess and Lionel struggle for control of the Luthor name. read more

Fortune Season 10, Episode 15

Everyone loses their memory after drinking spiked champagne, courtesy of Zatanna, at Clark and Lois' bachelor and bachelorette parties. While hunting for her missing engagement ring with Oliver, Lois is accused of theft by Fortune, the casino owner. Elsewhere, Clark recalls stealing an armored truck. read more

Masquerade Season 10, Episode 14

Oliver and Chloe are kidnapped while investigating a rash of murders carried out by Desaad, who then attempts to sicken Chloe with the darkness. Meanwhile, Lois advises Clark to get a disguise to protect his identity. read more

Beacon Season 10, Episode 13

Clark sees his mom get shot while watching her speak at a pro-vigilante rally on TV. To raise his spirits Lois and Chloe share videos in support of the Blur with Clark. Elsewhere, Lionel Luther comes forth and reclaims his company from Oliver and Tess. read more

Collateral Season 10, Episode 12

The VRA releases Clark, Oliver, Lois and Dinah, who all have flashbacks of Chloe's involvement in their capture. Trust becomes an issue when Chloe returns to town and Dinah fears she is now a traitor. read more

Icarus Season 10, Episode 11

Anti-superhero citizens attack the Green Arrow as he tries to stop a mugging, and Clark learns the attackers all have a darkness tattoo. Elsewhere, Carter Hall and Star Girl help Clark pursue Slade, who has kidnapped Lois. read more

Luthor Season 10, Episode 10

Clark is transported to a parallel universe by a kryptonian box that once belonged to Lionel Luthor. In this world, he has been adopted by the Luthors instead of the Kents and has grown up to be a killer. Without tipping his hand, Clark looks for a way to get back to his own universe, where he has been replaced by his murderous double. read more

Patriot Season 10, Episode 9

The truth behind the Vigilante Registration Act is revealed when Oliver is jailed and subjected to harsh testing by Col. Slade after he volunteers to participate. Clark is joined by Aquaman and his wife, Mera, in his efforts to rescue Oliver. And Lois is miffed when Clark won't let her help, so she sets out on her own. read more

Abandoned Season 10, Episode 8

Lois views a video her mom (Teri Hatcher) made for her before her death. The tape prompts Lois to make a major decision about Clark, which leads to her encountering Jor-El and Lara at the Fortress. Meanwhile, Tess has a nightmare about a music box that she later finds at the mansion. Her and Clark's investigation takes them to an orphanage. read more

Ambush Season 10, Episode 7

Lois' sister and dad visit unexpectedly for Thanksgiving. Tensions rise when the General (Michael Ironside) bad-mouths superheroes and informs Clark of his efforts to pass the vigilante registration act. Meanwhile, Rick Flagg plots to kill the General. read more

Harvest Season 10, Episode 6

Upset with Clark's well-intended meddling, Lois insists she can protect herself, but soon ends up in danger when she becomes stranded with a flat tire. Meanwhile, Tess looks for ways to help Alexander, who is aging very quickly. read more

Isis Season 10, Episode 5

Lois activates an artifact that turns her into a goddess with superpowers just as she decides to tell Clark she knows his secret. Cat witnesses Lois' new powers and tries to prove that Lois is the Blur. Meanwhile, Clark and Oliver approach Tess for help with Lois. read more

Homecoming Season 10, Episode 4

Clark attends his high-school reunion and is visited from the future by Brainiac. He reveals truths about Clark's past, present and future, including the real circumstances surrounding Jonathan's death, Clark's relationship with Lois and his role as a superhero. Meanwhile, Lois is perturbed that no one remembers her short stint as a student. read more

Supergirl Season 10, Episode 3

A powerful dark force threatens Smallville, prompting Jor-El to send Kara, aka Supergirl, to town as backup for Clark. Meanwhile, an anti-hero shock jock becomes possessed by the dark force and takes Lois hostage, and Clark and Kara must save her. read more

Shield Season 10, Episode 2

Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) is hired by the Daily Planet to replace Lois, who has left for Egypt. When Clark saves Cat from an assassin named Deadshot (Bradley Stryker) he uncovers a plot against the Blur. Meanwhile, Lois finds herself under Carter Hall's protection in Egypt. read more

Lazarus Season 10, Episode 1

In the series 10 opener, Lois saves Clark's life by removing the blue kryptonite incapacitating him. Elsewhere, Chloe hunts for Oliver while Tess finds herself in a LuthorCorp lab. And Jonathan returns to the farm with a message for Clark. read more

Salvation Season 9, Episode 22

In the series 9 finale, Zod claims to be the Blur and asks Lois to steal the Book of Rao from Clark; Lois asks Clark for full disclosure, but he refuses; Oliver disappears while he and Chloe attempt to fight the Kandorians by reconnecting Watchtower's satellites; Tess is seriously injured after confronting Zod; and Clark and Zod have a showdown as they battle for Earth. read more

Hostage Season 9, Episode 21

Martha (Annette O'Toole) surprises Clark when she returns to town with her boyfriend, Perry White (Michael McKean); Chloe and Clark search for the Book of Rao, which may help them stop Zod; and Lois and Perry run into trouble while researching a story on the Red Queen. read more

Sacrifice Season 9, Episode 20

Chloe becomes trapped inside Watchtower with Tess and tries to stop the Kandorians from accessing information on Watchtower's servers. Meanwhile, Clark learns that Zod's soldiers have superpowers, and a confrontation with Zod leaves Oliver near death and branded with a Z. read more

Charade Season 9, Episode 19

The Blur's picture is snapped while rescuing Lois from a gun-wielding Raymond Sacks, the former DA she was questioning about his early prison release. While trying to intercept the photo's sale, Lois and Clark run into Checkmate agent Maxwell Lord, who is also hunting down the Blur's identity. Meanwhile, Chloe figures out Zod's secret. read more

Upgrade Season 9, Episode 18

John Corben (Brian Austin Green) rescues Lois from an explosion at one of Tess' labs. While investigating the explosion, Clark is infected with red Kryptonite and under its influence takes Zod to the fortress. Later, Chloe agrees to help Tess by sending John to the fortress to keep Clark from exposing the truth. read more

Checkmate Season 9, Episode 17

Tess kidnaps the Green Arrow and leaves him in the hands of Amanda Waller (Pam Grier), but he escapes with his secret identity intact. Oliver, Clark and Chloe return to the scene to investigate the kidnapping and find John Jones doing the same. Later, Waller threatens Chloe's life to get information on the Justice League. read more

Escape Season 9, Episode 16

A romantic getaway turns awkward when Clark and Lois bump into Chloe and Oliver at a bed-and-breakfast. Things grow worse when the Silver Banshee (Odessa Rae) arrives and targets Clark and Oliver. Meanwhile, Tess and Zod have a showdown. read more

Conspiracy Season 9, Episode 15

A once-dead doctor (JR Bourne) used by the Kandorians for experiments escapes with hostages to prove that aliens exist on Earth. Lois ends up kidnapped by the doctor when she refuses to write about his mission. Meanwhile, Zod discovers the doctor's lab, where he is shot just as Clark arrives. read more

Persuasion Season 9, Episode 14

Clark is unwittingly infected with wish-fulfilling Kryptonite on Valentine's Day. When he tells Lois he wishes they had a more conventional relationship, she moves in with him and begins to plan their nuptials. And Clark has a wish for Chloe as well: to better protect him. She responds by targeting Lois. read more

Warrior Season 9, Episode 13

Clark runs into the magician Zatanna (Serinda Swan) at a comic-book convention, where a magical comic book is stolen by a young man (Carlo Marks) who develops special powers. Calling himself the Warrior Angel, he rescues Chloe from an accident. Meanwhile, Lois grows envious of Clark and Zatanna's connection. read more

Absolute Justice Season 9, Episode 12

Conclusion. The Justice Society of America are targeted by Icicle, and Clark and Chloe step in to help. read more

Absolute Justice Season 9, Episode 11

Part 1 of 2. Clark, Chloe, Green Arrow and John Jones join forces with the Justice Society of America when the group of superheroes are targeted by the murderous Icicle. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller (Pam Grier), head of the shady agency Checkmate, sends Lois a package. read more

Absolute Justice

Clark, Chloe, Green Arrow and John Jones join forces with the Justice Society of America when the group of superheroes are targeted by the murderous Icicle. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller (Pam Grier), head of the shady agency Checkmate, sends Lois a package. Series star Tom Welling directed the second hour. read more

Disciple Season 9, Episode 10

Oliver squares off against the Dark Archer (Steve Bacic), his revenge-minded former mentor, whose nefarious plans endanger Lois, Chloe and Mia (Elise Gatien). read more

Pandora Season 9, Episode 9

Lois is kidnapped by Tess and forced to reveal what she learned during the weeks of her disappearance. She witnessed a future with Metropolis controlled by Zod and Clark left without his powers because of the red sun. With this information, Clark makes a big decision about Zod. read more

Idol Season 9, Episode 8

Clark decides to admit he is the Blur after botched crime-fighting assistance from superhero twins Zan (David Gallagher) and Jayna (Allison Scagliotti) lands him in trouble with the law. read more

Kandor Season 9, Episode 7

Jor-El (Julian Sands) meets Chloe at the Kent farm while searching for Clark. Meanwhile, Zod sets out to track down Jor-El, whom he believes is the Blur, and Clark tries to find his father before Zod does. read more

Crossfire Season 9, Episode 6

Oliver is double-crossed by Mia (Elise Gatien), aka Speedy, a young girl he tries to get off the streets by offering to train her. Meanwhile, Lois turns to Clark for help pursuing an on-air position, and they end up being offered a job as a team. read more

Roulette Season 9, Episode 5

Oliver is kidnapped by a woman named Victoria (Steph Song), aka Roulette, who warns him his life is in danger. Later, Oliver is arrested after Victoria is found dead, prompting him to seek help from Chloe. Meanwhile, Lois is upset with Clark for not telling her about Oliver's attempted suicide. read more

Echo Season 9, Episode 4

The Toyman (Chris Gautheir) crashes a Queen Industries party that Oliver is attending, and threatens to bomb the gala if Oliver doesn't admit he killed Lex. Meanwhile, Jor-El gives Clark the ability to hear what people are thinking. read more

Rabid Season 9, Episode 3

Lois is infected by a zombie plague unleashed on the city by Zod. Its cure lies in the blood of a Kryptonian, and Chloe begs Clark to help, even though he would risk revealing his identity to Zod. read more

Metallo Season 9, Episode 2

John Corben is mysteriously transformed into a man-machine with superhuman strength after being hit by a truck. He uses his new powers to hunt down the Red-Blue Blur and in the process kidnaps Lois, who is investigating the Blur on her own. read more

Savior Season 9, Episode 1

Season 9 opens with Clark ready to begin his training with Jor-El, who instructs him to first end things with Lois. Elsewhere, Lois returns to work with no memory of where she's been and meets a new reporter (Brian Austin Green) while on assignment; Clark refuses Chloe's request to turn back time to save Jimmy; Zod (Callum Blue) visits the Luthor home; and Oliver's dark turn continues. read more

Doomsday Season 8, Episode 22

In the eighth-season finale, Oliver takes the lead when Clark exhibits resistance to killing Doomsday, and Chloe finds herself caught in the middle of the situation. Meanwhile, a fight between Lois and Tess takes a surprising turn. read more

Injustice Season 8, Episode 21

Unable to control Davis, Chloe asks Clark to kill him. Seizing the opportunity, Tess gathers Plastique (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and a crew of meteor freaks to track down Davis, all the while planning a double cross. Things go awry, however, when Tess' true plans are discovered. read more

Beast Season 8, Episode 20

Clark discovers Davis is alive and confronts Chloe about her role in hiding him. Meanwhile, Oliver and Jimmy are attacked by Davis at Chloe's apartment. read more

Stiletto Season 8, Episode 19

Pretending she is the superhero Stiletto, Lois secures her star-reporter status by scoring exclusive interviews with the city's newest crimefighter. Clark fears for her safety until she ably saves him from Kryptonite-wielding thugs. read more

Eternal Season 8, Episode 18

Tess reveals Davis' childhood with the Luthors when she turns to Clark for help after she fails to kill Davis. Meanwhile, Davis seeks Chloe's assistance. read more

Hex Season 8, Episode 17

The magician Zatanna (Serinda Swan) comes to town and grants Chloe's birthday wish to be more like Lois, resulting in the two switching bodies. She also grants Clark his deepest wish. read more

Turbulence Season 8, Episode 16

Tess tries to manipulate Clark into revealing his powers by staging a midair plane accident as they fly to New York for a press conference. Meanwhile, Davis learns how to control his inner beast. read more

Infamous Season 8, Episode 15

Reporter Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) attempts to blackmail Clark for information on the "Red-Blue Blur" in hopes of regaining journalistic fame. Clark chooses instead to reveal his secret identity to Lois and asks her to write the story for the Daily Planet. read more

Requiem Season 8, Episode 14

An explosion at LuthorCorp injures Oliver, who suspects Lex is at fault. But Clark and Lana discover the culprit is Oliver's former employee Winslow Schott (Chris Gauthier), a toymaker harboring a grudge against his old boss. read more

Power Season 8, Episode 13

Clark learns from Tess that Lex is alive and may have kidnapped Lana. She also reveals what Lana went through after her coma. Elsewhere, Tess breaks into a secret LuthorCorp facility and makes a shocking discovery. Allison Mack, who plays Chloe, directed the episode. read more

Bulletproof Season 8, Episode 12

Clark goes undercover as a cop to discover who shot John Jones. Meanwhile, Lana unsettles Tess with her opinion on Lex, prompting Luthorcorp's head to reconsider her position with the company. read more

Legion Season 8, Episode 11

Doomsday kidnaps Chloe, and Clark searches for her while battling the Persuader (Fraser Aitcheson) with a little help from three superheroes known as the Legion: Rokk (Ryan Kennedy), Imra (Alexz Johnson) and Garth (Calum Worthy). read more

Bride Season 8, Episode 10

Chloe has concerns that Davis will try to stop her wedding. Instead, the ceremony comes under attack by Doomsday, who tries to kidnap the bride. In the melee, Clark and Lois grow closer. Meanwhile, Oliver is off hunting for Lex in Cuba, where he is surprised to find Lana. read more

Abyss Season 8, Episode 9

Brainiac slowly takes over Chloe's mind until the only person she remembers is Davis. In an effort to save her, Clark rebuilds the Fortress of Solitude in order to seek help from Jor-El. read more

Bloodline Season 8, Episode 8

The Arctic crystal is anonymously delivered to Clark, and it sends him and Lois to the Phantom Zone, where they run into Kara. She returns Lois to Earth, but inadvertently releases Zod's wife, who takes over Lois' body and wreaks havoc on Metropolis. read more

Identity Season 8, Episode 7

Clark fears his identity may be revealed after Jimmy snaps a photo of him saving Lois from a mugger. Clark asks Chloe for help to prevent the picture from running on the front page, but to no avail. read more

Prey Season 8, Episode 6

Clark suspects a recent murder at a theater may be the work of a meteor-infected serial killer, and he demands that Chloe give him names of people she's counselling at the Isis Foundation. A fearful Davis thinks he's the killer and confides in Chloe. read more

Committed Season 8, Episode 5

A psychotic jeweler (David Lewis) kidnaps Jimmy and Chloe after their engagement party and subjects them to a shocking lie-detector test. Posing as a couple while trying to find their friends, Lois and Clark are also forced to answer questions about their feelings for each other. read more

Instinct Season 8, Episode 4

Maxima (Charlotte Sullivan), a queen from planet Almerac, arrives on Earth after being accidentally summoned by Tess. Thinking that her soul mate called her, Maxima sets out to find him, starting with Jimmy, but the men of Metropolis better beware---her kiss is deadly. read more

Toxic Season 8, Episode 3

Oliver falls ill at a charity event and Clark and Chloe discover their friend has only hours to live. Oliver soon descends into delirium and is overcome by memories of his time on the island and when he first met Tess. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe's fruitless search for a cure pushes Chloe to try out her new powers, much to Clark's surprise. read more

Plastique Season 8, Episode 2

Clark starts his new job at the Daily Planet, where he is partnered with Lois for a story on a bus explosion. Meanwhile, paramedic Davis Bloome is attracted to Chloe. read more

Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1

In the eighth-series opener, the Justice League searches for Clark, but is stymied by the new CEO of Luthorcorp, Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman); and Chloe is held prisoner by a group who have discovered her powers, while Clark has been stripped of his by Jor-El. read more

Arctic Season 7, Episode 20

In the seventh-season finale, Brainiac impersonates Kara, whom he has imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, and in her guise he takes Lex to the Fortress for a showdown with Clark. Meanwhile, Chloe is arrested by the Department of Domestic Security; and Lana awakens from her comatose state. read more

Quest Season 7, Episode 19

A cloaked stranger attacks Lex, leaving him with Kryptonian symbols carved on his chest. They were intended as a message for Clark, who investigates with Chloe and learns that one member from Veritas is still alive and hiding in a church. read more

Apocalypse Season 7, Episode 18

Clark, through a series of messages sent by Kara from Krypton, discovers what Earth would be like had he never arrived: Jonathan is still alive; Lex is the president; the Luthors have raised Kara; Lana is happily married; and Chloe and Lois are ace reporters. Tom Welling directed this episode. read more

Sleeper Season 7, Episode 17

Clark searches for Brainiac (James Marsters), who is the only one who can reverse Lana's condition; Chloe accidentally sets off alarms as she hacks into government computers while trying to find info to help Clark; the Department of Security threatens Jimmy with jail time unless he helps them arrest Chloe, while Lex offers to help clear Chloe, but only if Jimmy agrees to be in his debt. read more

Descent Season 7, Episode 16

The secret of the Veritas society leads Lex into a collision course with Clark; and a death rocks Smallville. read more

Veritas Season 7, Episode 15

Kara teaches Clark how to fly to help him fight against Brainiac (James Marsters), but Brainiac seems to be a step ahead of them. read more

Traveler Season 7, Episode 14

Lionel kidnaps Clark and holds him in a kryptonite-lined cell at a Luthorcorp facility; Chloe and Lana confront Lionel, who blames Lex, and they then take Kara (Laura Vandervoort) to the Fortress and plead with Jor-El to restore her memory so she can save Clark. read more

Hero Season 7, Episode 13

Former Smallville resident Pete Ross (Sam Jones III), now a roadie for the band OneRepublic, accidentally chews kryptonite-laced gum and gets superpowers. Clark and Chloe try to warn him about the effects, but Lex finds out and uses Pete for his nefarious schemes. Kara: Laura Vandervoort. Jimmy: Aaron Ashmore. read more

Fracture Season 7, Episode 12

Lois trails Lex to Detroit, where he has found Kara suffering from amnesia. A busboy (Corey Sevier) obsessed with Kara shoots Lex so he can't take her away, and holds Kara and Lois captive. Chloe finds Lex and offers to heal him, but Clark will not let her. read more

Siren Season 7, Episode 11

Chloe runs afoul of the Black Canary (Alaina Huffman) when she procures one of Lex's project files for Oliver. Lex suspects the Green Arrow and retaliates, while Lois discovers Oliver's secret. read more

Persona Season 7, Episode 10

Clark is frozen in the Fortress and Bizarro takes over his life, starting with Lana, who shares information about Brainiac (James Marsters). Elsewhere, Grant reveals he is a clone of Julian, and Lex is shocked at his father's reaction to this revelation. Dax-Ur: Marc McClure. read more

Gemini Season 7, Episode 9

Clark comes home and tells Lana that Kara has vanished, and that they should work together to stop Lex; and a man named Adrian (Tim Guinee), infected with an alien substance, plants a bomb on Chloe, who then confesses to Jimmy that she is a meteor freak. read more

Blue Season 7, Episode 8

Clark makes a huge mistake when he releases Lara (Helen Slater) from the crystal, because Zor-El is also released. Elsewhere, the relationship between Lois and Grant heats up. Zor-El: Christopher Heyerdahl. read more

Wrath Season 7, Episode 7

Lana absorbs Clark's powers and uses them to go after Lex, first trying to expose his secrets in the Daily Planet, then moving on to a more personal level. Grant: Michael Cassidy. Jimmy: Aaron Ashmore. read more

Lara Season 7, Episode 6

In the process of trying to get the crystal back, Kara is captured and sedated with a kryptonite serum; Clark follows and tries to release her, but not before the serum has caused both to have a vision of Clark's mother (Helen Slater). read more

Action Season 7, Episode 5

Clark saves the life of a starlet (Christina Milian) on a film shoot in Smallville when a stunt car's brakes fail, but what happened was no accident. Meanwhile, Lionel finds himself the victim of a surprising captor. read more

Cure Season 7, Episode 4

Lex employs Dr. Curtis Knox (guest star Dean Cain) to cure the meteor-infected, and Chloe ends up a patient. Meanwhile, John Jones warns Clark that his cousin Kara should not be trusted. read more

Fierce Season 7, Episode 3

Clark hopes Kara will keep a low profile, but three meteor-infected girls want to use her as part of their scheme after one of them sees Kara's special powers. Tyler: Eva Marcille. Carly: Elisa King. Tempest: Christine Chatelain. read more

Kara Season 7, Episode 2

Clark meets his cousin Kara (Laura Vandervoort), but decides that there is nothing for him in Smallville without Lana, so he heads to the Fortress of Solitude to begin training as a superhero. Once there, Jor-El tells him Kara's father is evil and she is dangerous, so Clark must return to Smallville. read more

Bizarro Season 7, Episode 1

As the seventh season begins, Clark faces his most deadly enemy---his Bizarro doppelganger---after Lex's secret lab at Reeves dam is destroyed; Lex is saved from drowning by a mysterious female savior, but his past catches up with him. John Jones: Phil Morris. read more

Phantom Season 6, Episode 22

In the sixth-series finale, Clark learns how Lionel got Lana to marry his son; Lana tells Lex that it's over; Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) helps Clark stop Lex from finding the last Phantom Zone wraith, hoping to keep him from building his army of super soldiers; and Lois gets into serious trouble when she tries to investigate the secret lab. read more

Prototype Season 6, Episode 21

Lex's secret efforts to use DNA from meteor freaks to turn Wes Keenan (Tahmoh Penikett) into a "super soldier" may be exposed by a corrupt senator (Alan C. Peterson), so Lex sends Wes to kill him, but Lois sees everything and becomes Wes' next target. read more

Noir Season 6, Episode 20

Lana is shot after secretly meeting with Lionel at the Daily Planet. As Jimmy studies photos of the scene, he's knocked unconscious and dreams of a 1940s version of Smallville. Meanwhile, Clark discovers why Lana married Lex. read more

Nemesis Season 6, Episode 19

Lex and Clark are trapped in an underground maze that's rigged with explosives, and the two reveal secrets about each other that were best left unsaid. Jodi: Emily Holmes. read more

Progeny Season 6, Episode 18

Chloe discovers she's being manipulated by someone with meteor-enhanced abilities. Meanwhile, Lana laments the loss of her child; and Chloe's mother (Lynda Carter) is the subject of an experiment by Lex. read more

Combat Season 6, Episode 17

A Zoner called Titan (Kane) turns up in a secret fight club that broadcasts its battles on the Internet. When Lois investigates, she's kidnapped and forced to participate, and Clark's attempt to save her sparks a surprising turnaround. Athena: Ashley. read more

Promise Season 6, Episode 16

On the day of Lex and Lana's wedding, Lex receives a call from Dr. Langston (Fred Henderson), who threatens him; Lana has second thoughts; and Clark decides he should tell Lana his secret. read more

Freak Season 6, Episode 15

Clark and Chloe discover that a young man (Greyston Holt) who was blinded in the meteor shower and has the ability to identify "meteor freaks" is being used by Lex to locate others with unusual abilities so Lex can experiment on them. Michael Rosenbaum directed the episode. read more

Trespass Season 6, Episode 14

A revealing photograph of Lana is sent to her, making her realize that she's being stalked; Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) breaks up with Chloe, forcing her to reevaluate her feelings about Clark. read more

Crimson Season 6, Episode 13

It's Valentine's Day in Smallville, where love blooms and hearts are broken, but not for the usual reasons---red kryptonite is infused into cosmetics, and that makes Lois and Clark a little crazy. read more

Labyrinth Season 6, Episode 12

Clark finds himself trapped in a strange alternate reality, where he is stripped of his powers and under observation at an insane asylum, about to undergo a procedure. John: Phil Morris. read more

Justice Season 6, Episode 11

The Green Arrow, Impulse, Aquaman and Cyborg try to destroy LuthorCorp's secret laboratory, but Impulse (Kyle Gallner) is captured and tortured by Lex, prompting the others to join forces as a team to rescue him. Green Arrow: Justin Hartley. Aquaman: Alan Ritchson. Cyborg: Lee Thompson Young. read more

Hydro Season 6, Episode 10

The Planet's gossip columnist, Linda Lake (Tori Spelling), makes life miserable for Lana, Lex, Chloe and Clark; Lois begins to suspect a connection between Oliver and the Green Arrow; and Lex drops a bombshell on Clark. read more

Subterranean Season 6, Episode 9

An illegal immigrant from the nearby McNally farm seeks help from Clark, who soon discovers a sinister secret buried in the farm's cornfield, which had been bombarded during the last meteor shower. read more

Static Season 6, Episode 8

Lex disappears in front of Lana's eyes but nobody, including Lionel and Lex's security team, seems to believe her; Clark finds another refugee (Batista) from the Phantom Zone---and this one eats human bones. Bronson: Elias Toufexis. read more

Rage Season 6, Episode 7

Lex is covertly involved in the production of an experimental drug that Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) is taking. It gives Oliver superhuman powers to heal himself, but the side effects prove dangerous. read more

Fallout Season 6, Episode 6

Clark and Raya (Pascale Hutton) face another escapee from the Phantom Zone, Baern (Bow Wow), who knows the secret of the Kryptonian Black Box and will be unstoppable if he accesses its power. read more

Reunion Season 6, Episode 5

An old prep-school incident involving the apparent death of a schoolmate returns to haunt Lex and Oliver (Justin Hartley), and the consequences could be deadly. Duncan: Bryce Hodgson. read more

Arrow Season 6, Episode 4

The Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) draws the attention of Lois after she sees him steal a rare diamond necklace off Martha's neck; Clark discovers Oliver Queen's secret; Lex mends fences with his father to test Lana's loyalty. read more

Wither Season 6, Episode 3

A guilt-ridden Lex throws a charity ball for the town and hires the All-American Rejects to perform; Clark and Chloe pursue a creature who uses male human bodies to spawn, and the hunt intensifies after the creature abducts Jimmy Olsen; Lois reluctantly agrees to go with Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) to Lex's ball. read more

Sneeze Season 6, Episode 2

Clark thinks he's developed a cold, but it turns out to be a symptom of a new superpower; Lois gets a job at the Inquisitor, a local tabloid; Lana moves in with Lex, who suspects someone is stalking him. read more

Zod Season 6, Episode 1

Clark is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, deprived of his powers. Meanwhile, Lex/Zod keeps Lana captive so she can sire him an heir; Lois and Martha crash near the Fortress of Solitude, where Jor-El tells Martha how to kill Zod; and Chloe reunites with Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore). read more

Vessel Season 5, Episode 22

Clark's Kryptonian origins sow seeds of sorrow and destruction on Earth as forces affecting Lex, Lionel, Lana and Clark are set in motion, culminating in the moment for which all his trials have prepared him. read more

Oracle Season 5, Episode 21

Suspicions about Lionel Luthor's intentions are raised when Clark and Martha receive ghostly visits from Jonathan, who tells them that Lionel must die. Meanwhile, Lex's trust in Milton Fine is taxed when Fine demands the vaccine. read more

Fade Season 5, Episode 20

Clark saves the life of Graham, a hit man with very unusual skills who is determined to repay the favor by eliminating Lex so Clark can win back Lana. read more

Mercy Season 5, Episode 19

Lionel Luthor finds himself the victim of a mysterious tormentor (Ian Tracey) who uses a series of life-or-death riddles and puzzles that eventually pit Lionel against Martha Kent. read more

Fragile Season 5, Episode 18

A little girl who possesses telekinetic powers is befriended by Clark, who discovers the talent runs in her family and is tied to the first meteor shower; Lex and Lana get closer and Chloe doesn't like it. Tom Welling directed this episode. read more

Void Season 5, Episode 17

Lana gets hooked on a dangerous serum made of green kryptonite; Clark searches for Prof. Fine in Honduras, and discovers Lionel knows his secret. Fine: James Marsters. read more

Hypnotic Season 5, Episode 16

Clark is manipulated by Simone, who possesses a magical, hypnotic jewel that makes him love her. Meanwhile, Dr. Fine (James Marsters) reappears in Honduras, and Lex is on his trail. read more

Cyborg Season 5, Episode 15

Clark befriends Victor (Lee Thompson Young), the unwilling victim of a cybernetics experiment at LuthorCorp, but Lex wants him back. Meanwhile, Martha may be the target of blackmail. read more

Tomb Season 5, Episode 14

When a young girl's body is found hidden behind a wall of the Talon, Chloe begins acting weird and Lois goes on the trail of the girl's murderer, who turns out to be a serial killer who has been preying on Smallville girls for 10 years. read more

Vengeance Season 5, Episode 13

A mysterious female vigilante (Denise QuiƱones) stalks the Suicide Slums, and her path crosses Clark's as they both seek the same criminal; meanwhile, LuthorCorp experiences a shakeup. read more

Reckoning Season 5, Episode 12

The results of the election are revealed, and Clark returns to the Fortress of Solitude to appeal to Jor-El. read more

Lockdown Season 5, Episode 11

Lex and Lana are at the mercy of a deranged Smallville deputy (Kevin Daniels) who plans to keep them captive until Lex reveals the location of the Kryptonian spaceship. Meanwhile, the Kents can't see eye-to-eye on campaign financing. Harris: Sarah Lind. Psychiatrist: Michael Ryan. read more

Fanatic Season 5, Episode 10

One of the volunteers on Lex's campaign staff is far too devoted to the cause, and takes matters into her own hands, hatching a scheme that even shocks Lex. Meanwhile, Martha makes a deal with Lionel. read more

Commencement; Arrival

The town is evacuated on graduation day in preparation for an impending meteor shower, and Jor-El warns Clark that the entire planet is in danger if the three sacred stones aren't reunited. Also: Clark's Fortress of Solitude is created, and Chloe tells Clark that she knows about his abilities. read more

Lexmas Season 5, Episode 9

Lex is shot by muggers on Christmas Eve and, while unconscious, dreams that he has become a middle-class family man who's happily married to Lana. Meanwhile, Clark plays Santa Claus to underprivileged youngsters and, in so doing, impresses a depressed sidewalk Santa. read more

Solitude Season 5, Episode 8

When Martha is struck by a mysterious flash of light, Clark thinks it may have something to do with Jor-El's prediction that he'll lose someone close to him. He turns to Professor Fine for answers and is told that his mother only has a few hours to live. read more

Splinter Season 5, Episode 7

After Clark is pricked by a splinter of silver kryptonite, he becomes paranoid and thinks that everyone is conspiring against him---including his family and friends. Elsewhere, Lex asks Lana to help him uncover the secrets of the crashed spaceship. read more

Exposed Season 5, Episode 6

Tom Wopat makes a guest appearance as a state senator---and old friend of the Kents---who is linked to the murder of an exotic dancer (Sarah Mutch). The woman told Chloe she had a big story, but was killed before she could pass on any details. Andre: Woody Jeffreys. read more

Thirst Season 5, Episode 5

Lana pledges a sorority, unaware that its members are vampires. Elsewhere, Chloe sets out to impress the Daily Planet's editor-in-chief (Carrie Fisher); and Lex threatens to have Prof. Fine (James Marsters) fired if he continues to research LuthorCorp. read more

Aqua Season 5, Episode 4

Arthur Curry (Alan Ritchson), better known as Aquaman, arrives in town to destroy a new sonar weapon designed by LuthorCorp. Meanwhile, Clark meets Prof. Milton Fine (James Marsters), a.k.a. Brainiac. read more

Hidden Season 5, Episode 3

Clark is shot and Chloe is kidnapped by a computer wiz who has programmed a missile to annihilate Smallville in hopes of ridding the world of the town's "meteor freaks." Elsewhere, Lex questions Lana about the spaceship she saw. Gabriel: Johnny Lewis. read more

Mortal Season 5, Episode 2

Clark is forced to steal a serum from a heavily guarded LuthorCorp research facility by three superhuman Belle Reve escapees who are holding Lana and his parents captive. read more

Arrival Season 5, Episode 1

Two superpowered Kryptonian villains arrive as the town struggles to recover from the meteor shower. Elsewhere, Clark's Fortress of Solitude is created, and Chloe tells Clark that she knows about his abilities. read more

Commencement Season 4, Episode 22

The town is evacuated on graduation day in preparation for an impending meteor shower, and Jor-El warns Clark that the entire planet is in danger if the three sacred stones aren't reunited. read more

Forever Season 4, Episode 21

A teen (Steven Grayhm) who has the power to turn people into stone wants to stay in high school forever, so he keeps students captive in a fake school that's built to look like Smallville High. Elsewhere, Genevieve and Jason threaten to kill Lex if Lionel doesn't give up the sacred stone. read more

Ageless Season 4, Episode 20

Lana and Clark take care of a baby they find in a crater and are shocked when he ages seven years right in front of their eyes. They then turn to Lex for help, hoping LuthorCorp labs can find a way to curtail the child's growth. Elsewhere, Genevieve confronts Lionel about the missing sacred stone. read more

Blank Season 4, Episode 19

Clark's entire memory ends up getting erased when he confronts a thief who has a kryptonite-based ability to wipe out people's short-term memories. As Clark learns about his life, he's shocked to discover that he has superpowers. read more

Spirit Season 4, Episode 18

On the night before the prom, a popular student crashes her car into a kryptonite-filled ravine and her spirit ends up taking over other people's bodies. Elsewhere, the body of Dr. Swann's assistant, Bridgette Crosby, is found in a shallow grave on Lex's property, and Jason accuses Lex of killing her. Lifehouse performs at the dance. read more

Onyx Season 4, Episode 17

A kryptonite-based explosion at the Luthorcorp lab creates an evil clone of Lex, and the sinister twin tries to prevent the process from being reversed by taking drastic measures, which include imprisoning Lex in the basement of his own mansion. read more

Lucy Season 4, Episode 16

Lois's younger sister, Lucy (Peyton List), arrives in town, and Clark learns that she has a shady past when he catches her stealing money from the Talon's register. Also, the ancient stone is taken from Lana's apartment, and Jason suspects Lionel. read more

Sacred Season 4, Episode 15

The day after Dr. Swann dies, Clark receives a note from the professor leading him to a message from Jor-El that instructs him to find two sacred stones. Meanwhile, Jason and Lex are in China on a related mission; and Lana learns that the witch Isobel has been trying to find the stones by using her as a vessel. read more

Krypto Season 4, Episode 14

Clark takes in a dog with superpowers after Lois accidentally hits the pooch with her car. While looking for its owner, he discovers the dog was part of a LuthorCorp experiment and was being used to commit crimes. Elsewhere, Genevieve (Jane Seymour) is revealed to be the person who helped free Lionel from prison. read more

Recruit Season 4, Episode 13

Lois is arrested for severely injuring a Metropolis University football player who harassed her. Meanwhile, Clark visits the school on a recruiting trip and discovers scandalous activity involving the team; Jason takes Lex up on his job offer, which entails spying on Lana and Genevieve. Geoff: Chris Carmack. Lois: Erica Durance. read more

Pariah Season 4, Episode 12

Lana is attacked at her apartment and Alicia (Sarah Carter) is the prime suspect. Clark believes she's innocent, but later has to accept that she may be guilty when the culprit attacks Jason and leaves one of Alicia's scarves behind. Genevieve: Jane Seymour. read more

Unsafe Season 4, Episode 11

A teen (Sarah Carter) with teleportation abilities who was obsessed with Clark is released from the Belle Reve asylum and tracks him down. Though apparently reformed, she manipulates Clark's feelings for her using red kryptonite. Meanwhile, Lionel tries to convince Lex that he's a changed man; and Lana confronts Jason about the breakup. read more

Covenant; Crusade

A mysterious stranger (Adrianne Palicki) with powers similar to Clark's shows up at the Kent farm and tells the Teen of Steel that she's from Krypton and was sent to bring him home. Later, Lois Lane (Erica Durance) arrives in town; and Lana finds a new beau (Jensen Ackles) while on her trip to Paris. Bridgette Crosby: Margot Kidder. read more

Scare Season 4, Episode 10

The town's residents are infected by a toxin that causes unconsciousness and horrific nightmares when the LuthorCorp plant loses control of the dangerous substance. Meanwhile, Lionel's conviction is overturned, but he feels he deserves to stay in prison. read more

Bound Season 4, Episode 9

Lana meets Jason's mom (Jane Seymour) and is surprised to discover that she looks like a woman from a dream she had about Isobel, the 17th-century witch who possessed her. Elsewhere, Lex is the prime suspect in a murder case after he wakes up next to the body of a slain woman. read more

Spell Season 4, Episode 8

Lana, Lois and Chloe are possessed by the spirits of witches who were burned at the stake in the 17th century. Later, the girls crash a surprise party for Chloe at the Kent farm and use a spell to turn the event into a raucous affair. Making matters worse, a Princeton recruiter visits Clark the night of the party. read more

Jinx Season 4, Episode 7

Clark accidentally injures another player when foreign-exchange student Mikail Mxyzptlk (Trent Ford) uses a form of telepathy to make him trip during a big game. As a result, Jonathan wants Clark to quit the team before he hurts anyone else, and Jason suspects Clark is using steroids. read more

Transference Season 4, Episode 6

Clark switches bodies with Lionel after Clark interferes with the exchange of a Kryptonian stone that was meant for an unsuspecting Lex. Consequently, Clark takes Lionel's place in prison, while Lionel takes advantage of his newfound freedom---and superhuman abilities. Bridgette: Margot Kidder. read more

Run Season 4, Episode 5

After a boy (Kyle Gallner) with superhuman speed saves Jonathan---and steals his wallet---Clark tracks him down and discovers he's a homeless kid who uses his powers to commit petty crimes. Also, Lex acquires an ancient manuscript with Kryptonian symbols, and Clark learns that it contains a mysterious map; Jason (Jensen Ackles) discovers Lana's tattoo. read more

Devoted Season 4, Episode 4

When two cheerleaders develop a love potion that arouses feelings of extreme devotion and jealousy, it causes a football player to attack Jason for "checking out" his girlfriend and prompts Chloe to hit on Clark. Also: Clark is made starting quarterback, a promotion that doesn't sit well with his new teammates; and Lex donates new uniforms to the team, but Clark is put off by the gesture, which he takes as an attempt to buy back his friendship. Jason: Jensen Ackles. Lois: Erica Durance. read more

Facade Season 4, Episode 3

Clark tries out for football again and learns that Jason is the new assistant coach---but Clark doesn't know Jason is also Lana's boyfriend. Meanwhile, a student gets a bizarre makeover with a dangerous side effect that gives her the power to alter the way others see themselves; Lois enrolls at Smallville High for a semester after she finds out she's a few credits shy of graduating; and Martha takes a managing job at the Talon. Jason: Jensen Ackles. Abigail: Brianna Lynn Brown. read more

Gone Season 4, Episode 2

Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark go to the safe house to investigate Chloe's death and end up running from military men. Later, Lois returns to her cousin's grave and discovers her casket is empty, but she has little time to react before she's attacked by an unusual being. Gen. Lane: Michael Ironside. read more

Crusade Season 4, Episode 1

Lois Lane (Erica Durance) arrives in town to investigate her cousin Chloe's death and discovers an amnesiac Clark in a cornfield after she veers off the road during a storm. Lois takes him to the hospital and meets Martha, who's busy keeping watch over a severely injured Jonathan. Elsewhere, Lana finds a new beau (Jensen Ackles) in Paris; Clark discovers a new superpower; and Lex needs blood treatments to help keep him alive. Bridgette Crosby: Margot Kidder. read more

Covenant Season 3, Episode 22

A mysterious stranger (Adrianne Palicki) with powers similar to Clark's arrives at the Kent farm and tells the Teen of Steel that she's from Krypton and was sent to bring him home. Elsewhere, Lana says her goodbyes before her trip to Paris; and Lionel, who's locked in a prison cell, prepares for his day in court. Agent Loder: Gary Hudson. read more

Forsaken Season 3, Episode 21

Clark decides to reveal his secret to Lana, hoping his show of trust will persuade her not to leave Smallville, but before he can tell her, she is kidnapped by a childhood friend who has developed the ability to pass through objects. Meanwhile, Lionel learns that Lex is working with the FBI. Agent Frank Loder: Gary Hudson. Emily: Amber Rothwell. read more

Talisman Season 3, Episode 20

A Kawatche grad student (Nathaniel Arcand) gets superpowers similar to Clark's when he picks up an ancient knife found in the Indian caves. Elsewhere, Lana and Chloe plan a surprise birthday party for Clark at Lex's mansion; and Lex wants to sell the Talon. Prof. Willowbrook: Gordon Tootoosis. read more

Memoria Season 3, Episode 19

Lex undergoes a series of experimental procedures with Dr. Garner (Martin Cummins) to try and retrieve the memories he lost while he was delusional. Elsewhere, Lana is accepted to art school in Paris, but she has to find a way to pay for it. read more

Truth Season 3, Episode 18

A chemical accident at the LuthorCorp plant gives Chloe the ability to make people tell her the truth. When Lionel learns of Chloe's new power, he tries to exploit it by forcing her to uncover Clark's secrets. read more

Legacy Season 3, Episode 17

Lionel makes a deal with Dr. Virgil Swann (Christopher Reeve), hoping to uncover the secrets behind the Indian cave drawings. Elsewhere, Jonathan continues to struggle with his own mortality; and Lex works as an informant for the FBI against his will. read more

Crisis Season 3, Episode 16

Clark gets a panicked phone call from Lana in which he hears her being killed. When he finds out the call is from the future, he tries to change the present, hoping to alter fate. Elsewhere, Lex tells his dad he wants to be in charge of the "resurrection serum" project. read more

Resurrection Season 3, Episode 15

Clark befriends a teen (James Kirk) whose brother is mysteriously raised from the dead after succumbing to liver disease. Also: Jonathan learns he must undergo triple-bypass surgery. Vince: Tahmoh Penikett. read more

Obsession Season 3, Episode 14

A student (Sarah Carter) who has the ability to teleport herself---as well as anything she touches---develops a crush on Clark after he reveals his own powers while saving her from an elevator mishap. Elsewhere, Lana learns Adam has been keeping a daily log on her and Clark and threatens to have him evicted. read more

Velocity Season 3, Episode 13

Pete gets in over his head when he gets involved in illegal street racing using Kryptonite-fueled cars; Lana confronts Adam about his mysterious past; and Chloe continues to secretly investigate Adam's background. read more

Hereafter Season 3, Episode 12

Clark befriends a teen who has uncontrollable premonitions about the future whenever he comes into contact with other people. Elsewhere, Lana grows more suspicious of Adam after he has a series of violent dreams. Adam: Ian Somerhalder. read more

Delete Season 3, Episode 11

Clark and Lana unwillingly attack Chloe on separate occasions after being hypnotized by subliminal e-mail messages. In other events, Lana grows suspicious of Adam (Ian Somerhalder) after he reveals his unusually adept martial-arts skills. read more

Whisper Season 3, Episode 10

Clark loses his sight and gains superhuman hearing, which he can't control, when he attempts to stop a jewelry-store robbery involving a teen with a powerful scream. Also, Clark learns that Chloe did research on him for Lionel; Pete is kidnapped. read more

Asylum Season 3, Episode 9

Clark tries to prove Lex's sanity and prevent Lionel from forcing electroshock therapy on his son. Also, Lana meets a mysterious guy (Ian Somerhalder) in the hospital while recovering from her injuries; and Clark runs into former enemies who plan to steal his strength. read more

Shattered Season 3, Episode 8

Lex tells Clark that assassins tried to kill him and that he recently met with the presumed-dead Morgan Edge (Patrick Bergin), but Clark is skeptical of his claims since Lex has been having trouble separating reality from paranoid delusions. read more

Magnetic Season 3, Episode 7

Lana's sudden attraction to a teen (Kevin Zegers) with magnetic powers arouses Clark's suspicions that the boy is able to control her mind. Elsewhere, Lex confronts Chloe about her past investigations of his father. Featured is a performance by recording artist Josh Kelley. read more

Relic Season 3, Episode 6

After Clark sees visions of a 40-year-old murder involving Lana's great-aunt and great-uncle, he begins an investigation into the past that reveals secrets about his Kryptonian family history. Dexter McCallum: Tom Heaton. read more

Perry Season 3, Episode 5

The future Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White (Michael McKean), who's working as a tabloid TV reporter researching meteor phenomena, suspects Clark has super abilities after he's rescued by the teen. Meanwhile, Clark has trouble controlling his powers. read more

Slumber Season 3, Episode 4

Clark has a dream that his new neighbor, whom he hasn't met, is being haunted by a mysterious demon-like figure. Lionel: John Glover. read more

Extinction Season 3, Episode 3

A teenager is hunting down Smallville residents who were altered by kryptonite rocks, and he inadvertently discovers Clark's abilities when the boy of steel saves Lex from being the hunter's next victim. read more

Phoenix Season 3, Episode 2

In the conclusion, crime boss Morgan Edge (Rutger Hauer) tracks down Clark to get the package he took from LuthorCorp. Elsewhere, Lex confronts Helen about what really happened the night his plane crashed. Helen: Emmanuelle Vaugier. read more

Exile Season 3, Episode 1

Part 1 of two. Clark, who was last seen donning a red-kryptonite ring and fleeing to Metropolis on a motorcycle, faces pressure to return home. Also: Lex's fate is revealed. Morgan Edge: Rutger Hauer. read more

Exodus Season 2, Episode 23

The conclusion of a two-part episode in which Clark learns the mysterious voice calling to him belongs to his Kryptonian father, who tells him to leave Smallville to prepare for his role as Earth's ruler. Meanwhile, Lex's wedding is jeopardized when he makes a confession to Helen (Emmanuelle Vaugier) that causes her to question their entire relationship. Lionel Luthor: John Glover. read more

Calling Season 2, Episode 22

Part 1 of two. Clark kisses Lana, then he hears a cryptic message from an unknown source that matches the ranting of a crazed linguist who was injured by a Kryptonian energy beam while inspecting the cave. Elsewhere, someone breaks into Helen's office and steals a sample of Clark's blood. Dr. Walden: Rob Labelle. Helen: Emmanuelle Vaugier. Lionel Luthor: John Glover. read more

Accelerate Season 2, Episode 21

Lana thinks she sees the ghost of a childhood friend who died years before when she's visited by a 10-year-old girl (Jodelle Micah Ferland), so Clark sets out to find a logical explanation for the incidents. In other developments, Lex prepares for his wedding by meeting with an event coordinator; and Jonathan begins building a crib in anticipation of the new baby. read more

Witness Season 2, Episode 20

Clark witnesses a popular Smallville baseball player steal a shipment of refined kryptonite from a LuthorCorp truck to enhance his athletic abilities. Meanwhile, Lana's relationship with her father improves, while Clark's friendship with Chloe deteriorates. Chloe: Allison Mack. read more

Precipice Season 2, Episode 19

Clark is arrested and his family faces a civil lawsuit after the teen defends Lana by hurling an unruly college student onto the hood of an oncoming police car. Elsewhere, Helen's former boyfriend arrives in Smallville and causes trouble for Lex by filing a false assault charge against him. Helen: Emmanuelle Vaugier. Clark: Tom Welling. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Visitor Season 2, Episode 18

Clark thinks an awkward new student who claims to be an extraterrestrial might be telling the truth after he sees the teen start a fire with his eyes and heal a sick horse with his touch. Meanwhile, Lex's lovelife heats up when he asks Helen to move into the mansion with him. Cyrus: Jeremy Lelliott. Helen: Emmanuel Vaugier. Clark: Tom Welling. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Rosetta Season 2, Episode 17

After seeing a newspaper photo of a Kryptonian symbol burned into the side of the Kents' farmhouse, a reclusive physicist (Christopher Reeve) takes an interest in Clark and offers the teen information on his alien origins. Meanwhile, Chloe catches Lana looking through private files on her computer. Clark: Tom Welling. Chloe: Allison Mack. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Fever Season 2, Episode 16

Martha is hospitalized after becoming seriously ill from exposure to kryptonite spores in the Kent's storm cellar, and Jonathan learns there are complications. Meanwhile, Lex's girlfriend is offered a lucrative position at a hospital far away from Smallville. Martha: Annette O'Toole. Jonathan: John Schneider. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Prodigal Season 2, Episode 15

Lex finds his long-lost brother, Lucas (Paul Wasilewski), and tries to persuade his sibling to help him stage a financial coup against their father. Unfortunately, Lex's plan backfires. Meanwhile, Clark applies for a position at Lana's coffee shop. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Clark: Tom Welling. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Rush Season 2, Episode 14

A strange parasite invades Pete's body and feeds on the teen's adrenal glands, causing him to shake off his inhibitions and engage in wild and dangerous behavior. Meanwhile, Clark gathers his courage and asks Lana for a date, which she eagerly accepts. Pete: Sam Jones III. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Suspect Season 2, Episode 13

Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is shot by an unknown assailant and Jonathan Kent is arrested for the crime after the police find him with a gun and a bottle of tequila. Meanwhile, Lex does some digging of his own and begins to suspect that someone else pulled the trigger, but his reluctance to share this information leads to a clash with Clark. Jonathan: John Schneider. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Insurgence Season 2, Episode 12

Lex hires goons to plant listening devices in his father's Metropolis office, but things go awry when the thugs decide to rob the tycoon's vault instead and end up taking two hostages: Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent. Meanwhile, Lana learns that her biological father's wife has agreed to meet with her, but the encounter proves to be a tense one. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Lionel: John Glover. Martha: Annette O'Toole. read more

Visage Season 2, Episode 11

One of Clark's former adversaries returns to Smallville and causes a rift between Lana and Clark. Elsewhere, Lex accuses a woman he's dating of spying on him for Lionel Luthor. Clark: Tom Welling. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Tempest; Vortex

A twister heads toward Smallville on the night of the high school's prom; Lionel Luthor (John Glover) announces plans to close the LuthorCorp plant in town. Elsewhere, Whitney surprises Lana by enlisting in the Marines. The episode features a performance by the band Remy Zero. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Chloe: Allison Mack. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Skinwalker Season 2, Episode 10

Clark meets a Native American girl in a cave and discovers drawings on the walls from the girl's ancestors that tell a tale mirroring Clark's arrival in Smallville during a meteor shower. Meanwhile, Lana learns the results of a DNA test that could prove her kinship to Henry Small. Clark: Tom Welling. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Dichotic Season 2, Episode 9

A Smallville honor student (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) who can clone himself at will kills a teacher to avoid a bad grade, then develops a romantic interest in Chloe and Lana. Meanwhile, Martha feels guilty about her career choices after Jonathan is injured in an accident on the Kent farm while she is at work. Chloe: Allison Mack. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Ryan Season 2, Episode 8

Clark rescues a teenage mind reader (Ryan Kelley) from a laboratory where a maniacal scientist performs cruel cognitive experiments on the youngster. Meanwhile, Lex crosses swords with the corrupt mayor (William B. Davis) of Smallville over a potential business deal. Ryan: Ryan Kelley. Clark: Tom Welling. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Chloe: Allison Mack. read more

Lineage Season 2, Episode 7

A woman (Blair Brown) arrives in Smallville and tells Clark that she's his biological mother and informs Lex that Lionel is the father. Plus, she wants Clark to take a DNA test to confirm her story. Meanwhile, Lana decides to meet the man who could be her biological father. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. Chloe: Allison Mack. read more

Redux Season 2, Episode 6

Family secrets abound as Martha goes behind Jonathan's back to ask her father for money after the family's bills pile up; and Lana finds pictures of her mother with another man that were taken after her parents were married. Meanwhile, a healthy high-school student dies of old age shortly after kissing his girlfriend; and Clark has a run-in with the new school principal. Martha: Annette O'Toole. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Jonathan: John Schneider. read more

Nocturne Season 2, Episode 5

A teen who is kept locked in the basement of his parents' house during the day sneaks out at night and leaves love letters for Lana at her parents' graves. Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor hires Clark's mother as his personal assistant. Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Red Season 2, Episode 4

Clark's behavior radically changes after getting his school ring, which has a red kryptonite stone in the setting. His reckless conduct threatens the safety of his family and friends. Meanwhile, a new student at Smallville High is hunted by a psychotic U.S. marshal. Ted Palmer: Michael Tomlinson. Jessie: Sara Downing. Kyle: Geoff Clements. Clark: Tom Welling. Jonathan: John Schneider. Pete: Sam Jones III. read more

Duplicity Season 2, Episode 3

Clark tells Pete about his extraterrestrial powers after Pete finds Clark's spaceship and insists on hiding it in a shed in his own yard, but the craft is soon stolen by a scientist. Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor claims he wants to spend more time with Lex; and Lana is suspicious of her aunt's new boyfriend. Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Pete: Sam Jones III. Clark: Tom Welling. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Heat Season 2, Episode 2

Lex impulsively marries a woman two weeks after he meets her, unknowingly moved by her ability to control a man's mind by emitting a kind of pheromone mist. He's also unaware that she plans to kill him so that she can inherit his fortune. Elsewhere, Clark has trouble controlling his newest power---heat vision. Desiree Atkins: Krista Allen. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Clark: Tom Welling. Chloe: Allison Mack. read more

Vortex Season 2, Episode 1

Clark rescues Lana from a destructive twister that tears through town, but his good fortune is short-lived as he discovers that his dad is missing. Meanwhile, Lex's hesitation in a moment of crisis leads to serious injuries to his own father. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Tempest Season 1, Episode 21

Lionel Luthor (John Glover) announces plans to close the LutherCorp plant in Smallville, but Lex won't let his father shut it down without a fight. Meanwhile, Chloe tells Clark that she and her father may have to move back to Metropolis so her dad can find a new job; and Whitney surprises Lana by enlisting in the Marines. The episode features a performance by the band Remy Zero. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Chloe: Allison Mack. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Obscura Season 1, Episode 20

A head injury gives Lana the ability to see through the eyes of a kidnapper who abducts Chloe and keeps her bound and blindfolded in a dark room filled with giant teddy bears. Meanwhile, an ambitious newspaper reporter provides Lex with new information about the meteor shower. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Chloe: Allison Mack. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Crush Season 1, Episode 19

Clark finally learns that Chloe has a crush on him and he begins to question how he feels about her. But his indecisiveness leads to her interest in another student, an artist with telekinetic abilities whose hands were damaged in a car accident. Justin: Adam Brody. Chloe: Allison Mack. Clark: Tom Welling. Pete: Sam Jones III. read more

Drone Season 1, Episode 18

Clark decides to run for class president after Pete nominates him, but the teen faces off against a candidate with the secret ability to control a swarm of killer bees. Meanwhile, a Metropolis newspaper reporter sets out to write an exclusive feature on Lex, against the billionaire's wishes. Clark: Tom Welling. Pete: Sam Jones III. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Reaper Season 1, Episode 17

A fall from a tall building embeds a kryptonite fragment into a man's arm, and he develops the ability to burn his victims to death with his bare hands. Meanwhile, Clark dreads going on a yearly fishing trip with Jonathan and he tells him so in a fit of anger. Clark: Tom Welling. Jonathan: John Schneider. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Stray Season 1, Episode 16

The Kents take in a mysterious youngster who can read minds, after he is accidentally struck by their pickup truck while fleeing from a murderous thief. Meanwhile, Lionel Luther offers Lex a job in Metropolis, but Lex is skeptical of his father's generosity. Ryan: Ryan Kelley. Jonathan: John Schneider. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Nicodemus Season 1, Episode 15

Jonathan is unknowingly poisoned by the pollen of a stolen plant that was created with the DNA of an extinct flower, and he begins to act erratically as he becomes increasingly ill. Meanwhile, the scientist who created the plant tries to recover the purloined posy. Jonathan: John Schneider. Martha: Annette O'Toole. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Zero Season 1, Episode 14

Lex learns that a man he thought was killed in a violent altercation three years before in Metropolis has arrived in Smallville determined to settle the score. Meanwhile, Clark is unnerved by a school assignment that has Chloe digging into his past. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Chloe: Allison Mack. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Kinetic Season 1, Episode 13

Chloe (Allison Mack) is seriously injured during a robbery at Lex's mansion that is perpetrated by three masked young men who can pass through walls. Meanwhile, Whitney's personal problems make him a target for the three bandits. Whitney: Eric Johnson. Clark: Tom Welling. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Leech Season 1, Episode 12

Clark's superpowers are transferred to a fellow student after a bolt of lightning strikes the future Man of Steel (Tom Welling) while trying to rescue the awkward teen during a class trip. Meanwhile, Lana learns that her aunt is selling the family movie theater, which is of sentimental value to her. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Chloe: Allison Mack. read more

Hug Season 1, Episode 11

A crooked businessman who can get people to do whatever he wants by touching their hands sets out to buy the Kent farm so he can build an industrial plant in Smallville. Meanwhile, Clark and Lana argue over a physical confrontation between Whitney and a town hermit. Whitney: Eric Johnson. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Shimmer Season 1, Episode 10

A teen whose family lives and works in the Luthor mansion has a crush on Lex, and her jealousy of the tycoon's new girlfriend brings forth vandalism by an invisible perpetrator. Meanwhile, Clark volunteers to work with Lana on a school blood drive after she and Whitney have a fight. Victoria: Kelly Brook. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Rogue Season 1, Episode 9

A corrupt Metropolis police detective sees Clark stop an out-of-control bus barreling toward a homeless man, and the cop threatens to expose the teen's secret unless he does what the lawman wants. Meanwhile, a rich old flame visits Lex and asks him to reconsider his position in his father's company. Victoria: Kelly Brook. Sam Phelan: Cameron Dye. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Clark: Tom Welling. read more

Jitters Season 1, Episode 8

An old Kent family friend, who suffers from uncontrollably violent convulsions after working for Luthor Corp., shows up at the farm after accidentally killing a man in Metropolis. Meanwhile, when Clark's parents head to the city for a romantic getaway, the teen decides to host a party that soon gets out of hand. Earl: Tony Todd. Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Clark: Tom Welling. Chloe: Allison Mack. Pete: Sam Jones III. read more

Craving Season 1, Episode 7

An overweight teen becomes excessively thin after eating vegetables tainted with kryptonite, but she also develops a voracious appetite for food---including human flesh. Meanwhile, Clark ponders what to get Lana for her birthday; Whitney gets a tryout for a college football team; and Lex learns some disturbing news about his health. Jodi: Amy Adams. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Whitney: Eric Johnson. Pete: Sam Jones III. read more

Hourglass Season 1, Episode 6

Clark volunteers at a nursing home, where he meets a blind woman who claims that she can see the future---and that someone close to him will die soon. Meanwhile, another resident of the home regains his youth after falling into a lake lined with kryptonite, and he sets out to kill the descendants of jurors who convicted him of murder when he was young. read more

Cool Season 1, Episode 5

After falling through the ice and nearly drowning, a teen finds that he cannot keep himself warm without extracting heat from an outside source---mainly other people. Meanwhile, Lex persuades Clark to ask Lana out on a platonic date. Sean: Michael Coristine. Clark: Tom Welling. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

X-Ray Season 1, Episode 4

Clark battles intense headaches as he tries to adjust to his emerging power of X-ray vision, an ability that he cannot control. Also, Lex is framed for an armed robbery by a teenage girl who can take on the appearance of anyone she chooses. Elsewhere, Lana finds her mother's journal and accuses her aunt of lying to her. Clark: Tom Welling. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Hothead Season 1, Episode 3

The Smallville High School football coach asks Clark to join the squad, something Jonathan fears may jeopardize the teen's secret and the safety of the other players. What Clark doesn't know is that the coach has some powers up his sleeve as well, and he's using them to cover up a cheating scandal involving his players. Elsewhere, Lex faces off against his father over business practices; and Lana quits the cheerleading squad. Clark: Tom Welling. Jonathan: John Schneider. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. read more

Pilot; Metamorphosis

In the series pilot, teenager Clark Kent saves the life of Lex Luthor after a car accident. Then a bug-loving boy (Chad E. Donella) is infused with superpowers after a bizarre accident, and he sets out to steal Lana's heart and dispose of her current boyfriend. Clark Kent: Tom Welling. Lex Luthor: Michael Rosenbaum. Jonathan Kent: John Schneider. Martha Kent: Annette O'Toole. Lana Lang: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Metamorphosis Season 1, Episode 2

A bug-loving teen (Chad E. Donella) is infused with superpowers after a bizarre accident, and the boy sets out to steal Lana's heart and dispose of her current boyfriend, an intimidating jock who warns the "bug boy" to stay away from Lana. Meanwhile, Lex asks the Kents to cater a party he is throwing. Clark: Tom Welling. Lex: Michael Rosenbaum. Lana: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

In rural Kansas, teenage Clark Kent (Tom Welling) saves the life of Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) after a car accident. Jonathan Kent: John Schneider. Martha Kent: Annette O'Toole. Lana Lang: Kristin Kreuk. read more

Smallville Episode: "Covenant; Crusade"

Episode Synopsis: A mysterious stranger (Adrianne Palicki) with powers similar to Clark's shows up at the Kent farm and tells the Teen of Steel that she's from Krypton and was sent to bring him home. Later, Lois Lane (Erica Durance) arrives in town; and Lana finds a new beau (Jensen Ackles) while on her trip to Paris. Bridgette Crosby: Margot Kidder.
Original Air Date: Dec 5, 2004
Guest Cast Adrianne Palicki: Kara Margot Kidder: Bridgette Crosby Jensen Ackles: Jason Teague

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Premiered: September 21, 2006, on CW
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Superman's teen years as Clark Kent find him agonizing over his shy, uncertain persona while dealing with his evolving powers and an infatuation with classmate Lana Lang. Crisply paced and cast with appealing performers, `Smallville' is not at all campy and is often surprisingly moving as a conventional coming-of-age drama; it succeeds in adding creative twists to the young hero's life without compromising the adult pop icon's legend.



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